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The Up and Vanished team comes together to preview the upcoming TV series on Oxygen. This season, the team will cover 7 disappearances across 5 mysterious cases, diving into a new case each week. Don't miss the special 2-hour premiere this Saturday, February 15th at 7/6 central on Oxygen, the true network for crime.

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This episode is presented by up and vanished on oxygen. The true network for crime episodes every Saturday in any time, on the oxygen app. Someone out. There knows the true. What are you waiting for up and vanished? They had podcast comes to oxygen. What did your husband think about all this really each week, cases of missing women agree with me that it is not going to stop countless theories to explore. This is the missing persons face its cycles. Told me I should talk to you about. Charity fell the truth of it vanished new episode, Saturday's at seven, six central and watch any time of the oxygen oxygen network for crime. This Saturday February fifteenth up in vain. Four premier, on the oxygen network, the course of the season, we'll cover five missing persons, cases the Davy team pain, Donald and myself down for a round table discussion on each of these cases. Here's to give you some case details
case number one Corina Morland, ASCII and and Sager's, one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven in Rural South Carolina twenty six year old mother Korrina malinoski disappear without a trace. Then, almost one year later or eleven year, old daughter, Annette Sager's went missing from the same place. You just don't see. Two members of the same family disappear a year apart and no trace of either one is found. It's a very suspicious set of circumstances both mother and daughter, were last seen around the plantation grounds. They called home with their family, Stephen MILAN, ASCII guerrillas, husband and a stepfather step was the caretaker for the plantation grounds,
The couple also had to young sons. Not only did we not know are mothers name, we didn't know anything that it happened. Cleaner was my sister. She love life love her kids about him did not get along very well, and then he had done familiar. When eleven year old, a net seekers disappeared. Her stepfather found a note in nearby Bush shelter, allegedly ridden by young a net splaining that her mom had come back for bus driver come to pick up my niece. She wasn't there. There's a no no said that mom came back and got me did mom actually come back. Did someone else forced her to write that no it's been over thirty years.
And no one has heard from either of them. Since nothing ever turned up. We thought there never was in taxes. They found a carpet was rolled up and tied with an electrical coin. Could it be the most perfectly planned escape mother and daughter, starting a new and different place, or is there something more nefarious at play here?. Dad So far the MILAN Ascii Sacred case. We are in South Carolina kind of right side of Charleston, maybe about three minutes or so for me, I kind of felt like that. One. Seemed similar in some way
to doing a case like tarragon sets case because it was the south. It was that you know kind of outside- of a big city, kind of a rural area, sudden town wad of empty space, it kind of handsome sum parties to me differing had that southern gothic, five and it was a mean tons Of land out their outside of Charleston huge, plantation and even know big that was doing is hugely fluid. Drone over impetus, enormous this much space to look for a body and missing persons, unbelievable so do you want to give a little overview of what that cases about, so it it was, it was nineteen, eighty seven they disappeared on your birthday or Cameron. The time. One is actually kind of grey its? It was the We morning, hours of the twentieth in the twenty first November nineteen, eighty seven
which, strangely enough, that's actually my birth date. I was born on November twenty first Nineteen, eighty, seven green and ascii goes missing. And She lived on this plantation with her husband and her daughter and two sons and she got enough with her husband, Stephen Non ASCII apparent an allegedly got in a fight, and she left the property and never returned into Stephen, the husband she got in a car and drove to the edge of the plantation and then just left card there and she disappeared. So she didn't take the or off the property to your drive somewhere else? either someone picked her up or when I think she never left the property in something bad happened to her there. Yet minks and make much sense at all. You would leave industry to the edge of the property to be picked up by someone else and
the latter holes in the story, what what rate jumped out at us and our one ass, yet it an instinct Next there, with your your birthday, something that made the case automatically, memorable to you, commissioner, talking about him before doing a tv show. And then the fact that it said The mother goes missing an under very but his circumstances leaving her three children and then her doll disappears a year later and leaves a note so, like this the circumstances were just very airy and weird that two people from a failure would disappear. So I know that jumped out at me as, like. You know, the bottle. This is the same person. Did a mother actually run away and come back to pick up. Her daughter is really struck She leaves a no, but not just any note. Its unnoticed says I'm going to see. Mommy mommy came back, I'm going to see her in a letter that she road and that actually supposedly wrote, give the boys a high
ugh, which doesn't seem like something that alone, girl would write to me. It feels like very dont language and that kind of stood out to me as something that's weird good point give the boys a hug the boys, yeah yeah, I mean how out does that sound? It I mean when we spoke to the police officers. They said that stood up to them, to the wording, didn't sound like something and eleven old girl would write what's crazy, those that We will examine this note and they determine that it was her handwriting. So was the question becomes was she forced to write this note it written under duress, or even just ten, duped into it thinking it was something else. He has never notice released in case. Did you know her? represent around, while mother would leave her three children come back for just one of them,
one of the things that was really unique about this case was a cent They getting to spend time with the family, Olive Stephen Mullins Skis children kind of this fractured family from different parents, but all sharing the same dad and they'd sort of met just over the last couple of years, and while we're The episode they actually had reunion, there's there they grew up together and they hadn't spent a lot of time, but they really enjoyed getting to know each other. It was it, was to see them all can come together here. Here's a clip from the so going over the handwriting analysis.
