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Therefore we throw free postage, digital scale, no long term commitments, gotta stamps dot, com, click on the microphone at the top of the page and the Joey. Now, let's get this body started. It's Monday Jack,
the Haven't you bad uncle Joey Joe February twenty eight the last day fuck a fucking month? We did it.
in between the inflation. The was the flock in most get the racism uncle Joey's head to get the start on the right mother, motherfuking foot, I told them inflation because I'm finally starting to fucking, see it went to get mercy some pants. The other day My wife is like wait. A second. We used to buy the same fucking pants for eighteen dollars nineteen dollars there up the fucking, forty do all that. My wife is like telling me all these price things Oreos are up. You know I don't know when they gonna start, but I fuck all that shit, we'll figure it out. Fuck out will put it together and will keep back, comply and drew this yet tip top. My group, my goal, I had goes out. My heart goes out. My head goes, I don't fucking stone, don't I got my little fucking ice cream cake little I've rising either? Oh, my god, I got listen, I
never even knew what live. Resin. Was I'm not going to lie to you and tell you I knew I don't guys, I'm an old man and a refill Zan also they started to invade the pans. the vapors World Katy, taking me to where I needed to go sometimes in old hotel room in the morning. But would work. So I gave em up why fuckin, but then I took my little sabbatical from reefer a bee except me. In fact in libraries in Belgium, again they charge fucking tremendous one day I went to Jimmy's on Sunday football and I brought with me not to come back and take a fucking nap, IL I was thrown the gills. I was like what the fuck is. This I was falling We put his house and then shop. Sent me these these just raw. I got gotta tell you something they hit like a the mules, if you're in the area, stop by get one of these little fuckin live no alive resonance. Lydia, Toyota molecule. I don't want nothing. I just smoke it and I'm saying I do not
I'm one of those idiot. I don't know nothing about trees. I don't know about fucking how to grow how can we? I grew weed one time in my whole life Snowmass village night, dean. Eighty six, I grew weed. I was doing a good job, but it and then, One matter would smokin bazookas that when you put the cocaine in the joint, I ran out or we refers so I took the plants cut them and I don't remember nothing. I don't know nothing about nothing, but anyway, Let me take a little hit to get the fucking day started. watching. You know you guys. I watched the falcon and wire for like two months. And we called Dominic back. I'm gonna get Dominic back in a few weeks are what I did. I will write the eyes. listen that that I don't know what else is on tv. So I just wanted to see all these great h b, o shows I got
If we all so, I said limit, let me put on us are you guys? I don't know eyes is a show about prison Europe and its a typical just a regular show about prison. All these characters going in and out Italians. You got your Muslims, you got the blacks, you got the Irish, you got just typical fucking at the bikers you got the area in fucking world, while dinner, and it's so weird when you watch, something like that and you've been locked. The fuk up I got up. I was locked, the fuk up, you know, and I wrote this book. The book is done work I told the patreon people on Friday. My book is done. We wrote it, I'm only a shot out. The Erika Florentine. Thank God I bumped into it. We ve been rightness book for thirteen months, it's done I love with all my heart. You know, but writing a book gave me a and move back. You gave me a big fuckin reflection,
I got it offers in the college or what, but when I moved here, maybe three months later, I started writing a book and then I'll be ok I was going to go on the road, so I knew I had to do fucking something so I'll. Okay, you're not going to go on the road joy, but this you got to be doing something you got to do something not going to sit on your fucking and, thank God MIKE kept bugging me to start the podcast. We went back to the podcast, but wasn't enough! I still had to do something so I said fuck it. Let's write the book, Nobody gets out of here alive. So it's right, the fucking book and I tell a man. While being here and telling the first up stuff like that it had home but different way. You know by that time I got up to the cemetery and saw my mother's grave. I got into May well hood. So you know I brought back a jotted it a jolt, your memory, a little bit when you go back to the neighborhood and park your car and walk
round sort of first ten chapters. Resale right I mean there weren't nothing's, welcome easier, read my world. Does I got something: things going on in my fuckin head than a chinese people yellin, I'm here missiles from Ukraine, Yellow Russia's gonna Fuckin, a fire thing that they thought. burn you. What did you see that at the border that have like these five things make it plain to they just fuckin paper. One of those luck inflamed lot of people like the fucking vaporize just for fun insane, but anyway you gave a very late. shit. I got a bar of mixed by my good bye it's funny how, when I wrote the prison part of the book, I really paid extra attention to it, because I knew what that had done. For me.
that was dead and kidnappings and stupidity and drug deals. Yet that's all included. But if you really think about the turning point in my life, what because less like, I was time might when he came here. If Europe, if we were wrote the book, the way I life happened to read it after, like and chapters you said Joey. I keep reading this stuff over and over and it it doesn't change is like areas six months you try to get clean. You try to get gold decent. You try to become a fucking. american and then six most lady a start in all over, yet it really got fuck an old man. That is so. We
put all that shit together, eliminate a lot of the stuff that didn't. You know that didn't contribute to the story. I wanted the book. The fucking tell you what was going on in my head at the time what I was seeing it so it's funny that I'm watching his eyes. Lately and it may mean actually go back to those prison chapters? Again we already wrote them. they were already in my old file, my computer, I just one reed de what I had put out there to the world if it was accurate enough, if you notice member hours. Market at the time. You know this added. I was with on for I didn't know what the fuck was going on. I liked the day I was I what the who's going on. We get on the phone me and Erica top for an hour and that night I go what the fuck I dont to Erica. I have no idea. I have to check my fucking notebook.
