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The Tell- Tale Heart /// The Crimes of Charlie Brandt /// 649

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The Tell- Tale Heart /// The Crimes of Charlie Brandt /// 649 

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In the late 1980s there were some strange and horrific murders that went unsolved in the Florida Keys. Police were looking for a connection between the homicides of three female victims. The murders all took place inside of a 10 mile radius and all within just 13 months. The residents of Big Pine Key, Little Torch Key, and No Name Key were frightened and rightfully so. It was believed that someone was killing females and removing their hearts. In 2004, police on Big Pine Key responded to a gruesome scene. Inside the murder house they found a double murder and a suicide. Charlie Brandt was responsible for the double murder of his wife and niece. This sent police on a search, one that may never end. Just how many murders is Charlie responsible for? 

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the the yeah Today we discussed the unsolved homicides of three. What were described as vote bull female victims. We also discussed a couple of suspects in one or two of those cases today, We start off by talking about an additional suspect here, and oddly enough, this is a man whose name we have mentioned before, but we ve gone into great detail about this is Michael blog. I could go for a nice fried belladonna same
thirty five year old treasure hunter described by his friends as a generous mister lonely. Hearts is a common denominator in the florida keys, murder mystery according to police and gaiters from the monroe county sheriff's office said that they have question michael belong, not because he might, know something about two of the unsolved homicides, but they said that there was physical evidence linking him to either of the two murders that they questioned him about? A call two detectives, this where microblogging becomes very interesting to them. For two of these unsolved homicides one, he asked did the mother of patty lands the four year old victim to that party on that fateful night on little torch key back in july of nineteen. Eighty eight, then the tall,
our guide microblogging also dated the third victims harry Perito aged thirty- nine right, in fact it has been determined that she stayed with him for several weeks, but or she decided to be homeless. She stayed within for about three weeks, and this is very weird. Right we have the situation where this guy has very, close ties to two of the victims. We should remain and everybody out there that there was another it all. That was at two of the parties, the two of the victims, shortly before they were killed, and that was a different individual and the police have said. Look yes that I was at both of those parties, but a lot of the same people were. both of those parties sought. I sound like a broken record. We have three victims and ass short time period murdered and in a small d,
dense and these are large communities will not broken record- must kenny g album because you are once smooth son of a bitch Can I get the hair to match the thing that I think we need to really point out here is that while police were talking to him, listen to their statement, there, It is. We are talking to him because he may know something that's much different than being a suspect them saying He may know something well die he might eat. He seemed to have a close relationship, at least at one time with our third victim, sherry pre. That's what my teachers used to say about me. He may know something We know that is a fact that he went with. patty lenses, mother, Deborah lands to that party, the night that patty lancet was killed,
but he wasn't the only one that went to that party with her. According to Deborah lands, the victims mother, we have her fortune and we also have michael billina, who brought two kids of his own to the party with them and and police go on to say: look we ve not ruled out this Michael guy. Is he a suspect there The media's pushing the police to tell them if he is in fact a suspect or not, but what there saying. Is they won't rule him out to the meeting? They will not say that he's not a suspect, but what they do say is the night. The paddy was killed. Michael ballade brought lands to the party with her four kids. His son was there as well with him. They go on. To say that after the girl went missing, he still at the party the mother, Deborah lands says whilst
