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Veronica Blumhorst /// Part 1 /// 425

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Veronica Blumhorst /// Part 1 /// 425

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This week we feature the case of a strange disappearance of a young woman back from 1990 in Mendota, Illinois. As of this week it will be 30 years since anyone has seen Veronica Blumhorst. For years Veronica’s little brother Todd kept the investigation organized and ongoing. Recently new information has come out that we could possibly be dealing with a cover up. Beer of the Week - True Believer by Twin Elephant Brewing Garage Grade - 4 and a quarter bottle caps

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The The the a young woman leaves work late at night and arrives home. Her car makes it into her usual spot in the garage, but somehow she never makes it inside the house. With very few clues left behind police are left scratching their heads. The number one suspect the boyfriend acts suspicious, but nothing ties him to the disappearance. The case grows cold and languishes for three.
Years and so many of these missing persons cases decades pass, there is no movement on the case, and we are left with no resolution, but in this case all is not as it seems three decades. There is new information that is, not really new at all, but it was left out of the case files. Some suggested This information was conveniently lost or covered up intentionally
like a jill bloom hearst, verona, The jill bloom hearse was born on September. Fourth, nineteen. Sixty nine. Nothing is known about her birth parents. This is actually a major speed bump for the investigation it's complicated, but we will get into that. The wa if that is important after we get to know a little more about Veronica, her family and the day that she went missing. Veronica was adopted by Paul and betty bloomer,
when she was only seven months old, she had an older sister named caroline, also adopted, but from a different family and a younger brother named todd. Who was the bloom hearst biological son reports are that Veronica add some early physical disabilities that impeded her ability to walk, but with the help of leg, braces and hard work, she eventually overcame that she had magic shoes. She was also diagnosed with a learning disability and took special education classes in school. Veronica was some
quiet and shy, but was friendly and everyone liked her. She was a bit of a home body, her family likes to say that she often was tucked into bed by eight p m unless she was working or with her boyfriend and ninety. Ninety veronica bloom Hearst was twenty one years old and living at home with her family and men. Dona Illinois Veronica lived with her parents and her brother todd on Monroe. St Mendoza is a very safe small city of about seven thousand residence in northern was sale, counting long on top of that. They move there because the father became firefighter and he was well connected not to send the fire department, but also with the police department as well yeah. Her father Paul was a fire fighter. Her uncle was a police officer and her mother worked at a nursing home, her older sister Carolyn,
in nineteen ninety was in her mid twenties and lived about twenty minutes away with her husband Veronica was working as a sales associate at a local retail, about a half a mile from her home. This is at dempsey's supervalu. She had multiple job duties. This included cashier manning the movie rental counter and selling lottery tickets. People in town knew her as the friendly movie clerk, and although she was not a gregarious person, she was described as bubbly when she wasn't working veronica spent a lot of her time with her boyfriend. Jeff fervour car a twenty two year old computer science, junior college student, whom she met about six months earlier. The two were serious: I had discussed marriage, although they were not officially engaged at this time.
Now we relied heavily on the terrific series of articles, in this case by Jim Haggerty that released earlier and twenty twenty on the rockford for advocate website. We spoke with Jim well and will be sharing some information that he gave to us now, let's get into the events captain of September nineteenth and twentieth of nineteen. Ninety this week in the head of us, marks thirty years that this young woman has been missing and foul play is absolutely suspected in this case. Now. The day in question will be Wednesday september nineteenth nineteen. Ninety Veronica went to work at five p m for her evening shift as usual. This is the cashier gig at dempsey super value. She has worked there for several years. Veronica recently had a bad case of Malta.
And she wasn't feeling very well, so you ever had mono. I have not it's awful, but this you feel completely drained like you, don't even feel sick. So much or at least I didn't- I just felt lately exhausted on it ruined the new york jets football season last year. So you know it serious so she's not feeling. Well, she still taking medication for mono at this time around nine thirty veronica, thirty sister Carolyn came into the store and talk to her sister about a doctor's appointment. The Veronica had the next day, this, of course, to address the mono that she still fighting off. Then Veronica called Jeff her boyfriend, she rented a movie for herself from the store's catalogue of vhs s films. This was the bette midler
these stella old school, the age essen behind rewind, when her shift ended at closing time. She walked out of the store in the company of another sales associate. This was her friend Sharon Van diver. What time was as it was late? This was at one Seven m, so Veronica, told Veronica, told Sharon that she was very tired and she was going to go home and go to bed. She intended to watch the movie the following day: the to walk to their cars, parked on the west side of the parking lot. They warmed up their vehicles, defrosted the windshields and then Veronica got into her blue chevy, corsica and drove north out of the parking lot onto me.
