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Kamala Harris backs mandatory assault weapon buybacks 0:04:40 2020-08-13
subscriber only Nuclear lab executives forced to deconstruct their 'White male culture' 0:03:02 2020-08-13
Biden and Harris propose nationwide mask mandate to fight coronavirus 0:03:21 2020-08-13
subscriber only 5-year-old boy murdered in North Carolina 0:01:34 2020-08-13
subscriber only Tucker: Our leaders don't care about our real problems 0:12:50 2020-08-13
Tucker Carlson addresses mispronouncing Kamala Harris' name 0:04:45 2020-08-13
subscriber only 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' investigates the record of Kamala Harris 0:02:17 2020-08-12
subscriber only San Francisco phases out free hotel rooms for homeless after meth lab found 0:02:17 2020-08-12
Tucker on Democrats embracing pro-criminal agenda 0:08:42 2020-08-12
subscriber only New Jersey gym owners speak out against revoked business license 0:03:38 2020-08-12
Tucker: Kamala Harris may end up running the country 0:12:59 2020-08-12
subscriber only Former White House staffer speaks out after public firing 0:03:17 2020-08-11
subscriber only Ayaan Hirsi Ali responds to Biden's comments on Islam 0:06:37 2020-08-11
subscriber only Should we be wearing masks everywhere, even at home? 0:06:39 2020-08-11
subscriber only Tucker: There are timeshare sellers more trustworthy than Kamala Harris 0:10:48 2020-08-11
Dr. Marc Siegel on COVID's impact on children 0:02:37 2020-08-10
subscriber only Janice Dean: Andrew Cuomo has blamed everyone but himself for COVID deaths in New York 0:02:36 2020-08-10
Glenn Beck on Democrats returning to Russia collusion narrative 0:03:23 2020-08-10
subscriber only Peter Kirsanow on media 'blackout' of surge in violence crime in Democrat-run cities 0:04:04 2020-08-10
Tucker: Dead bodies don't count unless they are politically useful 0:09:40 2020-08-10
Biden says he'd bring back lockdowns despite drop in COVID-19 cases 0:02:07 2020-08-07
New Jersey principal says pro-police flag is 'racist' 0:04:12 2020-08-07
subscriber only Lila Rose on Kanye West as a pro-life advocate 0:03:11 2020-08-07
subscriber only Tucker: Most compelling voice against abortion is Kanye West 0:08:59 2020-08-07
Seattle City Council votes to slash number of cops 0:02:04 2020-08-06
Los Angeles forced male in juvenile detention facility to take estrogen 0:03:49 2020-08-06
subscriber only New York attorney general looks to completely dissolve NRA 0:05:43 2020-08-06
Tucker: America was a very different country 7 months ago 0:11:13 2020-08-06
subscriber only New Jersey gym owners: Shutdown is a violation of our constitutional rights 0:04:52 2020-08-06
Heather Mac Donald responds to Youtube takedown of her video 0:03:42 2020-08-05
Virginia business owner reacts to employee's house arrest for defending shop from robber 0:04:01 2020-08-05
subscriber only Tucker: What happens to New York City matters to the rest of us 0:09:55 2020-08-05
subscriber only Tucker on Biden: His poll numbers rely on voters not hearing him speak 0:02:20 2020-08-04
Why are once great American cities crumbling? 0:05:47 2020-08-04
Berenson: No evidence the first lockdown worked 0:03:21 2020-08-04
subscriber only Tucker: We finally have more facts surrounding George Floyd's death 0:06:47 2020-08-04
Is Ellen's show in trouble or is 'woke' Hollywood holding the 'queen of nice' to a different standard'? 0:02:43 2020-08-04
subscriber only Is the media overlooking Bill Clinton's ties to Jeffrey Epstein? 0:03:06 2020-08-03
Parents anxiously wait to see if schools will reopen 0:02:17 2020-08-03
Pro-life activists arrested for writing on sidewalk with chalk 0:04:17 2020-08-03
subscriber only Joe Biden says he's certain he has been arrested 0:02:34 2020-08-03
subscriber only Tucker: In a normal year, Biden's VP options wouldn't be qualified 0:08:42 2020-08-03
Tucker: Our system holds the elite to different standard 0:03:30 2020-08-01
subscriber only Mysterious seed packets arrive in US from China 0:02:24 2020-07-31
NBA turning blind eye to Beijing? Burgess Owens slams 'corporate cowards' that refuse to confront China 0:03:31 2020-07-31
Alan Dershowitz joins Tucker Carlson to respond to accusations in unsealed Ghislaine Maxwell documents 0:12:42 2020-07-31
subscriber only Minneapolis pastor reacts to continued chaos in his city: We need a greater police presence 0:02:26 2020-07-30
Journalist who was stabbed at Portland protest says his attacker is known Antifa member 0:04:48 2020-07-30
subscriber only Delay the election? Victor Davis Hanson explains why President Trump doesn't need to alter the system 0:02:49 2020-07-30
subscriber only Tucker: America is witnessing a brazen power grab 0:06:30 2020-07-30
