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The case that captivated the Coachella Valley and San Francisco Bay area for years! Author Sherrie Lueder and her Literary Team, Dawn Taarud-Martinez and Kim Hansen, along with Tyson Wrensch, a former friend, now victim of the con men unravel the threads of a decade long crime spree filled with twists, turns and shocking revelations. Filled with a cast of characters drawn from San Francisco's Castro District, the "Dark Prince" and "the Boiz" take you from one con to the next until a single brazen act leads to murder. However, the story doesn't end there. There are the dramatic courtroom trials that no one predicted and the shocking ending that no one expected-not even the judge. UNTIL SOMEONE GETS HURT-Tyson Wrensch
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you are now listening to true murder, the most shocking killers in true crime, history and the authors that have written about them: gas, Bundy, Domer, night, stalker, stalker, Btk every week, another fascinating author talking about the most shocking and infamous killers in true crime, history, true murder, with your host journalist and author Dan Spanky good evening. This is your host Dan Zupan asking for the program, true murder, the most shocking killers and true crime, history and the authors that have written about them. The case that captivated the Coachella
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sherry looter in her literary team dawn to rude, marked Martinez and Kim Hansen along with Thyssen wrenched, a former friend now victim of the con man unravel the threads of a decade. Long crying spree filled with twists turns and shocking revelations filled with a cast of characters drawn from San Francisco Castro District, the dark prince and the boys. Take you from one calm to the next. Until a single brazen hack leads to murder, however, the story doesn't then there there are the up. However, the story doesn't in their there. Aren't the dramatic courtroom trials that no one predicted and the shocking entity that no one expected, not even the judge. The book that were featuring this evening is until someone gets hurt by sherry, Looter and Thyssen Wrench, and my guess this evening is Thyssen Wrench welcome to the programme, and thank you for agreeing to this interview. Thyssen ranch
Yeah, thank you very much for having me of really appreciate it. I hope that the pronunciation of your name, I should have checked before hand yeah. No, it's it's just so, just like you have a ranch there. You go okay. Now, let's, let's get to this wild story and and for audience, I don't think it's explained in there so well, but do you have we're friends with the people that are the main characters in the story and then you end up being a victim, and so you can tell us how you became a victim, and this is a fascinating story and is his unique perspective because of who you are and and your relationship to the characters in this, including a murderer. So let's get right to this incredible story. Until someone gets hurt in your the
CO author, along with Sherry Luther? Yes? Now, let's start off with pardon me, no go ahead. Go ahead! Oh and now I wanted to start our interview. Basically the same way. You unfold the relationships in this book because there's a lot of characters and it's fairly complex compared to some of the stories that we deal with. It's really best to keep this.
Focus and will start our interview with how you start your book and tell us where you are on March. Fifth, two thousand and seven and under what circumstances you had gone on a vacation, tell us basically that- and maybe even before, that, give us your background and at that time who were you at that time? What was your profession? What was your status and then explain what happened on March Fifth and unfold? This story for our audience, sure sure well, I was raised in Silicon Valley and and obviously started my career there in the and the computer industry and
rode the dot com boom and just have the they have pretty good success. With with that with everything I did and in after that process I had moved to San Francisco and just above the big circle of friends and within that circle of friends was, was a man named Danny, Garcia and and I have become a great refer years. My company transferred me to Europe, I moved to Germany and it was there for a couple years. The dot com boom sort of came to an end. If you will they they needed needed,
downsize, and I was given a fantastic job parachute out of there and of course, a first person I called was at was banning- and I said, I'm not coming back to the US and let's go have a good time, because that's he he was that he was that friend. Okay now tell us about your vacation? You you just been terminated by your company, but, like you say it's not it's not stopped full. You, You did really really well you you want to come back the states anyway, or at least you're comfortable, coming back to the states and You got a lot of money, like you say, seven figure parachute so now tell us about this. Argentina, Argentina and Brazil, this south american vacation and tell us a little
about that. Why you why you wanted to go there and will tell you what I it does and some the Germans I give a complication. I'm normally done with some of my friends and co workers address you stop America for a month, long trip it included the cruise and at the end of the cruise we ended up from what Rio we got to reinvent online decided to go pay.
For us on my credit card, so you spent doesn't make a lot of that. I think and the as he gets to the internet. They are the one life and, and all of my banking account right now and be, and the first thought was believe that, maybe because I live in Brazil there, the youths banks blocked it then, and I was in denial and my friend that that doesn't happen back to the fact that he and and and look for very high. I was further and amassed a you know. Four thousand dollars a day have been withdrawn from my house and I own a three hundred dollar limit, so that would be even more confusing. I contacted the bank and they said that that what I was telling them that makes sense.
