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From the time he was a teenager, Jeremy Bryan Jones had let his violent passions run wild: attacking, raping, and mutilating. Then, in Mobile County, Alabama, Jones' rampage was stopped. But no one knew how many bodies were in his past. Convicted and sentenced to die for the brutal murder of Lisa Nichols, an Alabama mother of two children, Jones shocked authorities with the story of his life - and his claims of snuffing out over a dozen victims in thirteen years. But was he telling the truth, or was he simply taunting his captors? Detectives from across the South scrambled to prove Jones' claims. At every turn, the man dubbed "the redneck Ted Bundy" made a mockery of the police, the courts, and the media, and investigations into the horrifying crimes attributed to him still continue. Now, for the first time, the definitive story is told about a psychopath who enjoyed confessing almost as much as he enjoyed killing...
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every week, another fascinating other talking about the most shocking, an infamous killer, who crime history through murder, with your host journalists and other than asking good evening. This azure host as a task for the programme to murder the most shocking killers in true crime. History at the office that have written about them. From the time he was a teenager, Jeremy Brian Jones had led let his violent path
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at every turn. The man dubbed the redneck TED Bundy made a mockery of investigators, the courts and the media. In the end he would be can take the three murders but investigators investigations into the horrifying crimes attributed to him still continue. Now, for the first time, the definitive story is told about a psychopath who enjoyed confessing almost as much as he enjoyed killing blood just killing, was his pleasure by journalist and author Sheila Johnson, my special guest this evening. Thank you very much for joining us on the program. Sheila Johnson. Thank you very glad to be here I'll. Thank you very much. It's our pleasure. Now, first of all of all the cases you could've chew frozen, and I know you've got some work in your past. What made you decide about to write about this case in particular? Well, I didn't really know about this case. Initially, my publisher at Pinnacle, true crime called
Let me look into it and see if I'd be interested in doing a book. Since I was the closest Ryder geographically to the place where the murder took place and where Jones had jailed, and once I looked into it, I was totally hooked. I was on the opposite end of the state from mobile where he was arrested. I was up in the north end of Alabama instead of down on the coast and since the distance there, I hadn't heard anything about the case, but I was I was just media tly started getting information as soon as I saw what was involved with it- and I didn't have any idea at the time just how much information there was going to be, and it was scattered all across the SE and Midwest and as time passed it just kept on growing now. This is a bloodlust is set in Alabama, but, like you had mentioned sort of bordering states that this whole story takes place.
Now. What is the city of mobile and an area like and how big is mobile for those people that aren't really don't really know What we're talking about describe the communities where this story is set It's it's mobile and it's one of the five largest cities in the state. It's down. It's a port city down on the gulf, but the took place in a rural area north of the city and John Center, prefer Talib and work in the more rural areas. He was just not a city boy, he was seized from Oklahoma and he liked to be in places where he couldn't ingratiated served his employers and co workers in a trap and everybody in both the good guy and out where he could get out at lad and drove a hookups, the smaller local. Bars and restaurants and three women,
you didn't really go for his line as much as the more country girl tat they had so suddenly the door into the big cities. When he made a trip to New Orleans which resulted in the murder of a prostitute there and when they would occasionally lay under the bigger prostitutes whenever he lived in Georgia? Ok now you ve got right into Jeremy Brian Jones here, but we have a different name for him. So explain that hole at the very fascinating story. Is it so important? Just tell us who Jeremy Brian Joneses first and then we can get into the rest to go back into the background as much as you have found out in your book and and tell us who do.
Jeremy Brian Jones was what was his character like well, there's not much information available about his early childhood and background at that time, but he came from a very lower class family that there's a lot of turbulence, drinking and drugs, and things of that nature involved and his mother had some pretty serious drinking a drug issues too, for which she was arrested. One occasion- and he was not- none of his family was be educated, but he always had a already do sort of talk. His way out of travelling and charm intervene to everything that he wanted to gain entry to, and he had a very bad temper to go along with it
His charm and his concede. Also, he thought very highly of himself even from a young age, but when his temper got the best, oven or the first tenses and on this, his record of any kind of trouble was a schoolyard fight when he was just a little Roy and when the murder of the boy that he was fighting with, showed up to pick it her son up from school and Images tat are about the burden, the schoolyard she rushed out, try to break things. And he turned donor and knocked her down to the ground in him, just a small boy, so bad that was first thing. His record, and it was sort of an indication of things to come, and he was a big favorite was the mothers of the girls that he dated in high school. It was friends with because he'd always he's like the Eddie Haskell of of Crim, I guess you could say, and they all like him, he was the boy. I hope that their daughters
would end up marrying, which looking back now, I'm sure they feel differently, and he started experimenting with drugs in high school and started to show a pretty dark side there. And eventually worked his way around to some sexual assaults and attempted rapes and things of that nature that Assalam to court. What what type of drugs was he doing and maybe tell us the nature of the extent basically of those sexual assaults. What was what was involved early on, and you say these are some of the first criminal charges, and you say: are you talking about these? The the schoolyard fight in an indication tell us about this, the extent of those sexual assault and tell us what happened as a result of those well
sexual assault. I think we're primarily brought about by Matthews. He was very much into crystal meth from a pretty early time there. That was his drug of choice right from the beginning and there's not too many details on record about those assaults, because both he and the girls involved were still juveniles at that time. So we can't learn being much about that, except that one of the girls said that he threatened her with a pistol and and there the girl, you know, made a few other similar claims and because of those two incidents, he went into a a program. They had, in effect at the time sort of a rehabilitation program, and he was required to go to therapy and it was a resident tat situation.
