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The Zodiac /// Part 3 /// 472

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The Zodiac /// Part 3 /// 472

Part 3 of 5


In the late 60’s and early 70’s a hooded serial killer terrorized the San Francisco Bay Area. The killer told the press and police to call him the Zodiac. Few cases in modern True Crime have been discussed and speculated about more, especially on the west coast. In 2018 Law Enforcement in California finally apprehended Joseph Deangelo better known as the Golden State Killer. The Golden State Killer was dormant for 32 years and they still were able to arrest and convict him. The Zodiac, a much different type of killer has been silent for over 45 years. Is there still time to pull off the hood and final identify the one who calls himself the Zodiac? Join us in the Garage as we go through the Zodiac’s confirmed kill timeline and of course we will offer up some speculation and insights along the way.

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car dot com to apply. Today. Two weeks after the attack at lake berryessa, we are now at october, eleventh nineteen sixty nine on our zodiac timeline. This is when
a white male hailed, a taxi cab driven by Twenty nine year old, Paul Stein, the passenger would hail. The taxi cab at the section of mason and gary streets. This is one block west of union square in san francisco. This is in the heart of the city, the passenger request. To be taken to washington and maple streets and the presidio heights area. That's about a thirteen to fifteen minute drew, drive from the location of where Paul Stein picks up his passenger to where the passenger is requesting to be dropped off, for reasons unknown. The taxicab did not stop at the requested destination; instead Paul stein drove one block past maple street
who cherry street and you say well. How do we know that the passenger requested to be dropped off elsewhere? One block price to where the location where they do drop off? It's based off of the taxi cab drivers journey or log sheet for picking up the passenger at that location and where the passenger requested oh now we know that it made the cab made it an additional block based off of eye witness. Testimony right, though, a reason why question is it possible that the zodiac said take me to this location and the guy while I don't know exactly where that's at and he said well, it's right by whatever and then that's what the the cabdriver put into his log. That's it interesting, because it's always been pondered. Why go the additional
lock and we can put in some speculation as to that, but, as you just pointed out, that could be a possibility. Maybe it's just the air, human error on the part of the taxi cab driver in his log sheet, the white male passenger then shot Paul Stein once in head with a nine millimeter gun. He took Paul stein's wallet and car keys. and tore away a section of Paul sties bloodstained shirt tail. This all went down captain right at about nine hundred and fifty five p dot m on that night of October 11th. you're slash. Shooter was witnessed by three teenagers across the street. At that same time, at nine fifty five p m right. This is
very cool because they were actually able to call in the murder to police while the crime was still in progress. The way that this goes down is about fifty feet from where the murder took place down there. In the street we have a birthday party going on and one of the witnesses this would have been a young teenage girl, witness the crime in action calls over two brothers, and they witness this whole event going down as well, and they phoned the police and say hey, there's a. Arbitrary or a shooting or something that's going down in the streets below gathered. gonna going to give us probably our best. I witness account of the zodiac, that's correct, because in these second attack where MIKE measure was able to offer up a suspect description, keep in mind, he had been shot says
times and wasn't a good deal of pain and trauma when he saw the sauce and then later we have Brian Hartnell, who offers up a description, but by this time our killer, the zodiac. He is disguised from head to toe right. These whitney is simply witnessing the crime from We're not very far about fifty feet would be the estimation so they're going to get a decent look at this guy now mind you, it is dark, but this is of the heart of the city. It's the busy part of the city where we should have pretty well lit streets round. The witnesses say that they saw the killer, wiping the cab down before he walks away, not running
calmly walks away from the crime scene toward the presidio area yam, because we have three. I witnesses we're gonna, get a better description of this individual pieces. We got three different perspective, yes, as well as the description of the suspect, so he the suspect is heading to the presidio area. Again, that would be one block north of the the crime. Now two blocks from the crime scene was another birthday party. Is s san francisco roll car that is responding to this very call. They observed a why male walking along the sidewalk east on jackson, street and stepping onto a stairway leading up to the front yard of one of the homes on the north side of the street. This encounter lasted. Maybe ten seconds,
