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the Whatsapp when you bad mother, welcome uncle Joey's joint Monday, the twenty Beautiful March, today we have the fucking
the team that here of Ducktales at Catholic, Steve Simone and we got the Jew. On the other side lease I asked for a fun filled uncle Joey Joint. The bomb is here for fucking decoration. We can't smoke my daughter's upstairs doing math homework. You know how that goes, that she's, not even home, that guy was here, but thank God for fuckin a bee x and the filters that I got a couple of different companies. I got be acts with these little fucking vapor pens. Panza goes. Maybe not. yeah hmm. What time is Monday morning, what a fuckin bang toxic is least go. How do you like Josie, my friend, I love, and how you're not eight hundred pounds? I told you motherfuckers when it comes to food, mine,
but is the shit you dick? I moved here to beer, welcome x, Ray what I'm saying. I moved here because of the fucking food, what I always want to eat, but just knowing that it's there yet That's what we didn't have enough of a fucking hellhole. Where we live. Now we miss L, a you know. I miss L, a I miss some of my good friends. Some The food was good with talking about Lala's last night but besides that, nothing is like what I should be about five hundred and sixteen bounds right now if, on the ten pound, the weak game, but forget I just had a put the disciplinary man because I can eat the killer is two slices a day That means I would be a fourteen slices a week that I can't recover from a fucking sixty but two slices a week. I could recover from a couple of pushups.
Two or three little walks and I'm okay. You know what I'm saying, but it's so quick like we went to get pizza today for lunch, and I- and I thought I just forgot- that you could go places- can get a slice I thought we were going to sit down and they were going to bring out a pie like I didn't I've. Never I you can't down and eat pizza if you can get a slice in five minutes here, I would stop more argue more than fourteen a week. again. I would add that when I left here every three I was eaten fourteen slice of weak metabolism was different. There was cocaine. Lotta things happening. You know I'm saying now. I can't do those fourteen lights a week, but I hope you guys understood when I said to you when we go to that. Chapala on Selma or we go to the pizza parlor. Goes and allay how everything was a problem like they didn't do a slice when you advertising a slice. You don't have a ties and slice your advertising, that
it'd be in and out of your place in two fucking minutes that slices a slice is something on the move. Yeah, you go pizza. What your kids and your grandparents and you just sit around and talk about the pepperoni. That's one thing I'm talking about when you fucking go with, you know you're working. your work working even fifteen minute break you got a fifteen minute break is twenty. I mi pizzas at two, let's be let them but a slice of twenty in the afternoon. Which is already settled you shouldn't a fruit in observing the beer. Yad is gone now in four, suddenly keep you together till six six, thirty, what better data oh slice, Lodi Coke and then at you This lies. You know what I'll take another one pocket out of slightly by the day. Sometimes I go. I want to fuck in follows the day and I got them because you want demagogy, slice or you want to. Wait, two minutes for us to watch it to come up, and I said you know what I wait. Two minutes with a slotted to come up
I walked in there thinking I was going to get a cheese. I had the flavor of cheese in my mouth. You understand me. but I do not get this logic because that's the way ghostly goes today. I went get one slice. Sometimes you get to I was gonna, say I thought we're going to get a cheese while you waited for the sausage but then, You're, the one we went to you told us to go to the class is free from carvel a black and white luxury, black and white, my favorite gone them, it's it's vanilla, ice cream and chocolate softened. Chocolate ice cream as an milkshake just brought to be able to walk from pizza to carvel next to a daily place. Why got you the sandwich before we had the pizza? We already know about yeah. Now, it's heaven its food, Heaven, absolute and then you like, I knew You, like you, manage at dinner last night and you were there our waiter didn't say two words to us. You,
I can everyone's like you and like your everyone who loves you here, that's my spot. That's my chinese place! There's a guy I went to. I went to chinese place with a friend of mine near the cop, and he started was bullshit. You know this is a great place, but I think you should go to the other place down the road and I'm like you don't understand. I don't do that. Once I find my place. Unless the other place, the chicks have firecrackers come over pussy, I'm loyal to my people. You know. Everybody always says this, that about restaurant. If you'll lawyer, how loyal are you as a fucking customer that restaurant can they can? your business every week. I would do you oughta may. Do you tell people about that business, so these places that I'm gonna cost about Empire Szechuan, that's my spot. They laugh at me like they make fun of me. When I go in there That would change. We will make one. Are you at a restaurant sure, my wife. Go your husband here with blonde
are you yeah. I've never had that, like, like your friends and my friends, my buddy tomato pie. Projects doesn't open, is open fifteen days a year and every time I come in the filling his How many do you need help open up the business just for me. familiar rest he's got like a property business he's like in the concert should he spoke and release how that re brought home. My gun with just a pie would so we got a flight made alpine tomato for compiling reading is this. Obviously you, mother, Fucker, see show is about food. Yeah listen tell
I fieri the suck your dick and tell fucking another motherfucker that Bobby flay that ignorant cock sucker. He always wins, nobody beat Bobby Flay, nobody plays Bobby Flay. I know there was a white chicken there last week that about Bobby flay up, but they always give it to Bobby Flay to fix Bobby flay Fucking Food network. I was thinking of taking some mobile of you motherfuckers, but you always let Bobby wood. that even my wife's tat watchword it I'm watching this that the these, People are obviously beating Bobby Flay as the taste The judges like liked, yeah that guy with the glasses yeah. This is a goofy fucking network
We people on their families can awaken is twitter, is gonna, be messed up and running. I do it always thought can get up. I always they always porch like the people. He spoke and up again If the flow more than they make lie, they do it Bobby flay like oh, let's torture Bobby a little bit they cheer against Bobby, religious evenly, and I want them most. Been pre before the eighteen year old. The end and shit the bus girl said something. Police alive and kicking now, little don't worry, I don't get so all those Fuckin idiot step came out against the black. And they opened up a can of worms that they didn't know they were going to open up I suddenly didn't think about what they were going to fucking say whatever. Now they realize why people shut the fuck up because if you say something to bring you this, like? I was watching the Sopranos black guy. That was a witness and he told the cop I'm a good citizen. I should have said something:
