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The Very Best of True Crime Garage ////// 453

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Join the party and come celebrate with us. Grab a beer or your favorite beverage and get in the Garage. The Christmas Colonel & The Captain discuss their favorite TCG shows. Happy Holidays!!!

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The the. doing. Thanks for listening.
To be seen, and it's good to see you thanks for listening thanks for telling a friend Today we are drinking one of our favorite holiday, treats that's right. It's that time of year time for christmas ale, by the good folks over at great lakes, brewing company call this a winter ale. I call it christmas ale because it's just too damn special to be called a winter ale. I, like mine, ice cold in a frosty mug. This beer has a right and uplifting pace with hints of fresh honey, cinnamon and ginger roger grade four and a half bottle caps at a five and here's a cheers do so. bright in uplifting garage guys in gaol. First up a christmas cheers to genio in monrovia, california, yeah jenny, o we'd, like to you a big
Alta jill in the hall iowa, here's a big thank you to Denise in loveland colorado in these we'd, your gym, shut up to Chris and blooming in india, and here we go cast and we have a cheery were alison and delay ho, california and last but certainly not least, we have catherine q and plan. Burnie maryland. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this week's beer fun. Thank you to everyone, tribute to this beer fun for the. Entire year. We thank all of you yeah bw w. Are you in a beer run? Thank you for the support. Thank you for listening. Twenty twenty was tough on everybody, but you guys made it a lot easier on us so Much love to you, and that is enough for the last time of twenty slash. Twenty of the business everybody gather around grab a chair grab a beer. Let's talk, some true grab
all right. Today we are talking about the best of all time. That's right, the best of all time for true crime garage the captains favorite shows the colonel favorite shows hopefully they're yours favorite shows as well. I'm have a little a little party. So let the drinks flow, my friends, let the times role. They say yes, bonus show for everybody for the christmas and holiday break but I wanted to say something real, quick before we get to the part a I just something that you're
need me just a little bit and I just thought- and what's this world coming to, and then it kind of corrected itself and so hear it here. It is time life magazine put by in harris as the person of the year again. This is not a political statement. So don't get this twisted. That's fine! If you think that the person of the year, and but this bothered me because in this time of this, dammit, there's been so many other people that have been very important to this panel make him what every based been gone through and dealing with, and twenty twenty, but I went to go rant about this. I went to time I magazine and and if you go the readers poll, the readers said that they would have voted for
essential workers: nurses, doctors, delivery, people grocery store employees, Those have been the real heroes of two thousand and twenty and I'll go a little step further. Anybody that had to work from home that had to struggle with that. Maybe that had to work from home and had to also step up and be the teacher for your pet for your kid all the small business owners that have been suffering through this time and some we'll have lost their business. Those all those people that I just named have been the real heroes. Twenty twenty, and that gives me hope, and twenty two We want so that's my little rant not to down the party now it's time to party but to all those people. I cheers you and we see you here in the ground,
We see you and we love you, rant over cracking of the beer sounds delicious All right, we are here to talk about our top five, each, the colonel stop five, the captain sab five four all time true crime garage shows, I'm gonna throw out a couple of honorable- mentions ones that certainly crossed my mind, basically as of one very simple fact is that several cases that we've covered over the years we've actually been asked by law enforcement. Hey. Would you take a look at this case? Would you very on your show, because we know that the garage, reaches a lotta ears and we need some help so a couple of shout outs on some of those cases. They were cases as follows. the invisible man we were. By the sheriff's department in indiana to help them
K, an individual that they believed to have been committed. Several crimes in been on the run. Stealing identities he's in such sherry. bingham walker. Wife, who was murdered in a park in the indiana state police, asked us if we would cover that case, taylor robinson from north, tyler Davis. We weren't necessarily asked by law enforcement to cover them. Case, Tyler Davis went missing from the or columbus area and one happened was the captain. jumped into action and reached out to his wife who with him the night that he went missing and said Would you would you talk to me on the phone or you want to do an interview for the show and then, covered his basis by checking with local law enforcement talking to them about the night, the time went missing and and saying hey
