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Toni Lee Sharpless /// Part 2 /// 327

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Toni Lee Sharpless /// Part 2 /// 327

Part 2 of 2


Next week will mark the ten year anniversary of the disappearance of 29 year old mother and nurse Toni Sharpless. Almost ten years have gone by and there is no trace of her - Or is there? This week, join us as we discuss the details of the night she was last seen and the strange events that occurred after. Beer of the Week - Speed Wobbles - Key Brewing Company Garage Grade - 4 and a quarter bottle caps out of 5

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I've star review and that's enough of the bees. All everybody gather around grab a chair grab a beer. Let's talk some true crime. After a night of drinks in dancing on august, twenty second, two thousand and nine twenty nine year old, mother and nurse tony sharpless disappears after leaving party in the early morning, hours of august, twenty third hell. Let's get back to the house where tony was last seen, the people whom we know to be at the home that night, according to crystal johns, who was with her at the party police, lieutenant Frank Higgins, said that they interviewed all the people at the house at night and I believe he said that all of a more common
as well, so this included willie green member he's the owner of the house. And they all seem to back up crystal story that tony left the home under own power, the police stated publicly that there was no indication whatsoever of foul play. No one at the party was a suspect in there were no persons of interest that they had uncovered in their investigation. I wonder if then, let them search the property From everything that I have seen, there was never a search of the property or the house specifically lieutenant Higgins said quote: nothing took place there. That would lead us to believe that something happened there and quote. So we don't know how in depth any of these quote go interviews. with the people at the house were. It was a lane wall, a private, invest
later on this case, whom we discuss will discuss her more and a bit. She is under the impression that willie green basically told the cops that it was mostly just his family there that night and that they didn't really know anything. and she says they weren't really question in this case, to be clear: as we pointed out just a minute ago. Willie greens, home was not subject to any kind of search, and none of the people at his house that night, aside from crystal, have spoken about the events of that evening publicly, which is fine ridiculous, because this is our last none whereabouts
so search the property. Yes, so for many people interested in this case, the quick dismissal of the party goers as potentially involved parties, does not sit well in the failure to investigate a possible crime scene is I think inexcusable willie green. We are told, as you said, he fully cooperated. It does seem that the fact that a woman went missing after being at his home in a compromise state should warrant further investigation on there was a conflict as well right. I always wondered of that conflict had truth or merit to it or if it was something that that everybody was making up to cover up something else. Yes, so tony friend gigi haze, right, she's, the one who organise the texas equus search search of the river,
We regularly contacted the police demanding that green and all the others be formally question. She, it is under the impression that Matt green somebody else who was at the party and the. Goal of willie and mac green, both have criminal histories and she says these two should have been looked into very closely repeated attempts by price investigator. Alain law to contact willie green have been completely disregarded. She did not even get a return call from his attorney. If he is at all concerned about the fact that a woman disappeared from his home, he certainly is not showing it. So now, let's asked the question
Captain is crystal telling the truth. She's, the only one that we ve heard speak publicly about what happened that night. Why? I think that you said earlier, she's been pretty cooperative and has also been very eager to talk and to get the story out there and, as the years go by she's, come now more reluctant to talk about the case That fair to say, oh agreed, one hundred percent in inheres. Here's, the probable mcchrystal. it's hard for me to really get a of a fixed on her. I can't I can't figure out, because we have the duration, as you said where early on in this case I mean we're coming up on ten years now
She was at one point talking and very active and vocal about what happened that night and about her missing friend and yes, that has tapered off over the years. Some of that might not be because she is, Hiding anything or because she isn't telling the truth He has taken a lot of flak on the internet, a lot of you. I've gone after her and it could just be for that. I mean at some point when you're trying to help us achieve. Asian. You know you and I jokingly say it sometimes. No good deed goes unpunished. My if she in fact is out there trying to help find her friend and she's getting shit on for it. One can only taste nk one can only take that for so long. You can only, take so much shit and here's the other thing that makes it hard for me to get a real good handle on her. Is that in the beginning
why she talking, but she seems to be doing things that are helpful to the search for tony sharpless she is one that is reported to have called in report. Tony is missing. She is one that is reported to have helped the family print flyers and distribute flyers. Looking for tony, right, and this is also your with your friend. She might not even of known that tony was gone through these battles with her mental illness, switching of medications. She might not have known any of that. What, according to crystal she said she did not know any of that, but he didn't know that tony was not supposed to be drinking and crystal almost gives the suggestion that had she known had she been aware of what was going on in tony's life. Did she likely wouldn't have asked her to go out dancing.
