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Tracy Harkness /// Part 1 /// 628

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Friday, November 6, 1992 was a horrifying day that forever changed the lives of everyone who knew and loved 24 year old Tracy Renee Harkness.  Tracy was found beaten to death in her apartment that she shared with her 18 month old daughter.  There were no signs of forced entry and police ruled out burglary as a motive. Investigators said the attack on Tracy was a crime a passion.  Thirty years have passed since the murder and now Tracy’s family and the Grove City Police Department are hoping that new technology and DNA testing will lead to an arrest.  If you know who killed Tracy Renee Harkness call the Grove City Police department at 614.277.1710 OR to submit a tip and remain anonymous call 614.645-TIPS OR you can Email our show by going to our website www.TrueCrimeGarage.com

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John. Thirty years have passed since the murder of twenty four year old, tracy renee harkness, trace was found having been attacked and beaten to death inside apartment that she shared. with her eighteen month old daughter, tracy in her ex husband shared custody of the little girl the upon, meant was located in an otherwise safe neighbourhood and one of columbus, ohio, many suburbs fry
a november. Six. Nineteen He too was a high we're fine day before or change the lives of every one who knew and loved tracy There were no signs of forced entry into. the apartment and police ruled out burglary as a motive. As the gator said, the attack on Tracy was a crime of passion, detective cindy acquisition the grove city police is quoted as saying it was very brutal crime, a very personal cry she had over thirty six wounds. Overhead of those were fatal wounds. Tammy boy falling tracy's mother. said. I remember just lying on the couch and saying to god I have no reason to live any more. the bowling family once the killer to be caught for the sea of tracy's now grown daughter tree.
his family and the groves eddie police department are hoping that technology and A testing will leave to an arrest In the meantime, traced family has some to say to the killer. If you did this, get it off your conscience and go tell Tracy's family. Once this killer brought to justice, if you know who tracy renee harkness cos The grove city police department as six on four too having seven seventy in ten or to submit and remain anonymous. You can call it in at six one for six, four five tips: that's six one for six, four, five, eight four, seven seven or you can he mail or show by to our website. True crime garage dot com. This is
still unsolved homicide case of Tracy harkness thirty years later, and this is true ground rob grove city ohio. Today the population is about forty two thousand people. Thirty years ago, when this case took place, it was about half of that twenty thousand people grow city is suburb of Columbus, ohio and back then, it was very much your standard, blue and white collar area, a lot of hard working folks, many who worked in the greater columbus area and after work, they would retire, there are three and four bedroom homes in the not quite what you would call a sleepy town. As grove city was kind of hustler.
Also, especially during the daylight hours, but after the sun goes down. If we are king about nine or ten o clock at night, it turns to a ghost town. Rather quickly, pretty standard mid western town late at night, you're gonna, get a few people out really hardly any cars out on the street and, as you said, captain grove city was very much your typical middle class. Bob with some of its citizens living on the fringes of both ends of that middle class spectrum now We said in the trailer are victim: Tracy harkness was found deceased in her apartment She lived in the regency arms apartment complex tracy had only lived in the apartment. Does she killed in for about two and a half months before the attack, the apartment, complex, occupied three square city blocks and was made up of several buildings, most of them like Tracy's building, which was a for family
unit Tracy's unit was a two story unit. The apartments were moderately price in turkey, by a wide range of tenets. Her to bed room place had front door and a back door with parking for her vehicle by the rear entrance to the apartment trade he still had unpacked boxes of various personal items around the place when she was killed with things at me, these apartments unique was they had had a main floor. You had your bed rooms on the second floor and you also had a basement neighbours told the media that Tracy was quiet, friendly and respectable. She kept to herself and didn't make any waves on november. ex ninety? Ninety two to thirty seven pm police officers were despatched to the regency arms apartment complex at thirty four. Seventy or richard avenue and grove city.
