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SLOW DEATH-Sheila Johnson

2013-01-23 | 🔗
"Never Trust a Chained Captive." That was one of the rules David Parker Ray posted on the isolated property where he and his girlfriend Cynthia Hendy lived near New Mexico's Elephant Butte Lake. They called their windowless trailer, "The Toybox." And over the years, they lured countless young women into its chamber of unspeakable pain and horror - and filmed every moment. A Satanist, Ray was the centre of a web of sadism, sex slavery, and murder. Authorities suspect he murdered more than 60 women. In October 2011, a flood of tips led to a renewed search for the remains of more possible victims. This updated edition reveals all the details, along with the inside story on the controversial movie based on these unforgettable events. SLOW DEATH by Jim Fielder-Sheila Johnson

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