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Tionda & Diamond Bradley /// Part 1 /// 672

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Tionda & Diamond Bradley  /// Part 1 /// 672 

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Sisters Tionda and Diamond have been missing for over twenty years now. Their mother left the two little girls home alone on work day in the summer of 2001. When she returned home, the girls were gone and a note was left saying the two had gone to the playground. Tionda was ten years old and Diamond was just three. This week we go through the complicated timeline of events surrounding their disappearance. This case has been labeled missing and endangered. We believe the girls may have been abducted by someone they knew. The F.B.I. asks that anyone with information about the disappearance of Tionda and Diamond Bradley contact the Chicago Police Department detectives at 312-747-8380 OR your local F.B.I. office. The family’s private detective can be reached at 847-579-9771.

National Missing Children’s Day is Thursday, May 25th, 2023.  True Crime Garage has worked with and continues to support The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC).  To help in the fundraising efforts to bring kids home and to make sure that every kid has a safe childhood please join us in our efforts by going to our giving page


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In new orleans, twenty twelve bruce twelve here chair, I drove to an address some one had given him that didn't exist. Ass. He stood in the park. Lot, where the address should have been, he was shot and killed, I'm You d umbra join me for the newest season of counter clock. As I die, The motive behind bruces murder, a series of events that have never been fully investigated until now. Binge all fourteen episodes of counterfeit season, five, wherever you listen to podcasts this spring transform your outdoors
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Welcome true grab garage where you are, whenever you're doing states where listening I'm your hosts naked whitby as always, is a man. was nearly swallowed alive by a pack man machine here is the cap
It's gonna be seen good to see you thanks for listening thanks for town of france, this week in the garage. We are drinking down time, wheat from the good folks over a bulldog brewing company. Downtime is a refreshing. Lee hopped american wheat beer. Bolder he's a microbrewery, and you can always find some very unique beers at the micro brew houses across this great land. Downtime is light smooth little multi fibre sent a b the garage great for a quarter, bottle caps out of five and hear some thanks and praise to some of our good friends for helping us philip. The fridge this. We must not be shot out, renee from awkward bog, long island and a big. We like a gypsy teresa, a yellow in oakland california, If you want to get a nice jim from the cap in just go to true crime garage
doc click on the pint glass and leave a little nation for the beer run. be w the bar you in beer, IRAN, colonel. That is enough for the beers right. Everybody gather around grab a chair, gravel beer. Let's talk some true grow the The The Recent analysis of missing children cases over the course of a two year period tells us that there is hope.
out there, three thousand one hundred and forty seven children were recovered after being missing for six months or longer. One hundred and fifty one children were recovered after having been missing for a decade or longer, while those numbers are delightfully surprising. Please keep in mind that ninety eight percent of these cases involve children who either ran away from home or were abducted by a family member, but that still leaves two percent two per cent of the missing kids, who were abducted by a non family member who were recovered return to their home and to their families. That's over. Sixty kid you got to come home. Family abduction cases have the longest average time missing. With an average time,
three hundred and twenty six days versus cases of runaways, which the shortest time missing and sixty one days. And then there are the cases, we talk about here in the garage cases. They don't exactly fit either of those descriptions, maybe a case like today's. There is help out there for parents and families of missing kids and equally important. There is assistance and educational tools out there. to help parents and families prevent this sort of thing. Organizations are truly only exist due to the effort to keep our kids safe. One of the best organizations I know of is a national centre for missing and exploited children or knickknack Every child deserves a safe childhood on the
winning of July six, two thousand and one and when one call came into the chicago police, the collar was a woman and she was calling to report Her two young daughters were missing chicago pity: Cedric bailey special victims unit detective was working. The night shift Cedric caught the call it was sent to the mothers apartment bailey, headed out of the thirty five hundred block of south cottage grove on the south side of chicago Once there he met with the female called the apartment was low skating in the late grove village complex the mother of the two girls tracy bradley, said the her daughters ages. Ten and three were missing for several hours.
