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Tim Watkins /// Part 2 /// 285

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Tim Watkins /// Part 2 /// 285

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Millions of people all over the world enjoy their hobbies, an activity that brings us enjoyment. For Tim Watkins it was hitting the trails on his custom built Mountain Bike. Tim was addicted to his bike and addicted to the scenic trails of Colorado. But all of this was shattered by a brutal and senseless murder. A suspect would emerge, one possibly linked to a much more infamous crime - the Delphi Murders. Could the two killers be one and the same? This week we discuss the case of Tim Watkins. Beer of the Week - Intergalactic Juice Hunter by Odd13 Brewing Garage Grade - 4 out of 5 bottle caps

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let's get right into what we know about Daniel nations. He was born on october, eighteenth nineteen. Eighty five, his Life has been plagued by violence and dysfunction. He never his father who was imprisoned for child molestation. He was is by his grandparents in chechnya, south carolina with visitation to his mother, Rebecca smith, on weekends and holidays in Member of two thousand and two when he was seven years old nations was staying with his mother rebecca
when she was murdered by her brother, James, junior cummings, her body naked, but for underwear and a cast on a broken arm. She suffered in a fight with her boyfriend, was dragged into the woods and covered by leaves rebecca Autopsy revealed. The sheep cocaine in our system and a bit stab twice and had a broken jaw and knows no. since grandmother says she asked nations and his wife to move off of her property years ago and hasn't spoken to him since its clear where nations was between the ages of seventeen and maybe about twenty two or twenty three, but at some point he went into the marines. He was dismissed after about for years for general on honourable meaning performance was satisfactory, but he failed to meet all expectations of conduct for marine during
service in the military nations claims to have developed ptsd severe anxiety disorder. It's possible that these mental afflictions are likely why he would end up being treated leniently by the judge in the hatchet case. But the hatchet case was far from his first run in with the law yak, as nation has a pretty long criminal history, he has convictions for public, indeed, and see in north carolina that stem from two two thousand and seven incidents where he was masturbating in public, deliberately exposing himself to more than one victim, porno louis c k for these. two thousand and seven offences nation served two years in prison and was required to register as a sex offender after his lease? He moved to Indiana where he was required again to register as a sex offender and did so in carol counting, but he failed to register as us.
Offender and Johnson county as required, he had no fixed address was living under bridges and at campsites. Although we don't know if that was still the case during the time frame when the delphi murders took place in two thousand and fifteen name it seems to have really started into a downward spiral. He was arrested in march of two things in fifteen on marijuana charges. He was rested in July for pleasure in himself in, keeping in the story of a woman's restroom at a gas station in india whiskers this a in november. He failed to appear in court for the indeed indecency charge and was arrested and negotiated a one year suspended sense in december he was arrested for domestic battery for an incident where he punched his wife caitlin in the face. Making her nose in front of their children, he served ninety nine days in jail for that offence seems like that
in this parliament to make chances and negotiating things, and they should be in two thousand and sixteen nations manage to be arrested only once good. For him our hear this, As for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, but that that says, when he's top four things do bright. Think about humming I'm surprised, pulled out his law tanker and start in poland. The pod then again trouble for, while this offensive driving without a licence as well and early two thousand and seventeen nations initially checked in with law enforcement weekly, as required by his sex offender status. He checked in on February fourteenth scheduled that is the day the abbey and levies bodies were discovered. He was arrested in
wailed for four days in january of two thousand and seventy have a question for you and he might not know this, but was that the first time he started checking back in, I know he was actually checking in. I have his his extended record. If you want to sew a peek into that for a while, but the overall thing was he was chicken and for awhile it wasn't just the first time he started checking back in well, so My records that I found were related to two thousand and seventeen. They did they. They start in two thousand and seventeen. So on january, thirty, first Daniel nations checked in with law enforcement per his requirement to register as a sex offender. Then he checked and again on february, seventh february, fourteenth when the bodies were found, so he was required to check in weekly and as far as I can find, the his weekly chickens started on the thirty first,