I do this. Of course, law enforcement said. Yes, we want to hear what she has to say and then of course the Barbara blatner. Yes, which was one that we covered in July, two thousand and nineteen- that one is all my honourable mentions simply because it's a case that the porch lay project help to solve and I I had said when we started this little garage adventure over five There's a girl that you know one day, I hope to solve a case and anna and I heard some chuckle in the room when I said that- and I understand it was maybe some easier, just wishful thinking, but in a way The garage has helped several cases we ve been. We ve been lucky because we ve come in some cases that were unsolved at the time and later were solved. Some soon after and the captain, and I both believe that if you throw some good energy out into the universe, sometimes
boomerangs back and and good things happen. So in all fairness, we're chuckling at you, Your naked run around in the garage sweating sailor I'm going to solve every case and that's why we're chuckling we weren't chuckling, you solving cases, were chuckling at your pp none. None of that is true, yeah, or maybe it is okay, never know right. Final had a ramp who goes first. Captain you were, I you go first I just wanna start off by saying redo my list. This is the second list I did because I went back to the beginning and I think, because I like nostalgia and stuff my top five I was like all the cases were like within our first one hundred episodes, and then I thought I hear every day that our show gets better and better
that probably means some of the shows from back in the day, were awful, which is totally fine, but I was like in the thing your thing, those like all. I remember that I remember the good times I had those on the list and then eventually I was like wait. All these are within the first hundred shows. I need to this can't be right. So then I went back and did the list correctly. So mine is the best list of all time yours at our list- is that while one of my favorite things one of my favorite emails, that we get it from people say: hey I've been listening since the very beginning, so people, I love. I just want to wrap them up with both arms and give him a big bear. Hug sit down and drink a couple beers with them and talk some true crime but the thing that they always say you guys have come a long way. I enjoyed in the beginning. I've been there since the beginning, but you guys have gotten much better
what you do so we appreciate the the the pat on the back, in the kind words and the encouragement, its because of all of you out there all of our awesome garage army, friends that they keep the show going so wait. But the funny thing is long time listeners. It's been so long since I heard those early episodes, they kind of forgot. It's the one I I just found your show a month ago. I love it and now I'm going back to the beginning? And I go, please don't you might not make it back cerita cherry back along the way, maybe cherry picking using our suggestions from this show right here from our little count that so my for five captain? I went with. the colonial parkway murders we covered this case in July of two thousand and eighteen and episodes and twenty six and two hundred and twenty seven, this made my top
I for a multitude of reasons, one that the sit. Self is a fascinating case. It's it's one of my one of my favorite This is as far as unsolved. Syria cases go it's one that you would deem a red light case. You know the captain came up with red light kay cases that pop into your mind randomly or if you pull up and you get stopped in traffic you're sitting at a red light, a case that it's up in your mind, while the colonial, Our way murders certainly is a red light, As for me, it is one that it is so fitting to be a red light case because it's the slayings of at least eight people by a serial killer or killers along- the colonial parkway in in virginia.
There's that my assistant right there there a nobody asked you Why? Don't you shut your mouth when you're Gonna maze of these cases go back to nineteen eighty six and went through nineteen. Eighty, nine and again I think these cases are very solvable and that's part of the reason that the history intrigues me so much. But why was interesting in putting together these cases and putting together the shows was. I got opportunity to speak with bill thomas, who is the brother of one of the victims kathy, but she's one of the first victims of of the eight, and it was intriguing to speak with him and to hear all of the behind the scenes, information that he has learned
over the years he's worked with local law enforcement. He's worked with the with the fbi, his van we and the other families have been very, very involved in these cases and again, I think that they are solvable in fact bill and I set out to do a interview- show. And he and I hit it off so well. We spoke for about four hours and just on round and round about all kinds of different cases, but mainly the colonial parkway murders, and by the end of it. I told the and then I said, unfortunately, it was a brilliant conversation so fascinating bill such an interesting guy and you know so much about the case. They said we can't you This for an interview show because we'll times he said. Yet. You can't you can't say this on the show. You can't tell anybody this. This is information, we're not allowed to release to the public and there
things along the way I was telling him bill. This is stuff that you What I'm about to tell you, I'm not suppose, be telling you know I can't use it on the show either in it by the end of it. I thought I so turned around. I couldn't figure out what we were allowed to use, what we could do and what we could use so bill it's a fascinating guy. He continues to work on this case, the case fascinating itself. The colonial parkway murders. Again, I think he could be solved. I think be solved very soon and the case that we covered in episodes. Two hundred and twenty six and two hundred and twenty seven one, like you said and talked in the bill, is not just brother of a victim, but the family members of victims become experts and the case themselves. So that's really been honor in the last five or six years of doing the show how many family members we ve met from cases and how now
