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This American Doctor /// Part 1 /// 288

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This American Doctor /// Part 1 /// 288

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The psyche of a murderer has fascinated us for centuries. At the center of this week’s case we have a small-town doctor, beloved by his community. The doctor suddenly and without warning commits a heinous and brutal murder of someone close to him. What drove this seemingly gentle and caring man to kill. This week we discuss the case of Dr. Vince Gilmer Beer of the Week - Bourbon Barrel Aged Milk & Cookies by Wicked Weed Brewing Garage Grade - 4 and a quarter bottle caps out of 5

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no purchase necessary void where prohibited by law. Eighteen plus terms and conditions apply, see website for details I the. welcome to true grand garage where you are whatever you are doing, thanks for listening, I'm your hosts, nick and with me, as always, this gun is for high, Ladies and gentlemen, the cap there like to call me big boss,
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the the psyche of murder has fascinated us for centuries. What could they have possibly been thinking were they even thinking at all. When we look into these crimes stories. Much of the time we find ourselves asking the same question, why
what drives seemingly normal peaceful average people to do horrible, violent criminal things within these stories. After all, the digging, sometimes we get our answer to the crime of passion, sudden rage, hidden compulsion and accident, followed by a cover up. In this week's case, we take a close look at a small town, doktor beloved by his community, who suddenly and without warning, commits a heinous and brutal murder.
of someone close to him. What drove this doctor, who had a passion for healing and caring for his fellow man to kill and destroy life? This is the case of doktor vince skills. The this week. Captain we pay homage to a great show called this american life. You all right, regular regular rabid pham harry You listen to it on the rag as guinea powers would say. I step in and check it out from time to time with your suggestion and they covered a case a while back that has inspired us to take a deeper look into something brought
light by their fantastic show and we're gonna start off by talking about doktor benjamin Gilmore doktor Benjamin. Homer was looking for a small town medical clinic where he could establish a medical practice while he found it in two thousand and nine doktor Benjamin Gilmore set up shop at the cane creek family clinic, but then was a little weird it out. The clinic was array. Founded and run by a man who shared his occupied and name doktor Benjamin Homer would be the second doktor gilmore to run the cane creek family clinic. The first was doktor vince skill and the two were not related, in fact, never even met before Ben took over the practice and doktor Ben
Men knew very little about doktor vince kilmer, but he did know a couple of things. He knew from the patience and staff. The doktor vince was in fact a very good and caring doctor, but he was also a convicted murder. Then, when patients at the clinic were told that there was a new doktor gilmore. they were weirded out as well, doktor been noticed how many of the patients and staff of the clinic raved about how wonderful vince kilmer. What then heard stories of the caring, generous dependable doctor- and he could
reconcile that impression with what he knew to be true. The events was a violent confessed murder by so he started to do some digging looking into evinces past and even accessing the trial materials doktor been sent a letter to vents and prison. Eight years after the murder and vince row back, but doktor Ben was horrified at the letter he received. It was virtually illegible scrawled across the paper as a written by a child, vince rambled on and on for multiple pages about the effects of ss, are I withdraw? One thing doktor Ben could make out for sure was it? The letter was asking for help the to continue to correspond evinced made it clear in his letters that he believed he needed lex approach or see lex
but was not receiving it in prison. Now a little side no here to discuss these drugs that did vince is talking about in the implications so lax approach, is a drug designed to treat generalised, anxiety, disorder and depression and important neuro transmitter chemical in the body. Serotonin helps to send signals to the brain and is often associated with contentment, or how This, however, serotonin is actually linked to many complex functions and regulates cognition, learn in memory and other processes. If your brain is lacking
