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California bans indoor gatherings ahead of Thanksgiving, Christmas 2020-10-20
Tucker: American power centers align to get Joe Biden elected 2020-10-20
Mainstream media tries to tamp down Hunter Biden email story 0:03:15 2020-10-19
COVID tests in NYC schools show low percentage of positive cases 0:02:34 2020-10-19
Liberals float 'Truth & Reconciliation Commission' after Trump leaves 0:04:50 2020-10-19
Dems, media claim Hunter Biden emails are 'disinformation campaign' 0:14:14 2020-10-19
NY Gov. Cuomo releases book touting 'leadership lessons' from pandemic 0:03:04 2020-10-16
subscriber only Tucker: American media complicit in covering up Hunter Biden scandal 0:13:08 2020-10-16
Kanye West presidential campaign focuses on faith in America 0:04:01 2020-10-16
How Facebook staffer could 'reduce circulation' of Hunter Biden exposé 0:05:52 2020-10-15
Did Joe Biden subvert American foreign policy to enrich his family? 0:14:23 2020-10-15
Tucker Carlson responds to CDC over his critique of face masks 0:01:08 2020-10-14
subscriber only Twitter CEO speaks out after tech giant suppresses Hunter Biden story 0:01:51 2020-10-14
Tucker: Emails show Hunter Biden sold access to his father's office 0:10:54 2020-10-14
Congressman calls for Big Tech's 'bad actors' to face reckoning 0:03:27 2020-10-13
subscriber only Is there a pro-mask orthodoxy emerging among scientists? 0:03:58 2020-10-13
Tucker: What is the scientific rationale for wearing masks? 0:09:08 2020-10-13
California hires Democratic operatives for "Get Out The Vote" effort 0:03:23 2020-10-12
New documentary digs deep into the mysteries surrounding UFOs 0:04:16 2020-10-12
subscriber only World Health Organization changes its tune about COVID lockdowns 0:02:16 2020-10-12
Joe Biden still won't give a straight answer on court-packing 0:04:09 2020-10-12
Tucker: The Left wants to use Supreme Court to remake America 0:11:08 2020-10-12
subscriber only Trump: I don't know how I got COVID-19, would love to donate plasma 0:08:57 2020-10-09
Trump sits for first on-camera interview since COVID-19 diagnosis 0:06:08 2020-10-09
subscriber only Tucker: Democrats are lying to you about their court-packing plans 0:07:12 2020-10-09
subscriber only Victor Davis Hanson: Trump must make election about class, not race 0:05:19 2020-10-08
subscriber only Tucker: Democrats will justify court-packing by citing diversity 0:12:13 2020-10-08
Donna Brazile: Vice presidential debate marks a 'historic night' 0:00:51 2020-10-07
Dr. Siegel tells Pelosi to 'stop pontificating' on Trump's condition 0:01:40 2020-10-07
Kamala Harris advocates for gun confiscation under guise of buybacks 0:04:05 2020-10-07
subscriber only Gingrich: VP debate will show contrast between Pence, Harris 0:04:08 2020-10-07
subscriber only Tucker Carlson: There's nothing authentic about Kamala Harris 0:06:13 2020-10-07
subscriber only COVID whistleblower's mother arrested by Chinese authorities 0:04:54 2020-10-06
Tucker: Mainstream media enraged by Trump's positive COVID message 0:20:25 2020-10-06
subscriber only Judge Jeanine Pirro reacts to McCloskeys indictment 0:03:10 2020-10-06
subscriber only Dr. Siegel: NY leaders practicing 'science of fear' with new lockdowns 0:02:06 2020-10-05
subscriber only Berenson: Trump's COVID tweet may be most presidential thing he's said 0:03:54 2020-10-05
subscriber only Tucker: Power-hungry officials crack down on coronavirus dissent 0:14:19 2020-10-05
subscriber only Potential breakthrough coronavirus treatment 0:02:44 2020-10-03
Trump's COVID diagnosis draws vitriol from social media users 0:04:02 2020-10-02
