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The Zodiac /// Part 1 /// 470

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The Zodiac /// Part 1 /// 470

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In the late 60’s and early 70’s a hooded serial killer terrorized the San Francisco Bay Area. The killer told the press and police to call him the Zodiac. Few cases in modern True Crime have been discussed and speculated about more, especially on the west coast. In 2018 Law Enforcement in California finally apprehended Joseph Deangelo better known as the Golden State Killer. The Golden State Killer was dormant for 32 years and they still were able to arrest and convict him. The Zodiac, a much different type of killer has been silent for over 45 years. Is there still time to pull off the hood and final identify the one who calls himself the Zodiac? Join us in the Garage as we go through the Zodiac’s confirmed kill timeline and of course we will offer up some speculation and insights along the way.

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The As true crime enthusiast no often, offenders, carry a moniker or nickname. Who could as such terrifying titles like the night stalker and the green river killer,. There was the hillside, strangler and the servant girl annihilator. These names
were bestowed upon these killers by the press. and even the law enforcement agencies that investigated their crimes, some cases: the killers, we cannot wait long enough for the press enforcement to come up with a clever or even not so clever name. So some miller, provide the press and law enforcement with a name, to call them until they are discovered. Outed and pulled into the light from the dark shadows where they hide jack the ripper. pen, letters to the police, authentic or otherwise giving him of what he called the trade name when he signed the famous dear boss letter. Yours truly jack, the Ripper David Berkowitz wrote to n y peaty captain Joseph Pirelli telling him. I am deeply hurt by you. Calling me a woman hater, I am not, but I am a monster. I am
the son of SAM now in the garage. We examined another infamous serial killer, one that provided the, as with his title, when he the san francisco examiner dear editor, this is the zodiac speaking the act was laying claim to three unsolved homicides in the san Francisco bay area. He would go on to kill again five confirmed murders in the series. So say. The number of those murdered by the zodiac should be between twenty and twenty eight the zone claims to have killed as many as thirty seven innocent victims. Still to this day, the this series of murders remains unsolved and the one who called himself the zodiac is yet to identify this
it's true crime garage we're going to start off on a friday in Vallejo California, Vallejo is a waterfront city located in the san Francisco bay area of the state of california. This is where the zodiac will find his first two victims or two of his earliest victims as we will later see. There is much debate on when and where the zodiac started, killing on the night of Friday December twentieth. Nineteen sixty eight sixteen year old betty.
Johnson and seventeen year old, David, arthur faraday, were all together on what most have reported to be their first date. Some reports state that the two dated briefly before the following incident both were very good students. In fact later it was said that the two really had very little time for teenage romance, as both were quite focused on their schooling and extra curricular activities. David faraday was a top student and a member of the varsity rustling team. At the lay her high school, he was an eagle scale as well, and the recipient of the god in country award betty legions and was a top student at home in high school. The attack on the two teens on this friday December twentieth would leave both shot to death. The early reports stay
the two went to a high school christmas concert at bettylou? Jensen's high school, just several blocks away from Betty Lou's home? They were going to attend a party after and at some point the two went for a drive and were met with gunfire later. Reports would indicate that maybe the two teams misled their parents, David Feherty borrowed his mother's one thousand nine hundred and sixty one rambler station wagon and drove to bettylou Jensen's house where he picked her up. The two left there about eight hundred and thirty p dot m. Instead of going to concert the two went to a friends house where they hung out for about a half an hour from there. They went to Mr Ed's restaurant and drive it where they ordered a coke and sat and chatted for awhile. After the stop at Mister adds, restaurant drive in the teens went for a drive and they ended up at lake herman road, which is an isolate country road known as a lover's lane they parked in the love.