And drinking and partying, whether that as super, I wanna ask that and then, when you go back to this party and there's a confrontation, that's price seems a little strange. But again his pride is gonna care. While we had a cup drinks, but you would have way more knowledge about the situation. Then you get in the car with and you get an argument and she tells you to leave one your price not gonna, be led in our drive to you not get another car and less be clear if you're drunk at a party or not. drunk, let's say you're tipsy at a party and you guys decide to leave but you're forty minutes away from where you know you're safe area and your friend drops you off and they don't come back to you. sure you're gonna be passed and you have every right to be passed in the end. She she hasn't been and she's been champion, Oh hey. We want to figure out what happened to my friend and she probably fills a little bit responsible because she didn't know about these things. Like you said, she
did her out, probably one of probably widow, invited to hang out with her, but one and have went to a party went to a club, so she's been a champion to keep the story and the limelight. But you see this with like when Brian Shaffer went missing last person, one of the last people to be with him as clint he gets thrown under the bus and the tyler Davis case. You know his wife and his friend are now being thrown under the bus, so you just become that part of the story. So of being thrown under the bus and again how much shit can you take well, and then you have the flip side of that same coin and on the flip side of that coin, what do we see? We see people, they say crystal when out of her way to make sure that she was one of the people, the reported tony missing that she helped create this
laurie and help to give credence to that story. By making two phone calls to tony's phone. So you're saying that people are saying that she's creating the narrative, correct, an tony's friends, tony's, long time, friends, they say they believe crystal is lying and they believe it's very strange that the police have put all of their trust into crystal stew. About what had right, but one of the reasons why they put their trust in her stories, because she did something we never revise, and that is to ask for a polygraph. So she takes up polygraph, which I don't think enable lawyer. Would tell you to do, but I think she's pretty animate on training?
her name. Yes, I I have that she offered to take a polygraph, did so and passed the polygraph test, the polygraph examination the the other thing to is. There are questions about what her relationship is with Matt green and there are still questions about what exactly went down at the party. Even if you believe crystal or not, that is my opinion. She was the first to call police
when Tony failed to show up the next day. As I pointed out, she did help in the searches for tony putting up the flyers. She did talk to media. I have a question for you. I dunno, if you can answer this, because I couldn't figure it out or the initial reports when, when they're talking about the the events of that night or then this, where reports are they talking about the conflict that happened at the house and why they left the house, because it doesn't seem that clear and I always wondered what you know which came first, you know and do that, did they not talk about why they laughed and then once crystal figures out that her friend was dealing with some
until issues is that when the story of the conflict came out, because I just think that be kind of telling you know the story of of the conflict, the house came out once it was known that they tony was missing right. So it came out right away. It came out fairly early- yoda, yes, not to the general public, but to the law enforcement to people searching for tony. But you know here's the thing while crystal has put up publicly anyway, put up a good front as being a concern friend, and maybe she is legitimately a concern friend. As you pointed out, she did pass that polygraph and she has generally stuck to her story again. It's the it goes back to social media in things that I've seen on the internet. She clearly has not come out smelling like a rose during this whole thing, alain law, the private
astrogator, whose searching for tony she's she interviewed crystal for four hours and her statement is- is this: she feels it while crystal was not straight up lying about the situation and she says that she believes she is not being fully truthful either and interesting because you could take a polygraph test and and tell the truth, but but be omitting things. So the right in the thing here is that the private investigator basically believes that crystal knows more than what she is saying to law enforcement and to the public, and she sites that she really does not like the fact that crystal refuse to show her her phone records from that time period now that private investigators, looking for confirmation of the fact that to cause crime
she wants to line those up with what she knows about tony's for one hour, and I would also want to know who she called after that, because she claimed that she she caused tony's phone twice, doesn't get a reply. Then she is calling multiple people to get a ride. I want to know who should call, and after that did she call Matt, green and I'd be interested in that, but also maybe those two calls never happen, but wouldn't they be able to get the cell phone records. At some point, all they do have them. The private investigator has them, and so that's where I question, are they only simply coming up as incoming calls right? I doubt that I'm guessing that Part of the reason why may be police are really good, Hang on crystal story is two reasons, one the other people at the party that night. According to here's, the other thing