two weeks later. His name is in the paper and he's like I'm going to get we'd bet against it. That's why shut your fucking mind your business such a fucking sometime? You want to be a fucking playboy. a boy scout due to your own fuckin time would pay a shoe, lays down that were almost guy. What the fuck is wrong with it but they dont gray, and you know what I'm out before him. A lot of people turn their back on him. He got to see, it life and once you see where you stand in life, you're fucking, brand you're brand new he's got nothing to talk about nobody to talk with fuck you said shit about me on Twitter, any moves on checking with glee. All the time limit of my luggage, reasoning was being daddy's, a family is, answer all some. Like I love that come on these better, what happened was he was fuckin people, he was being a deck and I want to check succeed. Dig you I got you finish. Get the fuck out of here can't do that for these chicks, checks actually think that they want to get married you something so
was just a bad situation. I'm happy! We all moved down from that. I'm happy all the stupid shit that people, fucking, everybody moved on from it, and now you see Now you see? Why were the way we are now? What you got now. You have comedians that aren't going to fucking talk to you, yeah, that's what you got now comedians that aren't fucking the scared. I know no names? He said he will never do another meet and greet he doesn't give a Frenchman's fuck, because the bid. You touch somebody wrong what others. That's what you get now! That's what you get you want to plan about comedians. You know. That's why dog enables stable creepy. Should I got, I took a picture with a fucking. I told you about that. Three years ago, I with to Lake Toledo Toledo, Ohio, is that week
and yet the holiness, wanted to okay yeah the funny bone leader yep four fucking years ago, five fucking years ago, in between a dog, it was so long. I don't even fucking. Remember I took a picture with a fucking. I was in the lobby and the whole town like about five, no, no on a Saturday, especially in a small town, because everybody knows you're at that hotel gacha. I went out for dinner, but it was a smaller hotel. Didn't have room service,
usually for dinner at any hotel on Saturday. I just have room service because you don't really want to go out. I do all my shit early, I go to the gym and then I go up to the room about four watch tv for a little while and then I didn't do that at that went out. When I came back, there were checking in she was really attractive and so was either a young couple. They were like dirty too. She took a picture of me. He took a picture of me, then they both took a picture of me, never thought about it again, hi goodbye. They said I was very approachable whatever two years later, I'm getting a fucking email. Looking for my address here, was filing for divorce and he used one of my pictures with the check to say she was cheating on her as the ones I asked when I got to answer to an attorney and all they will know they happen and turn yeah that the attorney might hit me up. We have online, so with all that shit. Now, how do you feel after that? Do you want to you know
do you want? My baby to be after that? you have seen is are taking pictures of people. That would say get me in a headlock a year later, it again suit because they said when you got a that laughed you hurt their fucking neck. And it's because, like the vast majority like in deaves five percent of people we meet or I've met through. This is so cool, but the crazy have gone crazier and it's just it's not it. like it's just not worth it like as much as it would suck to be like. Oh, I can't take a picture, but it's like is this one time, I take a picture and someone says I did something or even yesterday, some guy's first time in six months. Anyone today we both the church. Some guy stopped me to gas it, but they literally pulled over. They weren't even millionaire smiled, they left the car running and I was like am I about to get fucking like
I feel like I'm nowhere in the middle of nowhere in Connecticut, but it's all you think about it. Now I get it and I mine is a hundred drift of thousands of what Europe really. Why said, last night as a to like how often do you recognize cause it happened. as I mean we're out in your wife, was like everyday again that that's a little bit much. I must get a little bit old. Now you say a to people there, some people who are last night- it was an original Friday. I went to a restaurant and cold snack and they had twelve kids and I got twelve adults. You know I got like six sets of parents and we sit and we just come from attack a flag football game and was sitting there having a good time with the kids. I'm also a guy comes in with kids and they stopped because the waitresses there- and I make eye contact with the guy- and he looks at me like what's happening- is how you doing man. He goes. I love him, the longest shot. He shook my hand and he kept moving.
This creates people yeah. That's in those acts, merciful yeah back ass. We walked with those other kid gloves because it good. we'll make it easy to make it easy. They make life easy, but then there's problem people wearing to coat. Then I got two kids around me. I got to my daughter sitting on me and I got the neighbor girl busting. My balls cause my pants were short and they could see my ass, in fact, girl kept saying I'm throw pennies in there, Mr Diaz and listen to because you Joe Diaz and I'm like you, got the wrong guy Just because I knew what he was usually a guy with kids. He was who's, excited very excited. He was young and I know going to hang there, he might even slip and say what, is the reefer outside I'm sitting next to a cop He knows I get high, but I don't to slam it in his face right
I go nah and he goes everybody bucket. You look just like him. Anybody ever tell you that the attack them goes I thought them all the time these laughing at the table, the guy's, a man you look just like Joey. I didn't do that was a scumbag. I did it because I know that what was the other guy kids with them, and you can read just like a nice. You know whatever polite. I love talking to people, I love, listen, I'm a chatty, and you know what I'm saying like. I love talking to people sure you're cool with me and you approach me the right way. I'll talk to you for ten fucking years the day I went to la bodies and talking to some guy out there for fucking twenty minutes about CG. I yep you know he he just he came up to me. It's like I am in high school and I want to learn. He goes on a shot in the sopranos that they really and we talk,
If you don't want to take a picture. He didn't give a fuck about comedy, polite, polite and respectful respect that, like I remember being in a bar, I wasn't even drinking, but I was like five years ago or whatever bartender slammed end I kept the island. I said. Excuse me, I can see that you're busy, but when you have a chance, may please get a diet coke with no ice and guy goes what said I understand you're busy uncle but when you please just a diet, coke anyone, whatever you want it's free, I go what he goes, order whatever you want to goes you're the only play person we've had in here in a year. He was whatever you want. I got it like that people don't do that anymore, there's! No more common courtesy! tat over the with the situational last two years. I think in our man. I call it like a mental health issue. Maybe I had a little bit of mental health issue. I, when you see all these planes and stuff. I was thinking about the planes that it was. People have been in the house too long,
