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When the Demons Came Out /// Part 2 /// 460

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When the Demons Came Out /// Part 2 /// 460

Part 2 of 4


In the early eighties something very frightening occurred in Ohio. A bizarre string of child abductions and murders hit Northeast and central Ohio. This week we take a look at some of these cases. Were they connected and who was responsible? Join us this week for parts 1 and 2 of “When the Demons Came Out.”

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to support the show, get something in return: go to true crime, garage dot, com and click on our store page got a bunch of goodies. We have. my items that are going to be discontinued soon, so make sure you get on those yeah, so so the show and look fabulous doing it, and that is enough of the bees all right. Everybody gathered round grab a chair grab a beer. Let's talk, some true cried, tina. Marie harmon was a twelve year old girl who was abducted, raped and murder. She was last seen on october, twenty nine. Nineteen eighty one after being dropped off in front of a store to join some of her friends. After the discovery of her body, she was later buried at maple mound cemetery in ninety.
Eighty two earlier stalwart, junior and herman re Rucker were convicted of both the rape and murder of tina harmon all right, but just like the great lee corso would say, captain not so fast, that's right because after the trials, two of the four witnesses who helped to send both of these guys to get convictions, life sentences in prison recanted there too, damone, which ones are so two of the four, and that does not really even begin to tell us about the trouble with one of the remaining witnesses, who still stands by their testimony against rock or so What I want to go through this one, witness it's going to stand by her statements first and then we'll we'll tell you which two
opt out. Remember susan sigler! She is the one that said: hey Rucker confessed to me that the two of them killed this girl after she refused their sexual advances. rucker sexual advances right. He even showed me a picture of tina harmon, and this took place according to susan singular. On october thirtieth, the day after Tina harmon went missing now at ruckert trial, ten people, ten people testified that similar is a liar and that her testimony is not credible. Re three witnesses called singular a storyteller eager for attention.
This was the testimony of two former husbands and her aunt. So I get it. Maybe we got some angry old ex husband that are like ash he's, a liar, don't believer, but we ever aunt as well a family member, saying right, she's, a storyteller eager for attention. We also have three west salem police officers who testified that similar had a reputation for not telling the truth. Police officers, police officers, ten people and total said the woman is a liar ribald like we said, and yesterday's episode you throw out her it look if I'm on the jury, okay, she's wire, so now I don't, I her story. Maybe I don't buy the other eye, witness story. The only story I have to buy
is when maynard says these guys drove me to Tina's dead body and showed me the dead body. If I believe that, with no physical evidence, Their guilty you thrown in jail and throw away the key, but a portion of his witness statement is the same as susan singularis right. So I get what you're saying yes, maynard's testimony is certainly the most damn of the four. But if you're going to believe maynard, then you have to believe at least some of what sigler saying or all of it. Now I did want to read some of the testimony given at the trial and again this is from the ten different people's perspectives. These are the ten people that say you cannot believe this witness this this susan sigler, who seems to be
center of of these allegations against both of these men. There saying she's lying ship balloon felt that sums it up sleep, but I too want to go through this, so number one. What is your opinion of susan singular? This comes from Ivan grubs, says quote: she won't tell the truth. This is all on the stand in front of the jury. Mind you number two. What is mrs sizzler's reputation for telling the truth? This comes from the testimony of James fitzsimmons quote not too good of number three. What is mrs sigler his reputation? This comes from Earl Conway. quote doesn't tell the truth. I would not believe her under oath. I would not believe her under anything as lied about me. She has accused me of being involved in this case with tina harmon, that if you hear that on the stand,
I like this woman. That is accusing these other two guys. She's also accused me of being involved. In luck, the states not putting together a case against me number four. This comes from Andy Tam burn in said quote. I don't like her very much. Never did she lies number five. from mary canfield quote: everybody knows her. She never tells the truth and quote. This is also the same stuff that they're going to say at her eulogy. Ah, no, but like going back to yesterday again in I, I called these guys. goat, turds or something like that? When have you ever seen a lineup shot or there shock. When have you ever seen, a lineup shot or a mug shot or two it vigils that are at trial, but they looked dishevelled