anywhere. That could be incorrect, but we do have regular check ends on the weak weekly as scheduled, ran, starting the last day of january, in two thousand and seventeen, Did he ever more public games afflicting lucky? I don't believe so, but he He still had run in with the law, so you know that the real Big time in question will be february thirteenth in february, fourteenth wind when the girl are missing when the bodies are found. We know he checked in on the fourteenth and we also know that he did serve for days in jail in February this, for failure to peer in an earlier eviction case right He was released after those four days. Any did continue to check in notice, buying of a change of address to the greenwood motel in Indiana. This was on April twelfth. He was right
it again on April, twenty fifth for marijuana possession and a driver's license violation, and he failed to appear in court as required in July, two thousand and seven Now this is because on may twelfth he checked out of the greenwood. Tell in as he says, he went to call a radio on that day right. But we can be a hundred percent sure of that when Abby and Libby were killed. On february. Thirteenth Daniel nations was working for a construction company in zionsville indiana, which about an hour's drive from delphi during his time I'm living in Indiana nations, rented various apartments and people who interacted with him had some choice. Words to say about it. Now Tom! Well we'll get into that. Tell me what this nations caitlin in his kids in their kids, I'm sorry were evicted by Bernice rigs,
after racking up one thousand dollars and property damage, another landlord randy hamilton rent. Nations and his family house in martens will hamilton, and he had this this. About the annual nations quote, he's a damn, not I'll tell you there the weirdest person I've ever met in my life. He had zero tolerance temper, he chop trees, in a chair with a hatchet in a fit of anger. Hamilton said a woman who employed nations on her farm and martens veil. She told CBS danver that well, he was definitely not a good guy and he, very bad temper. He trash the apartment, she rented him frequently became violent destroyed property and even threatened one of her family members with a hatchet and this woman, I want to say that I got so bad that she had to get police and the courts involved to have him forcibly removed by court order
Here's this lady train, a random out of place, trying to give him a job. He destroys and then he won't even leave now and it actually appears that before even before he was arrested in colorado, didn't She was being looked at as a potential suspect in the delphi case, from what I can It looks like on July, eighteenth of two thousand and seventeen. The indiana state police began investigating nations because he failed to check in since April of this year and he departed from his known address the the motel what we now know that they would find him in colorado, this being in september of two thousand and seven seventy. Pursuant to that, about his similarity to the delphi suspect sketch at that I am of tim watkins murder, nations and his wife
If Caitlin in there, too little kids were living out of their car and at campsites throughout colorado nations, brother, edward lyle, had been assaulted and murdered in colorado springs in early two thousand and seventeen he was kicked in the head by steel. Toe boots, Edwards murderer, Matthew, stroker was sentenced on the same day that TIM watkins was killed. in this murders, lenient sentence of only sixteen years, some have speculated, could have caused nations to go off. The deep and lash out at the first person that he saw were they happened by now. when nations was arrested in colorado. There is an interesting side no right before he was arrested. He and caitlin pond in unknown item at a local pawnshop now, presumably
It was something not link. A ball to two markets or police would have noted that, right, if those of the pawn shop as honest Oh, this is where I had his his some of his description, Daniel nations physical description, its worth noting that the arrest of everyday with listed nations as being a hundred and seventy pounds with brown eyes and hair and his residence was listed as transient. So I didn't pay him just from seeing the mug shot. I didn't peg him for a hundred seventy pounds, but still probably not as big as what the bridge guy looks like our shit ways. Low more caitlin told wife, Caitlin, told colorado investigators at the time-
She was that she not nations, was the owner of the twenty two rifle that she purchased it. She says for protection after their car was broken it You and Caitlin had her own problems as well and was wanted in the carolinas on a failure to appear in court for what I I don't know right, but just because she has ownership of the gun or claims of an ownership of the gun. You know, nations has access to the gun. Yes in that's what's so tricky about this, and then you have the added factor of the lenient sentence for his brothers murderer. you all right, so we have a guy like that, your motive breakdown and in its in its simplest for we have a guy that is described by everyone. Before hearing it's the colorado he's described by people in indiana as a strange that has a horrible violent temper by you