He on very many occasions, would get mad and disrupt the proceedings and and storm out of his his group sessions and things of that nature, so He was working his way up to a lot of problems and then, when he got out of it situation, he tried a couple of other incidents and got arrested for though, and then fail to show up. So he was, they don't say you to appear so you say the book. He becomes in essence a fugitive at that point. Right, that's what he after he completed this treatment program. That obviously did no good. Then he went back out the offended and then fail to appeared and batch when he started looking for a way out of trouble so that you wouldn't get arrested on those charges and what was his solution for now not being captured again and returned to the present system
play some time for these charges? Well, his mother really helped him out of that situation. She ran into a feller one. In a bar, obviously pretty drunk drunker than she was because she could still out talking at that stage, and she convinced in the poor boy, was bad, get railroaded by the law and and sent to prison for something he didn't do an she claimed that this man volunteer Did his social security and drivers license information? Everything of that now. Cheer. I think more likely. She stole it from him, while he was drunk right well. Jones took all that information that Mama had secured for him and hop the bus to Alabama, and once he got down here, he had a very easy time getting new, allegedly replacement id
with the social security number and and name and driver's license number and Birthdate that he now had, and he just very easily slipped into that identity and remind John Paul Chapman for quite some time. He was no longer journey Brand Jones ran in here and, and everybody else is that near him that he met all the people who worked with women. He dated everybody that knew him from that day forward him his as John Paul Chapman, yeah, essentially reinvented himself. The other part of his personality was that he was a drifter and talk about him. Securing work in different areas were having the the premise for being in the area working at and and do you include the story of our hurricane Ivan in with the store, because it's just happen.
To be that was the threat in that area. At that time, no, it's a little bit about what type of work that John Paul Chapman chose and and seem to be a convenient reason for him being traveling around. I am not staying put in one area, Well, he was a construction worker. An had evidently had enough experience in enough different construction fails that he could get work very easily and when he first came to Burma. He got to work with the man they mark Bentley and worked with meanwhile been he went over into Georgia. Like do Hurricane tornado cleanup, he was fond of doing that cap or because it kept in moving around and and it paid very well so he went over to Georgia and worked a while over. There is pretty good while because he he committed.
Several murders over that way or claim to have committed several murders know for sure that he did a couple, but that was why he liked move around. So he could. He began to follow stolen. Then, when he felt Hurricane Ivan was about to come in and hit the mobile area where Bentley lived, he immediately decided that he would go down there and see if he could secure a job with him once again and he had been living with a woman for eighteen months over in Georgia, Becky Free men and he told me that he would go down there and get work and then find a place and she could come joining. So she thought She was due to be joined him and allow the sudden she she learned when somebody don't go in Georgia that he was in jail.