when do they not look guilty right right? That's, never. it's just like. If you look at like Damien, echols and west Memphis, three and say I mean you can't polish- that turd He looks disheveled and then you put a tie on him. He looks even or does and so you go okay, I can see how that individual would be killed, Well, in a lot of that comes from the preliminary or the the arrangement process, where you see ok, this guy was arrested yesterday and now. First thing in the morning: the next day we bring him in front of the How to explain you after you have to tell them what you're charging them with Y y. You holding them right and what they're going to be charged with. They looked to shoveled because they spent the whole night in jail. was their first night in jail and they're, usually wearing an orange or red jumpsuit,
and that's why, with winning cuffs right when it comes time for their actual trial. Alright, let's let these guys. I've got a hair cut, let him put on a suit if they want to wear sue, because if you marched every person out for their trial, looking like that, I think you get it can be. Jeanne, ninety nine percent of the time, one. What I'm saying as if you look at these court hearings, these guys are not dressed up in blazers. They didn't cut their hair. I mean you'll, see that from time to time, with the defense has gone, hey we gotta clean you up and it doesn't seem like they did, that in this case, but that's also why you have individuals like scott peterson that you know are kind of they seem more put together and people see images of that and go while that guy doesn't look like what we think a murderer would look like right, like a crazy person and the person would.
I have to be crazy in order to do this horrible crime, when I think we should point out, in contrast to scott peterson, someone who went to college played golf all the time I mean just those two things start to give you a little perspective of the person or at least of what he may appear to look like, and these guys mind you. This is more than twenty years earlier than wright and scott peterson. These guys lived in small town, ohio. They were farmhands they. So they look like people that you would see working on the farm somewhere goin to then there their version of my sundays best is not the same as scott. it is, and who wants to be on every expensive golf course, and in california brain now remember this. Is something that I know that our garage friends are good garage listeners. They are super intelligent,
They are very much dialed in so I know they picked up on this at the end of yesterday's episode, They did a national paul by the way. Now it's true that true crime garage listeners are the smartest of all true crime, podcast listeners right, so I know they picked up on this, but for the first time listeners I want to make sure that I point this out. Remember susan, singular the woman, that's not to be believed. Ten people testified, don't believe her she's a liar and in lyon liar pants on fire. She testified that Rucker told her at her residence. Ok, at the place where she's living on october thirtieth that he had
build a little girl showed her. A picture of the girl and ain't showed her a necklace that he took off of the victim. Remember Curtis maynard backed up her testimony. Well, first of all, we have the corners office who conducted the autopsy. An accord to their findings. Tina was still alive at that time by their report was that she was killed between two de four and thirty six hours before her body was found at nine. A m on november. Second story makes no sense correct, so you it it just scientifically, does not work now, let's add to that. Susan, similar landlord testified that susan did not move in to that location where she says: Rucker confessed to her until the first week or so of november,
so scientifically doesn't match up and to the location cannot be correct because was not residing there at that time. Then we have ruth courtright, who stated that Rucker and holbrook were at her house on the night of october thirtieth right, so they couldn't be there to confess right because they were with ruth court right and she, not to say that ten, a harmon was not at my house on October thirty right and they also have alibis us remember they have alibis for around the time that the coroner thinks team. was murdered yeah. So we're going to extend that out a little bit it doesn't. It doesn't in detail cover that exact, twenty four to thirty
six hour window, but but it kinda does I'll I'll I'll read to you what we have okay. So we have ruth court right who says it she that record holbrook were at her home on the thirtieth, not at signallers home. She goes on to say that, for the most part, Rucker was either at work or at home with her from october, first until november, ninth that he went to work during the day he came home and he was home at night right now. This does not certainly does not account for every minute of every day, but what pake? What picture this paints? Is it the window of time he would have to adopt murder and rape and dispose of a body
and also started a very small right. Any also has to have her put somewhere in between that time period between thursday in Monday, correct, an holbrooke sister, the other guy who was convicted, His sister testified that he was at her wedding on the night of the thirty first. So again, the window of time gets smaller for this suspect as well right, okay, so both of these convictions are going to fall apart soon after holbrooke and Rucker were convicted, susan sigler was convicted herself. She was convicted of
