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The Unabomber /// Part 1 /// 482

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The Unabomber /// Part 1 /// 482

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In the 1990’s the F.B.I. was hunting a serial killer they called the Unabomber. At the time he was the most wanted man in America. He some how managed to avoid detection and capture for over a decade. This week in the Garage Nic and the Captain explore and examine the case and the man who committed these terrible crimes.

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The welcome to true grab garage wherever you are whatever you're doing, thanks for listening, I'm your hosts naked with me, as always he's the one who likes all the pretty songs and he likes to sing along. He is the cap.
you thank you. Thank you. It's good to be seen and good to see you thanks for listening thanks for telling a friend This week we are very happy to be featuring birth. They bombed by the amazing artisans over it prairie artisan ales. This is a deliciously, complex, imperial style age with coffee, cocoa, nibs, vanilla beans and chile. Peppers The icing on the cake, it's finished, with caramel sauce garage, great five at a five bottle caps, and this week I pick birth they bombed because it is a city why, holiday here in parts unknown. That's right! It is the captain's birthday so happy birthday to you old, wise one in chairs to the cap
yeah cheers to that guy wherever he is and cheers to all of you for helping us fill up the fridge. Let's give out some praise and thanks right here right now, captain first up a big cheers to maggie, formerly of columbus, currently residing in scottsdale arizona in a big way. I could see to actually I'm feeling still pennsylvania. Next, we have it. You're goin out to kill and crystal lake illinois big cheers to christina same antonio texas. there's a little cheers to Jeff in santa Barbara, California and last, but certainly not least, we have a big thank you going out to do in an Angela in Denver colorado, everyone we just mentioned, went to true crime garage dot com and they help us out what this week's beer fund for the Iran yeah a little birthday, bwe tavar you in beer, run for all of our old episodes. You can check them out, guess what everywhere that you live the podcast and also Our bonus show called off the record
otr if you're nasty, and that is enough of the business everybody gather around grab a chair grab a beer. Let's talk some true crime, murder is a broad and fascinating cry: people murder for love for hate,
order for money, others for want of money. some people murder in a cold insane rage people murder with the calculating skill of a butcher, something who use guns or knives or their hands some people murder, children exclusively her women and some people plant bombs traffic locales in some mail them to specific targets. New york, city's mad bomber, a case featured here in the garage was about an angry and yes, very much a mad man who tear as new york city for sixteen years in the nineteen forties and nineteen fifties with explosives, the he planted in public places bombs. Were in phone booths, storage, lockers and restrooms in public buildings, including the grand central terminal pennsylvania station
radio city, music hall, the subway and the new public library for sixteen years a period jeanne back to nineteen forty, the largest most formidable police force in the nation, had failed to. who up any worthy leads by nineteen, fifty six the bombers handiwork showed a lethal new proficiency. He declared his deadly intent in letter sent a newspaper editors. Trampling raging letter was cryptically side. F, p. Desperation drove the police to pursue a worse, they never before considered in the departments, one hundred and eleven year history, and why peaty was going to consult with James a brussel, the expertise in the workings of the criminal mind if physical, but it could not lead the police to f p. Maybe emotional insights could, since a physical, description of the bomber was unattainable. New york
please believe, maybe Dr Brussel could use the evidence to draw A profile of the bombers. Inner self emotional portrait That would eliminate his background in disorder brussel. I them that the bomber was a textbook paranoid schizophrenic people suffering. this disorder he explained, may believe people are controlling them, are plotting against them. They are typically antisocial and consumed with hatred for there are imagined enemies for their derangement, their capable of acting quite normal. Until inevitably, some aspects Their delusions enter they conversation. The paranoiac is world champion grudge, holder, brussel would explain we I'll get mad at other people. An organization sometimes, but with most of us the anger evaporates eventually the mad by anger does not once he
the idea that somebody has wronged him or his outer to hurt him. The idea, stays in his mind. The Russell continued, almost surely operated as a lone wolf, only in themselves. Are overwhelmingly egocentric, they distrust everyone, be a potential bungler or double crosser. Ultimately, doctor Brussel was correct his assessment of the evidence, which was simply the bombers, actions words and intent. This specifically hell n Y p identify locate and apprehend a domestic terrorist. That alluded m. For sixteen years, the mad bomber late identified as george mattel sky was anger. And resentful about events surrounding a workplace injury, he suffered earlier brussels,
His approach reverse psychology. Today we call it criminal profiling decades later in nineteen, eighty after four attack, the f b, I created the Unabomber taskforce during the eighties. They ve well to identify the unabomber and then he went dormant. The feds suspected the terrorists could be dead, but then, the attack- started up again t ninety three things that the task force we're ramping up and a new wave of agents would- bring array of expertise, were brought into work, the case it. would be assigned task force agents all received a rather large memo, titled major case number. Seventy five dash unit for well over a decade the the ira and other law enforcement agencies around the. U s investigated the case they d. unabomber the mid nineties, the perpetrator