This has always been a strange part in the whole zodiac conversation. And the whole investigation itself, because we'll we'll see There's some weird movements going on here where we may have had san francisco police actually enter act with the killer. However, they have never been super forthcoming and completely cooperative. With that type of statement right, there were two office: in this patrol car. They later said that a white male pedestrian was about thirty five to maybe forty five years of age, five foot ten inches tall with a crew similar to, but slightly older than the description. The teenagers who observe the killer said the killer to be the teenagers say. Did the man that they saw stepping out of Paul Stein's cab? They have him,
as about twenty five to thirty years of age, with a crew cut and again it's a white male that they are describing. The teenage witnesses put the killer at about five foot, eight inches to five foot nine inches tall born. We have to remember this: is nineteen sixty nine, so that's actually gonna be somewhat tall for the average male well, thing that I find interesting about this piece of the story here. Captain is that we have a discrepancy in age described by the two different parties here, the police officers describing someone older than the teenagers describing right, and I think that that could be for several reasons. I think they're talking about the same because the general description other than the age is in fact the same as very, very similar. So what we have Here is a situation where the officers in the patrol car one likely got a better look at the individual head on face to face
I sort of situation where the teenagers would have been up on the second floor and they would have been seeing the killing and observing the suspect from from an elevated height right, which might change some things? The other thing, though, to again the officer the car. They might have this perspective in a better gauge on this suspects age because they're probably- likely most, you know they're, definitely more close in age to the suspect himself. Now still to this day, captain no one seems to be sure why or can agree why this took place but Whatever reason police, radio, dispatcher, initially alerted officers. Responding to this call this robbery, the shooting, call to be on the lookout for a black male suspect. So when
officers saw this white guy and zodiac would tell us later that that they inner acted, the officers enter acted with him. That night, as he was running or walking away from the crime scene, they they did not suspect him to be the and they were looking for at that time because of this flawed description- is just wrong description of the suspect they should be looking for as they drive to. The crime scene while again with the zodiac killer. It's very fascinating because it's the the change of actual crime look confirmed, killings, you can debate other killings, but the confirm killings. we have the for tax to be in love or lane shootings another one similar to lover lanes, but it's stabbing victims
and then you have this attack on a taxi cab driver, it makes almost no sense yeah. Doesn't stick to the victim. Ology anna doesn't stick to the m o them. He saw in the first two attacks in any. Even I mean you, one could argue the third attack has a very strong ammo to the first two in this one. The attack, the murder of palestine, is significantly For now we mentioned that the zodiac says that he spoke to the officers san francisco police department. Their stance has always been. We didn't speak to the soda, so zodiac says in a letter he did but again he's been put and to be a liar more than one occasion, but according to this other version, and the police actually stopped them and who might have been the zodiac and
they ask him if he seen or heard anything suspicious to which the man that they stopped yes, I saw a man waving a gun on washington, street heading east, so the police squeal their tyres to rush off to go looking for this nodding distance man with a gun and again very likely, let the zodiac killer walk off into the night, and it's almost as if the zodiac is like daring himself to do a crime. That's in the public's eyes that people will see him and how will he
He react when the police will rise on the scene at the murder scene. Captain they find Paul stein he's lying across the passenger, see he was dead from the single bullet fire to his head damage to the entry of the bullet proof the killer place the gun to Palestine head before firing the gun. So this would be point blank range that the killer used to kill palestine, the killer managed to take only approximately two. t five dollars from the cab driver. They were able to come up with that dollar amount based off of again the driver's log for that night on the fares that he had picked up through out the night it was called in as a robbery in progress with a possible shooting. However, We now know that this be. a zodiac case.