in serotonin it can impact your mood antidepressants work to redress this by increasing serotonin levels. These drugs called selective, serotonin, re uptake, inhibitors or assess our eyes for short, are intended to build up in the body overtime, improving, depression, symptoms if you stop taking them abruptly, this could have severe effects, including suicidal thoughts added, asian and even psychosis, so lax approach is an ss. Are. I now that's just my general garage guy understanding of the drugs that we are going to be discussing and how they work. The guy that study computers, tests, his understanding of drugs. Take that with a grain of salt. I guess eventually
act or been in doktor vince? They begin conversing by phone and doktor Ben notice. The Vincent speech was often slurred and he seemed to have extreme trouble articulating what he was trying to say by unless be clear. This is not just a doctor. This is a doctor that is running the entire clinic and he goes from doing that to barely being able to write a letter, barely be unable to talk on the phone top of their vince tells Ben about the uncontrolled movements that he started to exhibit around the time of his arrest and this content You'd anna got worse over time, then decided and in person visit to vans in prison, was in order
and he was shocked at what he saw. Doktor vince, the prisoner looked very ill. He seemed unable to control his bodies, jerking and sudden movements, and he had trouble talking like a normal person was also missing some teeth and he was given and fights all the other inmates right. He vince walked with a shovel. He seemed anxious and paranoid and he was the one that tells them about. Worries of him aggressively attacking other inmates and no one. certain terms in these phone calls and visits. Vince asked been repeatedly: often emotionally for help he was unable to grasp what was wrong with him, and he guessed that it was a deficiency in serotonin. Vince had been asking prison officials years to prescribe him and assess our? I like select, sir, but he was ignored now camps
let's go back and take a look right at the once beloved small town, doktor back in two thousand and four doktor Vincent Donald gill, a burly balding forty one year old, doktor of family medicine worked in fletcher north carolina at a small medical clinics that he founded the rural. Town is about fifteen miles from asheville in cater to the locals. In the somewhat isolated area, but vince wasn't Every day, dispassionate, impersonal, medical service provider is truly a member of the community. Having chosen fletcher as a place he wanted to work and live. He was fully invested in his patients lives and he too, we cared even made house calls, I believe, yeah. He cared to the point that he not only the case his time to meeting with and listening to his patience, but he found a way
to diagnose or treat them even if they couldn't afford it. Some patients receive their medications out of free samples. The doktor got from the drug company. some patients receive along grace periods for their bills or large discounts on necessary services right and then is even some stories of situations where, if a patient couldn't pay at all. Vince would accept bartered goods or services like food or work in trade for the doktor bills, and he even gave free check ups to the local firefighters, which is of and thing right, doktor vince gilmore was known and loved as generous thought, carrying man who would by people presence for no reason or help anybody out at any time. His nickname was bare because he was known to give great big bear hugs,
doktor vince was married to a woman named karen, she was also a doctor and she started the cane creek family health centre with vents and they work side by side there. The couple didn't have children, but they didn't seem to miss that aspect as they stayed quite busy with their practice and socializing with their friends. This included vincent Karen's, close friend in office manager, terry warley, everything seemed to be as normal can be, as american is apple pie there, not until without the trees on yeah this up until now, two thousand and three about one year earlier, when things began to change and the good doctor began to change so how had this caring, beloved small town, doktor morphed into a violent murder, seemingly out of the blue, it seemed to be,
fleetly totally out of character for vince kilmer. What possibly could explain this change while there are some things, that one might be able to point to as possible triggers that may have pushed this man to the limit and then over for one thing about a year before the murder vince was in what can only be explained or described as a serious car accident. He was driving his truck vince hit a light pole and flipped. His truck the vehicle was totalled, invents suffered a significant head injury, fences, office assistant, terry morally solvents in the hospital on the day of the accident, she said at first the vince, it even know who he was right. He didn't recognize his wife or You didn't even know that he was married after a short period of time. Vince was back to his senses.