and see what you were on, what situation we were on, but not to take anything away from anything. I them prison for me was. It was a turning point and you know It's so weird: I got the call on the Friday that I was going to go to prison on Monday and I think Friday and Saturday. I was rattled, but then it everything else. In my life I woke up Sunday and I was prepared to take what they were given. Was just prepared. You like, when I went for me surgery, I gotta one if I can get the surgery seeing some fuckin chubby dude fuckin pull up and took a beer out and shit, and I'm like I don't want that to fucking. Be me: and I'm in one day of the surgery. You know what I'm a pussy guys. I usually start complaining I need her. I don't feel good. I guess myself excuses. I got up. I took a shot any breakfast. I went down the brick Casper. I walked in
I did it. There was a little complication with my fucking. They couldn't find the vein to stick the ivy and all the fucking time cause they put it. In your fucking hand, you know what did I come from my fingering contest at my veins are going to be popping out my fucking ass, so it's the truth. Like I dunno in the morning my veins ain't that I had to lift some weights and do some push ups and eat some pork chops and roll some joints and crush up weed once brush up we'd, all the veins D. The veins come up. If I go on there in the morning, I can't find the fucking. But anyway I don't even know how we got on the fucking talk of the vein, but they are the falcon present thing like. Friday and Saturday I was thinking a split Sunday. I woke up and I'm like I'm taking what's coming to me. do the best I can the first and that fuckin head came bash told me was that they get the circle jerk
eagles. I want you to avoid the circle jerks. When you go to prison, I want you justify and being a library. Yet that's it that's what they call circle. Jerks circle, jerk circle, a circle. Jerk is worse for four guys When you see you look out into the fucking like I noticed it on eyes also like when they show the scene of the? I don't know what they fucking called the pie, ok, a pot is maybe a pot is maybe dirty to win VIC's to win the Falcon fucking room that sixteen thought the rooms in a pot and when they open up that part, this very two people in their right what's wrong, they should be There's does usually twenty six of them. fuck around in the pod talking and watching tv gambling, but people who know the old time is the guys who been in there before in their rooms, reading
in their rooms. Don't push ups, they buy, appear somewhere they get out of that circle. Jerk they want you. I live circle jerk and that's exactly did and for I don't like reading in my room that libraries, a library. So whenever I read spare time, I went to Fuckin library, I just remembered all those things by from watching eyes. I remember all those things and when I went over the fucking prison chapter, it really effectively prison like it really did, and you guys are at home bone yeah. Well, it should Joey what the fuck no, no, no, no, no, how many people do when I go to jail and dont go back, how many people go to jail come out and within a year six, you know this percentages and the odds are always against you, the odds read some shit. When I got locked up, I'm I went to that you never Colorado library. Before I got sentence, I just read up on as much as I fucking could on. You know the
I I didn't know what I was getting into. You know you see all these prison movies and shit. I remember I knew I didn't know that I never been anything. praise my soul. The Valachi movie with Charles Bronson. I saw scape from out the trash, an arm of being a kid in saying the original, along the shot him being on my feet, and at that point I didn't have a dream of being a criminal. I was joining the army and going to become an attorney and shit grace all along the shore. They saw little fucking criminals jumping up and down like that sounds like flock and flood gonna jump, and I lose some people at that been the jail in shit. You know like the bar my mother's bar, a couple guys came in there. I had gone to jail, including my stepfather, and I remember talking to him about the longest shot. I don't know what the fuck you're talking about noted places for, while in there that's just a fuckin movie, Hollywood lowly, but anyway
I always remembered that that always struck a chord with me that movie. For some reason I saw at that movie theater. I saw a fuckin Bruce Lee at that movie. The the Union City Cinema Great Little movie, theater, didn't you fucking id that didn't give a fuck how old you? If you had the attitude Have you got in and the fuckin story I saw the access. Is there yet tremendous movie? Did it some fuckin? Why dude ran the fact 70s and 80s, but that's not what I'm talking about. don't go off, fucking track, I'm talking about my prison experience. I know, and I was like twenty one thousand end up in prison when aware, I had no fucking idea. I just knew I was going to end up. In the end, my heart, would go to jail, and I was I thoroughly nine have like a life sentence. I saw when I was twenty one, twenty two and twenty three, that's what I really saw I've always been.