Yeah, we do not only that I'm coming home. I just knew something wasn't right, and I did that dear. When was very accommodating because didn't have any money, and so yeah hadn't talking home and Ben have Lister a descriptive and someone had moved into my house and their stuff with them that drinking there was all over the house, none of him through my room. It will this impact I've ever interrupt. You Tyson. We have a major connection problem here this to swipe. Basically, I
unless this is the wackiest land line phone ever it's almost incomprehensible the conversation, and so I know that I've yeah, so it is, is back in. Maybe we try to just call back in an analyst at the if, if, if it doesn't clear, then we'll have to reschedule the calm of the interview, because we really it's incomprehensible so because we wanted to hang out get recall back in and see. If we can, we can improve the clarity for the, for those are the realistic so we'll do that, go ahead and call back and with my okay thanks. I apologize that for that technical difficulty do stress
and a lot of people do not have access to lan line, but land line phone. The land line phones are really far superior to cell phones. In terms of especially one thing, and if you hear this in interviews, you can see what the problem is is well is that it seems to be a pilot they'll be an interference in the conversation about back and for a normal back and forth conversation, and so there's a little bit of a delay and that's one of the problems, and it is then in in better sound quality, and we have some Thyssen wrench back on and will see if this improve them really hoping so good evening. Tyler, artisan, pardon me. Yes, this is a little better. Yes, I think so. Ok, sorry Retz! Let's go! Let's go back a little bit because I think the audience would have a hard time, understood,
You are on this trip, you don't have internet internet access on on for couple weeks or so or ten days or so, and you can correct me on that. Don't have internet access. You can't check your bank account when you do check your bank account. You see that these accounts either empty or a great amount of money is missing. Maybe can tell us how much money that you were looking at missing. You were said you were initially in denial about that, but pick up on the story back at that those details, please yeah and that's why, as a guideline and I had a bad dream or dollar withdraw limit on, my cats are granted. My my seventh package was still over him in Europe that have actually been paid out on its own. Yet, but the of the money that I have just saved in the EU, and it was four thousand a day for for almost three weeks that they had pulled out. So it was.
A very large amount of money and the airline was kind enough to. Let me go home announced and just as I said when I got home, I discovered that someone had moved into my house and that was that was unnerving and who was this person. So after digging through my bedroom and looking at the clothes and the luggage tags, I discovered that it was my in fact, my best friend of five years, who turned out to not be who he said he or was now Danny, Garcia, your friend of five years, while you were gone lock, stock and barrel moved in Your place did not only moved into my head place, but he actually have people over to the house. Pretending to be me. I learned that through your tracks,
using the gps in my car that term backtracked it may I found people who he had gone to there homes, and even that, should I be with his photo in my name. And my middle name happens to be Daniel, so he just told people that he was that he goes by his middle name and- he was had people over met. The neighbors I travel a lot for work, so I don't really know my neighbors. I can tell you now that I know my neighbors really well, so the butt of the shop, the term that he was the legally everything it throughout our time together was. I was alive from how how he made his money,
that he hung out with all of his stories. But then he went so far as to then begin to isolate me from all of our friends. So again, we were part of a big circle of friends. I of course reached out to them all to tell them and warn them, but he had beat me to it, and the story went that I was in South America because as I was a major drug dealer, that how else would a thirty one year old, have a big house in San Francisco and You know all all the things that had the moon is. It made clear sense to everybody that days I talking to me they would be getting involved in in some sort of be a
investigation and- and so I had to clear my name somehow and that came through the through the Wells, Fargo Bank Investigation Team, where I got my hands on a surveillance photo of him withdrawing money from my accounts and- and that is what would clear my name but that didn't the problem with that came after that. With the fact that the the police wouldn't take a report for my case, because the banks gave me my money back and therefore the bank was the victim and not me, and because of that that was, I was MAX just hanging, there was nothing I could do and the the bank said. You know why he would
keep coming back to hips to the land where you wanted to arrest them. Is that if I went into your branch next door with a note that said, give me all your money and I got five hundred dollars. You'd have a swat team banging down my door in ten minutes, and yet these guys got tens of thousands of dollars from you and and you don't care. And finally, as a police detective said to me, he said we have so many cases from like this, that our our manpower is only limited to cases where people are are hurt. So until someone gets hurt, wow they're going to continue to get away with it and that's how we came up with that. That's how we came up with the name for the book. Okay, now we've got to go back a little bit because you open the book with the introduction on where you met, Danny, Garcia and and the circumstances under which you did meet him invited you to a protest shortly after