An unknown emergency call some people all nine one one and reported that a woman was badly injured. We have steve hotter and lorry short. They were the why, to sound the alarm. Lorry was Tracy's cousin. She and Steve stayed with Tracy a few weeks earlier, but they had left behind some keys on Friday november six. They stopped by tracy's to pick them up. Steve told investigators that lorry knocked on the back door of the apartment but got no answer. They went to the back door because that was the door tracy and pretty much everyone else used, this portion of the apartment complex was bill in a u shape around a rear park, lie where the residents head spaces to park their cars. As a result, most residents didn't use their front doors other than to
their mail or the newspaper tracy was no exception, and lorry and steve noted Her car was indeed in the parking lot right behind her unit when they pulled up Tracy was known to keep the back door unlocked when she was at home when they got no end the rear door. Steve walked around to the front door and noted with surprise that the door was open about six to eight inches, so went inside and yelled for tracy when he got no response? He looked in the dining area and he saw some socked feet there. He found Tracy harkness lying on the floor. He hastily went outside and knocked on doors to get help he to lorry telling her to get back in. car and stay there, no one. Answered his knox so when he saw a pickup truck pulling up across the street, he ran across the street
told the occupants to called nine one one. The driver called police. And the other guy went with steve back into the residence to check the victim. Unfortunately, they were unable to find any vital signs. The regency arms apartments located in grove city are probably less than five miles from the police department grove city. detective stephen robin net was in the area and responded to the scene when he arrived, the detective found the apartment resident identified as Tracy harkness lying face up in the dining area of the apartment. She was pronounced dead by medics it to forty four p m detective robin net, secured the scene and commence. What would then become a three decades long investigation neighbours started to gather outside the regency arms apartment. Additional detectives arrived on, seeing and started
are viewing some of the witnesses detectives quickly noted the following: Tracy's car was found part in her usual spot located near the rear entrance to the apartment, the rear door. Deadbolt was locked, but the front door deadbolt was unlocked. I remember when Steve Tracy's friend saw the front door. It was already open about sixty inches so according to detectives notes. There was no sign of force entry and quickly. was learned that there was a duplicate key to the apartment, but that key was missing. Steve and the man who assisted Steve relate to detectives that he noticed Tracy suffered severe head wounds and cuts to her forehead and cheeks Steve said she was hard to the touch They both said. She was blue detectives already knew this. The woman inside the apart
was quickly identified as Tracy hardness and had clearly been dead for quite some time. There was no emergency as far as the victim was concerned. She was beyond help, unfortunately, at this point, but there was an emergency when detectives learn that the victim had and almost two year old daughter, megan who lived with her in the apartment. Other then loathing and some kid related toys and items in the residence There was no sign of little megan, so detectives, fanned out through the neighbourhood scoured for megan. Meanwhile, Tracy's mother tammy bowling arrived on the scene and was quickly taken to police headquarters to be interviewed. She was able to tell the tec is there. Megan was likely with her father, my harkness Tracy's ex a visitor Ex home address located his feet say sherry, who related that megan was with her paternal grandmother and me
was out of town for the day on a hunting trip, a phone call The maidens grandmother confirmed that the little girl was their safe and sound. investigation shifted from a potential kidnapping and progress to a homicide investigation. But his strange We see this in so many cases where the victims, partner or ex partner, is out of town. that day I could see how that would lead law enforcement to be suspicious of that vigil, less learn more about tracy harkness Tracy, renee harkness was born on september, twenty third nineteen sixty eight, her There was tammy bowling who used to be married to Tracy's, father rick. Both were now remarry tracy had two brothers. She graduated from heritage, christian in columbus in nineteen. Eighty seven she attended the columbus Para professional institute from nine
and eighty seven to nineteen eighty eight in november of ninety ninety two tracy was a twenty four year old, single mother. It's fair to say that Tracy's life was in flux at this time. She and having a hard time, holding down a job and maintaining a residence. As of late. Her recent employer, said she was friendly and easy to work with, but she spent a lot of time on the phone on personal cause when she died. She was work add a new job. As a secretary. She also had a pie time job a few nights a week, helping out at a friend's jewelry businesses should definitely we'll play. Tracy was a long time. Member of the grace memorial church on Christ in christian union. She attended church sporadically. She attended go to church for a while when things were going so well in her life or she was feeling guilty, but that would last short term
she had been attending church at the time of her death and had recently spent an hour at the altar vowing too, day out of bars, spend more time with megan and be a better mother, her past or told police that he thought that Tracy seemed unhappy. tracy, also attended jazz or size classes on tuesdays and thursdays, Tracy's, friends and family said she drank socially, but not to access, and she wasn't known to do drugs like we said before: Tracy's ex partner or ex husband, was on a hunting trip that day, what's fascinating about their relationship, was there were actually married to each other twice his name, we said earlier. Captain is Michael Harkness. The four. time around the marriage was dissolved in April nineteen. Ninety, but shortly after the break up, Tracy discovered this pregnant and she and MIKE remarried, for the sake of the child.