was the most wanted serial killer in the united states. and he was one that none of his victims had ever laid eyes on An individual so mysterious an elusive that was known only by the case code name, the f b I had given him unabomber since his early bombings were directed at universities and airlines. Unlike the one big crude blast of Oklahoma city bomber, Timothy mcveigh and his cohorts the unabomber attacks were more like and of the mad bombers, but unfortunately, more destructive and deadly these bombings were spaced apart. This perpetrator could wait an act over time. He was more specifically directed he was clever. He was diabolical and his motive was wrapped in layers of mystery. This true crime garage, and this is the case of the unabomber
on thursday may 25th, one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight Mary Gutierrez was walking through a parking lot. chicago at the university of illinois chicago. She is king minding her own business when she sees a package on the ground. Being the nice helpful person that she is, she picks it up obviously wondering what the package is doing. Just chilling there on the ground, she's, looking
it and she sees it. The package is complete with shipping address, return, address and postage in the form of several stamps, but has not been technically mailed yet because the postage has not been stamped indicating that the postage parcel has been processed so not processed, not mailed. So what should she do? Well, she takes us parcel to a mail box to drop it in send it along its way. But the box doesn't fit so seeing the return address. She thought I'll notify the sender, so she took the package back to her home. The return as indicated, that the package was sent from a professor buckley christs junior at north western europe, city in Evanston, she track down a phone number for the professor and she calls him then the arrangements for someone to come by and collect the package. Now a messenger takes the box from the good samaritans home to the professor at his office. At the university professor Chris,
receives the package sees his name and work address listed as the sender or the return address, and the package was to be shipped to another professor. This is at the rents polytechnic school of engineering in troy, new york. Now, of course, professor crest knows that he has not sent package to anyone recently. He does not recognize the package, nor does he know the professor. On the other end in new york, where the boxes to be sent there, which would spike your curiosity, yes alarm bells are going off. So northwestern university, professor buckley Chris junior, said that the package seems strange. He did not have any reason by the appearance of this package to believe that he was in any type of danger. But again he said the package seems strange and he suspected maybe something illegal was going on, so he calls the university public safety officer so enforced.
we, the officer, made the determination to open the package in the box exploded upon opening an injured the security officer. no one had any idea of where this package came from or who was responsible for making the bomb and setting this wrap. So if you haven't already figured it out, this is going to be The very first attack of many but law enforcement will not know this at this time. They would not have any evidence that this is the first of many to come, or even the last of several before what they do. No is someone targeted someone else and attempted via male bomb to injure and likely kill someone as well as those around them. You're. Very first objective is to
identify the target in. Maybe you can trace this thing back to the sender, find out who would want to harm the target or kill the target, and that could be the person responsible. Nobody here is a little different cuz you actually up to clues because you have a person that they're using as the sender and the victim that's exactly right captain. You have to wonder just exactly who is the actual target here. First guess it would be the person who was opposed to receive the package, this being the professor at the pie technic school of engineering and troy new york right, but one does not go all of the trouble of making a bomb, putting together kids and risk of getting caught, not to mention risk of blowing oneself up building and packing this bomb. Without a super strong desire to quote hit your target,
so. Why not just mail the damn thing why even both with a return address, unless you intend this to mislead the police, or did the bomber hope that if he dropped it where someone would return to the sender and then the sender is the actual tug right or was the bomb worried about being seen and possibly identify so they just left it out in the open at some random spot so that some good merit would find it and mail it for them or, like the good samaritan I try to put it in a mailbox and didn't fit, then one has to wonder: could the bomber not really care who the bomb injures or kills as long as it is some one near the university of illinois, Chicago and both addresses are simply meant to throw the cops off of the trail. So, ultimately, what we have here
is an ineffective attack, but a very confusing one, at least from an investigative standpoint, one the materials used in this bomb in this package there they're not unique enough to give any clues. law enforcement. This is going to take us to may ninth nineteen. Seventy nine, a graduate student john harris at northwestern university is injured when he opened a box that look like a present. It had been left in a room by graduate students. So this seems like a bit of a repeat in way: doesn't it kind of in oddly place bomb to sort of
left for someone, anyone to snag it and open it up, so possibly completely random target. Or is it again we have the question of. Are these random targets, or are they actually targeted victims? Because again we see north western university as part of this whole attack right remember in the first attack, the package was addressed to be sent from northwestern university. Here It's actually left at northwestern university to harm someone there yeah it starts making you wonder if it's a disgruntled employee or maybe a disgruntled former student or current student As you pointed out captain, there is no real way to identify the attacker based off of the bomb and how it's constructed itself were. Mean that the bomber putting these together was wearing gloves, because there's no fingerprints left on any of the material yet
