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Who Killed Jill Dando /// Part 2 /// 752

2024-04-17 | 🔗

Who Killed Jill Dando /// Part 2 /// 752 

Part 2 of 2 



This week we are sharing a case that rocked Britain.  It was a daytime murder of a major U.K. celebrity.  On April 26th, 1999 someone shot and killed TV presenter Jill Dando on the stoop of her home in London.  Jill was beloved by millions.  Her girl next door looks, Princess Di hair cut, and her charm took her to the heights of British broadcasting.  So who would want to harm the woman that so many adored?  That is the mystery that has riddled the Kensington police for over two decades now.  The Netflix doc-series “Who Killed Jill Dando?” came out in 2023 and has brought worldwide attention to this still unsolved murder case. 


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