Well for murder in Alabama, and he was not even who he had claimed to be for the past eighteen months, so that the rude awakening for her ok. Now, let's go back to just a little bit here, so our audiences get confused at all. Now you talk, about him being in two areas and with a gentleman in Georgia. If I'm not correct, just correct me and a gentleman, he had met through the sort of casual circumstances in the person that said, if you ever in Georgia, come stay with me and certainly he took him up on that offer person they Macintosh in in Georgia and the other person that he befriended was this person. As you have mentioned, they mark Bentley their important character as well. Now tell us about LISA Nicholls who LISA
Nicholls is in this story and and and how the two met. Jeremy, Jones and LISA Knuckles LISA was a very well liked wonderful person from all I've been able to gather who has like you mentioned the two daughters, there two grown daughters and they had children of their own. Annelisa was grandmother and you would never have known it. By looking at her because LISA looked every bit the picture of her own daughters, they right she was just very beautiful and attractive, person well loved in the neighborhood, the community. She worked in a grocery store and she was divorced and had very cordial relationship with her former husband. I think she must have had cordial relationships with,
but if he'd ever met, because she was so so well loved Ann. She kept in constant touch with her her daughters in all of her other family members at least lived next Mark Bentley in a trailer park there north of mobile. She was his next door neighbor and she had left her home, but not before the storm was to hit to go in the ride. The storm out with one of her daughters, family in a motel farther up to the n, where they'd be more out of the way of the projected path of the storm and then, when she returned home to check for damage Jones had
had shown up next door looking for work again with Mark Bentley, and he noticed her an sort of homed in onaran had committed to his friend Bentley's cousin that he would be quite interested in making time with her if the opportunity arose in the cozens said. Well, you better leave her alone. You know she's way out of your league and by that time Jones was so high on meth and several other drugs that that he in the curse and had been indulging in wild Bentley and his wife were a way that that disorder made him that much more determined to go next door and see about her die
you say the tea. They think that the cousin and we're talkin, probably about Scooter common day day, listen, listen now, you're that this woman is out of your league. In what you mean by this Lee is that scooter, common and deftly marked badly and Steve and and Mr Mackintosh in Georgia, all of these people recognised very cool, quickly that they had a person that was unreliable and definitely had a major major, crystal meth or major drug problem living in their midst, which created all kinds of problems, so he wasn't the most trusted person. So when you say I just want to make sure people understand, when you say out of his league, he really meant that they were fresh. Is with this lady, as everyone was LISA Nichols, and they definitely didn't think this person was that they should introduce or encourage any kind of relationship. We have Salute Lee, that's the case and LISA did not date. People, you know,
He concentrated on work and her family and she was not out looking for a good time. In that sense, it all and would never have had anything to do with with somebody like Jones. Now what was circumstances would LISA Nicholson being found? What what what happened next? Why was why were they in the company of each other? Does anyone know tell us a little bit about what the circumstances of the next few hours what happened? Well, apparently wow. We got the motor with their daughter, family Jones, broken next door and stole a pistol and then the night after LISA returned home quiet down the neighbourhood jobs where the trailer wit. Let's go pretty much forced his way into the trailer and started making advances in
lease. If naturally ordered him out an he got, really angry and he was he said at the time that he was hired and he'd never been in its life, so raped her. Then he shot her. He put her in her body in the bathtub in attempted, decided on fire, trying to burn the trailer down and destroy all the evidence and the trailer was shut up so tight that none of the smoke escape. And nobody in the neighborhood could tell that there had been a fire inside and when she did match I have found it all the following day. The two daughters came that night to check on her an walked in with flashlights and found the trailer full of smoke and their mother's body in the bathtub, and that was that was an absolutely horrifying experience for them. They were very
ahmetaj bite and I can't even imagine what it would've been like for them to walk in and find something like that. And of course there was a big crowd was set up and all the neighbors from Allah Rayon came running to try to help and see what was the matter except for Jones, and he set right there next door watching tv. While everybody else was outside see what happened, because he he would have happened. Did the police also find evidence that she was sexually violated as well? Oh, yes, it's first and then shot and in put his vast herb, they just he evidently just went into,
frenzy. Now you say that clearly that there is an investigation. Looking for a killer, tell us what happens next. How long does it take for them to identify the killer, Jeremy Brine Jones, where Buddy and arrest. Him is Jeremy, Brian Jones, because his luck would have it his false id held for for quite some time after he was rested. But when the murder would just was discovered. Several of the other neighbors reported that there is a new person in the area an described they go, but he was a young man might rightly, his former employer was able to give him his name and social security number and birthdate demand that he knew was John Paul Chapman and he had disappeared from Bentley's home today after the murder, and so they immediately had their prime sets
and three days after the murder, one of the lead investigators got a phone call from chat, managed to keep him on the phone for the card betrayed another one of the investigators went to the location, an found him and arrested him right there still on the phone with the other officer, so he was he immediately arrested and charged in murder. Now, let's, let's just go back to just a wee bit before we get to this next. You know very exciting part of the story. He was arrested. You telling your book that he was arrested a couple of other times in between uh a long period of over a period of three years, and his fingerprints obviously would be taken at that time and despite those fingerprints being entered into the FBI's database, that would do comparative studies between Fif
Prince. He was never. There was the names whenever associated just tell us a little bit about that and then go on to the next. What happened next Well, nobody has ever been able to pin down exactly how that happened. But when he was arrested over in Georgia, he would be run with his fingerprints and the John Paul Chapman identity, and it would come up that way. There was some kind of a glitch in the system and it nobody ever figured out exactly how it happened, but they have certainly and try to guard against that since that time, because during the time he was being arrested and then released or arrested in kept for a fairly short time? or three other murders that we would not have happened if they had caught that fingerprint mistake initially right, but it was. It was a F