Donald Trump Jr. updates on father's condition after COVID diagnosis 0:06:05 2020-10-02
Dr. Siegel is 'very heartened' by Trump's early response to COVID-19 0:03:59 2020-10-02
subscriber only Is America showing signs of becoming a totalitarian state? 0:05:07 2020-10-02
Kentucky AG responds to personal attacks over Breonna Taylor case 0:05:02 2020-10-01
subscriber only Tucker: The Democratic party embraces Black Lives Matter 0:07:57 2020-10-01
subscriber only How NYC restaurateur is surviving despite coronavirus restrictions 0:04:17 2020-10-01
Dr. Marc Siegel: White House has made strides in COVID testing 0:03:02 2020-09-30
What President Trump should do at the second debate with Biden 0:03:53 2020-09-30
Hanson: Biden a 'captive of the left,' Trump speaks for himself 0:07:17 2020-09-30
subscriber only Tucker Carlson: 'Painful, depressing' debate had some telling moments 0:08:05 2020-09-30
subscriber only Dana Perino's debate outlook: 'This is a historic moment' 0:00:24 2020-09-29
subscriber only Hawley accuses FBI of 'unprecedented attempt' to interfere in election 0:04:25 2020-09-29
Trump set to defend his coronavirus response in first debate 0:03:55 2020-09-29
Hume: Biden will be well prepared but with such low expectations anything can happen 0:06:05 2020-09-29
subscriber only Louisville store owner arms himself to defend business from rioters 0:03:51 2020-09-29
subscriber only Sen. Dianne Feinstein photographed not wearing mask in airport 0:01:38 2020-09-28
subscriber only Billionaire behind 'Bail Project' ducks 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' 0:03:08 2020-09-28
Carlson: Why Amy Coney Barrett drives Democrats 'completely insane' 0:12:41 2020-09-28
Tucker Carlson pays tribute to Russia scholar Stephen F. Cohen 0:01:24 2020-09-28
subscriber only Sen. John Kennedy responds to attacks on Judge Amy Coney Barrett 0:04:25 2020-09-28
Why COVID-19 'fear messaging' continues despite positive data 0:03:07 2020-09-25
Horace Cooper: 'The Bail Project' a radical assault on justice system 0:04:12 2020-09-25
Tucker: The rich and powerful are fueling riots across America 0:07:33 2020-09-25
Breonna Taylor shooting: Black GOP Kentucky AG attacked by left after grand jury decision 0:03:19 2020-09-24
subscriber only American citizens arrested for not wearing masks outdoors: Author 0:06:22 2020-09-24
FBI texts show agency 'out of control' amid Russia probe 0:03:50 2020-09-24
subscriber only Tucker Carlson: Media messaging on riots 'legitimately hurts the country' 0:13:00 2020-09-24
subscriber only Seattle officials drove away police officers to 'normalize pimps': Radio host 0:03:32 2020-09-23
subscriber only Tucker Carlson: Billionaires, big corporations supporting riots across America 0:12:51 2020-09-23
subscriber only Seattle hires former pimp as 'street czar' for $150,000 0:03:08 2020-09-23
Bob Woodson: In this situation the losers are poor Blacks 0:03:40 2020-09-23
Sen. Hawley: Big Tech and billionaires have 'stranglehold' over our country 0:02:36 2020-09-22
Beverly Hills mayor describes massive unemployment fraud 0:04:29 2020-09-22
subscriber only New video shows what really happened in deadly Kenosha shooting 0:07:25 2020-09-22
subscriber only Dr. Marc Siegel reacts to Trump challenging Biden to drug test before debates 0:04:34 2020-09-22
subscriber only Tucker Carlson gives update on Nashville coronavirus story 0:00:49 2020-09-21
subscriber only Gaetz on impeachment threat: We Republicans 'ought to use our power' 0:03:21 2020-09-21
subscriber only Ruth Bader Ginsburg was 'cult figure' for young women: Judge Jeanine Pirro 0:05:21 2020-09-18