the last time she had seen them. According to her statement, the two were at home, safe in the apartment. When Tracy returned, she found the apartment empty. No girls, just note in this ignited, one of the largest missing child cases in the windy city's history, two beautiful little girls to loving sisters to yonder and diamond bradley are still missing, and this This programme garage. The the
This is rather the chicago son times article dated october twenty three two thousand and seven cedric bailey special victims unit detective got a call from downtown on the night of July six, two thousand and one that's a call that he will never forget. Two little girls were missing, but that's not the only problem that Cedric had with the information that was coming to him. That night, it was nine p m friday night, when he got the call at minimum. The call came in to Chicago pd, two hours prior, maybe more depending on which report you choose to believe even more disturbingly. The two girls were missing for several hours before the call was even placed for detective bailey right out of the gate. There was going to be a lot of horse shit to sift through. The detective was angry at all of the time that had passed. The search for
two missing girls was going to be a battle. The uphill kind- and he was not sure who was trying to help the search or who was trying to hide something the girls were missing, and there was no doubt about that: their mother Tracy had been looking for them for several hours and even enlisted the help of family, friends and neighbours the search was officially on. According to the police, a search of the apartment in the surrounding areas proved that this was a legit call. Was solid reason for great concern. One of the biggest problems tiana aged ten and her little sister diamond aged three were last seen at approximately six a m. morning. They wore reportedly left alone by their mother ass. She went off to work, tracy brow these initial call to police
he came in about six p m or seven p m again, depending on which report you listen to. Some of this time could be counted for because Tracy, along with some family and friends, we're looking for the girls and for some of that time probably believed that they would find them this in part, due to a no left by the oldest girl to yonder, the note said that the two sisters went to a nearby elementary school playground and then too near by store, however, no one could find them at either location, while the detective knows as well as we know that, no matter how small you are no matter what age you're at you don't just disappear into thin air
according to some treated tracy, the mother, almost like a suspect from the beginning. She was questioned four times in the first few days of this investigation for a total of twenty two hours so that night, that she is there to answer the detectives questions. While they are searching for the girls on that friday night, the detectives talk to tracy bradley for two hours that night the initial story, that tracy told police well captain- and we don't like to hear this a chair. changed several top plus fish tracy does not hide from this fact. In fact she admits this. Does she changed her story, saying that she was worried that she would lose her kids, though she told the truth right out the gate truth was it she left them home alive While she went to work that day,
while these investigations may are double edged sword, because we know statistically the younger the victim, the more likely hood somebody in the family or to make close to them, have to remind ourselves when we have a young victim, we have a smaller, sir, or they have a smaller social circle than what mirror the colonel would have. so it's not add a line to start questioning people close terms, especially their mother, but it's the mothers job is the parents job to protect their child, and so, when you're being questioned by law enforcement, you want to be honest. You want to be honest in a situation like this, because it's its emergency situation, so what
some of the other stories that their mother was was telling long force real, quick captain before we get into that. I should clear one thing up here that this apartment, where tracy and her children lived together. There are supposed to be five people living in this apartment, so it's Tracy bradley and her four daughters. She actually has two daughters that are older than to yonder and diamond now, on that Thursday night hurt Older daughters were staying at her mothers apartment, which is very near by but Tracy tells police, and this is her for story that two yadda and diamond they were at her house on thursday night. They went to bed as usual on July fifth, the other two girls again staying at their grandma's house. She says that, on that eddie: she slap until eleven, a m and when she got up diamond indiana were gone so she'd, look for them and then called the police
again part of the problem. With this story is she saying this on up at eleven a m. This phone call is made at six p m or seven p m according to differ. ports, so that's a lot of time to go by if she wakes up and they are gone yeah. If I woke up in the morning and my children are not there, especially young children, your car police right away, her revised worry Tracy admitted that she got up and left for work at six. A m and diamond anti ana were asleep at this time. Otto was enrolled in a summer school program at a near by elementary school, but she was not going to be going to that ram that day, because she had to stay home to watch her little sister. The three year old diamond tracy says it. She got homes time between eleven and eleven thirty a m, and when she came home, the girls were gone. That leads us to store number three
third story. She said essentially the following, and this is taken from an actual media interview quote. I was at home during the time when they would in this ominous struggle at this cause are her words quote. I at home during the time when they was there. I had to be at work at six thirty or quarter to seven, so I left the house about six thirty to make it to work, to a quarter to seven to meet the troop that I have to put that. I have to put out for to feed the kids at the graham that I work at. So my work schedule is from seven a m to new, so I get off at twelve o clock and I'd say I made it home about twelve o clock, twelve thirty, something like between that time. So, when I got in come in from work, I put my key in the door and I unlocked my door and I called for
t, honour and diamond saw. I didn't get no response, so that was a story that story number three, that she said to the media to clear something. Up here, captain Tracy bradley works near by. In fact, she works at the large apartment comp It's where her mother lives and they run like summer programme because remember summertime. The kids are home from school. They run summer programme, where they have workers, come in that over some of these kids, it's kind of like a summer camp. One of her job duties is to get there a little early or to seven, and she prepares lunches inside such for the kids that attend this summer programme and she watches these children and stays till noon.
