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Episode 20-RUNAWAY DEVIL-Robert Remington and Sherri Zickefoose

2010-05-26 | 🔗
In April 2006, a twelve-year-old girl named JR committed a brutal crime that terrified parents everywhere: after weeks of plotting, she and her twenty-three-year-old boyfriend stabbed to death her mom, dad, and little brother in the family's home in Medicine Hat, Alberta, making her the youngest multiple killer in Canadian history.JR was a quiet honour-roll student living in the small Prairie town of Medicine Hat, Alberta. But her middle-class existence concealed an ominous alter ego: Runaway Devil. Her Internet persona professed a fondess for a darker world of death metal music, the goth subculture, and her love for the much older Jeremy Steinke, a high-school droupout living in a trailer park with his mother. When JR got involved with Jeremy, her concerned parents tried all the tough love strategies to restrain her and interrupt the relationship-to no avail.Was JR simply growing up too fast and under the spell of a Svengali-like Steinke? Or was she really the puppet master who manipulated her boyfriend to do her bidding? Based on the trials and exclusive interviews with the prosecutors, police, family and friends of the victim and murderers, RUNAWAY DEVIL gives the truth behind the shocking tragedy. Authors Robert Remington and Sherri Zickefoose

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