subscriber only Peter Schweizer on challenges of replacing RBG: 'It’s a zero sum game' 0:04:27 2020-09-18
What Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death means for immigration and the Supreme Court 0:04:30 2020-09-18
subscriber only Bret Baier: Passing of RBG a 'major change in the election' 0:04:03 2020-09-18
Will Mitch McConnell move to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg before the election? 0:03:55 2020-09-18
subscriber only Mollie Hemingway assesses the legal legacy of Justice Ginsburg 0:03:11 2020-09-18
Brit Hume reacts to RBG death: Our political institutions undergoing 'stress test' 0:07:00 2020-09-18
Tucker: Why are they so afraid to give us the facts? 0:10:38 2020-09-18
subscriber only Tucker Carlson on schools incorporating BLM into curriculum: We'll look back on this in 'shame and horror' 0:04:48 2020-09-17
subscriber only Black Lives Matter teachings in school is ‘cause for deep alarm’: Expert 0:03:24 2020-09-17
subscriber only Nashville mayor hiding coronavirus data is ‘lack of leadership problem’: Council Member 0:03:38 2020-09-17
subscriber only Steve Bannon on fraud charges: ‘They’re not gonna shut me down’ 0:06:11 2020-09-17
Surprising poll numbers could be a sign of secret Trump voters 0:02:13 2020-09-17
subscriber only PA parent says school's 'cultural proficiency' curriculum turns Martin Luther King's teachings 'upside down' 0:05:02 2020-09-16
Mark Steyn reacts to Biden playing 'Despacito' to impress Latino voters 0:02:36 2020-09-16
Sen. Hawley: It's 'time to end' censorship of free speech 0:02:37 2020-09-16
Judge Jeanine Pirro on 'Harris-Biden' mix up: 'Has this been the plan all along?' 0:05:19 2020-09-16
Dr. Scott Atlas: US witnessing the 'near destruction of objective journalism' 0:03:51 2020-09-16
Tucker Carlson: US health officials ignored evidence coronavirus was intentionally created 0:13:35 2020-09-16
subscriber only Candace Owens says violence in Los Angeles is 'natural progression' of left's 'increasingly deranged rhetoric' 0:03:11 2020-09-15
Dr. Marc Siegel responds to Chinese virologist's claims about origins of coronavirus 0:02:27 2020-09-15
Tucker: From the beginning, the COVID pandemic has been shrouded in lies 0:12:02 2020-09-15
subscriber only Virologist whistleblower says COVID-19 was intentionally created in Chinese lab 0:06:34 2020-09-15
Two sheriff's deputies shot in their patrol car in ambush attack 0:03:52 2020-09-14
UFO expert on signs of life in the clouds of Venus: The implications are profound 0:03:18 2020-09-14
subscriber only New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio bans Thanksgiving Day parade crowds 0:03:44 2020-09-14
What can America learn from Europe's COVID lockdowns? 0:03:45 2020-09-14
subscriber only Tucker: Shocking ambush after months of anti-cop rhetoric 0:11:33 2020-09-14
Alaska business owner on the case against the Pebble Mine 0:03:45 2020-09-14
subscriber only LA County health official says not to expect schools to reopen until after the election 0:03:01 2020-09-12
Glenn Greenwald says Trump should use his pardon power to end 'abusive prosecution' of Julian Assange 0:03:50 2020-09-11
Remember 9/11: Rick Leventhal reflects on his experience on Sept. 11 0:02:56 2020-09-11
Son of 9/11 victim urges President Trump to declassify remaining Sept. 11 documents 0:03:29 2020-09-11
Tucker: Democrats, fires and the climate misinformation campaign 0:15:08 2020-09-11
subscriber only Democrats blame West Coast fires on climate change 0:04:17 2020-09-11
Mark Steyn says Oscars' woke guidelines are the death of art 0:04:12 2020-09-10