in street and headed east toward her home on monroe street, which again is just half a mile away. The next morning, Veronica his brother Todd woke up for school. Todd was having some car troubles, so Veronica was supposed to drive him to school, that day right, it wasn't downstairs yet, but he saw her car in the garage, so he just simply waited, but she never came down. when he went and looked in her room. He realized that she was not there so now he's like she's, not home at all. He called his father at work at the firehouse and his father told you know just drive your own car to school and I'll come and pick up this vehicle later and I'll. Do some work on it, so Todd leaves the house he goes off to school, Paul father. Arrived home from his overnight shift around eight a m that morning he is
that Veronica was out to breakfast with her boyfriend Jeff and simply forgot about driving her brother to school. That day again, it's not a regular activity for her to drive him. Maybe it just slipped her mind. Go on, like you said, Jeff This is a serious relationship, so the family knows who Jeff is and and everybody is aware of of who he is so Paul leaves the house again. Some reports say that he went off to his part time job. Some say that he went to run errants, regardless of why he leaves the house when returned to the house the phone rang and it was the doctors office. There call to say that Veronica didn't show up for her follow up appointment that was scheduled for that day. Then the phone rang again now, this time it's Jeff, the boyfriend he's asking for Veronica is Veronica there. They were supposed to go out to lunch. He said.
All told him that Veronica was not home and actually asked Jeff had he seen her any time since she left for work the previous day he said. No, I had not starting to worry paul calls his wife, whose at work He asked her if she had seen Veronica that morning and she says, of course she had not as well alright, so we are in a weird spot here. Captain everything appears to be as it should the exception that no one knows where Veronica is her car, is parked in its usual spot in the bloom hearse garage. It also appears that the vehicle arrived at or about the expected time But anywhere that Veronica should be, she is not. She wasn't home to
I have her little brother to school that day she missed the doctor's appointment and she was not out with her boyfriend. I heard it reported multiple I'm some people say that was a follow up. Doctors, appointment and some people were saying that, because she they like the motto, was getting better. She wasn't feeling better that it was a extra appointment, and so that makes it even more important- and sometimes you don't follow up on our point- may cause you're feeling better. The other thing to here is the grads setting right, there's multiple different kinds of grudges year house now has it attach garage your house before headed detached garage, but this this is a detached grudge in its, I believe, roughly about thirty
the way from the house, so it is quite a distance between the groups in the house. Well, and it looks to me too, that you would actually, if you were driving and wanted a part in the garage that you would enter the garage from an alley there is behind the house and behind the garage by that makes that you wouldn't pull that There may not even be a driveway to get you from monroe street to the garage so with car in the garage this means that she, or at least the vehicle, arrived home after her shift at the supervalu the night before. her mom woke up around two, a m and from the kitchen window she could see Veronica
are was in the garage. The garage door was shut and the lights were off. This was the family's kind of signal. You know that every one was home and safe at the house for the night, the last person and would close down the garage and betty it was routine for her up in the night to check that the garage was closed down born again, like we said it's a very small community, her father worked for the fire department. within the area. I think one of their neighbors was a police officer. It's a very safe area, so there's no sign of Veronica Paul. He gets in his vehicle drives out to the sisters out the caroline house again about twenty, that's away at this was just to see if Veronica was there, she was very close what carolyn, and there was some reason to believe that she intended to go to her sisters house that day,
you talk about, maybe wedding arrangements or wedding dresses, but Veronica was not there as well. When Paul showed up the house caroline, was immediately alarmed. She says you know that father was normally a calm and practical dude, but on this day he was quite panicked, and this set her off So Carolyn had no idea where her sister was and she falls Her dad back to the bloom, hearse home. when they arrived, they were surprised to see Veronica's boyfriend Jeff as well as their neighbor John John lives across the alley behind the bloomers home. He is, as the captain was saying, a mendota police officer
Jeff called nine one one around noon to report Veronica messing with the arrival of the police people started to gather at the bloom, hearse, home and searchers fan out to scour the neighbourhood. We are going to get into the whole scope of the search, but the PJ's star summed it up nicely by saying: quote: police quickly began searching the town and questioning people two hours after the first report, planes began to criss crossed the sky for a glimpse. the missing woman that day in several after just about every fire and police department within thirty miles and men, data assisted in the search hundreds of civilians scoured the area our after our day after day, not stopping even in the rain dive teams jumped into lakes and ponds to seek clues, and quote