you don't really fully. No, a full list of the people at the party right off have is the people that the law enforcement spoke to saying yeah what this is it. This is all the people that were there that night and then on top of that they they may have Tony's record, saying that it was in fact crystal. They called her on those two time. Six minutes apart around the time that she vanished, and so that kind of backs up crystal story Well, I think what a lane law is saying here is exactly what you just said, She wants to know what other activity was going on with crystals phone before those calls between those calls and afterwards, who is she talking to, and one thing that would would cause a big shake up in a big wrinkle in her story would be if in fact she did phone anybody that was still at that party at that time are believed to be
at willie greens house at that time, because that doesn't seem to jail with with her actions of what she said to the public? You know that I called I called my friends, my fear looking for a ride home cause. I was dumped on the side of the road will again and strange to because we have the last person supposedly with her. you wonder how much she was question when they won t work. People are questioning how much people were question at the party. How much was crystal question and she was the one that came forward and said all take a polygraph tests that even ask her tooth. Was the one willing to so. Then you wonder if they even how much they checked her phone records or did they just go while we we talk to the cousin, so we know that the cousin came and picked her up. so, I know there were kind of spin and our tyres on this here a bit, but feeling do whatever you want. I want to make sure
Everyone has their seats in the full, upright position, because this is where the story starts to get weird. Ok on September fourteenth. This is about three weeks after tony too, beer authorities and pennsylvania got word that the new jersey state police had a possible hit on tony's car on september. a stationary new jersey, state police vehicle parked in camden had seen something. An automated license plate reader mounted in the police car recorded the plate number on each car, passing it a car bearing plate, bird d and e, seven seven seven to past and was recorded the automated plate. Reader ran the plate and because tony's was listed as missing. Remember they reported it as missing. it would have notified the
Mr manning, the vehicle that it was possibly her car but the police car was part No one was in it, so no one noticed the license. Plate number hit until a week later, right now, it's worth noting that I have read that these license plate readers are not one hundred percent one hundred percent of the time I've seen some people point now things that they more likely closer to ninety percent accurate. The other thing that we go keep in mind too, is it's possible that it was not tony's car that was seen, but simply car, with the license plate, number d and e, seven seven seven to re was in camden on September. Eighth did the plate was on a different vehicle,
now private investigator. You have that idea, but also the other idea that you can have the same license: plate number, but a different state So so a lane law who is working on this case, but private investor and who I spoke with briefly, for this episode sheet she actually is the one that told me to cover this case. I approached her about a different case that she was working There's a case out there, and I won't go into specific specifics about it, because the family asked that we not cover it. The victims fail It was a case that I had wanted to cover for some time. There is very little information out there in the newspapers and in the public about it. An ice all alene laws, name in one of the newspaper articles, so I contacted her thinking
Well, if we're going to learn anything about that case, we need to get it from her to which she says. Look. The family doesn't really want it to be covered. Why don't you take a look at and she tossed out a few of the cases that she had been working on. That really need the public's help men and really need a voice thrown out there in the story, told one more time and hopes that it hits the right years. So she told us that a camden police officer. This is a little there's a little off the record here that a candle. He's officer told her that a car with tony's plate number also got a parking ticket in the city around them same time period, but he go into further detail about that all situation. I could not find that anywhere. So it seems
like at least that plate number has popped up twice on camden police radar, so the new jersey state police says both that they in the camps and police scoured the area but never found any other trace of the car. With that played on now, lieutenant hey and of lower marian township police department says quote cars. Don't you Julie disappear entirely at some point. In the few sure they turn up, whether it's a junk yard or somewhere else and quote. But we know tony's car has never turned up and the idea that her car may have been in camden in an area riddled with drugs, prostitution and crime has led to a predominant theory of what possibly could have happened to tony now. We all
have private investigator alain law. She talked about tips that came in and also about possible sightings of tony so about a month after well, six weeks a month and a half after tony vanished Former detective private investigator lane law offered her services to the family for one dollar, she saw tony's he's on the news and felt that it was something that there was possible based on the amount of sex trafficking in the area and tips about possible sightings of tony, that tony still alive and possibly either. Involved in drugs in prostitution or she had been trafficked so alive. started a website to gather tips. She met with both crystal and the family tried to contact. Willie Green held a town meeting about the cat