each other and then introduced you to attorneys and I'll get you to pronounce the attorney's name David. I was gonna. Ask you about that. So tell us about the invite. Tell us about Danny Garcia is he said everything he told the lie, the big huge con. I mean this is the this is a story of con men and talking about serious money with some serious people in an investment in conning I'm a lifetime of drifting. So let's go back to how you met tool where you Danny Garcia, in the protest in who you met at the protest in the story that was told- and this
in your mind at mind time that so, where Danny had sort of, I guess you could say the young was. Was he mentioned to me that several years back that he had been molested by very wealthy man in San Francisco by the name of Thomas White and that he was suing him- and there was a protest
coming in and that you know I've? I've felt sorry for the guy. I mean this is a horrible thing that could happen. The and you've been drugged and okay. So that's that's sort of how I I don't know you just sort of feel bad for somebody and and they seem like a nice person, and so I went there to support him and- and there was his lawyer, a man by the name of David Ruppe, local and the protest was basically the fact that one of the city supervisors, domestic partners, was the lawyer for Thomas White, and that of this particular lawyer was basically making her money by by defending as a child. Molester of people magazine had done a story on them on him. The services of Chronicle had done it to
to Sunday story on him, so everything that he was telling me was in in press in France in and it was it was purely believable and them then, following that case, they then file d, a case of down in Mexico. Thomas weight was big enough to philanthropy and would I was building a school for under underprivileged children and twenty two boys came forward and stated that Thomas wait had in fact molested them drug them unless to them, and Thomas White then said to jail, and the case began to where they were gonna, get about a million dollars, a kid and the course, and then the
there was never even a trial and and believe it or not, some as late as is still in jail. I just visited him about three weeks ago and he's still there and it is the the the the twenty two boys come forward. They were all paid to say it. The lawyer in Mexico who the case to court I was out of, was arrested and is actually in the same jail. Now it's just a tragic in and sad story form for this man who at once at one point, had everything in and these guys just to get from him here, we're talking of a very wealthy men without a billionaire right in the young hundred the millionaire. I would say And the in the attorney was Carol a maiden
right now and the end. The protest I would I found interesting new book was the when you talk about the up. The placards that were at that protest were Carol Maidens family earns thousands of dollars protecting a child rapist. I mean that's a pretty provocative placard, really the outbreak of the attention of our civil and paper them and put into the barrier porter, and as a result of that, I learned to them
last trip that you that Carol, magnums partner, then basically Stopper presenting Tom and left him which left him lawyer lists in Mexico at the time land, so you're getting the legal team. So then they proceeded to actually hacked into his stop accounts. They sold the stock, the transfer the stock money to themselves and in in and cast out the money. When we asked the I was called in the the story that I was told is that they looked at it and said: well, you know, he's a he's, a child molester, he gets what he deserves and and a we have other things to work on. So you can almost called the perfect crime, and this is dead. This gentleman, the hacker, was this guy. They called brain and he was a hacker. Was a friend a friend of Alex, you Alec the anybody in again, he actually have a warrant,
as listed him as one of the defendants in this, in this extortion case that they just filed last month now tell us about the I thought. Interesting too is the elaborate scam with the art dealer the art dealer yeah, the is painting that they said gee. You know the Nazis are pretty embarrassed by this in the You know scottish museum or of a major art gallery in Scotland is, you know, want to sell it, and it's about that yeah. It was uh brilliant time they had. The friend at a an art dealer who had a client in a Silicon Valley, CFO executive, and he had said that he wanted this particular tangie painting
the research it was. It was in the in the the gallery where they said it was it. Have you done a few for research, you would have to cover that wasn't for sale, but this was his art dealer to something. I he's gotten lots of miss the dollars of paintings from in the past. So you know, why would you lie and but but the work conning the viewers wild and as soon as he transferred four hundred thousand dollars in in escrow to verifying clear they were going to ship the painting over and and and the officers authenticated and it never showed up and the CFO was not happy in the end. The call in the arts you realize that that after had transferred off four hundred thousand dollars to these. That said that he had been taken and it turns out that they all went to LAS Vegas
right here and blew all the money at people. As you know, and yeah. This is the one LAS Vegas. I ended up getting the tax forms for for all the the greater than twelve hundred dollar when they had when they were playing the hundred slot machines a incredible amount of money. They spend a few days right. Amazing, yes, yeah yeah, and what was their next course of business after that after they blew through that money. So the you know they have. They have a a couple of other scams going the the very image assembly line. Then they were almost all going at the same time at some point, but they were great and japanese tourists that too shawl and they should just elaborate a little bit on