now remember. Paul was a firefighter, so you can imagine. they were going to have an all hands on deck type of response right there are neighbours was a police officer. Yet the police chief stated that he could not, even get to guess how many man hours were expanded on the search which extended to a fifty, into twenty mile radius of mendota, and yet there was no sign, anywhere of this young woman, no sign anywhere Veronica. It seems that she has just simply vanish at the house. It was Veronica sister Carolyn that thought someone should check that a variety of car. We got the car in the garage, no one's thought to check the trunk and this is really we've talked about this with many cases that we've covered when a person goes missing,
The vehicle is located. This is always very traumatic experienced for who however, is the one that is in charge of opening up the trunk. and a lot of times. We tell these stories and it's a family member, that opening up the trunk of the vehicle and its. Something that they never ever forget right now, was very careful to open the trunk very, very slowly. all that was in there, thankfully, was Veronica's overnight bag, which I guess was packed and still in there from the weekend before now, of course please looked at whether Veronica had actually made it home that night. As we said, her car found in the usual spot in the unattached garage about thirty feet from the house.
betty usually left the garage lights on for her, so Veronica would not come home to a dark garage again, their routine was it Veronica which, shut off. The light. Close The garage before entering the house sure after garage door was shut? The garage light was off. There was no sign whatsoever that anything was amiss. No sign of a struggle. nothing was dropped, the others not items laying on the ground that right with our blood on on the garage floor, yeah or any pr. on the ground out there we we have evidence that the car made it into the garage. The light got turned off the door got shot
I have evidence of that. We don't have evidence that it was her other than her coworkers saying that I walked her out to her. Car probably actually saw her drive off for a second yeah, and I see that did it appears that everything was as it should be, because we don't have a whole lot of time between win, the co worker said that they laughed from their shift to the top. I'm where her mother would routinely wake up to make sure that the garage you know the Veronica's vehicle was in the garage in the garage was shut down. It was one o seven. According to the co worker, and according to- Her mother Betty betty would usually get up round to a em, to look out the kitchen window to check and see if the garage was shut down. That's nothing seems amiss.
except for we have a missing woman, correct, correct. So police did begin to suspect that Veronica did drive home didn't drive home and then immediately left with somebody else. This, of course, is because Not only was she missing, but some of her personal items were missing. That seemed to indicate that she had taken them with her these items were her purse and car keys, those that she was wearing. Of course, work were gone as well, and this included her boyfriend's classroom in her ear rings, a watch, her glasses and her red work, smock also missing was the vhs movie that she had rented at work and brought with her when she left that night. So captain you're starting to see a picture here of if in fact she did drive home, she gets out of her
I shut off the light, closes the garage store, she's, going to walk from the garage to her her house now, roughly thirty feet away, and it's almost like everything you would expect for her to be carrying into the home with her. That night is also the things that are missing along with her now so them the question becomes. Is she a duck? Did? Does somebody pull up that she knows and says: hey come with me real, quick she gets in their car, but what happen right and I've not been able to find anything in regards to if the vehicle was locked or not or if the garage was locked or if the was common for either to be locked it it's likely not important, but I was looking for those details endeavoured to be very clear. Yes, there was a search that happened. We have planes flying overhead, we have people searching
Was man hours, fifteen mile radius and do a lot of searching of the actual property of of the house of the garage of her car. The idea to even search her trunk was not the police officers idea came from the family well, and I think the problem here is very similar to what we were talking about yesterday on off the record. It's. What do you think that you're searching for can often dictate the way that a searches is that you go about this and it you're to me like in in these very crucial hours. You know we can sit thirty years later and go well. Why didn't they do this white and they do that, but in these very crucial hours. They think that they're just looking for a person who who is missing for any number of reasons
they're, not fully aware, maybe they're not equipped, I don't know the answer to that cat, the butt for whatever reason they don't think that they should be looking for clues or evidence for four foul play at the time there simply looking for verona, bring. The bloomers family also believed that Veronica must have left with somebody. She knew Appall told the register star that if his daughter was taken against her will. It was by somebody she knew. Otherwise there would have been some noise or some sign of a struggle in the garage is always been. He says very naive and overly trusting. I think what it it's kind of a weird statement that he gives there, but I think what he saying is, even if
