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Episode #9 - Steve Singular-UNHOLY MESSENGER-B.T.K.

2010-03-10 | 🔗
UNHOLY MESSENGER: THE LIFE AND CRIMES OF THE BTK SERIAL KILLER To all appearances, Dennis Rader was a model citizen, and a seemingly ordinary father and husband. But Rader's average life belied the existence of his dark, sadistic other self: he was the BTK serial killer.For 31 years, BTK as he called himself, which stood for bind, torture, kill terrorized Wichita Kansas, not only with his brutal, sexually motivated murders, but also through his taunting communications with the media and law enforcement.Author Stephen Singular recounts the year prior to Rader's arrest drawing from extensive interviews with Rader's pastor and congregation, detectives, and psychologists who worked the case, and from his unnerving detailed 32 hour confession. UNHOLY MESSENGER delves into the disturbing life and crimes of BTK to explore fully-for the first time-the most dangerous and complex serial killer of our generation and the man who embodied at once, astonishing extremes of normality and abnormality. A chilling story of a man considerd a spirtual leader by his pastor and congregation, but turned out to be the devil next door.

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