The robbery is just secondary it. It doesn't likely have anything to do was not the motivation for the murder itself. As we know in the, three previous attacks, the killer didn't molest any of the victims did not steal any of their. funny. So then we have the perpetrator of Paul stein's murder. Why bring down the cab. This is based off of the three teenage eye witnesses. How however, the killer still managed to leave to fingerprints smeared in blood on the outside of the rear door. On the driver, sigh now detective bill, Armstrong and david tusky were assigned to the case. They arrived there that night and anyone who has seen the two thousand and seven zodiac the will know exactly the detectives that we are talking about The movie follows them for a good deal of their investigation, of course, because it went down in a taxi,
Add palestine. Murder was initially believed to be a robbery, turned homicide, but then too days later, on Monday october, thirteenth, the san francisco chronicle risk the letter from the zodiac. I call this. One the Paul stein letter, because it contained a torn section of Paul Stein, bloodstain Peter the soviets added that, because their started becoming questioning amongst alarm foresman and probably the community saying, as he actually responsible for these murders, or is it just taking to them well and in this communique. What we have here captain is: we have a very similar awful ope, addressed in a similar manner to the the previous letters received. This says s period f period, chronicle. san fran period. Calif, we see that calif of the
deviation: the abbreviated, california, please rush to editor, one difference that is, is obvious and noticeable right away in the way that this letter is addressed opposed to the others is in the upper left hand corner where one would typically expect to see ever colonel address. We have the what we're calling the zodiac logo, the crosshairs. The circle with a cross in the middle is in place of the return address and again we see two stamps for this letter. So typical zodiac tradition here we're seeing more postage than what is needed, the latter, reads as follows: this is the zodiac spear I am the murderer of the taxi driver over by washington street and maple street last night. To prove this here is a blood.
Stained piece of his shirt. I am the same man who did in the people in the north bay area. The s period f period for san Francisco, the san francisco police, could have caught me last night if they had searched the park. Properly, instead of holding road races with their motorcycles, seeing who could make the most noise The car drivers should have just parked their cars and sat there. Quiet waiting for me to come out of cover school children make nice targets. I think I shall wipe out a school bus some morning, just shoot out the front tyre and then pick off the kiddies as they come bouncing out and of course he signs it with the zodiac logo, the cross hair log in
zodiac likes to come off a little smug, a little pompous, no hay outside as record bus galera bay. I still don't understand why he would take such a high risk to kill so me, basically in a public place with a bunch of eye witnesses. While I think that's a perfect sean here. Captain because you're right, it changes ammo completely he's. Now packing a single male in a taxicab and, as you pointed out, this is be a busy area. There's there is a high risk for an eye witness if not multiple eye witnesses. The other thing too is now the killer is also. to be dealing with the san francisco police department, rather than the
APA county sheriff's department or Valais whoa, where they, you know much smaller departments, san Francisco's going to have better resources, more officers, more cars motors, because, as he calls them- and we even know that helicopters were flying around that night trying to look for them. And that they know fled on foot from the murder scene, demeaning helicopters, YAP motorcycles and helicopter. That's right now so, let's examine this one and compare it to the previous attacks. What we have here captain is the first attack confirmed zodiac attack, Friday December 20th one and sixty eight, and this was the or the double homicide of David faraday and Betty Lou Jensen. Now about to I also, and about six and a half months later, on friday July? Fourth, nineteen sixty nine machines and darlene, fair and
gun down as they sit and darlene's vehicle and thankful Michael Michaud survives that attack, then, let's fast forward, just a brief period here to september twenty seventh of that same year, nineteen sixty nine on saturday When Brian Hartnell and Cecelia shepard are attacked by a masked gunman, who pulls a knife on them and stabs the both of them and again Brian heart nail survives now. The zodiac claims to be the attack. Tour of all three of these attacks. In fact, when he sends letters to the chronicle the examiner and vallejo times the letters received on august first, he is giving detailed proof that he is in fact the murderer of the person that conducted the first two attacks and then, when he attacks,
I and hard nail. Cecilia shepherd in at lake Barry s a brain He phones it in just like you did in the second attack foreigner and he writes on Brian Hart nails card or the zodiac symbol followed with the previous dates of two attacks and that he is claiming to be the attacker of Brian and Cecilia that day at lake bury esa. What do we have here now? Captain the final confirmed attack is After october, eleventh nineteen sixty nine of Paul sty one I find intriguing alone that the first two attacks both take place on a friday and then the second to attacks attack number three and four both take place on a site, today, for whatever reason, the zodiac is a weekend warrior and I not know why cause he a job. There must be something
keeping him from killing during the week is just so much more in vain it for him to do what he does on the weekend. Now in this situation, the first attack he successful. He kills both of the people parked in the vehicle He gets away with what may be no eye witness at all, at least to his person. There is one I witnessed saying that they saw a vehicle parked near faraday car that night and that comes in a question but then, on the fourth of July he proves that he is not perfect, he's not as good as he claims b or he believed himself to be because he leaves the crime scene before he he successful and killing. of the victims, MIKE Michaud survives and even offers up a description of the suspect and this aspect
vehicle. So what does he do? He adapts a little bit he's going to have to take his car out of the next crime. I don't want. My vehicle scene I can't be seen as well, because I know that I'm not perfect, if I, if I screw up again and I leave a wit, If I leave a survivor at the crime they can describe me take it. the police. What I look like they can tell the public what I look like. Time all where disguise the thing with Paul stein murder, that fascinates me is the complete difference in emma, and I have the wonder and three attacks, the last two: he failed to kill the mail and both of those attacks in the last two attacks. He failed to kill both victims and left of a visa. Come alive and both the has he evolved to the point of understanding.