He was taken against her. Will she may not have realised that at the time and very likely willingly got into someone's vehicle or walked away with somebody right at night. A dogs were brought into track Veronica sent from the garage? This is a good move. After sniffing an item of of her clothing, the dogs left, the garage and went into the alley behind the garage and after about two hundred feet, the dogs seemed to become confused in simply First, the trail or whatever trail they were following. The obvious conclusion was that Veronica may have gotten into a vehicle that was waiting for her in the alley when she disappeared. Veronica was five feet tall one hundred pounds, with braces and hazel eyes, she was wearing a mint green sweater with a white tank top cream, colored, pants and wire rimmed glasses
the The, the The the
All right. We are back cheers cheer, sears, shears, police, labelled Veronica, a missing person early report state. The police did not believe that there was foul play, but it was clear to every one who knew her. There's something bad happened to Veronica, always see this a lot with place where they go. I the dull she probably took off, maybe she's with another guy, doesn't want to tell her boyfriend about it, and we should the gulf with some friends. Maybe she took off to start a new life yeah. They did the typical thing they thought did she left on her own? You know she is twenty one in their defence. There is no sign of a struggle, so they awaited they waited about twenty four hours to take an official report
But again her friends and family are saying she didn't run away that this is totally out of character for her, and there is some evidence of this right. She did not take any additional clothing or any sentimental items right. It's just the thing She would have carried from the vehicle to her home. Her those items are the only things that are gone. she rented a movie just the night before. That seems like strange thing to do if you're planning on taking off the next day. She had a daughter his appointment later that day and remember, she wasn't feeling very well the morning before. In fact, she considered calling in sick to her shift at supervalu plus her family.
They're on record, they said that she only had ten dollars cash on her at the time and that she left her paycheck at work on cached. While she lived kind of a simple life she struggled through school, so going to college was not really an option that she put into her own mind and so really her plans. Were I like my job? Yes, it's kind of strange hours, but it gives me a bunch of time during the day to do my own thing and really the plan for her or her. For herself was I'm going to get married and become a mom and, and that's what I'm gonna do
pretty sure that in regard to her job with the those weird hours, I'm kind of guessing here, captain cause- I don't know for certain, but I'm thinking that she probably shut down the store that that store must close, maybe at the one o clock our that's. Why her coworkers pretty firm on that one o seven a time of having last seen her again ten dollars cash on her at the time she had a paycheck at work that was left on cached if she intended run away. She would have
He likely needed some money, some resources. You would wait to get that check and cash. It will stay on a check for a second, because it's reported multiple ways. Some people make it seem as if there was a check left in the car like she had a work check in the car. That was what I believe is not the case that she had actually a check that she was going to be receiving that the next friday in a couple of days, and that's the check that people are talking about her not having correct that the information I have says that the check her paycheck was at her work. She also never used any credit card or access to her bank account after the night that she went missing. Finally, Veronica's mom betty was battling cancer. At the time. Of course, Veronica was very concerned. About her mother and made sure to check in with her all of the time, so the idea
that Veronica would just leave, was really unthinkable to her family and friends. A coworker of hers says at the super value who says she was the closest of the employees to Veronica said that she would have told someone if she was planning to leave or to go somewhere as she often spoke and told everybody at work about her upcoming plants. I'm reading a little between the lines here captain. I don't know that. I believe that this statement from the coworker mean so much that She would have told us if it she was planning on. Running away and starting a new life somewhere. I think it also hints to the idea if she had something going on that day to meet with a specific person or go to a specific place, she probably would have blabbed about it to her co workers at some point leading up to that event. Right
what we have pretty much on record. Is her tone or coworkers hey Go home, I'm not even going to watch this movie, I'm just going straight to bed. So no talks about meeting up with her boyfriend. afterwards or meeting up with a friend after work she's seems like an open book. Doesn't she where we have both coworkers and her family, that seems to say that they were very aware of what her plans would have been for the following day. One. I think a lot of people make something out of the fact that adopted- and maybe now that she's a little bit older, maybe should want to know where she came from, but all indications point too. She was kind of curious, but not that curious and felt that it would be almost like the insult to her family that that gave her this life that she enjoyed yeah her adopted family is her family and I believe that