shawl Narula right he was introduced. There was yet yeah was a nepalese immigrants. He came on a student visa. He basically came and told everybody that he was a prince, the prince of Nepal and right. He he had everybody fully at a british accent. He dressed well was very charming. Very book royal is Americans, it was believable and, and so and in that process he had actually actually on the new College of San Francisco and she believing that that, but he the prince and that his family was going to donate a lot of money to the college and the million dollars yeah yeah they they but is that million dollars and spent it, and suddenly the money didn't show up, and after thirty seven years, New College of San Francisco had to close its doors,
but yes, the crucial remained in the country on an expired student visa now, but he managed travel around and he went to Hawaii. I met this japanese tourists, who expressed a desire to have a visa to live in the US in Charlotte, said hey. If you invest in real estate, then I can get you your visa, and so she opened an account at the Bank of Hawaii. She transferred five hundred thousand dollars from her account in Japan and All it takes him. You know when you open a new account and they give you those those temporary checks. Student on that issue. Let's hear a few of those Alps loss, he wasn't looking and then wrote. Him sounds five hundred thousand dollars ish in checks which he transferred to his Bank of Hawaii accounts at the same bank. So the lady individual and she called it
and the and the bank, you basically sticks up for Chris all and says well he's a good diet, pants diplomats, you know, surely there's a mistake and she's begging for them to the police and and they wouldn't so they have their steps that act he's actually still in dispute. But again you hear them the woman without five hundred thousand dollars and now to solve living the life along with with Danny and David they are. They are now a good grifter team that out on the rampage and what's the next, stop next scam and victim? Yes, so you know the there was a man, Amanda Marin County. They had befriended and confronted him separately. Then we got to know him. Well, you shall have actually stated his house
He knew that this man had quite a bit of jewelry in his house three hundred thousand dollars worth and when Kushal had stayed there, Kushal in in a weird case, and I'm not exactly sure why this happened but Danny turned crucial in and shall was arrested for the jewelry theft, and then immediately bailed out by David Repole, just a weird twist that I still can't explain. And but what happened was I I had gotten a phone call from a friend of mine who said a you know my roommate is is is going to tomorrow with with and you you he's he's a bad bad guy and you have any proof. So I I discovered this jewelry heist and I contacted the victim in Marin County.
He proceeded to tell me what happened. I told my story and- and I asked if he knew where Dan was, and he said that that Danny had been spending a lot of time in palm springs in that a friend of his there had gone missing and this, something didn't sit right with me when he told me that, and I began a search and discovered that a man named Cliff Lambert. Seventy four years old in the last Thomas Neighborhood of Palm springs had gone missing in December of two thousand, and- and this is now For two thousand nine and there's been nothing done it still a missing person case. We, you know how you go online and you see stories and news articles and then people can leave the comments on the blog section.
And they usually have nothing to do with the article there almost comical when you read them yeah, but there was one in particular. That said, the last person I saw him live was a very well dressed indian, male with a british accent which describes initial halts with you and so I I logged on. I I created the first week anonymous name and, and I left a posting- I said that the people you were looking for art, Danny Garcia, David rep- and push on the the of the man described described in your response, immediately following that somebody had posted a photo with the mug shot Photoshop from his jewelry,
and it turns out it was a private investigator who was following the case and about two hours later. Both my posting and the the mug shop were deleted from the website. I contacted the website administrator and, and she wrote back to me that they had threatened. Shut down the entire website that was devoted to missing people from around the world, and- Then I knew something was definitely up, so I called the Palm Springs Police Department and them then the story unravels from there be the detective I told them. I story. Detective ruling was his name and very kind, and you just said that we are facing You need to come down here. We need to talk, and I was very excited I thought. Well, you know something. Finally, somebody's gonna do something, and I
had no idea what I was getting into better they drove down, and I took everything that they had left them in my house from two years ago and brought it to them. We have an interview with another detective and had my police reports that I finally gotten after being persistent enough and They thanked me, and I left, and I just was sort of left will now with and then a week later we contacted me in and they want to do this. They basically thanked me for coming in and they were
to let me know that they had gone out and the rest of everyone, and they were mended the case now to a murder case and that the murder and the story, the follows is one that I don't. I don't have it to. California has seen even in its than its court cases, but they after they had murdered Cliff Lambert. They had actually sold his house and emptied the council very much in the same way same pattern that they did to me and the end of this year to train the theatre. I said that I was very very lucky that I came home early from my trip because uh uh Mister Lambert did not. He came home on time and they had they had everything. Everything was planned out for him right.
