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Yogurt Shop Murders - 30 Years Later /// Part 2 /// 540

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Yogurt Shop Murders - 30 Years Later /// Part 2 /// 540

Part 2 of 2 



This week we take a good solid look at a case that has weighed heavy on the hearts and minds of everyone in the Lone Star state’s capital city. The Austin Yogurt Shop Murders is one of most infamous cases in Texas history. Despite the efforts of the APD it remains unsolved thirty years later. Join us as we discuss the facts of the case and the timeline. 


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the de sergeant. John Jones was asked about how he would describe the yogurt shop crime scene. He simply said wholesale carnage now as to the crime scene and how things were found where, to review that now, but keep in mind the uphill battle for crime scene, tex, the detectives and the arson investigators. This place was a mess and think back to our trailer at that
of yesterday shell, when sergeant Jones wrote a note to the district attorney that said, robbery plus sexual assault, plus multiple child victims, plus bondage, plus gunshot wounds plus fire, he smoke water damage, plus no known witnesses, equal the homicide, arson and da's worst nightmare. Put a big underline under fire heat smoke and water damage so obviously smoke. in fire damage from the fire, the fire at one point getting so hot tat, the shelving unit melted along with items on it and because of the fire. We are also going to have water damage at the crime scene, one from the powerful blast of the fire fighters hoses, but compound that with the fire having caused a pvc pipe break which was flooding the store before the fire fighters
We are on the scene, let's also keep in mind that no one arriving to the fire is expecting to find murdered victims. Of course, unfortunately, you have fatal fires, but here we have an arson set with the purpose of covering up the murders and the crimes committed between the times of eleven o three p m and eleven forty eight p m. I have said time and time again captain how much I hate a situation when emergency services are responding to one of call when in all actuality, they are in fact responding to a scene where much more has gone down. It's always difficult for the investigators, because you often cannot undo the actions taken by those responding to the scene, but we know fired, destroys evidence. Water destroys evidence in its area of coat crime scene, because it's a public place would be a lot of evidence that there is multiple people in that building. Now one point during that day: yes, again
the responders responding to one type of call and then finding out something else. It always severely hurts the investigative process. Some examples, Maura murray, they're, responding to a broken down vehicle or a single car, accident, when this actually was also a missing person, possibly abduction possible homicide. Now John bernay rams either responding to kidnapping, not a murder in the house. Here we have a fire. In a fire coming from a restaurant they likely have
and too many of these types of calls and other local food, vendors, grease fires or the store closes, and someone simply left the burner on. It happens all of the time here. We have arson to destroy evidence to further cloak the killer's identities as they flee into the night on. Like you said, this place is known to close at eleven to when you see that there was a fire and it's almost midnight as first responders you're thinking all this fire happen after people locked up and went home. So what else was found at the scene? Well in the process of processing
two of the arrested for the prosecutor went into a lengthy and graphic description of the crime scene. A little warning here. I know this is a true crime show, but this crime scene is particularly gruesome prosecutor. Robert Smith said the firefighters had to break down the front door of the store because it was locked with the key still in the lock. He said, firefighters could not see into the store because of smoke after the fire been put out, they discovered amy airs body, First and then the bodies of the other three girls airs was found lying in the middle section of the store. That's his words to be clear. This is still the back room, but she is found in the front portion of this back room. The other three victims were located at the very back of the store near the melted shelving unit and the back door aim,
airs was found without clothes and on her side face down near her was an empty cash. Roar the medical examiner determine cause of death, the bees, strangulation and gunshot wounds. The head, a twenty two caliber bullet was recovered. The other three were found in the back portion of the store in the back room. Sarah Harbison was found gagged with their hands tied behind Investigators determined that she had been sexually assaulted. Smith said her body was extensively burned. Eliza Thomas was found on top of Sarah harbison in a similar manner. Her body and face were burned beyond recognition and she was identified by dental records, so do they, seller was used on their bodies now well and that's the frankly a difficult question to answer because, through through the course of time Fire investigation and their determinations have changed or been modified in valencia,
the years so in the original investigation, and I have a good portion of cover this later, there was general thought that there was not much of an accelerant used at all and will circle back to that. But we have smith who said that investigators believe the jennifer harbison body was originally on top of the. other two girls. However, she was found near by having been moved either by the fire or the blast of the water hole and smith makes a pretty clear to the court that they believe all the girls were dead before the fire were started. The prosecution reason that, since all had been shot in the head, their bodies were moved and stacked, as they were all found face up, but that statement is completely clear about the crimes exactly so. What he's referencing here is the bodies of the three girls. It were found at the very back
