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2012-01-17 | 🔗
Casper, Wyoming:1973. 11 year-old Amy Burridge rides with her 18 year-old sister, Becky, to the grocery store. When they finish their shopping, Becky’s car gets a flat tire. Two men politely offer them a hand. But they were anything but Good Samaritans. The girls would suffer unspeakable crimes at the hands of these men before being thrown from a bridge into the North Platte River. One miraculously survived. The other did not. Author and journalist Ron Franscell who lived in Casper at the time of the crime, and was a friend to Amy and Becky, can’t forget Wyoming’s most shocking story of abduction, rape and murder. The two men who violated her and Amy were sentenced to life in prison, but the demons of her past kept haunting Becky until she met her fate years later at the same bridge where she’d lost her sister. THE DARKEST NIGHT: Two Sisters, A Brutal Murder and A Loss of Innocence in a Small Town-Ron Franscell

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