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The Tell-Tale Heart /// The Crimes of Charlie Brandt /// 648

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The Tell-Tale Heart /// The Crimes of Charlie Brandt /// 648 

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In the late 1980s there were some strange and horrific murders that went unsolved in the Florida Keys. Police were looking for a connection between the homicides of three female victims. The murders all took place inside of a 10 mile radius and all within just 13 months. The residents of Big Pine Key, Little Torch Key, and No Name Key were frightened and rightfully so. It was believed that someone was killing females and removing their hearts. In 2004, police on Big Pine Key responded to a gruesome scene. Inside the murder house they found a double murder and a suicide. Charlie Brandt was responsible for the double murder of his wife and niece. This sent police on a search, one that may never end. Just how many murders is Charlie responsible for? 

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it's true. Yes, I've been ill very But why do you say that I have lost control of my mind? Why you say that I am mad. Can you not see that I have full control of my mind. Is it not clear that I am not mad Indeed, the illness only made my mind my feelings, my senses stronger, more powerful. My sense of Hearing especially became more powerful I could hear sounds I had never heard before I heard
sounds from Heaven I heard Sounds from Hell, listen! Listen! and I will tell you how it happened- you will see you will hear how healthy my mind is it isn't. Impossible to say how the idea first entered my head, there was no reason for what I did girl, Allan POE the tell tale heart I The We start off this week's worldwide garage cas with three brutal and very scary.
Solved, murders in the florida keys all taking place in the span of about one year, just under thirteen months, in fact, these three murders had everyone on high alert and rightfully so. The three victims were all said to be vulnerable female victims. They were all killed and their bodies recovered in the short span of July nineteen, eighty eight two july, nineteen, eighty nine someone were buying and packing their purses with cans of mace, some inspired by you're in violence were buying impact Their purses with pistols, others were signing up for defence classes. All three of these murders would take place in a ten mile radius of each other this. A ten mile string of rural coral reef barrier, islands, big pine, key little toy key and no name key
all down near the southernmost tipp of florida. Now, while the papers describe all of the victims collectively as vulnerable female all three of them could not be more different from one another. The first victim was for your old paddy lancer and then about six men? later we have a second victim. This is twenty year old, answer survivor, LISA sanders and then the third victim, a thirty nine year old, former beauty queen from illinois. Her name she the show who was very the intelligent sure was homeless by choice living a very let's say: hippy lifestyle for a lack of a better term and sleeping under the stars and beautiful big pine key, the killings of glee. The horrific nature of how all three of the victims were killed and what was done to the bodies spawned some very scary rumor. Some are saying that a serial killer was using the key,
he's as a hunting ground. Some saying was the work of the florida keys Ripper and the local media had its own theory either was work of a lunatic, satanist or perhaps drug colthurst. Sacrificing victims One headline red murders in world keys spawn rumours of a cult. Victims lived in a murky fringe work. There are calls from the miami Harold from nineteen eighty nine and the article captain say, lengthy once I've cherry pick. Some of the highlights here and it reads big pine key floor Sherry Peru, show slept under the stars and a or green dinging little green dinghy was my nickname in high school. She talks about the magic of saturn she said she had the power to make rain everywhere. on in these once heavenly keys called her the rain maker, then on
night after a full moon, someone from hell lunatic our satanist, snatched, the rain maker soul, a killer, slit her throat, cut open her chest and stole her heart. The more of sherry. Peru show thirty nine, a high school beauty, queen from illinois. Is the third unsolved thomas, of a female along this ten mile string of rural coral rock area islands, big pine, key little torch, key and no name key. All within a year, one of the other victims like pursue had a missing heart, and some people in These keys, usually laid back and relaxed, are very, very frightened quote. The consistent story is that the
orders had something to do with a satanic colt connected with drug shipments. Detectives are mystified. They major tyre tracks, take clothing, descriptions and front and almost frenzied local rumour mill, they hall four polygraph test a variety of key critters as they call them, centrics aging hippies, with ear rings, tattoos an ex cons and suspected drug dealers. Monroe county sheriff, J d for doesn't since a murder theory and Who plays talk that drug colthurst sacrificed the victims quote, we haven't ruled out the sheriff says.