working on how to act. Yeah that was just a stupid excuse. I know that the planes you know what I did the plane to Austin just the amount of times the Fucking Lady told me to put the mask on, even though I had my mask on you know. She can't put it on there like a recording yeah I wanted to get up and punch myself in the fucking face, never mind much like the stewardess or I didn't want to punch on them in the face. I wanted I myself in the fucking face because it was so fucking annoying Yes, you know right now people for a long time, people that know where their money was coming from. As you know, we were talking about L a before these people will paint to my two thousand dollars a month. That in pay rent for a year and a half years Wentworth forty Fucking Gees the forty fucking cheese you're. Never going to get out of that trust me. I was down one hundred g's, that's ten fucking years now That's how you down a hundred jeez, that's fucking! Forget tat lies with all your bullshit you because gotta remember, you have rent data
I think Steve Harvey was paying the government four hundred Fifty thousand mug. Did you see that gained? It wasn't because like out in solely by twenty million dollars on his account, stole them, others filing taxes and involve all my good reside and then, like you, almost twenty years back taxes, oh, no I'm not wanting to allow my. It was a long back in time for you to Four hundred and fifty thousand dollars a month, that's a and he goes I of money. No wonder he is. The judge show now that's what he said he goes. I did everything I didn't turn down anything. I was not a position to turn down anything wrong. He goes. I just worked and he goes. I bumped into a contract that was big and not pay the bulk of it off, but
four hundred and fifty thousand a month and still pay for your car payment, because that shit don't get life, doesn't stop groceries like a toy order, which is still expect of a fundamental again. We have someone come on the pod gas ones. Who was very nice, but like not a known person and they came in and they were talking about, like a Two thousand one hundred dollar one bedroom with an hundred dollar a month, Mercedes lease and it wasn't. What are you talking about and they were therefore like there are. There were new to allay a now draw a month, my buddy Wally was in a way for a month and, like you know, you meet idiots when you're. First like an acting class, whatever the guy living in a studio apartment and he was driving a Ferrari Ferrari and living in studio apartment street
yeah, but no idea. The area did you anybody watching L, a Lakers show on H, B, o h, MAX pretty fucked good show. The making of the lake is imitation. I, like Thomas Reilly Miami was looking John, always to a good. I met him really say anything to him: hi nice to meet you. Let me tell you something about he's, always been like a mediocre actor in my world, even though people put them on a pedestal, for When you see him playing Jerry Bus thought the bus, the great at shows great. Me and my wife watch out religiously at nine o one, that's awesome, but what was I going to get that talking I saw about L. We were talking about people's bills, all this Agnes people are carrying with them and just be nice, like you were talking about the people approaching you
if he ably else and all the stress people are under, and I realize that now, like I go out of your way, just to be a little bit nicer to people. You know what makes people I will say one thing: I love about Jersey, Philly this EAST coast when you're nice. people They immediately give it back to you like their so if, like the guys in the pizza place, they were so like skewed. We said please and excuse me, I kept on checking in on us. How do you like it? He gave us the bigger size are in balls than what we paid for like they take care I mean yeah, you know what I mean like you put it out there you get good back, but then like at a certain point like I did a lot of podcast real estate agents in L, A and Beverly Hills. I did two different ones and I would go and record sometimes have like these really beautiful house. but like the houses in Beverly Hills didn't really. I never felt comfortable in them. I feel like a home at all and like it was
The numbers will blow you away. They're, like a two million dollar house, for them was like a starter house. All houses, like ten million, twelve million- it's like If I could live in a six hundred dollars, no house and not have to work versus have to do I saw show I might not want to do Bolivia while million dollar house, maybe you should regular house and retire. Yes do whatever you. Why do you have this like twelve bedroom estate? I never light. If you know anything about me, I love doing stand up and I love working doing movies I never liked the attention people in that field. If you don't. Meanwhile, fuckin surgeons are saving lives. Yes, and nobody talks to them. Nobody wants to take a picture with them, yet nobody wants to do nothing. Nobody a picture on the that you know, and all that straight great, never light that. If
the man ever like the fucking somebody, water right water and crack just wasn't so, when I left when I left the way it was, easy on wine for a guy like me, Me too, I wasn't tied up with a publicist I wasn't going to. I didn't, and now I feel like I get old, the comedy store fiftieth anniversary, which is seven comedy stores. Big part of my life. I wouldn't have a wife and wasn't this dog kid Korea, nothing. I mean it's really painful for me to think about going there like I'm, like I'm twelve, and I am not in that world anymore. You know I you're so much happier. That was because we've talked over the past year and a half
play who's, seeing you like when you came up with mercy and Terry last night. It's just like how hat like I told Steve, sounds like I'm so happy that you're so happy. It's like it just noticed it was time to get out for me. It was like being a stand up. Comic me too. I liked everything that came with it, but somewhere along the line, it went south for a guy. Like me, it just went south. I wasn't enjoying what I was doing and why can't believe that I sacrificed this. One of my life to be a stand up and all of a sudden I didn't want to do it anymore. It was very hard for me to think to comprehend the process it and I struggled a lot with it. You don't I kept telling people last year by next July, I'll be on stage my next April this or whatever I'm going through. Now I pulled away from it even more like I pulled away from it, even more I'm enjoying watching movies again just for a movie and not to look at it to see,
the actor is right, but I always knew that when I did the sopranos, I always had a funny feeling that was going to be my last movie, like I always just had a funny feeling like I did. We crashed and whatever else I did some for Greg, Garcia and stuff, but I don't I dunno I just this is a perfect way to unwind. For me, I needed this. You know I'm happy that leaves doing and looks like a fucking Sundar. Thank you, but I mean when I pulled up with it any restaurant- and I can see him from Behind- I was like wow look at fucking lie. You for people, don't know you know we were talking about it before I mean there was a day I went looking for these two fucking humps, and I'm driving up magnolia and I make a left onto the fucking window, whatever that was Tonga, calm down. I see Lee, I see Is one walking like you know, Johnny
tip top a golden rule. One a fog is leave. These looks like a fork in the road for me- there was what's the guy that rings bells. It wasn't like that His whole left side was stopped. He looked like the guy in splash. He shot himself with the Novocaine, Whatever was reported by their town acts. That is that I hold MC lean. Lee was just this combined with like I hated it, others can that it was hot. I was three I was so concerned. We would have called you off. like I was so concerned and then, when I started to see the weight come off but to see it in person so proud and happy happy happy happy for you yeah, you just don't I dunno. I just wasn't ready. I guess but it wasn't a fool like I was a white before guys.