He was allowed to go home about twenty four hours later, but it was evident that he had hit his head very hard in this accident. much later and strangely terry express express to journalists, Sarah caning of the cereal fame and this american brain that she wondered whether Vincent possibly crashed his truck on purpose. I know this seems very strange, but go with me on this. She was suspicious for a couple, reasons one. She noted that vince was scheduled to take his medical boards pretty soon after this accident. My daily reinstate as it like, I'm guessing that some kind of confirmation of continued occasion orb or keeping up on your knowledge of of your very important job. Yet that's what I think it was: ok, well
She had some suspicion that he couldn't handle that kind of pressure, very well of knowing that these tests were coming up. So he was stressed about that. Also terry said: vince wanted a new truck, but his wife who handled the finances, was telling him now right. So with this accident, he was able to postpone taking his boards and got a new truck. But, of course, I only crossed his life right. Then, of course, there is no evidence that Vinci's accident was anything or any Deliberate, this is just ace, neo, suspect, of some one who knew vans quite well. This simply could just be what it appears to have been an accident. Another thing that happened was vince divorce, his wife Karen right after this accident. According to people who
new the couple this was totally out of the blue yeah, but there are some speculation has I believe she said that there have been some issues. For that year. Terry warley, who we discuss, says Karen, asked vince to consider counselling before you know ending the marriage, but he says no. He doesn't want to do the council. and that he actually already had a place to live and he moved out that week when they start discussing the possibility of counselling. Sometime around this point, it could be just before just after vince starts drinking quite a bit and he is frequenting bars three or four nights a week down. This is weird tooth is a good that this cab bumpers head or, as he does have a mid life crisis. Yes, yes very much and but keep in mind? This is also someone did. No one consider him to be a big drinker. Before this light you know
we're seeing almost a complete shift in impersonality, but I mean have you had a friend that has done that as far as like once they hit middle age, they can go off the deep end for awhile it, usually, though, by a fast car, motorcycle, orb or you'll, see somebody get into a hobby that they have always talked about. Right is given a hobby go into bars.
going to bars and driving a brand new truck right. People close to vince also noticed that he started behaving differently. He was easily distracted and seemed to lose focus very quickly one. They talk a lot about when somebody has an accident, especially when there's head trauma that they can have a shift in personality, hm yeah and and just overall behavior yeah. That's why I've recommended to you to run your head into a wall a couple of times, while one personality, one friend, tells a story in which vince ran over his dog's tail.
His vehicle. This was very likely and accident when he called the friend crying hysterically and what the friend would later say. You know vince was reacting completely disport disproportionately to his two, this minor accident for someone who is a doctor who was too you know stressful situations. It is after the divorce and after the car crash that vents starts He says he started taking lax approach. Now the washington county sheriff told anew. Show that their department they were unable to locate any prescription for lax approach issued to vince gomer. So it seems like
that vince gilmer was self medicating yeah, but if he's given, he could be getting a bunch of free samples, so maybe he's just taken those in any event, the changes in vince people notice them, and they say these were significant. One thing about Ben gilmer
the guy taken over vinci's practice, as he's talking to these patients and learning a lot about them. Some of these patients are coming in and saying no fence was a sweetheart and he loved his wife and the fact that that he'd even want to divorce. His wife is strange and then you're being compared to him. People were saying you look like him. You act like him right, you're, you're, a saint like him and then to hear all these little stories. I didn't have you know maybe insurance, and he and he slot you know, gave me soma samples to get me by. I mean that's what you're hearing when that's what you're seeing every day
and but there is the other side to this doctor, you're almost slight digital and hide well- and this is weird too- I mean it's obviously very weird, but I think everybody out their think about your own personal life in your own work history for a minute. Many of us have walked into a job that we saw them. we're lucky to get hired for, and you are interacting with customers who worked with the person that you were placed. You are working with co workers and bosses of people that worked with the person that you were placed an you. This did it's very normal to hear a lot about the person that that worked at that position before even here situations of you being compared to that person red and The weird thing here is not