couldn't find her daughter at some point. She never this Michael. Login was never out of her sight, so he's not a suspect in the mothers eyes the police, I want to say he helped here, stood in the search after the party and he was cooperative with police from jumpstart. So I that this is one of those situations captain where some my column suspect, but he only appears to be a suspect as far as the media's concerned, not as far as law enforcement or the family of one of the victims. Most absolutely horrific to have people when can unity or, or the media insinuating that you might be responsible for the death of a four year old. I mean that's just a b, a very tough situation of being involved in those martyrs took place in nineteen. Eighty eight and nineteen eighty nine in the keys now we have the fast forward too many
years later to two thousand and four and we're going to talk about hurricane Ivan some of you may remember hurricane Ivan this week, a big and powerful storm and like with many of these, her gains in parts of florida parts of the gulf coast red dense are worn and told in a lot of times to evacuate. Well inception two thousand and four. They have in evacuation as well going on for cain Ivan and two individuals. This charlie brand. In his long time, wife, terry brands, they evacuated their home and they went to stay with their niece this michel lynn jones. She lived up in or land. So this was gonna, be a safe space away from the hurricane go up in vienna and for my understanding, captain terry Brandt, the aunt was very
close to Michel lynn jones, her niece and some report. State the Charlie Brandt, was close to his niece as well. Throughout this visit they go to stay. for several nights and throughout this visit, We have Michel lynn jones, while she has her house guess she is going to continue with her daily routines and part of that keeping in contact with her mother, the brain, so stay there for two weeks before ebay realised that there is anything wrong. That's right! The branch arrived there sometime around september second, and it is until approximately two weeks later on the thirteenth fourteen fifteen that some people start to get concerned. And right michel when jones and her mother, there close they share several of the same france and why of their mutual friends stopped by the house on September thirteenth and was supposed to visit, which owns it says. You know, I don't want you to come in. My uncle
we're staying here, they been drinking and they got into some kind of argument. So it's oh uncomfortable. It's a little awkward here right now. Maybe you should come back on another date and we should be clear here too. It's not Isn't it shouldn't be that there is any pre determination on how long the brain would be staying there? I think a lot of that would be determined based off of hurricane Ivan itself. The storm and the damages that could come with that storm. But by this point they ve been there for well over a week close to two weeks and its on september, fifteenth that another friend of Michel in Jones. This is Debbie night. She goes to the house and she is suspicious of the house
what she seeing of the feelings it she's getting as she pulls up to the house during this time, the two days at a path since the previous ran, coming over and being turned away by Michel and jones, Jones is mother was having a difficult time getting in touch with her. So now, have Debbie night another mute. friend whose at the house and she's on the phone with. michel in Jones mother. She tells the mother that the front doors unlocked. You know, she's knocked she's, rang the door belle mom stride. Calling her daughter, no response shows up the door. unlocked and mom says to the friend go into the house: try to get it to see if you can get into the house well Debbie night says that she was so feeling so
uneasy about the situation. She was just getting such bad vibes and this dark horrible feeling she was a little scared, so she I did go next door and grab a neighbour. The neighbour comes back with her and together the two of them enter the home and they walk and to a house of horse. If I'm correct, I believe that the door was unlocked, but because of this uneasy feeling they didn't want to enter through the front door. So they were and to get into the house, and they decided that they were going to go through the garage. Well, when they, the garage they found Willy brandt hanging from the rafters with bedsheets. immediately these to contact the police and the police arrive on the scene very quickly who they enter the house
also, and then they, the the house, a horse just keeps getting worse and worse, firstly, find this man hanging from the rafters and the garage. And then once they go into the home, they find terry brandt. Having stand multiple times in the chair, stereo she's lying on the couch dead and then go into the bedroom where they find the homeowner the need michel and jones she had been decapitated and her heart and organs had been removed and some one had placed the head next to her body and in some reports state that it was placed on the night stan position, almost it was looking at the body itself. Yes, some people actually believe that somebody combed her hair without going into too much The horrific details here there, either