I asked Meredith help me take a closer look at the no net left behind. Just your analysis of the handwriting for her here that the initial investigators Bacchanalia did since the no handwriting samples from net from school to the state lacks an analysis done an endless concluded that she did. Indeed, is there a way to tell if it is written under any direct, sir stress just because she wrote the note, doesn't specifically me: she came up with the words than it does look like she's alive cross out at work and that this kind of edge to the mystery. If guerrilla do come back, she would have roads, no great their motions that why look the way it looks or does it look like this because she was written under duress when you look at the overall appearance at its crumpled? Why is it I mean? I mean so neither crumpled up then flattened it out and then wrote it or road. It emits had no problem.
Throw it away case number two
crystal rising her in July, two thousand. Sixteen twenty nine year old, crystal rising or went missing from crosstown a spiritual outpost in the mountains of Colorado. Navajo Indians have considered cress down sacred ground Haven for people on a fearful variant gives a very bright place during the day and and and I as a very dark place. Her apartment was locked. No sign of a struggle crystal was a very smart, talented young lady. The one thing she loved more than anything life was our daughter. She would not have several ties with our daughter. Many speculated that she had got lost in the mountains on spiritually, driven walk about. It was very much into the occult. However, she was never found along any trail, and she appeared to take note of your valuables people were afraid to talk at a light to get law enforcement involved. Some say she was hanging out with an untrustworthy crowd involved in hard drugs. She was about ready to go to the police, allow in raped, and people didn't want her to make. That report, as suspect, foul play up in vanished, covered crystals case in season two in the team, is back to follow up on tips and talk to a particular person of interest who, according to the police report, may have been the last person to see crystal some people risk and after the cock ask him out.
Justice will be served and get ready. Cathartic. Everybody is involved. Coming I offer of season two of the past crystal right, this case. We, basically mealy sorted filming and I said we have to do a tv show episode about crystal we have taken. And you covering the story? However, we can and so obviously having spent almost a year in Colorado with Chris, family, in stone, talking to everyone, we could think of We had to try something a little different disco around for me. That was that was getting face to face for some people- that I had a lie- questions for
I think you know who I am talking about one person in particular- and that was pretty much the game that I was playing. How do I get this Taylor person to sit down, with me man to man and have a real discussion about. What may have Pinta Crystal fully. We we accomplish that this with you first time face to face with him. I ve talked him on the phone exchanged emails and takes with your first time face to face yet terrorists case being there for so long in in a cellar but with no cameras it was deafening different when shooting the pilot coming back distance, the reception the town right. Yet people who are like oh yeah, you gotta hear finally, gonna get some closure for this thing. The EP people saying I don't want you in my restaurant, because you just here to kick up more dust. This talk. About how it was going back to crush with cameras this time? How sad that experience, so people can now I'm
Personally, I wasn't very excited about bringing a whole camera crew to Cristo Colorado right one because Immediately, everyone who lives there is gonna know exactly who this is an exact What we're doing? I know it's just a matter of. Seconds or minutes before the whole town knew what we were up to itself I told the entire production crew. Literally every one I could think of to really keep alive. Profile when we get there. I know eventual. The cat would be out of the bag battle. I want this in that we arrive digress stone for it of or camera interviews to be jeopardized by people. Knowing that we were that we were present at all. I mean but tat didn't last long, some of you pull up into black suvs in crystal you're, pretty much out it that you there, for you know you're, not a local, also as a small town right I mean, but is the south. It's a say in a kind of her?