So when you hear these times right, she sang a lot of times that are very close and proximity. You know I I left it six thirty to be there at a quarter till seven. I get off work noon, so I got home at noon or twelve. Thirty! That's because this her work is very close by it's. It's practically walking distance from where her apartment is yeah, but even if you take all three of her stories, don't you find it odd that it's taken her out. wars to contact law for yes, I do number one but number two that supports you also have to keep mine. I'm sure some of those minutes were gobbled up by her and her family, trying to locate her girls and problems, thinking that they might even be able to gather make sense. In the fourth story, we get story number four. She admitted that her boyfriend george Washington in this was not the founder of our country. Was there
her hand her apartment. That morning he came over between three and four thirty, a m according to tracy and drove her to work after six a m. This raises all kinds of right. We have a bunch of questions and I am sure that police have the same questions as we do first off. Why did she lie? I am part believe in that. We have a scenario where Maybe she thought my kids are missing. It's legit ive done anything wrong. It doesn't. Essentially matter exactly to the story of how they went missing, where they may be. As to what I was up to prior to calling the police, it doesn't look favourable to her that she's telling different stories, but we're going to do
into that here, just a second, but for law enforcement to do a proper investigation. They need to know the truth, because if she has gone to work multiple times with leaving her children at home, that is a schedule or that's a routine that other individuals would know in the family so or people that were close to home. So those individuals that know that scheduled note. pattern, become people of interest that law enforcement would want to talk to exactly, and we have also all kinds of questions your captain one. Why do we have two daughters staying at grandma's and not the other two the one girl, the oldest won t on it. years old is supposed to be going to a summer program or to a summer school class that day so. that equation, you really only need a sitter for one child, the three year old, but his as I see made a decision to have that.
near old watch the three year old leave them both home alone at my head. If, if, if she's working this summer program at a near I apartment complex. They her grandmother lives at my head goes to why not just bring the two kids with you or Let tiana go to her class or her summer school program that day and take the little three, Her old with you, I'm sure it wouldn't be the first time that mother or father got stuck with a tiny little kid and how to bring em with them to work on it on a single day, let's introduce sheila, happily berber hers, Sheila bradley she's, our champion here, captain she's, a missing girls, great aunt, and she has been extremely vocal and a wonderful advocate for both of these girls since day, one
Sheila went on Nancy graces tv show, while their nancy grace asked sheila why would Tracy lie to the police? Why did she lie to the police and sheila's answer quote well. First of all, Tracy told by another family member who had some previous run ends with DC f S. That's the illinois department of child family services, this family member tells Tracy that you should just look for the girls, because if you call the police. department of child and family services. They are owing to probably put you in jail and or take your kids total.