but we haven't ruled out martians either or you gotta love smart, as all the victims were vulnerable females. One. Four years old, she lived with her mother. All the victims lived in a murky fringe world of transience wild parties and talk of, powder and black magic call related or not. The murders have brought attention to the growing problem satanism in the keys, Rhonda poor works at a church and mary thought she says she has counselled six or seven recovering colchis. They ve been involved in initiations. They use girls for ritual offerings on alter making them lie on slabs. One boy said he to take a large live animal killer in drink the blood. On July, second, nineteen. Eighty eight, the first murder occurred, little patty lands for wearing a white jumpsuit went with her mother. Deborah
to a party on little torch key. It was a big wild affair. People were probably doing, cocaine, says Kim Normandy, who it and the party she remembers, patties mother, confused about where her little europe was the mother, was sort of out of it normally says: sheriffs deputies found the jump, sue, ann underwear in the woods not far from paddies body. An autopsy indicated that she had been sexual. salted and then clubbed on the head. The murderers of vicious dangerous person had no fear to snatch a four year old from a party undo. This Jes moments away from us large group of people sheriff before goes on to say that he does not believe that this link is connected to the others, investigators site differences in the victim's ages and the way that they died
There is a very compelling link in these three murders and that scene to be geography and time. The girls Appearance believe patties death is coal or drug related. The grandmother asked the homicide, investigators send her surviving grandchildren to a psychiatrist, especially one of them she goes on to say, I think, may know something and is afraid to talk about it. Detectives question paddies mother, a friend his name MIKE belladonna. He is a tow truck operate. The second murder occurred december, seventeenth, nineteen eighty eight and be a small town coincidence or conspiracy. The victims parents lived next door to the first victims. Grandparents are second victim, is least Sanders aged twenty, she was a small woman, forfeit nine hundred and five pounds recovering from leukemia. She came to the
these four michigan to join her parents, her hair, was still thin from the chemotherapy, six weeks after her arrival on a friday night, she left her trailer park wearing blue jeans, a pink tank top a silver necklace to gold chains and her high school ring with a topaz stone. She went to a war I old party. Maybe a hundred to two hundred other people attended that party. Almost every friday, the party goers gathered on a deserted road to drink smoke pot and raise hell. This was on sparsely populated no name key yeah, you gotta big parties back when my nickname was the little green dinghy. She was to me her mother Marilyn at a flea market at sixty, on saturday to sell christmas decorations. However, never made it at noon. sheriff's deputies noticed vultures near a rock pit. A mile.
From the party site. They found the body nude in some bushes, They had to chase away the vultures. Doktor are J, nomes junior monroe These medical examiner reported that the victim had multiple skull fractures. And not marks on her neck consistent with a rope and strangulation. They can did that the killer had also club her on the head, apparently with the butt of a pistol and stabbed her with a double edged knife left to right through both eyes nomes noted numerous holes measuring the three inches some he said, caused by the vultures missing from the body where most of the heart brain eyes, neck muscles, appendix ovaries, bladder parts of the long. Neither the pathological nor the detectives are certain how the
organs were removed by vultures by a madman or by both, but it appears investigators say that someone dragged the victim down a hard och road, while she was still alive, apparently behind a vehicle mare, Sanders says she thought sir daughter, was murdered by a satanist quote. I dont know leave for a minute. The vultures yeah. Maybe this murderer is a satanist, but he is also definitely giant pile shit most certainly vultures, did not remove the heart of sherry. Peru show the third murder victim, someone cut it out with a knife, says nouns the pathologists. I think it is possible. It was the same knife used in the second murder, like two other victims per issue was short. Five foot to choose add, a child like innocence about her. She kept a diary painted and liked to soak up the sun
we'll bikini she wrote around town on a bicycle every evening before calling it a day, She straddled her knapsack in pots and pans across her dinghy, the little boy, had her name on the back. Ro out under the pine channel bridge to about four feet of water and sleep there in swimming hole. about ten p m july nineteenth a torrent, from ohio fishing off. The bridge thought he hook. The big fish it was sherry. Peru shows left elbe. You can't trust anybody from ohio. So, like you said, three female victims all can did within a ten mile radius, but varying degrees of age. But when you hear rumours that two other victims hearts were removed, that's gonna get everybody locally,