are not able to pull any thing. This forest forensic evidence off of these first two bombs and, in fact, because the first one was going to be mailed, you know it had the post in all that already on it the invest, of lead on that particular attack was actually the united states postal service. Of course they had local authorities working on both of these cases as well, but they have the lead and its sounds to me that, even though they're not able to identify the hacker or the bomb maker based off of the construction of these two bombs themselves itself, it's to me like they were able to figure out that they were in fact connected to one another. They were linked, I will get into that later on the suspicions of why? Maybe it is the actual construction of the bomb itself, but
the nickname that they were giving the bomber at the postal service was the junkyard bomber because most of these items that were used to construct both of these two bombs were. Just I mean they were crude unsophisticated bombs. Basically and these were items that somebody could find at your local junk. Yeah or items that they were also suspecting. Somebody could actually, If there were a handy at all, they might have some of these items. This land around their house in some of the he's in and devices that were inside of these two bombs were can made- were- were constructed themselves. So the I think there was probably something similar between the first one and the second one where they go. Okay, this we're dealing with the same individual on thursday november fifteen, nineteen. Seventy nine. We have an attack on a large passenger commercial airplane. This is some scary shit right here, a mayor airlines flight, four, four and four flying from
I go to washington d c? This is a in twenty seven jet with seventy eight people on this plain, seventy two passengers and six crew members, the plane left chicago at eight twenty five, a m going to d c and as they approach the capital, these seventy eight people. They you're, a muffled explosion on the airplane. we are still mid flight up in the air when a small bomb explodes now, it looks like this explosive device. Thank god did not do what it may have been intended to do right. However, the passenger cabin fills with smoke after this bomb detonates in the luggage compartment the pilot brought the plane down early at dulles international airport, and several passengers suffered smoke. Inhalation,
this is super fascinating, though, to me captain a few hours after the attack a collar and I'm assuming here, captain that it was all the same collar but a call. Are found for chicago news organisations, one of them being the chicago tribune and in the tribune it was reported that the collar claimed to be a record additives oven. Iranian student group, Our group is claiming responsibility for this attack and threatening additional attacks. The caller states that other bombs might he placed in shopping areas and on the seat here? That's these chicago's. train line, the subway system, okay, so this so called iranian student group they're, making these threats, because they're upset that america is making efforts to try to deport iranian students, which this makes a lot of sense. Because look it's the
a secret that relations between I ran and not a miracle. Seldom have been good at times and they ve been town right. Disgusting effect, all of the seventies was practically a nightmare between the two and at times, most of the world. First, the middle east. Where we're just bad, there was black september, the seventy two, a limp eggs and just before this airplane bomb, then there was the threat from this group. I ran took over the u s embassy, to and took us diplomats hostage and then the? U s froze iran's assets. So it's already this all very big news at the time. So it's a big mess of, going on between the relations between the two countries. So this threat is The label evil. However, you heard that that amazing guy in today's trailer leading into the case, this is about the Unabomber
we know that that's the direction we're going here right that or by the way, was a combo of some of my own writing, mixed with the writings from the book incendiary by Michael canal and the. anatomy of motive by John douglas and mark all shaker two books featured on our show before You must own books for hardcore true crime garage years now to be perfectly clear here captain, even though the explosive device did not do what it was supposed to do This was really a very dramatic event. I mean imagine you hear an explosion. The cabin fills with smoke, the oxygen masks, drop down, the passengers are leaving their seats and running to the back of the plane. One may remind everybody fix your mass before you try to help your children with their masks. The crew is for
make an emergency landing. They evacuate the plant plane from the rear, firefighters and fire trucks. Are there to greet the plane upon? Lay do they have to cut away a small section of the plane and spray ever thing down with foam to put out the fire, there's an actor fire on this plane? Right so I mean some truly heavy heavy stuff here Now it was determined that the bomb was from a small package that was being mailed to the greater washington area, so the plane is inspiring not only passengers but mail as well. On this trip airbases seen Tom hanks in castaway, It was a fairly small explosive device with a battery and an all which is an instrument that measures altitude. So this instrument could trigger the bomb as the
plain- was climbing and altitude. Okay, so that the previous attacks are investigated at the local level and with u s p s right how? However, an airliner bombing is a federal crime, so here we go bring in the feds in as nick cage would say. This whole place is a crime scene when he said there's roughly about eighty passengers, or so I dunno, if that's full capacity, but they believe that if this bomb would work correctly, it would have killed every single passenger on that plane. That's correct, I mean we're talking about a huge death toll and just of a security nightmare to at the end of the day for the entire country. Well, that's really ups, they anti, but I dont think right away. Do they know that these university of north western bombs are connected to flight for four four right: that's gonna, take
investigating and the short of it for this attack is that someone mailed in altitude. Sensitive bomb to be on this airplane on a flight from chicago to washington, d c and again, seventy eight people who got lucky that the manufacture stir of this bomb was unable to get it to be quote successful. Yeah then now we got the feds on the case and and have hopefully we get julius. If on the case's. What's the and now a word from our sponsor better help. It's my favorite spot sir, it's the one I use most often it's. What has
