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BATH MASSACRE-Arnie Bernstein

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On May 18, 1927, the small town of Bath, Michigan, was forever changed when Andrew Kehoe set off a cache of explosives concealed in the basement of the local school. Thirty-eight children and six adults were dead, among them Kehoe, who had literally blown himself to bits by setting off a dynamite charge in his car. The next day, on Kehoe's farm, what was left of his wife---burned beyond recognition after Kehoe set his property and buildings ablaze---was found tied to a handcart, her skull crushed. With seemingly endless stories of school violence and suicide bombers filling today's headlines, Bath Massacre serves as a reminder that terrorism and large-scale murder are nothing new. "A chilling and historic character study of the unfathomable suffering that desperation and fury, once unleashed inside a twisted mind, can wreak on a small town. Contemporary mass murderers Timothy McVeigh, Columbine's Dylan Klebold, and Virginia Tech's Seung-Hui Cho can each trace their horrific genealogy of terror to one man: Bath school bomber Andrew Kehoe. BATH MASSACRE-America's First School Bombing-Arnie Bernstein 
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you are now listening to true murder, the most shocking killers and true crime history and the authors that have written about Gacy, Bundy Dahmer, the night Stalker Dck every week, another fascinating author talking about the most shocking and infamous killer, true crime, history, room murder with your host journalist and author Dan. This is Nancy good evening. On May 18th. Nineteen, twenty seven, the small town of Bath Michigan Was forever changed when Andrew Kehoe said a cache of explosives,
is concealed in the basement of the local school. Thirty. Children and six adults were dead among, Keto The blown himself to bits by setting off a dynamite charge in his car the next day on kills farm. What was left of his wife burned beyond recognition after Kehoe said his property and buildings ablaze was found hi to a handcart, her skull crushed. We see the endless stories of school violence and suicide bombers filling today's headlines, bath massacre. This is a reminder that terrorism in large scale murder, are nothing new a chilling in the store character, study of the unfathomable suffering that the desperation in fury once and just inside a twisted, mind can re in a small town, Contempora, mass murderers, Timothy Mcveigh Columbine, Dylan Klebold and The Texas soon to can each
raise their horrific genealogy of terror to one man bath School bomber, Andrew Kehoe. The book that we're featuring this evening is Bath Massacre America's first, school bombing with my special guest journalist and author Arnie Bernstein on right to the program. Journalist and author Rt Burn sting. Thank you for agreeing this interview. Hi. Thank you, sorry for the delay getting on to the program a little bit late had some problems connecting well to the program and again, amazing story. I had no idea about, let's start get right into this. What brings you to this story? giving anything away, but what brought you to this project. Why was this a compelling story to undertake this big book project that you have bath mat
secure so tell us exactly how you came to be involved with this project. Well, I had been looking for a store, to write about. I was looking for I'm a big fan of stories, they've been kind of lost in the cracks of history and basically scouring the internet and You know I like the site, Findagrave, I'm sure many of your listeners are familiar with it right. Pulling through that a little bit here, a little bit there and then up came the bath memorials, and I thought what is this and started digging and digging and digging- and I realized this was a compelling crime. It had never been. Really explored, and it was something I had to do now. You start off the book a little unusually unusual 'cause. It's very linear. This book really not like a lot of books, very creative and going back and forth from really dis
rhet scenes. You know very much like a movie ask, but it's pretty straightforward, but in the beginning Why do you choose the story that you do with assume, Hucho Ann and tell us about that story, and obviously there now be the introduction of why you know you shows this story for this book, but tell us a little bit, but why you chose this story and tell us a little bit about the story You did choose to open up your book. Well, the Virginia tech shooting happened in April of the a year and it was about a month before the 80th commemoration of the school bombing. Now you have to keep in mind.
And this is something that every year when it comes around it weighs heavy on this town bath is when you think the quintessential small midwestern town, that's it and it weighed heavy on them and in talking with many of the people they said when that happened, they felt it and they feel These things much differently, then you know you or I might certainly you know most recently, the sandy hook. They really fell, it bad there columbine, certainly even nine hundred and eleven reporters always contact them. When these things happen, you know you've been through this. How do you feel, about this, and so you know I mean eighty is uh. You know I mean it's a significant year most The survivors have asked and there But there's a few around, and you know I open it with the two of them who have since passed by the way, and they felt that they felt in a way that we can't even begin to understand
And because his estate, it was it was a decade marker, it seemed like the right way to start it. And it was only partially to the end too ok, without going too far into you know originally the Virginia Tech massacre right just. And we'll see as we talking about this story right away, but tell us about some of the just the real real. I would say: Layton similarities or the real profound similarities before we go into this you know on an apt introduction to all you. You think it only happens recently and right, a fact. Of course, this story, which will surprise, I think, people that are used to being surprised. So you know, It's interesting, you know you talk about the similarities because even or so with sandy hook, where the similarities on which really quite profound and everyone there, but in essence.
You know they it with what happened to Virginia Tech he's. You know he initially killed. Somebody he and sent a message out to the world and then he went and did the rest of his killing, which is tell us how the killer in Bath Michigan Andrew Kehoe did his work. Now before we get. To Andrew Kehoe, because he's it's not originally from bath ccs. He moves to the area so tell us about. Again and really what it's about in its proximity to say Detroit or I know right thing is near there. So tell us really how small this place really is and how You know out of the way it really is in its proximity to bigger places that we might all know about sure now bath in one thousand, nine hundred and twenty seven there about say maybe one thousand five hundred and twenty miles outside of Lansing MI. Now the capital of the state
But in one thousand nine hundred and twenty seven there's no interstate, so they're pretty isolated and in fact they did not have electricity. Then They were still stringing up. It was a relatively new things that they were starting to string up. I, like citizen of the town, that the roaring short right by, although Although interesting fun fact pony actually had a little cottage outside of bath, one of his cohorts had holed up in Lansing and was either fruit. Then there was a sort of a warehouse for Capone when we ship in literate Chicago? But you know they say they get it there, but it was. It was small town, America and still is they still do not have it a stoplight in bath it and a lot of it, looks like it looked in the nineteen twenties. A lot of the same buildings are still there. It's it's it's a said before it's it's quintals, quintessential small town, America.