need town, but nowhere near as unique ass crystal Kristen is this beer chose sinner, where there is some. You know you're, a mountain ranges and people who are therefore very reason is not just like you said, town in the south, so you're gonna stay like a sore thumb unless you are truly local, No one drives a black suv in question, rightly going back to a stone with cameras. This time and after having done the podcast, it was instantly different member the first time we went to question. No one knew who we were No one really knew that that story was being brought up again. Had been a little bit of time, so I think it was a little in some ways an advantage in the beginning. In some ways people were kind of wary. When we brought up crystal you know they would say like. Why do you want to know about that?
now at least it was like oh year with those people at least we know what this is about. I kind of think I missed the anonymity of The crest of a really tiny town, and not having some preconceived notions about who we were and what we are doing. But at least I guess people knew immediately it's for that. Podcast oats, oats for that story, Some ways people came to us like we got some tips and I think one of the best things we did right now is actually fall upon. Some tips that we had had the opportunity to follow. Before you there's a lot of power in being incognito when it comes to investigating something it is also good. But those who might be responsible on note that like the podcast was over, but this this thing was an over for us and not only to become back. We came back with cameras. We came back to do it on a different. On a different level in a different way, so you know
so we can do that we like to just because you'd want anyone ever get comfortable, that they ve gotten away with this. The truth s they're, still tebbs being sent in there. Still people you know, give information and talking about this case. So it really is an over There was a lot of pressure, not judge in crystals case, but all the cases that we looked into two, move the needle in some way very short amount of time. And so my head was always going to ok, whereas this person of interest They're always is one, and there is usually one that hasn't been talk to or confronted and Fine, that person get as much information is you can and then go Talk to them go talk to them. Thing about this episode on crystals case is that we also do go and talk to some of those voices that events might be familiar with from the podcast and an wheat
to them again in more depth, knowing what we know now so people like, cherished in Warwick and our the landlord and the great thing about talking to someone multiple times is sometimes they remember new things or they give you a new perspective. And it also great that I can truly say Everyone still feels in urgent see to solve this, including the sheriffs Department, absolutely devil. Here's a clip from crystals episode
on July Thirtieth, two thousand sixteen or a file the police report. With this watch gonna sheriff deportment. When did you go up to crosstown in early march? I finally got a hold of the sheriff and adjusts was like this endless got Lando possibility things that could happen. This watch county sheriff Department is located. Thirty miles from Cristo covers over thirty two hundred square miles of dense wilderness with all that land and only several officers, distress pretty thin. Meredith is meeting with Dan Warwick, who has been the sheriff and watch counties entails fifteen. Can you won't be through the beginning of crystals case? When? Were you guys first called it initially came in as nobody had singer for a while, not that that was real unusual up and presto. It is not uncommon for somebody go up hiking and be overdue. Coming home coming back. The first theory was crystal wandered off what our own another theory was crystal: join the Rainbow gathering left town Rainbow gathering controversial group of nomads, congregate, primitive camping spots around the world, most people in those camps, one brave open to talk to law enforcement. So a hundred things there. The first two leagues learning should achieve, is truly a missing person, but just somebody who is overdue and when we finally made entry into her apartment that help to clarify that there's more here than just she wandered off. What did you say
finding crystals apartment flows, computers, so foam things that most people don't leave home. Without do you think there was any sort of a struggle at Christmas apartment? Animal is for there to be a struggle out of the door locked on the way out of the door was locked. Yes, we could never find our key. We never found wallet, but she left her tobacco. Her phone in your bag at home and her computer is actually for Foma, yes, and all the lights were on fan was on. It was like that for weeks it was disturbing. Love was the process, the apartment, but came up in the end, we did listen to our phone message. There were a lot of back and forth phone tag. Moments with catfish was the last person to reach her on her fond case. Number three Molly Miller
Cold Haines