come nuts yeah and that's not just because it goes round shown ever bay. His nuts, not some clever nick, so we have this guy that that has a known, violent temper. Then, on time, that we know that he has access to a gun to a firearm on this, aim day that watkins went missing, his brother gets this lenient sentence for I mean, as brothers murder gets a lenient sends s eyes. but like justice does not done my brother was killed. Justice should be done all you're, not gonna, do justice. Gotta go, kill somebody and see how you like that. Yet I may work we're discussing a guy that doesn't reason well with with anything you know to the point of waving a hatchet at people, Do we have a situation where he's out and then of nowhere and comes across this biker. Tim walk ins all by himself and decides to take out all of his anger and fresh
variations on just some random stranger yeah, because we know that tim would confront somebody if he thought some instruments have been wrong and so was nations doing something and then TIM said: hey buddy. I can do that here. You don't shoot your gun, overhear khazars people write and thereby and then nation this lost it. You also have to wonder too, could the the shot that took out to walk ins tyre on his bike? Could that have just been an accidental thing right and then and then walking? might fly off off the chain, their real, quick it because we're talking about expensive bikes, we're so talking about a guy that we have his wife saying, hey yeah, he would you worked hard. Any work did these bike repair shops and at these by shops and so on and so forth, but money seemed to be an issue inside their marriage? Does did why Kids finally have enough of it saying to himself you. I've spoke to I've been.
It's about this as long as I could have possibly been nice By this I mean I've. Confronted many people that have been out here illegally, shooting our guns and now this year who accident. Let's just strong. My bike, and maybe he's so friendly when he approaches this person be nations or somebody else our shot just have been an accident that lead to two, a road each situation where, where that one and holding a gun and the other ends up being a murder victim right again, how far as off this trail with a flat tire than you. Gonna carry this bike back suits you could be super pissed ends temper of two thousand and seventeen Daniel nations was being looked at by colorado law enforcement for the TIM watkins case, as well as the hatchet men sing allegations and the possible can with the murders in delphi. Now
seems to be in a lot of hot water as a potential suspect in to murder cases. For one thing they El Paso county authority, seemed very interested in him for the tim, walking murder Unbelievably, although investing There's questions the question questions about walk. They say they thought investigated him? He never named him as a suspect in tim's murdered my problem as we have reason to believe that it was a twenty two used in his death. We have nations with the ability to have a twenty two so that lines up, but also that we have tests that can't be run on these guns were on the bullet, the only thing that's going to seem to really stick here is the hatchet charges where You know a nation's denied through. Anyone with a hatchet. He told authorities that he was just yet
at people and shaking his fist fur. But there, it found in his car and the multiple witness were, ports, we have multiple witnesses, reporting the same thing, seem to clearly be enough to bring the charges against the sky, buys a life criminal army can't believe what he says. Three months after his arrest prosecutors, cut deal with nations that allowed him to plead guilty to one felony menacing charge and the weapon, Possession charge and he actually received no jail time for this. He got three years pro asian in while the problem I have with this turn. Turkey is that he keeps getting these chances. It seems like an chances that most people shouldn't get, and I just wonder if they're like you, you said it is there something with a military, ptsd or or then, where, whereas there something in the file that their being so lenient, because I mean be an honor.
Been out in the woods and threatening people with a hatchet should be taken serious. Well, I am certain that it probably why I wonder if we have a situation where there is extenuating circumstances here that re that ok, so we're talking about an area that people probably travel to to stay, be it for care, bing or any other reason. I why if some of these people that he threatened, if they were out of towners, these are people that you would need to testify against him in court I mean who knows what their level is personally are they were. to travel out of town take a day off of work to testify against the sky. Meanwhile, they might have the prosecutor telling them there's not going to be a court date because he's going to plead guilty and therefore I think that we have this. This plea deal that worked out
It was probably fairly lenient. Coming from the prosecutors and but again it it could be his. Of his background may have led to it being what is ultimate? I think I don't see how anybody can look at it other than a lenient sentence. Yeah, it's almost will say: he's guineas free passes out of jail. Here you detectives, told him walk, family that they had no evidence to link nations to the murder scene. Ballistic test were inconclusive because the bullet inside watkins was too deformed to match to a possible murder weapon and according local media dna tests were also inconclusive, though it unclear whether nations submitted deal, or what dna might have been found. If any. In any event, nations was released from jail colorado in january, two thousand and eighteen would just probation he.