virtual. They have been, and also how supportive they've been of the true crime podcast world. really supportive on what we're trying to do to shed light on the cases. That's been such an honor to be a part of the last few years well and in this case in particular, is is what I would call the expert in the colonial parkway murders because because The murders happened in several different jurisdictions. There were three four different agencies that were involved in the ass, the geisha up these crimes and I three or four, because there are a couple of other murders it are suspected to be linked, but have never been one hundred percent confirmed to be linked to these other murder. So because you have different, has become
or he almost knows more than law enforcement because he has a good working knowledge of all of the cases where the and sees that have worked. This colonial parkway case. They have only walk work, their specific case, not all of them so bill is the encyclopedia, for the colonial way, murders and and regard You know he still heartbroken over the death of his sister and he's here broken that he couldn't get answers for his parents in that regard, but it also built a fascinating bro. In person in his in his own right away from the case. So it was like You said it's. It's been in honor to meet a lot of these people along the way. Number five from the captain Amy Mahala, vague episode, a number twenty two and how this episode went down
was we had James Renner, true crime, author come down went to a studio that I used to work out. I used to intern at a music studio who decides to do the interview there we started off by doing the interview and a roundtable discussion, Maura murray's case. And then you and James continued to have an interview Amy Malibu ex case I went into the next room. We turned down once we knew you guys were working. We just hit record turn the volume down had up with my old boss and other. In terms I worked with cause. I knew to edit the episode later so then they send me the file. I edit the episode during the editing process. I thought wow. This is a while.
this is a powerful episode so much so that once I was done, editing it and I up did it to our podcast feed. I went and hit play on my part, guest app and listen to the whole thing again in its new. Obviously, better edited form is really fast aimed to me, and I think it really showed the I think, the passion you had for true crime in general, but but the passion that you had for We may have a case and also runners passion for true crime and renders passion for them in the whole case, the case- and I remember thinking that that's in gordon, because when we started doing this, we didn't know where was going to go, or you know how how involved I'd be in the actual show, or would I just be sitting on the sidelines hitting record, but I think that
was kind of a wake up moment. Early on, where I said, look, people are very passionate about these cases and I need to take the action side, just as serious the making of the music this is serious and and and also the research just as serious as any other individual. Would I would like to give a shout out to our buddy Joe who who is the owner of that recording studio, one it's out it's a wonderful studio, they are doing gang bus, his work over there, but while we were recording in between breaks got to see Joe. I hadn't seen him in years and of course the captain is, is Friends with Joe and Joe was forgive me if I'm speaking out turn here, but I would say one of your mentors back in the day, at least someone who taught you some of the old, industry tricks that he is experience.
And and learned along the way, but taught me tricks, but he kept me alive for several years by feeding me so yeah. Overrides studio. It's in a little town outside of Columbus called grove city, the studio god, sonic lounge has produced people like boba flex, twenty one pilots and many other bands he's an amazing engineer and producer. So, if you're looking for somebody to work with a check out, sonic lounge and producer Joe Veres tell him the captain censure now, a shout out to Joe that I wanted to say here is a during the break. mention to him. I said Joe, you know good up in the area. Back in that the late nineties, one of my favorite local bands was the ban, the joe was in digital black and I was You know through oh by the way, cares and attaboy for ya, Joel,
I loved your band digital black during the day back, the day me and my buddies would go up to the owl rosa or to polaris amphitheater. from places, and we saw Jos band play several times in the next time I saw the captain Joe, had gave a couple of digital black cds for four and I jammed it out, rocked it out in my car for four several weeks so again on the data, see these amazing. What are the utterly? How or house you gonna play the? What do you do with this? How does this onto your phone, so yeah It's not my number five! Well, that's a perfect way, because my number four is the Amy Mahal case as well, and, as you pointed out, we covered that in episode, twenty two, where I sat down with James Renner, who wrote the only look that I am aware of for mps case