we didn't start then, but we will finish it. We're not gonna. Let go into my encounter one night in love, county Oklahoma in two thousand and thirteen are TAN Wilson, budding those in one degree a separation, a car spun out in front of a cop vehicle instigating a high speed chase. It all started with a late night police chase and Wilson. The car held three young people, people. She thought what her friend driver James Con Nip and to passengers COLT Haines in Mali, Miller Molly was a very ramp, anxious girl who enjoy life, wild, going fine down to earth and just send nasal purse during the pursuit they peeled into the woods to take cover, but only one of them, a merger police. Eight James com net was driving a car that spun out in front of an officer let authorities on a chaste whether pursue was called off by the sheriff darker. I think that it seems very fishy how it was dealt with. Some of these witnesses are scare being threatened with her life it until those people come forward. This case is likely to go and sulphur three. When did
and one came out what really happened that night. Dad. On July Eighth, two thousand thirteen Molly Mill and contains disappeared from of county Oklahoma the circle, Francis running their disappearance are bizarre, say the least basically, the night started with a police chase me. We call for in the car as passengers in a man. James Car Nip was driving apparent He spun out in a parking lot and got the attention of a cop and ape least chase started, so called nip is blazing through love, County Oklahoma. Police chase and moaning for passengers in this vehicle they go through,
crazy insane police chase that goes off the road based through the woods onto someone else's property, just two going through the wood at night I can imagine, a terrifying that would be as well as a passenger and eventually they get away but the only person to emerge from the woods is James. Con nip. Yes, oh Molly and quarter in the car and by the time, the changes over. They are somewhere left in the woods and Con Nip appears Healthy and well back at his home It basically long story short, James Car Nip gets these chase of The police drives like a maniac through the woods and it was his car and then walks away from the scene, and it has no idea what happened to his fellow passengers rights. Anything about the chase is that
sheriff Joe Russell, who is continents uncle, actually cause off the so, while These officers are chasing con, nip in old throughout love counting into these words. The, Of course, offices basely chasing him which it a conflict of interests. There that's his nephew and just don't know what happened was the got into those woods of net, we know, is dead, Molly caught cold, never emerged the landscape in this case is really interesting to me when we are down there. I thought, oh, my gosh. How would you ever find somebody here? There's a lake, the place of interest. There was a forest as a place of an interest like someone's property as a place of as for you, can't get permission to go there, it you see like such a difficult uphill battle, to really search the necessary areas. Where are you can get permission, but the certain people aren't granting the right in and ass the boy
the problem with this case that's another kind of similarity to the Grinstead caisson away. It's like you know, maybe the evidence part of the story is on private property, yeah. I was anything about this case tools. We had a little bit of help from retired FBI agent, Marine O Connell, who, Congo with some inside of of what to look for any kind of her opinion on on what happened in profiling, who She loved your Russell was unkind of what we could text when we're out there looking for him- and we know we went out to hunt for him and see if we could get some answers from him,. Ending, that's interesting to me about this case. And about the show in general is that we did too cases that were to people Alan ASCII and safer mother and daughter, and then Molly Miller and COLT Haines, actually kind of more amazing and unbelievable, when two people can be found, I think
Oftentimes boils down to somebody saw something and other person also had to be silenced. Indeed, as murder, right right, yeah? Think? Thus, you know just differ from the podcasting in those two case that you mention it were both multiple Peter Also younger people, net Sayer was eleven when she disappeared, my Miller, seventeen a cold In twenty one, so those are the three young people that we ve ever looked into their disappearances. Yet these are both cases where it seems like someone saw something that they shouldn't have and became a second victim saluted thicket cover them Here's a clip from the show where we Molly, Miller's family
I don't know much about called from my understanding she had just recently met. Him was Molly friends with cold. She had become friends with. Yes, he was older than her. I believe he was twenty two when they went missing and she was seventeen and, I think, choose infatuated with how, according to one of our friends she just kind of like I don't know, the feeling was router like I said, I don't think they knew each other about a week from what I've been told. So she never mentioned call to our God known cold from school. Milk hoped to be ruthless. What do you think happened that night and how do you think that Molly Cold ended up a car with kind Can I caught me off guard with them
Last time I saw Molly was may of twenty thirteen and our family reunion. She had poison ivy terrible, and we left that night and my elder son said you knew turn around and I said why any is like we need to go, get Molly said them bad, as that happened fill it in my god. We ve gotta, go get her. When did you find out that Molly was missing from down the road and screaming because I was aminos is pain. I was in so much pain, screaming yelling at me and I'll tell you all I don't like. Why is this happening? Do you think that Molly was murdered. Yes, She saw something she wasn't supposed to.