Is she kept tony's picture in the media either? going around camp in with a picture of tony asking. Pimps, dealers working girls and residents if they had seen her right because you ever individual that again and struggling with mental illness should be drinking but was drinking ah has had some struggles with dixon in the past. Is it possible that this cigarettes in this? inflict that kind of pushes her over the edge and when she leaves her friend, she doesn't really know where she's at. But then she goes hey. You know I maybe I can get some drugs by going to camden and if ever you go there, then who knows what Things could happen alain says it. She has gathered fifty plus tips, the track tony from initial sightings, near or in lancaster, where she worked to camp in and then to philly
saying it's almost as if tony was being moved around some of these tips place tony in the presence of a large black man, any skinny hispanic man with a goatee and there was a signing of a woman having very dark under I circles, almost raccoon eyes, something that apparently tony struggled with since her team and then one guy said he had seen toning four times and candid and that they had the same heroin deal. Another tipp came from a security guard that placed an abandoned dirty scraped up black sudan with tinted windows. So a vehicle matching a similar description to tony's under the Ben franklin bridge between philly and hamden. Shortly after she went missing it had no plates in the camden police, never disclose weather.
They followed up on that vehicle citing or the sightings of possibly tony Now, of course, we also have no idea whether any of these tapes are correct and if tony was actually seen- and many of these tips do come from people that I would consider to be less than reliable and if was tony that was seen. Then you have other things to wonder about. Was she abducted or did she go willingly? Wear hats and it's very hard to. I feel for this whole situation because of her struggles with the mental illness. If she hits a point of manic state and then she's using drugs, the drugs could can you have
continued to stay in a manic state and and and who knows where she sat so one thing I do know, though to is the police: they say that they looked into whether tony ever purchase drugs in camp in they came up with nothing regarding that and they also said that there is actually no evidence at all this shit even knew anyone in that area. The other thing if it was drugs that she went after that night or or if that's the reason they kept her away, If it seems a little strange to me, it seems like there would have been a lot of other places closer to home. To make that score. The case did start to grow cold after these tips were coming and these were pretty early in the investigation pretty early in
alain laws investigation. I do want to get to some other interesting tips in this case. Okay, a call them may to west brandywine township police department. the call where a man claim to be from the canadian security intelligence service. This is an and see similar to the cia in toronto. The man said, agents founded, or part on their lot and trace the car to tony and the agents. All found someone who they believed to be tony matching her description them I'm provided an email address and a phone number where he could be reached and requested photos of tony it. The address and phone number, however, turned out to be a fake chief warner, said: police called the toronto police department and was told the call must have been faked. She foreigner said that the collar
was quote, the guy had all the right answers. He was talking the police lingo, and he knew what to say and several days later, an officer in west brandywine, police departments, radio room took a call from a sheriffs, deputy and south dakota. The deputy claim that officers found tony's car there. The man promise to facts information over, but never did, officers contacted Man's alleged department, but personnel there had no knowledge of the vehicle or of the man who made the call we have chief Honor again, who says: look we got a copy of that recording and he says it was the the same guy that he talk to the guy that claim to be from to toronto. He's that the reason why he could identify the collars being the same? Is he described this man as
having an interesting voice. It was something about the way that Man sounded the chief werner was able to believe that the caller was in fact the same thing, though that's weird here And just kind of really blows my mind is: why Would somebody bother to stage these two hoaxes? This is Four years after tony went missing. If you had the chance We brought back to life hundreds of years in the future. Would you take it wonderings newest podcast, frozen head hosting ashen, alina of the hit show morbid, tells the truth we have lawrence pilgrim, a lifelong scientist who plan for death his entire life because for him death wasn't the end. It was just the beginning
florence is dream to be frozen and brought back to life in the future. Pulls us into a cryonics soap. Opera filled with dead pets, grenades family feuds hall in baseball legends and frozen heads. Lots of frozen heads the story about the desire to avoid death, the links that people will go to that a reality and what it means. To be alive. To begin with, listen the latest episodes of frozen head where ever. You find your favorite pod guest the awry. We're back. You, filthy animals stay filthy unanimously filter were you know we were talking about this on saturday at her presentation meet up what everyone and colleagues.