Megan was born in january of nineteen ninety one and mike in Tracy divorce. Again in april of nineteen. Ninety two mike would later say they were really only married for one month. The second time around from august two september in nineteen, ninety one so the he divorced the second time around ended in April. Nineteen two, but we all know that paper work and things like that, take place so and can take some time. He's just dating luck. We were really only together in trying to be together for a much shorter period of time than what it looks like on paper. According to Tracy's friends, she and her ex husband got along very well and spoke almost daily this, because they shared custody of little meg long, perfect world. All people, shared kids together would have a healthy relationship for their kids detective robin et
who would be the lead on this case, noted that many people describe tracy as a very outgoing, yet lonely person who always seem to searching for happiness, while others prefer, many of us out there that can relate to tracy detectives noted that Tracy went to local bar in the evening when she was not at home with her chum when she didn't have to watch her care for may get. A few people said this. He would sometimes pick up men and she tended to fall for men much faster than they were comfortable with and sometimes she had become confrontational. Was at least one report this she would show up at the place of these guys, employment or at their home on expect. Thirdly, now, in more than one case, a mansion,
was seeing was already in a relationship and yeah. That's what we define as a stage. Five clinger detectives learned very quickly from talking to tracey's friends, that tracey recently had a boyfriend and that they had broken up just two weeks earlier. This boyfriend per her friends was a young man named David, see, lock, see Lockwood quickly become a very interesting person, two detectives when it was learned that David see, lock may have been in possession of the missing duplicate, key tracy's apartment. Remember we have no signs of forced entry into the home now, doesn't mean that a key was used to gain access to the apartment. Recur
have a situation where Tracy let her killer or killers in to the apartment now or just didn't locked the door behind her when she entered her apartment. Let's get into this investigation a little bit further here, captain the franklin county corners office sent forensic pathologist Keith now and out to the crime scene. He took no of multiple lacerations of the scout and abroad, asian on the left chest and a compound fracture of the left little finger on Tracy harkness. Tracy when she was found. She was fully clothes. She was found wearing jeans, assure and a green blue, in white sweater. An autopsy was performed, all following day after she was found, Tracy had defensive wounds on both hands and her little finger was fracture, abrasions were noted on the right side of her neck. The left chest and back
alas, oration was on her right forehead. A linear cut was seen on her right cheek Examination of the victims had led to the discovery of thirty plus three ro plus injuries to the scout and numerous skull fracture. That's a vicious attack. Some injuries were completely through the skull and into the brain on the left side and back of the head. The will tended to be long, linear, single wounds that were one point one too in point two centimeters along and half a centimeter. Why This is a lot of injuries. This is a part severe attack, where it looks to me, captain. the the leg guy here that we got somebody, that's probably has attacked her and then we're seeing rapid fire blows once Lee
tat commence. Normally, when a victim has that many wounds, it's it's more likely that they knew the killer. the lacerations to the right side of the scalp in the top of the head tended to be two short wound: side by side. That's per the documentation here, too short, wound side by side, the distance between the twin marks and each of these wounds was three eighth of an inch. So it's one of these situations where you look at this is in and say, okay, what kind of weapon would have been used to leave. These marks rain on our victim or do we have a situation where Tracy was attacked by two different people on different sides. Of of her right now would make the sums