I learned tat. This is a difficult thing to sit here and try to make sense out of right because have these three murders and what we do have is we have the police coming out in their saying? We don't feel that this first one is, can you The other two we can't say for certain The other two were even connected to one another. We do have the fact that one They are all killed in close proximity to one another and there also killed within a short time, period from one another and oh by the way round. The three kay is, are unsolved and until we know who did one two or three of these killings. We just know exactly what happened now, captain not too many folks out their throw out. praise and cheers to investigative journalist like yours, truly yorkists, so traditionally, I'm a fan, however, one thing that I strongly encourage that we all should be doing constantly is too between the lives always look for the story inside the story
always ask yourself: what are they not telling us and be afraid to question what we are told. Now you have to be careful, in some of these situations, because sometimes I feel like news outlets stray from the good goods. reporting in venture into the sales industry bright and what trying to sell us is fear. and the more you watch and read the more you become afraid, the more afraid you are the more you will return to watch a reed, because we are fraid of the things that are out there. We are afraid of the things that could harm us or our families a lot of times these things we have little control or no control over. But in some weird way we feel like if we tune in if we stay informed, what we have roll over that. Well, it's just the pot column, the kettle black, and so in this case it's really interesting here, because I think they do some great
work. Here. The miami Harold is doing a great job on reporting these cases. The articles, fantastic in the writing is excellent. The artist comes from the miami Harold staff, writer sidney, freeburg, doing gangbusters work down, there's in the south beach area, but they stray a bit when it comes to these things. it looks like we have a lot of the local scuttle, but that is making its way in. These new stories and I mean across the board. So this is the one that we chose to go through in good detail. However, this was just one of does of articles that were coming out. round this area all over the florida at this time because of the nature of these horrific murders. We chose to go with this one, because none of these other articles were as good or as thorough as this one. Now they could be right on some level right, like my boy, meat,
said two out of three ain't: bad there's no way you ve met me. So if any out there in listener. Land wants to keep score here. We go as the colonel sees it anyway. So is it a lunatic? Our lunatics responsible for one of the murders are all three absent. wheatley yes dang, that's a score. Could satanist be involved in one of these murders. Yes, of course, so, ding again, but a drug called sacrificing victim, well. You heard the sheriff infallibly quash that notion when he as we haven't rolled it out, but we rule out martians either. So it looks like while drawing This may be involved in some of these parties that were discussing it doesn't appear, or they dont have any evidence to suggest that a drug colt was involved in. These murders, though we have several victims, and we have several suspects and each one of these murders and that's what's left out.
these news articles at the time they're coming in with these Scary, headlines that we got these call druggist in there just offering people in sacrificing victim but really we have some decent suspects and each one of these cases and weather Any of these cases were connected to the others, that seems to be a concern for the public here in that comes through. Clearly in this article, it wasn't much a question for the investigators. In fact, you heard the share of saying that I have reason to believe that the first murder is not in any way connected to the other two, so they had suspects in each case and most of those aspects were only a suspect, and why of the cases, there was, however, one suspected popped up in two of the cases, but not the third. So let's go through each of he's with a little more detail here? Shall let us do it see patty lands? A case is a very strange one right. They all are, but
with the way the woman from the last article described everything, I count myself victim, blaming quite a bit thinking why Why? In the hell, would anyone bring a child to that party? and blaming directly year, just questioning the actions of the victims, mother, but some Were information describes what I to be more of a family, friendly atmosphere, or maybe at least one might think that going to the party right, this was be a large fourth of July holiday party families. Welcome to this event, it on a saturday which was July second, Deborah answer takes her for kids, with her to this party on little torch key at the party. They are roasting hall. People are playing horse shoes and there's lots of kids that were present so not just debars for kids that are there. In fact, many recall one of the favourite act it is that the kids were engaging in was chase,
one another around a house and using each other around on this large wooden patio little paddy. Only four years old at some point. She complaints to her mother that she is tired and she Hey, I wanna go home. This is just before ten p m, so no problem, amber lands, says. Ok, we are going to no home. Let me round up your three brothers, the brush are all older patty. The baby of the bunch, its during It is time that mom seems to lose track of paddy. We ve all been, in this situation, whether where the parent or where the child you're at the party, gotta gather up everybody and you gotta gather up your belongings, and at this point she can't find her daughter yeah? This is when the confusion sits in an patty seems to vanish in the blink of an eye.