I began that very fucking, honest with myself. I can't I'm not going to fucking. Yet that was a funny, sat no! Nobody laughed Gillonsville is saying it's not funny, just get to the real world: smoke a joint and get in the real world. I would never be one of those guys that comes. Would fucking mind Fox, I'm going to be present or whatever But what I got set, MR, when I knew I was gonna jump cyclists, none, so I'd take what they given to me, go unable in open art. You know went. Let nobody fuck with me I'm going to be firm. First, mother fucker boxer member the head with a chair. so there's no miss on the fuckin standing. I mean really that's how you up the thank you. Don't you walk into a prison You know. In my situation, I went to diagnostic first is a thousand fucking guys in there and they all got a different fuckin agenda for you. So I kept them self. There was his one black do what I fuckin pop within their funny fuck him away and it up. I still fuck and thank the bottom
still remember what he look like this guy was hilarious because he would get on the phone with his girlfriend. He was one of the black dudes that fucking well data on the phone is shit? and the fallen or something, and you could hear him like in the car. You know people talking on the phone with they wish this brother was louder than fuck. Get on the phone and little while about God. I have no idea I was twenty. Whatever the fuck, I was twenty six. This guy was maybe thirty. get on the phone and at the american invitation I go now. guys know that prison, nobody, cautious, you gotta, call them collect, but this guy always in the conversation with listen, bitch don't call you no more upon what the fuck you know like what about me. About, all here, no more up on it
You know you don't expect you think. When you go to prison, you have to be fucking sad. I miss your people. Listen you missing for about an hour cuz. Once you get the prison you on fucking, full. Lockdown mode more ready, a stab motherfucker, you not thinking about nobody, you lose all those little fagging falcon emotion. Seen. Are you really do that just worried about fucking living. You know you saw all these movies. You hear all these things. You go in wrapped around your wrist with a string. Don't drop the soap Look I want it drew up the round. My pockets. Breast would have broken pieces dope and shit with a string little ages but When I went to prison man, it was for me was really a time to rest. Like I want another ass, I could take a fuckin breather. Beginner, when you watch Goodfellas the girls talking
to a marine Brok was dollars, and I will look at Jeannie's Esben in here went to jail she's like do. You know why he went to jail to get away from Jimmy and I We believe that I think, as you get older in the fuckin system, and you can like us, like an old gangster in you, cop, like a fucking small thing, conspiracy to commit. You know obstruction sunlight that what they put you in jail for a year, which is basically like eight months. I think you look forward to that shit. I really do when you are the rat race. As for me, as soon as I went in there, I had I stress level and after about one I got to my location like after two weeks I rested. I just rested like it was done, There was nothing you could do. What are you going to escape? Why you have and two years did the wait and wait and I to go, you could do standing on your fucking head. I got the job in the fucking kitchen,
and something I was in there like the first month here, you don't know you giggling, you startled me. People, you don't know, So the first fucking week I got the camp the worst new Yorkers got Yorkers to me, like Upstate New York, motherfuckers, like I'm a New York City. I what the fuck do you guys want Yeah from the time I walked in that fucking prison for the first week still remember these two creepy fucking, looking dude one of them was short and he was like the the second in command. the other guy. Like The guy would say something and go. What do you think your boss? Let's do it, it was, I swear to God. It was rather a tv tv to flock fucking retards, trying China Oh right uncle joy, but God knows what I had no fuckin idea what they would. China do, I think, when the heroin is shit, they were trying to sell me. The captain was like when you shoot Heroin, you you put the cop, I think you you put the cotton in
mix it and then you put the needle into the cotton bore and you pull the Falcon Judy, in the U fuck as you yourself, but that patent law got shit in it. That's worth money, so these guys with some fucking cotton balls like the fucking scabs of everything these mother fuckers motherfuckers selling. So I think like a week, I lost these guys than I got put in the kitchen and then take tell you guys something you ve ever hear. People saying like they got there The best love they've ever had like this is the love of my life and all this shit. I gotta be honest with you guys, because I have had time to The ban on the watch allows the like dreadful weeks now, Sir, return, my watch and my wife goes up says I turned the tv you actually think about. You know what happened to me imprison. Why,
And one of the things that you know how people say, the I I met one of my great loves. I gotta be honest with the guys when I got the when I got locked down, I ended up meeting one of the best friends like if I look at my and a span of friends. Until a guy that I thought I was scared from one. Because I heard all the stories of people going to prison and coming out a little street wiser and then really spread Matt and their horizon really becoming a full time. Fuckin criminal Excuse me, I fucking What a guy named tolerate boss, I don't know. Maybe my second week we work together, kitchen good. Looking dude look like Michael B, Jordan. The same smile smile like diamond airing were both about the same maize, daunting between them
it was this. He was a fuckin professional drug deal. He was a professional. This guy was make money In the seven digit range moving cocaine at my age, he had seven them seven. Women with all different cars with all his kids, having kids with several different women and they can the visit them three times of welcome week, you with due to visit the falcon that enable tab, one, babies, Mamma the fucking come the sky. Was the real deal oh jewelry, no bull shit. No, he daddy was cute. He was just a kid who grew up poor in the product of. a crane sure. Why would a fluffy came from brother got shot. His father got shot. This kid was fucking He wasn't a heavy. He wasn't
bully. He was a handsome fucking brother, nice build. You know just tat. We became in the kitchen. We had each other's back. I was to stop work. I think he was like the fuckin experts for the food, like he would check with me and that's how we became plant and then he moved into my father came across all the kitchen people work lived together. That was bought a rule that when you work in the kitchen, it's better you lived cuz, everybody has to get up at five in the morning. Four in the morning, shit like that so, MR of the ceos going from enormous, like maybe eight dollars Islam going to dorm the dorm put us on the same fuckin, army, barracks and then, and I had to fuck off. I mean I made a lot of good friends and that to be ass, a bullet, he was special emanate. We will like fuckin frighten frank. We lift awaits again