Lane area just off of the winding dirt road for reference. This is about ten miles away from betty, Lou, Johnson's house and school. The slain couple were found jasper or eleven thirty p m that night by passing motorists as mrs manual borders, who was in raw to the nearby town of benicia, California, beneath considerably smaller than the city of Vallejo and lake herman is basically, between the two beneath he is east of delay. Her the vehicle was just outside the fence to the lake herman pumping station missis oh. Borders lived off of lake herman road and, as she, driving. She couldn't help but notice the vehicle part. She saw the passenger door open david was lying on his back blue. Around him and his feet were toward the rear wheels of the vehicle. Some reports have
we lose body found his closest ten feet from the rear of the vehicle. Others say as many as thirty feet away either way. It was obvious to the tat. The Betty lou was in the process of running away from the scene when she was gone down, there's an interview with the lead detective and in it he says, Betty Lou was twenty eight feet from the back of the car, so that's got to be right. Reports state that the girl had been shot five, I'm in the upper right side of her back from a range of no more than ten feet. Mrs borders was, of course, horrified at this discovery. She jumped back in her car and sped away when she got to beneath yeah she flag down a police car. She told them what she had found in the tube uneasy officers race
at the scene when they arrived, they found David faraday still breathing. They called for police back up detectives and an ambulance. Betty Lou was dead at the scene. Faraday was rushed to the nearest hospital. Let's talk about what was found at the murder scene. According to what was released at the time place will find the rambler car hood still warm when they get to the sea the ignition was on and I'm guessing likely to run either the heater or the radio or both because the two were planning sitting there for a while. This is odd, though the front passenger door was open. The other three doors and the tailgate to the vehicle were all closed and locked, so some have surmise that maybe the attacker was able to force both youths out the same door. The front passenger door. However, I found a report. This states that there were footprints, the detective say indicate
fair. They got out of the drivers door and walked to the passenger side, and I have to wander. Could these be the killers footprints and not david, fair day's run Did he walk up to the driver's door, put the gun on faraday and force the two out, the passenger door, walk around to greet them on the other side, David shot in the head at close range. The bullet travelled forward from behind his left ear detectives found for bullet casings near the vehicle, the only and they would say about. The bullets at the time is that they came from a small caliber gun. One report specifically says small caliber rifle one report says a twenty two caliber, which of course, is a small caliber
investigators said the girl had not been molested and that robbery was not the motive and he was at close range, something with such a small shaw's like a twenty two. It's going to take more than one shot to kill it most individuals it will. However, if you do any research into hit men and things of that nature, they often prefer to use a small caliber, specifically a twenty two, because they are doing headshot right and I won't get in that too much. But the bullet tend to bounce around inside quite a bit more than a larger caliber police, even throughout some theories to the newspaper the day after and two days after the homicides- and these theories include the following: a deep heel, print, possibly from a boot, was found in what they tried as the brush grown area in the rear of a fencing
is running around the pump house. Re detective say that the brushy growth would be the only concealment offered to a sniper So that's interesting because of several reasons one. This is to suggest the possibility that the killer was there but for the couple even arrived in this theory. He would be lying in wait in the brush hidden and then, when the two park he emerges from that brush growth area that they mention and takes control of the would be victims what makes a lotta sense, because they would not see headlights, they wouldn't have time to react or if the perpetrator showed up in a vehicle they would at least some morning that he was coming. It's also interesting
because I dont know exactly where this fencing and brushy growth area is in relationship to the victim's vehicle, and I say that this could be important because it could go against or for the next item is deputy said that there was a bullet hole in the rear. window of the vehicle, leading them to theorize. That faraday stopped the car and was fired on from behind again. You'd have to think that the killer would have to know this area somewhat, to even know that this lover's lane existed. Yes, an The thing here to captain what I'm trying to point out about this sniper hiding in the bushes scenario, right from where the shots would have been fired at the two victims. The killer had to be standing beside the vehicle, so a stray shot hitting this rear window. From that vantage point makes no sense. It didn't just happen. This was a shot that was,
likely intentionally fired into the back of the vehicle, meaning. I think that the killer probably approached the two victims from the rear of the vehicle and then worked his way to the side where he eventually shot and killed. Both you have this secluded area again, the killer would have to know the area it's almost like. They have to know the area so well that maybe they fired the shot, not intentionally to kill somebody initially into the back window, but to get them. like scram flee the area in the vehicle or flee the vehicle to flee the vehicle so I lay in wait, the car comes, then they start talking, I creep behind them. I shoot the window and by shooting them I know I have it's game on and now they're in full panic mode and that's what I'm interested in as far as the the kill. The other theories are that the couple may have
You been parked in some one pulled in near by and startled the two or they trailed and pulled over or trailed to the spot, and then the killer returned to get them whatever happens and it happened relatively quickly and probably not too long before. Mrs Bordes is found them because the car hood was still warm and David faraday was alive. We do know that we have possible boot prints and, like you said, are those the male victims. Footprints are those the killer's footprints. But it doesn't seem like we have tire marks from some other vehicle It is true. There is no mention of tyre marks from another vehicle affair day I'd on arrival at the hospital at twelve o five and it it's very unfortunate, not just because he passed his is now a murder victim, but for the
estimation itself because police at the time thought. Okay. We have this attack these on these two young teens, the female victim did not survive were rushing the male victim to the hospital. Hopefully we can save his life, but also we want to talk to this guy, so he can tell us and give us details about this attack, so we can find the perpetrator, because faraday passed away. This would not be possible for the detect is now the detectives were on the scene investigating by midnight that night, the solano county sheriff's office was the investigating agency now to fill out the timeline a little better. The teens left Betty Lou Johnson's place at eight thirty. They went to a friend's house for about thirty minutes. Okay, so now nine p dot m at the earliest. They leave Go get a coconut ads from there
go driving again about a ten mile distance out to where the vehicle would later be found. Several witnesses spotted the vehicle at the park, location off of herman lake road. This is at one thousand and fifteen one thousand and thirty five and again at eleven p dot m. This is based off of statements that David faraday must have turned the vehicle around at some point after it was initially parked at that spot, which again makes you wonder and question the shot to the rear of the vehicle. Another witness said that they stopped their vehicle on the side of the road that night. This would be near the murder scene. right. These two witnesses were young and they were on a date as well. They said that they stopped the vehicle to their vehicle to check something on the vehicle and while stopped, they said that
other vehicle slowed down, and the driver was just kind of looking at them and then he went past the vehicle then stopped and then backed up toward them, and spooked the couple, so they got into their vehicle and drove off, they said that the vehicle then followed them for several minutes, but eventually they lost this car. While, first of all, I mean, I think we both we disagree on a lot of things, but what we can probably agree on is this couple that possibly saw the killer that night. They didn't Stop their car to check on a park there out at a lover's lane, they're, probably out there to talk flirt alone, napkin, and then they see this creep come
on them, and he stares him down and, like you said, backs the vehicle up starts to spook, but I think I think that was the play. You know, stop the car back it up. Stop it again, act a little creepy to get them to start moving and then you can follow me to see where they went. Yes, this is under the idea that maybe the zodiac was just out there. Driving around trolling looking for potential victims. Now they state that the vehicle the suspicious vehicle they described it as a blue plymouth valiant, and they said that this incident took place around nine thirty p m, Another witness said that they saw a white ford or chevy impala parked near David faraday's car keep in mind fairly driving his mother's rambler. It's a station wagon, so fair day's com.