then. Sadly, as we know, her body is found the next day, not terribly far from the house. The host of the body with days. There is a suspect at least one point. in attending the party reported to authorities that another party attendee, later determine. to be thirty year old, Steve polite was seen, leaving the house with the oh girl, just shortly before her their notice that she was missing right. Police arrested even charged him with false imprisonment of a child under the age of thirteen in connection- with the girls death sea was arrested on July fifth and put in jail. So captain this was cool, Things are moving quick in this investigation. He is in custody already by July six, with the announcement the investigation was on going and further charges may be fine
police said when you have a murdered girl. This is what I want. Some answers quickly. Eye witnesses coming forward and seems like a moment of guarding and this steve polite, he someone that showed up to the party with a handful of other people, but he seen to be one of these guys. is that a lot of the people at the party didn't seem to know who he was sometimes at these parties? Friends, invite friends in those friends. Invite other friends- and next thing you know, you're at this big law- party that you thought you were going to know now. to a hundred percent of the people in the room and looking around in there some strangers involved. Our fear. The captain need us via yourself, so a lot of people. This party, they don't know who this guy is also. They say that the people that were with him came with them arrived with him at the party fit in that same cat going where a lot of the people at the party did not know who these people were.
Steve is arrested, he sitting in jail I know they were hoping to get a confession from him which never came. And I know they were trying to get some a dish. Evidence against him as well some physical evidence, because what we have here in this investigation so far is just a witness or a few witness statements that have are victim and are suspect, seen together at the party. But if Steve is the guy I well, unfortunately, they don't have any luck, getting physical evidence against him
My name is jason alexander. The star bedtime stories of the angle side in a brand new scripted, comedy forecasting, which I play palm springs. Hotelier mel haber through in the nineteen seventies turn the run down anxiety and into the best kept secret. Get away for hollywood's elite, the series also stars, Brian Jordan, Alvarez Michael Mccain, richard kind last basque, and what you can find bedtime stories of the angels. I didn't on serious exam, pandora stature or wherever you get your fight gas, don't forget to follow the jobs. Are you never misses episode support for this programme, comes from arkansas escape to natural state, outdoor adventures to indoor attractions in just a few miles or a few minutes near it all. But faraway planted trip at arkansas dot com.
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all right, we are back, cheers mates shares to you, colonel cheers to you there. Captain. Now we have this steve polite individual, who is suspect, number one on in the murder of little patty lands, and, that his last name is polite because it might not so polite that he showed up to a party that nobody seems to know who he is rain and Fortunately, this is ass against steep polite stalled. I dont know They were getting conflicting reports from people that were at the party, but what we do know, is it law enforcement gets in conclusive scientific reports. They collected blood, hair and clothing fibres, praying that were sent off for testing, and now
citizen comparisons, and none of this evidence was any good for the state and connecting Mr Steve polite to the abduction and murder of the little girl one like you said we have eye witnesses, but how many times have you been at a party? There's a bunch of people around and you gotta run out to your truck or your cheap, to grab the six pack that you brought. So he heads out to get the six pack and this girl heads out to her car. to wait for her mother, wait for her family and so these witness reports it they put them together, but it they don't put them together in the sense of they saw this guy. grab hurrying carrying her over his shoulder right. Now the monroe county state attorney. He adds up to missing the charges against steve, but this does go down until late november of eighty eight so Steve's in jail for about, eight or nine days shy of five months, and then he is released. Now
Trustingly enough, according to florida, he's missing an unsolved steed, admitted to police that, yes, he was with the girl at the party. There's no detail given here captain so idle If you say yes, I I spoke to the little girl or yes, I spoke to several Kids, while I was there, but he doesn't deny being in company of this little girl, but he tells police yeah. I talk to but she was alive when I last saw her, so he I'm getting released and then again according to ff. the keys missing an unsolved. He then dies in nineteen, eighty, nine or maybe early ninety ninety of what is reported as natural causes, a pair lee years later. His dna is tested, in this case ass in the paddy lands a case, and it isn't announced that he is excluded as a saucepan palm