subscriber only Victor Davis Hanson says radical activists lecturing America don't have popular support 0:03:24 2020-09-10
Tucker: Anarchists are working to tear down America 0:11:21 2020-09-10
subscriber only COVID cases, deaths continue to drop in US 0:02:02 2020-09-09
New audio: Chris Cuomo's interview advice for Michael Cohen 0:08:21 2020-09-09
'Black' George Washington University professor resigns after lying about her race 0:05:58 2020-09-09
Lt. Col. Daniel Davis: President Trump's instincts have been right on Iraq and Afghanistan 0:02:46 2020-09-09
Hair salon owner who went public with Nancy Pelosi's maskless visit says she afraid to return to San Francisco 0:04:09 2020-09-09
subscriber only Tucker: President Trump wants US troops out of the Middle East 0:11:04 2020-09-09
subscriber only CNN chief Jeff Zucker cozies up to Michael Cohen 0:06:51 2020-09-08
subscriber only Seattle closes park for religious rally but leaves others open for anti-cop protests 0:04:25 2020-09-08
Adam Carolla says COVID lockdowns are creating a nation of cowards 0:03:56 2020-09-08
Tucker: Critical race theory is a lie from start to finish 0:11:00 2020-09-08
subscriber only Dave Portnoy shares COVID lockdown lessons 0:04:22 2020-09-07
Have COVID lockdowns done more harm than good? 0:06:18 2020-09-07
subscriber only Tucker: The COVID pandemic empowered mediocre politicians 0:08:50 2020-09-07
Matt Whitaker on whether the Department of Justice is doing enough to stop Big Tech censorship 0:03:49 2020-09-04
Tucker: Why Silicon Valley is doing all it can to help the Biden-Harris ticket 0:08:28 2020-09-04
Portland shooting victim's friend details attack that killed Aaron 'Jay' Danielson 0:05:27 2020-09-03
subscriber only Vince Coglianese says Election Day is setting up to be a dumpster fire 0:04:49 2020-09-03
subscriber only Dr. Elattrache says US could see 'ripple' of new COVID cases in the fall, but doesn't expect second wave 0:04:27 2020-09-03
subscriber only Dov Hikind on Joe Biden meeting Jacob Blake Sr. despite his history of anti-Semitic comments: pure hypocrisy 0:04:17 2020-09-03
subscriber only Tucker: Joe Biden is leading the most radical 'get out the vote' operation ever 0:06:46 2020-09-03
Tucker: We hope CNN isn't thinking of firing Chris Cuomo over the tape we aired 0:01:51 2020-09-02
subscriber only Tucker: Why Joe Biden can't disavow Antifa and BLM 0:02:42 2020-09-02
subscriber only Mark Steyn on whether Russia is to blame for Joe Biden's gaffes 0:09:36 2020-09-02
subscriber only San Francisco hair salon owner in feud with Nancy Pelosi talks to Tucker 0:04:34 2020-09-02
Tucker: Nancy Pelosi's salon scandal is a metaphor for how liberals see our country 0:05:19 2020-09-02
Caught on video: Maskless Nancy Pelosi gets hair done 0:02:50 2020-09-01
subscriber only New audio: Chris Cuomo confides in Michael Cohen 0:05:06 2020-09-01
subscriber only Dr. Scott Atlas responds to reports that he is pushing 'herd immunity' strategy 0:04:39 2020-09-01
subscriber only DC committee recommends changes to Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial 0:05:33 2020-09-01
subscriber only Diversity trainers weaponize critical race theory to systemically attack the unifying ideals of America 0:09:06 2020-09-01
subscriber only Twitter removes tweet that President Trump promoted about CDC data on causes of COVID deaths 0:02:50 2020-08-31
Chad Wolf blames violence across America on local, state officials not taking unrest seriously enough 0:04:02 2020-08-31
Tucker: Joe Biden suggests more violence ahead if Trump wins 0:17:15 2020-08-31