Do they share the same occupation not only Do they share the same goals of running this practice of this clinic they share the same last name and the weird thing here- is you have to very smart individuals, doktor vince, kilmer and then doktor Benjamin Gilmore. and you almost have a situation where doktor Benjamin Gilmore is trying to make sense at a what the heck happened to the guy. He replaced here, These wonderful stories from from the the patience and from the staff and I think you can you imagine, being a patient and you're like yeah, I read about ma, am I die there was arrested for murder right and then the next time I go in for a check up, doktor guild, would be in to see you shortly Like blood, we, what are those of praying great? What happened? What have I
Read about that in the paper lattimer out. Why didn't you have doktor bit Benjamin Gilmore who's, trying to make sense out of something that happened to the guy. They see that he's replace. Why things? Some of that, too, is like. We can have a fear of that. I think when you think of of these horror stories are these urban legends. When you look at like the amityville whore, it was this whole thing when the family moves into the house and then the crazy that lived in the house before now. The fathers becoming crazy. Just cite he was soon I mean, and you go on our now. You know like, and so I think maybe part of Benjamin thought was. Am I gonna become the sky right would like that. Doesn't
sound like a sane thought, but no, but who do we've all seen the shining right and I think, doctor Benjamin gilmer. He saw it a lot. I think he referred to it on this american life as there's there's a ghost in this building. There's a ghost in this clinic at the ghost of doctor, vince gilmer or the ghost of something you know he put can't really put his finger or the possible fear of what. If this guy gets out, and does he come looking for me. Does he know about me? I know at him. He's on the inside. Does he know about me and it, and then you have a guy that did some mom pretty insane stuff, and is this guy going to kind of freak out, because a DR gilmer took his Place. Wasn't there even a story where, where some somebody gave some
formation or pass something along to the staff there? That said, hey I heard doktor vince gilmore getting out of prison the soon you like a technicality or some yeah yeah. So could you imagine constantly like double checking that c and e. Don't know this guy you've just seen pictures of him. He never met in person, so that'd be pretty pretty intense. Well, as we said, the changes to DR vince gilmer people notices. They were significant changes in his personality in his behaviour and then the murder happened, and it became even clear that their something very wrong. What doktor vince go if you had the chance to be brought back to life hundreds of years in the future? Would you
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alright, cheers mates and a big cheers to my buddy, Joe, which I got a text last night. They had a baby. Oh congratulations, anna! So I hope everybody's doing well and Joe's a great guy, so cheers to you, Joe alright. I think we have set this up pretty So far, we have talked about doktor Ben Gilmore, taking over the practice him learning about the previous doktor vince kilmer the two sharing letters, phone conversations and Ben even visiting vents and prison. We have talked about some of the event. invincible life that led up to the murder, but we are yet to talk about the murder. So on that in question. This is a Monday jew
Twenty eight, two thousand and four vince gilmore told his office manager, terry to close the clinic early on this day, afterward vince left to drive to broaden hospital brought in hospital is a psychiatric facility located about sixty miles away from morgantown vince was going there to pick up his father fences, father, dalton, Gilmore, aged sixty, was a resident at Broughton. Hoss well now I don't fully know the ins and outs of why Dalton was a patient at this psychiatric hospital, but court records indicate that Dalton could barely walk. He used a wheelchair or walker, and he was an anti psychotic medication that ended. He have some form of dementia Well so one of evinces, former patience later told her,
order that Dalton had alzheimer's brain, so it's possible that that he may have had that or possible. That vince told people He had alzheimer's, but we don't know whether that's the actual case or whether dalton suffered from some different physical affliction or jest mental impairment now. But the key thing here is Dalton needed assistance to perform everyday functions such as bathing eating and getting dressed right. Ok, so apparently vents picked up his father that day as part of a plan, he said to move dalton to a nursing facility, closer to kane creek normally, so that vince could visit his father. More often, on Tuesday june twenty ninth vince return to work at kane creek family medical center. He told terry. You know why the staff members there and others on his staff that he had been
his father, Dalton home with him on Monday, but that Dalton wandered off during the night, and he been able to locate him. Yet I'm vince said that he filled out a he filed, a police report which he which he did, and but this was not technically until june thirtieth. The the report that I sourced says june thirtieth as the date, but vince continue to work as normal that day, seeing his first patient of the day, terry son, for asthma right on schedule at nine, a m he seem completely normal according to those who interacted with him that day, he did not seem at all anxious, are worried, despite the fact that his elderly ailing father was missing at this time. In fact, he complete E g was completely normal. All week, long even taking the staff out launch on friday at a spot that they light called. I knew cheese.