we found online. If anybody wants to look them up, but it would be fair seen twenty minutes of going through detail after detail of disgust, mutilation they took place in this case the poor These are able to produce a few things, one that the weapons used to her terry brand, an michel and jones were knives. They came from the kitchen. and they are able to piece together a series of events that goes like this based off of physical evidence found at the scene. They believed that Charlie Brandt stabbed his wife to death ass. She sat on the couch afterward. He then went into another room where he attacked Michel Lynn, jones, his niece and then
to killing her mutilated, the body after this He decides to clean himself up a bit takes a shower changes of clothes and then at some point takes these bedsheets and hangs himself from the rafters. Where, later all three bodies are found, following this discovery, police want to know. Why would this happen and chew? who exactly is this Charlie brandt? What they discover is it? The branch were living on big pine, key. And had been there for many years and had been married, for a very long time. So, who is this charlie Brandt? Charlie Brandt was born Eric coral brandt born february, twenty third nineteen, fifty cents And nineteen, eighty six, he mary
his then girlfriend teresa who went by the name tearing the odd thing, though here there is no relatives were invited to their wedding. Well, we have relatives and friends from teresa from terry side that its end, the wedding we don't have anybody from Charlie's family side attending the wedding Later his sister Angela in her husband, Jim graves, stayed in contact. Not charlie and his new wife, terry, but also we're friends with terry and charm. While charlie seem like a normal guy, he was a good looking guy. He was a radar. Technician but obviously after this crime and finding what they found in that house, especially the mutilation that was done to this poor victim, was near the knees, the yes. There are now wondering what who is this guy exactly
and does he have any other victims? Well, sadly, he does. He has previous victims, and he has some skeletons in his closet and the thing here cap there's a lot of debate here, because Charlie Brandt, Eric coral brandt goes by charlie, but he had actually killed his mother when he was a boy he I grew up in indiana and nineteen. Seventy one a young early brandt. Then only thirteen years old was accused of killing his mother and attempting to kill his father and his sister Charlie, is accused of killing his mother, who was thirty eight at the time and pregnant and wounding here. Father he shot both of them. His father's name is herbert brand, and this too,
ace in january of nineteen. Seventy one he's arrest. there's no mystery as to what happened here, because the father survive and the sister survived and the sister You said that it was very strange because she no idea that the charlie, but do this it was. He was even capable of doing something like this. The father who survives has no answers. As to why his son would have killed, his wife and then attempted to kill him and his sister states that charlie most appear to be in a trance like state and before he could kill her or attack her? He seemed to to come to an he had Some general understanding, as far as the sister was concerned, that he had done something wrong, but she says that he wasn't fully aware of what exactly that he
had done, and given the laws and the situation at the time in the sky, of indiana, even though he had killed someone his own mother. It was looking like a young, Charlie Brandt would not be facing a lie. Long or lengthy prison scent yeah, which is pretty nuts because he killed his mom, which was pregnant, try to kill the dad and then also try to kill sister, how many more people did he have to kill so in fort wayne, indiana nineteen, seventy one they decide to take this to a grand jury, the grand jury ultimately decides that a lot of this is based off of testimony from psychiatrist at the time that Charlie Brandt suffered a serious psychotic disorder which produced the criminal act and the reports, the jurors believed that Charlie Brandt was mentally and capable of standing trial,
and they recommended that he be committed to hospital hospitalization. Well, the problem here captain and this is from the experts that say, he's a turd she committed this horrible act. Yes, the jury decide that he should be hospitalized. However, when we sit down, and try to evaluate a young child. Brandt, we can't come up with any type of, known diagnosis that he fits into the no category that he fits into. We think there's something wrong with them. We just don't a term for charlie himself never really offers up any explanation as to what had happened or why he would do such a horrible, yeah what was the motivation to kill his mom, which was pregnant with his soon to be sick.