we want! A time, capsule Mamma would just at the time caps and there was so much going on. But then again there was nothing on. You know what I'm saying like there was a lot going on. I gotta go to the store in the we're going get the fighters as we It was a lot going on, but there was nothing going on and we were in as up as this. How's that awaited think will whining only tat. We were. I'm going back right now anybody who went in there and you guys have seen it when you watch the old episodes, the Add the mushrooms acid church fuckin. In Benjamin Walking, walk into Anna. I can still walk that fucker, you know We we didn't my dear, we didn't know what we're doing, but few people were at home watching yeah. It was pie the body a lot? You know he was asleep and I was asleep you know
I am waking up in the mornings and going to piss on my dick in my hand, just enter you guys. It was a different. I wasn't being a hypocrite. I was just doing my job but you guys I was having a great time but I still meme in the mornings waking up going. I can't believe I had two spot at the store tonight and I can't fucking believe I have to spot at the store tonight, like my day, is not going to be over till eleven o'clock and when you're a comedian when you're a musician when you're a singer when you're a blow job, whatever the fuck you do, whatever the fuck you do I mean MIKE's a musician, you know MIKE. If I told you, you were playing a gig tonight, eight o clock. What time would you get there, Four forty at afternoon you know we would but it must be. When you a comic you ate the daytime, you're a real comic. You flock and ate the data there
nothing going on a date that has got anything to do with you, jobs of courts. no shit when you're comic can't wait, you want to wake up at the port. Eight throw you in the shower and just draw you to do this? That's all you think about all when I listen. When did Tom it'll two thousand and seven, when I woke up in morning. This is all I had on my mind too things what, Liscio's. Do I have tonight and I'm going to go to Grandma Koch tonight, nothing else. I didn't think about eating. I didn't think about fucking. I didn't think about sucking you think about two hundred and ten where am I getting onstage tonight and how am I going to grandma blow tonight? That's what you think of me when you're in the comic the first time appian years, if you're thinking about some mouse you're not doing it right gonna, buy your wedding or how I can't wait to see what Kim Kardashian is doing that it's not going to work out for you if you give a fuck PETE Davidson
It's not our governments. All you gotta give a fuck about in the morning when you don't comedy, is to get on stage of my How scary is it, though, like cuz, I had day job While I can't imagine working a full and in our day and then doing stand like that's. That's a lot and and also like how you like Did you eventually have to make the switch to not doing a day job? But, if you're not making that much money. Oh it's terrible, my god! plus I had to work like minimum. each day jobs. They were flexible in case Joey said you want to come out on the road with me, Polly, said I have two weeks we're going to go on a tour of the midwest for two weeks. You can have a job. Like yours, with railways, follow the link to let us have only or do you just like you have to go while jobs. All the time cause like you, like, I'm juggling quit, there's no other nice, the nice lady at the gym. Remember the Hollywood gym where I worked. She always kept a job for me Nice. The pizza pizza places that I at at boy, I must emphasise here they, but that they will
This is why you're here go? Do it yeah, so I worked at pizza places gym and then telemarketing, but its exhausting cause Europe. Work, two different jobs, you're not make overtime time anywhere, you're, not getting any benefits get up on stage at ten o clock at night with either way? can comments that have been sleep at all day or like rich. I don't know how many people now labour, just rich kids. They didn't have to work That's all they did was just like. You know an open mic that was their job. They work three minutes and then I was exhausting you know when I got it the I worked, the first like three years I was playing. any fees and bragdon all that shit. I ninety five on my fuck work. fuck my credit rating a boy you motherfucker, you know for ye cuz. All your life you're going to be worried about listen when you get to comedy you're a fucking nomad
when you get in music, you're fuckin. No bad. Okay You know when you become a librarian there's a lot of welcome. I berries when you become a You might be the only comic again, your fucking neighbour, or your fucking state, or whatever so like what year all my focus was on stand up, Why are you going to get a job when you gotta get job with somebody come up? There was still special, nevertheless factory. Why that's what happens when you have a day, job and York, comedian of your musician, and you got a gig that night that's all you're. Looking for and I had a family, I would have had a. I have a day job go home, put the kids to sleep, whatever help my wife or whatever the fuck I had to do, and then hopefully, somebody's got a spot for you at nine o'clock. Yup, it's a great life. I mean if you make sixty thousand a year in your day, job whatever selling insurance, an office, job and economists, you can
we'll put together another ten gs a year at night work in comedy, oh yeah, you could do the weekends. I worked with a couple of guys that were fucking, hilarious and Denver, one black guy particular. I forget what his name was. I loved them. He was a fucking attorney wow, so at night he would have one woman say what his job was, my favorite joke and he was a black dude, really handsome dude cool. I forget what his name is: God, forgive me, but he would have his closer. Was you guys like the godfather and people go yeah we'd like the godfather he goes. This is my impersonation of Vito Corleone and he would turn around and put the cotton balls it, was not, and he turned back around and go somebody fucked up my teeth. Yeah I used to love that goofy yeah.
Gas via the more desire paths are saw that he would do that. Somebody who was stopped- that's awesome, The cotton balls border this about fucking tremendous, but that guy made great money. I still The Wyoming Army will like a frog pick me up like a six. We gotta do like one hundred miles an hour to get to the gig by a race I know he had a suit on and he, tell me cause I work like two weekends local. You know like that in Colorado. Back then yeah, you have your comedy clubs, but you also have like the Poconos would do comedy on Fridays and Saturdays yup. They know you know that you
Usually I have local guys and I was telling you that this a restaurant in alabama- maybe I think, on the seventy nine stacks fucking tremendous breakfast. Have you got a minute to go to stacks? Get the fucking pro dish? Oh my god. It's a little dish. They give you, what do you? What do you have like a Denny's, those disgusting things, Grand slam granting on all the other one that comes auditioning for the two eggs on top. Are you supposed to cut it up? Dennis was defy all those places they have moved, no is nah. That's my shit! Moon over Miami, but those things Potatoes, a skillet, ago dog, I'd, never like the skill it like that one, The dynamism somebody referred me, a dear friend of mine referred me to a diner. They have a what's the little potatoes tat trick. Territory, the talk every day to know. My number is negative.
I don't think I don't even think you would like it It's only for fat people. I loved here dots winning a limited number of days. They do that its data tat with sausage, peppers, old, fries with lightning six different types of cheese. Please little bacon bits am slices and focus. its disgusting scam? They put two eggs on top of that covered with fucking cheat I mean it's too late. I in fact I ate at one time and I was supposed to drive mercy to the wreck or something like that. We gotta stop at home. Why tell you when we get a dog, I destroyed that little fucking bathroom ink was coming out of it. The whole apartment thing, but Stax has a fucking pro dish is called a pro team play the pro each filet mignon chunks with potatoes, green peppers, red peppers, and they give you the edge eggs on the side with two pieces of wheat toast that sounds good
stop it, but my point is they you do like for me: if I ever got into it? If I had a weird bug up my ass, I would start with just Jersey. The six calmly clubs in Jersey that I could do that's twelve. We can see. That's it can't you do the boy. My j, well then see ya I'll, see you in November November December and you're done for the year
and that's what I would do. I would just do local things and I cause I'm not getting on a fucking plane every week and I get classic ice and my car sicknesses fifty fifty. So I what if I drive somewhere and I get sick, I can't go onstage. I can't go on stage. I happened to me once a fucking week, motion sickness, it's something, I'm doing something. I think it's my vision at night. I think it's my vision and then every week I tell my wife. We gotta go to Costco this week, but it's like everything else, everything else on the backburner. I'm having a hard time driving at night it sucks now like it sucks I hate driving at night. Do you yeah the the like? I never know like that was the worst part driving after an edible in LA cuz, the headline oh what lane therein I'd, be terrified to merge.