the store, because we know Amy airs- was found in a slightly different location. She's found face down. However, the other three girls were found up leading them to believe because of the way that they were shot that they had to have been moved after they were shot and killed, because the fire was so intense. The crime scene unit had to sift with shovels and screen to find evidence. Eventually they found bullet shells in the corner near the rear door of the store investigators found a pile of burned, close included were remnants of denham fabric and clothing from all of the girls, as well as a heart shaped belt buckle. They had belonged to Amy airs, however, police teams never reach the belt that went with this belt buckle. A ring that belonged to Sarah harbison boyfriend was also found, so this
ring that she wore on her finger and she took the time and made the effort to take that ring off. For some reason. As what smith's says brain Sarah's wall, it was also found there again. This is another indication I dont know. If there was money in the wallet, but just another example, of maybe money's, not the prime goal here yeah I mean this case is very confusing because even dislike having the victims undress. What's what's the purpose of you know that you're going to start a fire to try to get rid of some evidence? What would be the purpose of having them undress, while the other crimes committed that night will dictate the purpose of having them undress yeah, obviously, the guns used to kill the girls was a twenty two caliber and a three eighty caliber weapon they have never been found, but could be identified by the characteristics left on the discharge bullets. So we ve not look,
these weapons, but if they, wherever located in tested in comparison to the bullets, used to kill the girls, we would be able to determine if it was in fact a man. for the strangulation feels a little personal to me. Personable or necessary right, so we have one victim that was that was strangled at he was also shot twice. Rather, what that tells He is there's a chance that someone may have thought that she was dead when in fact she was not- or maybe she put up a fight. This is going to lead us to hold back information so those of you that have evolution the shelf long time list As you already know. What hold back information is, however, Have anybody anew listener? Maybe somebody from taxes that wants to check out our coverage of this case because of the thirty year marker coming up, or maybe just drunk listener that stumbled onto our show by accident. I am fell felon.
All right into the garage hold back. Information is pretty simple stuff. It's information that only the experts. Only the law enforcement agency investigating the yes and the medical examiners office would know you are simply holding onto this information and holding it back from the public, because, especially in a high profile crime or high profile case, as is the austin yogurt shop murders case. You will and false confessions and we will have plenty of them in this case, and so it's important to hold back some specific details so that when those false confessions start coming in, you can weed out the persons that did not commit this crime and we won't go into the psych, the psychology of why or who,
who would make a false confession. We pointed that out and went over that quite a bit in our first time around in this case, but let's review the whole back information here captain this was decided on december seventh, so the next day, the next afternoon, less than twenty four hours after the guy rules were killed, the austrian police department decides we going to make a list. Created a list of thirteen pieces of evidence to be held back and those items were number one how and where the fire was start, but do we know where the fire started? The fire has always been a bit of a picture here in this case here. Captain purpose for seven years. We were told now again they're, holding back this information. But later we learn that for seven years the arson investigators all agreed that the fire started on the shelves that shelving
the melted now, the shelving unit is located near where three of the bodies were recovered, but it's all he's been believed that the fire started like on the second or third shelf and was started using things that would easily go up in flames right. We have like paper products on the shelf. We also have styrofoam products. on the shelving unit. Anybody that's ever been in cub scouts and tossed of styrofoam cup into a camp fire. You know how quick those babies go up, There were also things on this shelving unit that would have been highly flammable right. Like paint can aerosol cans, things of that nature by their basically use in the as their starter. When confession start coming in
One thing that I found that was completely bizarre. Oh, is that a lot of the confessions we have people saying that the fire was started on the victims, that they piled up the victims and then put some type of accelerate and several of the confessions they say. Lighter fluid from like, like a zippo, can later fluid douse the that, on top of the victims and and let them that seems to that narrative seems to have change right around the time that they are looking to convict these for individuals that they arrested the next week hold back information number to the key in the front door? We ve already discussed that how they would put the key in the lock it from the inside before closing up for the whole night and leave through that door and then eventually sliding that key back underneath the door. Rain