So he was remanded through the custody of the county, juvenile court and we have Again, the mother that was shouted at the father who, wounded and in fact, in the beginning, the report coming out was that the There was in poor condition and in may not make it when he was first put into the hospital. We know that he does in fact survive, and then we have charlie Brandt Who, when asked what happened, he says I felt the urge I I just felt the urge everything, seemed to snap that's about as much as he offers up. That makes it to the public as to why he would kill his mother an attempt to kill his father. I found this to be very strange. of course, this is a very strange scenario all around, but he is released of god and released into his father's custody with in
it's about a year and a half two years time. You don't have to be a captain to know that this seems like a bad decision. Well, here becomes some of the problems for our case for the case of him, killing his niece and killing his wife. It was not. One hundred percent confirmed that his wife ever knew tat. He had killed his mother there's some spare, elation that she knew and in fact there were people that were still in charlie's life. At the time they had told him. You have to tell terry you have to tell her before you get married and if he did ever tell her, it sounds like he may have told her
after the wedding remember. We said that at the wedding none of his family were present. He likely did not want this woman to know- or maybe not just his future wife to know but her family to know what he had done as a youth yeah. These are a couple of things you need to go over. You know before you get married. Are you currently married to somebody else. Do you have a credit card debt? How about student loans? Do you have any children out there? Oh by the way, did you kill your mother? Did you try to kill your father? Did you try to kill your sister? These are some things you should know before you get married now. The friend that did set them up told Charlie that he needs to tell her bout his previous crimes right and he is the one that push charlie to tell terry now lie he says that he believes it. That charlie did tell terry at some point because
He has. This friend has a conversation with charlie's wife tearing the cup. Station that he has with her is shortly after the third victim that we d asked here? Sherry Peru, show was killed, shit parry show where she lived with on that little boat. The dingey was, for short blocks from where charge Lee and his wife, terry lift up the wife. Terry tells this friend after the homicide. Did she was thinking about calling the sheriffs department. when he asked. Why would you call the shares department. she says well in relation to this murder dish peri show murder. I think Given the circumstances of everything, I should give them a call the fray says it later or at the time. More importantly, he took that to mean that she,
cherry new and had been by charlie, that he killed his mother and We had this woman, even All these years later, thirty nine year old, sherry perish. Oh, who was killed. The report say four blocks from where they lived. I wanted to make sure that I sent for short blocks because I've seen reported, as it was possibly a thousand feet from where they lived now at the time There was an eye witness in sherry, burrito, murder. There was a woman who was driving that night, and this is the night of July sixteen she says that she saw a man that she could not id. I did not know the name of this person crossing the street. You s highway. One.
and the man was carrying a knife. Ok, well at the time this is at night, the man is crossing, the street and carrying a knife, not a huge deal, distance sent off any red flags other than it was memorable to her, right or other than the fact that, when I go out for my nightly, walk adult openly does carry a knife with me, but ease walk, for the water, This driver would have no way of knowing that there's a woman living in a small boat on this stretch of water. so she provides a description of this individual and in fact they had composite sketch of the man that she saw that night. It was an interior all of these years later we're up to about fifty years later. Captain that now they're going wait a second charlie, brandt guy, who up near orlando,
order kills his knees and his wife hangs himself lives very close to where sherry pariah was killed. And, oh, my goodness, he resembles the composite sketch of the man seen that night with the knife
all right. We are back at cheers, maids to the windows. The walls shares to you, colonel cheer, so all of out there and listener land. Thank you for joining us again here in the garage this week. The martyrs it took place. in two thousand and four in orlando florida, prompted the police to investigate. Who exactly was this charlie brown? and they learn about his background growing up. Having killed his pregnant mother, they want to figure out how many murders could this dude have been involved in their different wounds for the different victims? The mutilation to the nieces body is what I think perks of law enforcement to go well. Where was charlie at during the time of the murders in the keys