amy, my search for her killer by james Renner. That was epic. Twenty two. We did that march of two thousand and sixteen it's been a it's been a minute as they say, but We also covered her case in episodes three o three o nine and then again in three forty five and three forty six Really, what you get with the three eight and three o nine episodes is a much more extend, The version of the interview we did with James runner It tells it feels like out of the blanks that we just didn't have time to get to an episode, twenty two and then episodes three, forty five. Three, forty six, we go through sir, of the suspects and by name and why they are suspects and how they became They got onto the radar and Amy Mahal of ex case. I think we went through five, sir specs in those two episodes, and there play some others that we can get to in. Maybe we'll get back to Amy's case at some point, for, though,
of you who are not aware she was a ten year old victim who was abducted from the bay. Village square shopping, plaza, in eighty nine and she was missing for a couple of months before her body, was found about. Fifty miles away, I think the FBI b I forty eight point. Seven, miles away from the shopping closet, but found in a field in ashland, county ohio and the remains unsolved to this day. It's one that we've said all along. We think it is solvable think that they will solve it. Some day is just a matter of fairness. You say that about every case I don't I don't know that. I say that about every case I heard say the large cases depressing to me, because there are certainly days and certainly time periods where gone in and out of this case and walked away at times going. I don't think they ll ever solve it. So it's one that I hope and
That they do but yeah that's it very interesting case, it's unique for several reasons, and it's one that's I feel like really grown and popularity. As far as the true crime community goes for the last few years, it was certainly on the national level back in eighty nine and ninety when the case first broke, partly because it's it's, we kind of been tied to the Jacob wetter case, just because those two victims, both went missing within a week of one another from two different states and at the time people is there any chance that these are connected, because they were roughly the same age, but yeah amy mahal avec share your feelings. There half the. I think we did the really good stuff on the on the Amy. Episodes are for common that Jeff from the cap didn't miss elizabeth Ann Beattie,
This would be a series that we did episode. Two o four, two episode, two o said and I really just think, as far as like serial killer profiles, it was very extensive. This is one as far as research goes, I listened to several other shows I watch some. men trees. I even think it one book, maybe two books what was fascinating to me as we were creating that pursued for everybody was after while that research and thinking I'm an expert on this case learn something every episode, and so I really that tipp of the hat to you, where I went all care while the colonel beat me again, but that was fascinating profile of real
a monster of individual. Well, I never look at it as a competition, because I would come up short every time. The music you do every week eyes what she said it hath right. That is what she said and in the reminds me every day, but the music that do for each and every episode is fantastic. So, of course I would come up short, but yeah Bt K was was fascinating, stuff really apis episodes, and I thought we did a great job of laying everything out and really telling the food story as much of it as we possibly could, and it was, I'm not gonna lie. It was a little heavy heavy on the heart, a little heavy on the emotions to live in BT k world? For we or two to yell. It's something that we ve always looked into the years even before we started the show I mean you, bt k is these
Charles manson ted Bundy there's these there's these names there's these pos o, that are just known to every body. So, of course we we knew it deal about him, but it was. It was sitting to dive in. Bt k world for a couple weeks, but it was also heavy on the heart heavy, on the mind, And now a word from our sponsor better help. It's my favorite spot. Sir it's one I use most often it's what has changed my life so dramatically mental is so important and something that we need to be discussing every day. You, the time yourself self and taking care of yourself. I've
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dot com. Slash garage today I we're back to the part a little bonus episode forever. In your mind, that's right! That's right The vault shares that the people of france cheers to the people in the back shout out to the people. What's funny about this list as we we, we also took a look at other true crime. Joe's and we were running let their episodes. You don't be a part of this. Best of all time podcast, but what we found was we were better than everybody, and so we wanted all the trophies it's basically like we're, given ourself
I, like a ward, show like the oscars, are the grammys, but only we get a win and we get to give the speeches every time they queue. I would like to thank my and my father, and so many other people, and then the music starts playing ray alright. So I think we're to number three number three on my list here. Captain I have the dell. I murders. This is the unsolved homicide of. Abigail Williams and liberty, german from february fourteenth of thousand and seventeen was an end. Sting undertaking for the garage for the captain and myself, because this was one of the cases in one of the first times that we decided to tackle a case. it was relatively new. You know this case unfortunately went down.