remains among multiple. That's air quotes. Multiple people of interest in the case said Kurt smith. In EL paso, sheriffs did does. He says quote. It would be nice if he gave a truthful statement to police and he can. He had saying that's about the best thing he could do for himself to exclude himself from the tim walking murder case yeah, but in the end It's not gonna be done with them, and they're gonna extradite him from colorado yeah. That's because he's Sing charges and three counties for, among other offences, failure to register as a sex offender and possessed. Of marijuana now for this he pled guilty serve some time in multiple jails in, Lee July he returned to colorado springs to that area, to try to regain custody of his children who were taken by children. Services
and were now the subject of a custody dispute between Daniel nations and his wife caitlin, who had divorced him nations gave a lengthy sorrowful interview to colorado springs gazette in august, in which he call The watkins allegations preposterous and said quote: I'm not what they made me out to be an quote. He told the paper that he wants to clear his name, that he is a victim of all the rumour and speculation about delphi and the mouth herman incidents nations admitted only to illegally possessing a firearm and for failing to register as us. Offender in colorado. He said he took the plea deal in the hatchet case, just to avoid jail time. that he did not threaten anyone with a hatchet. And nation said he has too much self respect as former marine to dress sloppily, carry extra.
wait and have a longer hair, like the delphi, composite sketch suspect. He also said He has an alibi. He was at his wife's alter sound, the day of the delphi murders and that he gave his dna to the indiana state police now It is worth noting that Caitlin did apparently have an altar sound appointment that day, but she says she thinks nations was with her, but cannot be certain, Well, nations also told the newspaper that his children are his life and that any run with people in the cholera woods he may have had were because he was trying to protect his kids Mountain bikers were zooming by too close to their tents, so he placed logs on the path and had a confrontation with one writer. While he happened to be holding a hatchet
the episode on the road he said was when another car almost ran them off the road endangering his family. He admits having anger issues, by his ptsd, but says that he would never, tat any one, but we know he attacked his wife Caitlin. Who has said that she is afraid of him. She said publicly she's afraid of it. If you had the and to be brought back to life hundreds of years in the future. Would you take it wonderings, newest podcast, frozen head home, by ashen. Alina of the hit show morbid, tells the true story of lawrence pilgrim, a lifelong scientist who plan for death his entire life because for him death, In the end, it was just the beginning.
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for all of our old episodes. Were there wasn't last between us go to this to trap, downloaded it's free and check out. Our bonus weekly show cut off the record on sticker premium. Yes, yes, we are like howard, stern and robin quivers leave. They ve had to separate us our so where we left off was the they basically said. We don't think nations was involved as far as tim's death, or at least they can't connect him to the crime scene ray and so were taken them back to indiana, because there's possibility he's involved with the delphi martyrs but he'll eventually move back to colorado or at least go there to attempt to gain custody of his children. What we do have is some statements from police regarding
Could Daniel nations have been involved in the deaths of abbe in libya, and this comes from october? Third, in two thousand and seventeen and the indiana state police stated that they could not specifically include or x. Food, Daniel nations as a suspect in the delphi homicides may, but on the anniversary of Liberty, germane in Abigail Williams, death. This is in february of two thousand and eighteen. The state police superintendent carter announced nations was quote, not a person that we care a whole lot about at this point in time and quote they went on to say that until the perpetrator is caught, nations will technically remain a person of interest in the case, but Carter said that they ve talk too many
sins of interest and identified. These persons of interests have been identified in thirty thousand tips right, and he stated that we feel confident that there has no involvement for those of you who believed that nations resemblance to the sketch is uncanny. That can be hard to swallow and I and I know that he remained and probably will remain a suspect in that case. As far as you know, the internet sleuths go in in that population right Here's the thing, though, that's tricky about the delphi case bout, Daniel nations as being a possible suspect. Is there any reason to believe I mean it doesn't take much to jump to the leap that possibly there was dna found in the delphi case in that they took a sample.