So that's the explanation that Sheila says that she got from her relative tracy as to why she changed her stories, but not only had tracy lie, but, as the captain points out As we have already said, she waited more than five hours to call police about her missing daughters, possibly more than six hours. If the reports, this. She called nine one. One are closer to seven p m. If those reports are true right, so Tracy was considered suspicious right from jump street The police stated publicly that she was initially cooperative but then had stopped being cooperative with their investigation. However, multiple reliable sources have reported that, regardless of her inconsistent statements, Tracy bradley passed a polygraph exam where every time
a graph test gets brought up. I feel like were broken record. Can't you if the court, but I do feel like it's a nice barometer for law enforcement Especially in this case, where you're gone, she sold us multiple stories. We have to figure out some way of. Can we believe this woman, or not so, let's bring in a air quotes expert to help us make an educated decision on that Spect of our investigation, now proof of her passing the polygraph comes from chicago. Sometimes this is a July twelve too. And one article this is quote: the mother, Tracy bradley has been interviewed at least four times and submitted to a polygraph test which she passed according to a police source
after that Tracy obtained an attorney and police contact with her was required to go through that attorney. So let's talk about that for a second here captain, What we have here is exactly what you said earlier: it's a double edged sword for law enforcement purposes. and they need to know all the details they need to know. Who is responsible for the girls having gone missing an you very quickly, learn after talking to the mother that she's telling you multiple stories. So what is she hiding then, on then, let's take a look at across the table from that detective across the table. We have a mother who, if she is innocent issue, has no knowledge as to where her children are or where they ve gone or who has taken them or why they are missing. Then we have across the table from us, a victim who was sitting there going.
Why are you spending so much time on me? You should be out looking for my kids. She was question or twenty two hours total over the course of the first four days of this event, patient two hours that friday night and on one occasion on the following day, six hours eight hours on sunday and then another six hours on Monday. So twenty two hours that the detective talk to her now keep in mind? They are out actively looking for these girls on the streets in the parks and everywhere they can think of. While they are talking to the mother. Now we should also point out to captain that not only the tracy past the polygraph What about an alibi? Tracy was airline. That word was verified to be at work on them.
morning in question, but let's keep in mind An alibi, only covers tracy for that morning, when she is working from a quarter to seven till noon, her own words gig as is possible that the girls were still at home and she comes home in an accident happens or she does something to the girls. And during that noon, to six p m window. She's responsible for them gone missing, not just I think the problem that we need a truly be looking at as well as the problem you just pointed out, let's go: let's open up the window a little bit here, captain because the way I see it, no one but Tracy and her so called boyfriend, George had seen the girls since ten p m the night before on thursday. Tracy has consistently maintain that she had nothing to do with her girls disappearance, but her shifting stories.
and some other interesting behaviors gave her a reputation as a non cooperative parent. People in the neighborhood who initially rallied around her started. turned we ever of where time line of the night before that their went missing, like you said, the mother and the boy friend of the mother didn't see the children after ten p m. Yes, so police learned that friends of Tracy's had come over to watch the cubs game on thursday night. So this is very. trusting to our investigation. Now we have other people with not really dog in the five other other than to find the little girls, and to hope that the little girls were found safe and sound are confirming to police and telling police the following. We went over to He sees home. We watched the cubs game that thursday night and most of them are saying we
you know, we left around ten p m, so that gives us that solid time of the girl or alive and well and everything's fine at ten p m thursday night. The friends were question and reported that they saw both diamond into yonder there at the apartment and reporting that both were fine an acting normal at that time. Now to further back than up the cubs finished, two thousand one sees and eighty eight and seventy four not terrible and on thursday night, they beat the mets thirteen two for this according to back to baseball dot com, which is amazing website. By the way The game lasted three hours in ten minutes. The game was played it hey stadium in new york city, so keep in mind the time change from new york to Chicago that night. It was a seven ten pitch new york times so. The game was over at nine twenty chicago time, which makes perfect sense that the
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it All right, we are back cheers maids to the windows, the was to the people in the front into the people back, cheers colonel cheers. Do you captain. cheers to all of our wonderful listeners out their cheers and the people that have contributed to the beer fund over the past couple of months and past couple of weeks. I do want to send a request to all of you. Wonderful beer fund donated. Please check your spam box. Nobody puts true gram garage in their span box, but I think that's where we are ending up captain, because when you donate to the beer fun. You get a nice little email from the captain and the colonel requesting your name and city and check that spam box I know where you are, so we can shout you out on a future, show now we're gonna give a shot out in a minute to one of the captain's favorite people, one miss Oprah winfrey.