My big taken the decision to regular case number. Four.
Jennifer Cassie in two thousand and six, a young professional woman, went missing from Orlando Florida, Jan less very outgoing fine girl fella lie just a beautiful song. She was always very safety conscious. She was just on her way to work and in disappears off the face of the earth. On January twenty third, twenty four year old, Jennifer Cassie went home to her condo after work. She talked to her boyfriend on the phone around ten p m and she hasn't been heard from since my heart chopped and instantly. I say: oh, my god, we have to find you don't ever expect to get a call that best friend s went missing in a place like Central Florida. There are so many places you can dispose of a body. The next day, video footage captured a great shout of someone parking her car at a neighbouring, complex and walking away. I held my breath when the truck popped out, because I thought she isn't trunk of that car. However, the facial features couldn't be determined and the person was never apprehended. She saw Jennifer the night of her disappearance being forced into the back of a car that she says, looks just like Jennifer's shutting Malaga I write,
Gentlemen coming out just a track down her long man can do it in her appearance, Joyce Andrew Cosy work tirelessly to find their daughter from changing laws to initiating searches they ve done it on. What this tells me is that they are indicating to human remains sent in this area. Where is Jennifer Cassie Napoli she stood up there needed to be rescued, genuine twitter, two thousand six Jennifer Cassie twenty four years old disappear Orlando Florida and me
or advantage sisters may know about this case. It only happened a few months after terror went missing and there are some other similarities. There was actually a theory that there was a the killer on the loose at the time that may be connected to both of their cases and He's gotta one actually worked the Kazi case for several months as well as working tears case. Obviously, so there are some some connections. They are between these two cases and we all knew about it prior to achieve this. The series in investigating it. One thing they stood out to me about this case was not only the very bizarre circumstances of general disappearance, but even after her disappears, the fight that the Kazi family went through, in order to get justice in N t even get these support recommendation in evidence, so they could lost their own investigation. The though nothing has been easy, and the thought of I too.
Launch own investigation have to fight the state of Florida while grieving. The loss of your daughter was heartbreaking. I need something you can imagine the last time Jennifer was seen. On January, twenty third, she had gotten home from work. You talk to her father and her boyfriend that day and showed up to work. The next day, there was some somebody. Take away from the apartment. That was really we know she made it home Car was outside her. Was being renovated at the time. So there was a lot of people in and out glad painters, alot of construction workers, and case becomes more and more differ. Ought to get answers because allow the people that you needed to talk to at that time. If you didn't talked on that very same day, you pilot We need to talk to him because they buy be transients because their work on the property, even if the
These are showing up. People aren't showing up the next day for work because they ve been a wondrous, be in an environment. So It was a difficult one. I think that it was up here about a foot for the police, but down there, which is so much that they didn't do that day, and I am currently- I couldn't do that. Actually, yeah yeah. I agree with you I think the family is really incredible. Part of this case, Mr Cast, is such a force to be reckoned with, of really Run a lot of the investigation on their own, which is incredible and its bins, battle and they ve changed laws in doing that they raised the age, hey MIKE that law that they changed. So the Jennifer Kazi and Tiffany sessions Missing persons act, it directs law search to start looking for a missing person, twenty five or younger within two hours of his or her reported disappearance. I can't find with the age used to be, but I think it was younger than that, like eighteen or something yeah
yeah. I think it was eighteen and under well then only up, eyes to those suspected of being endanger or the victims of crime, while yeah, I think it used to be minors, and now it's older and so they really ban, like these total pioneers for Miss persons cases and Mr Cassie really helps out a lot of other families that are going through the same thing. They use a ton of their funds there. Personal funds just look their daughter- and there really incredible people to talk to cures, but from the show where Jennifer's family talks about the first time they found out She was missing.