a lot of wounds to the victim. Is there any evidence that she put up a fight that maybe she left wounds on her attacks it's hard to say if she would have left any wounds on her attacker, but she definitely put up a fight. There was significant defensive wounds, and, even some other indications that she put up a fight beyond the defensive wounds that were found. So the autopsy concluded that the cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head. Basically, she bludgeoned to death. Tracy had what is recorded as thirty six different wounds, with the majority of the trauma to the back of the head. Note that she had defensive wounds to both hands and people told detectives luck. Tracy could take care of herself if, if she was a too
act, she would have fought like a bad she and everything and not obsolete, indicate that that was exactly the situation. I would ask your question and don't look at me, like I'm a moron, so she has a bunch of defence of wounds to her hands. That would make me think that the attack her was in front of her, but, like you just stated, most of her head injuries seem like it's coming from behind her that's correct, so my speculation would be one of two possibilities and both seem likely. Unfortunately, so we we can't really deduce much from from this speculation or from the wounds. I believe, because I think I'd I think What we are seeing here, based off of these wounds in the autopsy, is that, yes, there is some argument that she could have been attacked by two people. One on each side of her, however, think about
how would play out if it was just a one on one attack and her defensive wounds being to her hands both of her hands? If somebody were to raise a weapon in come at you you're, not Oh reaction is going to be to put up your hands to defend your face or your boss Well, that's where you're wrong colonel cause. My natural reaction would be to kick him in the nods and she, papa. She likely did this and at some point started to lose the fight and if she struck from the front and fall forward. Now we could have a situation where she is on offer where's her she's on the floor, attempting to get up to continue to defend herself and now the attacker is striking, what is right in front of him or her, which would be the back of her head? What's difficult for us to here and try to decipher is without
being able to see the womb or or die. graham of the wounds themselves reading. The report, as it is on paper, does not give us any india. asian of what direction this weapon would have been coming from now we have to compound that problem. With we I don't know one hundred percent. What weapon was used to attack tracy, harkness right and also just to be clear. She was from face up which could mean that, after the attack that she actually moved herself into that position to possibly get help correct, she could have been moved by the attacker. She could have moved herself. She could have actually successful He got up at some point during this attack its We're not saying this is how it went down exactly where Say when you try to play this thing out the scenario out based off of the information that is available, you could see it kind of working.
That way, if it was in fact a one on one attack I wouldn't so quick to lock myself into it being a on one attack or a two on wander three on one attack the answers we live in a sad, cold world. Evidence collected at the autopsy included, but was not limited to the following finger: nail clippings and scrapings finger and palmprints blood samples, Tracy's clothing was collected and examined for trace evidence, no sexual assault. Occurred during the attack. A ring missing a stone was removed from her left finger, a mark. On right finger indicated that a ring was typically worn there and it was the approximate size of a ring found on the floor near her foot. So what I talked about earlier. Their captain. along with this portion of the autopsy report right now,
Why do we have the wounds to her hands the defensive wounds, your hands? But what you're saying The items that she was wearing these rings suffered damage as well, because they were probably blocking some of the attack detective robin wrote in his report that the weapon used to commit the murder, had not been recovered, but it was believed to be some type of claude instrument as most of the wounds were in pairs and space. The same distance apart. The weapon is believed to be some type of small possible flat pry tool. Blunt answer marks were found on the surface of the north wall in the dining area, and then rumours flew around town, the tracy an attacked with a hand.