but before beginning with aid a little bit in high school. Well, you should have locked that up, because I think that she's worth quite a good a coin my friend my grandma, you say you could love a rich one as much as you can a poor one. This next part captain, let's call it phone records but put a nice bold question mark after the word records right, Tracy told investigators that, while she was at work on that front Then the morning a question, the she called her own apartment three times I was in the early morning hours but now forgotten answer so she's cool. going home. She notion after girls alone at home, nobody's picking up the phone. unknown, whether police verified that these calls actually happened. But if they did verify that these calls happened It makes it even all the more alarming that Tracy didn't go home to see
was going on or what was wrong with her girls that they're not answering the phone now according to two thousand and twenty one article in Oprah, daily he's pooled the phone records at tracy's apartment and they indicated quote that several calls from other numbers. Two Tracy's apartment went unanswered over the core of the morning, and there were to hang ups and quote so too, see bradley has a cell phone. We know that they pulled the records based off of this Oprah daily article. Nowhere does it state one hundred percent that they verified the three calls coming from Tracy's,
cell phone to her own apartment, but we know they were looking into the phone calls. There was an incredibly huge, an extensive search, a huge search effort for these two little girls was under way during the whole course of the early parts of this investigation. In fact, at first at the very first, the bradley girls were considered quote missing by the police, the police, who felt with some evidence that they had walked off, that the girls had walked off and perhaps just lost or distracted this again from Oprah daily, which of course, is not usually one of our go to sources, but reporter leak uncle data. very informative and lengthy article in two thousand and twenty one gangbusters work, as we say here in the garage
so we relied on that article quite a bit. While this was a huge story at a chicago and whereas my ex girlfriend from Chicago and look, I tried to lock it down where the problem was. We were We were so there's too much passion that we that we had to separate it. So we had to separate so over could go on to have a good career according to italy he's article, the chicago police responded immediately and again, according to lease article. He says this too stick is unusual for a case involving missing black children. The initial search for the girls involved, three police cars to supervisors and two canine units which combed the neighbourhood which included dumpsters yards vacant, lots businesses and the lake front. That is there on July. Tenth. This is with the girls now missing for four days and F,
I spokesmen this is ross. Rice told the chicago tribune quote: we're still trying to find out what happened and we don't know the family push back on We mean that the girls had been abducted. The fbi agent goes on to say I do want the community to overlook it. Like oh, it's, two kids who ran away Sheila the aunt. The great aunt told you s eight today, no these kids were taken. Sheila has become. She went on to become the most present and vocal advocate for the two girls key in their case. In the spotlight in successfully getting the chicago pd and the f b, I to reclassify the investigation, just after a few days as missing, slash endangered and, unfortunately, that is the status still the status of this case to this day
by July twelve, it was officially termed a criminal missing persons. Investigation, detective, ed carroll, who worked the case for several years, said to the chicago tribune, state, police fbi. Chicago they through everything they had added. They set up a hotline. They set up a command post, As far as I know, there were in town, air, tactical teams and detectives detailed to this investigation, in least for the first month. If not longer, but one things out, we like to do and one of the things I ve learned from your expertise throughout the Last seven years is trying to break down the time line and make it shorter, make our window shorter and so but there's no signs of force entry, there's no signs of breaking in our way. To assume that when the the mother and the boy
and wake up that they just didn't check on the daughters of today not remember, checking on them know. According to the mom she spoke with both of the girls, especially the ten year old, before leaving for work that So then that would put our window about six thirty m correct if again no we're sitting here, yes, she passed the polygraph, but it does. It still remains differ to believe her every word or any word right. All we have is the winner remains wide open and in a big window. At this point, because truly. The last confirm, citing by somebody other than george or other than their mother, is roughly ten p m the night before and there's no one hundred percent confirm sightings other than george and tracy after that ten p m time ass.