I will be a little more noticeable than the other standard. Your sedans are four door standards of sedans out there driving around three know. If it's, if it was a woody, I've looked up the vehicle, I can't recall no woody on lover's lane there are pictures of faraday's vehicle online. It was It reported that ten shell casings were found. So let's examine this number a bit, I guess number is fairly easy to get to when you really think about it, because Betty Lou is stated to have been shot five times. David is shot at least once so now we're at six casings right and there was that shot that hit the back of the vehicle so now at seven The zodiac himself would say: ten shots were fired at the scene
were bullet casings found near the vehicle, but also on the floorboards of the vehicle. So if this is correct, then this would indicate to me that the gun was fired inside the car at some point or italy close enough to an oak door or window that the casings fell inside the vehicle. We suspects in this case that were looked at one as a teen boy that was said to have had a thing for Betty Lou, I don't know of the two had any type of relationship or, if they ever dated, but it seems that this teen went so far as to threaten David faraday at some point This teen was looked at and cleared the other suspect
would be an unknown individual. The jensen family thought that maybe there was either a peeping tom or someone spying on the family or Betty Lou, in particular around the time of her murder right seven months later, the timeline of the next event in our murder. Series timeline again will start on a friday and again will take place. In and around Vallejo California. This time it's Friday July. Fourth independence day, nineteen sixty nine twenty two year old, Darlene Elizabeth Farren was a popular and so people, young woman. She was well educated. A mother one child, a daughter named dina darling. Was married to her second husband dean and the three lived on Monterrey street. Both the and dora lean, had a lot of friends now, captain out of all of the zones act victims, while at least the confirmed five murders and to attend
did murders. I would put darlene at the top of the list when it comes to the highest probability that the killer and victim knew one. Another This would be because of darlene and dean's sociable, lifestyles and employment. They knew a lot of people. They had. A lot of friends and they had a lot of people over to their house. Very often so could have a friend of a friend hosting and attending parties, both small and large, A darlene worked at a place called terry's restaurant thing. That is very curious, darlene fair I told a co worker that she knew the two victims, David and betty Lou Jensen or at least knew of them. Well, that makes some sense. Because darlene attended hogan high school years earlier. This is the same high school as betty Lou Jensen van night dean and Darlene were going to have friends over dean was at work. He was a cook at Caesar's restaurant
darlene had a babysitter. She stopped by dean's work. tell him that she and her younger sister were off to watch the parade boats. Their dean asked if darling pick up some fireworks on her way home. He. Some friends wanted to set them off that night for the holiday darlene and her sister then went to door work again. Terry's restaurant, this is you tell some co workers that her indeed were hosting a party and they should come by after their shifts, the two went off to the boat parade and after they again went to dean's work by now it's getting late but, of course, work, shifts, run lay at restaurants on friday nights. Darlene then went back to her work. Very briefly. And then went home before letting the babysitter go for the night. She went out again. First, she took her little sister home and dropped her off right and then she went and picked up
My friend this is nineteen year old, MIKE michelle, it sounds like MIKE was a acting darlene at some point that night, but regardless seemed to leave his house in a hurry, leaving I'll. Turning off the tv in the lights, the two were going to go purchase fireworks. for the party later. That part is for sure but whether or not they plan on parking somewhere or not is up for debate When was driving her chevy corvair, in the drive a car seemed to be following them. The car was light, color The original idea was the two wanted to go: get something to eat, but at some point it change. The two were going to look for a quiet place to talk and neck mike says that, This is why they were heading to the park. They turned around at mister, ed's, restaurant and drive in so could change directions they drove.