her own words. You know this. This is my family, whether it means now or whatever. However, she felt about it, she didn't feel the need to seek out the people they gave her. she was living with who she wanted to live with, and she was very proud that her parents, adoptive parents, were the one the razor she's in a unique situation to captain where her sister, her older sister, was adopted as well From another family, so if she had any weird or mixed feelings about being adopted, she some one sharing the exact same experiences her to go to and bounced things off of young people. eventually came around to the belief of foul play in connection with Veronica disappearance and their thoughts. This is not that
was not a random abduction, so per the register. Star, though we quoted earlier chief, can Han said. Police quote doubt that it's a random abduction and in part because a super values store where she worked and her home or off the in path. Mendoza is also small enough that everybody knows everybody in any strange face or vehicle would likely be noticed and quote now. I know this is back in what ninety ninety yeah, but answer me this question a few good as many cases every we ve gone through special missing person, cases if you're in law enforcement. Are you handling this because to me it's almost like? They used this while we think that she just took off on her own and shall turn back up. It's almost like there, which I know that happens a lot of times. I know that there is doubt ends of missing persons cases in within twenty four hours. Forty
the hours that person's found in their okay no big deal, but it seems to me that it's not the responsible thing to do that. It's just it's! It would be better to you know, let's wait and see and and not put out any information at all. I think it's a tricky situation because she is an adult I think, had this been a younger person that we wouldn't be in the same boat that we are now right. I do also believe that there is likely, in many of these cases, things behind the scenes that we are unaware of simple things, of ok Well, we have our our shift. Roll call for police force first shift. Second shift. Third shift of of this day
oh one of the notes is we have a missing young woman she's twenty one years old, here's a description of her and a picture. Though we ve not have gone official with it. At this point, yeah, it's it's weird, because when you look at these small towns, specially the ones that are safe and have very low crime rates you go. But what else could they be working on? Just take this priority number one. Yet it is also strange food because site like maybe, though their words and their actions, don't necessarily match up where they go I'll. Look. We think that went missing on her own or she went, went to go, hang out with somebody, but were also all hands on deck and a bunch of people searching, and we have a fifteen to twenty mile radius of the search. That seems a little Take that's that's a little more taken it serious than than the words of all. We think she'll turn up yeah. I think we're probably
putting those in the wrong chronological order, it's obvious to me that it would be she might turn up and then it's all hands on deck for a railway. Okay, so who took Veronica now The police have come around to the idea that she's not just gone that she's, not just where she shouldn't be, or was expected to be that some and took her in their words, are, we believe, there's foul play in connection with her disappearance and we also Do not believe that this is a random abduction. I think they're, probably pretty spot on with both of those thoughts and theories. Now, as we seen in so many cases, the investigation is going to start with those closest to her so two days after Veronica was last seen, police at down with Veronica's boyfriend Jeff, as we saw Jeff, showed up at the bloom hearst home very quickly, after learning from Paul that she was missing right.
He hears from Paul and then Paul goes off on some errands out to the sister's house, comes back to the home, with the sister and now Jeff the boyfriends at their house with the police officer and now it's kind of becoming a thing that Veronica is missing right, so him There, I guess, is understandable right. He would go over there to look for there's supposed to have lunch that day. Well, he goes over there cuz. He now believe she's missing, not just to pick her up, launch, he's are another on what I'm saying is. He was had plans with her and she didn't show up and now he's worried where is that he and Veronica were serious at this time. He loved her biology. He was concerned when she didn't turn up, but then he called nine one one rather than leaving it to her parents. I think some people might think that this
weird I'm totally fine with this right, because we, you're before in the same chairs. In said, why in any one taking action, so we're not going to punish somebody for being the first to take action. Yeah. I I not offer them. You wonder was that a discussion that Jeff and Veronica's father had right, like you wonder, because they there was a conversation before Jeff shows up at the house. Did jeff tell the father hey think we should call nine, I think we should report this to the police and the father says, being the firefighter being the guy that is said by his own. only to be always com level headed did the fao. Their say. No, it's early give. It give it an hour. Give it a couple hours. Let me go to her sister's house, you know was Jeff. Was he panicked from from the get go?