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five years and a half twenty one in Hora El Capitan. We have another attack. This one is on june tenth, nineteen. Eighty. This is a targeted attack on united airlines president percy wood, who is injured when he opened a package containing a bomb. The bomb was disguised even inside of the shipping box. The explosive device was encased in a book called the ice brothers by sloan wilson, so the book was hollowed out with the bomb inside you open up the book and the bomb goes off. The package was addressed and ship to percy wood at his home, and that is in fact, where he opened the box. As said, percy was injured on his hands, face and thighs when the package exploded, but thankfully he was not killed during this attack. So we have two bombs that are connected to unit,
inner cities into bombs they're connected to airlines. This is the fourth bomb in our series. Now, of course, we know that the f b I they are already on the job, but with this new attack they we're going to bring in John douglas, who ultimately would be just one of many f b. I profilers who work the unabomber case. I think captain at one point in this investigation, the fbi I had about one hundred and fifty agents actively working the case. All at the same time. This does not include all of the local law enforcement agencies working the case throughout the years as well. Now the agents working this attack they are going to need to clued douglas and on their own ass many of the situation. That is as follows: one the eu I did. Airlines has not received any threatening letters or phone calls and neither has percy would or his family
so. There was no indication beforehand that this attack was going to happen. There was no request for money or any type of extra she's going on with the airline or with the wood family themselves, when this guy's pretty well to do too, The airline has not received any ransom demand. Three. There was no one obvious motive in this case: for now the other three cases as well and for that Egypt in charge do not believe that this is the first bond that this attack has mail or place. Ok, captains, oh no threats and no ransom. That's pretty self explanatory stuff right So anything you want to explore their captain or should we continue
because I really want to get into numbers three and four no apparent motive and not the first attack or question mark first attack. Well, it's interesting because when you don't have a ransom, there's less evidence and, like we said before, with these bombs in particular, they're, just no evidence left behind fingerprints or or dna that we know of or any markings to take even suggests that it it's even the same bomber other than it seems like items found around somebody's house or tall shed at where junkyard and these are extremely hand made by In what I mean by there is even the mechanisms and devices will workings inside of the bomb itself, a lot of those are handmade as well, and so
is someone who is very meticulous to be able to construct all of these items, construct these bombs and not leave any type of fingerprints or forensic evidence on the bomb itself plus. You then have the package this baby up and ship it off and you've not left any Brenda evidence on the packaging as well. Now I think this is a good opportunity to take a d dive into a little analysis of violent crime study from the crime classification manual. This will be good because it very likely ties into our case from last week as well, the timers or the title murders where we asked the question
was the motive a form of public terrorism or extortion, or both or simply just a motive to kill, so the classification here would be non specific motive for killing a non specific mode of killing pertains to Homicide that appears a rational and is committed for a reason known only to the offender is subsequently may be deferred. I didn't categorize after more extensive investigation into the offender's background. Here are the defining characteristics of such a homicide. First, we have the victimology The victims of a nonspecific homicide are random, with no direct relationship between victim and offender. Victims can be male female adults or children and demonstrate a disparity of characteristics. I've style here, as you pointed out, captain the interesting thing with armed with our bomb attacks. Brain is why
the individuals who are opening these packages and being injured by the result of these bombs they might be fairly random. You ve already put together that in the first two were seeing a link to universities. Specifically northwestern university and both of them and then the second cried. The third and fourth attack, I'm sorry airlines, american airlines and united airlines. So what what I think you're seeing here is less about the endeavour. Dual. It may be more about the overall organization themselves. Together is some some kind of connection there it's not just like we see in cases where their random victims or, if you look at the the timers that you just put, those on the shelf and whoever gets them gets them. So it's not so
stuff because we were not see and the direct link from this the terrorists to the victims, but there is a link there and so far there is no communication. There's no one claiming responsibility. If there is no one asking for money or demands and again it makes it just extremely difficult. Now the frequent crime scene, indicators of such a crime would be that it's usually a public place. Okay, of course, we've seen that three of these four attacks, so this poses a high risk to the offender. There nothing missing from the crime scene itself. It is disorganized with no effort having been made to conceal the victims so thing here you send a bomb place, a bomb, whoever it affects or kills that's the result, you're not hiding the victor
afterwards, a firearm, the weapon of choices, is typical with this type of offender. This is what we're we're talking about here. Captain is Just like in the tylenol murders, totally random victims, just like with a lot of these I'm totally random victims, with the exception of percy would. But this also would talk in cover about the like a public shooter, a school, shooter or unfortunately, what we've been seeing in the news? Too often, lately, people shooting at workplaces or out in public places The firearm, as douglas indicates, would be the choice of weapon for this type of fender is brought to the crimes now.
