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The Vanishing Man /// Part 1 /// 177

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The Vanishing Man /// Part 1 /// 177

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Friday, April 15, 2005 - 59 year old Ray Gricar, the district attorney for Centre County, Pennsylvania called into work. He said he would not be coming into work that day. He let his girlfriend know that he planned to take a drive and do some antique shopping. He never returned home. The next day investigators found his vehicle parked at an antique shop's dirt lot. The car was locked and Ray's cell phone was found inside the car. The scene was eerily familiar to that of Ray's brother's suicide years ago. What happened to Ray Gricar? Had many years as a prosecutor made him one too many enemies? Was Ray's case tied to the Penn State scandal? Or was Ray living a secret life and decided to walk away? Tonight we discuss one of the most fascinating disappearances from the state of Pennsylvania. Beer of the Week - Brawler by Yards Brewing Company Garage Grade - 3 and a half bottle caps out of 5

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In new orleans, twenty twelve burst catch. Here I drove to an address some one had given him that didn't exist ass. He stood in the park, What were the address should have been, he was shot and killed, I'm You d umbra, join me for the newest season of counter clock. As I die, the motive behind bruces murder. A series of events that have never been fully investigated until now binge all fourteen episodes of or clock season, five, wherever you listen to podcast this spring, transform you outdoors. Space into a regular gathering place for you and your loved ones with help from Ashley, whether you're into wicker, teak or driftwood. Inspired furniture. We've got the look you're going for, add and accessories like string lights and beverage tubs to take your patio party from basic to curated and enjoy cozy evening vibes with a new fire pit visit, ashley dot com or stop by your local store and find affordable pricing and expert support today,
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on Friday April, fifteenth two thousand and five re greeks, the district attorney for centre county pennsylvania, called into work, saying Would not be coming in for the day he had skipped work to relax a little and take a drive through the pretty countryside. He plan to stop and do a little anti hunting and a few mom and pop stores along the way. This was now terribly uncommon for re. After all, He was nearing the end of a very successful career and retirement,
in sight. The dossiers could survive a day here there without re, so playing hooky just getting away for a while. I was well deserved. As the sun went down in the day turned to night raise long I'm girlfriend started to wonder when he would return he get darker and darker, and yet she had not heard from him. She tried his cell several times, but he now picked up to tell her where he was. she thought she had waited long enough, so she called the local police department. She told them what she knew. The police explained that they knew ray and he was responsible, probably dealing with here is it gotten late. Re must have decided to stay overnight. Maybe his phone was dead. They would make a few phone calls and see what they could find. The next day when the detectives in the first shift
officers arrived at the office, they saw the report stating raise girlfriend had called and said he had not come home after some check they quickly discovered re, was still missing I returned, nor called they set off in search of their missing district attorney. They got there first break when they discovered his vehicle next june, antique shop and louisbourg pencil vein after finding the car investigators com, the area but found nothing, no other clues suggest where re may have gone and there No signs of foul play the district attorney Simply vanished and under some mysterious circumstances, many different law enforcement agencies have looked into raise disappearance over the years. They have found a lot of clues alot
strange actions leading up to the date that he went missing, but nothing definitive. I would tell you that he was never seen again, but there are some that say different, but they have seen re after April. Two thousand and five many have spent later that the prosecutor had made many enemies over the core. is a long, successful career and some may have wanted him dead. but nobody has ever been found. Was he kidnapped, taken away and killed elsewhere? supposed of where he would never be found like some kind of mob hit seems it's something you would see in a hollywood movie. Something that would happen. A re greek are there's something else going on beneath the surface of this man's life. Could he walked away from a good life. He had worked so hard to create, or could it have been suicide, or maybe even something more sinister?