from Daniel nations and excluded him yeah. That's the speculation right I mean we don't know for certain if there was dna that was found in that case, but you know if there was, I mean for for them to say that he's we. What was the quote he's he's, not someone. We really care a whole lot about at this point in time there regarding their investigation, I'm guessing they dont, because if they did, they tested him and he didn't match than they would say. We cleared this individual needs time to move forward, but I'm we speculated from day. One, whether or not they had dna and the delphi, Murders and I'm saying they don't because all these guys it keep coming forward as possible suspects It takes some time normally a couple weeks and then they say we're not really interested in that person. There not clearing people or you can clear people if you have dna right and I just don't think they do
Well, the other thing to I've heard Daniel nations voice in several interviews and it does it line up with the audio that we have from the delphi murders. That's in my on the hill clip bright in that's just in my untrained ear. I want to throw caviar out there that I think that the audio clip from the delphi case the down the hill clip. I almost feel like it's too fast shore to really trying to line up with the with somebody else's. You know couple of their voice from something else, the their thing to which would be difficult for Daniel nations, to be the perpetrator, certainly throws a ranch in the possibility, is ok. So our hats, we have this questionable alibi. Was he at the altar sound with his wife that day? Or was he not right, she's afraid of him too? So she made him the stuff up
well, but no she's, the one that says I I don't. I can't say for certain that he was right. She says I think he was. But I can't say one hundred percent, but are they they normally have multiple times? Were they to an ultra sound. So that's where she could be confusing, where they will was he at that one or was it a different? One thing? That's not in question is she did have one scheduled for that day. That seems to be. that's, been combed over. You know in and looked through already that did happen. There was one scheduled for that day, so, where I'm going with this is, let's say if he was there. Then that excludes him. He as he has a legitimate alibi. He couldn't have been right, the bridge guy yeah, but if, if he wasn't there with her the thing that put the throws a wrench into that investigation as him being a suspect. Daniel nations in his wife, Caitlin they shared a vehicle, and he
quite a ways away from delphi? if she was at the altar sound with their vehicle, and he was not. He may still not have had the ability right to transport himself. the delphi area. How did he get there right now so that it becomes a big question and I know that Daniel nations his whole thing and a hijacks, this storytelling, of TIM watkins case, and if I mean really does it really overshadowed to walk in case and, of course, the delphi case. was national new said, but I think its irresponsible and in the tim lockets case to even rule daniel nations out, why don't you I don't think you can and- and I know that I dont think their statement.
I mean we're not talking about an area that has a ton of crime and yes, there's people shooting guns a lot so there's multiple possibilities of an accident shooting that is then taken to the next level, but we have a crazy guy That's what people call him. That's what people that new and common not he's in that area and he is threatening people without a violent weapon, and on top of that he has access to a gun that can, in some ways life within a couple bullets and the heats the number one suspect and the team. Why can case as far as I'm concerned and enough law enforcement doesn't have leads, and they have nothing to go on gil back around again with Daniel nations and see if you can come up with something right right and I don't think that they've
cleared him. You know because they their stay right. Just simply, we cannot connect him to the crime scene. We have nothin linking him to the crimes. one, the which doesn't mean we're there like nope. This is in our guy. still leaving that door open right and there could be Man knew that they're gone down and trying to connect him too, that there are just not making public, Now tim walk murder case. Is it still considered an open case? I don't. I don't know that it's been technically ruled a cold case at this point and I nowadays. That's not really a phrase the investigators like to throw around- and I think of case right, and I think it would be irresponsible to do so and they Here's what we do know that the more than two hundred fifty leads came into the El Paso county, sheriffs following the shooting, including the most recent substantiate them. There was up. There was some hope for this case,
in march two thousand and eighteen there was a. They publicly stated that there was a lead, came in that they were very interested in my yes, is that it didn't didn't go anywhere because I'm, here. We are a year later in that doesn't seemed too. have materialised into anything yeah that the term cold case that that's point more for hollywood and that kind of thing, but I gather doesn't see, might you they have much to go off of, and especially when you can't test the bullets, I mean that's a big piece of evidence and you take some like nations. Are you take anybody that caliber brainless say that would
possibly be able to go from an accidental shooting to homicide. You're talking about his bodies. Fifty yards him watkins by was fifty yards roughly from his bicycle and they didn't find him and they were searching form right. So hopefully, one day some ace hiking or writing their bike and they stumble upon a gun.