Lee and then they poured into blue rock springs park. This was known as a good place to park. Now. If there was in fact a car following them. In this version of the night's events, the car that was following them then pulled into the lot as well and then sped off. The report is either the same vehicle or one very close to the same description later returned and pulled in behind them by the vehicle's lights shy and on darlene car, then not knowing what was going on MIKE was shot and the shooter kept firing on him and darlene Darlene was shot a total of nine times the shoot then walked back to his vehicle, and MIKE says he got a good look at the guy described the assailant as a white guy late twenties. Twenty six Thirty years old, with short curly
light brown hair stocky about five foot, eight inches tall and about one hundred and ninety five to two hundred pounds, possibly more. The was wearing a blue windbreaker and pleated pants. Unfortunately, MIKE is in a terrible amount. of pain and made some noise. Some reports say that he cried out yeah. This could at tipped off to the killer that there were still lie the shooter walk back to darlings vehicle in shot, both darlene and mike two more times after the shooter left MIKE open the car's passenger door and fell out of the car. lying on the ground. The couple was shortly after midnight by three young people who called the police police, received a call about the shooting at ten after midnight and quickly officers in a detective arrived on the scene The police report says police arrived at one thousand, two hundred and thirty, eight, a dot m
found darlene, barely alive slumped over the steering wheel and mike bad shape lying outside of the car yeah. I think, with the zodiac. What's was always and in my brain is why? But, as you pointed out, we have a couple that does not become a victim but possibly seas, the zodiac and the zodiacs kind of toying with them, maybe test in the waters a little bit and then hear of these reports are correct. He pulls up next, so car that light. We said the sitting there talking maybe make an hour, and this guy pulls up seeming to be a solo driver. What are you some perv that's going to watch and then he backs away and then comes back and parks right behind them
almost like he wants to and do some kind of panic. He wants to induce the reaction first and then it's game on, and so do you think in your humble, go opinion, as is this cause, you were to see them in fear or or or what what One thing we will learn about this killer is that he enjoys watching the reactions of the masses? why wouldn't he enjoy seeing the terrified reaction of those that he is hunting or attacking yeah the question I have about the two younger people that say that they saw a suspicious vehicle and provided a description of such I wanted to find a description of the vehicle they were driving again. That goes back to the idea of David faraday's vehicle. The rambler is a station wagon would look consider.
The different than most of the other vehicles just out on the street that night right. If they were dry station wagon as well. While that tells me a different story that may be the zodiac was actually targeting fair day's the two people in the vehicle That was one thing that I looked for and again yes, why will be a huge question when it comes to the soda act, because for the five murdered victims it's very, very likely that he did not know any of them. Of course, we see that often with these serial killers, but this is a unique situation like any of the others that we ve talked about so far now again We have at the second murder scene. We have, police on scene at one thousand, two hundred and thirty, eight a dot m. At that time, the buses were in top speed for ambulance on the way, the cops
darlene from the vehicle. Remember she slumped over the steering wheel. The cops all believed that She was trying to tell them something, and specifically they said that she was either saying I for me or something of that nature, but they could couldn't make it out and they never really got any words from her. But this is thing where I go back to the idea of because of her lifestyle and her husband's lifestyle and where worked, I put her probability of vat. Dumb and killer, knowing each other significant higher than a lot of the other victims. if the wonder when they're pulling her from the vehicle did she believed she knew who attacked them and was trying to tell the officers that, when they were
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your summer fast highlands, natural's earache, drops to healthy summers and beyond available at walmart walgreens target and cvs claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence not not after evaluated alright. We're back cheers mates, cheers to you, colonel cheers. Do you care in two years to all of the people out there in listener land and all the people on the back. We have victims mike What mazo and Darlene Ferrin they were rushed to kaiser hospital. Darlene was d o and mike was rushed into surgery
and two days later reported to be in quote satisfactory condition. Mike Michaud survived the attack despite being shot in the face neck and chest. The newspapers at the time reported that each victim was shot three times. So it looks like this would be one piece of hold back information. The number of shots fired because we already said darlene, we later learned was shot a total of nine times. Do you think that the killer as the leaving them on the brink of life. For do you think they just don't know. Well, I think that the killer was successful in his first attack, killing both of the victims and the scene, and I think that he absolutely thought that he was successful again at the second attack. Having killed both victims, and we now know that MIKE Michaud survived and we'll get into that? Why there is evidence that the killer believed that both were dead back to the number