This is the story of re. Greek. Are the vanishing man it gregory. Car was born in good old cleveland, Ohio way back in october of nineteen forty five. He attended the unit The of dayton, where he became interest It in studying law after working as an end turn for the prosecutor's office from there. He pleaded law school and became a prosecutor for cuyahoga county at kind, the county re specialised in prosecuting rape and murder cases re married, barbara gray and nineteen sixty nine and they adopted their daughter, laura who was born in ninety. Seventy eight right, his wife and daughter move to state college pennsylvania around nineteen eighty. This is so
his wife, Barbara, could take a job at pennsylvania, state university, penn state, this area is really beautiful, place ideal for raising a family, safe and laid back. I guess the plan captain was re was going to be a stay at home dad. This is You know new area to the family who had just move their career chain for his wife. That's always been my dream. These stay home dad for ever and ever they asked me to tell you what it I dont know if this was a short term plan, if they were just one, for their dark, their daughter to start school and then maybe re could resume his career in criminal law, or maybe this the plan until just the three of them got settled, and I am not certain but regardless at some point, people started to catch. Wind did
very capable young prosecutor had moved to town yeah, see my move would be kid gets old enough to go to school right. The wife then says to me: maybe you should be thinking about starting your career back right and I'd, be saying well, you're, so beautiful and smart and powerful that you know I don't. I don't want to disappoint you, and I also need some time for me to find myself, and that would happen for about ten years. What a good good friend of mine and he and his wife do not listen to the shows like, and I feel I'm just gonna feel free to say this here he's a stay at home that his wife is very successful. His kids are getting older and he told me the other day he goes man I gotta do something stay home. Dad stuff is drive me crazy. I'll call you thinking about going back to work. You know now,
I don't know what it is that he's got to do, but anyway we got little sidetracked browsers will sign others, there's not many things more sexy than a very smart and powered woman? There you go. I thought you were gonna say: there's nothing more, Sexy then stay on dad he's gonna, worn, before the dance out there, the captain's on the prowl hide the dad's. So anyway, captain re, he added mutation when he moved into down. There's this capable young prosecutor that moved into town after some back in Fourth, and probably some coaxing rays ultimately offered a job as the prosecutors assistant re excels at this position the prosecutor may have been planning a bit of an exit strategy. Wanting to leave the county in good hands, one might say he recruited re greek car and because of this,
Just a little. Under five years later, re greek car was elected to be the district attorney of centre county pennsylvania. This was back nineteen eighty five in nineteen. Eighty nine after a successful. First term re greek car was re elected as d a and ninety one: barbara in re get a divorce and ninety any three ray is again elected d. He gets married for the second time this took place in ninety ninety six, but something else has friends in raise life in ninety six, a major event roy. has an older brother, and this Roy greek car roy was still living in ohio. Now Roy disappeared from his home, in may of ninety ninety six Apparently he was missing for about a week, but then his body was later found in the great miami river, the authorities,
old, royce death, a suicide believing that he had jumped off a bridge and into the river taking his own life? Despite his brother, suicide, he's gonna say: have a lot of career highlights yeah that same year? First, he had a six four campaign to make these centre county d a job, a full time position and ninety ninety six- I guess it was a part time position when he was originally elected, anybody. That's been in this situation knows that, at times when they create these government jobs that are part time position, usually you have an individual, that's working, basically full time hours for part time pay, and so it is good that he got this got this switch to full time there, also a famous case that same year, an trial I should say for ray and ninety ninety six. This was for a school shooting at the camp at the campus of penn state greek are prosecuted the purpose.
Later of the nineteen. Ninety six head soul. You in building shooting at penn state. This was winning, Nineteen year old girl, open fire with a right in the middle of campus on september, eighteenth nineteen, ninety six nineteen year old girl year that the port said that she fired at least five shots from a rifle with a telescopic telescope site. Nine thirty a m that morning from the front of the union building suzanne arising, as I don't know, I've ever heard of a school shooting that was actually done by a female. Well in this was Ike, I'm not familiar. with the campus. But I guess that is near. This union building is considered one of the busiest areas for des streams and students to be walking around its beautiful campus. The shots sent hundreds of stew. and teachers scattering this killing. One student and wounding another before she was tackled while try
to reload, the god, the woman firing the rival. This is gillian. Robert robins lived near by the state com. but she was not technically a student at the university it. Said that ms robins had a history of mental problems. The student, killed was Melanie sparta. She was a nineteen year old from pennsylvania. There was another person that was wounded in this attack and there was one student, the escaped injury when a book in his backpack stopped a bullet from piercing him was Oh god, I don't know they don't tell you these things when you read the newspaper articles, but there what they did to he was there is in aerospace, engineering student. This is Brendan milan. He tackled mrs mrs Robinson ass. She was putting a second ammunition clip into the rifle now, as the two struggled she tried to stab him with,
nice, but she ended up. She shit up stabbing herself in the leg instead, but being a truly good guy. This guy should get like multiple awards. Not only did brandons, the attacker from shooting, more people and more students. After she had stabbed herself on accident. He stood up. He took off his and he used it as a tourniquet too, to help save her life as well. She They are being hospitalized in serious condition but survived yeah, which ray would go on and prosecute her, then, probably because of that prosecution. He ended up being reelected in ninety seven, Now this next part. Most of you may not be familiar with this portion of the story, but there is a name in here that I'm sure a lot of you have heard before october in Nineteen. Ninety eight re green card declined to press charges against long time. Penn state assistant, football coach, jerry sandusky following
allegations of sexual abuse of a minor. Now it's not just as simple as that. You know it's not just a simple that he declined as charges there was a full investigation there. It it may have and probably was more likely that he was unable to pressing. just due to lack of evidence. But this is some that we will get into more during both this episode in next, and re was a little bit of a local celebrity. I mean they would see him on. news a lot I mean you see this allowed times with the lawyers or or detectives in the area. Yeah. He would be on local new stations quoted in the newspaper. and because he was a very successful prosecutor in T. Ninety nine greek are appeared on the discovery. Channel, show the fbi files now, I'm not certain which case that they were
discussing on. They are wanted to go back and watch it, but we are working on a bit of a time crunches. We captain citing get a chance to do that as someone who feels the need to take the case. Well. It's there's like a foot of snow outside in its super cold, go somewhere where that is here, I'm going somewhere where that's not happening. Buddy, later re in his second wife split up. This took place in two thousand and one a year to later re moved in with his girlfriend paddy they work together or had worked together at one time. He would later be re elected, he was re elected, I'm sorry for I'm total before announcing that he would not run for re election in two thousand and five. Yet it was two thousand for when greek car announced he would not run for reelection and he would actually retire from the DA job. Yeah ray was turning sixty in two thousand in five in his retirement would be just shortly after his sixtyth birthday,
very good in long run career as the idea of a great place to live and going through, like gives you the feel of who re was and what kind of guy he was kind of the all american boy who grows up be the all american man. You know serving the community he's a husband and a and a father he's he has his own husband multiple times a couple of times. We need to talk about April, fifteenth captain April fifteenth, two thousand and five That's a friday. Well, at eleven thirty, a m re green card called his girlfriend paddy to let her know that he was driving through the brush valley area, north east of centre hall. According to the police chief, this is dwayne. Dixon greek are lost spoke to his girlfriend patty around eleven thirty, a m on that friday, the long time.