hunton down on the palm content down by our second vigour, is twenty year old LISA sanders. She was a tiny but strong woman. She was just four foot: nine inches taller forward, uninstall depending on which reported a mighty might, but she battled leukemia. Anne was recovering from her victory over leukemia heck, not just recovering. She was living life and moving on word and upward with her life. Prize. Somebody out there fighting cancer and now keep fighting don't give up. You can do this. She was a kid from a big family growing up in she after leukemia she decided she wanted to pursue a nursing career. She enrich in the florida keys, community college nursing programme and real located to big pine key and nineteen. Eighty eight about two months later,
after she arrived there on the night of fraud, december sixteenth nineteen, eighty eight lisa in a large party on no name key. Some reports say maybe a hundred to possibly even two hundred people attended the party throughout the night. It's a party people come and go. It gets a little difficult to determine actually how many people attended this parting from my understanding here captain this was a regular outline been we're out. This rural area out in the stakes and people just kind of randomly show up sounds like a big bonfire part. born- and this goes down every friday night. She is last seen at the party around nine thirty p m by several people. The reports that she left the party on foot saying, She was going to go home or walk home that night I dont know how far She was living from this party, but again this
all kind of ie. all community all three areas that we're talking about all this. In ten miles of one another, the fall day? Her parents report, her missing as you heard earlier, police find her body practically led to the body by vultures. She was found off of a dirt road having been tossed into some bushes, We reported earlier, she had been beaten, stabbed and drag behind a vehicle by a rope tight around her neck and parts of her were missing. There was debate over the theory of whether it was animals or the Color or both that were responsible for the mutilations done to the body. I think comfortable after reviewing the injuries and all of the information saying yes, it was probably both right. The we have this eight minutes from police later on.
much later after this case takes place. Eighteen, eighty, nine, ninety ninety, where they saying that most of these mutilations appear to have been done by animals by the vultures birds, but one thing we know to be true is vote. there's didn't tie a rope or chain around her neck and then drag her behind a vehicle now, so it has to be both their. There shouldn't be much of a debate here. This case has been in the news now. The eighty eight eighty, nine ninety, this has remained in the news from time to time. Over the years this one is now straight very far from the spotlight, in fact, in two thousand and fifteen police or once again asking the public for their help in this matter even offering up reward money for information. Now it does
like they had multiple suspects in this case as well. In fact, they had won the day like the lot the monroe county. Sheriffs detective bureau have stated publicly over the years that there is a quote person of interest in this case. They don't how ever give this man's name, but we did we'll digging of our own here and we this to be a guy that I call the man with four first names, this guy billy Lee Scott, a man convicted rape, murder and manslaughter up here in our state, ohio. from these charges and convictions he it's been in jail or prisons. Here in ohio for over thirty years now and was recently in our local news. In fact, just four days ago we were told that the hi innocence project is stepping up to bat for
guy billy lee scandal. This case is gonna, be difficult for law enforcement because, like you said the party is so large a hundred people to two hundred people's. That's a lot of people to try to track down especially when there's no like list of people that came to the party. We have a lot of people just from the community droppin by yeah, an Scott is sixty years old, old turkey still in prison here in ohio, he serving a fifteen years to life in prison sentence that he received from a butler county jury after being convicted of murder, rape and assault. His case is difficult because up here, no oh he's, accused of raping and murdering a woman named LISA buckley,
and, oddly enough, this mortar takes place shortly after an outdoor party sounds a little similar to our first victims. First to victims here in the key stood down than tint and the problem with his conviction, or at least as far as the ohio innocence project, sees it and I'm not care to make any enemies, especially with the good people of the ohio innocence, project yeah. Well, I'm here to talk shit and kick some ass. I've reviewed a lot of this case. The guy looks to me he's had several appeals have held up in court, but look there do in their jobs. Their go give him a shot here. I guess, There's dna and this lisa buckley case and so they're going to get scots dna and compare it to the buckley case. And if he doesn't match up we're going to say,
This guy was innocent. He was basically convicted off of eye witness statements and no physical evidence at all in the least buckley case, oddly enough seems to be that that might be same thing. That was connecting him to the LISA sanders case and ninety eighty eight down in the keys that you have some people, suggesting that he was there at the party. And then now we have a victim the following day. There was: so some rumour. At the time the police were searching for a pickup truck. Possibly with ohio license plates on it. That is back in nineteen. Eighty eight and the LISA sanders case on just to be clear just because the ohio innocence project is going to be taken on this case, they're going to be doing tests before they fully invest.