This is something that would not be known to many people outside of employees. Of the icy be, why store number three? How much money was taken, We can't say for certain how much money was taken. We have in our notes, five hundred and forty dollars was missing from that night number for how the girls bodies were arranged, so stacking process and where they would be located inside the store is vast able information, because again we're going to have confessions, come forward and they're not going to be able to put the bodies where they were eventually found. But when you have so many first responders, I think he said there's over fifty firefighters
seen nearly fifty. I dont know how many actually went into the store itself. It is a good possibility that some of this information be leaked out to the public, yes, and in an absolutely was and ask them peaty admits that over the years that they were aware that somehow some of this information got out and out, but out of it. But at the end of the day, if your response first responder responding to what you think is a fire and now you're dealing with for women that were brutally murdered that something that ways on you. If you end up Tom a couple people, because your struggling with at l. I I know that it is Henderson investigation, but these first responders are human right, but there's a lot of information on this list that won't be obvious to just somebody responding to the fire bray
The other thing to here we're not sitting on this information, pretending only one person knew the answers to all thirteen of these brain. We say Thirty years later and don't know the answers to all thirteen of these ourselves bob so, but what we still believe that the killer does the killer Yes, then, would have known the answers to these questions or the the hold back information number five. What was used to bind the girls number six that the office was not entered? That's a very interesting one, because again we have a situation. Remember that small office has a locked door on it and they able to determine that that door was not accessed. So ya look allow these back era
as they're, not late, and I don't know what kind of door this would have been but like when I used to teach in us teach guitar lessons in a strip mall like those back office when there were chintzy doors, wouldn't take much to break one of those down. If the door was locked, you can huff and puff and blow the door down, but, but I agree with you on the sense that I don't know how much stealing money are getting money for this crime add much to do with anything. The floor safe is in office right, even if you don't know that is safe is in this. Office, if you take five hundred and forty dollars or whatever the amount ended up being from the register, you're, probably looking for some more cash the office, whether you think there's a safe in there or not, is the place where that digital money would be. You would, at the very least, access it and look around Hell. I worked at a place where
we had a break in overnight. They couldn't figure out how to open the safe, so they remove the whole entire safe. They just took it with right- and it was located like a week or two later about two or three hours away on the side of the highway with the door missing, so people get creed, native when they're looking for money here we got a couple: people that or offenders either aren't looking for money or can't fight their way out of a paper bag number seven, the office key was still under the cash register. Ok, again you would. I need this key unless you're going to huff and puff and blow that door down you're going to need this key to get into the locked office ray, and I cannot imagine situation, where I am holding guns to children,
and demanding to know where the money is that one of em doesn't offer up that here's the key to the locked office in the back now, because it was It was company policy to drop the money at the end of the night. It was also company policy that this is where they would leave their personal belongings, so eliza thomas arrives at work just before seven p m and she places all of her personal belongings inside of that locked office, to which later the next day when they're going through the crime scene, they find all of her personal items still inside of that off agree that, with a gun to your head, you're not gonna, hold back, then information, number eight, the cow or of weapons used, and we know that to be a twenty two and three. Eighty, of course, that the whole city is going to know the guns were used, the
Here is that they do not know what caliber were used. They also would not know that two different guns were used, and this is also something that the fire fighters would not know when responding to the same rights very likely something that even crime techs in medical examiners, would not know until later in the odd topsy process. But it's also evidence that points to more than one attacker yep. Unless your double fisted, we have more than one killer here, number nine that two pairs of the victims underpants were missing. Never fear at the scene. Now. I guess it's not too hard to believe that they may have just gone up in smoke, because we have a fight here, but it seems to me like they're, pretty thorough about what was found at the scene of what was not brain number ten. This is key man- and this is one that has really stuck with me throughout the years Amy airs- was missing her leather bomber jacket. Okay, so there's a little bit of a story here
from my understanding. This bomber jack was a men's or of a boy's bomber jacket, and I believe this belong to her older brother at one point, but it was like one of her favorite things. You know something that she wore. This is also another indication that you know this is of a girl coming. and she's realizing, hey, I'm going out with friends on a friday night, I'm starting to feel the real teenager here, because I am doing you know, order kid stuff and so. while we save money, doesn't seem to be of the utmost importance to these perpetrators,