We ran together, we exercise together, we, chinese food. Together we had so many fucking things that we were friends about like we used to love, not a buddies, he's a nutter butter, Motherfuker, Nama, nutter butter, motherfuker we used to we used to get another, but is on Sundays and salaries and step up the Sunday night, The Bundys America one more, the Bundy's love with marriage fox that show that was I shit on Sunday nights. Sunday's was big fucking day at the prison. we get an early. I got my visits on Mondays, Tuesdays alone. I was gonna, get a piece ass. You know me with children. so Sunday night shows, like America's most wanted. The NFL and ass in the mail. Would children so we'd stuff
top, though these two mexican causes they come in and every Sunday they bring in fuckin tat, tacos and bury those we clean them. The flock at my wife would bring my girlfriend time. I'm sorry, my girl would bring fucking Chinese and then his girl from wood brand, not a bodies and fruit and apples and protein bad and his girl what do the same? On Sunday night, we should over two thousand age unit and we bring food for ray body and we get a more fuckin happening. Aids guys come up with this. Back in Russia's shit hang out. What is there was for five a guy's where it like I had five rooms and for them would the AIDS guys when the rooms it was a black dude that was fucking hysterical. I never did. I always think a bottom say a breathless motherfuckers is the one that, when you are losing gamblin,
look and though go eight overturned fat lady sings, but she's busted. fucking car right now he would say all these He would say all this. What me crazy shit, then there was this there was- for them. In the age there was a black tat. I was ready. and they will. None of them were gay. They were all fucking but bind your shooters. You know, and they were talking. But shoot Heroin is ship. We go over, their fuckin have planned is out call cards in the name of looks like a prison God logically know what the fuck are. You guys doing there on Sunday night we'd be in that all fucking day. Whatever time football started to eleven, night and then it's like yeah. I was taken action in that You know you got it. That's everybody wants to gamble now teamed up with this old dude and
I'd, take action, but I'll tell you some a lot of people are doing a We think is a man some things. I remember some. I don't I will tell you something. I remember at one point like at the third month yet, but the third month in prison me saying to myself. You know what yeah I fucked up. I came to prison. I, but that's also the first time I felt satisfaction of being a man like that expression. Being a man like you know what I manned up. I could have ran away like a little fag and ruined my life forever. I manned up, and I manned up because I never wanted to be in that position.
yeah, I didn't want to be on the hunt. I didn't want cops looking for me. I enjoyed kidnapping people. I'm not gonna lie to you. I enjoyed putting guns out. I enjoyed stealing. If you want me to tell you that you know oh joy stole because he was hooked on drugs, not know, I love to tell you that excuse. made me do it, but it did. I stole because I enjoy that the time my mind. That time was the world. fuck me over. So I'm a business, the fuck the world open up. The world hurt me my taken, my mother and you know tat. my father at a young age, and that was the fucking excuse I made I think I ever made the excuse knowingly, but I think I made excuse in on the sly that you know, God dealt me a bad fucking hand and that's what it really as I talked to somebody three or four times a week Dear friend of mine,
his mom at the age of ten he's told me some times about his unhappiness with god- doesn't believe in God, gods abuse bag. and I want to interrupt the sake, but I I my my business because and he's got to You know he hasn't seen the beauty of life. I don't know if it's the You God got. The love of God's hands, only lead that shit. I just know that. Might it's a beauty when you have children and it really makes you look at life and go whenever I felt before Maybe I'm not an atheist. Maybe I but you believe in something you look at the year to your kids. I know I do when I look at my daughter. I got him. Maybe I've been finding myself and maybe the fuck, not you know But after like three months, I knew. you know, I didn't know that
stop doing coke. I just knew that I wanted to have a life just a regular fucking life wanna be movies on it. I just to be a normal guy got up in the mornings. I had a job. I had a girlfriend, girlfriend I didn't do drugs with. You know that she wasn't part of my fucking criminal enterprise. I just wanted these things: man, I didn't know I was going to make money. I was worried, but not really. I always had a knack for making. regular money, but at that point, twenty eight. I was already ten years behind My friends were. I was fucking that at least that's how I felt at that time. I was ten years behind I'm coming out of jail on twenty four come come out and maintain eighty nine that puts me at three hundred and twenty seven, I'm coming out of fucking
prison. Twenty seven I got felonies. I can't get license for anything. I can't get a real fucking job. I can get you no fly by, a job. I made an offer. I got no parents closer. I base got so I'm going to. the fucking come up and start. I didn't know anything thereby goals. I loved the day twenty seven billion the power of the pen I fucking, didn't I just My life on the seat of my pants, a lot of us. Do you know, I think this topic, ages when you're growing up. I think the age of like eleven Tina stuffed. It was tough for me. You know just getting into my groove at like twelve thirteen fourteen, my mother died, I was upset that I have just and my group I just got an accepted by my friends. I was play basketball. I smoke I did all these stupid fucking things by was just getting
into my fucking groove when when I went to prison- fucking group value and I had no fucking drew. I was just that run away. Fuckin erika you know just a fog in India and China fuck him, but the pieces together. I wasn't doing anything, but when I The present I came out with a fucking purpose number one I knew I didn't want to go back in there again and I ended up going back once overnight and ones for thirty days. That's not bad. After the story. dating in Seattle. I fucking never went back. I never got everyone. That's. Nineteen, ninety six No one, I was misdemeanours shit, but you think about That's twenty! Five to. twenty seven fucking years, twenty six years without police contact. Before then. You know, don't worry about the police contact Ninety one. I got into comedy all that shit but prison.