subscriber only Attorney for Kyle Rittenhouse says his client acted in self-defense 0:08:13 2020-08-31
Dr. Marc Siegel on KFC canceling 'finger lickin' good' slogan amid COVID fears 0:01:38 2020-08-28
subscriber only BLM activists attack WalkAway Campaign founder with homophobic slurs 0:02:49 2020-08-28
Rand and Kelley Paul describe 'terrifying' encounter with rage mob outside the White House 0:06:15 2020-08-28
subscriber only Tucker: Democrats do nothing to discourage rage mobs 0:08:20 2020-08-28
Media refuse to characterize fiery riots as violent 0:01:50 2020-08-27
Former national security official Michael Anton says civilization is at stake in 2020 election 0:04:08 2020-08-27
Julio Rosas says violence in Kenosha could have been stopped on Monday 0:04:46 2020-08-27
subscriber only Richard Grenell previews President Trump's GOP convention speech, says Washington needs a tough leader 0:02:48 2020-08-27
subscriber only Sen. Josh Hawley on violence in America's cities: It's time the American people were protected 0:02:21 2020-08-26
subscriber only Victor Davis Hanson says Joe Biden made a devil's bargain with the radical left 0:02:40 2020-08-26
subscriber only Tucker: Lawmakers win when they promise to fix chaos 0:07:19 2020-08-26
subscriber only The Daily Caller's Richie McGinniss on chaos in Kenosha, interviewing suspected gunman 0:02:56 2020-08-26
Donald Trump Jr. slams Joe Biden's 'half a century' of failure and disastrous policies 0:03:14 2020-08-25
Tucker: Media outraged by McCloskeys' RNC appearance 0:09:12 2020-08-25
subscriber only Mark Meadows says violence in Kenosha can't be allowed to continue 0:03:27 2020-08-25
subscriber only Dr. Marc Siegel on coronavirus response and a 'tale of two parties' 0:01:14 2020-08-24
subscriber only Sen. John Kennedy previews the Republican National Convention, discusses ongoing violence in US cities 0:04:20 2020-08-24
Tucker: When do we get America back? 0:09:21 2020-08-24
subscriber only Drew Hernandez on riots in Wisconsin: This is strategic violence 0:02:46 2020-08-24
Tucker: Shocking scenes of violence out of Wisconsin 0:09:25 2020-08-24
subscriber only Media gush over Joe Biden's DNC speech 0:04:08 2020-08-21
Dr. Marc Siegel on the Trump administration's response to COVID pandemic 0:05:24 2020-08-21
Pentagon creates new task force to study UFOs 0:03:44 2020-08-21
subscriber only Tucker: There is nothing threatening about Joe Biden and that's the point 0:12:39 2020-08-21
Pro-life activist says Americans should fear Kamala Harris' contempt for the First Amendment 0:02:55 2020-08-20
Tucker: Has life improved in Democrat-run cities? 0:16:22 2020-08-20
Sarah Palin says media treat Democratic candidates with kid gloves, describes her experience as VP nominee 0:04:46 2020-08-19
Kamala Harris used to be concerned about rising crime, now wants to reimagine policing 0:04:19 2020-08-19
subscriber only Tucker: The DNC that Democrats don't want you to see 0:12:38 2020-08-19
subscriber only Jason Whitlock on anti-police rhetoric of the Democratic Party platform 0:04:32 2020-08-18
Victor Davis Hanson says media let claims made at Democratic National Convention go unchallenged 0:02:57 2020-08-18
Tucker: Democrats browbeat you into accepting their agenda 0:14:46 2020-08-18
Dr. Marc Siegel on Joe Biden's vow to bring back individual mandate 0:01:47 2020-08-17
Sarah Sanders breaks down the far-left priorities of the 2020 Democratic Party 0:05:03 2020-08-17
subscriber only Tucker: Media go all-in on mailbox conspiracy 0:10:15 2020-08-17
Jason Rantz warns 'we're going to lose Seattle' 0:03:16 2020-08-17
subscriber only Tucker: Elected Democrats have tacitly endorsed violence in our streets 0:10:19 2020-08-17