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all right, we are back, cheers cheer juicy. You can't talk hands in the air now before we get to, or into the weeds of this investigation. I want to point out something that I noticed time and time again in this investigation and you the listener will notice this throughout as well. This whole investigation was incredibly complicated by the fact that most of the people and Tracy's social circles all seem to know each other and a lot of them seem to have been in some type of relationship with each other at one time or to be related to each other. This can help
bessie geisha. This also can hinder an investigation and the interview process for active must have been a major headache because on one hand. Some of these people that we are going to discuss did not tell the whole truth to police. Some of them were covering for each other, then the other hand, rumours and speculation were ramp at the time. Everyone knew everyone else's business in this case, or at least they thought they did. This is because a lot of the people that we will discuss were in their early to mid twenties and they were and bars a lot together, and there was a lot of gum, flapping and chewing the fat going on at these bars in these social circles, but also makes it difficult for law enforcement you have we ve seen over and over with cases the husband did it or the ex husband
so, if I'm law enforcement, the first and I'm doing is yet this vicious seen this vision, murder scene, I'm looking at them to see if he has any wounds on him. I'm looking at the current boyfriend. Another thing that makes it difficult for law enforcement is, when her friends say, look she's. She was quick to fall in love with people showed up at their work now the amount of people of interests it gets. Applied, that's exactly right. Their captain ohio bc. I, along with grove city police, were assigned to the crime scene. The scene was photographed in videotaped now here are a few things of note as captain pointed out. Tracy was found lying on her back on the carpet with a pool of blood, under her head, her legs were straight. Her left arm bent and her hand on her chest. Her right arm was extended out. Tracy was fully cod.
With the exception of shoes, there was a lot of dried bloodstains near the body location. There was dried blood found on a rug. The plaster baby gate, leaning on the wall, the kitchen floor, various items like stuff. Then laws and shoes lying near the body and on the countertop south of the body, so A lot of blood in this dining room area is found near our body, but when you these pools of blood. Were there any footprints left behind. There was one partial footprint found at the scene that was determined not to belong to Tracy. I believe it was determined not to believe, two tracy, because it it's not stated, as fact and the reports that it was not Tracy's footprint, but keep in mind, If this was a shoeprints, a partial shoeprints there was found every index
should that we have. Is it once the attack took place? Our? comes not wearing any shoes at that time. Well then, on top of that, have to rule out her friends that found her or anybody that was at that scene yeah by the time that she was found by these. You know these friends, and then the random person that the friend pulled in with them too, to go into the apartment? The second time the blood already dried at the sea, so well what into her time line and I think without one hundred percent certainty. We're not going to be able to narrow down the time of death to one hour, but it looks like invested there's strongly believe that they know about what time she was killed and we can base that off of lot of other evidence that we will get into also found at the scene captain.
And near the body we had a dish towel and pieces of paper tat that were left near her feet. Type note say, a three engine, one half inch patch of blood was smeared on the walls by the taos, a kitchen air was on its side in blood. Spatter was near by indicating perhaps it Tracy was initially struck closer to the table, the remaining three chairs and dining table were not disturbed, clumps and cut sections. Herr were noted in various places on the dining room floor, what you can there are very quickly is it. This is a was a vicious attack and theirs obvious signs of a struggle here, especially near the the body location. What's interesting to me, though, and I think
listeners will note this as well when we go through our our brief description of what else is found in the apartment or the state of the apartment. It looks to me like this started and ended in this dining room area. We also makes sense too, because, let's say the attacker attacks her from behind So then you'd have these wounds on the back of her head. She turns around to defend herself and then that's how she gets. The other defensive wombs. Detective robin net said that nothing obvious was miss. From the apartment and Tracy's person. Jewelry were in plain sight, so Robbery seemed unlikely here, Tracy's person, car keys. we're on a large footstool in the living room area. A pair of women black shoes were on the floor. Next to the store, The tv in the apartment in the living room area was on flowers,