the cubs game. That night and here's look, here's another thing that always aggravates a strike. Valence cameras at the apartment complex there not working there not work again. It's the is the false sense of security that you give to your residence. You have security cameras. You just choose, do not use them, but this is another reason why you might want to look into the parents because They would have known that the cameras, the partner, complex or possibly would have known that cameras at them. Parliament complex, didn't work, it's it's aggravating as hell there's a chance that we could have saved two little girls lives or at least know where they are, or bring them home. Had you just bothered to make sure that your son security cameras, your surveillance, cameras at your apartment, complex we're, working and guess what they don't do at the apart.
Complex captain. They don't do it anywhere. When the camera stop working, they leave them up false sense of security. They don't go around every resident, say oh by the way, those cameras stop working, or we engine, the tapes no more. We pay in four did nor recording no more, they don't tell anybody that re leave you with feeling a false sense of security investigators canvassed the plague. So we mention this in at the top of the shell. There was a note that was left when Tracy, The comes home and does not find her girls. She finds a note, and this no is saying that the notes written from tee saying me and diamond. We are going to a playground and then we're going to go to the store and they never come home. They never return and, of course, Tracy.
Her. Family and friends checked the playground, the nearest playground or or the playground. They believe that Tiana was talking about and the store that they believe that she was talking about. We get some conflicting reports when police are gone around and canvassing the neighborhood in talking to people they couldn't from my I just find anybody at the store that had ever said that they had seen the girls they did find one or two people, most of them children. They said that they saw the kid saw the girls at the playground but, as we all know, kids can be easily confused, especially when you start asking about dates and about times I can't say I Sit here and say captain that the kids that work are viewed, were interviewed at nine p m. Ten p m eleven p m that friday night they likely couldn't track down. These kids were at this. Playground
is local playground that is shared by the everybody in the community. They wouldn't know who to ask that nice These children that are saying tat. We saw the girls at the playground. This could be the following day, two days later, three or four days later, I'm sure they saw the girls at a playground at the playground. At one time. I just can't say that they were actually seen on the day in question. And we know that adults can confuse dates in times as well. In fact, a neighbour of the bradley this is fred, Ramsay told the, city out and knocked on his door around ten, a m asking if his daughter could come out play and heat were. It was too early. Another bert Sheila Adams, no relation different sheila said that she's both girls playing with other children. In the in the complex between two thirty and three o clock on the friday, the girls had asked her. If she had any candy or juice again, not
He sightings, including the two neighbours that we just discuss, have ever been confirmed. So there is an there is not one hundred percent verified sightings of the girl since ten p m on thursday night. It was if they had completely evaporated. What have we by what the mothers turn us that she saw her daughter she left for work. if we buy, maybe even the neighbour ape while the girls came by to see if my daughter can play, the other out into the world at this complex would how many people are connected to this apartment, complex, it's a big apartment, complex and, more importantly, the apartment complex where Tracy's mother, the girls grandmother lives. It is, I believe, it's said, to be one of the largest the largest complex in the united states. So yeah, then we get like you, said chicago
not a small city, my friend, it's a heavily populated area, and this is the south side of chicago We have now one large apartment unit, the space between that unit and the next unit, and then maybe the one of the largest apartment, places in the world and the united states, Japan and now you have to deal with all those people, because the proximity become people of interest well, and what we do know captain is that, according to reports, over five hundred officers searched a massive area and interviewed more than one thousand people. This, including thirty relatives of the two girls. One hundred detectives worked the case around the clock. Twenty agents from the f b I's violent crimes task
I joined in the investigation and the fb I handled all of the evidence, so the f b, I is in charge of all the physical evidence, but one thing that's missing from these reports. Speaking of evidence, one thing that I have not seen not heard anything about is whether Tracy's apartment was searched for any signs of blood or whether any other than the little girls were missing from the apartment well. I was saying before. If she came home, there was some kind of accident that maybe she's responsible for or the younger girls responsible for or the boyfriend is responsible for. Does it become a cover up situation? They could have detected that if they had searched the apartment from top to bottom, eight hundred and twenty four tips. Captain came in the first
weak in the first few weeks of this investigation and according to reports every one of those eight hundred and twenty four tips were followed up on the national sent for missing and exploited children published in circulated flyers for each of the girls. The girls were featured on America's most wanted on Saturday July, fourteenth two thousand and one. So they go missing on the sixth their story. Their images their faces are on America's most wanted on July, fourteenth. Eight days later, and what we learn is fewer one dozen tips actually come in after they airing of that episode, so where they were hoping for this to lead to something good in the investigation it din pan out was a first reading too, because you can see where.