our situation and I were vibrant jump into trying to cover other basis, explaining how it might have happened and garden safeguard that it wouldn't happen again right now, Chapman you say is is located after they trace them. Where he's making a phone call from and now he's in police custody. How long does it take the police to find out that he is not Chapman and then what happens well as soon as they had him in custody they suspected from the look of the murder scene and how things were done that he had killed before and they immediately sent all sorts of information out all over the country to Department's, just literally from coast to coast, with all his
Channel mayor, John Paul Chapman and his name and numbers and picture and the whole nine yards Ann. They got a message back from a prison up in Oklahoma. That said, you know you don't have John Paul Chapman, we don't know who you did have, but we've got John Paul Chapman up and he had been in prison since very shortly after he gave up his identity to Jones, his mother and the bar incredible and one the clerks. It's prison happened to see the information that came through the murdering Jeremy Jones and recognise that head in mobile was not John Paul Chapman, and that was the first anybody knew of it. They were just flabbergasted, and it was sometime after that that they found out his real identity because they noticed he was calling the number
in Miami. Ok, very often to a woman named Mean beard and Call the mainly police department and ask them what connection there could be in, I said. Well, we don't know, says: she's got a son that disappeared from up here a few years back, that we had war so many german brand Jones and bad for life. Determine who it was that they actually had in jail. He had made his faults. Identity hope hold for that. Long that's incredible yeah. Whenever I waited don't you think it's incredible when they had to apparent John Chapman's in jail at the same time, and no one noticed yeah that I guess they were, the georgian authorities will not check like the Oklahoma prison system and not running enough information through on the federal level for anything to turn up so, oh sure it was, everybody saw
the drop the ball all the way around allows has now who are the the central characters and in enacting a confession from Germany, Brian Jones, and what does he say when? When does he finally get around to saying some of this stuff? Tell us about that? Those about that fascinating story! Well, at first he denied everything and then he would tail just a little bit of detail here and there, but still deny everything and he was it long or he learned it every time they brought him out for a long interview station that he might get to order some special food or or get to make an extra phone call and get some kind of privilege that he enjoyed. So he tried to drag things out as long as he could, but one of the
most telling things that he did was to place a cow, the mark badly from the jail, an orderly confessed to him about the whole murder admit that he had just done it and how and not terribly sorry he was and how he regretted it and an that of course, was recorded. So he he admitted himself at that point. Did he had done it and then later on, when the detective started running with more and more evidence, he started crying big crocodile tears and oh, he didn't want to die, he's who afraid to dine and- and he just love, laugh too much and and he didn't want to get executed with one of the detectives reminded him that his victim had loved life too, just as much as he did so so he just kind of gradually started leaking out information because he saw that that
the more he dropped, the more he would get out of it and all of his claims was this thoroughly investigated, Some of them. There is no indication that all that he had been in bed. Why am I just tell such a good plausible boy? The whole story put people would travel from all over the country to come and interview him from the various department where he was claiming. You know that he had killed somebody in their jurisdiction. It it just into the surface. He loved, giving phone interviews to the media he loved for people to come there and and talk to him various tv stations and newspapers. He just he literally ate it up and always had a story to tell and claim to make, and it was the attention he just got addicted to the attention and could not stop talking
Even then, everybody would advise, and not too sure, certainly now you talk about this- is that in some of the confessions he makes an. Obviously you have alluded to that. Some of these things are exaggerations. Rabbi lies, nothing can be confirmed what you do have in your book. You mentioned some names just in Hutchings, Cathy Freeman, Danny Freeman mentioned some people in book and are obviously is a good reason why your mentioning there are unlikely likely victims of this man and explain that whole story. Why you're so certain? Nor why other people are so certain that he'd likely he is China for more than one murder, the more the least a nickel. Tell us a little bit about that. Who are these people that they they think he killed? Ok with the two little people that the lowly killed,
Georgia, Amanda Well and long term training. My berry is a very likely person that he killed, but there's been no proof on that now he was indicted for Amanda's murder and after in college, in New Orleans, prostitute he's been officially charged in that case but, for instance, the pain of maybe a case. She was a girl that was a regular at the same bar and restaurant. That was his favorite place to go and there in Georgia where he lived and she was murdered during a Halloween Costume Party, an just left, literally lying on the front step with the bar. Whenever she went outside your car and somebody stabbed her to death and he's always been the prime suspect in that murder, but this just that last little piece of evidence lacking in that one and another
case that I still sort of believe he may have been guilty of Potrace Andreas was a Georgia hairdresser that was kidnapped from her salon and her body was found much later behind the church and Jones had clay user t had done that and gave all sorts of information about where the body could be found and nothing never quite panned out. But I still think it's possible. He could have been given false information along with his confession. That might possibly have been true. So all of those were really checked out thoroughly an in the three cases he was charged with. They had plenty of positive proof,
any evidence, but in so many others that he confessed to. He might have learned enough from newspaper and tv accounts or over heard things in jail and got enough to confess and then earn himself a pizza or steak or lobster or some free phone calls. So it's so much the things that he may have done and so many that he might have not done. That is just nearly impossible to sort him out, but there's a huge list of of people that he can two while he was in jail in order to get favors right now you mentioned that a man Amanda Grant Greenwell after she disappeared that Chapman was actually or Jeremy jobs was questioned about her death. How did that come about that? He was close enough to that investigation that he was also questioned. Well, he
there in the same trailer park with Amanda and her family, an as he had and several other instances. He show just a little too much interest in acted a little bit suspicious enough to get people's attention and that's how the authorities would end up coming to question him on these. You know he just he just tipped his hand, sometimes by showing too much attention to young girls. I know when he was living there I broke. It was in the Macintosh household. He he showed a little too much of ten. The teenage daughter and literally started stocking her and tried to break in the house over several times. So you know he he was known for that sort of behavior Now hold the murders that he confessed to.