they're all their time and energy correct. So this is going to go down relatively soon. For my understanding there was a rape kit from the lisa we came here and a higher and finger nails scrapings and for my you're standing that evidence never been tested and has never been tested against this individual. Here, MR scott baby, these results we can go over on an episode of off the record. His claim and his defence teams claim, is that this guy was convicted on the statements. of eye witnesses or, as they say, people that made up this story. Him to get him convicted, get him wrongfully convicted persons that testified against him in the least buckley case One was from a previous relationship which he had the didn't go so well, and the There was a family member of an individual that he was convicted of killing, so they're, saying
People had a vested interest in testifying against him, truthful or otherwise, was already convicted of manslaughter. He was in all in a shoot out where we end up with people passing away from their injuries from this shoot out. Brian. So that's how gets the manslaughter charge and his defence steam, saying, of course, this one person test I'd against him and led to his conviction in the least buckley case, and they had reason. To do so in that's because they hated him for being. in the shoot out where their loved one passed away and they prob we don't feel like he got a long enough sentence, Can I agree in this case I mean some people get longer sentence for selling marijuana. Now we see. all that, but really it into the day. The man with four first names he's got nothing to lose just a couple. First name he's in prison either way so, of course, he's going to say test it test it test it and hope
if something goes wrong, even if he did do it for him and he catches up Can he gets out now we so could be sitting here a few months. now going well he got what he wanted for they tested it and it turns out. Yes, he killed lisa buckle than screamed the high he is getting, but even she's innocent. We have this rough individual that we know of. As far as his history goes. Or he put himself around three situations where there's murdered victims that's what so interesting to me here. Captain with this individual as a potential good suspect the paddy lands a case. I'm gonna conclude that one as well, LISA Sanders case, so I were viewed some statements that makes it sound like maybe he should be a suspect in the paddy lands- are cases well reportedly, he was seen at the no name, key party And then seen at the July second nineteen, eighty eight,
already on little torch, key the one that the food europe, patty lands are went missing from and then eight or her body, found near by the following day, while, like we said all three victims were found with, a ten mile radius around some? times so if this guy seen at one party that puts him as a possible suspect in all the case, so down there in the keys within the six month stretch, you have to victims that are murdered shortly after or during the course of a party right now. What would make him interesting is? Yes, he seems to have been a suspect in the least sanders case, but some of these reports are suggesting that he attended both
of the parties brain now monroe county detectives or on the record saying that quote. He was present at both those parties, but a lot of other people also were present at both. citing there is such a small community right. Ok so There are a lot of similarities to the least sanders case compared to the lisa buckley case. and this coming from law enforcement, they say it happened after door party and the ohio victim oddly enough was also named lisa. The thing with scott being guilty or innocent in the buckley case, or the sanders Kay or let's go even with the paddy lands a case. Yes, the statement from law enforcement down the key seeing a lot of people were at both parties, but guess what chicken bone I guarantee you. I would slap down a bit
old Ben benjamin franklin on this one in wager it I guarantee He was the only guy that was at all three parties and I'm talking about the the already appear in ohio, where LISA buckley was killed afterwards. Brain now,. They are saying they want to test scots dna, for paris in the lisa buckley case in ohio, and that might honorary him or exclude him from her been the killer in the buckley case? I say great if he is willing to give his dna for testing, and harrison in that case to confirm or move him as the guy in the Buckley ohio case. Let's take the idea too, and if you have any available for our perpetrator, in the paddy lands, a case which you might write. We give. We gave the statement that it was reported that the one guy who was cha enriched with unlawful imprisonment of a child
under the age of thirteen steve polite he locked up and held in jail for for almost five months, released and then the ports are that he'd passed away a year year and a half later and dna was tested years later, which excluded him as a suspect in the patty lands case. That would imply that they have dna of perpetrator in the paddy lands a case right They may also have dna of the perpetrator in the least sanders case, because we now oh, according to all the reports that she unfortunate was raped if he since dna compared in the least buckley case. I say great: let's do it, because if he was wrong wrongfully convicted get him out of that as quickly as you possibly can However, he stay in jail for a global time, because he's charged with other homicide. However, if he