Can you want me through when you discover this you're missing Jens creature, habits treated the very same things over and over again every morning, Jennifer was like my wake up, call should or should not tax, so called me on her way to work about what time, what she usually text you in the morning normally about it, and so at around that time, for which an upper b, which she still be an apartment or on the way to work, nobody on the way to it, then it takes their free time still been here. I think back from which I thought was kind about, and then her parents reached out to me so that I can be taught to gentlemen said now. I'm told that's when reality can sunken that something has gone wrong. I got a phone call from chance boss. Only wanting out there was a family emergency and I said now, why do you ask any civil Jen didn't show up for work and she didn't call and we can't reach her
I ran Jennifer's forms it work directly to voice my heart, dropped and instantly. I sat on my guy. We have to find her. I never never thought she was an accident. It was just like all my god. We have to find the suit these last seen leaving work on a Monday around six p M talks her dad around that time, then talk to her way friend that night some time at ten p M she's, never seen her from again, then stay around noon down the steep, surveillance. Video takes up her car being moved by an unknown individual and just dropped off at this different apartment, complex and this man stepped out of the vehicle. And walked behind this fence. Ngos who knows where? Because the camera cuts off me so there is only one good angle of her car being parked. There
obviously whoever has heard vehicle at that time and has now were come forward. Is associated with her disappearance, The problem is its classic black and white grainy footage ICT. Looks like he's wearing a painters outfit. Just be the way that it looks it look he's wearing all white, but again it black and white. So you can't definitively say that, but you Casually rose up in Jennifer's, car parks, it and then walked away, and whoever did wherever that person is has never come forward in that tells enforcement and tells me that he's, probably involved in her disappearance and likely murder. Here the cliff and the shell. When we discuss the surveillance footage
we did obtain since video surveillance at the condominiums wherever vehicle was found, and that surveillance video depicted a picture of a pedestrian which were classifying as a personal interest and show police have an image for a bed before they release that we think all my fashioning a patient with us, but we cannot wait to see this person of interest, is to look at the photo sharing of Cabinda could be welcoming. How is it possible that, in that short spam they find a car and they get a picture? Does nothing the faces perfectly blocked by that fence? It away the luckiest aspect on the planet case: number five Jody, whose intrude
on June, twenty seven nineteen, ninety five twenty seven year old NEWS, anger Jody whose Intrude didn't show up for work at her new station in Mason City, Iowa Masons. It is just a small town, North Iowa people, don't even like their house stores much less their vehicles, quiet community, everybody knew everybody. Everybody knew Jody. Magnetic personality. People were too strong to hurt, cheers radio girl with a bright future. We would go out and Mason City, everybody knew who she was around four a m when Jody was late for her usual slot. On the morning news her colleague called to check in Jody answered the phone said: she'd overslept, and she'd be there as soon as possible, but why?
It's a m Jody still haven't shown up around seven a m. The new station called the Mason City police. The police, arrived Joey's apartment, complex, defined, her things scattered by her car in the parking lot, her car key was bent and Jody was nowhere to be found and drag marks, never thought a million years that she would be adopted did Jody ever mentioned. Having stop her. Yes, I dont believe police have investigated. The theories have been put forward. Can we just stop for a second and try to find the truth. Diane.