Easy thing here to captain. Is we talk about charlie brown, and we went through some of the mutilations done to his knees. It appears He had some kind of jewish infatuation, with his niece, the likely was unknown to his wife and two his niece at the time he had this bizarre nickname for her. He called her Victoria's secret, which I think is incredibly creepy, gather that that rates a hundred on the creeper meter that should have been some red flags right then, but again we are not, privy to knowing exactly what his wife terry knew about him or his past right? However, when we compare Everything that we know about the murder of his niece, the removing of the heart, which was which was done with surgeon like precision according to the experts and then
Compare that through the murder of Sherry Perito, who was living for short blocks from Charlie brands home the night this she was killed, her heart removed with surgical like precision he matches the discreet in giving provided by the woman who was driving that night, being the man seen crossing the street with a knife. Then we get this weird information that comes after charlie, Brandt's death there. His wife may have suspected all along in the murder, jerry Peru, show the way the story goes and is told to law enforcement by people that new. The couple is that the wife, terry brandt haven't been awakened to Charlie, coming home very late at night,
He says she goes, is an confronts, Charlie. And he is standing out of sync- they had a large sing it, was in like a mushroom, Charlie he was an avid fishermen and they had this sink in this set up. So he could clean fish at this able and he would regularly go fishing. I'm talking multiple times a week on this particular night. The night the Sherry Perito was killed. He comes home very late at night and terry. Relates to somebody later that was covered in blood and when confronted, he had said that he caught a bunch of fish and he was cleaning the She reminds me of Dahmer where they talk about his fascination with the the shine of the
organs. Ultimately, they end up closing out the sherry parisian showcase and they state they being law enforcement. That charlie Brandt was respond both for the murder of Sherry Perito and they basis off of other things that we have already stated, but also the fact that the mutilation that was done to show parry show was very soon. or to what was done to his niece yeah, but also convey this pole dna from the case and in tests that, yes, I could, if but here's the problem with that is it's not like they could in decided not to write if the if they. Had the ability if they had dna in the parisian showcase I'm sure they would have attempted to connect it to charlie brand
problem with the pre showcase is. She was not sexually assaulted. During that attack, there was no evidence to suggest that that took place. Of course, dna can come from other parts of the struggle However? Again, if they had that information, I'm sure they would have to would have tested it in such a manner. I I doubt that they're just going to willy nilly say, Charlie Brandt killed, sherry peri show without conclusively bullet believing that, in fact, he did it's a difficult case right, because in that case and you're right there captain. What they are, what law enforcement is telling us is that the the mutilation in cutting out the removing of the heart is such a rare thing to do by a perpetrator to a victim there, Given the proximity and given the statements that his wife made to people that they know and her
suspicion of her husband being involved in the murder of sherry burrito, their basing their in closing their case on that homicide based off of that information, which is not one hundred percent conclusive. But what that leads us to is prompting the police to reinvest the gate, twenty six unsolved homicides and the state of florida data all the way back to nineteen. Seventy three looking for potential evidence of charlie its involvement in those unsolved homicides so you're saying there are so many cases that law enforcement could look at, but they're gonna try to narrow that down based off of look there's no way. Easy way to say it, but there is extensive mutilation to the victim. Has his niece and so too to look at those Look at that mutilation and then start comparing that two other cases in a kind of narrow it down. So you not dislike,
in willy nilly every single unsolved homicide, that's it ugly right and you hit the nail on the head, their captain when you compare it to Dahmer, and with the shine of the organ the shine of the muscle under the skin, what they are saying, what law enforcement is telling us is based off of the extensive mutilation done to his niece that they believe, Charlie brain had a proclivity for this type of thing, that that was the drive in the besides committed by charlie brown, the removal of the heart the removal of organs, the decapitation things of that nature the injuries, the mutilation in such almost mere one? Another and report shows case and in the
side of his niece, so they are looking for cases that are going to be very similar to that now a narrow that down to twenty six cases of interest that they looked at charlie Brandt, one them was the nineteen seventy eight murder of Karel Sullivan aged twelve. She was abducted from a school bus. Stop in september of nineteen, seventy eight per se all was found in a pink can she was. Decapitated. Obviously they never were. Her body so miss in her injuries and mutilation to that of charlie's, niece or sherry pre was going to be impossible. Now I want to say this in fairness to carol solvents family because Her family has expressed concern with.