shots? We know that darling was shot nine times in it does look like MIKE was likely shot three times the newspapers, seven nine millimeter cartridges were found near the car. The car's windows were open, the mission was on and the car was in gear. It appears that the vehicle stalled out The radio was on now because my survived he was able to call the police quite a bit about the incident. My ugh, the gun used was thought to be a browning high. Our semi automatic handgun police put this together because of MIKE's description of the attack. and that the shooter did not seem to stop to reload the gun at any point, so this compared with the nine millimeter casings total number of shots, of course known to police at the time, indicated what type of gun was used. This is because similar
guns, you would have to stop and reload to get off that number of shots. Hold on I'm reloading, I'm not saying Incorrect we are correct, but one thing I, To point out is in MIKE's description of the events. killer shot. Both he and darlene and then what to his vehicle by an app at time MIKE cried out and mike is very interesting has MIKE's, as he does not know why he he cried out. If, if he was react, is something or if he was just in a terrible pain, but then the killer returns, shoots darlene twice and then shoots. My twice almost to make sure like ok, I'm gonna make sure both of them are dead or, if I didn't finish one or of them off. I now have I question: if there are
an opportunity when the killer went back to their vehicle. If, in fact, the killer went back to the vehicle for the purpose of reloading cockroaches want to play, keep in mind, MIKE's been shot he's in a good deal of pain. There are some things some deep else of that event that he could be miss, remembering bonds possible is all going in and out of consciousness, well- and we also know that MIKE moser would tell more one version the story to police when they were investigating this homicide yeah? But I also think some of that is that you're trying so hard to I remember and and and the more they question you were more lucky, you probably it getting questioned by police who being questioned by your friends, also have what do you remember manager and then how many people told and if you could just remember something more, maybe we could catch the guy. That that'd be very frustrating
The location of the murder singing is only about two miles away from the lake herman road murders given the short time frame of just seven months into miles apart and similarities to the crimes. It would have taken long for the police to suspect that the two were connected, but they would not have to figure this out for themselves because at one thousand, two hundred and forty a dot m a man, phoned the Vallejo police department to report and claim responsibility for the attack. The killer also took credit for the murders, jensen, unfair day six and a half months earlier here. The details of that call: Vallejo police, dispatcher. Twenty six year old nancy, slower the call Nancy slover described the male callers, voice and tone as though he was mocking and taunting her for shock value and if, in fact he was, she said it worked. The collars,
the following words in a monotone rehearsed fashion. I want report, a double murder, if you will go one mile east on Columbus parkway to the public park. You will find the kids in a brown car They were shot with a nine millimeter luger. I also killed those kids last year, good, bye, yeah, then a couple of things I mean first volume. He calls them. Kids, so not saying that we should assume, but you can start off by gone ma, he's probably older than the victims he's. Definitely older. In my opinion, and by this time of course, he's read all of the details about his first crimes throughout the first two murders knows whether he knew faraday in Jensen. before shooting them. He definitely knew who they were after he killed them because their names in ages, where they went to school with their parents, names and addresses, were all found in the local papers
for those of you who have seen the David Fincher film zodiac. That is the creepy phone call at the six minute mark of the movie where the killer report a double murder. That's again, why I think he thought he finished them both off his words before, meeting anything gets on the news or anything gets in the paper for him to learn that someone survived he's called and not reporting a martyr he's were, or an attack he's reporting, specifically a double murder right, but back to the movie, the zodiac. If anybody has not seen the movie zodiac, it's one of the best true crime dramas it's in, credibly good and it was considered to be a box office failure which does not make a whole lot sense to me. I love the movie. I've seen it half a dozen times anyway. This
phone call from the zodiac. We need to point out. This was not. This call was not recorded, repeat, not a recorded call. It's been widely reported that the call was recorded but listen to the go. It was and we know this simply because the police dispatcher says they did not have the equipment at their disposal to record incoming calls at that time. So it's not that they didn't record. They failed to record just this call they just in record any of em, because I didn't have the capable So that is very important for several reasons, the first being that Nancy, the dispatcher, would have to recall the call his message after the caller hung up. So it's not verbatim, which I believe to be important, as some have pointed out, the directions provided by the zodiac were actually incorrect.
this would likely mean that the zodiac did not know the area well right. However, you have to keep in mind that the killer caller would not want to give to since from the pay phone, where he's calling from DA he's going to give them, directions from the police department to get the police to where the kids are located. Do you understand what I'm saying? Yes, I spoke english. My whole life. Things that I believe are fully correct with Nancy's report of what the caller said are double murder, meaning zone I intended to and had every reason to believe that he successfully carried out his mission of killing both victims, and I say that I believe that she's recalling this correctly because she says, She was shocked by his tone number but she's, going to be shocked by his words as well double murder.