Bob Woodson slams Black Lives Matter as race grievance vigilantes 0:02:49 2020-08-17
subscriber only First criminal case arises from Durham probe 0:03:21 2020-08-14
Can coronavirus be transmitted through frozen food? 0:02:19 2020-08-14
subscriber only Alaska's Pebble Mine could significantly harm fishing and the environment 0:05:25 2020-08-14
Tucker: Lockdowns are destroying America 0:08:29 2020-08-14
Kamala Harris backs mandatory assault weapon buybacks 0:04:40 2020-08-13
subscriber only Nuclear lab executives forced to deconstruct their 'White male culture' 0:03:02 2020-08-13
Biden and Harris propose nationwide mask mandate to fight coronavirus 0:03:21 2020-08-13
subscriber only 5-year-old boy murdered in North Carolina 0:01:34 2020-08-13
subscriber only Tucker: Our leaders don't care about our real problems 0:12:50 2020-08-13
Tucker Carlson addresses mispronouncing Kamala Harris' name 0:04:45 2020-08-13
subscriber only 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' investigates the record of Kamala Harris 0:02:17 2020-08-12
subscriber only San Francisco phases out free hotel rooms for homeless after meth lab found 0:02:17 2020-08-12
Tucker on Democrats embracing pro-criminal agenda 0:08:42 2020-08-12
subscriber only New Jersey gym owners speak out against revoked business license 0:03:38 2020-08-12
Tucker: Kamala Harris may end up running the country 0:12:59 2020-08-12
subscriber only Former White House staffer speaks out after public firing 0:03:17 2020-08-11
subscriber only Ayaan Hirsi Ali responds to Biden's comments on Islam 0:06:37 2020-08-11
subscriber only Should we be wearing masks everywhere, even at home? 0:06:39 2020-08-11
subscriber only Tucker: There are timeshare sellers more trustworthy than Kamala Harris 0:10:48 2020-08-11
Dr. Marc Siegel on COVID's impact on children 0:02:37 2020-08-10
subscriber only Janice Dean: Andrew Cuomo has blamed everyone but himself for COVID deaths in New York 0:02:36 2020-08-10
Glenn Beck on Democrats returning to Russia collusion narrative 0:03:23 2020-08-10
subscriber only Peter Kirsanow on media 'blackout' of surge in violence crime in Democrat-run cities 0:04:04 2020-08-10
Tucker: Dead bodies don't count unless they are politically useful 0:09:40 2020-08-10
Biden says he'd bring back lockdowns despite drop in COVID-19 cases 0:02:07 2020-08-07
New Jersey principal says pro-police flag is 'racist' 0:04:12 2020-08-07
subscriber only Lila Rose on Kanye West as a pro-life advocate 0:03:11 2020-08-07
subscriber only Tucker: Most compelling voice against abortion is Kanye West 0:08:59 2020-08-07
Seattle City Council votes to slash number of cops 0:02:04 2020-08-06
Los Angeles forced male in juvenile detention facility to take estrogen 0:03:49 2020-08-06
subscriber only New York attorney general looks to completely dissolve NRA 0:05:43 2020-08-06
Tucker: America was a very different country 7 months ago 0:11:13 2020-08-06
subscriber only New Jersey gym owners: Shutdown is a violation of our constitutional rights 0:04:52 2020-08-06
Heather Mac Donald responds to Youtube takedown of her video 0:03:42 2020-08-05
Virginia business owner reacts to employee's house arrest for defending shop from robber 0:04:01 2020-08-05
subscriber only Tucker: What happens to New York City matters to the rest of us 0:09:55 2020-08-05
subscriber only Tucker on Biden: His poll numbers rely on voters not hearing him speak 0:02:20 2020-08-04
Why are once great American cities crumbling? 0:05:47 2020-08-04
Berenson: No evidence the first lockdown worked 0:03:21 2020-08-04