The tv stand appear to be a few days old, a toilet see was up and you're in samples were taken from the bowl. Some move, boxes. As we said, we're still packed up and still found by detectives in the apartment. Detectives notes indicate that the attack was blue, to have solely gone down in that dining area. Key I don't know if it was that simple that Tracy was attacked, the person use them. Through beforehand, or they use the bathroom afterwards, and this didn't flush and that's how we in the kitchen this point. an injury wine back to what the friends were saying about how easily she was to fall in love with somebody is open. Up so many more possibilities cause like you said one of the guys it should see and for a time period was married. So now you get this larger pole of people. They have to pull from not just a partner or ex partner papa
We be a partner of a partner right and what we will see once we get into these persons of interest is dead, Unfortunately, you can easily see a motive for a handful of people here in this case and, as we pointed out earlier, some of these persons of interest, or in a relationship with another person of interest lawn. But that there was no sexual assault serve. There was sexual assault, at least. We would now If there were seamen, then at least the attackers would have been made, the toilet seat being up? We ve seen this in multiple cases and the first step and then goes to wealth there. Have been a man and that apartment or in that home shortly before the attack, or or maybe even after the attack, right, look ida
I'm not gonna sit here and pretend to know everybody's bathroom habits and don't really want to know them either, but if he did I'd have to quit the show. I will say this lake I dont my mind, does not jump to a male perpetrator immediately because a toilet seat was left up its I've- I admit a lifetime. I believe that forever one woman that insisted that the toilet cp down or that the lid be down constantly, there has been other woman that insist that it be up all the time so I have never really looked at that and said all that one hundred per cent locked me in on a male perpetrator, very fascinating, set of circumstances. So far in this case see us. I tax collected some iD that appeared to be of evidentiary value. We had layton prince blood samples from the spray and smears an unspecified trace evidence a bedspread from Tracy's bed with money.
shoot prints on it was collected as well as an empty marlborough. Cigarette packets seemed like some a pulled, a f your couch rick james move on her bed. The thing that trysting about the cigarette pack is note that we had said earlier that Tracy was known to drink socially I've seen reported that she would she may smoke on occasion when drinking, but it seems like most people are in agreements that Tracy was not a smoke she was not a regular smoker, and then we have this marlboro cigarette pack that is found in the apartment, but There is no other smoking materials found in the home, no ashtrays or a lighter than is noted as well. So could this have been left by the killer? or is this a situation that it was left by somebody else prior to the attack and for whatever reason had just up and discarded of yet long for
is gonna do neighbourhood canvas of the area went till november, eighth, will win that sunday and no I witnessed claims to have seen anything yet no one seemed to see anything unusual or hear any thing of interest or of added value to our investigation here. This is really interesting to me, based off of how violent the attack appears to have been You- and I know that area fairly. Well, even right, thirty years ago. We knew it fairly well and I would think that the belief is that they do tat went down late at night. Bobby on november fifth, sometimes nearing the eleven o clock our on a thursday at night in that area for thirty years ago, for an attack to be this violent. It would be
I think it strange that nobody heard anything now, it's not impossible, but I find that it did it to be strange, backing up. That idea is detective desk, hence who went on record in said, based on the overturned furniture and these scattered items near the body it appeared. There was a struggle, adding quote it's difficult to believe, based the struggle that no one heard anything end quote when they too said this is a apartment, complex, laser apartments that share walls. So you would think in some of the cases we ve covered, when someone is attacked a single family home. We have maybe not I witnesses, but your witnesses says very very strange to me that we have nobody that thinks they heard anything but also, I wonder, because they didn't. Initially have a great idea of when the attack happened,
Then, maybe, when there were question these people, if you I seen somebody on sunday about something that happened thursday, they might do not remember a little bang against the wall or all, maybe, Did hera semi scream were a muffled scrite there's plenty of evidence to suggest that Tracy was killed late on thursday evening, and now we know that the bodies not found until four the afternoon, so you already have some delay there. I want to pay a little bit of a or picture, though, because one thing that I think is interesting in this case. First, let me address one thing that you you just. sharing walls exactly right in these apartments, I'm always fascinated when we have these types of attacks and struggles. When somebody here, something I didn't hear anything because