I am often becomes a massacre because it is the offenders goal to kill as many people as possible. I think that's what we saw with the. possible successful attack on the american airlines flight four four four: this is reflected by the use of weapons that the they offer optimal lethality buy multiple weapons and by an abundance of ammunition. Now the crime scene staging is not present because it's not necessary. There is no reason for the offender to stage the crime scene, as pointed out most of the time. These are totally random victims, and typically this
Type of crime is almost exclusively committed during daylight. In public places, which we had in the first three of these for tax, because the offender once the highest death toll possible one, the witnesses often are available to identify the offender as he is unconcerned with being identified. This is interesting because, in the first two attacks, these bombs, weren't, really even mailed. They were placed somewhere right. Somebody. Anyone could have spotted some one, placing this bomb in the parking lot where the first bomb was found or in the university, where the second bombers for is pretty easy to just drop off a package as you're walking and not be seen
Oh yeah yeah. I would agree with that. I think that the thing that would be alarming is that it looks like a package with intent. It looks like a package that is as a purpose and to see somebody randomly just place it on the ground in a parking lot, I think, would be something that would be abnormal. You think that the bomb or would you you have to worry about it, but things one bending down and place in the the bomb on the ground. bomb going off, but really you know these are a big enough box that you would then have eyewitnesses that just saw an individual carrying a box and it might not be the bomb, but that could be a lead to the bomber. Typically in this type of crime, the offender really has no escape plan because they are fine with either committing suicide or being shot at the scene by police now
This will go on to say that the offender usually has a dishevelled appearance is withdrawn, demonstrates in isolated effect and possibly exhibits erratic behaviour and they search warrant suggestions. Should one get Far in their investigation are as follows: search the home of the suspect for weapons receipts and records. Remember we are hand taking these particular items in the search warrant itself. If it's not written in the warrant, it's not seasonable evidence so he's Jesting you want to include weapons, receipts and records. This is because you are looking for, especially in this case this week, but by making materials and then last week's case poisoning bottles of pain, reliever, you're, looking for evidence obvious or a paper trail, because in both
he we have someone manufacturing the death instrument, the bomb, the poison bottles somewhere before the attack on the fact that, all these bombs or a little different. It's not the same as that bomb and light there too. nah. We we don't have pictures of each of the inner workings of all these bombs, but they're telling us these items can be found around your house. They could be found in an junkyard, so you'd almost that the individual would have to ride out their idea of how to create this bomb, and so there'd be some kind of diagram, or some blueprint for the bombs because they're all different in and if they don't take it that serious they can blow themselves right and often that's what happens in these cases, and I can't remember if we talked about this last week or not, but in poisoning. case, especially when you're trying to poison the masses like with its with timers and with bomb cases. So when you're trying to bomb the masses like we're seeing here, they are
in either poison themselves. Injure themselves are blow themselves up. One could only hope to be so lucky when you have a case like this, it's going to span the course of years of course, as you pointed out, that the bombs are different, but why are the bombs different, because the bomb maker is learning and exactly right! Captain you wouldn, anticipate finding not only grants and notes of how one constructed the last bomb, but also thoughts and ideas on how to better construct the next bomb. This is kind of a work in progress for this bombing yeah agri. and you pointed out the home, found around the homer or junk yard. Or what have you inside of these bombs? We're talking about things like you're? No, finally, pipes springs. Why
there's. A lot of wood was used in the construction of these bombs, which I don't know if that's super typical and these types of situations, but you're also finding batteries. A lot of these bombs were powered with. every day batteries, Duracell, energize or stuff that you would find it and most people's homes, so of course, you're hoping to find physical evidence of such. If you get a guy that you like as a suspect when you go to search his home or his place of work, because in the pool and in the bomb making special with the bomb making. This is I'm consuming activity. One would mean a decent level of privacy to be constructing these bombs. If not, he could be turned in very fair quickly by any one who is aware of what this guy is up to, so do now as I, what what you're saying this guy needs. Privacy needs a workshop. He needs maybe he's