it was while he was at this lunch that doktor vince kilmer received a phone call. This call was from Washington, county virginia sheriffs department, detective mike Martin and forming vince the body have been found in virginia terry warley reported afterwards that, upon hearing this news, vince nearly fainted, he turned ashen and had to lie down on a bench at the restaurant, someone brought him a cold, compress they're trying to tend to the doktor to everyone present. It seemed that vince was reeling from the shock of the loss of his father. He was unable to continue to converse with detective martin and its. did that terry take over the phone call, washington, county sheriff fred newman lay
told the media that vince killers hysterical reaction while he considered this to be over the top. Quoth he was just torn all to pieces more so than was actually normal. He said: authorities made arrangements for detailed of? We also have him over reacting to running over his dogs. Tail! That's true! That's very true authorities made arrangements for detective martin to meet with vince at his home when the time for the arrange meeting between vincent detective martin, detective martin says that vince was polite and composed ask No questions and showing no emotion here is detective and in his own words about what went down in this meeting quote during the interview with MR gilmerton home, he told me that he had brought his father
There are two north carolina to stay with him, on their arrival. The dolphin was so delighted to be there the event until the yards played with the dog throwing a frisbee. I already knew that could not be true, because the people at braun hospital told me that mr more senior could not have walked on his own at any time. He said you don't believe me when I'm telling you, I said no sir, not at all, not in the least. I do not believe you. I said the very questions that any person would be asking in reference to his parents: death you ve, not ass. Which is an excellent indicator that you already know. He wasn't scared, he wasn't agitated. He told me he said. Look you said you don't know who you are messing with. He said I am After of medicine. I
respected in the state of north carolina, and I will have your damn job. I said, sir, it is my job do the investigation, Based on what I know, I will consult with the commonwealth attorney and I will as for a warrant for your rest for murder, when we left, we said, sir, thank you for your time and he closed the door and never said a word, so heated exchanged between the doktor and the detective yeah in interest exchange as well, because what I find fascinating here is you have a very much season detective somebody, that's the done the job for quite some time, and his first reaction is safe.
You know, he's he's saying what he's thinking he saying look doctor I told you that your your father's dad you're not asking certain actions that, through my experience in conducting this job, I'm used to hearing you know again that we always assume how people are supposed to act. no, I know them, but but there's there's some indicators here that are interesting to me right because we don't. We only have this small window of their interaction. This little heated change here. What we don't have is some of the questions and interaction that may have led up to this, but what I'm thinking that the detective finding interesting and that he may have found. His first suspect is look if, if I tell you that your father died,
You don't ask me: well how did he die? That's weird, I know it's gonna be just like Elvis well, that's right on the crap. No, but that's what the detective is simply saying to the doktor. Is that because you're not asking me certain questions that indicate to me that you already know the answer to a lot of these questions that I would expect you to be asking there. I think, there's price. Something else happened even though, because if someone said that my father died or or or a grandparent died, or something like that, there I mean, there's been time's up, people have told me the stuff in- and I don't know exactly what to react. You know like or how to react. So there isn't a reaction of what happened, because on this contemplating plating, crap they're gone you know, but in that we might get to that. Eventually, you know in the sea, exchange, though we have doktor, gilmore, saying hey,
This is what happened when I last saw my father in the detective right, saying: look that cannot be true. It cannot be true that your your father was out playing with the dog. The yard, but based on what I've been told by the people that were taking care of him at the facility that you placed him. That can't be true. The man can't dress himself. He can't feed himself. He can't walk without assist, he's not out the door in the hard thrown the frisbee, what the dog right it seems like they're. There comes a time and my grandpa used to talk about this. All the time is when he'd go to the nursing homes or the facilities where they ever older patients, and they there was nothing there. It could do for the patient, and then they have enough staff to light be one on one with the patient, so it basically get the patient dressed and we all the patient out until
away, yet you make them comfortable, is its rider limits off an awful so now. You- and I will be there in about three or five years- two and a half two and a half at this pace, in the course of this meeting detectives they did search vince, humours home. This was due to a warrant that they brought with them. That day now It was not known exactly what was found, but we do know that the police collected a receipt from local walmart, dated early on the morning of june twenty nine, which showed the purchase of five bottles of peroxide the cops. They presume that this meant that vince had used the peroxide too, mean something up and in combination with the perceived lies about dalton playing frisbee with the dog, the I've had enough for an arrest warrant for first degree murder, which they obtain returned to execute
after the meeting with detective martin and the search of his home by law enforcement. Doktor vince kilmer had not acted like an innocent man. Instead of mourning his father's passing, he packed up some basic camping gear and fled when he was finally found chase down and arrested. He was living in a tent behind a lows home improvement store in the at the asheville. More certainly want to get in touch with nature, but not too far, not to me right. You wanna be closely to go round stir in some public restaurant yeah police force. heaved a tip from an unknown source that vince was hiding out in the area and that's how they tracked him down now when they approached him or attempted to do so. He ran for police through the wooded area behind the lows building hiding
Pine trees, and this is like a dark forested area right. But look in the initial was a confrontation between the detective in the doktor. They have to be seen that something's not right. Not only has he not acting like an innocent man or grieving son he's just act in a little strange as well. They have to see that now we have the this doctor again a doctor. I hate my smart guy right, super smart guy, an guy, that's trained, coming cops and fight.