island. A false rape claim looks like the state of a high. Oh has now learn what was already said about similar at the trial that this was in fact correct, as she is not to be believed, she's not credible. She lies and she is not to be believed. Law and see was also, though only I witness an arm. The trial that I was up for the long dung murders The only I witnessed, so they threw that out. I hope he were wondering how I got off. Well then, it was also does over that she lied on her marriage license. This is- and this is a state document- this is a legal state document She claimed that she had only had one prior husband who was deceased when Actually, she had for ex husband, all of them still alive and what what's funny
while lying on her marriage license about only so hurt her statement on marriage license ass. She had one prior husband and he's deceased right yet, The trial for rucker, too over her ex husbands testify She was a liar and it is at least as good, so the other witness Curtis maynard on my face her. He is the one that we both agreed had the more detailed, the more damning testimony against both of these individuals. He
It is one of the two witnesses that recanted his testimony. He said, and he claims that he was pressured and threatened by stark county detectives to point the finger at Rucker and holbrook for tina's murder maynard who, according to records, has an I q have said one went on to have his attorney file a forty eight page report. This was a sworn statement stating the deputies threatened to have him jailed unless he implicated Rucker and holbrook maynard alleged that he was paid ten dollars honest- that a petty theft and a pending probation violation and Medina county would be dropped in return for specific testimony. I can't speak during. clear about the ten dollar bribe. I've done worse things for ten bucks, the jail time,
or the alleged favours for favours. However, according to the courts and sworn statements given to county detectives, maynard, gave five different stories regarding what he witnessed and what was said to him. In fact, much of these statements would directly contradict the other statements. So he was Jesse must kelly before jesse. Miss Kelly was jesse, must kelly, yeah and Listen to this one statement, implicated, Rucker and Holbrooke, the two guys that were tried and convicted, but it also implicated two other people one of which was susan, sigler like and he also went on to say that the fourth person who I will not name because we know it's not. This is not a credible count. He was named in the paper which I felt bad for him, but
it was claimed in this statement which we know not to be true, that he was involved in in the rape of this little girl as well, so What you're seeing here is. I mean it's really was put that it's almost like law enforcement thought. Okay, we have maybe they had a couple credible eyewitnesses that thought they saw two men that look like these two in the and then we have to build a case around it. Okay, we get this known liar while she's. probably not going to hold up, but if we can get her friend to say a little bit more cause he's, not the brightest candle. We have a case
and unlike and that's what we we said yesterday, you throw out everybody's eyewitness. Testimony doesn't matter you stay with maynard's, you can still get a guilty charge. So luckily, Herman Rucker was granted a neutral I'll. He was acquitted by a jury on june sixteenth of nineteen eighty three, and we always know how these things seem to work, and this is no. This is this, of course, is a shot at the state of ohio. However, we ve seen this go on in just about every other state. It makes no damn sense but as holbrooke saw, he was looking for a new trial as well, but, oddly enough, his request were repeatedly d, right, so he remained in prison. That's so dumb, eventually hall conviction was said
side and the charges against him were dismissed. This was in may of nineteen eighty four the following year, so both Rucker and Holbrooke were either in jail or prison from February nineteen, he, too, until the time of their release, states run in june of eighty three, We and the other and may have may have eighty four, so holbrooke spent over two years and either jail or prison for a crime he was simply accused of, but did not commit Curtis maynard later. This is bizarre to Curtis. Maynard later was convicted of perjury for his false testimony and he spent thirteen months in prison. I have a issue with that, because it's almost like law enforcement forced the perjury yeah. It looks to me like a sudden susan. They put him up to it. And then the the county detectives twisted
his arm into saying what they wanted and accusations aside. What we see here is what we've seen in several other cases that are similar to this. He gives five different statements. Why? Because he gives a statement that is, was because he doesn't know anything about the crime he's not a witness to anything in real life brain and when it doesn't match up with some of the evidence and some of the known facts The crime, the detectives need him to write a new statement right, but that's when the detectives need to not be goat turds and to do the right thing and step away and say: hey look: this guy's story is not matching. We were, we can't make it fit right and it's sad how how often they don't step away. They don't do the right thing there. They think they're doing the right thing cause they're, trying to get justice.