february, mid february of two thousand and seventeen, and here we were in the garage. I think that the first week of may covering it For the first time, a lot of people had not covered the case had not touched it and if you saw anything on this case, it was not more than a nine or ten minute clip regarding little. Information was out there at the time and still to this day, little information out there because the police, the launch, women are holding so back but well said we fall cover this in may of two thousand and seventeen and episodes one ten in one eleven. But we re visited this case several times throughout the years in July of two thousand and nineteen in episodes, three twenty all the way through three twenty three we did four episodes in a row and you thousand and nineteen, and then we had our discussion show episode three. Ninety five. So this is a case that is all
he's on the garage radar It's always on the radar for our listeners for our garage army out there and its certainly, on the radar of the captain and the colonel. This is a case that there's probably I would say ten or twelve cases. Captain We seem to talk about a lot off MIKE This is a case. It's creeped onto our other, show off the record several times, and I think that This is a case until it solved here's. What I look forward to I can wait for the day that weaken, let's get a twelve, really ice, cold and india, great show when they solve it, when they think a twelve pack is going to help with that great. when they solve this case. I want you and I to be sitting in the garage talking about it and telling all the details that hopefully will come out once
I finally solve this case and to tell what this case means to me a little peek behind the curtain. Here I I a subscriber to the carroll counties. Weekly newspaper I delivered all the way to my house here on Ohio every week. I get their newspaper, because I'm looking at the pictures in that newspaper looking for bridge guy every week from garage hoping to find this pos now yet now it's a good one, because its at the time people weren't, really talking about it, but I remember the nfl was put it on billboards all over the country, and so we kind of felt like well. It's our duty to do a show, not that we are going to cover the best, but we can cover the best we can and we should get talking about it, and I had I end up meeting several people that work. The case.
and there were saying from the little coverage that they're getting through the news and by us covering it and the officials work by getting these billboards put up, that they were able to arrest over two hundred pedophiles that registered, and so that made me feel, like our our show, was doing something positive in the world. So my number three is Brandon lawson, nine one, one tape episode. Eighty five and eighty six and it's Hopefully everybody. When you look at the case, the nine hundred one cause very important, so I think one other people- this case- and we thought how can we do it differently? Okay, well, we can break down this call, and I that several people that have in several crime experts that have started to look into the case every child said have listened to your episode. Why, when you guys are dissecting when you
are dissecting, the nine of one car and the views d. Because they didn't have the tool to slow down things or to speed them up or to to try to clean up any of the nine one. One so I ve been able to use our episodes almost as a investigative tool for them as a start looking into the case for those unfamiliar with that case, This is another case where at the time, very little information out there. So when we talk about brandon going missing in the events leading up to the time that he went missing, we're talking about that for fifteen twenty minutes of an episode and then we spend and forty five minutes or so just dissecting branding. nine one, one call because he calls into nine one one that night and he's worried he's out of breath it's hard to decipher what he is saying at times
Many people have looked at that case and said if we could just figure what brandon was saying we be able to figure out what happened to this young man, and so yes, it was It was an interesting undertaking in an interesting angle to take with that case it hurts so many people say that we said you know what Let's turn the mics ourselves in the garage and, let's just dissect this nine hundred one call and see if we can figure out what it is, that Brandon was saying, and maybe they can figure out what happened to the shop. Why thing said the idea, two's Is bringing something new and different to the investigation or to the true crime world itself? I I wish I I wish more people would do stuff like that, and instead It's knowing that a case has been covered. Five,
times by other shows. Are you bringing something extra to the table or something different to the table? And I think if we, if we viewed cases like that, more often, and in in your opinion, can be something new, but I think if people did them Often we might be further along in some of the investigations of these cases. number two. For me. Captain Is- and I been all by many people that this is some of our best work. It's the boys the tracks, which was a four part series that we did back in march and April two thousand and seventeen episodes nine three, ninety four, ninety five, ninety six and way that this came about was originally We were thinking. We would just do two episodes on this case and so we started getting into a once. We got eyeballs deep into the case itself and we quickly data
and this is got to be four parts, there's just too much to tell there's too much to this story there so much beneath the surface and it came about by. I read a book by more elaborate, more or less it is one of, in my opinion, probably the most underrated. True crime, author of our time she wrote the devil's not, which is the west Memphis three case, and she, the boys on the tracks- she's not. She does not have an extensive catalog of true crime books, and that might be why she's not so well heard of or or well known or and is underrated. In my opinion, she's been long time, writer for arkansas magazine and I believe that that takes up most of her time. But if you the chance read any of her true crime books. Both of the two that we just mentioned are fantastic.