The lies to law enforcement from the mother, initially make the case way more complex because, like you said, if you can believe what the mother says, then you're shortening that time period and your shortening yours spectrum and where to look, there is reward that still available. In this case, you very quickly. Captain we have seventeen thousand five hundred dollars that was put up as reward money for information in the case and that money came from. ten thousand dollars from the fbi. Five thousand dollars from the chicago public school system and twenty five hundred dollars from the apart, building management company itself. Now we have
if the f b, I very quickly in this investigation going on record. This is late July, saying our speculation is that someone out there knows something, but perhaps they have not come forward because they're, afraid that their information will not be confidential. What we are saying is the information will be confidential. We will offer money for it too little girls who have gone missing in this way, didn't just walk down the street and disappear. Some one saw something: and the fbi believes that someone will know where they are located. This statement could not be more truthful. Could not be more honest because the way I see it if, in fact, if the girls were left alone that day, while Tracy bradley
to work, then very likely what we had happened. If the girls left the apartment on their own, somebody should have seen them if they left with an abductor or were carried out of the apartment within a doktor or abductors. Somebody should have seen them If you would have has surveillance cameras, will oh wait, you did, but they weren't working. You would have had some footage of what actually happen that so unnecessarily law enforcement is thing in these girls. ran away or they went outside to play, but we're pray go to find them. But when you start talking- and you start asking questions to the mother- she's been untruthful, This I mean this starts spark in red flags all over the place. There's a lot of red acts here interesting, though, that the chicago police, twenty days after
girls go missing, they labelled the case, a kidnapping. They do say publicly. That they found nothing specifically pointing to foul play, but as far as their vested geisha went and, along with the search and searches for the girls, turning up nothing it's looking more and more two detectives investigators, like the girls, were taken away by someone, possibly that they trusted that the two girls trusted, and so it point in your investigation, if or labeling it a kidnapping. You are hoping that the two are alive somewhere and in the care of someone who took them again, someone they knew and if our law enforcement, I am. Harping on the idea of what, This a normal action was as a normal part of your routine. Did you leave your daughter's home alone before did- was their skin?
where you left them home and if so, who knew about this. Because there is no sign of breaking and entering, but if you No, the girls, You know this schedule and you know that they're gonna be alone and you're, a horrible pile of shit you I might use this as an opportunity to do something. Horrible will think about the phone records that we discuss captain according to police. What they're saying about the phone records was that there were several hang up, calls that were reported on that record and think about that for a minute. If you see if you live in the apartment complex and you see mom going off to work while then you go alright, whether there could be four girls in that apartment, there could be three. There can be two there could be one or zero, and how can I call that number? I know them, let's see if somebody picks up and if the,
new, who picks up the phone and if it ain't, mom or a an adult, I'm gonna make my move because here's my window of opportunity you're exactly right. If somebody was watching them when we say somebody that they trusted, it doesn't have to be a family member, it doesn't have to be a family friend, it could be a neighbour or somebody that lives there, that they know that they ve talked to before the or a way that they might know posing as somebody that they would be comfortable opening up the door for before we continue. flesh out this time line a little bit more. We should make clear that the department of child and family services had never been called to Tracy's apartment before that? Doesn't we don't know what was going on inside of that apartment? We don't know their release ship or how the girls were treated. All we know at this point is they were
missing and there has not been any speculation of any kind of abuse. Leading up to this point, there's been no zero, zero reports of that leading up to the girls gone missing. Now we do know that Tracy said that her air quotes boyfriend. George picked her up from work on friday and took her to get a cake. This at a jewel asko store, And investigators located a receipt from the store which was stamped time stamped twelve. Twenty one p m tracy had said earlier, that she tried to call to yonder at the apartment several times and got no answer, so it does a little weird to call home, you're, leaving your girls home alone, getting no sir, and then deciding that you know what, rather than going directly home.