For this little girl well, and then you have to factor in as well. We have the two witnesses that say I'll clean this and give a little more detail here, but the two female witnesses who say that they saw a girl in a vehicle with two men and she appeared to be struggling. It was a mother and daughter, and I don't know which one but one of them recanted their testimony as well. But if you want to take that further. You also have to figure out what's going on here when they talk when they offered up this tip to the police that led them to Rucker in holbrook through susan sigler They simply gave a description of the men of the girl in the vehicle. They didn't say whole broken rucker did this. It was not until after holbrooke and Rucker were arrested, that there are now able to pick them out of a photo line up. You see cause police didn't he,
those photos to put in the line up until the arrest was made right? There's a chance. They could have seen these guys pictures on in the paper by the time, they're they're picking them out of a photo lineup now we're what we've seen from your famous documentary making. Or were they shone those pictures before the line up by law enforcement. That's none of it at a left field accusation, because we already know that they heard I witness testimony that didn't make any sense and then kept bork him with that individual to get there. It means to line up with evidence that they did have. We went through a lot of stuff here, too trials, three actually three trials. Nobody got anything right. Everything was wrong people spent time in jail in prison they didn't need to, and then we send this guy off to prison mental perjury, I so important, we agree with that either. So we are right.
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Cheers mates wherever your listing, whether your listening at home, where you're listening that work. Should Roy later told police that around five p dot m a dark, colored van pulled into the park. The Van had bubble shaped windows, black across the street from her home. This is going on, while all this circus,
going on trying to convict these two guys, Rucker and Holbrooke. So Christa harrison is taken from this baseball field, this across the street from her home captain. She was there collecting cans with a twelve year old friend. His name is Roy roy later toll police than around five p m, a dark, colored van pulled into the park. The Van had bubble shaped windows, blacks, feats and a roof vent yeah, there's bubble or shape windows were real popular in the seventies yeah. This is early eighties. So, if you look up pictures of Rucker who already talked about he's wearing like a leisure sue when enclosed a core. As the captain said, this is not like a mini van back then this would have.
A regular size van, a little bit bigger than a minivan, but these bubble windows. Usually they were tinted yeah and they they would bubble out from the sides. of the van and they were very popular in the late seventies and maybe even early eight, yet tinted or normally filled with weed smoke. But if you look at harrison, she could be a cousin or a sister of tina harmon. Yes, they both are about the same age. Now, according to roy the driver, climbed out and approached krista, the man was one. And said to have looked to be about twenty five to maybe thirty five years of age, he was skinny with a moustache and had dark hair. Dark brown hair that curled near his shoulders.
Roy said that the man looked at how you, the man, said something to Christa Roy could not hear what was said. Christa then went over and sat on some bleachers. This would be you know, facing the baseball diamond. The man then sat down next to Christa he's talking tour and apparently he reached underneath her blouse. Then christa started to cry the man again whispered something to the girl roy again. Could not he what was said, but at this point crystal walked to the man's van opened the driver side door, climbed in the vehicle sat down between the front bucket seats, a guess he I guess she sitting on the war at this point the man then climbed in as well.