And of the Baskins Collins Consolidated School itself as well, I mean we're talking, you know, previous to nineteen Twenty seven so and we're talking very small place. An right It magically happened, construction of school, so yeah they. It was a series of one room: school houses, we're in the area and they decided to consolidate them, and that's why I was called Bath consolidated school now there had been a high school building, but they wanted to incorporate all the grade, so they kind of took that building rebuilt it in the center of town and it became kindergarten through senior year of high school and that building was originally built in one thousand nine hundred and twenty two. So at the time of this of this
I mean it with the building was about five years old, the what was the population and that at that time I have God routing like to tell you but yeah, I would say maybe five hundred two seven hundred, but that's that's a guesstimate on my part. I couldn't have asked that my head, but small, let's put it that way as well yeah and they they get. They don't have electricity. Keep that in mind some places it's just electricity, such as the school, but that was because the the generator. Right now, some of the characters in this. What maybe we'll get to Andrew Keyhole, because he has basically done. An incredible amount of research and his background and who he was before hand in there. There is a way, there's records about what his character really was like, so tell us about
two key where he came from and his wife Nellie and tell us little bit about who he was from a different Michigan he lived outside. I can remember the name of the town of hand, I'm sorry about that, but he lived in different town. He and his father did not get along. There was kind of a give and take between the two men that his mother passed away. When Kehoe was young and kills. Father remarried married a woman who was in essence, maybe a couple years older than key He himself he was very angry with his father from marrying a woman that young- and it said she could have been his sister and Keyhole was a master electrician. He studied electricity and was
you know it's something of a genius at it when it was still a new, relatively new thing. This was in like the God. This is like the early nineteen hundreds were talking, so it just. It was the the new thing and his father's wife, Francis 's father's new wife Frances they didn't get along either. Now on September, 17th of one thousand nine hundred and eleven Francis was lighting the stove, the stove itself. Exploded. It was the you know, the old fashioned gas stove once by one account, it was lit by oil and other count was gasoline and it she was just engulfed in a ball of flame key hole in self. Was the only one there he came in there he's
do water on her to stop it. The oil and water don't mix causing the you know. It causes at the flame to spread you supposed to throw baking powder things like that in the kitchen fire things like that. Well, he didn't and it caused her brains burns to be even worse. Kehoe went to house next door, they had a phone at the house next door and he said: could I borrow your phone friend he's been burned. You know, like she drop rap part, hot water under a foot or something like that right? and you said, oh by the way called priest. They went back to the house. She hung on for a few more
ours, but the it just in absolute agony now the whole. Nobody knows how this thing started. The key hole had the knowledge and how to set things like this. He was an expert in explosives. Now this sounds a little odd, but keep in mind. In this day and age, there was thing called stump blasting for people, don't know what that is. If you have a stump in your field, a a stump folder. Something like that. You need to blow it up. They could you couldn't use your horse. It would kill your horse that cars are relatively new, but it would rip your car to shreds and they didn't grind during those days. They just blew him up. So Keown was an expert in this kind of stuff and he was expert electricity even at this young age and did he set off the fire. The explosion in the stove there's no way to know on the other,
behavior was awfully strange awfully strange on that day and the way you know the way said, Freddy got, burnt and call a priest and very nonchalant about the whole thing. In the way, of course, the two water on hurry certainly would be smart enough to know that you throw in a baking powder flour or something like that in a in a kitchen fire of of such So what was his? What was his father's reaction in terms of and side elderly, and he had he had to he. He was using to basically any It slowly had to get through the house to get to his wife and his son, and he was in absolute agony, you psychologically over this, but there was nothing he could do. He was
you know, an elderly man in quite sick. At the time was he suspicious of his son that there was something there was foul play, there's no record of it. He could have been, but there's no record of it right, there's an again. This is something he was never charged with anything. Nobody could prove anything and at the time nobody said anything it was. It was a terrible kitchen accident. It's one of those things in retrospect when, after the bath school bombing happened people you know heard about this that, oh maybe he had something to do with it, but it was something in his record in his past that not many people know about it. That came to light after the school bombing. Don't terms of people that testified to his character that were witness to his his character. It wasn't like he wasn't well liked, but there was some.
Through the air, these about dismantling of some things that he was very adamant about and other things that he was so is someone alive. So maybe tell us a little bit about some of his you, know political. He was interested in Paula six. He was interested in religion, or at least he was religious. So one of the very end that religious he was very anti religious man when they came to collect for the catholic Church here, not a unit that the old church burned down. They were coming to build a new one. No, we don't want anyone. We only gave him money for that. So he did not. This was before he moved to bath. Now when he moved to bath with his wife Nelly, we had married Nelly's uncle was Lawrence price. Who was well known in the bath area, was a politician there. And they moved into a home in bath on the outskirts of bath, which was
actually Nellie's. Childhood hell and kill himself ran for school trustee Ann. One and became a treasure, and they had no children, but he felt his tax money was going into the school he should have a say. People in the area should have a say on it, which is perfectly normal. You know perfect we. You know I it is understandable. He was a farmer. He would wear a suit and tie when he did his farming which in these people said that his tool shed was cleaner than some people's Barnes it was when remarkable he would go to,
two you know the local. They like a local gathering hall. You know with a with a few know, dances and things like that, and he would go to the card games there and he would always get the fights about the rules. Things like that at the school board meetings. He would get in two arguments about how money was being spent with the. I me haiku is the superintendent of the school. Now I'd. I'd worked in education for. Many years I've been to school board meetings many times, and there was nothing unusual about this behavior, particularly that you know it can take a risk relationship between a school board, member and You know the person in charge of the school you know such as the superintended, so he was an other people just thought he was just the nicest neighbor that could be the the children, all loved him. They. You know one of the survivors said to me: he was the nicest man always tipping his hat to children. Things like that so