So you do. You really believe, even though that I mean it sounds a good possibility given what they did later. But do you think really Danny Danny in the trio would have killed you and at that point, or do you have any kind of explanation why they graduated to murder, they are really essentially grifters con ass, though, is it's either that leave the general consensus. Is that that was it? a great possibility. We learned from from attacks by the that that they did hire somebody. Burma was thirty thousand dollars two to they heard a hit on me, but fortunately they owe that guy. They owe that guy money anyhow, and so he didn't, he didn't do it. Obviously he took the money
You know, criminals who are young criminals and- and you know no, no honor among thieves, I guess, but the the the the manner in which they murdered him. It was horrific murder, they had hired a couple of hit men, and this is one of the hit man turned state's evidence, actually told us every thing, so they told the state everything and I will Well, it's a mortal blow us about by me when you had I'd like unless you have some reservations. I'd like you to tell us about the murder and the plot to murder and what exactly happened, and why tell us about that. Girl so I guess from what we understand is that Cliff Lambert had met Any on and and cliff was
seventy four year old man, he like younger men and would occasionally buy them in or have them come over and stay for the weekend and then to just like the company. You know his his good friend, were were younger men, the ones who reported him missing, really nice guys, and but Danny in the process of staying at his house, managed to gather all kinds of information on him and even access to a computer. You know, Danny was very good with the computer. Cliff was seventy four, you know the left this password all right now. You know nothing in nothing really secure, but nothing ever thought. He probably have to worry about, and my daddy had everything you know when they did the forensics on his phone. He had under his contacts where you- and I would have
you know- maybe our names or phone numbers are address and our birthday he had on top of that, his social security number his credit card numbers where he went to college when he graduated his security alarm code, the ever everything you could ever want to know about somebody. He had it in his contact and so as they tried to murder him twice, they actually hired that two guys we heard a bartender from Francis. Go and heard him for thirty thousand dollars. He managed to talk to his roommate into joining and they went down to palm springs and broke into his garage and waited for him to come. They had no murder weapons when they entered, they grab some pruning shears and a screwdriver and one route waited in the rafters and one waited there behind as other car and
he came home and they both chickened out and he went from his house- whatever his car right into this house, not knowing that he you know almost minutes fate will contain. All of them would have hired the him hire them within sense. He was, he was out. One of the things that Danny had learned in the spending time time with is that he was in a you'd over a will and the will. Weather New York case So we shall went out and got a pay. As you go cell phone that had a New York area Code, he called cliff. And told him that he was a lawyer and that he had come
resolution with the will and that this was going to be a wealthy man and he was coming down to sign the paperwork and that has shawls shows up and and he they had, they had actually gone ahead and and contacted the alarm company, claiming that the back door sensor was faulty and kept calling the police so a please turn it off, and so the alarm company remotely disable the rear door alarm, and and as that you solved tickets or the house, he unlocked the back door. And the two hit men, Miguel Monti and Craig Mccarthy, both enter into the kitchen again alarmed and could hear some promotion and comes into the kitchen and he he sees Mccarthy Mccarthy Bear Hudson
and then you guys who would you guys doing here? What are you doing in my house and boost Party grabbed up like a pairing life from the kitchen block? Am Mccarthy push them away and boost Monti then stand him in the back of the neck just below the skull? and the blade actually broke in his vertebrae and he went down. There was too much. He grabbed a couple more knives out of the kitchen block, em up just proceeded a sort of left right, left right and the crystal basically laid there and as as he was brief his last breath. Gurgling, who shall entered the room and am begins to order them to grab, is rings. His watch, his wallet all of the other, basically at the district attorney
They picked them like vultures as he there he later. I am a never found the body, the the rest of the body, and she they claim they have buried at somewhere out in in the town of Fontana off of the interstate ten, when they went out to go where the body was supposed to be, it was no longer there and the body was was never now. How did they get around to when they make the arrests? How did the police, I guess ma'am? This is interesting. How did the police get around to getting a person that obviously somebody's revealed the this intimate infor information and usually is not all three people simultaneously at once, so when they made the rest, how did they get the information that we do? We just. Mentioned right now right, so the the murder was actually reenacted by Craig Mccarthy. He was a had just gotten out of the Us Marines.
And yet the EU funds an extreme amount of remorse. He in fact, when the when, when the car he gave me his share of the of the the the money for the job he supposedly refused, and then, while he was in jail, he happened to talk to his soul, mate and his soul. Mate was sort of. I guess you can call the prison rap. He was the tank both yeah, so he used that information went to the warden and said hey. I got some information, I'm
and using it as a better ribs a token for him to maybe get a waiter centre or a strike removed or something something then proceeded to a Mccarthy, Mccarthy and and him that he would be able to get the Mccarthy out of this and some a curfew, a map. And of course they turn that in and then through the process, Of charging them with murder, they went the district attorney, decided to go with a life without charge and they gave Mccarthy the option to turn states evidence exchange for twenty five years,
and so he actually reenacted the entire murder in the house, and that was the that was videotaped. So that's that's how we know from from the court hearings and so forth of of exactly what happened. How far did you go in the re re enactments? Was it the actual that they get him to do the stabbing? I guess this is this: is a slap a slam dunk when you get a prosecutor to do so? Have something like this, but tell us about the the extent of the re enactment? Yes, so it would be with them. Well
because of my because Mccarthy was in the one who did the stabbing, he just sort of guided them through. You know he was using the other other people who were there as as as sort of a mannequins are not many can, but just as examples of of what went down and that there was it was was just clear, the other, the other bit of evidence that something was there text messages there were over thirty one I'll and text messages before during and after the murder, and then the one thing that a lot of people don't know is is that while your text messages are recorded, which we all know saved on a server somewhere, your geographical location when you send or receive them, is also Rick
And the should be able to put together a map of the detailed going down from the they went down from from San Francisco to palm springs, and then the murder happened, and then they went back my background down to the the and then and then then his house, as is well known, people with money in people in dire straits, whether they have or people who have friends with money, get representation. It did helps them at least even know. You know, I saw what kind of representation to these people eventually get. What kind of any tell us about Canada named the kind of representation they got.
