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The Starved Rock Murders /// Part 3 /// 738

2024-02-14 | 🔗

The Starved Rock Murders /// Part 3 /// 738

Part 3 of 3


In 1960 three women were brutally beaten to death in the canyon of a state park in Illinois.  The Starved Rock state park was a travel destination for many.  After the murders the park became the stuff of nightmares for many.  The name Starved Rock is equally as intriguing as the homicide case itself.  It hints at both mystery and violence.  This week in the Garage we take a trip back to 1960 to discuss a case that is still making headlines today.  This was both cold blooded murder and evil so cold in the frigid snowy St. Louis canyon of the Illinois State Park. 

Beer of the Week - Devil’s Paint Box by Tangled Roots Brewing Company 

Garage Grade - 3 and 3 quarter bottle caps out of 5 

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