he was, he was a real dichotomy of a man and but it could be the cranky neighbor or he could be the nice guy depending on you know what day you ran into. Am, I suppose, but again nothing unusual about this. But I thought it was unusual with some of the psychics say he's that he's really stubborn in certain respects
and he had something. He really believed in tell us a little bit about his mortgage yeah. Well, how the bank reacted now he was. The mortgage was actually in his wife's name because his wife's family on the property and he felt that the farmers could control if they control their crops, they could control. You know the prices, so he let his farm go to seed and basically the crawfish is rotted. The land was rotting. He did not pay his mortgage. He did not pay his mortgage. For years, the bank tried to workout an arrangement with him
and he refused to pay. Did they were the he was that could be. There was no way it could be kicked out. It was in his, you know his wife, he his wife's name and his wife was quite ill. She had some sort of lung disease could have been to Berkeley LOS and they weren't about to throw them out. Particular within a with the power we Paul over uncle. You know enter sisters as well Nelly had two sisters. There was no way they were going to throw them out, but Kehoe set off and said that the taxes on the school were ruining him and that's why he was going broke and he did not pay his mortgage for many years, and you know this, you know let us to eventually- the bombing now the other thing that he was was he was sort of mechanically inclined he had when he even moved to the area. He was kind of known Is a progressive farmer guys were coming around looking at his machinery, oh yeah,
first one with the tractor there and it is the only really was he was in the first guy with the vehicle, so we don't have a vehicle, but in a modern machines right and the call it's funny, because the call the machines in those days the call cars but yeah eventually got to try but he did not have a he didn't. Have a car for many years. Cars are still relatively new at that point too, and if you had one it was, it was something of a sign of a you know. Steam, but you know people are slowly surely starting to get cars and, as I say, he eventually got one. He got a truck, and uh, but he had a tractor, and you know people were impressed by him and his certainly had this mechanical knowledge. As I say, it was trained as an electrician he's a master, attrition and he had a generator at his house. So he had electricity and the school because he was on the school board. They had him work at the school, the electrical systems there in pretty much everything there
and he was sort of a general handyman. They had an incident where they were some hour. This some bees had built up a a nest. Next to the furnace and in the winter it heated up and the bees flew through the school and they tried and tried they couldn't get it out the ascii. How can you do this? Nobody knows what he did, but somehow they he was able to solve that problem. You know any fixed other things here and there, so he had twenty four hour access to the school complete access, and nobody thought anything of it. Now this this plays in your much later. You really you know it doesn't come. It immediately at all, but this parent teacher kind of meetings that we're. We're happy were to happen often, and he would be an in arguments in those how when were these meetings, and when was the next me, going to be in May. Well, he was
was a school. Where many was once the once a month, which is, is you know, standard stock stuff, and there was going to be a meeting in a couple of days after the bombing he was he had. You know it tell you, tend everything beautifully, it's quite strange. When I was doing the research, I actually saw the books where of the the School board in the notes and there's his name, you know signed, and you know saying you know you know you know, meeting adjourned. You know next meeting may whatever you know a couple days after you know what would be bombing. At that point, he knew what was going on. He knew what he was doing it was. Because no one else did. But you know it. If you made calm cool collective about the whole thing did he have any real, close friends neighbors that they were real
close to him. That would say that later said. Listen! I! I really knew this guy as well as probably anybody and, and they testified. Obviously, people asked what was he: like a few days before a few weeks before so what was the official from somebody close to a neighbor or close friend. What was he like? Where there any differences in the days preceding or week preceding nothing terribly unusual, hey it's it's one of those cases ready. It was easy. It was completely. You know. Nobody, of course, don't expect anything like this, certainly, but he was they infected with his neighbor across the street he they had like they were practicing gun, shooting everybody guns which was you know, standard and he and his neighbor took some shots and he offered to buy the gun and it did not. You know they couldn't come to terms.
But you know ideas. I get nothing, absolutely nothing. If get some people thought he was cranky some people, but he was fine nothing unusual. Now you talked about stump blasting, you know, using dynamite and another substance that pirate as well as just another way of having some x lotions and it wasn't, you can uh audience, it really wasn't it, is very common for people to have access to Pie tall and dynamite, and do this blasting, wasn't it right, hi we're it's a world war, one explosive,
it was. You know it was still around surplus war surplus stuff and he was the go to guy for dynamite in town because he was he knew how to set up a stop the blast, and there was a a you need to do some blessed. You go to key health and there was nothing unusual about him. Having hundreds of thousands of sticks of dynamite in his barn. You know blasting caps, things like that with that one of his neighbors they went out to Lansing, to we've got more dynamite and drove it home in the neighbors truck and put in Kylo's barn. He was also offering a couple of the farmers in the and his neighbors that if they needed any explosives, he had plenty to the one. And that way you know that it. No that sorry go ahead. No, no! No! No good! No.
Really really key element? That here is the relation Chippy had with this super super intended Elmore Hayek, the Emory Hike, Emory Hike now, So you can tell us, you know, he ran for politics, and you know for office and basically got in and was involved in bath pool, six keel yeah. You know What was his relationship with with Elmer Hayek with every hike yeah? He was, they were oil and what they were just did not get along at all. He was convinced that hike was spending money recklessly for the school hike Was trying to make this cool better, he was considered a model superintendent, but Kehoe had everything down to the penny. As far as you know,