How many did the police hone in and say these could be good possibilities based on the information that he gave us the police, We have a debate on almost all of them, but then check him out in detail that level able to find enough proof for our low Deborah locate bodies where he said they had been left an you know. They always tried everything he said so implausible at first and then, when they dig into it they might find it was coming up a little short or or the timeline might not workout just right, but, for instance, the girl that he claimed was his first. Is in Oklahoma nearly way at her name is Jennifer Judd and she was just a gorgeous girl and I think, only been married a week and.
Started her in her apartment, and he confessed that, but he's never been charged, because there was no early evidence of any kind of it and who had heated had climbed. There was no physical evidence ever found that could wake him in any way to that one, but he he claimed that she was his first victim when he claimed that he had killed a great number of prostitutes and mobile and Metro Atlanta, like you, never find any corroboration there. No bodies were found in the swamps where he said that he had dumped them an nobody in particular came up missing those kind of numbers that he was claiming. Now it is confession. You know various responses from various types of killers. I guess at different levels or or different levels of honesty. How did you describe his victims? How callous was he in this
closure of the victim? Did he do? The typical try to rationalize why some of these people were killed. I'm saying in the confession itself: sometimes they re all remorseful in shared
layer, two, and sometimes he was just very matter about matter fact about it, Ann. In the case of the New Orleans prostitute, they were questioning about him about her murder. An one of the officers from New Orleans that had come over said that it just gave him cold chills when they asked him why he had killed this woman says a change. Just came over Jones, his face and he sort of grout out 'cause the bitch deserved it an you know. Sometimes he would be that way, and sometimes it be very matter of fact and other times he'd say: oh, it was just business. He was Santa murder somebody because they had cheated somebody else on the drug deal. You know he always had some reason Basha. It change
fish from one case to the next now you spoke of the confession at police, God that was, I guess, damaging at court our trial. Potentially this is talk think about LISA Nichols and his involvement with the death. Tell us about that confession of very interested to see what he actually said. Obviously he looked up the mark. Bentley Mark Bentley took him under his wing. Tell us above that confession and how damaging specifically it was in some of the details he gave to Mark Bentley in that confession. Over telephone well marked mainly with the war in it, he told at the time he did that he was her than he had ever been in his eyes, and he said I just he didn't know. Why did it? It just happened and he regretted it so much, and he was so sorry for the family and sorry because it was a friend,
Parton Marquis was having none of that. He. He didn't believe that for a minute and Jones kept, a little more and more to him and boil down to the fact that he was so high crystal meth at the time he was just totally out of control and an said he'd what he was doing. I think he was pretty well aware, finished in, but he didn't have any any conscience or any hesitation to do any of it that he'd pretty much outlined. Well, one thing: maybe there, though they tried to turn it around them and go to common inside it. Scattered was involved in already tried to convince market in a skater, was alone
playing and then write her own after scooter was killed in a freak electrical accident. Then he went just full bore at the time his trial trying to turn it around on the scooter, but that that blend the dead guy tactic that work in that particular case. Did he talk about any sort of rationalization or justification for having having shorter and. And they did, he mention anything about the sexual aspect of it at all. Ever to mark Bentley. I don't believe he Rationalized it in any way, I think he may have told mark, but she turned him down and he got mad when he tried to, but then he told,
which other people later on, that it had been consensual and she had asked him to come over and bring her some drugs and his story changed constantly. But as far as rationalizing that, I don't think he was ever able to come up with any kind of my explanation that that he thought Mark Bentley would even come near to buying something what he did was so just beyond the pale that he tried to get mark not to hold him as responsible is, as he thought he was going to hold him and that you, like, I said it just didn't work mark been wanting now tell us about the the ensuing trial. Is there are many motions put forward that deserve huge delay between this, the time of the arrest and the trial and tell us about whether Mark Bentley and then Macintosh
Mister Mcintosh from Georgia, his other landlord, if they participate in the trial at all, tell us about the trial? Please? Well, the trial took on some some rarely political aspects before it ever even got started. The Mobile county district attorney had stout around trying to get more confessions out of Jones when it was obvious that making quite a bit of up- and he kept want to put the the trail off, postpone any action being taken anyway. Nichols family appeal to Alabama's attorney general. An he personally took over the prosecution of the case, took the case away from the Mobile County district attorney and then tried the case himself with his own staff.