I would just stay in the one lane Lane. I'm out of kill myself going, have kill myself, have the right in and get off, and I like Jesus yeah, some of the spoils. You'd have more now I thank God for that and I got the garlic I eat the garlic pills this morning, so processing right now in the stomach, the garlic bills will be ready, will be. Finally, to give you an opponent, I gotta figure out a corner. get you don't know. What is I saw, though it s like this. He is disintegrate when I why proposals it was brown by the end of all the fights gotta. Do we cuz we did the podcast twice a week and you ate fish twice a week. You would have salmon and garlic pills and come over and just and then we switch chairs you're right next to me, so I couldn't move, when you're on the on the end, I kind of like move away from the best.
I think, that you in the corner there with an honest to God, how many farts, I bought it since we started this podcast. ten baby, but maybe about It's been tremendous. My system is changed the air in a way that was polluting now, yes, all using, as you ve heard, ten, it was silent ones. Cause I would only know no far, because you would do this let it always make a sound believe. You'd, like a guy learned, so I gave you that's like shit we're thinking they are going to have like PTSD like I have to run away. I think people Following our time- oh my god, you pardon so much, but I have to say I now might have been the flies, but were flies. I still say it was of the to the dumpster.
at the office complex but of course, The dumpsterwise was neck, my neck smelled, probably hungry, it was the last time you ate. I can Where are we on the broadly video Macau is in homes have yet I shall I like it that one is last time you saw fly. We know. now is the fact that I was business as the flies bring homeless. What also attracts flies. Shit right. Will you take a ship and you put, in the floor. What comes to it that way and flies attracted? What do you think is in that bucket this shit? arab absurd. Some fuckin terrorists took a open you. I watch a lot of those cooking shows they put in the food processor and they put
fucking homeless or some chevy? That's why they're not beating Bobby Flay, but that's why you don't have flies? Oh my god Spirit touch me why you know that's why you don't have flies anymore, because you, on the same more The homeless has a little granulated shit. Now, I'm almost done more at some good. It's not. It smells. There's a there's, a kebab place near us out today, where I dunno I and there's a couple of mediterranean places. I'm gonna tell you what the deal is here The line is tremendous. The only fucking restaurant, the nine that vital wait to join. The code is fucking as Jersey, MIKE's, which I haven't figured a light. What happened and were kids cancelled, unless you live in Jersey, right we're not allowed to go to Jersey, MIKE's. That is the plan. How many fucking Italians came over in a bathtub to open up a sandwich, place you're to Fucking Jersey, MIKE's, get your fucking ham and cheese
madam your person from Jersey in Jersey? Might there in Rhode, Island or Connecticut or Fucking Delaware. Nobody, from jerseys even allowed to work a Jersey MIKE the food is, don't fucking, bat an Philly Cheesesteak, with the works I just did computer what idea the big bad elements loud. I gotta Josie, my exactly the rules might listen totally. We either Israel reminds us that these days in Canada, but you gotta joys unite or national yell you for that too. Why? We do not want to go to your logic, especially now that the fingers in your pizza I'll show you a kid that does door dash becomes all we every day, like I say, I'm Utah If you ever want to order food from the outside again you're a fucking go there. you dashed did you The thing is, I believe, and take a pepperoni out of respect. Do that everybody's pizza, everybody's
I take note of the paper on these are maybe a big. Good cheese off live a chinese food, sell coke. thanks when somebody wrote airborne? Somebody will all aggro the spare ribs. I was the happiest man on earth. Those spare ribs always got there late like I was the bad guy would, I would have counted if, if I was missing a leg roll out of my order, I would have been pissed off at all. I always say something if I want a shrimp dish: the Cologne shrimp. It is only for that. You get three m saying I don't give a fuck. That's why don't ya food? because I know what disgusting people do and I'm disgusting was disgusting delivery driver? If I do anything for your food, in food I got that The sample doomsday, maybe Maybe I don't want to buy a whole fuckin food you buy, it might just think of potato hard I was in Steve's car last night. After that pizza was in wasn't all day. I I can't
you being around about pizza, delivery, driver or chinese delivery driver all night be hungry and maybe off one I get, but I can't see I'm the kind of like naive that I can't live like that, like how people like they take the top sheet off at home. Hell's I can't live in it and then we do that because they don't change that she I can't live in a world where all think big change than she I have to admit. I have to trust that they're not going to fuck you with you that much I can't let you do that. every place. I go, I assumed the worst. When I look cook, I could tell that guy picks his ass, And it's my choice to eat his food or not like when I go to Lee's, Fried chicken I brothers having wash their hands. They got crack particles on their fingers and shit. complaint, but in my world adds to the Balkans labour. The jacket
dude, you I'm saying so a hypocritical type of do. When I come to that shit, I to nice restaurant, I see a couple of Mexicans. I know that Catholic. You know what I'm saying. I love the Foods Catholic and I know we got a shot. Elam saying we got shot We got a fucking shot, But there's like last time I went to a restaurant that listen when we go out with the We can't go to a good restaurant because we go in that thirty deep Eventually I push it away and move people, so we can't do that. So we got to go to a place that takes twelve people. Like last night, like I said, we were thirty deep, was twelve and like yeah we're like twenty six, so we got to go to these fucking restaurants like that take the reservation, went to a place last night it was okay. If I lived in California and fucking, you know up north somewhere. You know a lot
space, but now I'm watching Dinas died in normal bill and they got a powerful, wouldn't fuck. Em bakers feel my lap. I now seen all these great restaurants, bakers. Together. Then you ve got a big as yet, but I bought a political debate as feel not I not solve ok yeah. What this place last night, my wife was still hot about it this morning. But again I got to yell at my wife- was because the Mahila wasn't right and the fish and chips angle. Would you order a fucking Marino from a bunch of rednecks? That's what you get, is a jack and coke type bar or a fucking beer. You wanna Mohira, look at the fuckin by tat. This look at them. They got shit. You know showed the fish and chips they both the fish to the falcon. Chris, So when I went into the medical system were running behind going to be a little late, I knew I had to jump on an appetizer. I was hungry, but it was Friday. He can't eat fucking meat
it just might. But yesterday you should have called me. There was a dispensation yesterday. I know I didn't meet me. I know you chicken over the Chinese, because I confirmed it online and with my mom, because this is the landlady. You know what I really makes mistakes and though we the piece of meat, I just tried it since give up my and Ghana just try to really stick. That's alright! No meat Friday! what's the safe with fucking appetizer around here I want with the french onion Soup, that's as safe as could be unless the cheese is bad. It's it's brown brought some bread and a fucking piece of cheese. That's what and it's good I've been starting to eat it. Since I'm back, I love my soups on the EAST coast, so I fucking hate that I mean guys. There was nothing on that dish on that menu. I was in the mood for salmon. I just had salmon Wednesday, so I ordered something
against my core pie. How was it islands shed blood the next day, so the seafood was obviously good had a couple of the muscles that it was like three inch lobster tails. When I pulled the lobster meat out, you could see that it was black like it was once they got a MAC and sat River, but I took a chair, it's Columbus day, I'm not a pussy, it was all flat pie. I gotta get mine bitch, so I fuck and eight the lobsters ate the shrimp I eat the clans. Inside had a couple muscles and I ate a couple of the the rice wasn't bad, but they had a ton of trees, not not that chorizo and not the trees. Are they putting chorizo supposed to add to the texture of the pie it not supposed to overpower? yup. It's a seafood dish, not a fucking sausage dish. Okay, yeah. They had twenty nine pieces of sausage on a move up. I just ate around it. I didn't get sick, but everybody there. Let two nights ago was like the food.