I went to the books. This is. It was his role as treasurer. The two of them were constantly arguing constantly fighting. If key, who did not get his way, he would try to join the meeting she and, at some point hike said. I think this guy is out to get me. He said that to several people but I think this guy is out to get me in what area did he think that there was so much unnecessary spending, in particular things that we take for granted in schools, new books, wallpaper or not? I mean just you know: sprucing up there bathroom things like that desk things. Anything that really cost money go didn't wanna do We felt that it would, they would have to be responsible to the taxpayers and spend you know judiciously and prudently, and he felt that I was taking a checkbook and running wild, which was
they were reasonable expenses of that were the again. The other taxpayers is other council members. Other trustees will say other people that would you know, weigh in on this. Did they agree with Kehoe or did they agree with hike it on the issue? It depended on the issue pretty much. Do you know you pick your battles wisely. Kylo did not pick his battles wisely, and so so you win. Some you lose and there? Were you know, which is standard again standard for school board, stuff, having been on many a school board, meaning funny, because my friends in education said to me: oh you, you must have modeled this after you know you know, so
inside person another such a person is that's what they sell did like. I don't know it's it's pretty normal. Apparently what went on there right yeah so not indicate any kind of. Foreboding of anything to occur, certainly and in terms of violence? He didn't have a violent past or physician or any behavior. That was. There was one point well other than the the incident in the past, which of course, came out later with his step mother, there was an incident where he shot a dog, there's different versions of the story, one he shot the dog another when he poison the dog. It was the neighbor started Quest Street and he readily admitted that he did it because he's tired of the dog running around his property and barking and you've been around so as it deaths, probably the most unusual thing, and it certainly I you know, there's no defended it, but that was probably the most unusual thing,
another incident where he tried to sell Amana horse. The horse had one eye and he came up with the bill of sale Ellen told the guy yeah they okay, here's your horse, the voice, by the horse, but somehow he would come and said: ok here it is and here's your bill of sale. It was, it was weird strange, behavior The little things like that here and there that were a little bit. You know offbeat now just prior to this they have a janitor at the school itself and right the janitor had notice something amiss but really didn't chalk it up to anything what happened and what was his reaction and tell us about that yeah. He know what key who had done was. Then they figure this over the course of months he had planted
dynamite, six hundred pounds of dynamite beneath the school and wires and timers, and things like that and it carefully hidden it within the rafters when they found it. You know, after the explosion they were just it was mind boggling how he had carefully hidden everything. Now the gender of the school notice that a trap door was open and and then a lock had been busted on the regular door and it but you know it was. It was nothing unusual. Maybe the wind blew that trap door open who knows in retrospect it was probably deal with. You know somehow got in that trap door and used it or perhaps a bus to luck on January first, going into December 31st of January, first, one thousand nine hundred and twenty seven there was enormous explosion, Kehoe's place. He. He said he was set off by a works for the new years, but he was in the know. It wasn't like fireworks. It was a dynamite explosion of some sort in
is. Why should old the old boys just having some fun? In retrospect, it was probably a dress rehearsal to make sure the timers worked, and things like that because it was it. Was the people heard the explosion for what battles around it was? It was spent tens of an explosion. How close was his property to the school itself about two miles two miles of the property? Not far at all. Now tell us about the day before the day preceding and then we can talk about the day itself normal day, but it that night there was of a band rehearsal or something like that was a little band concert going on, and this students when he was leaving? He saw a man standing outside the school at night and he that this mister keogh- and he was just standing there in front of the school-
so uh. There was no board meeting or anything like that. He no reason to be stand in front of the school, but he was just standing there by himself quietly and then the next day happened. What happened was the next morning the janitor. There was a problem with different, with the generator generator. Wasn't going on? Oh no is I'm sorry. Excuse me it was. There was problem with the boiler. The boiler wasn't going on, so they called Kehoe and he came in. He took a look at it and he was he was getting quite agitated. It was about eight hundred and thirty or so in the morning he was quite agitated and he said I've gotta get going, I've gotta get going and he left.
About eight hundred and forty five students are all in school, the suddenly the janitor and a handyman are thrown against the wall. Isn't they didn't know what was going on Normous explosions, people thought the boiler had blown up. The school was two stories rose about, maybe three to six feet near and then pancake down trapping people and trapping children. One wing of the school went up now. They estimate. Maybe one hundred pounds of dynamite had gone off Keyword the estimated planted six hundred pounds of dynamite pirate all. Why the other five one didn't go off. Maybe there was a short in the wire. Maybe the explosion ripped up one of the timers hard to say, but you know for what it's worth. That was the best thing that happened was not all of it.
It is if it is all gone off that the town would be wiped off the map. Six hundred pounds of dynamite is an enormous amount of dynamite. Now Simpson is sleep. When the school blue there was across the street the woman who lived across the street from Keogh it from across the street. I heard a big bang and it emerged at this key house. And she just felt that and an enormous fire broke out Aquino's and just spread rapidly through his house and to a couple of these buildings, and it was the neighbors came to the fire to your eyes. Yeah they were gonna, fall back at the gate or something help put out the fire. The whole emerged in his truck from this big full of smoke? And he looked at the neighbors and he said boys you betta, get outta here, you better go down to the school and he drove up to the school.
What is he talking about? They didn't know what he meant, but that was was starting, come out, there's been an explosion at the school and then we, of course everybody. In town there had a child or children there or knew somebody who had children there. It was there. May between about two hundred and seventy five children are probably in school that day to draw It's down to the school. The other school is no egg is if the people, but it was a boiler that gone off, but it was just epic what was going on there, the the the norm is paying kicking down of the we'll find to the second floor. They teach. This is big pile of debris, there's no fire, but
It is just the previous there's smoke. There's dust they're, pulling children out with their hands the form, a triage. What was the telephone office? There's a mortgage starting to form on the front lawn and people are opening up their houses to is, is triage. His temper hospitals, things like that qualities one. So when you know that the phone exchange they call it the and ambulances in Lansing, please get here, throwing kids into trucks and anything they can get him to get to the hospitals.