subscriber only Tucker: We finally have more facts surrounding George Floyd's death 0:06:47 2020-08-04
Is Ellen's show in trouble or is 'woke' Hollywood holding the 'queen of nice' to a different standard'? 0:02:43 2020-08-04
subscriber only Is the media overlooking Bill Clinton's ties to Jeffrey Epstein? 0:03:06 2020-08-03
Parents anxiously wait to see if schools will reopen 0:02:17 2020-08-03
Pro-life activists arrested for writing on sidewalk with chalk 0:04:17 2020-08-03
subscriber only Joe Biden says he's certain he has been arrested 0:02:34 2020-08-03
subscriber only Tucker: In a normal year, Biden's VP options wouldn't be qualified 0:08:42 2020-08-03
Tucker: Our system holds the elite to different standard 0:03:30 2020-08-01
subscriber only Mysterious seed packets arrive in US from China 0:02:24 2020-07-31
NBA turning blind eye to Beijing? Burgess Owens slams 'corporate cowards' that refuse to confront China 0:03:31 2020-07-31
Alan Dershowitz joins Tucker Carlson to respond to accusations in unsealed Ghislaine Maxwell documents 0:12:42 2020-07-31
subscriber only Minneapolis pastor reacts to continued chaos in his city: We need a greater police presence 0:02:26 2020-07-30
Journalist who was stabbed at Portland protest says his attacker is known Antifa member 0:04:48 2020-07-30
subscriber only Delay the election? Victor Davis Hanson explains why President Trump doesn't need to alter the system 0:02:49 2020-07-30
subscriber only Tucker: America is witnessing a brazen power grab 0:06:30 2020-07-30
Sen. Tom Cotton calls the 1619 Project a radical work of historical revisionism that aims to indoctrinate kids 0:03:18 2020-07-29
subscriber only Colorado restaurant owners who defied COVID lockdown orders and reopened forced to close business for good 0:03:36 2020-07-29
Tucker presses Rep. Jim Jordan over when GOP will take action against Big Tech 0:04:34 2020-07-29
Tucker: Joe Biden's VP pick will be the most consequential in history 0:06:32 2020-07-29
Police Chief James Craig explains how Detroit has avoided violent protests 0:03:20 2020-07-28
Donald Trump Jr. joins Tucker to discuss Big Tech censorship: It only hurts conservatives 0:07:06 2020-07-28
Video featuring doctors talking about hydroxychloroquine removed by Big Tech 0:03:00 2020-07-28
Tucker: Big Tech censors COVID video featuring doctors 0:09:37 2020-07-28
subscriber only New Jersey gym owner arrested for reopening business tells Tucker he's 'not afraid of tyrants' 0:03:54 2020-07-27
Jason Rantz says some politicians, media are convinced that riots will be worth it if Trump loses in November 0:02:14 2020-07-27
Tucker: Political violence is an attack on America itself 0:10:16 2020-07-27
subscriber only Dr. Marc Siegel says he's disappointed by late-night critics' response to his interview with President Trump 0:03:54 2020-07-24
Retired Navy pilot who spotted 'Tic Tac' UFO: There's something out there 0:04:40 2020-07-24
Tucker: Dr. Fauci seems to forget masks are important 0:02:35 2020-07-24
subscriber only Bob Woodson says low-income Blacks face systematic neglect from the left 0:05:15 2020-07-24
subscriber only Tucker: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot takes orders from the agents of chaos 0:06:06 2020-07-24
subscriber only Watch President Trump's full interview with Dr. Marc Siegel 0:23:53 2020-07-23
subscriber only Report: Pentagon's UFO unit to release some findings 0:00:41 2020-07-23
subscriber only Pop quiz: Don Lemon flunks cognitive test on air 0:05:57 2020-07-23
subscriber only Stephen Miller says Trump administration won't stand for 'lawless assault' urged on by Portland's mayor 0:05:48 2020-07-23