Being a true crime, lover is becoming a little more acceptable and society so when it were becoming less filthy animals of the true crime kingdom, in an easy being greasy, yes or cheesy in late two thousand and thirteen something happened that could give a significant clue into tony's disappearance. Private investigator alain law received a letter at her office, the one paged unsigned letter postmarked entrenched in new jersey on november. Twenty ninth arrived in her male december for First, she didn't initially notice the letter in the pile of mail and
she was shocked when she observed the return address. It was from tony sharpless now Tony is typically spelled tee, o an eye on the return address. It was tee o n y sharpless. Now here is the text of the letter. Dear alain law, the police. PA do not have a tip line. I tried calling the philly police, where I live, but they said it was not in their jurisdiction, one of the detectives- pulled me aside and gave me your name and address in the last few days of september, two thousand and nine, a friend in camden called me and offered me money to move a car from brooklyn new jersey to Boston Massachusetts.
he told me he would pay me five thousand dollars cash plus. I could have the plates. He asked if I knew any one: twenty, seven or twenty nine that wanted to paper trip, so he gave me a social security card. I drove the car a black ford or pontiac grand prix and drove to an auto body shop outside of boss Massachusetts. I took off Plates and with a black magic marker wrote down the last five digits of the vin number and cleared out the glove box. I came back to camp in a day later and he told me that the car was not stolen but missing. He said a friend of his a cop in camden got into a fight with a girl. She died and he needed to get
car out of jersey about a month ago, my daughter was playing in the garage and found the box with the plates and social security card. I had forgotten all about it. The plates r d and e seven seven seven to the social security card- and this is where sharpless his cell phone number was written in this spot in the last five digits of the van are the person wrote the last five digits of surpluses vehicles identification number in this by now. I think some of this stuff was earthly, reported or public knowledge, but I think it's telling them then number would be hard to get the right or goes on to say because of hurricane sandy. I
I had to visit jersey to help friends clean up. I decided to drop you this letter. What happened to tony, I don't really know. All I know is that she had a run in with the police, and I was paid much needed cash to get the car to a shop in Boston again, the The letter is not signed. It's a one page letter and, as you said, captain yes, the we do know that the plate number was readily available. This was not only I mean it was on the internet, plus it was on flyers looking for for tony, because our vehicle was missing as well. That the difficult thing, as you said, are the five digits of the vin number and we could speculate day and night, how difficult it could have been or how easy it could have been to get Tony's cell phone number. That may have been difficult.