Keto drives up and hike season and he went up to the truck, and you know at this point: you know our animosity. We need to save these kids and he looks good. We need your truck, we need to get ropes, we need to get ladders and ketosis. Okay, I'll, take you with me and it just freezes, and he says you know something about this. Don't you Definitely Kilo takes a gun five years into a cache of explosives. He is in the cab of his truck these packed the cab of his truck with nails, rusty, bolts, whole heads things like that it blows up. He blows up, he blows a pipe with them, the stuff sprays out like shrapnel and kills other people as well. At the end of the day,
They were thirty, eight children actually when, when Shell, that later, but thirty, eight children and six adults county in key ho and his wife will get to in a moment with that, of course, in Cuba, with the truck they realized. It was the boiler, but something horrible. What happened, and he was at the epicenter of it now his wife Nellie, as if it was sickly woman people were looking for. They don't know where she was. She was found on the next day on the farm herb in. She was in a cart. She was burned beyond recognition. Her skull was cracked, they don't know if it conceivably the heat without getting discussed in here. The heat could have expanded the brain and cracked her skull or he could have cracked it. Nobody knows if he killed her if she was dead before he brought her out there, there's just simply no way to know, but next to her on one side was a family strongbox with like
Barnes and things like that in it now. The other side was the the excuse me up to join the server where the family civil war. It was almost ritualistic the way it had been placed about her and, as I say, she was burned beyond recognition. Now with this response, what I found interesting in nineteen, twenty, seven in a very, very small town and called for emergency for firefighters and emergency the equivalent of an ambulance. I guess- and it's like sixteen minutes so tell us about this herculean eh. For to be able to you know? First, they make Kohl's and realize. There's no one to call there's no one to be able to offer assistance. How do they get people to You know the incredible amount of manpower doctors, nurses, how to they try to manage this and tell us about that herculean effort. Well, they of course the hospitals. The calls came in and said, there's been a massive
motion. They had children in the hallways here. You know it is like almost like. You know the things that we saw. You know in a strange way. What we saw on nine slash eleven with the you know. Suddenly the hospitals opening up- and you know, people in the hallways things like that. Now they didn't have the cranes are anything like that they will literally using their hands to pull up the date. Read they at one point: we're trying to get a telephone pole work as a lever to pull the roof off the school it was. It was a monumenta effort- and you know a local question. The days later, they were able to get in heavier equipment, but initially the it was largely by hand and what you know implements that they had you know of little to them. At one point, one boy who was badly injured. They were out of vehicles so they threw him in the only vehicle that they could find, and that was a hearse and the Hearst brought this kid to the
Hospital in Lansing it was, it was remarkable, what they had. I do you have this. This is a school that goes right. Through grade school up the high school and when this seal and fell of the roof fell. It so tell us what not to break it all down, but primarily this was afflicting the younger students. Wasn't it right? It was. It was the youngest students, it was the the second graders and to give you guys, the third graders first. Second, third graders: with the ones who killed that to be the whose exam Dave's final exam day and students who would done well, the high school students didn't have to come in that date and so some of them were playing. You know match on the front lawn one of the scribes are spoke with said she was picking flowers in the you, nearby and she heard this enormous explosion. So not every kid was in the school, necessarily at the top
I'm in love the high school kids to who were inciting we're studying for exams. They were able to get out and participate in the rescue as well You know people really rose to the occasion, and you know it, although certainly the worst it happened. It brought out the best in everyone. It remind Take me to the scenario at least the description. The only thing It is associated with was nine and eleven. Where you had this of rain of dust and dirt and spa alright, Silton and that's sort of what I got from this. Was this tell us about that sort of environment post explosions yeah it parents, the children, were covered in dust. You know I described in the book as they were
Climbing out of the the debris like dust covered moles and the dust was so thick throughout the the area and inside the school itself, some of the children who survived that they couldn't see anything because the dust was so thick. One child saw a beam of light to maybe a dime sized hole had no idea how we've got in that position, but it was, you know, just a tiny beam of light to all this. Six six dust dead inside, of course, was just horrible images. It was one that teacher she was wedged in. She could move her head. There was a boy above her. She realized that the boy's eyes were opened and she realized the child was dead in space was inches from hers. She couldn't do anything she couldn't move. She could get out the only thing she could do to avoid the boy's death. There was just keep her eyes closed other children? Were you know, trapped in in a different ways? One.
Teacher he's weather be. She was the second grade teacher and She reminds me very much of the Desoto who stood up and when that madman came into sandy hook instead by away in a wait. She magic very much of Hazel, because what Miss Wetherby did when they found her. She barely alive and she had a child in each arm. It was like her teacher instincts kicked in and she must have reached out to grab the two children and pull them towards her and when the rescuers came, she gave the children over. The children, of course, unfortunately had died, but To the rescuers had the children she died herself, she was barely hanging out to life, but you want, you know her teacher instincts kicked in she wanted to make sure his students were safe, yeah now, what did manage. Was there any for a call and response to more medical help, or how do they deal with all these victims in a small
the hospital that certainly wasn't built for that kind of a number of victims are number of rifles needing attention. So how do they do it was? It was almost like. You know when we think of like a mash unit or something like that they had to do. You know quick and dirty. You know there was so many people they had to choose which victim was heard. You know the worst, who needed the most help. At the moment, one person they saw was a teacher who did die. The nursery called should look at the ones that poor woman is blown apart and there was nothing they could do for it was it was you know as horrible as soon as you can imagine, and they you know they did what they had to do, but use the you know they can only save you know so many children, one child did hang on, but she ended up dying of her injuries of humans later. There was a boy that also was in a coma yeah
and that when the coma is his heart was they thought he was going to the body's going to die yeah. They didn't. You know they didn't know what it is is sister. Was they wouldn't tell the sister anything she was just terrified, but his they thought he was going to die in his heart was just like pounding so hard that the bed was shaking and eventually they gave him whiskey to help keep it under control, which give course being illegal because prohibition, but somebody someone had it of course, and he did the trick and it stopped his heart pounding so hard for the rest of his life, though he Trapnell in its it is, and that you know I'm kids is that that would be suffered one. You know they had. Broken one man at a twisted ankle all this life. Certainly they had me on the post, traumatic stress disorder as well. When woman told me she was