subscriber only Tucker: Coronavirus response is being driven by politics 0:08:51 2020-07-23
subscriber only Antifa targets pro-cop rally goers in Denver 0:04:34 2020-07-22
subscriber only Trump discusses mental, physical stamina required to be president in exclusive interview with Dr. Marc Siegel 0:06:21 2020-07-22
subscriber only DHS chief Chad Wolf rejects Gov. Kate Brown's call for federal law enforcement to leave Portland 0:05:11 2020-07-22
Tucker: Chicago needs federal help to stop senseless killings 0:05:54 2020-07-22
subscriber only Chicago alderman: We need help to save the city from runaway crime 0:03:27 2020-07-22
Trump touts 'tremendous progress' with COVID vaccines, therapeutics in exclusive interview with Dr. Siegel 0:05:43 2020-07-22
subscriber only New Jersey gym owner takes extraordinary measures to keep business alive during COVID crisis 0:04:44 2020-07-21
Brit Hume on the end of decorum at White House press briefings 0:05:59 2020-07-21
Tucker: Democrats consider eliminating the filibuster 0:05:59 2020-07-21
subscriber only Jason Rantz on continuing chaos in Seattle and Portland: It's unacceptable to remain silent 0:04:08 2020-07-20
subscriber only Tucker responds to intrusive reporting by New York Times 0:02:38 2020-07-20
subscriber only Adam Carolla on Kanye's presidential bid, freedom of speech in America and COVID restrictions in California 0:05:11 2020-07-20
COVID breakthrough? Oxford University says its coronavirus vaccine triggers dual immune response 0:02:47 2020-07-20
St. Louis homeowner Mark McCloskey joins Tucker after being charged with felony for defending his home 0:04:21 2020-07-20
Kanye moves forward with presidential bid, files committee documents with FEC 0:04:37 2020-07-17
subscriber only Fatal motorcycle crash listed as COVID death in Florida 0:02:33 2020-07-17
subscriber only Jason Rantz says local leaders are to blame for escalating violence in Portland 0:03:37 2020-07-17
subscriber only Florida faces tough questions about its COVID data 0:02:18 2020-07-17
Legendary coach Lou Holtz on obstacles to bringing back college football amid COVID pandemic 0:04:34 2020-07-16
Former Washington Redskins employees allege sexual harassment by executives 0:02:24 2020-07-16
Pastor on new California COVID lockdown: Enough is enough 0:04:07 2020-07-16
California barber responds to new COVID lockdown order from Gov. Gavin Newsom: We're going to stay open 0:06:42 2020-07-16
subscriber only Janice Dean slams Gov. Cuomo's 'tone deaf' victory lap on COVID: We're still mourning 0:05:40 2020-07-15
subscriber only 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' revisits Tucker's interview with 'Dom Tullipso' 0:05:23 2020-07-15
Oxford University expects positive COVID vaccine news within days 0:02:28 2020-07-15
Judge Jeanine: New York City is now like a Third World country 0:05:00 2020-07-15
subscriber only Environmental Progress president slams Joe Biden's $2 trillion climate plan 0:04:21 2020-07-14
subscriber only Isaac Morehouse on 'religious superstition' over college degrees vs. real skills needed to land a job 0:04:43 2020-07-14
Dean Cain on Hollywood, free speech and cancel culture 'cancer' 0:03:37 2020-07-14
Robby Soave says angry, woke progressives have made New York Times a toxic environment 0:04:58 2020-07-14
subscriber only Tucker Carlson announces vacation plans 0:00:29 2020-07-13
California school districts reject on-site learning for fall 0:04:10 2020-07-13
subscriber only Tucker Carlson addresses former staffer's resignation 0:01:14 2020-07-13
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