The fighters are close, that's normally a close knit organization and even though they're kind of separate entities they they know each other really well so they'd hear about him doing all these checkups for free on the firefighters, and now we have the situation where this guy is after his dad is dead and we're. We think, he's our number one I suspect that its murder- he has a tent behind lows and then, when they go to arrest him he's running from them yeah there has to be. Flags well in he's already threaten the detective I mean as soon as the detective is up front says, look man. I don't believe you to put. It is frank, his boss, look man, I don't believe you, the doktor, then immediately, like you said, pointed out good bye, you asleep.
if the guy he immediately jumps into threatening the detective of do you know who I am? Do you know how important I am? I can help I'll have your damn job I'll. Have you fired for this accusation? So we have doctor Gilmore and he is running from the cops yeah. from his little tent site, cite the wooded area in the middle of the night and when police searchers, finally saint in a canine vince charge the dog the police handler, and it was said by an officer on the scene that vince gilmore charge at the officer in canine with absolutely no expression on his face these lucky. He didn't get shot still more was finally apprehended around one a m. So this desperate and somewhat pitiful flight from justice was just the tip of the iceberg. On July, sixth vince kilmer was charged with the first degree murder of his father.
Dalton gomer. What came out about the killing in the arrest shocked every one in the community when Dolen gilmerton by he was found, it was determined that he was strangled to death the impulse. Use was a rope and our topsy confirmed death by rope strangulation, the medical examiner specific equally noted that dalton gomer had been strangled twice. There were two distinct rope marks visible on his throat The body was discarded at the side of good hope road near the virginia tennessee border. washington counting on the virginia side, not five miles from a medical clinic where doktor vince gilmore had previously practice years before the body had been found were it was still, it was still warm by a resident may, who was driving home from the movies just after midnight,
The body was lying, visibly on the side of the road dressed in shorts and a pulled up. T shirt the no shoes no teeth. Now. I do want to make a side note of this, because there doesn't seem to be from the articles. I in their doesn't seem to be any indication that teeth were removed from the victim is very likely that MR Dont gilmore may have had dentures at his old eight. You know, and in these were just removed, but there is also no wall at present. It was quickly identified by clothing.