Acting charlie Brandt to the murder of their family. Member. You said that at no point ever was charlie bracken It has to be a suspect. There were suspects in her case suspects that it sounds like the family likes much better than charlie brands, and she comes about to be connected to the Brandt case. From the authors of this week's recommended reading- and they definitively say that they believe charlie Brandt killed, Carol Sullivan. They just say that he was in the area at the time and smarter, is not terribly unlike murders committed. I Charlie Brandt, but in fairness, Your family, who do not believe he killed her. We will move on from the carol Sullivan case. The next one is of the nineteen. Eighty eight lisa Sanders case that we discussed at length and again it's debatable what
parts of that mutilation were conducted by the killer or conducted by animals. That one makes it very difficult to say in fact, the removal of organs in that case does not match up is not line up with the sherry Peru. Showcase does not me chopper line up with what was done with charlie did to his nieces body after she was murdered and we should go ahead and move on from patty lands the case because we law enforcement. That said back in eighty eight- in nineteen eighty nine, we don't think this cases connected these other too. We, this is the one that we feel absolutely not connected to the sanders case or the parisian showcase. And then they say that again and ninety ninety in They say a ninety ninety that they have definitively ruled out any connection between the lands, a case,
and the Sanders emperor showcase that leads us to, victim that we have not discussed yet in nineteen. the five a sex workers darlene, taller age. Thirty eight her body was disk word near miami found in the grassy area off of a highway. Her body was wrapped in blankets and in plastic when discovered, she was missing, her head and her heart and it's simply removal of the heart, the connected charlie brandt by law enforcement to this case law enforcement will go on to tell us that charlie brandt use that same highway regularly and one thing that they and it was disturbing to them in their review of these unsolved homicides, is the fact that the heart was removed. One and two
charlie kept some information that they found interesting. He kept mileage records of his vehicle and of his travels. and on the day of darlene toller's murder, roughly the driving distance between b pine key where he lived in the area of miami where toddler's body was discovered matches up with his records his mileage records for that day. Well, and it's it's tough with this guy cause, he is a. He is a giant pile of shit, but we should talk about this, a poster that song, that they found in his bedroom. Yet they were going through charlie's belongings, after the w aside and then suicide committed in two thousand and four and one item of no was this anatomy poster there was found in the bedroom of charm
he and his wife, and this is a poster that is a female body- an is that you have the muscles and organs on one side, and then you have the skeleton on the other. It's a very science text, bookie type poster but if further they add, hair and put the ladys heron upon, which is very strange. Very strange and you can find that poster if you just google, charlie brandt poster, comes along our social media as well. The thing here is that this one, I think in anybody's bedroom, this would be concerning he's not it. Not a doktor. You know he's not a scientist he's not it appears that he's studying anatomy, but he doesn't really have any professional
career reason to do so. Well, he's a career murdered her. So he needs a study this. If you want to keep cutting victims, hearts ally, Fine, this to be a weird. I happened to be in anyone's bedroom, especially a married man, but then this compound that with the fact that we know that he I set did his niece and though whose mutilations mere that of sherry, Peru, show that lived a thought. In twelve hundred feet or so from his home. on a night when his wife confronts him and says that he's covered in blood and came home very late, she even so to a friend. Maybe we should. I should contact the sheriffs department after this homicide. This is nuts when we compare this to darlene, tolerates murder that took place in miami. It's not a terrible stretch from big pine key to wear
the body of darling taller, was found. In fact, he has my which records in his vehicle that back up that he may have gone to that area on the day that she was murdered police go on to say after finding things at his home, knowing of his background of killing his mother. When he's a kid, the homicides it here, in two thousand and four look they found on computer, that he was searching for snuff slinky flaky flaky that he was looking for torture, videos that he was searching for autopsy photos. This guy had clearly had a fascination of inside of a person, has a sexual fascinating. You talk about dahmer but this guy reminds me a lot of edmund camper somebody who can his grandparents