Rather than leaving work in going home. Sometime during my work day. Let's stop off at the pastry shop, real, quick at the jewel, asko ngo pastry shopping before coming here, Define the apartment empty and she d say that when she arrived at the apartment, George was with her. So george goes into the apartment with her. She says it immediately: she started searching for the girls when asked why shooting police immediately. She said that she assumed that they were poor, somewhere in the complex remember we do have that note saying that they might be playing somewhere in the complex she and her sisters, Tracy and her sisters and other family members search all over this, including the I'd be wells complex where the girls had friends. This is a near by complex. They also search this
shores of lake Michigan, which was just blocks away. They search there because the girls like to go there in play sometimes in the water police, found footage of a pair of girls who actually looked like Tracy's daughters at the jewel Asko store located at thirty fifth in king drive, the police said: there's a resemblance its close enough to peek the interest of investigators. Again, though, we don't have anybody saying that they saw the actual girls they're at that store. That day, while, like you said this, this case is getting attention and when you get in attention, but those not much. Information coming back to you. There has to be a level of frustration, that's rising for law enforcement and, if an adviser detective in this
is now I'm not so worried about looking outward, I'm looking at at looking inward at family and friends that are connected to these two victims. Well- and it's been said that the investigation was complicated by the fact that each of tracy's four Others have different fathers. Its believed that Tracy at the time may have had multiple boyfriends herself. We know of george Washington, who is referred to as her boyfriend per trace his words there is a man named Daniel Torres who is it Security garter was a security guard at the time that the girls went missing. He professed to be too yonder's real father this in an interview, but also said that he and Tracy had not been in contact, and he had not seen tee
and as for seven years, leading up to the girl's disappearance she's ten at the time that she goes missing, he told the tribune he was, I mean, he's being honest, he says quot, I ain't been around people? Look at me as a low life, but I love my daughter. He goes on to say her name is tat. you'd on my right arm. Congratulation sir, you got a tattoo of your daughter's name instead of spending time with her or so wedding, gown or maybe take that money that you have spent on the tattoo and our support
not yet put up drop off moms house that to be a step in the right direction. According to the tribunal, Tracy bradley had failed to paternity suits against two different man trying to establish who the father of diamond was the youngest girl. This is, according to court records. The first law suit was dismissed after dna testing rolled one of the men out. The second law suit was filed in june against the man whose home was searched on the second law suit was filed in june, so the month or weeks or days before the girls go missing and was filed against a man who you ve, heard his name before. Captain George Washington, his job at the time he's listed
a welder he's the man, the boy friend. If you want to call him that who drove Tracy to work that morning and picked her up this on the day that the girls vanished, but one then I've learned about you, my friend is any case that involves a note, your ears perk up, That's exactly right! That's one thing that we have not really dissected. Yet it's the note because remember that mom Tracy bradley says it when she came home from work that day that she found a no. That was too
her from her girls explaining why they were not in the apartment and where they would be, and here's the deal captain if this no is legit than that proves. That could be proof that, when Tracy bradley left that morning for work, the her girls were in fact alive and well after she left the apartment. That day- and we know the tracy bradley was at work that day, that was verified by law enforcement with multiple other people and sources. Tracy bradley comes home. She doesn't Her girls, she simply fines and know the says it to yonder and diamond we're, leaving the apartment to go to a nearby school playground and to go to the jewel Asko store, but does the no actually exists and if so, who actually wrote that
the it the like everybody for joining us here in the garage so much more to get to join us same back. time same back channel and until tomorrow, that really the same bedtime, bigger behind in development
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