You are sharing walls with your neighbors now and Tracy's case that, for. family unit building that she lived in a opted out. It ll to me like she was on the, and so she would have only shared a wall with one neighbour again, where were I'm basing that off of the idea that the apartment next to her was occupied. It may not have been her apartment. The then, she was in if you picture a you, there's three buildings that make this you shape, and in the centre of that you of those three apartment buildings. You have a parking. While that is shared by all of the occupants of those three buildings. So what's listening to me here is you have, situation, where my car, is in in the lie with your car, your car is
in the same area, as are other neighbours cars. So, as far as the parking lot goes, I think That's where you're going to have the space where the money eyes are on the coming in goings of every body, be it the occupants, our visitors of those of your neighbours in that parking lot I think people are gonna. Have a good idea of the act eddie. They are just because your frequently in and out of your car, and you have the rear entrance to your home, your apartment. As said, oh, all of the people in that parliament, the that an area where at least this space of regency arms, because it's not laid out the exact same everywhere throughout regency arms, but in this space these people are using their back door. As their main in and out to their whole, simply because of where their vehicle would be located. So one thing that was of note. I
to make sure that I underline this in and really echo this in and be clear here on on, not read too much into this, but one thing of note is, neighbours did point now when asked if they saw thing. Stranger unusual or, if there's anything of note, that should be reported, two detectives about who may be in going from Tracy's apartment, the neighbors told several neighbours told the police about a white man. with a white vehicle. They had a large dragon de cow on the vehicle, who had been seen at the apartment several times, but then is key to hold on but we should also point out the fact that they follow that up with had not been seen and a couple of weeks, so it could be connected to are murder, but it does have to be, because we have a night in question that we really need to focus in on name,
I know this answer. I'm sure law enforcement does but, like you said she has an ex husband and she had a current boyfriend at the time that boyfriend had the extras The keys she was only in that apartment for a few months when He gifted those are the keys. Well, I actually, I think we need a kind of clean that up a little bit because there's a couple things going on, it's The then she has an ex husband, she has an ex boyfriend and The ex boyfriend from my standing only stayed there for between about ten days to possibly two weeks that relationship was over with before she was killed. So no current, from there is no current boyfriend that we have listed here. And it sounds like she was pretty vocal and talking with a laugh a family and friends about her life, so nobody reported occur boyfriend. Everybody reported this x
boyfriend and we'll get into him. We talked about him briefly, David see lock. That was the ex boyfriend but I'm guessing. He doesn't own that. We now have It does match the description that very vague description, he's he's occasion mail, he owns a car with a large dragon detail on the vehicle dunton now. It makes sense, though, that you would see his vehicle right at that. Apart several times a few weeks ago, a couple weeks ago, as stated by neighbours, because he was staying there briefly now far as the duplicate key goes here, else police he gave the key back. They don't fight at the scene, but that doesn't mean that he didn't give it back. He claims, that he gave the key back tracy harnesses Ex husband, Michael Harkness, He said that he was told there.
David see lock had a duplicate key to the apartment, which again makes sense because David see locks not denying that he ever had the key. even then, we don't know that the thing that we really want to find out is one: why didn't they find the duplicate key in they did not find the duplicate key who the hell had on what makes case even more difficult for law enforcement? Is have I witnesses that saw this ex boyfriend at the apartment at some point, but because everybody's using their back entrance, because that's where the parking lot is, will the parking is not smile its and so, if you said to me all did we see this white vehicle that had this dragon de colony, yeah when's? The last time you saw it? I dont know I wouldn't you wanna, be it be very hard
for eye witnesses to pinpoint the last time they saw that vehicle at that apart. Well, the other thing that difficult to is remember the back door, the the that was used as them in an hour for tracy and her friends and visitors was found locked. It was the front door that nobody used regularly that was found, unlocked and open. When her body was discovered The other thing that makes it difficult in life- You said we know this area is not only are there several parking lot around those apartment complexes, but there are side roads that are not that far from the apartment. Soap, If this was premeditated. It wouldn't be that hard to park down the street. It's also,