double murder is something that you do not forget. When you receive a very short quick phone call, one burger get a burger won a free fry get a free fry when he seems very smug. Yes, the other part, the second part which, I believe to be one hundred percent correct, and I find is to be super interesting, at least to me the fact that desire de access to her, if you go one mile east on Columbus parkway to the public park, you will find the kids in a brown car, regardless of people believe that the directions erect or incorrect again. I made an argument that you wouldn't give directions from your location that you're and from you would give directions from the police department to where the kids are. but let's scrap that entirely right, one the hell is the zodiac giving directions to what he calls the public park. Why would
He just named the park if you would hit at so and so park in a brown car yeah. If you knew the area he'd, know the name of the park. If he doesn't know the name of the area, it's just awesome park right. He says public park and offers directions to the public park, while we have already said it once blue rock springs park, the park hasn't, blue rock springs park. He wants to find the kids. We know that here while, call the police unless you want them to find them. So he wants him to find the kids and he wants it to be known that he did both of these shootings. The homicide the year before christmas and this one on this night right so if he knew the name of the park, why wouldn't he just say the name of the park to make sure that the? he's, got to the right place. If you say the name of the park, you don't need to give any directions at all,
call should have been. I want to report double murder. You will find the kids in a car a blue rock springs park. They were with the nine millimeter luger. I also killed those kids last year. Good bye, good, bye, also the location of the phone call. Is strange police traced, the call to a phone booth at a gas station at springs road in two? This is low I hated about three tenths of a mile from darlene ferrin home and only a few blocks. from the Vallejo police department. I don't think this location is weird because of the distance to the victim's home or the police station it's weird because of the distance from blue rock springs park, the public where he shot them and its he may not have known the name of the park so based off of eye witnesses and ear witnesses. For that fact, the latest that darlene and mike could have been shot
would have been maybe twelve ten a m most bully that was more likely between twelve o two. in twelve o for em four a m important. Well, we know that the call from the killer came in at at forty a m so depending on how you shake it out. There is approximately three, The two thirty eight minutes after the attack before the phone call the fast roused from the murder scene to the phone booth is seven and a half minutes nine minutes and eleven minutes Rita front rouse the three facets routes. So what took him so long to get from murder scene? to the phone booth where he called it in so you're, saying there's about twenty to thirty minutes of missing time,
but that doesn't mean he necessarily was traveling. He could have already got to the phone booth and decided why don't know what to say. Yet? What am I going to say? I'm good! I I have to prepare this, even though his conversation was pretty simple is pretty direct, is pretty kind of demeaning and smug, like I said before, but maybe he just sat there. My first thought was: maybe he just hung out around the murder scene to watch what was going we already speculated that. May this killer, enjoy seeing the reaction of his actions, so maybe he hung out there until he started hearing the police sirens and then took off and then made the call, but the problem with that is this drive. The fastest route would be eleven to maybe eleven minutes distance. The cops were on
one thousand two hundred and thirty eight. The call came in at one thousand two hundred and forty, so the side are what scared him from the scene he very likely left shortly after shooting the victims, and we have. This based off of eye witness and ear witness statements. So if he, after mediately afterward, why do we have that that difference in time? And it could be, Something is silly as he just drove around for awhile or didn't know what payphone he wanted to use. There's also the chance that he from the area and that's why he doesn't the name of the park, and he also don't know a phone booth is to make this call went and had to go looking for a phone booth once peace So if he left immediately afterward he pointed out the high probability that the killer would have got victims, blood on their clothing or person, and that this phone booth is anna.
highly residential area, meaning if the killer- want anybody living witnesses to see his vehicle may it's as simple as he drove home parked his car, I Closer he wouldn't be covered in blood and walked too. iphone or then drove across town to another payphone. That makes up for the lapse in time. I sleeping think, it's something a little more sadistic something a little more sick. driving around. Looking at the whole time, and we know how these killers operate. They love to return to the scene of the crime. They love to pull the purple headed yogurt slinger, the lake herman, road of murders that took place six and a half months earlier two miles distance from the most recent attack sadistic. I think there's a good chance that maybe he shot these two
victims and then drove to the old murder scene maybe even to reenacted or live it out or or just kind of look at the area. Re admired his work, because if you map out a route for murder scene to murder scene and then to the pay phone. While your left a whole lot less of unaccounted for top right but I also wonder you said this pay phone was pretty close to the police department, correct. I wonder there's again like we know that he wants to cut induce panic. He wants to see this fear in their eyes. I wonder he, to see the reaction I wonder if he He wanted to see if anybody called that the police and to see if the police were already reacting to it as a possibility, like I'm going to by the police department and see if in in yet
So, let's go through mike measures, statements of what he says happened there. at night, because we now have a surviving victim, a a living witness. He says now remember he said at some point that they might have been followed, early, but in that's what led them to parking at the blue rock springs park in that version of the story, he says that it was a light. Colored car are was following them, and this is very through and remember. We had mention of a white american car in the first attack on lake herman road. a white american car again making an appearance in this version of the story right There was also a situation where Darlene sister Christina