Yeah well in the case of of Danny Garcia Ankush on the rule out, their lawyers were Danny Garcia in Tucson. The ruler of the insurance will represent themselves and in which you know, there's that that famous saying the climb, as a lawyer in the is actually the lawyer of a client for a fool or something like that. And you would think that that would be a stupid move. And yet we know that about halfway through the trial they had actually gotten the state of California.
Give them over six hundred thousand dollars and we think at the end of the trial, it was close to a million dollars in support for their their defense investigators, their advisors. They were. They got brand new macbook pros to work at their chief, I'm because the computer in the jail was too slow. They were also has Starbucks delivered in court everyday thing thanks to the California taxpayer. So it is it's it's just mind, boggling and and that the the attorney general for the State of California, Kamal Heris even was quoted as saying that you know that the the theatrics and the complexity of these cons and in there and and their and their crimes are, are beyond any Hollywood script. And it's it's true. It's just everything about the
guys how they continue to get away with it and then, even when they got caught, they continued to proceed with their cons and just getting everything given to them. It's just amazing. You know the even Danny filed a civil suit against the district attorney who is prosecuting have my LISA, the Maria and she is very plain that she had violated his civil rights by listening to his privileged phone calls and right do you get to have the privilege phone calls in jail and that's between you and your lawyer and that you in your spiritual guide? Well, the da have listened to a call between Dan and his mother. Well, his mother had gone in gotten her reverend ships and what has now become de
your spiritual adviser now the case was eventually thrown out, because there is a code that you punch in and if you were as if Danny was really a lawyer, he would have known that. That's how you stop the da from listening to your call. So the case was dismissed, the the the damage yeah you're, a but none the less again everything he could do to distract the state on the prosecution when and if they were, they were just trying to trip up and anyway, we can because the number of the world over a hundred pre trial hearings, just the the three and a half years that it's her, which is just far longer than that. It never should have right now, It's really a testament of their, like you say again, Starbucks delivered and be able to get that kind of money. For this kind of case I mean they, they give in death penalty cases a whole lot less money than that. You know to fill the holes to
and so it is really testament of their their abilities as con con man and with the other. The other one we didn't mention too, is that the the from Japan, the japanese woman she caught him stealing and yet still some more money out of her. Is that what you have to book? It is a bit unbelievable better with with who shawls ability and eat
This is quoted him, and now one of is taxes saying that even after I can someone I can come again and then he did that with that with the with the after and that term after he had taken her money, he claimed that he was sorry and that he needed it, because his family had been kidnapped, sister was kidnapped in Nepal and they needed the money to ransom. But of course it his family was royalty, admit that she would get that. Me back that he just needed to borrow it and sure enough user. He gave her a check for eight hundred and something one thousand dollars which she deposited and then to Charlotte convinced her that now she was in danger, and then he needed another forty thousand dollars to take to give her, but that they found out that she was involved in and socially.
She cut him another forty one thousand dollars check and three days later is eight hundred thousand dollars check, bounces Yeah the value for money- I mean it's just it's mind, boggling. I feel bad that she that she fell for perceived that convincing. Now this one thing we didn't talk of what is it? You did a fair amount of work on your own to be able to these people to justice. You you were pretty persistent and you did have the you do have a background in private investigation yourself. Tell us just a little bit about how much of a I guess in or do you it was for you to re, establish yourself yourself and things things out and also get this validation that you were right all along, and that tell us a little bit about that story,
No, I I didn't it works worked my way through college, with a a private investigation, firm that with the old one color. I am investigation so a lot of a lot of the high tech stuff and hello, quite a few resources and an awful month force, and that I was able to call in and get advice from what I think was the the the most interesting one was the fact that a friend of mine. It says you know Tyson. There is going to be a body at the end of this and uses it might be yours, it might be his might be somebody else, but there will be a body and it's it's shocking to know this years later there was, but I you know, there's a there's: the banks do offer extra messages security,
can have verbal passwords when you go to the banks will draw money. There are. There are a lot of ways to do it, these guys? Just you know they figure their way around it. They they did, that of the power of attorney to to so could Lambert's house, and then they the even try to take out the notary who had done the power of attorney. So there is really difficult to recover from something like that. Emotionally, I think you know physically. I was able to get all the passwords down, but I think emotionally I thought so have trust issues, but we want a better, probably for the better. In that sense, you had no attending the trial and being involved in the trial and seeing,
see and defending himself, and- and I was a little bit more about that phenomena and I'm sorry repeat that again. Well, your relationship, given your relationship with Danny, Garcia and and the court case, and your participation and and the case itself tells a little bit more about that sort of that event. For you. Yes, so the you know the bottom. Fortunately I was not called in, for
for for court and the the the Good NEWS is that that there were, there were a couple of other events that led to shoot led to their arrest and and and the court in the evidence, and that was that you know that the sale of the house triggered an incident where the title company reached out and and that something wasn't right and the there's actually a send a U haul to the house to take quick, Lambert things. So there was all these other bits of evidence that led up to their arrest, but
I will. I wasn't allowed to go to the trials, because there was a slight chance that I would have been called as a witness, because the manager that they withdrew at Danny is at the minute they withdrew my money. I was the same way that Danny have withdrawn money from cliffs account in a way of not a reading anything the flags of the bank to freeze the accounts, but even that didn't stop them. When, when Danny went on a spending spree with close Amex card, they called in and Danny answered and said: no, that's me, I'm I'm I'm cliffs and I'm I'm spending this money, and so he you know, was able to continue spending the money on on on postcards now. He he because they had the prosecutor spoken to you about the.