One of them went out of their way to take the leather bomber jacket from the sea. Food to me that fills personable but seems, like I mean yeah it look, it could just be that they fancied that jacket. But to me you start leaning to the court's idea to these attackers, take two pairs of the victim's underwear to they. Take this jacket for other reasons other than they might have just the jacket could be some kind of trophy the active we're talking about the cereal offender or were otherwise number eleven amy's bruise under her chin from a blow of some kind. So at some point she is struck under the chin. With either an item or a fist that left a bruise under her now One thing we need to point out here: captain, that's key to this case and to the understanding of the crime scene itself is
three girls that are found in the very back of the yogurt shop. Our signal gently more burned, charred and damaged, then amy airs, where you're going to have a lot of. information about Amy airs that simply due to her promise remedy to where the fire started right. started one location in it spreads through their from it spreads from their while. We have responders. Arriving on the scene probably will not probably its within minutes of the fire being set. We don't know exact what time the fire was set. But we do How did the place was not on fire at eleven o three when somebody hit that no sale, but we have the floor are being reported in eleven forty seven p m number twelve, that amy was strangled in what she was strangled with number three He then amy was shot twice with two different caliber guns: Oliver
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so many things about this case. That makes me wonder: why did they have a plan to these attackers? Have a plan to take out one of the victims right away so than they have less victims to try to control possibly in it's, it's a sad situation. Of course again we will never really know until the proper person is found and locked up or persons or persons correct. However, I I think that we can probably do some things about the the attackers and the actions and their plan, and this is one thing that I thought it has always another misstep in this investigation. Now I want to be clear here in and give to those where it should go and that should go to the austin PD. In this regard, where Austin PD basically said in this investigation, we are own.
concerned about the who we are not going to spend our whole time spent an hour? Tyres are on the. Why re? So, sometimes the. Why lead you to the who well when you're sitting here at our position, captain smelly garonne, we have they examined the who. What why, when and how come, I don't think I threw some extra things and there the wind the terrible you'll get that it's not our show that withdrawing a couple things are necessary. So I think here, when I review this, what I'm sayin, is a situation where maybe you're not so worried about being numbered if you are the perpetrator right, there's four girls, you be outnumbered. Unless you have, for perpetrators are more the situation that you do have is we have a lot of terrible things going on in a short period of time,
so there's a lot of moving parts in pieces with in the course of about forty five minutes is really what I want to focus on and in forty five minutes we have sexual assault We have terrorizing the girls, we have robbery. We also have an arson that set and we have the the perpetrators successfully fleeing the scene ball within about a forty five minutes ban. Now, what that indicates to me if you're going to set and arson you're somewhat of a sophisticated criminal- and I dont mean people always get this wrong. They think, oh here nick goes consul maniac brilliant individual, I'm not saying that this was type of high. I q criminal here or criminals, I'm simply saying criminally sophisticated, meaning that they understand that this fire will destroy evidence that this fire will help.
This fire will increase the probability and the likelihood that they are not caught, and so this fire is set for that purpose and that purpose alone braun. Also it's when you consummate criminally sophisticated your basically saying there there are bigger douche bag. There are bigger, ding dong asked frog, you know that's what you're saying inside compliment europe. We are putting their individual down. That means that this dirt bag thought more about this crime and how not to get caught. The other thing, too, did the arson indicates to me. Is that high level of concern of being caught and getting away with what they did so you're gonna want to not be detected and gunshots and this is a short period of time. I don't think that you are using those guns until you have two, which would be at the very end when, when
we're done doing whatever it is that you set out to do. That is what you plan to do. At the end of those events, no witnesses burn the place and lee, and so I think that the shooting and unfortunately the additional injuries to me errors were items that were not necessarily planned but where necessary, because she did not- and I I hate to even say- words, but here you go. She did not die when the others did one of the other girls we shot they died as expected. Amy airs did not die as expected, and therefore we end up with a second gunshot, we end up with the strangulation at some point
and we have some of the medical information that will back that thought up then, assuming that the gunshots habitat at times. Yes, I don't believe for a second that she was shot at the exact same time with two different guns: more, not at the exact same time. I'm just you're saying that it could be seconds later, though right I mean we're talking the amount I'm not going to go into it, because I don't have the stomach for it and I don't have the heart to do it, but just sit back and think without forcing me to do this how many horrible crimes happened in a span of just forty five minutes in that's being that's having extra time. I don't even think they were there that long now, and so you know you're you're doing things very quickly and the science that will back up the thought. Of her being shot twice, and why is simple?