said that darlene our newest victim had a heated conversation with a man in a white car in the parking lot of terry's restaurant on one of their trips to the restaurant that night. Remember they went to the restaurant a couple times she says on one of those occasions she witnessed her sister. Arguing with a man. She did not know his name and this man. was in a white vehicle, but and when you dive in and take a look at the statement might gave to police from his hospital bed. In this version of the story. He says nothing about being followed. In fact, he says they pulled into the lot to talk and shortly after a few other cars pulled in these were all believed to be other teens. Mike says car pulled in and just kind of sat, running and watching them for maybe a minute or two. Then the car sped off the car then came
and pulled up behind them. The way that a cop car would MIKE says it, though, through very brief conversation, the two of them both Darlene believed that the person now parked behind them was, in fact the police he says that the man got out with a high powered flashlight yeah, like one used by police. He says he could see the man because he was shining the light directly at them. This is the old light blind technique that police will use. Then the man just started firing MIKE's hospital also includes mike saying the gunfire was not loud that may the gunman use. Some type of silence are used yes and make it saying that is possible, was a cop and possibly some altered weapon. So old sedley, maybe like a man,
made silence or on the gun. He saying the manner that the vehicle pulled up behind them. Would would be the way that a cop would typically stop someone the way that he felt that the the person approached the vehicle. The energy here the heat he in darlene didn't think that they were in any danger because they thought that it was a cop walking up to enquire as to why they were just sitting there. But then you think as far as occurs background security guard, maybe was a patrol officer at some point, maybe ahead some military background and we should be perfectly clear here. He's not saying that it was a police car right now, because we have the scripture and of the vehicle that he says that the gunman was driving. That night might bashaws description, a vehicle. He says that it looked a lot like darlene car, maybe
the same model. So this would mean it would be a chevy corvair and then some have pointed out that back then the ford mustang look a lot like a chevy corvair, so the police of the description of was either a chevy corvair or a ford mustang MIKE Michaud says it. The vehicles color about the same color as darlene so brown, but he also there, maybe a little lighter. So I guess a light brown one interesting thing, though tan bay and the tanzanian mike said that he saw california license plates on the vehicle he couldn't make out any of the numbers after he had been shot, He said he specifically remembers that it was in fact california license plate in right. This second version of his story is probably more correct. and I say that for several reasons, but one mainly because this version of the story is back.
By darlene sister but hold on second you're, not sane, because we have multiple people. Giving we very likely just have MIKE Michaud. Giving different of the noble say this is not the only person to give the police information so far correct, but but we're not say that any these victims. In any way, do we think they're lying to the police or the same because of the chaotic situation that they were in and just happen to survive in is something there has been some believe over the years that may be MIKE Michaud. His purposely left out some details really out of fear. Okay is, is one general thought. The other thought is that he may have altered some of the versions of that story and told different stories because was in fact in love with darlene and didn't want to
shame hereafter ran she had fallen victim so that that's why the story goes from We were being followed in the car, followed us did that parking spot then later we went and parked so we could have somewhere to talk the I it might never confirm this, so we Now the thought has been well. maybe mike made up a reason why the two would be parked their other than they just wanted to go and park, thereby when employing the other thing, two is keep in mind. This is a nineteen year old boy. who's been shot three times and was probably true, the ties in all kinds of I mean, Maybe MIKE made up a reason why the but again it's just like that that one, the first couples that think they saw the killer and then the killer possibly followed them for a while. Now- But where does stopped on the side road because something broke in the car and said now you be proud,
we're making out you just didn't want to tell your parents, we have to remember. This is a nineteen. Sixty eight right Nine in darlene was Mary, sixty nine well keep in mind. This version that we just went through here as it when they pulled into the parking area of the park. There were already some other vehicles there. They had reasons to believe that they were, you know younger people just kind of hanging out and that those vehicles laughed and then the suspect's vehicle pulled up. Just kind of sat there looking at him for a little bit drove off and then came back in the reason why I think that this second It is the more likely is a statement based from Darlene sisters, a cow of the knights events. She says this is PAM. Hocker,
darling jogger sisters is she a hold on answer? We have Betty Lou, jensen Huckabee. These are like the most nineteen sixteen names of all time names that you'd think he would hear on legal sixty sit commerce of them, so PAM Huckabee says that she always believed that she missed witnessing the attack. Just by seconds. She says quote: I was there in the park lot just leaving when the car drove up behind her. I re live it every fourth of July weekend I wonder what I might have done differently. The quote police car passed me going in as we were going out, we heard the pop pop but thought it was fireworks again. so that we're clear, she's not saying she saw a police car calling it that, because MIKE Michaud said that it behaved
way that he believed the cop would pull them over or approached their vehicle. In the July fifth, one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine vallejo times herald it red officers at the scene broadcast an alert for a young set white male adult riding in a brown automobile in the July sixth, nineteen sixty I vallejo times herald it read under sub heading brown car. So it's obvious the police are looking for. The man described to them by MIKE Michaud, as well as this brown automobile. I am pointing this out because we had this question mark of Why american car, but to be perfectly clear in the story that makes them since from MIKE Michaud. There is no white american car. It's a boy brown or light brown vehicle if it's brown Light brown flush it down, but let's not look past the obvious right.