We do know that it was a relatively new phone. I dont know if that came with a new number, but we should point The number and the cell phone number were both correct. They weren't shoney's now lane turned over the letter to the west brandywine police and also notified the new jersey state police. And the new jersey attorney general's office. She also gave the letter to the media in hopes that it would keep tony's case alive later. She learned that police believe the latter to be a hoax, probably because it was sent in close proximity to the two hoax phone calls she's, not certain why they came to this conclusion. But that's what they have said publicly, that this letter is is a hoax and were you feeling about this letter cause your your captain letter
and we will cover every case that involves a strange letter. So I have a lot of questions about this letter. I think the most of the information in so there it's not the same as like the zodiac who who kills Paul stein and then provide you a bloody, torn off piece of his shirt right in a letter. This is very different. This is somebody who is claiming to have done something
been paid by somebody else, possibly limiting their involvement, limiting their involvement and then my proof of you to believe my word is: I am going to provide you with these three things, these three pieces of information, and they could have obtain these in the exact manner that they said that they took the plates. They wrote down the vin number they cleared out. The glovebox they easily could have obtained all these things from that exact action. However, I believe that somebody could have got this information if they looked and spent a little bit of time on it. I don't think it would have been extremely difficult to find all three of these things and provided one
that I find interesting is that when, with the claim of having the social security card, this individual then provides her cell phone number and in place of what what he or she probably should have put the social security number brain. So that makes me wonder: why have a hoax? Why my right this letter, while those are things it to me point to me that it could be a hoax okay before we move on. I do want to clear one thing out, because some people might be asking themselves is of some of the war. ring in the latter when he says that he was asked if any one If I knew any one, twenty seven or twenty nine that wanted to paper trip, so he gave me a social security card. What they mean by this is somebody that wants to steal and identity, to
If you take somebody else's information, all right right, yeah, that's the that's! The paper trip that he's talking about or she and so here's where I have a different issue with it: Where I question the validity of of the latter, I am also a bit horrified and terrified by the letter There's something very strange going on here: if there were to be three hoaxes and then we have the the one of the police officers, the chief of police, saying he believes just by listening with his own ears, that that the the color of those two calls were one in fact the same. So if, though, if two calls it come in that our hopes that try to put tony and her vehicle in toronto
and then the other call tries to put tony's vehicle somewhere in south dakota and now this letter is stating that hey, I live in philadelphia bright. Somebody for camden hired me to do this. I had to move the car brooklyn need brooklyn new jersey to Boston Massachusetts, we have six different cities named in three different hoaxes? And then on top of that? If it's not that big of a leap to go, okay, well, the same person made those phone calls did then the same person this letter in that's where I get horrified and terrified at the same time. There's this something very strange there. If one person is responsible for all of these
it's communications yeah, but to me it's like words, the hoax trying to prove and trying to prove that she left the area that she was last seen by her friend. That's to me. What these are trying to prove So that is all I get is trying to steer the direction of the investigation like throwing them off the trail. If they were, in fact, that's that's the other problem I have with this whole, rates for years later. The only conceivable reason that I can come up with that somebody would would make these communications would be just that to throw them off the trail, but but we're under the belief that the case had gone
cold by this time. So there is no trail. What trail are they on where they, even on a trail at the time right, but maybe I'm going insane if something had happened, bad at that party that they're still you know they feel guilty and they they've ah felt paranoid, maybe they're, creating this hoax. For that reason, let's keep you away from thinking that party, unless you, because they don't know the leads, but again that doesn't make a licence may because you'd think unless the cops work hopefully beaten down their doorn and asking for information. Why would you involve yourself anymore? Why not do stay away. right and if you had nothing to do with it, why involve yourself at all? That's why I'm saying so weird man, it's all we're in
and then you are, if you weren't involved you, I dont think you would create the hoax I'm saying. But again the possibility that I haven't really thought about till now is the idea of when, when she says crystal said, while she thought she would come back for me, it's like what, if at some point tony did come back and she went back to the party without crystal hm. We know this is not yell we're just basing it off of if the cops might believe crystal and she might be telling the truth that. But that does not mean that tony didn't go back to the party in. But you know, haven't done a search of this property. I just don't know how again and we so don't now. How many individuals were that house. So is it there, but
I do know there was enough individuals that something bad could happen and somebody could have disposed of her car. It would appear that something happened to this car and actually Tony's car going to a chop shop out of state makes some sense why her car has never been located yeah after this point, I do want to throw this information out there and I have names here, but I've. I've purposely remove them, because I question how how true this this information is. This is about it, but it does site several the things in the letter that we just talked about so and a strange why of an ex camden police officer. Ok, remember in the letter