Picked attorney had planned to go into the office around noon that day, but instead he called his girlfriend, who also works at the off and told her he was out dr along rout one ninety two and pins valley, he told her, he would not be in it all that day. No one thought it is to be unusual, though paddy hear from him again on Saturday evening, the state police located greek cars car a mini cooper parked in a small dirt lot near an antique shop louisbourg union county, which is about sixty miles east of bow foam there they learn. Greek car had been seen in the shop on Saturday afternoon. Greek cars can where was locked and there was no signs of foul play- his cell phone was inside the car. He has not been heard from sent.
but we have some missing items here: captain they can't find this guy. They find a cell phone in the car but are some missing items. The items that they did not find include raise laptop computer, his car keys and wallet or they found his car. It was parked in the parking lot is a like a dirt lot. Okay, so he's parked there, but you would assume he was seen in the store. That's why he parked his car there. But this store was close to bridges and remember. His brother did take his own life, by jumping off a bridge yeah, and I guess that would be the first thing, one of the first things that the family pointed out to police when they located the vehicle. You know that This wasn't something that the police were super familiar with, but but you have, you have the family that are gone, wait a second. This is ear familiar. We ve seen this before we have
No his older brother roy having jumped off a bridge vehicle found near you bridges going over the sack Honneur river. So, oddly enough, similar somewhat similar to how his brothers vehicle was found. Many years before now sunday, the state police used a helicopter to search for over two hours along the banks of the river near where his car was found for any signs of wreck investigators used bloodhounds to try to track and try to pick up some kind of sent, but they'd they didn't find anything. They ordered tracking his credit cards and his bank records to see. If they had been used there were also they were also checking his computer files and his phone records the fbi? had been called in to assist with some of those task. In addition, investigators were coming through green cars current in previous cases, to see if any one
he's prosecutor could be holding a grudge against him. Now the police chief would would come out and say that had been no recent threats against re greek are, but he also said there is no one focused point for their invest nation that they had no good leads early in this investigation. Now, the next day, we saying saturday actually believe this might have taken place on Monday morning, but stand at a podium was laura. Greek are ass being a legal pad, and she made a plea, her father, she said dad, I want you to know. I love you so much my heart eggs deeply for your presence. She too her father. She would like to hug him and perhaps hike up a mountain together and just sit and talk for awhile She said that she will wait for him. As long as it takes to hear from him now
I point out, lore, greek or she lives all the way in washington state, so all the way on the other side of the country. She comes here to help look for her father and make this public plea on television go ahead. While do you feel like she's making this plea, as if he's alive unease run, way, so you would think that she would have some gut feeling that telling that this the case not foul play or whatever, and then probably is backed up by her mother telling her. You know she. She riots whence it I'm gonna go to pennsylvania. I'm gonna make this plea to my father and then our mothers, polygon, oh yeah, that's a good idea. So that's two individuals that that are close to him. That thing it's very possible: they disappear, peered on his own yet and when you have no signs of foul play, I that's the way you have to approach it and that's
exactly what she did. She finish her her plea to her father, hoping that maybe he would see that broadcast by saying I love you so much. I please call please call us now: patty foreigner cola, that's re greek cars, long term, good girlfriend. She also spoke brief. at that news conference. She, too directed her comments directly to greek, are saying ray love. You very much and I miss you. I want you to come home please call us. We will As long as we have two and then at the conference greek car, he was, he was described by others there, as a hands on prosecutor who was dedicated to his job. We have mark smith. This is greek cars assistant first assistant district attorney. He said that centre county was really blessed to have greek are here for all of those years. Smith described his boss
as a private person, very private person. He kept his own calendar at work and he was passionate about the law. Typically, smith said greek, our keeps his cell phone, with him at all times, so he can stay in touch with the office. Even when he's on vacation once before, they stated that greek car had took off for a day and a half This was when greek our drove to ohio for a ball game, but in that instance, one had reported him missing. Now also mention was the death of greek cars. Brother Roy who went missing in may of nineteen. Ninety six in westchester ohio, where we had said no. After a week, his body had been found in the in the great miami river, his it was, ruled a suicide by drowning. Now there is information out there, and this is a bit difficult. I could find a statement from raise nephew and they
was that the nephew Roy son had stated that the re didn't believe this was a drowning that wasn't didn't believe it was a suicide that he had thought that there was other actors involved in his brothers death, the sun Roy son believed this is well now on four. We don't have re to tell us that that was his actual beliefs. We just have reuters and telling us in new orleans, twenty twelve bruce catch. Here I drove to an address some one had given him that didn't exist ass. He stood in the park, what were the address should have been? He was shot and killed. I'm you d umbra join me for the newest season of counter clock. As I die, The motive behind bruces murder- a series of events that have never been fully investigated until now binge all fourteen episodes of