a mechanic and he can do it at his job. but then you go, but he doesn't need a lot of money because the materials don't cost a lot, but he has to be somewhat intelligent or at least mechanically inclined, because We don't hear of anybody accidentally blowing themselves up and, like you said, we see, sophistication level of the bombs growing by by each turn. Now this is not the first attack, obviously and it sounds like they being law enforcement were able to link these attacks together, mostly based off of what kind of bombs they were seeing, which again was mostly crude, pretty unsophisticated handmade bombs, but you're gonna recognise that Construction is somewhat similar and materials are somewhat similar, even though, as the cat pointed out. The bomb maker is getting better at constructing these bombs, but each one in the series,
each one of these bombs in the series they're getting a little more advanced than the last in the bar maker, is putting F c, f c on the bombs football club. That's right, the washington football club, no thee. The who ever was making these bob's was going out of their way to stamp into a piece of metal inside the bomb or on the bomb itself. The letters f see. Well, there's your sign right mean. So, even if you even a labour, and come look for bombs and go well. Somebody stamped F c in these. That must mean something Even I can figure that out you gotta get to pretty early in the morning. We morning even have to turn on the computer to figure that one out now, the out Something thing here, though, is nobody seems to know what fc stands for and
course you know that their linked, because they have not publicly announced that aid, the bomb makers pudding fc on these bombs. So if there's a copycat out there, it's not in these four situations, because the copycat wouldn't know too If c, on the bombs right. So the f b, I was holding brainstorming sessions trying to dream up what fc could stand for. Did they have any guesses of what they thought? It was odd that the list was incredibly long. I thought about including some of them here, but I don't know there has been. arrested, some of whom were really far fetch like obviously there they thought. Maybe it could be smooth name. So yet no francis, you know cock burners, than well, not only someone's initials but then like some kind of, innovation. Some kind of group right
usually one thing that we didn't include in that that classification and that that profile of this type of crime, but when you're going profile, this type of offender- and you would have the same with the tylenol murders case. And when these individuals are acting alone often they want to present the idea that they are a group or a gang and organizations they want to faction. They want to seem bigger, larger, more threatening than what they actually are on october: eighth, nineteen, eighty one, a bomb wrapped in brown paper and tied The string is discovered in the hallway of a building university of utah in salt lake city. The bomb is safely detonated without causing any type of injury now. This is interesting captain and I don't know the exact details here, but I'm not sure
this bomb was simply just lying on the floor, tied together with a string or if the bomb was actually tied to something because The description I found in state either way and what I mean by that is remember the mad bomber case. He would put his pipe bombs. inside of a wool sock, because the sock you could tie it to something or hang it from something, because you want the bomb up off of the right, you know you want to hang I think so like shoulder level, I level may be even higher because of it's lying, the ground. You are practically shielding half of the bomb. If that's, if that thing is off of the ground, pretty much spray shrapnel three hundred and sixty degrees, causing as much damage as possible? And often it is the shrapnel
kills rather than the actual blast. So this being the fifth attack again like we said, we thought he was getting more sophisticated, but we have no injuries of this one. So I mean good for the public but bad that he's continuing to continue on his bombing. Campaign right on the the bomb itself, while it may have been more advanced than the previous bombs, it may just have been detected, and somebody was smart enough to identify it for what it was on. May fifth, nineteen eighty two a bomb was sent to the head of the computer science department. and are built university. This was not open by the department head, but by their assistant the bomb was sent to Patrick see fisher, but fisher was on vacation in puerto rico. At the time and his secretary, JANET smith, she ends up soft.