Then maybe I do not want to go and kill two people again. I've just not been that great at it the last two times, but for whatever that he's playing? He needs to keep killing to terrorize the san Francisco bay area and then take that ST he's killed at lake berryessa he's not killed in francisco. Yet and yet he's been mailing threatening letters and ciphers to San Francisco, newspapers what the hell do. People in san francisco, to be afraid of he's, not done an attack here. We just keep reading about this guy in the newspaper I feel like zodiac wanted to do a crime in san francisco san francisco prob like you, said right in a busy area. Yes, super risky, but that's the thrill.
skies. Getting out of this he's a terrorist at his heart are, you said, is possibly the hometown of the soda, and yet is it possible to that? Yes, huge these killings, but was there something that was allowing him to get away and we may be These are all these plans of, he's going to do that weekend and for some reason he cannot leave. But the urge to keep this go on was too much, so a guy awards go downtown yeah and it's it's also a city. Station of. I think he planned a lot of this out of going okay. Well, I need to I kill someone in san Francisco. I need them to be by themselves because I dont want to attack to pee. again in foul up and leave some. Alive- and I think he came up with honorable situation. Taxi cab,
ever is a dangerous profession because they get abd a higher rate than than other professions just simply based I- that they are often alone with whom they choose to let in their vehicle and the zodiac knew this, and some people have said it may be the coordinates of where he wanted to kill the cab driver It was important to zodiac and maybe that's why he picked a cab, because there go. Where you ask them to go. I don't want to play. game, because I don't want to get into the mathematics or geography of of that portion of it, but I find it fascinating not only did he I feel like he wanted to prove that he could kill the mail and I feel like he didn't want to keep pointing out his face that he wasn't perfect by leaving a survivor, so I'm going to choose one victim,
after one individual, He wanted a male victim, but the the thing we have here to captain is he takes the time to rip off a piece of Paul Stein's shirt tail. Why because he's already given proof when he offered up details about the first two crimes. However, he wants the papers in the police and the public to take him seriously. If any of you were out there doubt anything that I've said because a lot the details? I gave you so far. Only the killer and or police would know. Well, here's your proof, baby here's your bloody shirt. I am who I say I am this zodiac I'm the person responsible for this murders and I'm why you should be afraid every night. Why
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Eighth, nineteen sixty nine, these zodiac malay card with another cryptogram, consisting of three hundred and forty characters or symbols, and this cipher was dubbed the z three forty cipher, which remained unsolved for over fifty one years of his, in fact just solved december of twenty twenty, the zodiac. What can can you two male letters and threatening letters, and he even mailed some letters to famous iter Melvin bell, I at some point, and so he continued his open wave of communication to the newspapers and police. It's strange captain because from here, here. This is where we go from confirmed. Zodiac attacks to the rest are open for speculation.
Some attacks. The desire to act has claimed over the years. There are some attacks that people have claimed were conducted by the zodiac, but we never have any type of definitive proof like offered up in these four attacks have resulted in the five confirmed: homicides committed by the zodiac killer, one alot of people through other sherry, Joe bates case in zodiac research? I think that's fair, but what we have is we have the killer that is calling himself or identifying himself as the zodiac. He doesn't make those claims and you would think that he would yeah that's interesting because he throughout these four tax? Never does he ever mention the murder mary, JO bates in riverside california, and it's not until the police, and others are already kind of hip to the idea that the riverside killer
be the same as the zodiac. The desire zodiac does finally hint around the idea that that he might have been murderer of he and he doesn't even named the victim, which was cheri, JO bates, another crime that is often linked to this kodiak, whether be confirmed or not. Is the calf lean, John's story Having Johns was a young mother. She had a ten and the old daughter with her, and she was pregnant at the time and in march of nineteen, seventy she's dry from san bernardino, California to Petaluma this was to visit, mother with the purpose of you, know letting her ten month old daughter visit with her mom she chose to because she would be driving with.