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I were back, cheers- may meeting cheers so it we talked about the things that warrant found and race car right after his car was found, but the thing that I think is one of the most interesting things about this whole hope cases what was found and what was found was some cigarette ash. Yes- and I wasn't- I don't know if I've heard different reports, but I also heard that there was a report that his car smelled of smoke. Yes, both reports from my understanding are true, so I will go through this kind of quick here. It is vehicles found in it's one of those you know small many coopers an inside. We find his cell phone, which we heard people from officer, even when this guy was on vacation, he kept his cell phone on him, so he could get in touch with the office. We don't find the keys to the car,
in the car is found locked now inside the car? Is this cigarette ash, which is found on the passenger side, but it's on the floor area? It's not on the seed. It's on the floor in the car, the way that the police described it was laid on the floor What's that the ashes on the floor, yet the cigarette ashes on the floor so so picture almost like somebody, was either a sitting in the passenger seat, smoking a cigarette or be Maybe he had his window down, they weren't actually in the car and they were leaning into the car with the cigarette yeah at had a buddy one time. He needed me to pick him up and pittsburgh okay. She has like three hours away so so I pick em up and the whole ride home. He was smoking and I didn't
me, no pay much attention whose smoking in the car and then when he got out of the car. Ah I looked at her cigarettes. Ash is all for my floor and I realize he was this ashing on the floor. Well, that's nice impolite yeah! I mean I gave him six seven hour round trip for me and ah and that's how repaid me so there's two things here: I can't safer certain that there would have been enough ash for one to believe that somebody was sitting in the passenger seat, just asking on the floor, like you're good friend did or if it was just you know soon. Ass has attended, just fall off the cigarette, while it's burning, but the way that the police described the ash itself and then the smell first, like I said it appeared either someone was in car sitting in the passenger should see it was right in that area. You know between the legs area or some
was leaning into the car when we, when the window was down with their cigarette inside the vehicle the smell was reported as the police said that it is melted them, like someone was smoking in the car like right before the car was, you know before they exited the vehicle, shut, the doors and locked up the car almost like a trapped in no actual smoke itself.
it had sat there they're, not really certain how long that car had sat there either, which is the other thing to take into consideration. Okay here, here's the thing and a way that has smoked would probably know this. If your buddy smoked and you rolled down the windows- and he was just leaning in right and talk to you and there's some ash on the floor, but not a bunch of ash right, so maybe a few puffs he's laying in the car you're not say anything cause. You know no big deal right right. The person gets, you know, gets out of the window, you roll up the window. Let's say the car sits for a day. You open up that car you're not going to smell smoke,
re. You I mean like so or but take the same scenario. Leaning in the car smoking gets out of the window. Rolls it up. You find that car in the next hour, or so you smell it, might smell. I would think so, but after a few hours of that situation, you will not going to smell smoke now, maybe if the individuals in the car with the windows up smokes a full cigarette, let's say right and now now the the window is going to be longer, maybe six hours afterwards. Maybe you smell a hint of smoke. You see what I'm saying so that that's a deal, you know, well, it's important to because re greek car didn't smoke, and not only did he not smoke, but you know that the people that, like hate smoke and hate cigarettes, in eight smokers that was re greek are, he did not he wouldn't, let somebody smoke in his car is what his girlfriend and his family members would say. Now we don't know
That's a certainty, Norway and that's that those where it becomes a little different because you have bodies, you know that will smoke only when they drink now, but but when they're not drink in the pretty again You know, so I want to smoke in their car, they're gonna say no brain so that you know This idea that he eat definitely want to lay my smoking. His car I mean I don't know him well enough and and- and maybe I should just go based off what they're saying, but there's a lot of people that I know that are quote unquote against smoking until they're drinking then they've had nine bud lights and all of a sudden, they want a cigarette from you that right well, no, they yeah they become smokers all of a sudden, yeah and usually dancers at that point too anyway, but Think I think what the police are stating here is that you know we can say for certain that he wouldn't
we'll let anybody smoking his car for any reason at all, but the infirm they're getting from his family, is that this is definitely something strange. This is something that they should keep into consideration when they come out with the statement like there was no signs of foul play. Yes, this is unfair, play, but this is something definitely out of the ordinary. Where we ve not see. Anything out of the ordinary leading up to him going missing. Now the Porters. We spoke in the first half about that news conference. Where we have Laura his daughter talking about in being missing in speaking to him, like hey, dad, come home, you know, give us a call. You pick up the phone and give us a phone call the reporter. Was stating after interviewing, both police and gray cars family that he said you know Obviously, the police are investigating every possible scenario. However, it was the reply.