On June twenty seventh night in any five in Mason City, Iowa Jody, whose intrudes a local news anchor went missing from her apartment, this is a clear abduction or at least it's made to look that way based on evidence in the parking lot. It really does look like she was leaving her apartment that morning and Trying to get in her vehicle or was about to in some one ambushed her in either knocked her out, try to abduct her something right there to a car He has mentioned that. You say that because saying A clear abduction. Its makes, we think that the other cases weathers. Not really sure what happened to someone peer on their of their own will or were they abducted in just no trace of of an abduction, whereas this one there are clear indication that there was abduction with her
keys and purse scattered around in your time of what is happening in it when she was going to work in the morning before her morning, broadcast speaking winning broadcasting is also interesting. That this case has a little bit of that. Go celebrity aspect too. You know this is a small town, Mason City isn't a big market and everyone knew Jody isn't true, because she was on the morning news. And in a market Mason City Aaron's go watch that news programme. And Arizona know she is so just similarities there to terror as well with her history is apparent. Queen Ann, Our being a local high school teacher in a small town again. There was this a solid the element, even though local may not that they were playing that up, but they were just very well known in their market, yet all community? I also think that this case there was a lot of focus and a lot of hush indoor, air and abuse of Joad having admirers, multiple admirers
and when the biggest questions is. Was she of directed and murdered by someone she knew or was it a complete stranger who was his fastened with her from watch here on the news every day there clearly some creeps who were into her because He told her family this that she was gonna weirded out by some people that she made our stalking her in us? or town a beautiful woman On tv every day that came with some local creeps who kind of were obsessed with her. I think that you have a good point when it comes to kind of being exposed in her job field, too negative attention. One. The sounds of struggle at the scene was her car. He was actually dense, which indicates that her car key was probably
already in her door when she was struck or pushed up against the car and invent at that point, so you really have it a clear indication of. The force that went into abducting her and your time of when it happen before her morning broadcast what more sense to you, guys that a local stranger who became obsessed with Jody from watching on tv every day. He knows stocks. Her finds out where she lives in her schedule and then randomly one morning and bushes her and kills her. Or does an action like that come from someone who They have cared about her in a different way, is there more does it too? stronger feelings than that. Is it session by stranger or
someone who knew Jody, who felt a certain way about her, is it a crime of passion feel more like passion. Me someone who was felt may rejected, but who was our What was in her life a wanted, maybe relationship that she didn't want in felt more film, personal to me, just looking into the story in looking at the crime scene, Dummy felt like there was able to crime of passion. I mean, statistically speaking, we all know it's more likely that someone gets killed by someone they know, however, I'm glad we explore all avenues, because I don't think you can really rule anything out. One. Comes to someone his locals, a local celebrity had there can be their camp. That in a one off chance that there was someone who took a unique interests in her that really had never met her. Here's a clip from the show where we discuss the possibility of an obsessed, stalker,
findings. Let investigators to believe that she didn't leave on our own. Would anyone want to hurt you? I really find it was more. Somebody fix it upon her specifically because of her personality hear her Her smile, her laugh way. She presented herself to the world, so less of an enemy Morven obsess admire. Yes, there. It is workable obsessed with the fishes, getting some strange phone calls and stuff, and then they got then following her one day when she saw jogging, who knows maybe those innocent, but she got very upset about it. Didn t vote the good feeling she did. She tell you this now. They never found man Geier that did Jody ever mention having a stalker. Yes
I know there was some guy in its rock that she had seen. There is nothing happened and were not aware of any stocking incident. Does she was involved with? Nor did she report any stocking incident to us? According to her friends and family Jody Father Police Report, an event of nineteen. Eighty four seven must before she went missing, but the police chief claims. They have no knowledge of this and no record of report ever being fired. Two click the show where I talked to one of Joey's friends.
How do you think that law enforcement and with Tony S case, I think that they handled it? There are things that were in her permanent that were weird beer cans of beer that shouldn't drink. The targets it was left up was our guy in there was not a game there, sir, so who was a phone records? There was a message on her aunts machine. Did they listen to that? I don't know it just seems like they did a shortage of it, though investigate with all the beer cans and the toilet see left up. They just never mind if you aren't exactly who lets to my knowledge, nine, a boy if some does do seem pretty significant details of fishing didn't drink that beard. Yet fair when she's gone, her bed was made shoes on issues running late. Someone said that in the permanent building they heard a knock on the door late at night and said Jody open up. I know you're in there Jody open up in their opinion on the door.
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