and he leaned out the window and said something to the effect of by roy, and then he pulled the van out onto the road and then sped away. the long version of what went down that day at the park There is a shorter version that comes from another witness. This would be a little girl female witness who says that she believes that she saw a brown or purple colored van matching, the same description that Roy gave with the the bubble windows. She thought She saw the man grab christa and drag her into the van. I cannot accept
To you captain or anybody else why we would have two different accounts of what took place that day. My guess, it might be simply vantage point we're talking about a park. We could have one witness much further away than Why who seems to have a more detailed story? He then runs home and explains what he saw, but he's saying that this perpetrator said by Roy yet He thought that the man said to him by Roy or good by roy, which is weird because it's not anybody that he recognizes. We can tell that by the his given description of the man he simply describing the man if he knew the guy had say it was John. That did this ring he's frightened, like visibly shaken when police show up to take his report
I also wonder if there is a certain level of shock factor involved here for both of these witnesses, both of these witnesses would be. and it's known to be an abduction. There's no question about it, so you have a different responses going to come with. This police are on, of course, high alert, they're going to be looking for krista. The van disappeared, no one said that they saw her screaming or getting pulled into a truck core van or that they saw her leave with any particular person in this situation. We have what is clearly an abduction and its known to be an objection right when it goes down. There is no question about it, so you have a deeper response.
it's going to come with. This police are on, of course, high alert, they're going to be looking for christa, the van and this man so. They offer up a description and a composite sketch is put in the paper there actually two of them to composite sketches of slightly slight variations of the same man they're going to be looking for this man for christa and for the van also at the same time, because it's known it's a known abduction, police are also thinking that they might receive some kind of ransom request may, of course, they're going to do Due diligence they're going to monitor phone lines for the family at their home, and sadly, no ransom request comes in
and now we have an objection, did the hours going by the days start to go by, like you said, maybe it is a good thing to know from the onset that this is a dutch, and so we can take it with a certain level of seriousness, but also a certain level of there's time frame and that this would need to be searching for and two fine evidence right away. Yet it was not until six days later that they're going to find her remains. Sadly,
or inside of an abandoned garage- and I thought I was thought with this case- how weird to have it's, either beside or inside of this abandoned garage. Now the way that I was able to clean this up was, I was able to find one source that stated, the body was actually located inside the abandoned garage. However, it was, it was a rather large structure and it had no door because its listed in the papers, as the her body was found, either next to or inside of a ban. In garage, and I thought I always thought with this case, how weird to have it's either beside or inside of this abandoned garage now.
the way that I was able to clean this up was. I was able to find one source that that stated that the body was actually located inside the abandoned garage. However, it was, it was a rather large structure and it had no door because I was found it to be weird that this turtle, trapper guy, would just you know, court on quote stumble across a body if it were inside of this structure. So I believe that what we have here is that he probably spotted something funny spotted something weird and went in to investigate, there's no large garage door on why or things like this would collect, but there were a lot of items that were found around her body. Like always, whatever pictures we have of the case, we will be posting on instagram to follow us on instagram at true crime,
their yeah, and I guess it there were. There was all kinds of like trash. discarded items in the area as well. Now, I'm, thirty super familiar with this area. This was a as garage a scarcely township road, four hundred county ohio so Maybe this is an area where people litter- or things like this- would collect But there were a lot of items that were found around her body. Like always, whatever pictures we have of the case, we will be posting on instagram, so follow us on instagram at true crime garage. But we, when you take a look at this garage kind of looks similar to our logo. Obviously it doesn't have a door on it, but it's it's very beat up very run down yeah, and so a better description here is the body was found at about seven thirty pm
on a friday in an abandoned garage on washington, township road for six four, this is described as a would have been the morning of when her body was discovered. Her body was discovered at seven hundred and thirty p dot m. That night was a vehicle van know. It was a car, vague description. It was listed as a caucasian male in his 20s or 30s, and he was in a car. oh and car. Witness says that they saw a man in this general area around find You know, abandoned garage who left in a vehicle, and this would have been the morning of when her body was discovered. Her body was discovered at seven thirty p m. That night was a vehicle of aunt. No, it was a car vague, discreet,
and it was listed as a car cage mail in his twenties or thirties, and he was in a car. I, the d, a better description of the of the car. I could not find what is what here, ok, so when they do the autopsy an win their when their scanning the seeing the dump site they start to put gather a lot of stuff real quickly. What the parents in the family had to see in the paper for three days. It was discovered that they believe the victim was killed relatively quickly after the time that she was abducted, saying we've
One issue that they had with the autopsy itself was actually identifying the body. It was in such of a advanced stage of decomposition that it was difficult to identify the body now horrifically. What the parents in the family had c in the paper for three days. Usually, when you have these types of situations, a bodies discovered and its within
Well, twenty four hours, they're saying: we've made a positive identification of the remains here. It was for three days that they could not determine if one hundred per cent it was krista harrison or not. This is by both visual identification, but also methods that are more scientific and we'll get into that. But what the parents had to hear for three days on the radio on tv and in the paper was that at that am all they could say. It was a female victim, it was believed to be Christy Harrison and the remains were clothed wearing the same. Clothing that krista Harrison was wearing when she was abducted from the park, and this is listed as a pair of shorts and a white and blue football jersey like shirt.