It is believed that greek cars family seem to be leaning toward the idea that ray had taken off on his own. now. I do want to point out one interesting note before we go too far into may be possible narrows in some things that happened after his disappearance, but one thing we Keep in mind in an interesting know is the at the time of his disappearance. Re great car was making over six figures and remember. We said that he was set for retirement. He was planning to retire within the next year, so just a kind of you a general overview of his life and his situation at that time, because you really have when you think about it. There would be probably three major scenarios that we we should bring up here. Is it either a he was murdered and they have found his body be the suicide.
seen the family history with his brother. Maybe there were some depression going on. Maybe he chose to take his own life and then see we have the possibility of him walking away just mapping, out of his card, walking away or de my right was so de, would be the idea that the out his brother committed suicide quote unquote, but re believed in and then royce son believed that maybe it wasn't a suicide, but maybe a murder to set it up to look like us. side. So then you have this conspiracy aspect. So did somebody planned martyr ray then try to make it look like a suicide or look like he disappeared. Ah, because he wanted to leave, yeah, but they wouldn't murder him and make it look like a murder. You know what I but none
noble what I'm saying is ill. He had he has reasonably, that as brother didn't commit suicide that he was murdered according to the nephew, yes right and and also according to the nephew that that's what ray believe. So, if that happen, whoever killed his brother, could they be responsible for the fact that ray went missing, mm b n in will have him close to these bridges, and if we do that, that'll make it yeah, maybe you'll find his body and in the water and those assume suicide. Just like his brother. Why, unlike we said, captain the cell phone was found. It was recovered in the vehicle, but the laptop that re owned did was not recovered. wasn't until July, thirtieth of that same year that a fisherman head, covered, raise laptop computer. This was in the river beneath the bridge, between louisbourg in milton a computer experts Anna,
eyes the computer and a very quickly found that it's hard drive was missing from the laptop divers search. the area of the river near where the laptop was located over the next several days, but they found nothing. It was until two months later that someone had recovered a hard drive on the banks of the saskatoon on a river. Just about a hundred words from the location of the laptop computer and as to gaiters believed that this was raised hard drive, but here's the weird thing, the they hardly as you can imagine, was quite damaged and they did. They did analysis by the ep, yeah, I by the? U s secret service of all people and then a private firm which attempted to recover data from the hard drive but failed to So in two thousand and nine this is this is weird
in two thousand and nine the police revealed for the first time that before ray went missing. Someone used the home computer now keep in mind. This is at the home of re and patty house to perform internet searches on topics such as how to wreck a hard drive, also how to fry a whore dr and water damage to a notebook computer now I'm not certain of the dates of these searches. I believe that there are people to have their theories out there on to win these with this search took place, but these searches were going down at the home of re and patty, and it's just shortly before his disappearance and he takes off. Let's let's assume re takes off with the purpose of of leaving walking away or committing suicide re. He purposely took off with that laptop computer and then we had these searches on the home computer prior to this so
are you gotta you gotta, be thinking about a situation did? Did he leave willingly, take the laptop and want to fry the laptop for some reason or did patty. Something or have something some weird involvement in his disappearance and she was searching how to fry his computer in advance to me I mean more towards had be re, doing it yet did the other thing Who is that there were several of his co workers had later. Old police that they had had conversations with ray that he was enquiring about how to wreck his hard drive or how clean lets a clean. The computer. Then we need to keep in mind. This was not technically his laptop computer. This belong to the county, so one hand I assume that once he retired,
it would no longer be in possession of that laptop. You would have to return that to to the county. Okay, so was his ponder for a second. What is on the laptop? Why would he need to destroy The hard drive will wear my mind goes captain, as it immediately goes to just when they found laptop and then later found the hard drive. My mind goes to who other than would want to destroy that computer. What would be on that computer that somebody else would want to destroy? It I mean that because we're talking about a district attorney, we're talking about sammy, there's, probably got some dirt on some people somebody they could have have information in their that could lead to future charges against an individual. put them behind bars, potentially its. Until it's not. that you later learned that there were searches on his home computer on how to wreck the computer. That one starts to think well
Why would re? Why would re want to destroy his computer? Why would patty want to destroy his computer ever again? There's another step and the evidence chain as one there searches at his home, and then he asked people out to do this, so we get up like I said, I'm assuming that he's the one it did the searches himself. Peace is also asking people in public. How do I get ready? How to destroy this hard drive right? Well, coworker sees asking coworkers about them. right and so yeah I mean, but ok, so he's turning in the computer. What could be on their? I quest and would there be? I think police there thought was that there were some kind of personal journal on their that he had personal information about himself he had put on the computer. I dont know how long he had been toting around this. This county computer
and what kind of information he was putting on their? Maybe he was using it for personal purposes. You know just as symbols paying bills or had financial info, in on this computer that he wanted. He didn't want the next person to to be able to to see it right or there's hundreds of thousands of porn sites. You know cause he's using his work computer to beat off it could be that simple. He doesn't want them to know who is using the computer at work too to beat off and he wants to clear the hard drive. I that's a simple but simple it's beyond its pretty simple to that, he might have been doing some banking on their paying bills. I'm talking about anything personal that he would use a computer for. Is there a chance there was some back and forth some correspondence with his girlfriend on their could think about this. He they work together