while I have said I manage this- throws another rents in the whole case because, like we said she had some learning disabilities, she struggled just to get through school and they had to get our special help to skitter through school. So you would assume that Jeff would know her almost better than anybody at this time, especially when it twenty one you're, not sharing everything with your parents. So I just wonder if he really understood her capabilities within side the world. When we talk about how her father says that she had some sense of knives attain how much does Jeff understand this, but he would have a better sense of who she was.
What what's who is capable of doing and like I said this- is that the house be in thirty feet from the garage. It leads to the idea that you could of ducks somebody, but. It seems like thy that somebody would have to know her and on some capacity to get her into that car agreed, and I think you could look at this the thing with Jeff of calling nine one one one of two ways: im arriving at the house and calling nine one one in and throwing himself into the investigation. It's either one of two things: either. He is responsible for why Veronica is missing and he's manipulating things to make it look like he's concerned or to me
I think you could go either way with it, but you can also mean that this is further confirmation, as somebody else outside of the house that she would not have just went off somewhere. but this Jeff guy is a unique character. He seems to have some social immaturity. I guess would be the way I'd put it well, not the best communicator with people kind of an nerdy guy, smart guy, everybody says he's. bright. Well, there's there's what we have is we have several people that say: Jeff started to act appropriately. Early on in this case. So, first of all, they said that he would not leave the blue
first home, so he showed up there. He stayed there for three days, sleeping on the couch and the father Paul said quote: he was constantly asking how the investigation was going. Yeah almost like he was a little too concerned. Yeah it says that he Jeff began answering the phone as if he was a person that lived there right trying to control the situation. Okay and Paul told the media he would not meaning Jeff would not leave our house. We didn't think much of it at first, but then we would just he would just lay on our couch in the fetal position pulses. I think he, Home to shower, but other than that he was at our house all of the time every the phone rang, he would try to answer it. We thought that was very strange again. It's it's one of two things, the same thing we just talk.
well, it's either him trying to control the investigation, knowing what the police, no knowing what the family knows or he's just really freaking can Not only is he concerned, but he just doesn't think other people were capable. So you don't need answer the phone I'll answer the phone you I mean I I don't know that I would. I would take it that far and to to worry that people aren't capable paws a firefight. I don't want to try to think of what what Jeff was thinking just his actions that it shows me it's either. One of those two things he's trying to know be the first to know about investigation to cover his own ass right or he wants to be the first to know that everything's, ok the woman that he loves is alive
I've and well right, but that's what I'm saying about their. Maybe he there was a sense of him, not thinking other people are gonna, do as much as he could do for them s occasion as why yes plant himself in their house. That's why? Yes to answer every phone call, that's why he asked to talk to the police about every detail. That's why he's given arguments with people about details and and conversations about her going missing according to the rock for an advocate series on the case again by Jim Haggerty Jeff the boy for an approach, the producers of the radio broadcasts of the men data high school football game that took place on Friday September twenty first. This is the day after Veronica came up missing.