her grandmother. The thunder storm was an enormous thunder, storm was rolling through town and she was just completely freaking out. They realize is because of the sound of the explosions there was. I spoke with the school eventually itself. It was rebuilt It was torn down in the in the in the 70s and I with woman. Who was a we got to the you know the new school and they had. There was a bomb scare, Klay isn't really sick people would call in the head with Bob to the school and they were all hustled out and she said her teacher was crying. She couldn't understand why our teacher was crying and she, it out later that, many years later, when she was reading the stitches obituary that the woman had been a survivor of the bombing in probably was reliving it in your mind when
This is happening to the effects were long, both physically and psychologically. Let's go backwards, though, here, because one of the things I found the most profound, and this is not the first time I've been surprised, but I was again E. I'm more surprised from this because would soon, as you think you you've seen it all. Then you then I read this. So was the public's response and the media's risk so tell us first about the media. How big is was this story? What how did Media respond in terms of. The sending on this town, just to kind of straight that, eighty five years ago, how was the mediated by eighty five years ago? So first tell us about the media response and then you can tell about even more profound public response. Oh yes, well, the media certainly came in it was. It was new, papers, the radio was in its infancy, so they were news, real reporters who did come in they flew in. They
there's. Actually, if you look on Youtube, you can see a shot of the of an airplane flying over the school. The so there were news real photographers. The papers inundated the place and boat. What's really interesting. This happened in May of nineteen twenty seven. Three days after the bombing, there was a guy named Charles Lindbergh, who took off from New York and flew to Paris and gone complete, was an international story. What happened in bath? gone. Everybody wanted to read about Lucky Lindy and it dominated the newspapers. In a way. I think it was probably the best thing that could have happened, because I mean today were we see what happens in Paris with the big media? You know non stop, and certainly in sandy hook it was nonce media. I think it really helps me. You know I such as you can heal from something like that
left alone, at least by the media, but the keep in mind this is this. Is the quintessential small town? Not many people know stop lights. There was. This is previous to the interstate. The estimated fifty thousand people descended. They wanted to see the site it was eight twenty cars in bath is a traffic jam, but I can't even touch it. All the people coming and stay people couldn't go to the funerals they had to. They were a pair of sisters who would sing. You know what you know was that you had to take him by police motorcycle from place to place cuz they couldn't get through Traffic was so loud that people could not here I was going down the funeral hope funerals in the living room, the parlor or things like that. They couldn't hear because there were so many people outside one person
I said: hey, where's, where's, the cemetery with again a very these children was that it's up that way. We've been my son. They are later another house, somebody knocked on the door and said they wanted to see the body. Can you imagine that hey just it's horrible, it's horrible can be. It. I still find it hard to comprehend. First of all, the numbers of people who came in I mean this is teeny, tiny town in it. It's just swamped with tens of no, I mean literally hundreds of tourists. You know for lack of a better word blockers. You know, ghouls, you know they were picking up dirt from the keyhole place in Mason jars. Things like that taking bricks things like that they didn't get it. They might be dynamite still in the ground, which is really odd and they continued well into the summer people heavy coming
and seen the sites as it were, yeah it's really shameful, behavior. What I found so surprising was it wasn't. You know, wasn't turned on by the media by a hungry sort of operations. Media was just by the people themselves and I was very sad eyes by that behavior knocking on people's doors. It was beyond crass and unfeeling and again it was, some small town people as well. It's not like they came from the big city. Looking at people like there in a zoo, that should have been able to be able to relate, but sort of behavior yeah. I still I still can't fathom in every time I'm in bathroom in there you know once or twice a year. As I said, you know, if there's one thousand and twenty cars it's a traffic jam. I cannot imagine
I mean they had to close them. Part of the the route the roads we needed to from Lansing leading into bass because it within the within the state police is becoming and they had to turn people back. They said, go, don't stop it because the cars we there was traffic jams. It was the incredible incredible the people We do this and I you know I I still can't see this is I still can't fathom the numbers now. This is the big thing in in book and you know I don't want to be a spoiler here, but you could you really unfold this much later, which I appreciated, and I think the reader would as well in that. Why would keep kill these children. We alluded to the the meeting, the the teacher parent meeting and his dissatisfaction at this superintendent Hayek Height, hi right and basically, At least we see a motive, but the motive to kill innocent children where he had no seemingly
argument with them right and then later much later in the book. You talk about somebody's talking about a mechanic they Mcconnell so at least in terms of the investigation? If you don't want to give that do you know that away in terms of the investigation after this bombing, to what possibly could have a motivated this man, tell us about that, and also you can tell us about Sydney, how old unfortunate person that no yeah for Sydney has decided to make him look up from yeah there there at the at the edge of kilos farm. They found a sign as the killers are made not born. You know they made me do it. You know it is a nice way of putting any again there was like, like with the at the at Virginia Tech. When he was, you know a we also those horrible videos Ray said you made me do this. It wasn't me, you made me, do
killers abate made not born, you know, is in a sense. The most frustrating thing I think about this is there is no way I you know I mean the mythology. Is the keyhole blew up the school because he was upset about the taxes? You don't blow up a school full of children because you're upset about the taxes you blow to settle for the children- and I mean it is easy- is certainly took months in planning this in executing it, and you know taking the care to do it. It was clearly a well thought when and you know, certainly in his house to go off. At the same time as I said, the man was a master electrician and a mass dynamite and explosives, you know it it. The frustrating thing about this is there's no, why you know we reach for a why the rational mind wants, though, why? Why would somebody do something like this? An in the case of Andrew to.
The? Why was blown up with him? You know it the poor Sydney, owl city, I was a friend of his and could not wrap his mind around key. How having done this and you know what they have. They held an inquest a few about a week. Afterwards, the inquest was. In theory to find out why he had murdered hike. That's how it was looked at Hawaii, murdered, height the reality is. If you read the question it's available online, is there trying to find out everything what happened? What led up to it? It's it's more or less an autopsy of the day's events and is Sidney Hall. Just couldn't read his mind around it. Key, oh man, he thought he knew had done such a thing. So when, throughout the summer is people are coming to the farm? You know looking around key West place. Well, he got up one day and said: Andrew KIA was a fine man and you know couldn't have done.