Amy airs was shot through the back of the head. The same with the same twenty two caliber guy used on the other girls, but in her case the bullet did not enter the brain right, and so I think that is why, We have she's reacting to this, and then the killers are reacting to hurry shit, you know we saw in the lane bryant shootings several people there all laid down the same way face down on the floor, gun to the back of the head and in one of em twitched.
Moved or something happened and it didn't work. I didn't kill one of them, but it killed the rest of the boy also possible that this could be a sign that that there was a soft bullets and meaning that those bullets would have bitten. Bullets can become soft over time, and so these bullets could have been older bullets. That's possible, yes, and the thing here too, is a twenty. Two caliber gun is typically used in a situation, and I don't I don't want to paint the picture of of anybody, thinking that this is some type of mob hit. A twenty two caliber gun is typically used in a crime where your plan is to shoot the individual in the head and kill them with one shop. Why
because, most of the time a higher caliber bullet will do what is called a through and through meaning that it enters the body at some point, and it goes through the body and exits the body at some point, with a twenty two calibre bullet. You want to do your looking to do as much internal damage is possible. If you want to kill somebody with one bullet so when he too is often use, because it's not powerful enough. In most cases to do a through and through shop, it will go the body, and then it bounces of a lot of stuff doing a whole lot of damage in the process. I think it makes people wonder when looking into this case are their separate victims? Is she separate from yeah. I don't see a situation here again, we don't know where we're gonna guessing here, but I don't see a situation that one that there was even enough time to to do in this manner that
that somebody went out of their way to kill one and then terrorized the other three or the reverse of that kill the other three and terrorize one bright for an extended period of time. I'm seeing again they're doing something that's necessary and what's really interesting here. Is that we're talking about a difference of a few minutes? And I mean this is sad and heartbreaking to think about, but the difference of a couple of men, could be the time that goes by when they learn that what killed the other girls didn't, kill, Amy and so had they not figured that out in that very brief time period. She may have been able to get up and flee I think that that is what she was in the process of doing. I think she is. She was crawling away from the other bodies. I think she was shot originally in the very same low cow, as the other three girls
at some point, she's reacting to the situation, and all the way or started to flee, somehow mustard up the strength to try to get away and unfortunate are killers are still in that room or still present an The awareness to see her reaction was also confusing because, like you said, law enforcement is not going to sit around and try to figure out the. Why? But maybe they're not going to try to sit around and figure out the? Why? Because it seems very confusing in this case you have he left behind. So you have a room that the demon go into which has safe. You would think that if they had much knowledge of this business at all that there were not left that bag of money behind, nor would they leave that safe behind
so what was successful in killing the other girls and was attempted on Amy is what is called a contact gunshot wound. This is where there is evidence that proves that the gun was right next to or up against the skin brain at the time that the gunners fired. Do you have a gut feeling yourself, because you know this is the second time that we have been able to look into this case. You have feeling as to motive or or why. Unfortunately, I think the motive here was sexual assault and probably multiple sexual assaults. That's what lean towards as well. It would not surprise me if these perpetrators were previously in the yogurt shop and that could earlier that day or could be the week before days before, I think did
they were well aware that this was the type of location that is secluded so weird word to use being that it's a public place but it's secluded as soon as those doors are locked for the night as soon as you turn key on on that front door. Please come in, and I think that this is a situation where they could have either the perpetrators stump upon an ideal situation for what it was that they wanted to do, or they came there knowing or expecting to find that, and that might mean that they scouted dislocate. In advance. The other thing to when you go out, I well, maybe they stumbled onto a location in a situation that was ideal for what they wanted to. Do you wonder where ass, they went that day and night. Looking for the ideal situation you know, did they walked down the Mr Gaddafi's