willing to give his dna for comparison. In that case, I say if it's possible is compare it in the patty a case in the least sanders cases where they can test them for all three and look maybe he is innocent of all three and it's just a weird coincidence that he was at all three parties, but at least it closer to an answer by a process of elimination. That's exactly right said: months after the brutal torture killing of LISA sanders? A man fishing off of the big pine key bridge at first thought that he caught a big fish, but sadly it turned out to be that he hooked a human elbow. now the way that this goes down, and I thought this to be a little bit fishy. Let's say to start with no pun intended very ago when you die,
deep into the details. Here, I'm always suspicious of the person that finds the body plus From a higher- and here this sounds like a suspicious story, it took much digging too to find out the detail, This individual one was not alone to was from out of state an was on vacation with three other friends, and it was a vicious fishery. Then yes, it was a fishing trip that involved for individual, so they're all fishing off of this bridge now remain. Where we had said earlier in the description of sherry. Peru shows life thirty nine year old homicide. sherry pre show He lived on this little boat and at night time she would take it under this bridge, image near a swimming hole in
regular, bleak sleep. There under the stars at nighttime what it appears to be captain, is it some de in the middle of the night must have approached her and murdered her and they leave her in the same general area and unfortunately, This man who's on vacation is there with his three friends. The four of them are out fishing. He hooks the elbow of sherry pre so very quickly. We have the discovery. of our third victim thirty nine year old, sherry pre, who is reported to be a free spirit of woman living on a small boat. Now she wasn't just killed. This is where we stray. a thousand times away from the first two murders.
Unfortunately, you know the patty lands. In case it looks like somebody abducted, the little girl assaulted, and killed her within a very quick period of time and left the body near the home of the house. That was hosting that party lisa sanders a little more complicated. Did she get into the two car with the wrong individual was she abducted on the road ass. She was walking home that night, it's difficult to say what we the say is that somebody took her from where, ever they got her from and they pay I her body in the bushes not close to where this party was and then the animals get to the body in really complicate things. What the investigation! In this case, there's that somebody just went after this woman in the middle of the night, where she intending to sleep or near by her camp. If you want to call it that she wasn't just
she was mutilate. This is a fact where it was a debate. With LISA sanders did a madman. Do it did the animals do it or did both do We're saying we believe both in this case. This is completely different. This is man made mutilation on this poor woman on this victim to me it's like somebody, even playing with the body after the murder. It was determined that she was drowned The autopsy revealed the details of the mutilation, some of which was the throat slashed so deeply that the spy severed and that she was almost decapitated, she was sliced down the length of her torso and her heart and her things were removed. The cuts were so precise that one law enforcement officers said quote it was
surgical. There was no mistake about what happened here. this is the murder that the locals ran wild with. There were so many things: areas on this one. Each Restrained stranger than the last and there were a lot of suspects, I can't say if the where people consider to be solved it's by the actual police, but the general public certainly had a list of suspects. At this point, the community calling the delphi case of just gonna, throw out to law enforcement almost any way Suspicion, I think this is because of a few different factors here in this case, compared to the others why why is there such a heightened level of fascination in fear surrounding this case compared to the others, one this being the third murder of this type, and just roughly about one year's time to the horror of this one, the mouth of
degradation done to the corpse is pretty much beyond comprehension, while we question that with the second victim, we don't have to question that so much with the third week in here with the third victim. I think part of the mystery here. Is compounded by the mysterious lifestyle of the victim herself. She was a mystery. now she's involved in this mystery. Who was the lunatic the satanist, the mad man, the monster that her in the middle of the night, so much more to get to join us back here in the grass tomorrow and until then,
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