balls. However, reading Dalton Kilmer right, mrs, is in the hospital death. These these labels were stamped with dolphins, name inside his polo shirt collar, an shorts around the waistband labels that actually his son vince had arranged to have attached to help identify dolphins clothing at these psychiatric hospital from that of the other patients. Vince must have forgotten about these identifying labels, because, before dumping the body he severed all ten of his father's fingers with what some have said to be medical precision cutting off each digit right at the base of the palm. He used what he later described as a little salt. To do this. The instrument has also been referred to as a set of pruning shares. The fingers have never been found
Now the medical examiner determine that it was likely that the advance the killer had an issue he strangled dalton, but that Dalton, still alive and came to an when vince started to sever the fingers. This is probably when he came to grief cause? There was blood on his body and close indicating that his heart was still pumping when some of the fingers were being cut off and brain so vast. The second strangulation right Van strangled him a second time this to come to complete the task. I guess a rubber surgical glove was found in the road near dolphins corpse. So what this is? Yes, very obviously, with the removal of the fingers with the removal of what I believe to be dentures with fire no wall. It is very simply
somebody dumping a body dumping a murder victim by and trying to make it difficult for them to be identified. However, we have the situation where we have the name of the victim stamped on the labels and the clothing. Yeah. Maybe that's says something he forgot about, but obviously, like you said, the removal of teeth could just not have had his teeth on him that day, but the removal of the fingers that I mean that gets me every
Yeah specifies a guitar player. Well that another thing that I find strange about this situation to is now I now I understand that they drove some distance from where he picked up his father, so that indicates further trying to conceal the identity of the victim right. But what kind of shocks me here is the mind you we ve. We both agreed multiple times that we're talking about a smart guy. The murderer is a smart guy and the efforts taken to cover up or high the identity of his father of his victim it? It's all right
shocking to me that the bodies just left on the side of the road that there wasn't some further. You know concealment of that to begin with, but we have again. This is a way out of character, farm anyways to be committing a crime like this, and so this should be at a character. Her, for damn near everybody and not the people on ourselves. This is in character. The there Some other information that started to come out around this time. After, his arrest, one bit of information vince had been his father, dolphins, legal guardian, something that is obviously pretty common in a case where ya becomes incompetent or is living in a facility as part of his guardianship. Vince was in charge of handling dolphins money. This risk
possibility included paying the costs associated with Dalton psychiatric hospital impatient status, but when Dalton was killed, it came out that he owed broughton hospital Four two hundred and seventy thousand dollars vince had not been paying his father's bills. we don't know whether he he kept the money for himself or even other, he ever withdrew it from Dalton. cow at all. Perhaps this is how vince was able to afford possibly cutting his patients. So many break who knows who knows but either way truck yeah either way well, he would have got something from the insurance. I'm guessing but either way he owed a lot of money for his father's care. At the time of this murder, the abbot discos you kill him doesn't mean that bill goes away.
well. Another thing that look bad for vince gilmore was a trip to alaska the planned. Now we I know exactly when he booked this trip, but the timing of the trip coincided with his fathers. being released from the hospital. Now. This is how this has been reported. It's unclear exactly what dates the trip was planned for terry war. Lay the office manager at the clinic says she had booked the round trip, take it to alaska at vince, gilmore request, but detectives discovered that at some point, as some time after that someone had changed the ticket, a one way ticket. Now it's unclear whether vince just decided not to go. Or whether this is probably more likely? He probably had plans of going to alaska and never coming back
They are much better plan than hiding out behind the lows home improvements, or do you think possible a little bit better vacation? The other interesting thing here too, and is later when asked vince said he could not recall having any plans to go to alaska. That's not like you know. It's not like taking a trip down the road it is clear this is going to alaska and booking around trip tonight, but the did he see Believable when I say he don't know about this, I dont now because it there's, I didn't you like an interview or yo interrogation or anything of that process by just the simple statement of saying here we asked about Alaska. We asked about the one way ticket to alaska any basically decision at it
I don't recall any plans having any plans to go to alaska the tricky thing to that makes this a little could be difficult for investigator. is initially the tickets were booked by the office assistant, and I mean evinces offices well she's. She says vince requested this night of her, but I mean it it. Does make it a little tricky now? Finally, investigators on the case said that vince told them that, when he picked up his father from the hospital to bring him to a new Nursing home cause that's what he was supposed to do, and it was supposed to pick him up it brought in hospital and transfer him to another hospital closer to fences home, as we said. Presumably, make it more convenient on the sun, visiting the father.
But later after his arrest, you saying hey, look when I went to pick him up. I promised my father that we would stop. First for a quick lake, kayaking, outing vince said his other, once lived near little wilbur lake in carter, county tennessee evinced thought the kayaking outing would be soothing, would be nice, nice thing to do for his father now, a green kayak was apparently scene in the truck in truck that day, but remember Dalton couldn't walk and reports are that there was no walker found. Ryan detectives were highly sceptical of this kayak story, especially as when vince picked up Dalton. It was already getting toward the evening hours. In fact they
said. Vince had picked up dalton that day with the rope the gloves and saw or pruning shears already, and his truck police believed that this was not a spur of the moment. Killing in their minds, this was pre planned premeditated murder. All right if you need more of the garage check, our old episode, starting from episode, one back in two thousand and fifteen. To cite just yesterday, we were in your hot garage sweating sweating bullet
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