We have a married woman hanging out with. I guess you could almost assume there. There are at least flirtatious, but I don't know if you'd call it call him her boyfriend, but she's married. So number one suspect is always the When did it? Yes, this is a unique situation, so MIKE Michaud and darlene fair and were described by everyone, including darlings husband, as good good friends right and So these were not people that were just hanging out for the first time together, in fact darlings husband said, did darlene had a lot of male friends in this did not bother him. A lot of that was based off of where they work. They both worked at restaurants in anybody. This worked it restaurants will know that often people after shifting they they tend to go out together, whether it be in a large group or a small group, and so, of course her husband.
dean was looked at regardless of how he felt about her hanging out with MIKE her other men. He was looked at quite well the issue being that he was at work. He was still on his work shift at the time of the murder, so he has only just a good alibi. It's a it's, a solid alibi, so dean and has been cleared as looked at regardless of how he felt about her hanging out with mike or other men. He was looked at quite well, the issue being that he was at work. He was still on his work shift at the time of the murder, so he quote unquote. Zodiac right well knew the victims and were in fact cleared by the local with, it is in those investigations, and but you have to think for law enforcement
once you roll out those stereotypical suspects or suspects that you think are connected directly to the victims. Now you have to step back and look at the whole picture and go or maybe have a serial killer. her hands. You think there's any possible way that this killer is easy link, a rental system or maybe even borrowing the carved from different individuals. I think stereotypical suspects or suspects that you think are connected directly to the victims. Now you have to step back and look at the whole picture and go well. Maybe have a serial killer on our hands. Do you think, there's any possible way that this killer is Did the zodiac may have lived with a parent or parents for considerable amount of their adult life. And we know from other cyril cases that we have covered referencing, the one I that comes,
Immediately to mind is the a child killer case where they were getting different descriptions of vehicles from connected victims. because sometimes he was driving his car other times he was driving his parents vehicle, we've seen that in other cases as well, where they will borrow someone's vehicle because they they're going to go out and commit the murders with it or flee the scene with it if they're seen they don't want to be seen in the vehicle that could be traced back to that right, what do we know about this killer? We both said that we think he likes to see the reaction of the victims before he shoots them. We know that he paused, He has means to have or access to multiple vehicle we know he likes to toy with other individuals and we ve
m to follow round multiply witnesses if properly other eye witnesses that does never came forward to the day. Think much of it he's trying to play self in the right place at the right time, so it can have an opportunity. The thing I would add to my thoughts about our killer is even though these two attacks took place relatively close to one another, two mile distance from each other. I don't necessarily think that the killer has, the local again. I question why, wouldn't he just say the name of the park, rather than prove I directions. The other thing that I suspect is going on here too, is that the need to have a female victim yeah, because in both situations. We see the same,
text took place relatively close to one another, two mile distance from each other. I don't necessarily think that the killer has to be local again. I question why, wouldn't he just say the name of the park rather than provide directions? The other thing that I suspect is going on here to is it the needs. Is to stop the immediately stop the threat of the male fighting back ray and then we see overkill on the female. Where Female is shot more times than the mail, and so on think there is a need for him to have a female present to kill a female. And I really sad and sexual gratification well, and I think that's the purpose of him poor yup stopping and looking at the people, and then deciding if he's going to attack or not, but maybe
the male victim just as much as he needs the female victim cause? It's almost like he's like. I think it deep down in my solar, whatever I'm not good enough for you, but I'm gonna be better than this individual at this moment by killing them and then but you're going to pay cuz, you didn't choose me. I've had some p I've heard some people say well. He was probably making sure that the victims were young, that he was looking for a certain age group, and I think that is the silliest stay. I've ever heard, because one would not think to find a bunch of old people. parked in these lovers lanes right right he's not yes, is looking for young victims. That's why he's choosing to attack in this manner? He expects to find younger people park there together. I think it's the sometimes you just have a couple of guys hanging out drinking or have just teenagers that have nowhere to go the park a car somewhere. I think it's important
that there be a female victim and, as you pointed out, likely a male victim as well. What we do know for sure captain is it this killer? wants everyone to know, he is responsible for both of these attacks. He wants them to know that these attacks are connected and he is in fact a serial killer, he's a killer, that's brutal, methodical and he's thinking out these crimes he's also thinking out the communications. that he chooses to pass on to police and we will also learn the disk. I will not stop and for we will have more crime scenes and victims. The annulled The the
we've said it before and we'll say it again. All of true crime garage episodes are available everywhere: apple podcasts, stitcher, spotify and check out our bonus show called off the record. That's on stitcher premium, thanks for listening thanks for telling a friend make sure you join us back here in the garage tomorrow until then be good, be kind, don't let the.
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