firearm, when he's a teenager goes away for a while and when he gets out he's not just shoot and people he's kidnapping and mutilating the bodies cutting off the heads charlie, cutting off the heads and removing the heart of these victims and in fact the removal of the heart that the police were focusing in on when trying to connect him to potential other homicides. It took place near cha lee brand and the time that he lived in Florida yeah. I think the difference though, when you look at dahmer camper or me, you can make an argument in their case whether it was nature or nurture. I think in the Charlie Brandt case. It's it's his nature. It just seems like he had. This is the way he was born. He was messed up from the beginning
in that excerpt from edgar. Allan POE goes beyond just the idea of the heart line, where pose says there was no reason for what I did. I look at the cases of early brantner once ones day or law enforcement say he is guilty of. murder of his mother, the murder his wife, his niece and the murder of sherry pre, and I can't find it one go god. Damn reason why he did any of those murders, let alone all four of theirs. Reason for what he did, the only thing is the only thing that could possibly explain it. Is that he's he's not like you and I kept him he's not like the rest of us there. Some incredibly wrong with this guy. He was so able so easily able to hide it. and keep it inside and hide it from everyone He killed his wife and his niece, his friends, their therefrom,
they say they had no idea that this would even have been possible. He wasn't of, only individual Yes, as far as I know again, he seemed pretty normal her bathing, in pretty normal airway thirty seem pretty intelligent were or were again. I think if we're gonna compare people this this, I think lean more towards like a bundy where maybe doesn't have the charisma or anything like that, but I think camper put some people, often with his personality. I think so the dark. Yet I would betcha that the people closer to Charlie Brandt may have seen some sides of him that aren't so obvious to the rest of us Maybe they had some things that put them off bout, charlie, but detective pat d, as who is just one of many detectives. It were working on possible cases that they could connect to Charlie Brandt,
goes on to say that it doesn't take. I am that this is some kind of disease and he others would agree that a guy like this just doesn't stop Doesn't stop somewhere between the three cases between murdering his mom and then all those years later, murdering his wife and his niece while- and this is where I I there's a pardon me that please with law enforcement that you have to look at. You know the the mutilation of his last victim, but I think it's probably you're going to see some kind of escalation. That's what's going to make it a lot more difficult for them cause There could have been a gradual escalation to where he ended up at in the dark in taller case, they were true the scientifically connected to charlie brand. In fact, they found doll in the bed of his truck. There were dog here animal hairs. I should say that were found on the blankets there. Her body was wrapped up in right, they said
those away for comparison for sign the analysis and could not conclusively confirm that those hairs match one another. So we, get any scientific evidence to back up the idea of what law enforcement believes is charlie brandt having been involved in the murder, darlene taller and nineteen ninety five, but the detect Pat ds goes on to say. I believe that this is a disease. This I didn't stop in between those three cases: darling taller was found, stuffed in garbage bags in south dade counting. It was almost like. The killer delivered us a package with the body left on the side of the road for every one to find after the murder of darlene taller nine other sex workers turned up dead and south florida according to launch
spent those cases where very similar to darlene taller, for example, some were stuffed in duffel bags or suitcases and made easy too. Line, and this year gap is from miami news. Seven- and they say some very profound things here and say that, because Charlie Brandt was so crafted killing and because Charlie Brandt killed himself, the suspicions that Charlie Brandt may have killed ten to twelve, even fourteen women may never be confirmed. However, one fact will not change. There were two charlie brands who lived in the keys in the Charlie Brandt that the people didn't know was one of
sickest serial killers in south florida history what did they do for joining us here again in the garage onward and upward? Jeanne our way just like Lebron James t, gonna break the record, get to that thou, an episode were inch. Our way join us for the journey. Colonel. Do we have any recommended reading for the beautiful listener this week we are happy to recommend invisible killer. The monster behind the mask by diana maintain and sean robins invisible killer is the true story of the crimes committed by charlie brown and some of the crimes he is suspected of committing. This is a view
a complete telling of the true crime story of this serial killer. Along with insights from an f b I profiler and a forensic psychologist, you can check out that recommendation and many more at true crime garage dot com yeah. If you haven't checked out the So you should do so in the book up some swag, while you're at it and until next week, vigour it became don't worry, the.
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