Go you know, there's too many males in here. There's too many employees working all at once. Let's try different spot, our could be. It could be a situation where the look I think this is lastly, coming from a local individual in some way, that's been there. multiple times around in time and went there, there have in high school girls close up the shop this there's no manager on staff. An ant, like you said seclusion sounds strange, like you said, because as a public place, but first of all, the major places around there are shutting down at nine o clock. The other places are shutting down at ten, so now that gives you a whole our that if you are from the area, you know that place is one the only places open past ten, so now that that's out makes it even more secluded and it's a yogurt shop
there's something sometimes, when the eu, until yogurt shop or the last couple times, I've gone entice cream shop, you're the only customer in there you get your ice cream any any like you go, and strangely captain this key this reminds me a lot. You know people think of loss, cruises ball. Her last curses bowling alley that case win, win brain. When you review Austin Yogurt shop and yes, there's a lot of similarities and I'm not- and I'm not here, sitting pretending that there were perpetrated by the same individuals in las curses ball. We have a pretty good description of those who are the two men that carried out that crime, but they are similar situations. What I like it, crime too, and if I were to be air quotes here. Profiling are offenders, and I think I am of the belief that you are there we're looking at two people, possibly three. I cannot look at the evidence at the scene and believe that one person care
this out. I think that it gets difficult to go much higher than three as far as the number of perpetrators, but Crime reminds me a lot of the cheshire murders where we have to the visuals that are going into a home. They know what two x act. They know who they think will be inside of this home and they, sexually assault, they murder and they attempt to burn down the place and once caught they're going to try to sell it to the public oh, we were just there to rob the family and things got out of control? Things got out a hand, we panicked, and then we ended up killing three of the four family members and setting the place on fire. What would be looking for, and you don't want to. I don't I'm for profiling and I'm a big fan I guess you could say it sounds like a really terrible choice of words, but you don't you don't want your.
Theory or your thought process too, to put boy minors on you in the course of your investigation, but over the course of years, when you have the answers and you arrested someone you ve, not locked anybody up that sticks you got, I think you ve got to stop using those methods in what I would have been looking for is probably to individuals that were recently released from prison and probably individuals that have committed similar types of crimes in the past and what I mean by that is probably not murder, but I'm probably and for somebody one or two vigils with sexual assault cases, one or two individuals with robbery cases, maybe problems of a robber, one of them's, sexually assaulted in the past, that's kind of where what my gut tells me to me. It looks like a crime of not just opportunity by the per,
traders, but also a crime that they were. They were looking to go out and do something, maybe not of this magnitude, but something horrific and nature. We talked this before you know it Bundy and other types of individuals, the that some of these acts they become addicted to it, and I think what I'm seeing here is somebody that needed to do this. For whatever reason, as discussing as that is to say what my gut feeling tells me that there was to attackers, but I also think that is possibly a local, so may that was making those threatening phone calls or those print cause. I think it's closer to home and maybe more personal, then people think it would be, and also at such a heinous crime that if there is more than two attackers, I think somebody would
I have told somebody by now somebody would have confessed. Yes, in that, that's traditionally how it works the more perpetrators you have of a crime, the higher probability that one of them at some point tell somebody's brain. I mean it's just it's just math baby garage math and the thing is people do it because it either ways on their conscience or they get drunk in two. somebody or they stay. Tell somebody in us threatening manner. But yet the number of purpose there's the higher that goes up the higher your probability goes up that one of them tell somebody- and my guess, is that at least one of these individuals is currently in prison on rape charges, yeah and here's the thing that I would really like to know with that. We talked about that dna Evan that the fbi has, they ve got a match or some kind of hit on it, and I dont fully understand it not gonna pretend to, but I would really like to know where exactly that they got their here.