The like this and somebody you know people are just curious with them for this and the the sheriff you know in towns at eight, you know what your mouth, you know, if you, you know, you got freedom of speech, you know what your mouth, but he couldn't stop defending his friend. You know Keogh. So one day at the farm he gets up and he starts making the speech and somebody leaked out of the crowd and wraps his hands around. You know force in the aisles throat and the odd you know great job to be that that'll, the man off and it was his son- had been you know in the school when the bomb going off and how old was Edie. Is car stopped on a railroad track sometime later and he was Train hit the car and he was killed probable suicide but hard to say it was not very know anything, but it it
it's conceivable. He just you know, and I've actually met his granddaughter, and Is she now had some very interesting in talks about this as well, which interesting too, is that a gentleman named Monty Elms lol, It's a book and he's not yes and not, and not an author of this is his first foray into that. So tell me, and what about his him and and his book? Well, he was gonna live grocery from Keogh is image and you know there was a he had. You know done some shooting you know with the guy lived across the street from him with the week before, but that was Mighty Ellsworth and his people were coming in to town he more or less self published this book, and it was-
about how the you know. It was the stories of all the children who died in the photos and some history of the school, and this is where the story of key hole. You know by then step mother who was you know, blown up. This is where it first came to light and he so this book that was created. Basically people coming in the it was sold. It almost you know, insert him a cowboy, as a souvenir booklet it's a useful document. Certainly I don't think he meant any ill will by creating this document by any means I mean use his own money to do it in one of the survivors told me that you know he and you know the other boys in town. They would go and they'd sell, 'em and then they'd run back to Mister Ellsworth, get more copies and go s somewhere, and it's actually, you can buy a fixed any of it too, and it's and it's it's also effectively is also available on the internet, and it's a if you do a Google search it
Tristen little booklet. It's an interesting time, capsule of the time, and it was the first book there was this another book that came out the author actually recently died. Grab Parker came out about twenty five years ago, but in my book is came out about four five years ago right, Some interesting stories as well, while I still have this one fresh in my mind- is the pennies pennies collected in the girl in the cat. Maybe could tell that 'cause! This really is. This is a sad story, but I mean overall this book, but there are some little bright spots of yeah this girl in the cat statue yeah. They wanted to have a memorial to these children. It's all It's been a struggle. How do you memorialize this and it took? many many decades really to figure out how to build a memorial to this and one of the things that they did. Was they
created a statue. It was a girl, maybe ten years old, holding a cat, and it was just representative of the children who had died and for many years it was in front of the it shouldn't part of this cause. I say they rebuilt the school, the senator the e, the senator yeah cousins. He James Couzens cousins. Excuse me was: he gave the money to rebuild the score is called the cousins school after that, and so it stood in the hallway in the school there for many many years until the school itself, as they say, was torn down in the 70s, the but now in the middle school
in the Middle school, which is actually across the street from where the former school site was. They have a museum, the School museum, where they have artifacts of the day and photographs the flag that was flying over the school that day, the clock that's frozen in time. Various pictures things like that in the girl in the cat statue is there and the woman whose father children from all Michigan actually all over the country. You know and in fact some of the world they sent pennies to raise the money to have the statue created and it was it was children from all over. Saying you know these, are you know we? to be part of this. We you know, we feel we want to do something. You know, and it's it's a lovely
it's a lovely memorial to these children. Now they've decided the school itself is. Is they say the school store that it's become a park and it's in the center of the park is a is a couple of it stood there was a top of the school building. If you look at photographs can see on the internet of the school of the couple atop the school, it stands approximately in the same space it would have in the park where it would just be down the school and there's some. You know memorial markers around and there's a bricks with all the victims names surrounding this Kupla. It's a small, Why memorial and it's profound it's a profound space in a sacred space. I've been there many times and it never always always moves me every time and
If you feel something very deep urine, you feel you're almost like on. You know hello ground when you are there and the cemetery is of a few miles from there not very far, and seventy you have children are buried there, as well as some of the adults who were killed that day and it's it's quite a place. It's quite something to see now officially this Andrew Kehoe is not really thought of in any kind of compassionate term their understanding any kind of terms orgies. He was mentally ill. What is was his official status then now and always a murderer- a madman, a psychopath um, but
You know it is what it is. He is the it's the it's it's one of the story is, as I said, beginning forgotten in history. This is the first school killing of massive scale in the United States, and you know it's so the the deadliest. Nothing will wants to break that record, but it is still the deadliest school killing in the history of the United States and did you know its a lot of it is. It is sandy hook unfolded in a similar way to Mississippi couple of he's a teacher beat bath and at to sow doubt the teacher at sandy hook. Him killing his mother kill killing his wife there's a lot of.
Hello it was they they felt that that really hard in bath. I can promise you they felt it very hard at bath when sandy hook abit- and it was by a strange coincidence- and after this is where, when I instances you know, God this whole dice with the universe home, I truly believe that I have a friend who's, a minister in Connecticut in the email they said you know what's going on well yeah, she knew what was going on because she would discover miles from sandy hook and she had been in the fire house when the children were killed when they the pencil that that children are coming back- and I called my friends about this is my God. We have this incredible moment. You guys know exactly what they're going through, and I said yes you're right and the people baths at the letter to the people sandy hook, yeah saying we understand, we know and we are with you and they sent a letter back and it it's. There
they always have a luncheon a like a union thing that they do every year in May. For, like the 50th, you know the clip 50th class, You know our is on right, but they always there was, you know, say something about what happened to it's, always on the Saturday closest to the bombing commemoration. I don't use the word anniversary to me. Anniversaries happy now. So I was a commemoration and the the at the the year after Sandy hook a couple years ago. Now they were both of the letters and it was it was one of those moments. I will never forget it. It was. It was profound and the people that people in that room. You know children of survivors most of survivors gone, and I got to be very tight actually with the woman who is more or less the star of the book. That's what I call there. She thought that was very funny, but her brother had been killed and she, the in eighteen people, can read the book and find out the connection there, but she and I got to be pretty quick tie towards.
The end of her life and I still miss Josephine. She died a couple of years ago, and but it was after sandy hook when those two letters were read at that school reunion was was a moment in my life. I will never forget. Yes, it's Josephine's what you're talking about right right, just Josephine, Cushman, bail,. And she told me she was when I interviewed she was in her 90s and she would be one hundred and best we shortly after a hundred they had to was about nine thousand. Ninety four. Ninety five, when I interviewed. And she was telling me some of the most I mean, there's no way to describe it other than gory. I mean these things were gory, unflinching things. I don't wanna upset her you know she's ninety fold, human. I want up center. I said you know you don't have to tell me this stuff I wanted the information you have tell me this stuff and she said no people have to know I'm not to be here forever and then, people to know what happened. She didn't want to be forgotten
and to brother to be forgotten or brother. Ralph was seven years old when he was killed and she did not want him to be forgotten. She was fourteen when he was killed and did not want any of this to be forgotten, and it is She told me some of them, you know, and some of the most graphic stuff in the book was what she had told me. Some eighty years later, yeah and it, and it is quite graphic and you do you- draw the reader into that as well yeah. The other thing is, there is some of the So some of these stories that are really quite in resting like to my. We talked about the boy in a coma, well that boy eventually was told. Well, you got to stay in the house and don't challenge yourself or anything, and I said I'm going outside and that's it and they went okay and he lived a long and healthy it's basically yeah you still pulling shrapnel out of the scale, but you know no yeah yeah I mean yeah even in you know, is when you became an older man to see if it was purple stars and
you know that it was the strap Mona said, but yeah. No, he refused, he simply rebelled. He did want to sit inside knit with his sister. He wanted to us little boys do and bless his already. Did it and was and lived a long, healthy life. Yeah it's very dumb, but I interviewed one of the survivors. He was in early stages, stages of Alzheimer's. I integrate him, but you asked him about that day and he He knew he might not have known. You know what he was. You know where he was. You know from moment to moment, but you asked about that day. He knew he knew exactly what was going on. Yeah, that's fascinating, to really there's something he could never forget, even though he's forgetting everything else. Yes, yes, I know yeah It is amazing, too, that you had access to these older people that still had their faculties about the mic and with very, very vivid memories. There is a lot of access thanks to
MR elsewhere Ellsworth's books, which is very interesting. Some of the stuff he had in that book was quite fascinating. The flow yeah files for this as well and some of the other just really interesting stories of people being dug out of the rebel and just he just ran off. This is a demo yeah. Well, it is the effect yeah he he picked up. His chair and ran is get a good if you have a He read all the way home and that you're, no, actually the did family later donated it to the museum. You know many years later it just basically set the attic. You know they did know what to do in the home and it's one of the they didn't it's it's it's in the it's in the school museum. Now. Yeah there's there wasn't too many bright spots in that day because everybody was affected 'cause, even if your child, you found okay where it hurt and they weren't killed, was as many people Burton very seriously hurt as well too right. Well. You know now The shrapnel and hips, and
yeah and arms, and I had a I may not be in that that happen to me, I was at the was. If okay, I was at the Grand Rapids Michigan, I was at the book Festival there yeah there's a story when would kill bloopers cap in the cab of his truck, the shrapnel flew out, one woman was hit in the head and she had the blues in the night. If you sold the baby and she had her wits about her. She did not drop the baby. She hung on to that. For dear life, even though she's been hit in the face and as they say, lost and was gravely injured, a woman came up to she's. An elderly woman came up to me and said I was the baby in book, and I yeah I yeah, knock me over with a feather that was one of those moments that was dead. She showed me your mother mother always would turn her face away from the camera so that you couldn't see you know was she had lost yeah yeah, and also to you- have some great photos like the car, the truck itself.