You you gotta know what to order at these places, that's a hamburger joint that is hamburger joint. St Peter's was on you, I'm nervous tonight. We're going to get italian cause. I've done and there's two stores with him time for him getting mad at what I ordered when we came to see, documentary went to his favorite place I ordered ravioli weren't Joe's. You know I could just stab you and throw you the wheat, so you better order the right, mother, fucking, food and apparently raviolis. Now right. And then to the North Hollywood diner and report by storm tat. He stopped the Mexicans dont say in the matter. Are you maybe just asked me about my life? He took chile, and drew unknown, and he goes maybe and he gave it to you my lead on eat. It
It was just chilly, it was just chilling and I even had a Pena Harry Shift. Last time I checked fucking scans, don't have beans in it all right, yeah, the North Hollywood diner diners. I get spaghetti, know that was that was good. at breakfast, haha yeah and those two pieces of bacon. You better pray that it'll give you a ball real, quick boys meet every week. My wife gets it. My wife gets fuckin, you know, ask him either the thick fancy cut one in every once in a while. You got boys mean that motherfucker it tastes weapon, terrible, real, quick before we move forward. The joint a sponsored by better help online therapy. Listen A lot of us drop. Any data go help. Somebody by how often do we give ourselves the same treatment, we need to invest, in yourself invest in so by exercising and therapy better how online therapy.
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Trust me how I know everything and hears Gimme the same around just block any seas is Christ. Don't you got that you, whether fuckers, it's been awhile. The girl run been a while, but you know what it's Monday morning. You walk on one leg: cocksure go! Let's get this point in time! It writes that my eyes from last night. I tweet hundred milligrams. Last night eyes haven't been this red. The area where we lose would be, and I drank the Poupa spoken but look at my crocodile eyes my wife said this. I is so red it took twenty years. the to restore the veins in and eye the one night with a bx kaput. You understand me I can look at my eyes. It's still fucked up unless last live. Oh, my god, I was, I smoked a little buggy wu before, but nothing seriously.
Used to say that every like every once, a month, you'd like Newark, we're going to know more edibles and then and then three hours later it'd be animals. He'd call me like no more edibles today, the ones that we change If this is white truffle, the third in the series from fucking laughing gas, look, how beautiful the science years yeah, those ah ha all tax, Smuggle Cox, others there, cream sharp. Why travel rainbow rights and cocoa is waiting for you by the flood, the living, fly to steal some old love in it. I, like your new life in Florida, you like living with mom. You got your little comedy, gigs yeah, it's great! It's a peaceful, easy life, I'm getting a little bored right now, but overall, so happy, it's just easier life's easier. I moved
parents, I got a little backyard. It's great. You know like going to plan a little garden. that's! That's yeah, tasty motherfuckers man, they taste like the oven. That's why you reminded me waste. embolden, deja and sad. Is used to take us down. Haven't a bomb, is market nice and make you pizzas. Disputes are from Carlos the personal pan paste exactly like that tremendous with a baseline. mother, fucker of fresh basil. I drank that water capsule, my stomach and my intestines blew up that cancelled. I just came up a little ab ex block and burp tremendous tremendous. Ladies and gentlemen, it is and I'm always going to be a good week. Fucking
we're fools on. Friday is really Fuckin fools already cuts up. Is we've gone, grant The first quarter of the year, it just felt like I had called it two weeks that Christmas Christmas. This is fucking is moving you better get. Who gives a fuck the Ba Arma Cron we are, Bush fucking straight, he believed every two weeks ago. The new fundamental can't listen
I started fucking physical therapy on my right knee. This is a horrible week for me, like with that shit, so I went down a Monday. You know you gotta, wear the fucking mask I go in. I give the girl my name. She goes alright going back, I'm sitting in the back minding my own business. I got the mask on and this asian woman walks up to me and she goes miss this yeah. She goes. I have to talk to you. She was really cute like forty thin, though, and she's like you have to talk to you, we do acupuncture, it's called dry needling. When you do therapy physical therapy would do the first two sessions for free to see. If you like, and I'm like you know, I go to acupuncture, but free I'll take the pump while you catch a breather like that, that's sixty five bucks for acupuncture catch, a fucking break. She goes okay and I'll come and talk to you later to see. If you have time thing right norm and as she walked away, she goes
You look very nice today, I'm like what the fuck I didn't know what to say. You know I'm like oh okay and then I went there Friday can I go in. I got the fucking, they call me Monday when I was there. I go this sucks with this mass. They take it off. They go it's okay. We don't have to worm it's your decision. Are you fucking serious? They go yeah, take off the mask ok. I went back yesterday, one them without a mask in the thing and the asian chick comes up Megan. How are you, Mr Diaz, we have time today if you want to do it like okay yeah, she goes where's your market Listen lady! It's over! It's all the lady! That's it! Why do you have a fucking and I started really like not ridiculing? I just started like button the ball and again she said to me: he look
Anna nice to let you look nice you so I dunno what the fuck is going on. Then she goes when you come back Monday. Come to my office instead, don't come here. First come to my office, let me kneel the first time I told my wife. I got them my wife, some lady and I'll, miss you. Ok, then I do not know. Why worry now, so what we say about the fucking kneeling on? now you're talking about about happy being in Florida. I asked great. When I moved, I didn't know how different their covert response was from LOS Angeles. I got there and I'm like is covid. Still I it like I there was a nobody worm ass, we pay the world when it came to live in their life. They had a so scared and California. I remember when you it went away. Didn't you like, take a woman of an elevator cushy carved with him yet When we came back from when
I what I knew it was. I got a funny feeling in that moment that this, it's gonna be serious. I have always said that that they call me died we'll come on that day that had a copy dine on were driving for five guys, though there with leaves it was a great day and it will leave and the leaves which is moving on the four five in a way that I never saw it before like in a circle. And then I saw it in Burbank when I went to Burbank, and I saw leaves like that. I went to the cuban place to get food take out the Florida we move like it was July, so that the restrictions Paulo's wasn't even open. They had fucking paper towels or something on the windows
and how to meet the girl outside. Then she gave you a time to come back an hour late and get the food. It was a nightmare disaster and I go fuck it I'll. Just go over to the record, store and record some of the record stores close and I'm like fuck. I remember going back to Porthos and just getting out of the clock just to wait on the street half hour. I don't give a fuck and I saw people jaywalking in Burbank, which you never see. Yeah I never see people jaywalking in Burbank, I saw a bunch of people jaywalking. Let's just sad, to see the kind of people you see in Burbank Jaywalking. It was not a good I saw Jay walking yeah. I remember when I looked at them. The wind was blowing the same way and I go. You don't want it's time to get out of the fucking outline
