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# 10-Lethal Intent-Aileen Wournos by Sue Russell

2010-03-19 | 🔗
On November 30th, 1989,in Florida a man was shot 4 times by a naked, hard-faced blonde prostitute. He suffered a slow, agonizing death while the woman stripped him of his valuables and drove his Cadillac back to the motel where her lesbian lover was waiting. In 1990 her killing spree kicked into high gear, with three men slain in 3 weeks. Six of the seven male victims whose bodies were found, some were nude, all had been shot dead and robbed.In January 1991, pawnshop records led to the arrest of Aileen Carol Wournos, aka 'Lee' an abusive, alcoholic man-hater with a murderous hairtrigger temper.Tired of turning 20 dollar tricks and often being abused Wournos decided to rob her customers of everything they had-including their lives. Her arrest and trial prompted a world-wide media frenzy. In the end Wournos recieved 6 seperate death sentences. Lethal Intent is the definitive account of a killer who confounded the profiling experts, forever changing their concepts of the crimes of which a woman is capable. Guest author and journalist Sue Russell

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