and maybe that will be the big break because, with all this less less to say, Daniel nations had another gun that he he could have easily disposed of this gun. And if somebody was if somebody was of the right mind, while I can't say that because there would be a murderer, but if they're trying to actually cover up the fact that they murdered somebody your again, it's vastness where he could bury a gun and nobody's gonna find well. We also have that we still have the law suit to get through. This was one that was brought forward by the gazette by the newspaper now, because there's some interesting stuff that is brought to light due to that sue so on July twentieth. This is of two thousand eighteen of last year in the course of time,
de mony during the lawsuit initiated by the gazette. Member there seeking the release of TIM wilkins autopsy reports This paper was looking for information as to the number of shots, the bullet, trajectory and distance in any wounds to the body. Prosecutor and top investigator on the case. Both testified during this lawsuit and during their toes two mony. They said that unless new clues, surface and arrest is unlikely. All authorities hope that someone comes forward with new information. The hunt for wagons, killer or killers has otherwise potentially turned into a cold case. Did This is what we talked about last week captain, when you- and I first started talking about him- why
in case- and we actually have had his case on the books for what a handful of weeks, if not a couple months them, and so we kind of briefly looked into this, as we were leading up to this week. But last week was the first time that you- and I spoke about it and are in our interesting weekly meeting, it we hand where I become a psychopath and pick up the phone and give your call and like they used to do in the eighties. I feel we have a couple of scenarios here that are possible, and so a lot of times. Look I like to look at things like this either when, when you have, when you have, when you go to a crime scene, let's say you have a thing. Items that you could find that could lead to evidence, but Some sense, if you have nothing there. That, too, is evident. So what I like
do as when we look at these cases, not just look at the case itself, but look at the investigation to try to get some insight into maybe law enforcement who have the details of the cases that no the specifics about the cases? What what they working what angles are they working to try to for us on the outside? Looking in to figure out what is likely has happened here, and I really feel like the holding back of the autopsy. A kind of in this is this is not going to be. This is gonna be a bit. Debbie downer moment, I think, for the investigation, but again this just my speculation. I think that the holding, Back of the autopsy to me shows that they law enforcement might I firmly believe that this is a stranger on stranger attack there,
the stranger on stranger murder, and that they need to hold back. Why little information, the murderer would have that. Nobody else would have right and regulate confess right if they, if they happen along if they happened to come across the right person, the actual perpetrator and they get into a siege, nation, where their questioning them to go, information that only he or she or they could deliver, and why I say that this is probably a Debbie downer moment, for I believe for the investigation is it the stranger on stranger attacks are so difficult to solve. These cases are in I mean you, a regular murder case can be quite difficult on its own, but then you fool during that they have the to have
Connection to one another, the victim and perpetrator have no connection to one another other than they happen to be in the same place at the same time when the murder occurred and if they can't get any ballistics from any other gunshots. That's I mean now you can't even link your victim to a possible. murder weapon so fortunately I feel like and leslie and of talking to the right person or like they say. Unless new clues come to the surface, as the public comes forward and says something? Then this case might go cold. The other thing, though, here and now put in a little criticism if, in fact, they do know what kind of caliber of gun was used. I think the law enforcement should release that information and
say that, because that might be the only thing that you can connect your perpetrator to this crime, because if you're asking the public for Maybe somebody can remember look this happened. This likely happened when most people would have been at work. It was during the during the daytime during the week, so They are a wife out there somewhere or a relative or a friend out there somewhere. That knows, you know what I remember talking to so, and so They told me they were going out to this area and to to sport shoe that day now and they took their gone. Oh I've been out hunting with him or her. I've been out. I've been out shooting with this individual and they have that caliber of gun, while at the very end, I could call it in and say: hey. Look this persons a good. I believe they are good person, but I just want could be aware they own that albert gun, they told me they were.
port shooting in that area around that time I mean yeah- is it? Is it the significant breadcrumb trail that you would hope for now? But it's also a lead. It's one more person to talk to that something right right. So I hope that if they do have if they know the calibre of weapon that was used in this murder. I hope that they come out and tell us at some point They might not need to release the entire autopsy. For us to have that information. It could still be helpful. The thing with the autopsy, though, and we talked about some speculation where somebody interviewed our view, the kind of described what they saw when they were there when they found tim's body, and I think what were probably another thing that the kindest suggests to me.