a child. I mean ten month old, is a baby. They need a lot of attention. You need a lot of t decided. You know what this is. A long drive ass like three hundred four hundred miles. I think. That she would do most of this driving at night, because the baby would sleep for large portion, if not the entirety of the drive right and she could focus driving and not have to pay attention to her young daughter. Well This is pretty late at night and she was heading west on high way, one thirty two near modesto, california, and she said, then a vehicle seem behind. Her was trying to get her attention. Now I do want to be clear here captain this is a difficult story to tell, because there are different versions of this story that have come out through the years rang and Kathleen.
It's not that I don't believe her. It's just she's told a slightly different Dorie on more than one occasion, but the gist of so. That means you don't well it it makes it confusing too. Pass along this story ends and say that I feel super confident I believe it went down I believe this story went down one hundred percent- I just that this Well, variations are difficult. Now, the problem with these types of accounts are these victims in the situation that they were in, as might be, the highest stress situation they've ever been in, and so I think not always are they lying or that they're trying to be manipulative or something there there? I think they have a hard time recounting the events because of how stressful odoban or how traumatic it would have been? Yes, that is
likely I mean she has a lot to be concerned about not only her own life but the life of her very, very small child at the time to so. Stressful situation does not begin to describe the situation at all, but the gist of this story captain is that the driver it was on the highway behind. Her is indicating that she should be pulling over and once she is over, the dry or of the other vehicle male guy male driver and people that have seen the zodiac movie two thousand and seven film know exactly what we are about to talk about, because this is a terrifying part of the story, one at one of them or terrifying portions of the movie itself, looks to be looks to be loose. I can fix that, for you,
She says that she sat in her vehicle while this man fixed the tire, okay, everything it's fine! She thanks him. He gets back in his vehicle. He drives off. She starts back up on her ernie and very quickly, the tyre that he was working on comes completely loose, She is now in a situation where her goes inoperable. She gets out to discover there's only one lug not still on the tyre. So while this man claim to be fixed her problem. He was creating a problem he returns and offers her a ride. to the nearest service station, which Some of the versions she says was close enough that she could see it and though she agrees to get into this individuals vehicle she gets in with her back
they go a driving and she said that they just kept driving and driving and driving. And she kept pointing out hey you're driving past the service station, hey there one coming up here: we're driving past this one as well and in the the police report that I can find it states that she says that any time she mentioned service station or that he had just drove past one, he would change the topic of conversation to something else did the two were interacting for the entirety of the drive now in the movie it appears to be very short drive when in fact, based off the police or says if they drove around for like an hour, maybe even an hour and a half.
But it also seems like such a zodiac thing because he's yup, it's the misdirection a I can help you with your tire, there's nothing wrong with her tire but you're going to create the problem. You I mean like it's, it's very zodiac. Well, it's also very serial killer in europe in general, where you're you're setting a trap, and we've seen. They do this, we ve seen serial killers and We do this in in real life time and time again there said a trap and Fortunately, it worked in this situation. In some of the accounts there was a threat and when he takes a turk She bails out the vehicle with her small child and then hides the bay The and hides herself and the the person that picked her up drives in the police report. It's a little different
as in the movie, he says, again, it's a movie, I understand, but he says before I kill you I'm going to oh your baby out the window and in the past he's report. There is no such threat of her account of in fact, there's actually no threat at all. It just says that I became increasingly concerned and became terrified as they did. Kept driving and driving and driving and pr the pr the police report. She is that when they got to either a stop light or stop sign, so the vehicles now stopped. That's when she fled the vehicle and she didn't in hi but ran into a field and just kept running out feel for a while until he left the area and then, of course had to flag someone down. What's interesting, though here that is not in the movie, is that.