we're having way. Maybe they use their county email to it, exchange them. Some some naughty pictures. Maybe I'm not, I don't even on their I dont may possibly I mean any things possible we're talking about somebody that chose to destroy computer and run away, but what think what I mean is just correspondence back and forth between the two of them of a personal of their relationship relationship yeah. This is woods weird for me as because it could be like this,
it very simple. You know and lead up that it's banking here I did some pulling the pud on here. You know some, you know risque emails back and forth, which that would be government servers anyway, so they could get into those if you wanted anyways journal. Those are all simple to me. My gut feeling is, if he's doing, searches at home and he's asking- co workers or whoever that it something bigger than that yeah and I dont here's the thing lot of people have presented. The idea. Well, maybe he's just gathering this information because at some point you play to retire like we said it's going to be within the next year and he just wants to turn in the computer clean, for whatever reason it could be innocent personal stuff, that's on there, but I do want to throw this at you more.
At least more than one of the co workers. They told police that that he had inquired them hey. How do I clean sweep this computer for I turn it in these people at least two of them told the police that please and mine re greek are. He was a very successful guy, incredibly intelligent and hard working, but he didn't know much about computers is what those coworkers had passed the long to police and meaning- knows what you, what his plans were. Four
their computer or what he thought was that they would find right. I think the other thing here too is a yo he's a prosecutor, so sometimes you're asking these questions. You know we. We have a lot of conversations with the detectives and private investigators about cases, and sometimes you just call them to go. If I was to do this right, I you know so he could be inquiring about a case for all we know, and but this is what what's weird to me as connection with jerry sandusky and the fact that we now have this pedophile that we know we now know went to jail and did horrible acts and what information did he have on jerry that might have been on? It computer, yes, so before before we get into that captain, let's go through this role quickly was in
two thousand and eleven in July did the county We declared re greek are legally dead. You know they had not had not been around for six years at this point and a day after The judge declared re greek are legally dead. There's a very strict the police in utah arrested, a man who resembled re greek are, and this guy actually refuse to reveal his identity to the police, and he was only being charged with a misdemeanor, so they John doe, who resembled re greek, are not only in look but as well as high in weight in even say that he had the same wrinkles on his face that right, greek, our head The similarities caused an internet sensation. You know people arm chair, detecting looking for re greek and there was a lot of speculation that they had actually found re, but it took some time after some
sending copies of fingerprints back and forth. Did they determine The day was not re. Greek are that was arrested in utah, sure so. Nevertheless, the finger so they sent out did not trigger a meal. In that situation, what you were getting who, though, here also something that occurred in two thousand and eleven was jerry? Sandusky was arrested in charge by the Pennsylvania attorney general's office on multiple counts of child sex abuse charges. Now we need to go through this a bit. I think I don't want the whole sandusky case to hijack the show, but I believe it's important part of this case. for some of our good people out there. They may not be familiar with this case, especially our international garage army members. So
so for those that, let's start at the very the most simple part of this for for people that are unaware, so penn state is a is a college. As we had said in the state of pennsylvania, now college football for people outside of this country college football is arguably the biggest sport or one of the biggest sports in this country huge, it's a huge moneymaker, its huge for thee universities. A lot of these yours, go on to have careers in fell where they make a lot of money so that we're talkin, big dollar stuff here now jerry. sandusky would have been an assistant coach to Joe paternal, who was the head cook, for a long standing time at the state of at the college, a penn state now there had been some rumour that this and dusky was molesting boys. These would be. I don't have it ages in front of me, but I'm guessing, if I remember correctly, would probably better be about boys like
age. Eleven two may be fourteen or fifteen them and say, Dusky was your typical pedophile and what I mean by that is. He was the type that he was going to use his position of power to put him in situation where he could gain the trust of these young men and boys. and then he would use that trust to to turn against them and in do horrible things to them right. He he ran a charity and I believe the charity was called second mile- I'm not positive on that but I think it was called second mile and that the simplest exe nation of this charity was. It was an organization that was set out two to take look at troubled youths and try put them on the correct path to give them a second chance. So to speak, and so
in nineteen. Ninety eight was when the first rumblings of this come about. We have two boys that made claims against jerry. And asking- and this was the case that re greek are worked. He worked this case trying to get. I question how much evidence there was because it appears to me like he he was trying to get some kind of confession from jerry, sandusky and Sandusky said some thing, They were a little incriminating, but they were very cryptic. They were what he did was data greek are rams our greek our took sandusky and one of the victims. Mothers input in the same room together and it some point, this is kind of mine hunter. As you know, on mine, mine hunter, there was talk about how to set up the interrogation room in my room and how to handle to kind of manipulate the political prisoners lesson things in the background him. So greek are set it up so that the plan was this, that he was going to direct questions to sandusky
and at some point he wanted the mother to enter, checked and kind to take over the questioning in stab him in his throat so the mother ask Sandusky sir owing to the effect of our. So this is where they were. they were in a shower together, which should never have happened to begin with. A learning interrogation now know that the boy one of the boys in Sandusky were in a shower together nope so from what happened. What typically happened with sandusky for my understanding is: there are several incidences where he would be at a high school. You know players that play a high school, level more. He would take these troubled youth to thee, penn state football vassili these and they have showers there. You know what he would do, these fake practices or whatever, and that there be a shower session at some point it would take.