Do want to touch on something captain before we get to four long here that you had referenced earlier, one interesting tidd bit that I found along the way, and my research for this week's case is that a war by the name of reese price. I believe her real name is teresa teresa price, but she goes by reese price. At the time of the yogurt shop murders, she was too tea four years old. She was a manager that worked at that. I see be. Why store for seven years? The thing that I find interesting here is it. She was actually scheduled to work that night and a week or so vance had made arrangements with one of the girls that end up working that night to trade shifts right. Now, I'm not trying to paint a picture of anybody came there looking for reese price, and this was the result, but you
said no manager on staff no manager on duty. This is a you know and I said, and I he'll situation for what it is that I believe they were looking to do a twenty, four year old woman being the manager at this store does change of your scouting. This location, I dont think that choice. changes you from two seventeen year olds to go on. Nope can't do it here, no near craig, if it's a sexually motivated crime here, the other thing that I found interesting to in reese prices. Involvement with the austin pity she was. God bless her. She was very helpful to their investigation. helped in any way possible that she possibly could one thing that that she asked along to the detectives was she said, you know me and one of the other girls we were receiving Harassing phone calls at the I c b store and
me and one of the other girls were receiving similar types of calls at our homes and our residents, and she- Even told them that there was situation where she thought she was here some noises when she was working one night and she thought that the noises we're coming from the roof as creepy. She goes into them Restroom, remember they gotta clean up before they leave at night and she says later in the men's restroom of that icy, be why store that she found ace killing tile that had been moved and on the toilet, seat found footprints or shoeprints on the toilet, seem that's weird to take a dump she's telling police that it's her opinion. the noises that she heard was someone coming through the ceiling
robbing down into the back part of their store. Her belief is that again, this is like a strip plaza. It's her belief that you could access the icy, be why store via ceiling from the connecting stores. This is something We don't have to put a lot of thought in it. It's not a theory that we have to circle underline and go crazy about, but it's something to consider and it's an interesting piece of this investigation interesting information that was passed along to the detective yeah my gun feeling is there's a lot more to this. Not not only are they getting threatening calls at work, but the individuals that are making those threatening calls to the two girls then figure out where they live and they start making calls to the house that leave those things should be taken. Very serious, interestingly enough here, captain one thing that I find comply.
fascinating, and I think that we sit here and probably share the same belief today. Thirty years later is the prevailing theory in the austin yogurt shop, murders case and that prevailing fee He seems to be that whomever those two men were sitting at that booth at ten forty, seven, m that night they most likely or the attackers in the killers. Now I say most likely because we can't say definitively what we do know is this that it took several months, which is kind of weird to me but it took several months for customers to come forward and say hey. I was this person. I purchase this that night and I was in there about this time, and this is what I think that, saw or heard by was there. It did take you know, weeks and months to collect all those people and these were actively reminding the public hey. We you to come in here and tell us we it's very important. This is their words quote its variant
that they come forward, we can any knowledge from any one who was in that shop before closing to be very valuable police asking with information do call and they give their local police number. But when we talk about these two individual sitting at that booth, it's my understanding. Captain that those are the only two individuals that have never come forward. These are the only two people that we know to have been in the store than I based off of customer testimonials that have not been identified. It could be, and it is possible that these two individuals were from out of town they Just there, like every other customer with no harmful and since at all, and they left before the store closed and you're not from the area and months went by and they they just never came forward or didn do not remember being there on the night. There was in question. That is a possibility. I think it's awfully slim, but it certainly is a pass
Billy. If we rule that out, then we to say these are these two are probably the killer in again, it's more likely that it's two killers and not just all we're going to be in the store with the potential being seen by other individuals and then once they, she locked, the doors were grown and then open the back door, open up the front door. To let another person, then the only people ever convicted in this case. were the two individuals that eventually were released from prison and they were convicted based off of their confessions, and we could go through that, but I dont think that we should begin you can listen to episodes eighty one and eighty two where we go through them makin Meyer quite a bit at the end, and what we have is of the four boys that were arrested to convicted the guns did not match right. It was Twenty two caliber gun that led them that led us to