Which doesn't happen very often, you know, and I just that set up a feed- that's running hot and heavy to this day between those two men because of that An the bi ran against the attorney general in the last election and got soundly defeated so but, like I say you know, the the feed is still ongoing, which started because of that now, when they got to the trial, Mark Bentley did testify that played his entire taped conversation for the jury, an I believe, quite a few of the people from Georgia had come over to testify. Also that had worked with him over. There had offered him a place to stay until they were forced to put him out because of his
drug use and things of that nature, but the trial just turned into an absolute circus. They were so much media Baron Jones would turn around in his feet and smile. The cameras out in the hallway and and just pay more attention to what going on in that respect, and he did what was happening in the courtroom. So he's really he's really enjoying himself was he he loved it? He loved the attention he never acted like. He was on trial for his life, the whole time he receives, enjoying the attention so much an he was constantly talking to the press and making statements and giving interviews and talking to these investigators without his attorney being present, an attorney was just horrified them endless completely out of control, and there was nothing is it
attorney could do about it and he would. He was constantly making his own statements, refuting whatever Jones had said that day to whoever had said it too an you could tell that. He wished he had certainly never gotten involved in that one is on one instance. He was trying to get the judge to arrange for a psychiatric evaluation, and this was allegedly to help Jones where Jones layers up in his feet and Bella's out. I cry visited the cooker ram and his lawyer trying to prove that he is so. It might use an insanity defense. Well, the attorney of Mister Habibie Yazdi dropped up out of his seat and Sock Jones back down into his chair and put his hand over his mouth to show mob fell about how to control was right now. What was the
you mentioned now that this state and he's tried in Alabama, obviously right and Debbie the death penalty? There is a definite they also available in Georgia as well. I'm not sure if it is at this time or not it. It has been in the past, I'm not sure if it is now or not, but it is highly unlikely to ever be tried for the murder in Georgia or the murder Louisiana. Eighty one, even though he's been charged- I don't think he'll ever come to trial, because it's such an expensive proposition to try some buddy and he's already been his on death row in Alabama. So as long as that's the case at think, they would ever attempt to try got him in those states and less. For some reason he got his sentence. Overthrown here, which is highly unlikely to ever happen,
I was just wondering if you know just something to think about: it's not much of a question, but just often some of these guys that are facing a death penalty, one state will often confess to crimes where there is no death penalty and realizing that there's not much that anyone can do even if they, convicted of it anyway, getting back to the trial. What did they use as a defense. Where were you, have to use their year term. This is a word. He was so far fetched it beyond the pale here, a lot of the time diameter, the Joe Boys conversion to some murders, because he had been given medication in the jail that caused him to talk on control. The bleeding that most of the details of those conventions was coming from stories. There was told
by drug dealers in the jail with him, and he also was claiming his defense was it. Lisa had had consensual sex with him, and things got too rough an during the preliminary hearing last time. I did absolutely incredible statement that he didn't think it was that much of a crime to shoot a dead person sale. It LISA had already died of a drug overdose before Jones Schotter, which was not true, Yazdi, said. Well, it's not that much of a crime to shoot a deaf person. It's it's now a thing instead of a person and that's at least his whole family, just running from the courtroom, horror that was to hurt a statement like that night. Under those circumstance
there was just Yazdi, was pretty good. It statements of that sort anyway, sure when he first took over the fence. He, maybe I don't want you to highly intelligent person a few days later, he'd be claiming that he was in no way mentally competent to talk to the authorities without an attorney present and pretty soon he was saying that he didn't live talking to the media or anybody else, because he was just probably Mary and through it. This was a man who should decide to stand at God was so intelligent this can possibly via the gay body when John finally made it under the witness stand which he was just dying today, could not wait to get up there then about it literally laughing out loud, because he announced what a good looking
and that he thought he was and how he had a way with lemons, and he could talk the pants off of a nun, an bagged about house, whatever he wanted special food or privileges. All we had to do was make what he caught the magic phone call to the investigators, but maybe we had a misguided interview room and giving him whatever he wanted and, and he just everything that is lying down. Today we gotta play before like a circus might be honest. I ended it was a total laughingstock. What was his explanation for why You told us part of it. Why was as explanation for having to shoot LISA Nichols? Well, what was the purpose of it? I think you just had the stone one shudder to people from parliament,