That really is and again. This is such a profound moment that you have that interaction with hike and with Kehoe and the truck and the grounds right there. His property, like you say, a couple of miles away. Smoke rising from from his property and people. Not at that. You know really not knowing was going on, but you know hike get little too late found out yeah This is this is what it really is, and that's why he's here he waved to a couple people. He was very nonchalant. Wasn't he he was in this murderous campaign. Rampage and is waiving the people like stop going on his to a young girl. The letter cross the street, I yeah I mean it's clearly an unhinged mine and we've. Basically, we given your listeners to bare bones verse. The story. It's there's some absolutely in book, yeah, absolutely
now. I I want to ask to what does Bass look like because it seems to be Obviously, obviously, this very resilient group of people in this community would make a community if we're just not yeah? It is bath. Look like you know. In twenty ten or so was it look like now, not that different, some of the old houses are still there. You know, which is sitting at Lafayette, flee hello, good. It is new school, the weeds and things like that. But it's you know they. They they still. The old downtown, such as it was a lot of those buildings, are still standing. What was the blacksmith shop? because they still blacksmith and is still there. What was the community hall is still standing I'll? Let you know it does the you know. People told me that you have the of there's cracks in there. You know in their foundations, and things of their of
homes that you know or in the rules or something of their homes. That you know are definitely because of the of the bombing itself. It doesn't look that much different than it is it's a it's, the quintessential small town. America, when you think small, midwestern town gets it and they don't have it. They don't have a stop light. It's it's self four way. Stop sign. Is the center of town It's you know finest kind too. I mean just the people. There are just wonderful, wonderful people, but this thing is a shadow that that hangs over them. You can't ever fully recover. Something like this and it's a generational thing. There's you know people now are you know their parents know people in their 50s sixties. You know their parents were in it or their grandparents. You know things like that I think there's, maybe one or two survivors left, I'm not sure I interviewed for for the book and the boss is passed away.
I it there's one woman who she's and we think think like one hundred and four now blizzard still, you know active you wouldn't even know what she's you know: fantastic, really great shape, but I think there's maybe the that I'm aware of these, maybe two or three survivors left of that day. Now What's an incredible tale and, like you say, we've only really scratched the surface, and I mean it really is amazing how you've compiled everything and brought The reader really in to this. You know very. Pourtant historical moment and very again very lots of parallels with what's going on now we're said, of serial killing being all the rage. It's now a mass murder. Right? You know, and these kinds of things to very very you know you can make killing kids in a school and blowing up. You know, that's I, and there is a watch it more yeah. I know it can't be many more heinous, a crime,
yeah, I know, and we today it's we're in a strange way. I hate saying this, but it's almost like. You know I mean certainly when sandy hook happen. You know not again, you Know- and it's almost like, in a strange way. We're almost used to these things happen it's awful as they are, you know, Nothing happened last year with that kid in washing. State. Is it not again and yet again in, but people don't realize that you know in Bath Michigan in May of nineteen twenty seven, is the first one in still you know the worst, but certainly still the deadliest. Said. Any everyone is the worst one. Any killing children in the school is nothing more horrible I can think of, and this is still you know, the deadliest. Yeah absolutely well. I want to thank you for bringing this book to the public,
mention as well, and thank you for this interview, so we can talk about Anthony Is it l o r interest they can go to my website or any print sting dot com and books available on Amazon, certainly. And help Facebook to do that, all the interesting yes, I am, if you want to and there's actually a page for the book on Facebook as well like any you know, contact me at Facebook. Look for the the best mask a page on Facebook, as well, absolutely happy to talk with people if they want to contact me You have some other books as well. This is not your first, oh no! No! No! My most recent one is swastika nation. It's good in the rise and fall of the German ever get american bone. It's about the pro movement that swept American, the nineteen thirties and the people who beat them up? I hope it's been a while gets it's completely different, a wild guess the characters. You know that crazy not see at the center of it Walter, Winchell and Meyer, and and Edward G Robinson and do
where Laguardia had a whole bunch other phone skill, it's it's quite different in, but this is good. I think absolutely yeah yeah. Well, I wanted to the author. Absolutely you be shame So it's not so shameless. Absolutely system well! I want to thank you very much for coming on Arnie and talking about Bath Massacre America's first. School bombing, I'm sure we'll be talking again soon. So thank you very much for this interview and thank you for having me. Ok, take care. Thank you. Goodnight. And now I thought from Geico Motorcycle. It took fifteen minutes to take a spirit, animal quiz online. Please be the cheetah, please be the cheetah and learn your animal, isn't the cheetah, but the far appealing blobfish.
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