just. Let me know prison. Let me know what I did, didn't want to do, and I know I didn't want to be a fucking criminal. I knew that I will have to do a couple. Criminal things when I got out just to get you know, is tat, get on my feet and you pray to God. Add that you don't get caught and you don't get fact fucking trouble. I had fuckin views in. I knew that I couldn't stop snorting coke. let's be honest with each other. I just fucking knew at that. The comedy I had to make a deal with myself: either I'm going to quit Coke I'm going to quit this truck not for anybody understands the struggle of quitting anything or there is heroin reef. Alcohol, it's a fucking struggle, tell somebody I'm going to quit cocaine and really quit at that time. I couldn't quit fucking When I got you quit bite my fucking nails, I was quit fucking doing
I couldn't put anything. I had no fucking self control, so you know, I would go clean for four days clean for five days and then fucked up. Then I will go clean for four days. Fuck up this one on anybody, who's been in that Fuckin vicious cycle knows that when you really trend and when you try to get clean likely You tell somebody a millionaire got pressure. On said I up two days how's and have you been get. Never while those people, then I really responses that just maybe like a cousin or a fucking, a friend of a friend that He got sober now he wants to help you, those poor bastards. I must have gone through those motherfuckers when they call friends, Michael Klein and I've been clean for fourteen months. I want to help you and you talk to them. I tell you,
really tried to help me get off course, and I forget what his name is now Mikey distemper, you re a mighty Stefano Lou. God rest his soul. He passed away he's Jerry Rocha Jerry Roche in him, a great friends there were so many people who tried to follow. Would pull me aside. There was one do Claude shies fuck him dynamite. He was friends with Kelly Jimmy Schubert when I got the California nine thousand eight hundred and ninety nine, two thousand two thousand and two mb with talk to me- and then one day just went full command on days like this was going on. I'm gonna pick you up and drop you off at Betty Ford Clinic I'm going to pay for it when you get out
job and get famous. They would always say that when you get famous, you can pay me back and I'm going to listen. I like going to fucking buddy for it, but. If you lend me a hundred bucks, I can fucking guitar yacht I went through all those guys and I pray for them now and I feel bad and I'm happy that they did what they, did I just wasn't ready yet I was probably the last guy that him and I were having met and the man Tom decision on the phone might to Stefano Mikey Mikey, the Stefano. as brothers live in North Bergen. I think still good family, good, fucking, dude funny flock God rest. His soul You know he got locked up like me him and I had a lot of similar stories and I think Jerry Hook this up and I still was the closest guy. They got me his eye. Say a prayer for him once a week on Mondays, Mikey
I think about him a lot because Mikey talked into like the Hollywood free rehab Hollywood has a free rehab and I went through it. Times like I joined up I'll get my license. His name is Jose Diaz whatever and then I would go for a week and this is two Guys, two thousand and one to doubt to a going in there and have great time and talk, and I was going to the to the group, would piss you once a week. So I was got a level. I was gone backwards like they piss first time and now you're pissed says have to come on the lad level, but I just listen. Okay, and I think the I stayed sober for like a week or two and then I went to cause you have to go to meetings three times a week and was like- five, a a meetings and three group
things in Hollywood right. There was right there by a smoothie place. I used to go there and then one day some guy goes hey man. I want to at the comedy, store and saw you the other night want you there late night and I'm like. No. That was me and I'm like and got out of there, and I was embarrassed. I didn't want nobody knowing security, knew I had a drug problem but I didn't know nobody. I didn't want to be coming up to me and trying to be fucking. You know Johnny a at the comedy store. So when I went to get I by want nobody to find that I was trying to get out. That's the last thing I want to talk. Last thing I wanted was to get the Today somebody came a friend of mine came over he's in he's in the programme and he was with good guy cap. Good fuckin duties easy drinker and we were talking about this comedian, that he goes this comedian, that drug free and he does show good guy Forget what his name is now. I know why
was kinda. Gotta do is a good dude and he has great material but a ship, but I remember I had a to follow a couple. Clubs like he would come in and I come in the week after him. The club got tat. Thank God. You were here last this week. We we too fuckin eight people in the smaller fucker drinking. Coffee always sold was coffee and fucking cop orders of wings, because a people used to go into the meetings, someone would do is show the clubs do a show with this guy they knew they weren't gonna, get it why the minimum, so they just raise the price of ten bucks an hour make a note that happy to be out there. does an hour and fuck it MA am, but that I still remember, I bring him up. because I remember thinking if I stop doing Fucking Coke, that's going to take the crazy away from me and I'm not going