several injuries to her hands and face after she opened the package in his office on July. Second of the same year, nineteen eighty two get bomb is left in the break room of corey hall at the university of california berkeley. This package explodes and an engineering professor. I think this bar Captain was just a small simple bomb. this. One actually looks like it was a bit of a step back as far as being you more advanced than the others, this one was a small, simple bomb that was made out of a like a little cigar box? Well, then, have nothing So then we wonder: does this guy like to smoke the cigar, Well then, we have nothing almost for almost three years then, in may of nineteen, eighty five, another bomb was placed again in or he hall at the university of California berkeley this injures,
other engineering student and I'm guessing others again, items that that look familiar or the style which these barber made look familiar, but I am also guessing that all these bombs or finding the tat fc on yes, the bomb maker is stamping little pieces of metal with FC and placing them in the bob's. It's the bomb maker, essentially putting his signet his calling card on an indestructible peace, a peace that he knows is going to survive the blast fire crotch in or on the bomb He wants the f b I and everyone else. For that fact to know look. This is me I am still here. I am not ed, I am not prison and I am not going away for a while. Attacks on universities and then to airlines, and now we're back to attacks on universities and two in a row at california berkeley. Yes,
whoever's doing. This is comfortable in that setting getting close and just placing these bombs in that area nah again. This is kind of a town here because we have, we do have like we said before: multiple people that their son in two in the university of north western witches in illinois and now we're all the way in California. So does this terrorist? Does the bomber have connections to Chicago and two
A berkeley right- and the thing here too, is with these last two bombs. They're placed are believed to have been placed in this cory hall, which I I'm not familiar with the campus itself, but I'm assuming that this is a relatively open accessible building. I mean I can't believe that it's a a student or faculty member that is placing these bombs there re this is going to take us to june thirteenth nineteen, eighty five and what I think we're seeing here captain is the start of maybe a busy year for our attacker. So this is when a suspicious package was sent to boeing fabrication to their fabrication division in Washington. This sounds to me like this. One was spotted in detected and I
a five for what it was a bomb because we have no death, we have no injuries and this attack attempt in the bomb is safely detonated. So we have a second occasion where someone is able to identify the bomb as in it as a bomb before it triggers the mechanism to explode, does have its not that break mean- and maybe it's because we get so many more packages now than they got back in the day. But it's like I get box to my house all the time. Anna, I just open them up. I don't think twice about it, that's one thing that I considered when researching this case you know, I know my neighborhood and in most people's neighborhoods, the amazon, little trucks and vans, or are frequent
flyers in those areas and constantly just placing boxes on doorsteps in and front porches subscribers and we ever ties things like hello, fresh and butcher box and firstly, flying club and things like that on this show all showing been boxes right at people's homes. time I cut open that box from. Firstly, I go, thank god. It's wine and not a bomb, yeah. Well, I mean, I guess the I guess, the differences that you do see the the shipping labels and you you see who it's coming from and in a these attacks. The guy didn't even bother to mail it. You have course this was mailed here for the boeing attack, the attempt on boeing, but in some of these attacks, they're just leaving these random packages. Where curiosity kills the cat. Thankfully no one's been killed, but there's been people been injured,
I opening or handling a random package that they find someone so to cheap for stamps. On november fifteen nineteen, eighty I a university of Michigan psychology, professor and his assistant, were injured when they open a package containing a three ring binder. They had a bomb inside now. This was professor James Mcconnell and research assistant, nicholas sooner they were both severely injured after Suno opened the male bomb address to Mcconnell so again university. Again a package addressed to space,
effect professor login. Now we have to go even further. Does this individual have connections to north western to the university of michigan to California or berkeley in California? The bomber not only indicates he is specifically targeting professor Mcconnell by addressing this package to the professor, but so the bomber included a letter with this package asking the professor to review a student's master thesis so taking it an apt extra step, further captain addressing it to your target, but also not wanting this item to just kind of sit there randomly. this is a letter to encourage the professor to open up the binder, because the bomb is disguise
as a thesis in a three ring, binder, simple bomb. The three ring binder is a little larger than some of the previous packages. That means it can be a little larger, a bomb a little more destructive but again a simple action to trigger the bog. Take the binder out package opened, the binder binder goes boom. Thankfully, no one is killed in this attack. on december twelfth nineteen. Eighty five, the sacramento bee newspaper, ran the following news: article. The title is mystery: blast kills capital merchant the article reads, a Sacramento businessman was killed yesterday when a bomb that had been left behind his store blew up in his face the blast shortly after noon, mortally wounded, Hugh campbell scrutiny aged thirty, eight owner of ran tech, computer rentals and century plaza. This located on Howie avenue,