Sen. Tom Cotton calls the 1619 Project a radical work of historical revisionism that aims to indoctrinate kids 0:03:18 2020-07-29
subscriber only Colorado restaurant owners who defied COVID lockdown orders and reopened forced to close business for good 0:03:36 2020-07-29
Tucker presses Rep. Jim Jordan over when GOP will take action against Big Tech 0:04:34 2020-07-29
Tucker: Joe Biden's VP pick will be the most consequential in history 0:06:32 2020-07-29
Police Chief James Craig explains how Detroit has avoided violent protests 0:03:20 2020-07-28
Donald Trump Jr. joins Tucker to discuss Big Tech censorship: It only hurts conservatives 0:07:06 2020-07-28
Video featuring doctors talking about hydroxychloroquine removed by Big Tech 0:03:00 2020-07-28
Tucker: Big Tech censors COVID video featuring doctors 0:09:37 2020-07-28
subscriber only New Jersey gym owner arrested for reopening business tells Tucker he's 'not afraid of tyrants' 0:03:54 2020-07-27
Jason Rantz says some politicians, media are convinced that riots will be worth it if Trump loses in November 0:02:14 2020-07-27
Tucker: Political violence is an attack on America itself 0:10:16 2020-07-27
subscriber only Dr. Marc Siegel says he's disappointed by late-night critics' response to his interview with President Trump 0:03:54 2020-07-24
Retired Navy pilot who spotted 'Tic Tac' UFO: There's something out there 0:04:40 2020-07-24
Tucker: Dr. Fauci seems to forget masks are important 0:02:35 2020-07-24
subscriber only Bob Woodson says low-income Blacks face systematic neglect from the left 0:05:15 2020-07-24
subscriber only Tucker: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot takes orders from the agents of chaos 0:06:06 2020-07-24
subscriber only Watch President Trump's full interview with Dr. Marc Siegel 0:23:53 2020-07-23
subscriber only Report: Pentagon's UFO unit to release some findings 0:00:41 2020-07-23
subscriber only Pop quiz: Don Lemon flunks cognitive test on air 0:05:57 2020-07-23
subscriber only Stephen Miller says Trump administration won't stand for 'lawless assault' urged on by Portland's mayor 0:05:48 2020-07-23
subscriber only Tucker: Coronavirus response is being driven by politics 0:08:51 2020-07-23
subscriber only Antifa targets pro-cop rally goers in Denver 0:04:34 2020-07-22
subscriber only Trump discusses mental, physical stamina required to be president in exclusive interview with Dr. Marc Siegel 0:06:21 2020-07-22
subscriber only DHS chief Chad Wolf rejects Gov. Kate Brown's call for federal law enforcement to leave Portland 0:05:11 2020-07-22
Tucker: Chicago needs federal help to stop senseless killings 0:05:54 2020-07-22
subscriber only Chicago alderman: We need help to save the city from runaway crime 0:03:27 2020-07-22
Trump touts 'tremendous progress' with COVID vaccines, therapeutics in exclusive interview with Dr. Siegel 0:05:43 2020-07-22
subscriber only New Jersey gym owner takes extraordinary measures to keep business alive during COVID crisis 0:04:44 2020-07-21
Brit Hume on the end of decorum at White House press briefings 0:05:59 2020-07-21
Tucker: Democrats consider eliminating the filibuster 0:05:59 2020-07-21
subscriber only Jason Rantz on continuing chaos in Seattle and Portland: It's unacceptable to remain silent 0:04:08 2020-07-20
subscriber only Tucker responds to intrusive reporting by New York Times 0:02:38 2020-07-20
subscriber only Adam Carolla on Kanye's presidential bid, freedom of speech in America and COVID restrictions in California 0:05:11 2020-07-20
COVID breakthrough? Oxford University says its coronavirus vaccine triggers dual immune response 0:02:47 2020-07-20
St. Louis homeowner Mark McCloskey joins Tucker after being charged with felony for defending his home 0:04:21 2020-07-20
Kanye moves forward with presidential bid, files committee documents with FEC 0:04:37 2020-07-17
subscriber only Fatal motorcycle crash listed as COVID death in Florida 0:02:33 2020-07-17
subscriber only Jason Rantz says local leaders are to blame for escalating violence in Portland 0:03:37 2020-07-17
subscriber only Florida faces tough questions about its COVID data 0:02:18 2020-07-17
Legendary coach Lou Holtz on obstacles to bringing back college football amid COVID pandemic 0:04:34 2020-07-16
Former Washington Redskins employees allege sexual harassment by executives 0:02:24 2020-07-16
Pastor on new California COVID lockdown: Enough is enough 0:04:07 2020-07-16
California barber responds to new COVID lockdown order from Gov. Gavin Newsom: We're going to stay open 0:06:42 2020-07-16
subscriber only Janice Dean slams Gov. Cuomo's 'tone deaf' victory lap on COVID: We're still mourning 0:05:40 2020-07-15
subscriber only 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' revisits Tucker's interview with 'Dom Tullipso' 0:05:23 2020-07-15