funny anymore, and that was the reason why I never could cover fucking years. I was petrified that my I was going to disappear. That wouldn't be crazy anymore. I was the wrong. You know we were always wrong. You still going to keep what your fucking that, but anyway, back to four hundred and eighty four How did we get on going to fucking rehab? In Hollywood, I loved love all this shit, though- and I guess goes a right of Saint- just taught them from the fuckin hide a beautiful. Monday morning flock fucking New Jersey, Jack it's a yeah, the prison. change my fucking life man and it should be a day, doesn't work for a lot of people and when you get the receipt of MRS rate of you know doing another crime, it's horrible, my people. gun the prison there percentages that'll make a fuss had spent like you off. I can believe, and that's why I
it's so hard, because I didn't want to fall into that pattern. being in and out of prison, every three hundred and forty five fucking years men ending up there for the rest of your goddamn life, that wasn't going to be me but by watching eyes these last two or three fucking weeks. Gotta, be I see. I'm happy that I got locked up and as bad as that, sound is retarded that sound dog, was my. I know this conversation started last week with me because of our I haven't been able to get a hold of the guy kidnapped. under my skin a little bit. I know you think, his mom and you know he boss's job machete,
it's so weird when I take after I got in trouble for the kidnapping before I got sentence, I think about how I felt about Bella Balance. I wanted to fucking, kill him if the kill him, I wanted somebody to kill him. You know I kept saying the victim was going to disappear. Let's not go back. I was mad and valor for something. I had done that's done this fucking thing in the world. And that's a big sign, a fucking immaturity after I got locked up. I saw well on a different fucking light you know at first, I was mad at Vela. I went through a rainbow fat and emotions recant valid, but the bottom line was that after I did that never forget when I got out of prison before me and my ex wife broke up. We an argument about something she said to me. She looked at me,
in a way that she had never looked at me before and she said, listen If you don't like, when you're arguing with somebody and something just comes out and it slips, she goes to do that. You know. I can't still believe that you have tied up that boy, the tied up that man at the corner of a room and she caught herself and she's. Like I'm sorry, I never really meant to say it that way, and I go no, it's okay, it's the truth, you're, not speaking out of line a you're, not fucking, lying you're. Speaking from the are you speaking the truth, I can't believe that I tied up a fucking man I put them in a corner and put a pit bull on them. One of the FUCK Tidwell did. I was part of it. That's that's the weather. I did it or not. That's the sad truth that I'm a fucking part of that. So, in my Ex wife's that me and we broke up after that. I started look. I started thinking about afflicted was perspective.
Would you feel Joey if you want to fucking floor with a bandana? run your eyes handcuffed. You know how to fuck with you feel I will. I wouldn't feel good like that, would stick with me forever. You know and and I an if I'm gonna die when he was not far fucking Florida I didn't know if he was going to die vs on a snort coke again and knowing him all he cared about was doing one more fucking live like I know camp and if I would have put a and the he goes. I don't care. If you kill me, Just give me one more fucking line. That's the way can't lies, you know, but over the years. I just I built this love for camp it. From I can't say, hating can't it went like just from dumb feeling of getting Esther with some money too, because I can't I was. I was able to grow because of what I did. The cat
I was able to find what I loved because of what I did the Kent. You can't all these things came up, you know it's like Kent it was like my Jesus, you don't say I'm saying get tortured in shit for me to have a fucking life so I've always felt really bad for can't many anytime. I could help can't I do if he needs help with his mom if he needs help with rent anything. I dagger do for Kent. I do because he opened this up for me. I don't look at him as a guy naturally more. I look at him as a guy that help me change my fucking life and I'm you know I mean I haven't spoken to Canada the soul, and you guys see how I am about, like I really care about this guy that
thirty years ago, just happen to be on the wrong side of the Fucking Street and that's what ended up happening to him. I think about Kent a lot so that I am thankful for nothing can I wish I could do more, for you know I live in New Jersey. He lives in Fucking Arizona. You know what fucking time zones away. I wish I could do more for cat. I wish cat litter there. The corners. I could see him one taken ones because then the day tat was fucking bad guy it was. He had a kilo of Coke. And I wanted that. That's how it turned out to be. How sad is that fucking story- and it took me twenty years to get through them. I think. at once. He realized was growing as a comedian and as a human being me a second chance. fucking loved it I fucking loved I love that. I got the chance to apologize to him on the church, I'm happy. We got to get a bite together, I'm happy
all these things evolve from that because I turned a shit. Day on November, fucking seventeenth into the best day of my fucking life, best day of my life was: I walked into that front. storm member when I found out sends to how I fell asleep in the south, have tried the fucking close to Grandma Block, He falls asleep after doing a gram a blow, and so I still round the bend over by the sink and put the dollar bend or make believe I got an drop in the in the fucking toilet and flushing the toilet in being, I for like ten minutes, but it didn't matter, You know me finally my my fate- that day just overtook everything over overtook the cocaine so fucking you sleep, you gotta process. What the fuck does happen.