Good ability or any possibility of you being called as a witness, is not that that's why they said you have to stay away from this trial because you are when this can't be. Margaret owned influenced by evidence before hand, so, but they had these done any kind of preparation or who you? How confident were you going to be that you were witness or not a witness in the trial? And I I I was- I sell more Lex's. I really didn't have anything to do with with the murder itself, the inadequate shaped. So I wasn't anything. There were there were, would be. Obviously, the case of of Danny was going to initially claim that he and cliff were in a relationship and that he could have given him permission to use his bank accounts and his credit cards and so there would be the possibility of me coming in and going that's funny, because he did the anything to me and I never given that permission
Annie had also filed. A positions, have, I think, around two hundred or two hundred something people subpoenas to testify for him, and most of those were character witnesses, but it didn't make included. It's included, the House Josh. I go for it included. Well all over Oliver, Stone's mother, the other of all the celebrities that that that close Lambert was familiar with, and and they're all gonna, be sure to witnesses and and the judge actually. So if you look, you know Dan and may you are you're you're on the journey here, but I'll tell you. If, if you bring in one character witness of the prosecution will bring in hers and the answer within me as well. The other been quite a circus I mean even the idea contemplating some of those witnesses witnesses, josia war, that's funny. Yeah
even after they had been erected, even even more things unfolded in in the two one copy it of a lot of people in San Francisco was the ring on hill scandal as it's known now, and that is they had with the money that they had taken from cliff. They had put down as sort of earnest money on it. I made a very expensive Congo and the policy on the building of efforts is go and they then managed transfer table a fraudulent being and on paper and in the system they owned. This pando they reached out to the bank of solving their an end and that the banks are represented. As representative over a for a home actually line of credit, they saw the house the trick visa, the real for him to give them a key,
the back to solving believe that, in fact, they were the owners and- and they give him a two billion dollar home equity line of credit, and they immediately withdrew it and as a result of that fraud coming to light because they were arrested right after it, the bank, Wentz Insolvent and yes, yes, he picked it up and- and you when I, as as taxpayers, have also pay for that as well incredible credible. Now, why do you think? What do you theorize? That these guys were so
actually cons, felt it necessary to resort to murder. I mean that that's the one thing I get out of this. I don't understand how collectively they were in agreement with this, that they would go that far out. It's also interesting. I it's even unusual for guys to go when is committed such a crime to be so high profile, go gamble and just squander the money as fast as possible, go through incredible amount of money in short order. Why do you think that you always think that the murder with the murder wasn't always the plan? But why did could these guys? Why do you believe that they felt it necessary to go to include murder and not just steal and con in the fraud right? You know, and I I I think it gets it like everything it just it. It
your bank robbers get more brazen as they continue their their crimes de. The fact is that these guys were unstoppable. I mean to Shaw, had even been arrested for his four for being. Illegal immigrants in and was released later on? Five thousand dollars bail? They just couldn't be stopped and when they leave. The cliff was worth around ninety million dollars when, in fact it was more like nine hundred thousand, but they figured if they had just kidnapped him and taken everything from him that he would then singer them, and they could actually get in trouble for this one then, and it would be easier to just kill him and hide the body, and you know with the with using a power of attorney, and this is where, as part of their team, David Russell goal being the lawyer
power of attorney is good. As long as someone is alive, the minute they're dead, a power of attorney, no longer works so his but remain hidden, and they, proceeded to use their legal knowledge. That's you a poll for, and and and looks like the da said that a vulture take everything yes, but the US government said just because it was the progression. Yes, if you will, of of of being a apple, I almost. I almost think that the especially Chris all want to live this James Bond, a lifestyle of of the being that you know the bad guy and- and that's just you know, basically, he would peel off a hundred dollar bills as tips and- and you know it's just so slash you with everything, and that was the last doll he he wanted to live and and wanted people to to laugh. I see him as
just just really more sociopathic at things. But, Sir yeah, that's pretty evident. That's and that's the again. The message that that we have in our book until someone gets hurt is not only do we have a system that, for you know, fraud that is needs to be re. Looked at that that if this any of that your listeners out there, people are telling stories that are a little too hard to believe don't fall for it of this of the people are going to for and you because you're not alone them, some money, that's okay. I hope so. The the real message here is a piece of the story that you're hearing are too good to be true, you know the the the nigerian scam, the the the Prince