Eighty two, these boys there, twenty Caliber gun they ran ballistics on it. It does not match up with the twenty two that was used at the yogurt shot martyr, so the guns didn't match in the dna match years after the murders, advance dna testing revealed a bomb, el the bombshell did the nobody wanted. We We're happy when two people were locked up for this case, but though, results show that dna there was found on Amy airs, did not match any of the suspects and to be clear, It didn't match anyone in any national database, so the two that were convicted dna that was found on our victim does not match the two that was convicted. It also does not match the two that weren't convicted the two that were arrested in the charges,
dropped by the grand jury because they believe that they had enough evidence here so, but also with such a horrible crime like this is truly. done by demons. How many it surprising to me how many conventions they ve got? Yes in you know Austin You stay readily admit that over fifty people, approximately over fifty people with has ain yeah have confessed. to this now I want to address something real quick here. If you'll look wikipedia there's an end that says that one of the confessions included Kenneth mick. Of whose an individual that we covered extensively and episodes. Eighty one and eighty two he's a serial killer. There's no question about that: here's, where the clashing gums, According to that wikipedia entry, Kenneth macduff on
day of his execution confessed to the yogurt shop, murders, I've looked high and was left dry. My friend could not find any credible publication or person stating that they have heard him or rank heard the conversion hers this invention. Yes, he did have some some last words, but they didn't include anything about this case or I could find any other case now. He certainly capable of committing such horrific acts. But ten review, episodes eighty one and eighty two we go into- why we don't believe that he is our guy, so then the question becomes fbi has esteem, a, why aren't they releasing it tommy they do. They do not have a match, doesn't match some may with a high profile as it does it matter, so much that they have no evidence against other than this. This
in a match. Wouldn't that be enough. Well, I'm glad that you brought that up because it lets review that will quickly here again in two thousand and seventeen another potential breakthrough emerge and austin detective submitted dna evidence found in one of the victims into a database that searches Y s t our dna samples. A type of dna profile that forensic investigators use to identify male relatives of suspects a match was found. The austin police department requested more information about the identity of the matching donor, but the fbi has refused to release any information saying a federal statute: So it's the federal statute that prohibits it from disclosing identities of anonymous donor. So I want to know more about what is an anonymous donor
right and I want. I want to learn the ins and outs of that re, despite these hurt the families have continued to work to keep the case in the forefront. Their efforts have led new crime, fighting initiatives at the state and federal levels again, citing that same article according to that article, that we cited at the top of yesterday, show. There are over nineteen thousand unsolved homicides in texas, eliza, thomas jennifer, harbison. Sarah Harbison and amy airs are four of those unsolved homicide cases. when we talk about the yogurt shop case. Thirty years later, we need make sure that we include some of the good stuff that happened in the story, I'm talking about the austin community and the friends of the four girls, that made a promise to eliza jennifer, Sarah and Amy and their families.
And the promise was. We will not forget on February twenty Seventh of ninety ninety to just three months after the murders, local celebrities recorded a song titled. We will not forget written by local musicians and dedicated to the fore slain girls All proceeds from the song were donated to a fund that was set up to help solve the case on june sixth of ninety. Ninety, two, six months after the murders, the classmates of the girls at the high school. set up empty chairs for eliza and Jennifer, who would have graduated on that day. The great city of Austin Texas made a commitment to these four girls, their families, the community and the persons responsible, the day will not forget and in the garage we refuse to forget these girls as well. Now it seems
The fbi has the power to help thousands of people he'll, even if it's just a little bit and I understand that there are laws and regulations that are needed to protect the people. But here those laws and regulations are protecting the wrong people. Take a look at these crimes. These are some of the most horrific and unspeakable acts that we have ever discussed on the show and its five years of existence and all of these horrific crimes and unspeakable acts were committed and no more. A short forty five minutes time period. The people protected by these laws and regulations are not people at all. They are the very worst of manatee has off
thanks during this here, each and every week in the garage, if your dig in the music for the show check it out for free on spotify, amazon, music or apple music. It's free so get out colonel. Do we have heavy recommended reading for the listeners this week, this Captain we are recommending what I believe is the definitive book on the case that we covered this week. The yogurt shop murders in this book is called who killed these girls by beverly lowery, and this book came out just shortly before the twenty five year marker for this case and covers the murders. All
the countless lives at the story has really ruined and the evolving complications of the justice system. They have frustrated the massive attempts for all these years now to find and punish those who committed this horrible horrible crime check out who killed them girls by beverly lowery. You can find that great title and many more on our website. Program, garage, dot, com and click on the recommended page and until next week be good
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