So really interesting in our. So I thought but this on a Monday morning, because sometimes you look at your life and you fuck. If it wasn't for that, I would have had this now you looking at it wrong you looking at it wrong, look at it from the perspective that even this fucking pandemic as much as fucking hate. It focus the mask and everything we got some miles pandemic. Think about you got. Something to learn about yourself in this pandemic or better. Yet you learn something about yourself because of this pandemic, You learn what you could do, what you wanna do. What you don't want to do, no more! For me, it was. I didn't, want travel anymore at a motherfuking, really we do stand up anymore. More, like what I'd become. I didn't like a lot I didn't like that. You know.
We was there with me gaining weight. I don't like a lot of things and looking all, but and it all worked itself out. You know so what, Among those stand up, I'm healthy, I'm happy. My wife is happy families abbe My friends are happy, you know, and so be it in the future, less lobby crack a little stupid Joseph myself, where we are- and I still got it, but that's the sea with the future bring them up, data on anything I'm just living my life having a good time I'm trying to allies and see what the fuck happened the last forty years, That's all I've been doing the last year and a half I got back we started writing a book. You know that First couple of chapters was about growing up in Jersey and I was a criminal and all this shit next thing. You know I'm back in in New Jersey, I'm back to where all this shit went down to where all the pain got fucking caused in my life and I'm adjusting perfect.
And all this shit is coming for. Fuckin circle found me so. when I come on Hannah Monday morning and talk to you about my fucking prison life, let you know that may be a sit near right now gone far. Come stop now! You're, not you know, Looking out from rifle in perspective, sometimes I feel that a fuckin needle like I have to go to get in there. Monday schedule for Mondays, because I'm one of those fucking type of people but I'll start about that needle a week out and over the years that if, by too many think about the needle. If I flip my thought, if I flip it MIKE that needles not going to hurt, I go to acupuncture once a week, I'm going to be define find I changed. My attitude before I walk in that thing, I'm a different fucking person like I look at it from a different perspective, you know when I was going to Jiu Jitsu, I'm a fucking old man I know I'm going to get beat up.
I know some going to tap me. Eighteen times already know this going in and I will this little anxieties. I was driving to judge whether flipping around I'm goin that even if I get I'm going to be fucking better about it, even if no matter what I'm going to do, I'm going to fucking learn something one thing one thing may be something to do a breathing. Maybe some though my stepping in that's how I look at things now and he saw with between the ages of twenty the thirty five. I didn't look at things like this at all. I didn't look at the things for the good. That they had offers before the bat like what I thought was the bad stuff. It was the good stuff Do you know when you don't have the scapes here? You don't get. Fuckin died, you gonna Brad, I get fucking anxiety, but in the long run your legs are going to be fucking strong. You know you're going to it's just you have to look at What the fuck him beauty and sometimes and Trust
for years I was captain fucking Darkness, I look at things, I'm not doing that. I'm mud now I got a switch em up a little over the years. I had to switch em up and look at it from a different perspective. This happens with age, guys, and a more I'm fucking, the sailing, the I'm sailing the sixty year old metaverse right now. You guys, aren't even To me, an age I'm I could be a dad's or I think I can be a dad. If you up to forty, will give Europe the forty I could be it there are fifty nine are gonna fuck somebody when I was eighteen and you got a bit around, so I want you, guys, look in your lives and go fuck, I'm never going to get through this. This isn't going to work. Yes, it is yes, it is. Put your head down but, most importantly, look at it from a different perspective. Look at it from a different fucking view from a dick angle, everything has twelve five can be used to write this twelve.
Fuckin numbers around the clock. When I worked with that. the guy from Stripes should apply that analyze that and I did I see when I feel on partly at the first time at work with somebody that used the twelve o clock method, the two and ten o clock method, the three and six o clock method and the foreign aid a clock method to shoot. Ok, so to canvass The shot will not do is twelve, then he will put two cameras at at two when ten o'clock so ten. Until then, he will put them at nine and three and four and eight as the scene progressed as the same progressed. No, no, no everything gotcha I like that, like that, oh wow, if it was a small scene just say, but for you to shoot that you gotta have a big butt,
use the same like you just can't yeah you'll, be there all fucking day you got to have a big budget. He had a big budget to hit someone the more we can give a fuck, for had seen that teen started at nine in the morning, and I went to like fucking seven at night and there was nothing nothing seen it was answer the Bagley him sitting at a bar with me us talking all the suddenly turned location hits might face and he walked away, is a guy comes and what a gun we done that same. Look at here, one camera, Camry, one big cats but for the whole scene, one on mine I used one on history. I shall at once you know How re mister fuck it I'm going to shoot. who did pantyliner forget like we want for the eight we're would take him like a half hour. break I'm on my ass I said: why do you? The question you watch one just learned
I love all this shit why you shooting from three to nine and I will now because I'll be honest with you I'll pray, throw away all those fucking things from tool or whatever, but if I don't see the prospective marrying I will fucking know that I can look at it and here and just make like a fifty percent judgment. And fell to really see what you're missing and he goes and that's that's it then that we don't do in life. We don't look at it and trust me. I want was fucking. Twenty eight you'd think I was looking at things in perspective. You're out of your fucking mind practice His podcast is about that practice that, before you attack. Something look at it from all the fucking perspectives on it. I swear to God. I started doing this- and I was about thirty eight and it helped me fucking immensely. It slowed me down.