Jeff asked them to play something for him during the halftime show. It was a recording that Jeff gave them to play the had jeff reading some words and he says on this recording quote. I am making this recording for you because me and all your friends. family miss you. We want you back. I don't care what the problem is. I don't care where you are or whoever you're with. I won't be happy until you're back with me. I hope I haven't pushed you or anything. I don't think I have I want you to know, I love you. Everybody else loves and we're waiting to hear from you, because we got some sad people And wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, call and dodo police department at and he gives their number cause. I love you
I know you love me, so I brought this tape for you to hear cause. It's gonna be strange to a lot of people out there, but you know this song It's for you and you know, I always think of you when I hear it Veronica. I love you. This was followed by a polka song and unfortunately I do not have the the name of the song it's full of fire poker, sun. Well, is big in that portion of the country makes me think of you every time I hear it ringing ding ding, ning, ning, ning, ning ning. Well. So a lot of people thought that this totally strange right. Maybe this guy is one of those just a dramatic person who is gushing publicly about his feel And it might be over reacting in the eyes of some but airing this public statement. Basically,
very very shortly after Veronica went missing. I do think it's a Yeah a little odd and a quick. Background investigation on Jeff revealed some concerning information according to people who knew him at work. He had a temper. and was the type to quickly fly off the handle over very small things, like a machine malfunctioning or something not working properly. They have acted accident at some point. He did further a co worker of his who was a long time friend of Veronica's toll police. That Jeff had become pick possessive in controlling a veronica and would get mad at her if she was late. For something or busy when he wanted to talk to her Veronica told this friend on several occasions, quote he's at me- and I dont know why this friend,
leave erotica was afraid of Jeff's angry outburst. Another coworker of Jeff'S- this is a woman, told police did he had called her down to their workplace one night after Veronica vanished, but didn't we, to talk about work, stuff, creeped out she laughed but Jeff followed her, woman demanded to know whether she thought that he had done something to Veronica. He even said to her quote: this is according to this woman. I don't know why anyone would think I would have any to do with her disappearance or murder. The whole incident left her feeling very unsettled because Jeff and I have a problem with this. To Jeff was the first person to mention the word murder in regards to Veronica
to everyone else, she was just missing now, Jeff her boyfriend. He is saying, word. Murder cannot want to argue with you on that, a little bit because zinc similar to the nine one one call everybody's looking for her and he's album. I don't think that's enough, go to call nine hundred and eleven hey. I think she's just missing rank that's a level of concern and he didn't ramps up that level of concern by saying I'm not so for sure that it's just a missing that she's just missing something more nefarious here? Yeah? I don't know to me it's similar in where one may talk about somebody in the past tense and be the only one to know that they're no longer with us true true,
you're his daughter, went missing. Paul bloom hearse recalled that one weekend, when Veronica had gone to a poker festival with Jeff, she had come home with bruises. Her face. She told her parents that she walked into a speaker. So now there's a question to Veronica's parents was Veronica covering up for something that actually happened. Something bad that happened on that trip and maybe Jeff was to blame. Maybe was she covering for Jeff it's worth mentioning that this character assassination of Jeff was not. It doesn't seem to be universal Veronica's parents Paul betty bloom, hearst, Anne sister, Carolyn her husband. They all light Jeff. They have said that he was, I think you
use. This word a little odd little corky, but he is a horse of a different color. Well, they all said that it Clear that the two of them were in love that the he very much love, Veronica and she loved him, and things seemed great between the two of them. Of course, people pointed fingers at him because he was the boyfriend, but there wasn't much to go on right, even after years, passed Jeff moved away and started his own family, but in two thousand and four ford, years after Veronica, vanished the Mendoza police department. Officially re examined her case and, in the course of doing so they did some re interviewing of people and reviewing of the evidence
examination also included some new interviews. For example, Veronica's closest friend Tracy was interview for the first time fourteen years later, for the first time, and then they gave the case file to the bloomers family and what it contained about Jeff. The boyfriend was enough to convince some family members, particularly Todd Veronica's. Little brother Did Jeff had killed Veronica and when the case file was leaked to the public, it had the effect of trying Jeff Vereker in the court of public opinion. So what do we have as evidence that once the finger and a negative light towards Jeff wells, the case file. So let's go through what this case file sat on September twenty
Third, ninety. Ninety. This is two days after Veronica went missing: police sat down with Jeff, who was at the time a composing room worker at the local paper. The sterling daily gazette, as well as a community college, student, the investigator, who interviewed him hopefully over a long period of time. Their varying reports on this we're going to have that when you have a case. Its thirty old most reports say that it was about six hours. Maybe a little longer, the officer. The investigator who interviewed Jeff then wrote up a summary of what he says. Jeff said in this interview and what has been proposed to have been said by him is very suspicious