the send you a check- and you know cash, my check in and I'll give you a thousand dollars. It's all bogus. It's all fraud, don't fall for it and the thing is: if you don't, you should be more wary of people and there are ways of checking especially checking on people and their backgrounds and and hence of the more confidence one way or another, and it it's it's just you due diligence, you talking about a lot of money. If you talk in a lot of money in and them- and this is a good lesson in what can also happen- it can't be just it might not just be staffed. That might be just the least of the things that could could occur to you as a result of interacting with some of these people. Yeah then again. We learn this, isn't just somebody you no matter met, go this for me, was somebody had known for five years. Have how a that happen.
And and I looked at him nice that there were signs and of course they just ignored so because it you know who, who does that noble with their son? But we're really. You say unequivocally that there were signs to indicate the in. You know the entire future war with their signs that that he might have been dishonest and he might have been a cease. If you don't was more just with this or is it he told you know, you ve told me that his parents had invented that the quartet knowledge you behind, lay their hair removal and an damn. It made him, and I never ever listen to I never. You know he said that they had come up with some new handheld device that they were
in Japan, and yet I never saw that device, and I just you know like how does it all hit me? You know when I got back in and and discover so what you have done and then it just you know how the? How does your movies you see? Those people got her class back with the doctor. What happened? Yeah, yeah, and so you see still have trust issues but you're not taking this year. You're you're, just learning some lessons from this is this book must've been, I guess, cathartic to a certain degree. Analysts are likely shape, but it did it writing this book and talking about this book and talking about the story, is it? Is it really helping yeah, you know and dumb working with with Sherry leader and Kim and on they were amazing, they had they were support.
Through a lot of it. There were times where sherry would call me and she say you know sit down. I have something to tell you and here's something we found an and shocking, but at the same time now that it's out now that it's out I'm I'm it's it's a good release. If you also think psychologically, I'm okay- and you know, I think the trust issues are probably better serial. They will. They will keep it from happening again. That's for sure now how, What was the experience like in terms of working with sherry, looter, bestselling, author, sherry Looter as the author of this book, and you the call out there? How was what was the relationship like tell tell us about that experience in terms of what it you know what it consisted of
As you know, we have a lot of a lot of investigations. Blatter lot of interview right now, I'm at the interviews I had. I had done all the contact info and at at some of these other victims and sharing and don- and you can't come, everybody was with the over calling the recorded conversations transcribed them, and then you know it's funny. When we put it together, I think we probably spent published, about three months trying to put it in order, because it was so confusing, and there were so many different, a vast and then just when we thought we had it. Somebody else would call and tell us today I read you guys are reading this. I have something to tell you, and so now we're figuring out. Where are we going to put that in there and-
it was a. It was definitely a lesson in in a green up for me in terms of how how difficult it is to write a book. It is not easy and definitely sherry was the sure was, was crucial in that and again came and Don help. America, their interviews and the things that they dug up and the forty thousand documents that were presented in court and the one thousand text messages just so much and for. They go through it and then it was its great thereof had become family. Now he attitudes are really fascinating it. It is a really fascinating cases is very unique and you know I do these things all the time in terms of unique stories. This is very, very unique and different motivations and just incredible incredible California, San Francisco, you know.
Crazy scams and cons involving again you get judge of war and all kinds of characters cast of characters in the the prince, and so it's a it's. A fascinating story can't write fiction like stuff it just amazing. So I want to thank you very much and I want to thank the literary team, like you said, dawn and Kim and sherry shared, of course, and yourself for putting this really really spellbinding tale together here in and for you coming on, and on and Kim arranging, helping, arrange this interview and have you come on and talk about this, your own personal experience in this incredible story, one. Thank you very much until someone gets hurt by Tyson Wrench and sherry looter. Thank you very much. Tyson Wrench. Thank you for having me and and a really appreciated everybody. Take care, be safe and be alert. Yes, absolutely have a good night,
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