body that he had broken writer said he had commanded by it, and then he told her to keep from talking. They shouted keep talking. And then he tried to burn the body too. Cover up evidence of her haven't been shot. Andrew though I would, I bet was what was his explanation on the stand for she here. He already. She died from a drug overdose, so it wasn't a big deal. So everything was a big deal, the shooter Bob. What oh yeah he said that he had shot her after she died of a drug overdose right? Well, he said at one point I don't recall he said this on the and or not, but at one point he made the statement that he he shot her to keep it from looking like he had brought drugs to her. We want to make it look like but had broken in shot her not that he had given her drugs and she died of an overdose, so that was supposedly to cover up the overdose which didn't happen I see also
Ok, so his claim that was a drug overdose, was totally disputed by the corner or the medical examiner correctly. There was not a trace of any kind of. Drug or anything else in leases system, so that was that was a total fabrication yeah and then obviously we won't go into too much it doesn't. You know this guy doesn't dignify too much to go through whether there was any mitigating circumstances to prevent him from getting the death penalty. He certainly got the death penalty. Did you We decided pretty quickly what was the situation well, it took him two hours to find him guilty and it uh It took him forty five minutes to decide on the death penalty, so it was pretty much a cut and dried thing. It was very fast, Ann,
no mitigating circumstances of any kind that were ever mentioned was LISA. Nichols family surviving members of victims family in the day attend court. Oh yes, yes, they attended every day her. Her daughters and quite a few of her. Other relatives were always there an they father. Of Amanda Greenwell came from Georgia to attend the trial and the husband of Patrice Indresh came over and he attended the trial. So you know there were other other victims, families there in addition to Places family, but they were there an after the trial places, daughters told the press that they just could not be any more grateful to the the mobile in Vesta Gators into the attorney general's office for the work that they had done because it was the case was handled very well
by everybody involved in that respect, where they all suck, the world was allowing him to play him like fiddles on all these confessions to get his extra treats and privileges. Now, if you've answered this, I apologize. I'm just want to make sure that I understand this, I'm just curious now affair actually or unofficially, Tina, Mayberry, Amanda, Grand Greenwell and Patricia interests are the people that he is suspected of killing likely the people women to disappear, but there's another huge list. Besides for those there's there's so many other people that he was suspected uh, of besides them, I mean the least popular Nona, Nona Nona in several states. How many would you say not to to pin you down or anything, but I mean no one's going to sue you, but how many do dude? I think he likely more more than likely killed with you know, with fairly
solid evidence, that of comparative type of crimes and victims and geography. How many do you really think likely that he killed? Well, I think that it's likely that he killed Jennifer Judd, who he said was his first victim. I think it's also likely that he killed a couple in Oklahoma, Danny and Kathy Freeman an kidnapped, their daughter, thirteen daughter, Ashley and her friend Laura Bible and then murdered them somewhere there. You should never been found, and there was no proof of any other kind to every substantiate that, but I have a gut feeling that he was responsible for them and this also possible that another cup All involved in the drug underworld there in Oklahoma, daily Oakley Indoors Harris were
loaded in their current was Burgess like the framing murdered women when they travel was settled Another couple out in Oklahoma was murdered under similar circumstances. Girl in Atmore, AL close to mobile that disappeared from her home under circumstances similar to leases she's never been found. Now it's very possible that he we have done some or all of those murders, it's possible that he might have done. None of 'em. I think he's responsible for some of those and also just it hurts the young man. You referred overdose. I think it is possible for their because it is well acquainted with him and claimed responsibility. Right right,
send Xin MO and maybe even signature to a certain degree, or at least victim of victim characteristics and very likely, especially when you said earlier on that when people first look authorities first looked at this, given the partition, is of of the LISA Nichols murdered. Am I not correct in saying that they felt that this they immediately sent out the particulars to other bordering states, but they really did feel that this was not from a perpetrator that was on his first offense The detective said at the time that, as soon as they looked at the same, they immediately had a feeling that this was not his first crime of the sword and that's why they sell all the details and descriptions out to so many different places.