Equally be during the shower session that he would start them unless the boys, so the mother, at some point and energy. The question of when you were in the shower with my son, Seeing him did that excite you and I think that court and really through sandusky for curveball, because he he almost confesses there He says something like. I don't Oh, yes, I guess like you, like a weird answer like that, like he's, like really kind of thrown off by the question, and then he immediately says something to the effect that while she she says like we well did you molest him. As no. I didn't, but I'm I'm sorry and I I wish? I were dead so It's weird thing: that's like greek leaves this meeting I mean when you leave that meeting. You know like this. To did this stuff you just insane. Anything that really is gonna. Get you get you a conviction. Anna.
Fortunately, this is a guidance of prominence to, and I hate to say this, but we know this to be the truth and most Wakens usual people on a position of power supply It takes a little more to convict them than it would some low life like me in the garage Now, when I compare yourself too, that wouldn't let me a low life. When you talk about that good bye, The fact of the matter is, at this point and based off of the interrogation based off of the transcripts, I'm sure at some point that ray was taping this. This information should have went to penn state and they should said here's. What I hear is what's happening. Jerry is not going to no longer going to work for us for one, because we have young boys that go into the college programme now. Eighteen, nineteen year old boys, so you not be round them not only around any fleet showering you're, not gonna, work for us and also those connection
with the charity and you helping out kids we're gonna put a cabal on that too, and That's what should happen as yet. While we happen, that's what should happen, but it gets worse because I believe it was the following year after these allegations first came out. The jerry Sandusky retires from his position as a coach at penn, now upon retirement. He still, I believe he was the founder of that second mile charity of that foundation penn state allowed him to keep an office at the at their facilities? He continued to use their facilities to gain the trust, of these boys and then later molest them, so this continued for many years so for those of you out there that are not familiar with this case. We're talking about a guy that was later victims of multiple multiple counts where we have lots of victim, over a long history of time. The guy, I believe, was sentenced to thirty two sixty year-
I think he was in his mid delay. Sixty when he was sent in so god we're we're seeing a guy that will not get out of prison won. His son was charges well, yeah. and the reason why this is so big. So for those of you not familiar. Re greek are worked in the county of penn state where that, where the college is that college is the biggest thing in that area. The college runs that town right. Let's put it this way, that is your cash cow and then your god, your god, bigger than bigger than the president right bigger than any world leader in that little town is the head football coach, and so that's where this becomes really shitty. Because of money and because of a football program, I think
somehow a lot of this was swept under the rug and that's complete horse shit well and there's plenty of evidence. I don't want to get into a whole debate about this portion of it, but there's a lot of evidence out there that it's obvious that certain members of the pens university, knew that this was poor simply going on in the kind of turned A blind eye to it in kind of active. Nothing bad was going on and they let this monster victimized these children, repeatedly for years and so what I was wondering is, I think it was his son. Jerry Sandusky saw that he has. and maybe jerry was also hit with having child pornography on his computer
So what am wondering is what what less to say I pathetically would have re went to some people said. Can you help me with this and we get something on jerry and they could at assemblies? As you know, we got these files from him. Here's the files and then re open them up and then connect. You know how do you plain away that file. That's interesting what I'm and so that's why I wondered like to me like again: is it as a kind of a gross thing that this guy would be using his work computer at home to him you jerk off whatever yeah, but you can explain that away. Right, like where you don't want to have to don't want want to say that to say that, like, if you turn and stuff like that or you turn in, you know the diary- I don't know
and to me there was a reason he's asking people and it had to be darker. I think, and it could have been just as simple as a private investigator said, we got these files on him. You gotta take a look at them to see if they're incriminating, bright n, he could try to explain that away, but that that be maybe a little more difficult well in width regarding the sandusky thing, you know that The reason why this case is always linked to the sandusky crimes is simply this you people have often wondered if, if there were so many people in power for position. So many smart court, unquote, smart people want to label them a smart, obviously rain they turned a blind eye to what was going on or what they thought could have been going on. I also wonder where's the line then, when, where where does one stop to to continue to cover up this? The miss dealings of this powerful
then, and that's why this case has always been linked to that. We have a guy that goes missing in two thousand and five. We have rumblings that start ninety eight ninety nine that this stuff is going on in an era and until two thousand and eleven that everything is brought to the light. So, was covered up again and thousand and five was? Was it? Was this going to be brought to light in two thousand and five and somebody stopped so we stopped that from happening now it was a I want to continue on campus cause. We got one more item that I want to make sure we get to before we run out of time today, but in two thousand and fifteen there was some information that came out- and this is just full of bad. This is kinds of bad right here, so in two thousand, fifteen? I believe it was September an unnamed individual that comes forward, and he is telling the authorities- this is an f
die and format. Who is a former hell's angel member of the motorcycle gay. He tells the fbi. The regret Our has been murdered that he was murdered, in two thousand and five and he was murdered by another member of the hell's angels. Can. So the way this thing works is like this. Apparently this fbi, informant former health angel guy. He believed a guy that he was accusing was was dead by this point. So if dude was afraid this dude or what I dont know why he waited to tell the fbi this, but but I'm assuming he was afraid of this guy and thought tat. He was dead would later find out during the course of this investigation and the information that he's providing that this guy Actually, in fact he was still alive and he was in another state.