Did this might be stranger on stranger, we talked about the scenario of watkins, possibly approaching this individual right. Well, the person in the interview said that there was possibly a gunshot wound to the hand that to me almost seems, like I mean, can you kind of sure that your head captain, where maybe that the first shot is an accidental shot. The hits the front or hits the tire of tim's bike tim gets off the bike and decides to approach the such an rat, and then they raise they are gone and as it actual reaction, you're gonna do a couple thinks you're gonna hit the deck, you're in IRAN or you're, going to put your hand up
and I wonder if he confronted the person or saw that that to me kind of points to the the the suggestion that he was looking and facing the person as they row as as they raised the gun to him. Yes, it's sad overall, though, because TIM seemed like such a great guide seemed like somebody, like you said in his sixties, but somebody that you'd love to hang out with have a beer with yeah. Well, those those type of people that are very passionate about something they can be inspiration they can be. Operational. When when you meet them and when you speak with them, you know one of the reasons. Why will have gone the crown Cobb right? It's not so much the than you know you could have a beer with TIM and you'd, be like man, I'm getting right into mountain biking tomorrow, it's more so that you see somebody that so involved in something that they love and care about, that it could simply inspire you to die further into something that you love and care about something that interest you.
Now one thing we didn't go into much detail of, but I think we should discuss it here. Captain is the other cyclist there was shot in colorado there was no connection, or at least there's never and announced connection to tombs case to the other case. cyclist, shooting in colorado, correct, so the details, case, or this in may of two thousand and fifteen john g cobby was murdered while biking on ro road in windsor colorado near fort collins. He was shot twice sometime around ten fifteen, a m. The caliber of bullets has not been. Least jacoby was known throughout town as a friendly, grocer grocery store clerk and power system worker, any road is bike everywhere there.
Seemingly no motive or reason for the jacobus murder police have forensically linked this case to in April, two thousand fifteen shooting of course romeo, I'm sorry romero, as she was driving on harmony road in fort collins, about five miles from where Jacobus shot. These incidents took place two years prior to TIM, watkins, death and a hundred fifteen miles away from palmer lake, but both of these. So these cases very far were are pretty far but they have been forensically linked together and they both are unsolved. To this day now and then again, you wonder is thereof loan sniper somewhere and there are other shooting that have not been reported because they ve been. Mrs and people took it up,
you know what the idea that has on a tray on a man, a bullet almost hit me well what that bullet accident, or was it purpose well and then maybe possibly a different gun used in this right and walk in case most recent development and walk in case the trail head too ball canyon off of me herman road where tim was found, was blocked off again with crime scene tape. Put up this in august, two thousand and eighteen nearly a year after tombs, murder right now, the alps. So county, sheriff's office, spokesperson, Jackie Kirby would not confirm whether the activity was we're late to the watkins case. Only saying that the crime tape and trail closure is part of an active investigation. We can read between the lines mean A year ago, someone put up a sign along the trail near where tim was. on reading to whomever
killed him walk ins leave a time in date and location. Let's finish this up, you will not. when this is not your mountain, this is our mountain. This is tim's mountain. The sign is no longer there, but the frustration remains rest in peace. to mark or colonel. Do you have any recommended reading? Why captain? Yes, sir? We, This week we are recommending shallow graves, the hunt for the new bedford highway serial killer. This was actually a gift book that I'm holding right here. Somebody sent me this for christmas and I, failed to bring along with me. Their name you know who you are. You know who you are, that's right, I'm talking to you and thanking you, but
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