was my final decision, because the way the leaves will blowing that day from on the way back from Atlanta, I still saying that was the day. We wouldn't do it. A different dude today Kobe died. I don't know what Kobe I dunno. If he was sat with Jesus or hung out, we, articles. I don't know what Kobe ad or power he had. God rest his soul, but whatever happened that day, it's fucked up, but it's true. It was like a month before less than a month. I remember standing on January twenty six, your front lawn on March fourteen that was that Saturday the store closed down like Thursday night you, I get a spot at the ice house on Friday thirteenth, I think I was or might have been, that Saturday night, wherever it was everybody's, still thought it was going to be two weeks I have with that. Whole narrative was two weeks weeks and we are on your brought lawn and the sky was look like the beginning, a flash.
Boredom when Ming the Merciless, with the way I was at the end of the world Apocalypse Sky and you looked at Megan, Steve Small prey. I did not have a good feeling about this. You hit it right on the nose and then I remember July, and you go you gotta leave! We all do. We will get more loudly release. No man alive you behind Emory Santa nobody's lap. I could. I didn't want to be responsible and I'm gonna be. In Asia that legal by a call right use, in that I'm, like I gotta, go back out. There get the body, you know. I remember when you saw the guy get hit in the head with a bat or something on Co. Manga and that's when the Lancashire will leave it done. and then I saw up the white dude at the black bras. Front of the cvs, Does that admin studio city? I never his ten in the morning, you know doc, come on
I'll try and be races. Acuity listening to you say that we do here for black people they on the barbecue place. Now together. Member Fridays, dad gumbo, we should have a family- is yes Delicious day, almost all sometimes some day, one of the others that lists when the pandemic head. There was just a real amount of people that you would not see a move may, but with Africa. African with Mexican, I mean it was just crazy. Sherman oaks was just to homeless. People during the daytime was just homeless people smoking meth in broad daylight, broad, here's, the great in the middle I feel like. It's a bad rap! I'm very Api not live there anymore. L, a as a if you think about it is a great place to the problem is there's too many people? That's a problem. I think the food's not great there's some there's some stuff that
the beach, the weather's rate. It could be really great progress, so many people, perhaps Instead, a great joke is everybody's about the pizza in like who moves, because your move here to do something you have to have back up for me, wasn't listen for me. I wasn't you guys know I love become, is meeting you guys know I loved the ice house and I love the fuckin everything about it, California. We have never really light. Cholera love, cattle of New Jersey. I think the only thing that's a difference between Calvin. Wait. What I can't even say this, because if you lived in San Francisco and you're an architect, you don't really experience that we were in a very weird business guys. We were in a business that I hate
tell you this. You know what you wouldn't sell yourself for fucking degree, a lawyer, the great now You wouldn't even sell your fucking soul to be a now. would sell yourself to be on a stupid tv show. Yeah people lost to walk into a club to be VIP that it's it's so you see the women out there that everybody wants to be Kim Kardashian and you see it's not the food, it's not the beach, it's not that this time in the money now his name. Man has what they want. They want fame and I'll do anything and that little thing in the back of your head. Having that constantly worse, what you see in your reality, yet those brokenness there are used to pray, I used to feel like Noah felt like for the last few years. I was building an ark in Alagiah ago Lord. I can't take this much. You gotta get me out of here. What am I doing here cause it was
I love the store I made amazing friend of mine has a friend I hope Ally comes back better than however, I mean I do my best years of my life for unless animals, but there's a broken. This does darkness in that city, and I'm telling you last time I was in L a I felt like it was the beginning of a horror movie. It just felt like, the bed was gonna happen and I don't know that could have been in my head cuz. I live in the middle of a cow pasture. Now, where The Bible belt is a church on every corner. People have guns flights the opposite. Amazing! Warm people where I live, when I was in L it creeped me out. I remember just waking up going to have to leave It was Saturday morning a car flipped over on sunset on Saturday morning, exploded like a movie, the valet comes around and any goes dancing. The gas west. On sunset, you know I was in line to get some fixed to my room and instead I checked out I used to miles to fly out of Burbank by flight, wasn't, for
six more hours, I went upstairs packed a bag over it out. I'm ten o'clock that I'm leaving. I saw two. naked it homeless, it's like whatever drugs are in L a now or out of a horror, movie, they'd sort out a sword. The other got a bad buck naked in the middle of the street fighting, and I got I like lot and his wife on, like I'm, not turning around I'm getting to the Burbank Airport and that's it so I hope now when I go back it's better and that's what I might to take a connecting flight further back to Burbank back I'm unbelievable in June to see some of my old friends and do a few open mics, I'm just not it's worth. and by the way, now almost all flights have stops. It's very rare and I've flown a couple of times and they got rid of almost all the flight. I would fly to three times as expensive. I'll do I'll fly from here to Vegas and take a southwest from Vermont to fuck in Burbank Burbank. That's really smart yep,
it's a way to do it. That is genius sort of like delta from here to there nice and then that southwest that's genius for fucking around and you could even land and catch like a dwolla shall I could leave here at six Bland and Vegas at eleven get something to eat. Yeah get my luggage and go right back upstairs to southwest fucking. Because the security again no shadow yap. If you get your love easier or even of lightly elected from here, the South West, a Vegas than that I know my ass or nah, I'm sixty my ass I'll blow up that little chair and fucking peanuts, and if there's somebody with an allergy, I don't get my peanut but I have a model not now not night southwest you satellites together any South West look at their fares, but you don't, every week south first ass, a boy, nine dollars sale. I Where are my mother
anywhere, though yeah thirty years, I've never got dollar there. The Thai Sixty nine go anywhere got five day strong. I think the d group, if you fly through at the a b c group. If you see you're a fucking much his anger and they leave you d fuckin does do people, oh my god, those poor people get like a southwest ticket and don't know they have to check and then get to the airport and you see them get like see, fifty nine and there waiting in their way. Then they on if and all they're looking at his middle seat, it's a flop. nightmare. You and you have a middle seat but sepia like doing everything you can so them not to sit next to you. I got the knife out: Shaven Reward William five southwest from birth going to Vegas when we go to Vegas and we get on the back and you would take.