In my life it maybe about things- and this is thanks to my wife. Because I had to use this prospective with everything MIKE Dispatch, To be used, especially for comedy, I still I still remember. I did and show in Bakersfield for these fuckin dudes and they charge you know they paid me dollars. They paid me nothing add me do a lot and while I was doing it, I was having a good time. So I didn't mind it. I think it was good karma. You know like he. He built is Joey ideas to me. But when I there was a long as there and how are these people? we're footballs or whatever doesn't matter, but I'll. Never forget that I made a mental note and something I would never do like this thing that I did. I probably did this In two thousand and nine and guess what
My career started in two thousand tat ten. I started doing comedy in nineteen ninety one. Yet But when did my career start, two thousand and nine or ten right after I had that conversation with. the kid's name was: will American, I just thought about all this and he call me up when NATO's our I want to do that thing over again and all I said to them was a polite way. I go I'm in, but I go. I can't do it for two hundred bucks, not for what you paid me that was charity. I just spoke up for myself for years, I never said Mental Booker's. This mad assess on, say- and I said it all godless or whatever was going to go down. Is the deal cocksucker letting com a cocksucker, because I wanted to give me the Listen! Here's the deal! Let's do a fucking door deal
I may promote at that time. I know nothing about promotions. I was just sick and tired of getting the fucking raped every other week for comedy I don't let me get, let me get a percentage deal and he thought about it. I guess not you're, not worth it I'll. Never forget that. And I took it like a man. I didn't call him anything. I just said: okay, I'm not worth it, but guess what now because you said that I'm going to become worth As I understand what I need to do now to attack from this perspective, when I got that perspective wasn't my style made a little money. Don't call me and I'll never forget this. Three months later, dear friend of mine, call me Jose man. I got. I talk to you about something that dude called me and said that you get a little bit too big for your britches and I was like no I'm not I'm just ask.
from my fucking word and right after that, my career fucking kicked in the fucking and write about. it's a confidence in yourself and you gotta draw the line and say when this, life changes when you decided to change. It's not just gonna fuckin change. You know how many things get initiated by you then the change just because you know so. Keep that in mind and a beautiful welcome Monday morning because that's it February is gone cocksucker tomorrow is March first and guess what the rent is due. The fuck is it's that and easy I love you mother, fuckers! Thank you for watching today. You give me the love. All I have my back. We'll have a gun. spare your fucking Wednesday were gone. This own gas, where the alike to imagine guys had me giving beans I gave Neuro, I came,
keep doing this shit. I gotta switch it around. Have some people. Come through here, so I The concept is wrong. My art is gonna, be a great fucking week I'll be back, Wednesday March. Second, I got a birthday a fifth now my birthday dear friend, the mines brought down the fifth. What is your birth and the fifth? Yes, we have to focus, friends on the fifth. It's going to be a great week. This week in cold weather, is gone away. That's it that's it bitches I mean it's a cold mother day today day here, josie. The sad thing about this. I want to mention this. I had to go to awake Sunday Day for the owner of El Nido Joe died, can devastating. I mean saw it on Instagram and fucking called me up a nose, that's horrible horrible.
Like I said: seventy eight all old call Colvin, What's going on today. I met the guy three four five months ago and he made a big impression in my life I bought a fucking more when he was seventy six years old. He bought that restaurant when he was sadly five years old, who buys a fucking restaurant, is seventy five years old he's a fucking pipe fitter for Christ sakes. You know he has a pipe fitting company, but it was a restaurant. It was his passion what he really wanted and he made it best. He can have had a fact as a pipe further get a restaurant and make it the top by a restaurant in the state. You know. I spoke to my friend officer Kelly yesterday, Marlborough egos If all the land was off the fucking charity, he couldn't believe it that's what this guy did with his vision. You know when he had a vision for that mall, where it's at
but a boy just stuff, a man I had a man and machine. Tom. I normally impression on me, so my heart goes out his family and fear by NATO, go in there say alone, say a brac as some other. At restaurants. I bet a nap, my life, so love you guys. Thank you for the support, don't forget UFC this weekend. It's going to be off the fucking hook, and that's it. That's that don't forget we're releasing another strand this week. I think it's tremendous for machine. Would she I'll keep you find on the one, so it's gonna be cocoa it's so its co goes. I see me, tremendous white truffle, rainbow rights, which is thirty, seven percent I don't get you. The Cubans will I love you mother thought is that all my I have a great fuck, the Monday stable
and I'll see you caught up is Wednesday tip top Margaux. Kick this lock a meal brother all right. I want to thank you guys. For listening watching whatever the hell you do. You know I love you saw also. I want to thank C b b lie and farmers have any back with them what does for years. I think there are tremendous product I've been using the tape on my me ever since I have my surgical me again, and I gotta tell you. I cut it down the middle. I split it. I wrapped around the bottom. Tremendous Cbd line is the best whether it's a tincture that tape the bat balls, cream you gonna love so domain. they were going to see the line that time read up on the third Polly lab results. You could start off with the tinctured. We also, I bade the plans we got. The weed go to cbdlion get it over with. You need Cbd tincture in your
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