Oxford University expects positive COVID vaccine news within days 0:02:28 2020-07-15
Judge Jeanine: New York City is now like a Third World country 0:05:00 2020-07-15
subscriber only Environmental Progress president slams Joe Biden's $2 trillion climate plan 0:04:21 2020-07-14
subscriber only Isaac Morehouse on 'religious superstition' over college degrees vs. real skills needed to land a job 0:04:43 2020-07-14
Dean Cain on Hollywood, free speech and cancel culture 'cancer' 0:03:37 2020-07-14
Robby Soave says angry, woke progressives have made New York Times a toxic environment 0:04:58 2020-07-14
subscriber only Tucker Carlson announces vacation plans 0:00:29 2020-07-13
California school districts reject on-site learning for fall 0:04:10 2020-07-13
subscriber only Tucker Carlson addresses former staffer's resignation 0:01:14 2020-07-13
Mark McCloskey reacts to police seizure of rifle from his St. Louis home 0:04:23 2020-07-13
Tucker: Imagining an America without police 0:06:27 2020-07-13
subscriber only Potential good news in the fight against coronavirus 0:02:45 2020-07-10
Chinese virologist accuses Beijing of hiding details on coronavirus 0:05:18 2020-07-10
Tucker: 'Social justice' shields elites from criticism 0:07:10 2020-07-10
subscriber only Tucker: President Trump's commutation of Roger Stone's sentence is a good thing 0:01:22 2020-07-10
subscriber only Tucker: City of Seattle tells its white employees to work on undoing their whiteness 0:04:27 2020-07-09
Mike Rowe on reopening America, demand for blue-collar jobs amid the coronavirus pandemic 0:06:03 2020-07-09
Suicide concerns for Ghislaine Maxwell 0:02:35 2020-07-09
Brit Hume says Joe Biden's agenda takes the Democratic Party farther to the left than it's ever been 0:05:19 2020-07-09
subscriber only Tucker: Team Biden releases its plan for America 0:06:18 2020-07-09
subscriber only Dr. Anthony Fauci defends reopening schools 0:04:13 2020-07-08
subscriber only Exposing Black Lives Matter's ties to convicted domestic terrorist 0:04:30 2020-07-08
subscriber only Former NYC corrections official: Ghislaine Maxwell should be moved to Rikers Island for her own protection 0:07:11 2020-07-08
Tucker: The left doesn't want Joe Biden to debate President Trump 0:07:53 2020-07-08
Charlie Kirk on concerns over Chinese social media apps like TikTok 0:03:53 2020-07-07
subscriber only Big announcement for the 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' family 0:00:33 2020-07-07
subscriber only Jeff Sessions on his tight Senate runoff race against Tommy Tuberville 0:03:42 2020-07-07
Tucker: Kids cannot afford to stay locked down 0:09:11 2020-07-07
Alex Berenson on obstacles to re-opening America's schools amid coronavirus crisis 0:03:39 2020-07-07
subscriber only Tucker: Sen. Tammy Duckworth has no right to lecture anyone 0:05:52 2020-07-07
Secretary Betsy DeVos echoes President Trump: There's no excuse for schools not to reopen 0:03:16 2020-07-07
Tucker: Democrats are the driving force behind racial division 0:05:25 2020-07-06
Jason Whitlock slams professional sports owners for caving to Black Lives Matter's agenda 0:05:03 2020-07-06
subscriber only Dr. Marc Siegel on results from 'groundbreaking' hydroxychloroquine study 0:02:21 2020-07-06
subscriber only Bob Woodson says the left has abandoned all pretense of striving for social justice 0:08:21 2020-07-06
Tucker: Can the left lead a country they hate? 0:13:43 2020-07-06
WHO admits China did not self-report its coronavirus outbreak 0:04:33 2020-07-02
subscriber only Author on Ghislaine Maxwell's arrest: Friends of Jeffrey Epstein are probably terrified 0:06:46 2020-07-02
US attorney for District of Columbia: We will use all resources to protect monuments 0:05:23 2020-07-02
Tucker: Who are the criminals destroying your country? 0:07:59 2020-07-02
subscriber only Tucker: Struggling colleges are giving big discounts 0:01:54 2020-07-01
subscriber only End of an era: CHOP finally dismantled by Seattle police 0:03:07 2020-07-01
subscriber only Dr. Marc Siegel says politics is masking the truth behind spike in coronavirus cases 0:02:44 2020-07-01
subscriber only Judge Jeanine Pirro says she's stunned by the desecration of law and order in America 0:07:16 2020-07-01
Tucker: What holiday should be canceled next? 0:06:08 2020-07-01
subscriber only Dr. Marc Siegel on fears Chinese swine flu could be next pandemic 0:01:32 2020-06-30
subscriber only St. Louis homeowner describes confrontation with angry mob that went viral, says he was afraid for his life 0:07:10 2020-06-30
Stepmom of ex-police officer accused of killing Rayshard Brooks speaks out after being fired from her job 0:05:09 2020-06-30
subscriber only Tucker: Voters need to demand change from the GOP 0:10:43 2020-06-30