not it's, also not that far of a distance for some made a park, there's I'd within a half of a mile, was a large shopping centre or a strip mall, and it anyone be that hard to part in that parking lot and then walk over to the. Parliament complex yet no again, this is a rather safe area and police went out of their way to inform the public that the they believe the attack on Tracy was personal. This is based. The fact, given the low rate of violent crime in the area. That fact is going to further bolster that idea. and what eventually would be. The detectives theory is it. This was a crime of passion
now before Tracy was killed, there were had been no homicides in growth city in the year of ninety. Ninety two tracy was in early november, so that tells you that he's out just how low rate of violent crime would be in that area. she's not murdered until november and she's the first murder victims of that year. Now, let's see if we can fill out a thorough timeline for tracy, as that's going to be key to this case, as it always is so detective spoke with a lot of people in the first days of the investigation, and then we pieced together a timeline for tracy based off of these interviews and notes, made the actual investigators, so Tracy miss was last seen alive at a lingerie sales party in the stone ridge subdivision this around ten thirty. yeah, I'm on november. Fifth, this,
at the home of a woman who Tracy was friends with detective, interviewed everybody at this party, cease daughter was in day care on the day of the fifth and then was picked up by Airy. Remember, sherry is Tracy's ex husband, MIKE Harkness, that's mike's. answer I'm assuming that treaty and had a good relationship with Sherry His sherry's helping them raise their daughter, but she also has a good relationship or reportedly good relationship with her exit I I didn't see any reports about the relationship between sherry and tracy, but you can make some inferences right. I mean Michael Harkness, reported by everybody that that I could find that they had a good relationship. Michael's words and everybody else's words where that he and Tracy spoke almost daily
wasn't just about hey. Can you pick up megan and and minutes or hey. Can you can you cover for me this day they face, talk about what was going on in their lives to so it sounds to me like they remain friendly and then based off of the fact that we know that sherry is picking up megan from day care and that there's a good relationship between MIKE and tracy, I think the inference it we can make here. Is it yes, the relationship between sherry and Tracy was probably a good one, on our timeline. Here we should note that megan was at home with sherry and her father might the rest of the evening? This according to Michael and sharing This is the evening of thursday. The fifth now remember, where Ass for two, after that, lingerie sales party tracy left that party around ten thirty. It would be it.
and minute drive for her to get from the party, location to her apartment. When she was found when Tracy was found. Remember she was wearing clothes shoes fully club. She was wearing the same clothes. Does she wore to the part, but she's, not wearing shoes, when she's found. And remember that we found shoes Person are keys in the living room near that footstool, so her friends were ordered their tracy, usually changed into sweat, pants and sweat. Sure most as soon as she would get home again Her person, keys and shoes were found on the stool or near the stool, and the tv was on so to me, captain anew Can it this situation, I'm going? Ok, she leaves and thirty everybody
The party is saying that Tracy said that she was going home after the party and there's indication at her apartment that she probably came home kicked off. Her shoes sit down her person, keys foot. on the tv and before She could change into these swept pants as well. by all of her friends that she would usually change into sweats as soon as she got home. Either somebody knock on the door. She invites somebody an or whatever, happens and then she's attacked for those makes it difficult to for law enforcement because did so. I follow home from the party- or did somebody lay in wait, We see movement and you see lights turn on that. That's when you make move and you go knocking on that front door? So the detective notes are as follows: day say that either a
Tracy, let her assailant in the front door, or I guess the back door, and in here sheer they locked the back door and then left through the front door be The assailant was already in the house when she walked in this would make sense if either she left it where unlocked somebody had a key or somebody had access or gained access in some form or fashion to the apartment or see her in her attacker or attackers came in to other win he arrived back at her home that night, the Thank you. That's interesting to me here. Captain is that the no friends saying that Tracy, so times, would leave the back door unlocked when she was home? Could it be possible, like you, pointed out that she arrives home goes through the back door. and just in lock it behind her wins, He arrived
One of the key so much for joining us here in the grudge make sure you tell a friend make sure you tell your mother to listen the true crime garage join us back here in the garage same bat time same bat channel until then,
it would be kind.
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