so horrific for the parents for three days. They have to hope and pray. It's not our girl right, but everything says it is yeah everything's pointing to that it is her and where We have. The delay is because it took some time to get dental records and once they were there with the victim and then the comparison it just took a little bit of time more so than than you regarding the other information that they were easily able to figure out was that the body was in a advanced state of decomposition because the victim had been wrapped inside of a plastic bag.
You, like a large I'm guessing, probably larger than trash, can normal trash can size trash bag, but after death, the body was placed in this plastic bag and they believe that that must have been stored somewhere hot for several days. as they had information scientific information, and I can't point to exactly what, but they believed the victim to have been killed. Shortly after the abduction mind you six days go by before the victim has found, the body is found. They had evidence to that suggested. She was placed there where she was found that same day within twenty four our time period. We also have the eye witness saying I saw a man leaving that area that morning, so you have further evidence that possibly was placed there.
That morning and then found that night at seven hundred and thirty. So they say that the victim must have been. The body must have been in a hot place, stored in a hot location for a period of days inside, if they're plastic bag. They actually believed that it was probably most likely a the trunk of a vehicle because keep in mind. This is this is July, but it's going to be hot and they were able to determine that the remains were inside that plastic bag for that entire, the entirety of that time until whomever disposed of the body drug, the body from the trunk of a vehicle you know, through the grass, in the weeds and in a little brief period, a field and then placed it inside of that abandoned garage. They were eight to determine this, because there were drag marks on the remains itself. There are dragged marks,
on the ground and the plastic bags started to come off of the remains They also located several other items of interest in the area. So, of course the the bag is going to be of interest to investigators, but they also- found a budweiser towel, a bloody car seat box, okay, one of the victim's hair. They found gloves a plaid shirt and a pair of jeans were found in the vicinity of the dump site while and like he said, there's so many items that were around this area that I'm guessing. There was some kind of friends at work too to be done to to determined that these were actual pieces of evidence, Yes, yeah yeah, to make sure you know you separate just debris and litter from actual items of
how you to your investigation. What was wrong lee bizarre here, captain was a statement that they they law enforcement put in the papers at the time they said, did the the clothing, the sure the genes or the pants that they could not say for certain that they belonged to the girls killer, but They could say that they belong to the person that the place the body and that location brain, because we we think the disks actions of this individual are the same, but obviously he was indifferent vehicle, so he could have paid somebody to dispose of the pot ear or was in cahoots with somebody. Yes, oh some very interests. stuff. Here I don't know how they could determine that Clothing belong to the personal placed her there, but could not say that it belonged to her actual killer, but
what you have here captain is almost perpetrator, a take the extra time to place Now going to try to hide and conceal the remains of the victim. And the perpetrators, also like dumping items that were involved in the the crimes itself. Clothing, this this car seat box pair of gloves so much like the killer, dis disposed of the victim and then disposed of any evidence that they had on them. Everything that they if he thought had to do with the crime I'm going to get rid of that as well. I don't know why a perpetrator wouldn't take the extra time to place these items. the scene, it seems a little counter, Intuitive counter productive to to the the purpose of conceal The body, but maybe they thought that none of these
who would be found or that they would be found for a good deal of time, or maybe this witness the person that says it all I thought they saw a man in a car leaving that area, maybe that spot spooked, the perpetrator or the person that a the body And they were rushed out of the area brain, so, let's go through some and also you know evidence will fall off of this body. You don't want it falling off in the trunk of your vehicle and this bag. They can confirm that it's related to the crime, one hundred percent, because it's shown it's found in a state of of falling apart because she was investigation, because they could tell that she was in this bag and then dragged to this spot in the garage. So he used the bag as a way to transport. The box yeah and probably an attempt to