I don't know if this guy that he's trying to turn in is still, health angel member- I don't know you know, I don't know who he is and remains unnamed to this day, but why? What would it as motivation for killing raby? Apparently the the men They killed? Re greek are re. Greek are headed head prosecuted this guy a long time ago. and apparently it was for just some kind of assault charges. It wasn't for, like the young for something huge. You know wasn't like a big crime, but apparently de the guy felt like he was, Wong, fully prosecuted, not that he was guilty. You know not that he was innocent of these charges, but did they gave him some, extremely lengthy sentence for what he was convicted of man. He didn't agree with the sentence of of what he held on what had been done by the judge. Well- and I think that what I think that this,
state in the county can recommend senses sentences. Lengths of sense and anyway, they are apparently once this man got out of prison, he track down. Greek are any kill an he. I guess he, according to this guy, he slid the throat of great car and he took him out to this property, and I don't have no informed of where this property is this. These reports are all very vague, but he took his mouth property and I guess there's a mine shaft somewhere on this property, if not multiple mine, shafts and re great body, and his remains were place somewhere in that mine chef according to fbi form it ray bodies, not the only one in that mine. She, oh it's bought its body shaft. Problem the problem with this part of this.
though, is is that he will not tell them where this mind shaft is located. He starts to back out. But it could be that once he found out this guy still alive, he said I'm not cooperating anymore. a lot of people out there, though, and allow people in law enforcement. They believed that this might just be some kind of false confession I don't know what the add the gain would be. I dont know what were the reason for it. Well, you said he was have behind format. That also was the hell's angel, yeah, he was a one time, Hell's angel member, if not still to this day, we don't know, I just say the the psychology that goes into having a b and those environments mess with the a little bit to be on both sides of the fence. Yeah well, lot of times, though, that's the misconception that I think some people have that actually a lot of times, these informants, that's what they
or they are on both sides of the fence, they're they're, playing the good and they're playing the bad in and had also asked me ones mine it could mess, will what what sums someone's minded also always makes me question, credibility, will right, because your job The altar reality it random, alter the reality of the bad side or the good side, and so therefore, your reality, come fuzzy and, like I said, inches, all kinds of bad, because if, in fact, this confession, these statements are true the re greek are, is dead and he's ease A place where they may not find him until somebody points this out to them. If it's not true We ve just got another a bunch information that leads nowhere or right does matter. Yeah ended cases just crazy, because it's one of those cases where you have several france scenarios that could have happened with ray greek. Are he could we could be talking about suicide? We could it be talking about.
Walked away or somebody killed him and there conspiracy there is information to point you in either, those directions and, in all four of those directions, certainly evidence out there to talk about more theories than just what we covered here today and to do so on the so we asked james, render our good friend. Is he the only guy Returned did come back to the girl image the multiple times, the rest of them dead, the rest of so then what is out there on the body shaft? Will we asked our good friend james, render to sit down and talk to us about the re greek carcase, because this is one that he covered back in the day and he spent live at a time he worked for newspaper ably in a lot of people, know him from the more murray disappearance and have some strong opinions, good and bad. For MR runner, we are on the good side. Obviously, but we ve asked him to talk with us about this guy carcase, because this is one that he looked into for quite some time and he
got a bunch of information and theories from some of the locals, Why is this a very interesting guy to pick his brain and the fact that he covered this case? maybe even more interesting and the great thing about him, as he did hold back on some of the crazier theories. I am not saying that he believes in on he's. Gonna lays amount for everybody. join us in the garage here tomorrow with our good friend james Renner thanks.
Its name thanks for telling a friend until next time be good, be kind and don't let this spring transform your outdoor space into
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