And that's why they started having bullets from all around over the country from some of these similar crimes, they thought for a time that that he might be responsible for some of the crimes that were attributed to the fellow that they called the truck stop killer and he killed quite a few Ann Jones confessed. Some of those an then gave some details about some others. There were several unidentified bodies that they thought location in dense if how they were killed that might have been Jones responsibility. Now the lady in New Orleans they prostituted, was murdered there. It took awhile to identify her and they had to send her her skull to have her her face reconstructed and then too bad around in. Heaven
on the news, and one of her friends happened to see the picture of the reconstruction and recognized it as being her, and she had been in at that time for several months. And now they started investigating that and discovered that Jones was responsible for that murder. Well, so where is just quickly? Where is me Brian Jones? Right now? Where is he being held in death row he's at home in prison here in Alabama and he's having himself a final time final time working all of Oliver Internet there through pay pal websites in English, I love him. He made the statement that all the different, wonderful things that he enjoyed do
and he liked Long walks and he liked to hunt and fish and he like NASCAR, and then he made the statement that he liked Mardi GRAS, which I found pretty. I don't know. If that's where Catherine Collins was, ordered was during Mardi GRAS and for him to make a statement like that on his website, I thought was, was pretty strange but he's up Throwin Anne working it for all he's worth and enjoying his in. For me they say that he enjoys that. He would do anything anyway anyhow to get attention and he's thanks there. A lot of people that I had to tend to personally think of is bleeding hearts he's getting a lot of attention from those death row websites yeah great. I want to download a save the poor,
misunderstood boy yeah yeah. I know we got a lot of that in Canada. A hell of a lot more and you've got it's incredible here. It's like you, wouldn't believe we don't have too much time for that. We have a few minutes, though, I'd like to talk a little bit about some of the other books that you have and some of the other projects that you have coming up and how people can contact you if you have a website or a blog or just what just give us a little bit of information about new projects and some of the other books that you have already out in print. Ok, my first book was about One of the cases that I worked when I was a reporter fella was about a four hundred pound cannibal. That car did his. Bad girlfriends body, all over the se, strapped into the passenger seat of his car, and he finally had to
appear in the county where I was working and that's that's how they discovered that that was a hard book to write, though, because there was no trial, there was no search for the killer. The molecular. Giraffe they are and they had him. You know right from the get go, but it was. It was very interesting story and I did manage to get a book out of it, which was my first one and my freaking work was also from this area concerned, a man that murdered his wife and mother in law for insurance, money and then stabbed him was native american spears and knives and things to make it look like a cult killing of some and- and he would have gotten away with that, except he just couldn't keep his mouth shut and he had to brag to somebody's about what he had done, which happens pretty often, I think- and my third book was the Jonesboro,
My fourth book, which will be out in August, is I'm really conflicted about this book. I have never written about somebody that received a big sentence for anything that I believed was truly innocent of what they were convicted of, but the woman that has been sent to spend her life in prison for murdering her Ex husbands, Kerr
while I think she's innocent, I think someone else commanded the murder. There was another person with her at the time, and I think that person is the real murderer and I'm really conflicted about it. Everybody that his red manuscripts by immediately come to the same conclusion when they just presented with a strike facts. I would, I would sincerely like to see this woman give another trial. I hope that that can happen, because I think I think she should have gotten the short walk and free now should be the one in prison for live over to your mom. I'm glad you're taking form of activists raw, thankfully, throughout all these are people fighting for people to get retrial button the fastest most than one most of them.
The ways of to get the media involved, write a book about it and surprising. What kind of attention then comes to that same story? So it's good for you and good luck with that. Well, I certainly hope it works in this case that I would like to sit out on my back porch and drink coffee with this lady instead of Heaven are sitting down there in prison for the rest of her life. I feel a lot of empathy for her Well, that's great. I want to thank you very much. She left for a very informative interview about your great book blood lusts. I one of thank you. I could save our thank you very much and have yourself a good evening. It will fail best of luck with a new project. What is the name of the new project? The projected name of of the latest project? You have a name for it yet title for the new book is blood ambush blood ambush.
They will be looking for that and other titles with Sheila Johnson. Thank you very much. Sheila have a good. Thank you. So much. Thank you. Thank you. Bye, bye, bye, even listen to the program, true murder, with your whole stanza passkey, the most shocking killers and true crime. History have a good evening, good. I dont use the flavors of popular back in a big way: we're talking pumpkin doughnuts, pumpkin methods, pumpkin munchkins, don't at horse; oh boy, pumpkin, coffee, pumpkin, iced, coffee, pumpkin, frozen coffee, funky lattes and the exciting new cinnamon sugar pumpkin signature latte, which has got sugar and spice and everything nice few. Its pumpkin flavoured everything and Duncan America runs on Duncan. Oh Anne pumpkin cake, ipods to limited time, offer participation, Mayberry Kerrigan kick up use under licence.
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