Really fascinating deep dives into both cases. But when I first reading the book, the boy on the tracks. I thought where do? I know this, because I kind of just randomly picked up the book. I knew her work from devil's knot, and I thought I want to read everything she she's wrote about pick it up. I'm reading it and I'm like where have I this case seems familiar, and then I remembered It- was covered back in the day a long time ago on unsolved mysteries in a so the day, titled friends till the end. and this is the still unsolved and it's when you, into these episodes? If you haven't already you're going how the hell is this thing not solved, but the unsolved murders of don Henry and Kevin ives from back in the day
one and eighty seven in bryant arkansas and, as I said, very proud of the work that we did on these episodes and it still it still brings a big smile to the old colonel's face today when, when I still, I still here are still get ye mails from people saying I'll, tell everybody. I know about your show. I do what the captain says. I listen and I tell a friend I always tell my friends start with boy. on the tracks there is. There is a really good theme song its re, pat myself, on the back, Thank you for giving me the grammy for boys on the tracks theme song
I appreciate it like to thank your mother and I'd like to think frank and I'd like to thank alcohol yeah. We don't think I'll enough on the shell, okay, so yeah wait. Did I tell you that's my number two: do you just did? Okay there we go at. but you blabbed on for so long that I thought I already said oh yeah yeah! That's my number two do so we can just move on to number one I'll. Keep it I'll. Keep it brief going forward, we have, we only have them. One, laughed yeah! So number one. Number one of all time before get to my number one I'll do a quick little recap of my top five. So far, so
my best of all time, true crime, garage, number, five colonial parkway murders number four Amy michalek case. Episodes number three: the delphi double homicide two the legendary, as I told that its legendary stuff, the boys. On the track. So or my number one captain. I went with an older ye, but a goody. This is the austin yogurt shop, murders. We covered the in february of two thousand and seventeen and episodes eighty one and eighty two and they are too jam, packed episodes I loved- on the work that we did on it, but to the the suspects that we covered very thoroughly in those episodes. For me, it's one of the the biggest
homicide unsolved mysteries, it's it's a red light case for me, that's for certain one hundred percent, its a in any case, and I actually think that it is a case they could not get too much coverage. I think that their you could we probably could have done for or six episodes on the case itself. It's that big. It's that extensive, the las cruces bowling alley massacre actually reminds me a lot of of the yogurt shop. As well. They share some similarities. There have been people throughout the years the thought that maybe there's some link between the two, but we want through a very interesting scenario in our coverage, yogurt shop where we were, able to really tell you the names of the people that we believe they did it, but we were able to kind of tell ya through I witness accounts the who of it again, not the names, but
individuals, we believe to be most clay to be responsible for the homeless? its himself, the two guys that were seen at the yogurt shop? That night I won't go, you're too much. If, if you want to dive in that I highly highly recommend it go back and check out the workshop murders from February two thousand and seventeen episodes. Eighty one and eighty two on your true crime garage. Yes, I wonder if a little bit of nostalgia, but I know that is a case that. very fascinating, then in the end, the truth is, if you ask me tomorrow, to name my top five, it might be completely different, so at least rearranged a little bit but my number, five is Amy member, which was also on your list episode twenty two number for bt,
k series. That's episodes two to four. the two o seven number three, is Brandon lawson, nine one one tape and then episodes. Eighty five and eighty six number two is the series of four part series. Episodes. Ninety three and ninety six, the boys on the tracks. a number one number one of all time for me so far I guess is the jonbenet ramsey series. We did episodes three hundred and fifty five to three hundred and sixty and we're putting together these list? I started trying to think about what is it about this case and and my brain kind of pop something up into my head. Because we went over the best of two thousand twenty two thousand and then two thousand and twenty, and then of all time.
And a lot of these cases, like you, take the delphi murder case that has really rocked that area. And really chain is the lives of of the locals right, look at a case like. Amy Mihaljevic in talked about it so many times, and so then we get feedback. I you know I used to know amy. I grew up with her or I I knew her brother or I knew her mother and they tell you how much it affected their community and then same thing with like Brandon lawson then with when you're talking to mar marries family. They tell you how much now her gone missing has affected their lives and their livelihoods and and what they been
What they might have not taken on in life, because they've spent time looking for a loved one, so I think, with all these cases, you see how much, it affects the community and then the family, members of the friends, but I think the and it s even about John beneath ramsay- is because it was covered in the manner in which it was covered by so many media outlets. I actually feel like it was a case that wasn't happening in colorado. It was happening in everybody's backyard. If that makes any sense. Because it was so highly covered in very soon don't you like the casey anthony case so highly publicized, that it didn't feel like it was happening in florida. It felt like it was happening in your own backyard.