her vehicle in this is no mistake at all was moved. It was me from the the local and where she left it. And not only was it moved. It looked like someone attempted to burn out the vehicle. fire from the inside but was unsuccess in doing so now reason why this gets lumped into the zodiac is one the timeframe. You know this is just a handful of months. Five months after the palestine murder, but then top that off with the description that she offers up is very similar to descriptions of the zodiac much so that she sees the wanted poster for the and of the palestine murder and says: that's the guy gave me the ride, that's the guy that not like tire and gave me the right, that's the son of a bitch. Well, then, you can have
I have to double down here, because later zodiac will lay claim to this attack in one of his communications to the police or to the newspapers, but but again he could have read about the attack by that time when he then claims to have been the man who he says something, you know smart ass statement like zodiac likes to give. I'm the man that gave the that poor woman a rider or the driver. They helped out that woman on that night yeah. It's too, we have a record of her saying, the height of this individual or mean other than he just look like the the wanted poster. Well, that's interesting, because they you know, she would have seen him for the majority of the time. Based off of that story, they would have been sitting right next to one another yeah, so she decent amount, decent idea of his height based off of the two sitting next to
on another. Of course she saw him out of outside of the vehicle. A couple of times, but she said the man the driver was actually shorter than her. Now she was a tall woman, five foot, nine and so the police list, the height of this man at five foot eight, but that also fits with close to other descriptions and, like we said, I witnessed ports- you have to have a little wiggle worm there, as everyone knows, captain the regardless. If the murder this continued or not zodiac would have us believe that they did often setting occasion saying that he has killed more people. He puts a tally like a murder, Number tally on some of his communications, and the number just keeps up. So he would have us believe that the murders are continuing. We can't confirm that
we can confirm is that the communications continued and this continued up until it's believed to be nineteen. Seventy four, with the last murder, the last confirmed zodiac, I could murder taking place in late, nineteen sixty nine, so it seems like the need to keep the communication going was more orton than the actual murders themselves. If in fact, he stopped killing in nineteen, sixty not lawn does leads. A people to believe that the zodiac died in and seventy or as well, because the letter stopped he got writers block, it happens or
or he got to the point. Where he's like I'm not committing any more real crimes. Why keep writing to law enforcement? The more you have communication with him, the more likely you are to get caught and you're taking claims for crimes that we can't even prove that he did. Yes, it's keeping the it's level very high when you're communicating with the newspapers or police or what have you and You know, I know that the fbi mine hunter that type of stuff. They would say, keep these communications going and it looks like san, skull and all involved did the best that they could to keep these communications right going in Fact one of the more famous communiques in the Zodiac investigation is the letter to Paul Avery, which was received october, twenty seventh nineteen, seventy now
this communication is quite scary for many reasons, especially if you're Paul avery. This was a halloween card signed with the letter, he and these odious logo, this was a threat to Paul aver and the zodiac wanted him to take this seriously, because Parent zodiac did not like what Paul Avery was writing I'll him in the chronicle Paul. Every was a well known rapporteur for the san francisco chronicle, who had been covering the zodiac case. There would be further communications, but captain the zodiac went silent for nearly three years before a letter from the zodiac was postmarked and received by the chronicle on january, twenty ninth nineteen. Seventy four: this was the
a letter that was praising the exorcist as the best satirical comedy that I have ever seen being the words of the zodiac and the letter included a the zodiac killer thinks he's Larry's. Yes, he does in, and this is where he gives us the score right. The san francisco police department equals zero, so f s, F peaty equals zero me. Equal, thirty, seven, giving the indication that he's killed, thirty seven people and they've not been able to catch him. The san francisco police department, guy, I find the zodiac killer to be supervised. As long as well as so many others So much that we could talk about it's one of those cases that people have been telling us
Would love for you to cover zodiac really to do the zodiac case proper? I mean you could be talking about months and months of information from other crimes, that people suspect that he did that were not confirmed. from suspects to everything wrong with their suspects and everything right with those aspects. It's a lot of information to cover well have the cheri, JO bates murder, which may or may not be connected to the zodiac it's forever linked to the zodiac, but should they solve shy Joe bases murder that doesn't mean that they ve solved the zodiac cases as well. We can confirm that there are in fact connected other than We as the general public have always kind of linked them together ever since those letters were received in the seventies and so