in Sacramento. This is a little bit of a left turn. I mean we have airlines, we have universities. Now we have technology store it just moments after scrutiny left his store through the back door and headed for the parking lot. According to reports, the blast blue scrutiny about ten feet. The first person to arrive at the scene heard the victim cry out, o my god help me and scrutiny. pronounced dead at one thousand, two hundred and thirty four p dot m at the university medical center. He reportedly took the full force of the blast in the chat, there were no known witnesses to this crime. The blast shook the, higher shopping center and shrapnel was scattered up to one hundred and fifty yards from the point of the explosion. Shrapnel penetrated this store's rear wall, but no one else was hurt
no motive for the bombing has been established and there are no known suspects. They said law enforcement said that it's possible that scruton was not the intended victim this According to the head of the sheriff's homicide bureau in Sacramento investigators noted. the rear of the shopping center has a series of back doors and identifying which door is for which store would not be easy, with the doors that close they. How do you know which door belongs to which business no suspicious activity was port it by the merchants at the shopping center and interviews with employees not turn up. Any significant leads in this case. Obviously looking at these bombs afterwards, that's were
I lose some evidence with inside the bombers because they actually exploded the actually worked. But again, are we seeing the signature f c in this bomb as well, or they not telling the public at this point that this was connected to the other ones, Well, that's a good question because they are not really cluett us ass, being the public in on everything that they seem to know about the bombs, the making of the bombs or who is making in sending in leaving these packages. Now, I'm February 20th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven another bomb was left in the parking lot of a salt lake city computer store so again, salt lake city, again a computer store or text tech type store The bomb this time severely injured the business owner son, but we have something very different here. Can in one of the employees at that store working at the store that day
I saw a man leave the package and from that witness account, we can create a composite sketch of the suspect that soon our were going to at least make some headway here. This led to a widely distributed sketch, the suspect wearing a hooded, sweatshirt and aviator sunglasses and the suspect is sporting, a mustache now, do you think captain that this is probably on of, if not the most well known, suspect, composite sketch of all time here yeah or at least in our lifetime, that's for sure yeah. I can think of one on the top of my head, that that would be even closely can
herbal, so they were just your reading. A few different versions of this db coopers, pretty popular, that's true. As far as a composite skip, they were distributing a few different versions of this composite sketch for the public to see again, it was very widely distributed. at the time and would be for years to come, but one of the early ones. I wanted to take it some time here and read what is on this actual wanted poster. They were offering a fifty thousand dollar reward and stated that the suspect was wanted I, the postal inspection service for mailing or placing an explosive device- and it goes to say that on February twentieth, nineteen, eighty seven a package exploded at a computer business in salt lake city utah bombs- have been. I
received in the mail or placed in the following states, so they have somehow connected all of these. According to this wanted poster. At the time, bombs of either been received in the mail or placed in the following states, utah pencil yeah illinois, california, michigan and washington. My my gut is telling me that there's there's the signature of sea on all of them. Again. I believe you on that one hundred percent captain- I think this guy. He wants the investigators to know that their all connected. He wants credit for the attacks, and he wants them. He wants the threat of them. Knowing I'm not going away, I'm going to keep doing this, it also
goes on to say that the incident has been linked to eleven other incidents which have occurred across the united states since one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight injuring twenty one people and killing one person. The description is given of the suspect, and is as follows, were looking for a white male twenty five to thirty years old, five foot, ten inches tall to six foot tall, approximately one hundred and sixty five pounds, slender build blond, reddish hair, with a light mustache and rudy complexion, which I was not familiar with what that means, but I always I mean I always saw people we're saying ruby complexion because I looked up rudy complexion and it means like reddish, color rosy, color mouth of those like Ruby and goes on to say that the suspect was wearing blue den.
Genes, a grey hooded, sweat shirt and teardrops sunglasses smoked, with smoked lenses not allowed to go off of their new Obviously this person thought that there was a chance that they would be seen, placing this bomb in that parking lot and even though it's in the business they were Oregon, I do not in their attack that they chose to disguise them now for the very least conceal their appearance in some manner with the sunglasses nodded sweatshirt, but now that we get the composite is there going to be coming out and they they were tell you they're all connected and I'll The way this is a guy we believe, is the Unabomber right. So we have notice. The two major shifts in this case and of investigation, one the attacks have now become lethal. The bomb maker has, retooled in constructed a better explosive device and two now we
something on this guy. We have a witness description so where before, simply just had the f c markings. That's the bombers include with the bombs? Now we at least have some idea of what this guy looks like thanks for joining us here in the garage. My gift to you on my birthday is a promo code. Take this down. It's four two: zero J. I c for twenty jib use that promo code at store page and you can save twenty five percent off your purchase and It's back here in the garage for the rest of the story. Until then be good, be kind.
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