the smell a little bit too in and also you no evidence will fall off of this body. If you don't want it falling off in the trunk of your vehicle and this bag, they can confirm that it's related to the crime on one hundred percent, because it's shown it's found in a state of of where it's falling apart, because she was dragged car seats wonder how they were able to determine that. Maybe the manufacturer that made the car seats only made them in one color black sold them. But what's interesting about that is we have our witness roy who says? Not only was it a dark colored van, but I could see the tops of the seats from my vantage point and the seats were black and color right, so this is all starting to matchup and these seeds these vehicles
and packaged for a car seats and such what was interesting was they were also able to determine that this type of packaging was only used on black vehicle seats on black car seats, wonder how they were able to determine that maybe the manufacturer that made the car seats only made them in one color. Black area used this type of packaging sold them. But what's interesting about that is we have are witness roy who says. Not only was it a dark color van, but I could see the tops of the seats for my vantage point and as this its were black and color right. So this is all starting to match up and these seats. These vehicle seats were sold through the old sears company.
They were only available for a period of time, the short period of time now, the the box we access, the ox. What they were able to determine about this piece of cardboard box is that it contained the victims blood what's in the box in the bar. So again immediately? We know this is connected to our crime. This is going to be further evidence that type of box was again part of packaging for these types of seats right, so these are like seat covers correct, so they're, starting to wonder like who ever used material to Keith conceal the bar the and then dump the body. If either were a purchaser of these types of seats or had access to this. These materials at a later date after somebody else purchase the seats right what they are
I'm was only about twenty three twenty four. People in northern ohio, which is the area of the crimes had purchased. This type of car see the problem here is When they go to look into this, they got you know about two dozen people to look at not and own a vehicle that so the abductor vehicle description. Yes, it is really fascinating to made because both crimes that the harrison crime in the harm in crime and the harm in crime both crimes were about fifteen miles away and very similar. You know a remote road dumping of the body, but not.
Trying to bury the body. Not trainin really hide the body that well, but what we have is in the one case, we have two guys on trial and they were convicted yeah, and so people in this community had to be thinking. One it's happening again Or to they got the wrong guy behind bars, because this seems at a serial murder yeah, you have crimes that are taking place within a time period of less than a year from one another.
Right within fifteen miles, roughly of the two you know you compare the abduction of harrison to the last known, citing of harmon you and the victim. Ology is the same they're, the same age, their girls and there we have the same situation of one missing one went of was abducted and there's a period of days before the remains are found, but I also believe if we think that harmon went missing from the truck stop. What is the truck? Stop a highly highly traffic area? We have people in the area, this person that took him. and has no fear of being seen. What do we have in the harrison case? Not only was this the visual that took harrison, not afraid
insane. He also said by Roy Similar type crimes to be connected. However. Well they can't because two guys are on trial for the first one they're, both locked up at the time of when Chris person is abducted from the park and then you start hearing the two people are going to recant their testimony that convicted one of the guys and you're going. Similar crime happened. While these two were locked up, there's something very strange going on ok victim, ology the same locations the same within a year of one another, similar type crimes. These got to be connected. However, will they can't be? because two guys or on trial for the first one they're, both locked up at the time of win christa harrison is obstructed from the park right and then
you start hearing that two people are going to recant their testimony. They convicted one of the guys and you're goin a similar. crime happened. While these two were locked up, there's something very. strange going on here and, like I said, you could put a picture of these two girls side by side, they could be sisters, and I mean very similar as far as victimology shortly after Christy Harrison's body was found, A ten thousand dollar reward was placed for information This week, captain I wanted to recommend to everyone our show off the record a little recommended listening. If you will the only way to get off the records to get stitcher premium, and this is something that we don't die. Sadly, even with this money being offered up listening a you sketch in the papers there
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