now this investigator, who wrote up this report was Mendoza police department investigator John p. I wanna go with p for his last name, that's p period, who was in charge of the investigation. Yes, this is the same john, who was neighbours with the bloom hearst. His house was directly across the alley that was in the back of their home. Here is what the report says: Jeff toll police, keep in mind that this is all as described by the interviewer John, not verbatim and not taken from any transcript or recording either of those things apparently do not exist in this case. This is all as described in Jim Haggerty series about the case. He has personally reviewed. The police report containing this information
AL jefe. So in this interview it said that Jeff said that, on September nineteenth the last day that Veronica was seen, he drove his father's van to Veronica his house and then use Veronica, his car to run some errands. He laid Returned to the car to the bloomers home, that's a confusing story in it's in itself. I don't know why he wouldn't just use the van to go about his errands, but this is what police are saying. He said, then, around four forty: he was in his van and he saw Veronica leaving for work. So he drove to supervalu waited for her to park. When Veronica pulled into the lot. He said he inched the vehicle, his van up next to her vehicle and then the two kind of you know gave in and I'll. I love you type signal to one another. He then drove home to his house,
in sublette illinois and didn't talk to Veronica until nine thirty pm. She called him from work. He said They discussed having lunch after the doctor's appointment the next day, he then watched a movie and fell asleep at one thirty. A m then accord two men data police, investigator John. His report says Jeff reasons why he might be involved in veronica being missing, and he also gave us ways he thinks it might have happened per the report. Jeff blurted out maybe someone she knew in a van no a truck drove up. by her garage and she got into the vehicle with them. Maybe they go to full and round, and maybe she said no and she was put you're shoved and got hurt real bad and then he died, turn somewhere where no one would find her, also, if possible,
when she got off work, she took her red smock and placed it over the passenger's front seat and so may have taken it and put it around her head and did something, and this spock was not found correct, he went on with another hypothetical saying I thought when she told me on the phone that night, her sister was taking her to a doctor's appointment, that she was pregnant and I drove down there pulled up in the alley, and she into a van no a truck, and we argue and maybe I was afraid of what our parents would say, and I did something I don't remember Maybe I was the person who picked her up and I thought she was pregnant and I thought she was pregnant and I lost my mind. Yeah, but this is after how many hours of questioning
least amount of time that I found in the reports, say six hours yeah, so it's anywhere from six to. I think I've seen up to twenty four hours of them questioning this guy, but yes, which that would be a long time how the fuck do you think the officer would need to take some kind of her off sir started confessing worked out several times worked over thirty hour shift. If you want somebody many times, put me in a room with them. We'll go at it, we're three days ready, not stop the other big problem an issue I have with this with this information is how it comes to us. This is not a audiotape of Jeff being interviewed by police. This is not a videotape of Jeff being interviewed by police. This is not a transcript of that interview with questions and answers, questions and answers would as a transcript. No, it's not.
it's? What it is is it's the officers he is telling he's reporting later yeah a transcription of his. Him remembering well right, but it We can get in semantics if you like, but it's it's, not the proper use of the word transcript. What I'm saying is this is not even the officer didn't sit down and write down this stuff in the interview itself. This is a couple days go by and he's told his superiors that Jeff said some incriminating off when I interviewed him four hours the other day all what did he say? Oh he said this in this and this will. Could you write that down less in some kind of report praying and what I mean by that is you could you could take that any way that you want there's a lot of nuances that are missed in left to speculation in this situation. This off
The assert is reporting this days later. Did Jeff say that he did this or did Jeff say that one could have done. This would that's two very different thanks we have this officer. Writing it down days later. Also we just we're just. We had the only this officer to report this we don't have anybody else backing this up. We have no again, no recording of any of this Nobody else sitting in the room writing down the same notes, labour this. finds me again shaker heights a little bit right, west Memphis, three shaker heights. We recorded the interviews and they had multiple officers in the interview room at the same time. Right, but again, with this case we don't know, but I I don't like the question of whoa. How do you think it would have been done? You know or like when
in west Memphis, three, when Damian goes well, the killer must have enjoyed it or ma. I must have felt some power or something right. He speculating on something, and then people turned that into what he must have done this, because why would he say that what cause you're asking him to speculate those are The common questions that are that are in these interviews again, I believe, to me it's the nuances that are missed, because you didn't bother to you didn't transcribe the interview you didn't record the interview then, now forty eight hours later, where the officer says to Jeff What was she gone to the doktor, for, while she had motto, could she have been pregnant just. I don't know, and then later the report says just said she might have gone. to the doktor because she was pregnant. Those are two completely different things using.
The same words right. It's way to messy, I think, to look at this and go while just statements are very incriminating. No, the practice in which that you, obtained, that information seems to be extremely flawed. I the the you have thoughts on this case. Go to true crime, garage dot, com check out our blog, we're interested in hearing your thoughts and until tomorrow, good be and don't let
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