Therefore, so many more people are affected, and it wasn't just a case that may be changed the local community, but it was a case that may be changed. The whole landscape of america yeah. That was a case of we received a lot of praise of. We covered it in six episodes and we here we are december, twenty twenty It was a year ago we were, we were just putting the final bow on those, episodes and again, a lot of a lot of praise for our work that we did on that, but The case itself was extremely difficult to put together episodes for, and a lot of that was because of such widespread coverage. Like you said captain it's a case, it was covered so widely that at all
feels like it happened in everyone's community and that the problem with putting together the the jonbenet episodes was there were so many times where an incident or in a van or something was reported, five different times, five different ways. There was a lot of irresponsible reporting going on. In that case from that, It started all the way up until the day that we covered it and so it was a lot of sifting through things and trying for the captain I to try to go to look at everything through. The different angles and go okay. Well, what's the truth here? What what This particular event: on the timeline. How did it actually go down? What is the? What is the right thing to say here what is the right thing to tell the listeners here in regards to this the killer thing, because
There are so many things with that case the can slap a question mark on and say: okay, this something that happened before she was killed, it something that happened after she was killed. Does it relevancy to the case itself. It does it. I'll point us in the direction of who did this and whose response simple for killing this little girl, so it was It was an interesting case to put together still case it that, obviously I mean fascinates me amongst everybody else, as well. The still to this day, as much as I always wondered at diving and learn more about the case, and we product made it thirty, some apis owns, did you could work down every single rabbit hole and also love the spirited debate that people will have about that case even with us now I appreciate it. Cuz I don't have an answer. I don't have a definitive solution,
two to then crime as this a very difficult case. Once we started diving in it was like oh yeah, we're finally covering this, and it was exciting and then Then you remember what your covering and ended the the dark ness of the case and so yeah that glad that's something that I think will live with me for a very long time- and I think, with that case, in particular with job in aid that it's been covered so much, and so often did it almost starts to take on a bit of fantasy where it almost feels like a movie tv show that you watched one time. more so than than a real life case. I mean it's: it's a despicable, horrible murder of a child and in your right when we jumped into it when we drove into it. There was a certain level of excitement
going or cable were finally we're. Finally, getting to this work we're covering a case that we said we never would, and so there was a level excitement of excitement there. But then what She you get into it and it's it's just a heavy dark, depressing subject. Now the cases the case itself and the The way that we were able to present information to everyone I thought was really too, because we did it in six and so we were really able to take different aspects of the case. And really put a micro put them under the microscope for the I the an episode. You know every de in their cousin out. There have done forty five minutes on the job. In a case it just as has been done and a million times, but we We're able to look at it? I think in a bit of a different way and present it in a I have a different way and really tear,
the minutiae of that case and the rumors and such and really get down to to the the nuts and bolts of of the thing and in look at different aspects of the case and in our different Different episodes, one another reason why I think people look at a case and it almost seems like it's a movie or something as a because of the pictures of the family, a lot they had so many pose type pictures actually professional photographers and so many posed type picture. of john something like glamour. Shots were like a case like Amy Moravec or whatever you're kidding a couple home pictures or maybe a whole movie in a school photo
with jon benet ramsey you're, getting hundreds of professional photos because of the the beauty, pageants and stuff that they entered? So I think that's also a part of why it becomes more movie like and it wasn't released. I don't even know if it was released when we covered the case, but the actual what they, what they believe is the last picture of little jon benet ramsey, and it's just her looking up at her dad and he he took the picture because, while it's his daughter- and he thought she looked cute, but he also just was saying how like tired she looked and how worn out she looked.
Christmas, but it was a kind of a proud moment. As a parent like we must have done such a good job because she is exhausted and it's now time to go home and then was the last picture and she doesn't have a bunch of makeup on and she doesn't look like a little katy perry or something she. She just looks like a little six year old kid that
we're out because of christmas, but I remembered trembled with a lot of motor vehicle beyond any rapidly. I know an intruder, her brother, John, but I really believe apparent from that dream. I want nothing more than to respond. How does your list stack up with ours if you agree, disagree head over to the blog
over to our website, true crime garage again as the last episode of two thousand and twenty. so glad to see this year go. But thank you so much for the support. And the love with the love you and can't? Thank you enough. Right? If you want more true crime garage during the break, make sure you get stitches premium and check out our show that everybody loves their say in its than ex biggest show on the planet hold off the record check it out you're going to love it. We love all love you until next time be good.
Be kind, don't let the.
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