the letter writer claimed to have been paid by somebody that said that that tony had a run in with a police officer right so in a strange wife of an ex camden police officer who was fired after falsifying reports in order to get this strange wife arrested. This way comes forward talks with the private investigator alain and tells her that her ex who lived in brooklyn, I keep pointing to say, brooklyn its brooklyn new jersey ray again, the town mentioned in the letter- also ran and ato business where he would reap okay, cars and resell them, including the area of Boston she kind. aims the at one point she saw a black ford or pontiac what tinted windows in their driveway one day and
soon it to be one of these vehicles, one of his cars that he repossessed or that took possession of to resell. So again, that's information that was provided too yeah it's it's always difficult. When you have these these marriages, they go south, they go away bad there on. South. It's tough to whether or not you give the board's that's different thing, but they all go sound. It seems like you definitely up to no good, because we do have the camden police department who claims he was fired for falsifying,
imports now you're a liar rang me nuts, and I want to believe the letter it seems like it makes sense. It seems like just with the vin number: it's not the full. The number rates as part of the vid number five numbers, the last five. But it's enough for me to go. Okay, that's information! He he that's not easy to get my issue with. It is, if you're going to come forward with this letter. Why not just come forward altogether because easy I mean, like, I feel like by send in this letter, whoever paid you could come after you could come after you If you dont go and tell them your full story, then you ve offered yourself no protection from that purse. Right it's you know it's like oh yeah, what did, but they didn't put their identity
education in the letter, while no, but no one per the person real the personal paid this person- I, like wales, where you are a core to the letter. It was like a person he there was a middle map right so right so the police officer, if, in fact the letters correct, may not exactly know who ultimately was paid to move the vehicle who ultimately wrote the letter bright by it, but sure evil way that hard for him to figure out right. It wouldn't be there, how hard for him to figure that out. So they are you ready for another twist here, captain sure our eye on may fifteen thousand, and fourteen tony's mother Donna received a check in the mail from the department of revenue state of indiana.
for just there was a little over a thousand dollars. This check. This was a tax refund check. What's notable is that the czech was made payable to tony lee sharpless and Robert E miraculous husband and wife. This tony and robber apparently filed joint state returns on earnings of forty six thousand six hundred and twenty five dollars from johns hopkins university. Tony's occupation was listed as a nurse and roberts as a doctor. A bogus phone number was on the return. Now this is mind: boggling For many reasons, but mainly be.
As a man named Robert E morales, went missing from phoenix arizona two weeks before tony did on august eighth, two thousand and nine. He is still missing to this day. You can see his charley project page on their website. I wonder if somebody is trying to scam the system and gone hey. Let's put these two missing people together the meal But how would you file attacks return, so the the private investigator lane contacted the department of revenue in Indiana and she's did. She learned it was a legitimate refund jack and that the tax rates- turns antonia and Robert joint names had been filed electronically. As for why the czech was sent to tony's old address, instead of the address listed on the return. Alain said, she was told that whenever the address
less than one year old. That day, just send it to the former address. Who knows how this happened, but significantly someone had stolen tony's identity and the other they could have they do with her disappeared. He could have nothing to do with the case, but then you also wonder if, in fact, that person had access to her social security card and No, that the anonymous letter writer mentioned that he had the card. donna her mouth. Their believes that tony kept her social security card in her wall, at which, of course, has never been found. but this is what drives me just absolutely insane about these missing person cases
the investigation should ban harder on these people at the party. They should investigate that property period. Did the cops now did law enforcement know that should be given missing for the rest of her life. That would be sitting here ten years later, wondering where she sat now, but you gotta start by assuming and you need to assume that the worst case scenario is going to happen, and you need to make sure that you do your due diligence, don't be a piece of shit right. Well, here's a here's, the thing I seek to things kind of going on here. There are points in this investigation where mean on the outside looking in it appears to me that they are doing there. Due diligence that they are working the case hard, but there or other times where I have a completely different feeling- and this is not a small case- this is invest
nation- that's been ten years now how many, how long and good have they worked on it through the course of that time is certainly up fordham for debate and at my own opinion is at times it was not. On their end, that could be that we have multiple jurisdictions involved in this I will say that the local police investigating the case gave the impression pretty early on in what I would consider to be a very unprofessional manner that that they believed tony was billy on drugs and or crazy. So when you have that coming out their department. You really have to wander and I'm sure a lot of people close to tony are wondering same thing is in fact, if they were investigating the case thoroughly. If they were giving disappearance the appropriate