sherry debates is murder. Investigation alone, you could talk about for for several episodes Then you also have the domingos edwards case. That's a whole stand, phone case on its own. We don't know for certain that it's connected to the zodiac I also have the the nurse that went missing at lake tahoe another case of possible zodiac, and then you have right here on this. What's often refer to as these odious ex exorcise letter of him sing thirty seven victims, s f, zero. We only have five can. victims, if you add sherry debates now we're up to six the mingoes edwards we're up to eight I mean
I am sure that we got a lotta blanks to fill in here at thirty seven we are, but I am sure that the san Francisco pd killed some people within that time as oda actions. Just not given them credit for now. I don't think that's what, in august, but then the other thing here, though, becomes take, almost every famous crime expert they've had, weigh in on zodiac. You could do a week, long series on just the profiles that people have given the expert profiles that people have given on the zodiac well and robert gray, top suspect, arthur LEO Allen alone is is hours of information, and that's hours of information that lists pros and cons for why he is a good or bad zodiac suspect there is no perfect zodiac, suspect
yet because we would have the man behind bars, he would have been caught for at least the five murders that we know the zodiac to have amid but again what we wanted a focus on mainly as the confirm crimes of the zodiac and confirm letters and communication of the zodiac. Well in throughout time. Captain ever since the zodiac, when silent nineteen, seventy four, and even before that, when maybe the murder stopped in nineteen sixty nine everyone has been trying to figure out who the zodiac is not just the san Francisco police department or Vallejo sheriff's department or napa county sheriff's department, but the publican the state of california, the communities and people of california and there for we have had probably dozens of suspects that their names of popped up from time to time, some of the more famous would be ted consent
the unabomber he's someone who has been rumored to possibly be the zodiac. You have rick Marshall, who has been a popular suspect throughout the years and in fact we have TED cruz bright, who was not even alive when the zodiac killings took place, but he looks a lot like the picture, so I dispute dispute or you will make He's a vampire I don't know, but the thing is, I have proof he isn't with with the zodiac two. We know for a fact that the male perpetrators, the manson family were looked at strongly. They were very strongly, looked at and even stated to have been cleared by investigators as not being the zoning one interesting one of late would be gary stewart who published a book in two thousand and fourteen called the
dangerous animal of all and which he claimed that his research, his search for his biological father, which turned out to be Earl Van best jr. He says his search for his father led him to conclude that van best Jr was in fact the zodiac killer, and Any time a new suspect comes about no matter. If it's look, we should be clear, though Gary Stewart is not the first person to come forward and say: hey, my father was the zodiac. There been other people say handling. My stepfather was the zodiac or by father this whole zodiac by uncle was the zodiac that one But the zodiac case captain is the the famous composite sketch drawing of the zodiac. A lot of dudes looked like that in the late sixties.
And through not just california, throughout the united states and what yeah most guys look like. or a penis wearing glasses and the late sixties. But but this is also very similar to black dahlia and there's a lot of people that my father or my my step father. I think it just happens in these huge notorious cases. Well, that's very interesting because Steve hotel claims his father, george hotel was the black dahlia, kill killer and the zodiac killer, and then of course everybody who listens to this show or basically any other true crime. Podcast knows the name, edward edwards or edwards, and it's been claimed that basically any unsolved homicide and edwards is responsible for now again any time. Somebody brings up any of these suspects
The zodiac is a big name: ok, the zodiac. He was selling papers by writing to the police by writing to the newspapers himself. Still to this day, newspapers are newspapers by putting the zodiacs name in articles and on their front pages, and so throughout time when any of the suspects pop up, we want to get a statement from law enforcement. How good is this new? suspect, was he somebody that you looked at sixty eight sixty nine or seventy? Is this name just now to the public or is it new to law enforcement as well I found a may third, two thousand and eighteen press release. from the valet ho police department the says the zodiac case has been an open investigation for several decades and the city of delay. How with any open homicide. Investigation. Vallejo police detectives still follow
up on new, leads and continually work to identify a suspect over the course of this investigation. Vallejo police detectives have always taken advantage of emerging technologies and new advances in forensic science to assist in the identification of a suspect? Currently, we are not close to identifying a suspect or do we anticipate developing that information at any time in the near future. We have no new information to provide, at this time make sure you follow us on twitter, facebook, instagram at true crime garage if you'd like to support the show
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