I'll out outside the window. You Blackwood look fat, it may that in the middle of the moves- and nobody wants to sit next to fat, sweaty guy, I want to come off. You go mad. I just had some bad about to fucking won't get on the plane. They'll go fuck, take the next flight to move chubby. Do it's back their wreaking tackled by will. We look on her face. Lay you right away. Look on your face similar. Wait that other bowl last night. What's going on with you how he thinks how this is all moody? Now again, he got out of shape. Memory always talked about, and training gotta be ready. in a training you gotta training, now he's gone up there. with the new of Edition of Abx no more mistakes, the training Jesus look at his here. If you can figure out how many fucking pieces of here I'll give you this thing
Can you imagine that carnival game guess are one hundred bucks to guess that This live. That's a bag its Monday. You cops that is you don't think I was shown up with the three Amigos. do you imagine, put this in your freezer back and its mouth right through the back you can now this mother thought the bag. We got the white travel, we got more white raffle, it's that type of fuckin body. we're going to go eat tonight, I'm excited going to be fucking pale, I'm so excited. I'm just going to a couple of different, but we don't know where the fuck are we going to go yet, but it's going to be fucking tremendous man, I'm happy you guys, I the time to come down. Thank you for handling this. You know it's I got a message yesterday that
they will look at a red. It thing, and they were talking about me, don't harrowing by allowing the guys like what has gone out with people that they could have sworn we run the church we did Heroin on the sum I said you know it was that long ago there was a video of yeah. We do coke video. The guy was running the youth. loop sight. He ran a year. The tube said about us. Then we fuck reborn them is like. Well, I got a video of you guys snorting coke and I'm love call called lie. They got video it's about snorting coke. I guess it's two actors playing us because we had the falcon and then we had that Duncan dust in there we got fucked. Up that day. We never saw a coke, No, we never started. We did that other shit and you and you hate needles how you gonna do heroin. I know the bliss of people are just It's like right! Now, living in the world where I people just say shit.
and they wish it stays like the guy who said you know It's like the guy who said you fuck fucking, justify the police. Was a set stumble police. What was that thing? and we did it now what happened I did the fund the police are jumped on it. Wasn't that good of a fucking idea did I got a fucking idea and now all those places at the fund there look in the fuckin pickup extra fuckin money to get them back. You know so well talking to Billy is like listen. We did heroin with a cop. Take that look off your face. If you live at. Do you look like I fucking fought in the garlic for next to your cock? So not yet I'm sure it's coming, no fuck, that's great! Now people are crazy people and- and it's I you just can't
you. You worry worry about it. People are crazy, even like in daily life like people send people like that. I to I got on Tik Tok for like I wasn't making anything it because, as addicting you just swipe its weapons swipe wipe but was big on there. Right now is like people adding videos and like cannons like people like yelling at people, so they're like yeah, you can't worry about people are fucking crazy and that's why we stay home, like you were talking about, like, oh being in L, a is great when you're trying to be something to do, but it's also like at a certain point. You, like is all the other shit in L worth it We do that and then at some point it's not worth it I I'm a little bored, but I love have to do a valet parking at Starbucks everything's easier. everything I'm not joking badly wanted to go to the seven eleven you'd have to go around the block four times to find a place to park, and I never lived in Hollywood. I only
in the valley and I wouldn't even go to Ventura on Friday and Saturday because they are just not. I don't want to. I just can't like even that which was near. Sure the mo was crave and studio city with that trader. Joe's parking lot parking was always a disaster. It's just, and now it's like. What's worth it right, yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm bored, I'm I'm! sometimes, but I can have a dinner with my mom I felt like a year and a half hundred percent. So it's like okay, I have a life you use. If you were at home with your parents in L A now. I mean in Florida when you were in L a. How often do you get to see them twice a year for every year for where I am right now just filled with gratitude, video for you guys, What do you find these
I'm going to send this to MIKE he's going to put this here just doing what the fucking show this week. This is a rapper hit is the best rap video of the Mets. and what you're about to see is a chick. That kind of thing make that last move he's handicapped he's got like a fucking little crush cause. You know he ended up here. He goes. The trick is like a low rent checks, look at home in the long run, but the handicap but without missing a beat is that way to end the fucking show: check this and make them ass. Move. Things like I was the brother with them
and he can then give it to MIKE makes them have to send it to himself. So we end the show with that video, do you have a copyright on this Youtube. Video, like I own, that I don't make that video. It was voted by Reddit as the best rap video. Don't forget to make that move. What about when he falls in Phuket, you gotta love a guys. Another fun filled episode. Other fucking join our Monday. You motherfuckers make that as Moon Moon. love you caused a great black and we'll see you Motherfucker day saw them a good. Just move now work for mass boxes
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I lovely I love Steve. I love MIKE and I'll. See you mother, thought Wednesday morning did TAT Magoo.
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