diligence, as you were saying why it's pathetic that they would call her crazy. Because luck have you break your arm? What do you do you go to a doctor? Got something broken in your brain. You go get help for that, so that to me, that's, ah a sign of somebody trying to get help. I I think my gut is telling me that this there's more truth to this letter than not And- and I couldn't tell you why, but it's like you- we I'm not ready to dismiss it as quickly as what it appears law enforcement has gathered vin number. I can't get over that and then also
Well, I don't know how much I buy the the the ex wife of the cop coming forward and saying hey. I saw a car similar to this. I don't know, but I, but those are two things that line up n and that needs to be followed up, and it's sad because, like you said this car probably went to a chop shop and there was probably evidence of a there's, probably evidence of what happened, to anna and that's gone forever, and I m. I do know that subtle allowed for her daughter. I do know that some of tony's friends absolutely believe that Tony never left, willie greens house that night that something happened to her there and it could be Any number of things and overdose died in an accident was killed as the result of some kind of physical altered,
asian. There was a pool their- maybe maybe she drowned in the pool, but you know their belief. is that, in order to protect willie greens, nba, salary and reputation that she and her or were later disposed of, and that's and we don't have the whole story there. While I forest come said, maybe it's both. benign at the same time, is there a possibility that something happens at this party. They know a shady cop, they call the shady cop hey, we need your help. Or they call their lawyer. Their lawyer knows a shady camp. The could shop. The cop comes the cop, then no some bad people that can help take care of this problem. It could be both happening at this time is anybody there that night, in some shape or form of police officer right and even from another city. We again, we don't have the
list of names we actually had to people they were unnamed and our list we're going off in saying that that is an accurate list of people. There could be additional people that were there, that working immediately left off of the list provided to law enforcement. My only issue with all that is like I said she would have had a drop, her friend off and somehow circle back around, because I do think that her friend ah started out being a champion for finding her friend and so that the part that doesn't line up and unless plausibly unless she dropped her off and circles background. But you'd have to. Obviously it would not be that hard.
Fabricate and manufacture the story of of tony leaving ditching her friend and her phone conveniently being off all at the same time, ryan into work that into her story, but to be the one to come forward and and asked for a pie graph test again, I I we don't know what questions were on that tests. We hear from law enforcement ass, she passed, but we don't know what questions, as is a sad scenario, for for whatever reason, once you put mental health in it, it's I think people. I think people are a to dismissive of things regarding the private investigator alain LOL? She is no longer so certain tony is still alive. She does still but
that tony was that something happened to her and she was trafficked. She does believed that the sightings of tony in the area were legitimate. She I continue to follow up on leads and tips to this day speaking there, or there is some movement on this case. As far as the private investigator is concerned, there are still some leads that she is working on. It would be. It would be appropriate to discuss those here today, because it's not something that we have a a lot of information on, but regarding tony's parents, her mother and her stepfather, they say they don't know what to think quo. It's like a roller coaster of emotion, Donna told one reporter. They aren't sure that crystal is telling the truth, and they say that they have had no car
contact with her, but they also know that tony should not have been drinking and could have been disoriented and got lost and ended up in the river or elsewhere by Both of them feel strongly that it say that a search of willie greens home should have been conducted when ass if she believes that herded, if her daughter stall, I've Donna says honestly no tony would have called by now. She always did a granddaughter is the same way if she and call me, I know something is wrong. No one knows a child like a mother, tony stepfather agrees with his wife and he has also added that someone must know what occurred the night of august, twenty three two thousand and nine, and he
adds that she didn't just vanish into thin air, that there must be more to this story. Now tony is still listed as a missing person. The tenth anniversary of her disappear and is next week we will have a photo of tony on the blog, a true crime garage dot com. Tony's dna has been turn into a national database. So if, at some point a body is found, she will be identified. Hats go off to her earth, friends and family in and then her parents know now. Looking after. Her child and and and then also what an awesome individual to take on their case, the private messier taken on their case for a dollar and are trying to make a difference of this world, that's pretty
about a little recommended listening for everybody this week this week, want to recommend the stitched up. You ve heard it before it's free. It's a maid. It has all of our old episodes on there to listen to, and you can check out. Our other show are wonderful show that everybody loves off the record it's available on sticker premium. I bring up the recommended listening captain, because this last weekend we were at the ohio history centre and a lot of you came out and joined us there, and we did a discussion on ohio, cold cases which we ve covered so any of em check those out on the stitched up, we will see all of you back here in the garage next week until then be good behind his don't
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