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Bonus: Aftermath in Ocilla


In this Bonus Episode we learn more about the aftermath in the small town of Ocilla, GA. 

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Hey guys in today's bonus episode. I wanted to some time ago, Scylla catching up with something what grown lay close to over the past year? rest of Ryan, Duke in both dukes, came as a shock to all of us the Taliban so reacted. I first caught up a dusty, see from those Scylla store? How did he feel when he heard the news? I was definitely surprised. I never heard of rotten duke or Boathooks avi sad and you some with family, but I didn't know him and of course I know some around Ex family, but not close family. Not at the time at least it was a shot. Those strange too, because by the time I got to the court house, which was you know about three or four hours after I d ya, think had are multiple stories involving Randy and verdicts include. Knowing just told you about that- so many come foreign, two thousand five would reduce night. What do you mean these stories are coming out now why The sudden, when there's these two names are these store
he's just surfacing, that's one wildering things about this case. Is it in others? saying that too can keep a secret of one of them is dead that's one of the reasons. I thought that it was just one person. You know: oh well, is to people. Why do you want to hear for the community when it comes to the truth coming out, which me happen if there's a trial. Where do you see things heading well, do you think a little bit of how much too much fear ever it right now, there's he's gone, which are always prove off, because people were investigating people left and right. Mount sort, Thanks and everyone be one thing if we knew these people, but we don't know the context so, but this happened with other people. There's twenty people. Regardless of intent or anything else who have been picked apart by the community and I say the community- I mean not just the local community but outside the online community. I mean, I know that there is no way to cover something like this without hurting feelings and.
There. So many more decisions have to be made, and I don't think we will realise that, outside it. Three realise unaided? a lot of moral choices that we made riding modifications in? Sometimes you make mistakes. Sometimes you dont. You regret today therefore names I've told you before not of sources but names. I've told you before that I sometimes regrettable that cause I'd just like to tell him that name: I feel you I'm sure I've done the same thing somewhere along the line. People have feelings about how they like this thing to turn out. I think they're in maybe it's the family that warns the or people close to family that debt Wat. I think they, the truth, but I think they also want to be over we're right and I can understand that, but I don't think Don't ever really be closer to the case unless or to try who decides what is over. I don't think
but he does. I think you will never be over if there's not it then certainly never will be ever anyway, because it's gonna become you know, I think they're be multiple books written about it the problem. I see what the trial, where there's a part of me that so clear otherwise wants there to be a trial. For that very reason. That is thing. That's the only way, thereby closure shore, but I worry that, even with try, we won't learn the truth. And I feel like this more isolated there's a trial. It will be, as you talked about on the most recent case, evidence that it'll be right. The fat Sambo did it and scooter saying in did it both trying to minimize involvement of the other Sebaste I think there is a very good chance that we have to painting. Lass rather and the truth, and I don't think that through its gonna go Miss showing that, but a good kid slip through the you, know her. Corner here of the true some corner air until threshold.
Figured out because the evidence will be present. I don't see. Any money invested in this case in any way is gonna. Stop working for the truth you met, but the truth decide. Five months until I was sudden you were walking to the grocery store and you see a book about the case. Do you know pick it up start reading in it right now we're neck deep in it? There's no turning back, that's the way I see it. We can't run from the truth. Like anybody else can't I don't do a lot of digging cause people coming and with more than I can handle more than I can write about. I've met are right about last three weeks. Words Does that I've ever had told me already? Ok, if Ryan Duke plead guilty, how will it affect the town? I think there may be a lot about a lot of he did not feel. Obviously they didn't know. He did it too much. But I am people that would be saying
I told you so yeah don't see. I think they would be the ones who are really that deep into the case who see other people who are often the boards and in it listen every absurd and those people who, I think, maybe discipline, maybe boy hovered people naturally want there to be more to the story of bigger, more elaborate reason for things or a detail. What happened, All eyes would go to what happens with both dukes. That's what would happen. You know
Does he got a tribe as equally guilty desi? Yet nothing does it get a slap on the rest is as yet no time an outright the maxims in it. I don't imagine anything of consequence is gonna happen with this case until rounds cases adjudicated. I don't know what'll happen, but I think everybody will be very curious. Worst case scenario. Is they go to trial and everybody gets off assuming they hate and deal with it, but I think you'll be very bad for this community if it turns out that both stood as a player in has immediately from Brussels I think that there will be a lot of people very upset about. Then let us say that Ryan do does maintain the NY guilty plea in the court system takes forever. How would that affect the community? Well, I have a friend and who's been in jail for three years here. I'll drop or bod. Now he's been in jail for three years more than three years. Why? Why. Many trial for three years,
that's a long time at a really long. So why would this case being different because it is different, because, although ass, if I had to guess I would say as coming about a year if Ryan do did, kill terror, How did he live here in this town that long and go unnoticed like that awesome. I thought about how we not really want safety. We want the illusion of safety, I mean I spent the night at the house of a gap is was convicted of murder of war. I felt completely safe, really really a user. Well, my dad's France. I believe it kills. Money in jail and cheese, I mean others, multiple, unsolved murders, martyrs, an area I mean so we probably unfortunately come in contact with. People have killed people more than we know this question about ok or Africa, the killer, how do we feel living in the same community with him
most people thought that it was somebody from the community, so we ve always felt that way. There are a few people the amount of money for another town, but not that far away. I'm an anniversary myself. I think it was a strange man in some degree not that big of a surprise, but when you find out damn The person really was here, the whole time issues and a crazy to think about, it Is it in one of the things I thought about? You know you have this idea of a small town in word, you know one of the smallest goals and stay some into a room. The smallest counties and state population was had this idea, these small towns, where everybody knows her body. The thing about a small town is not that you know everybody. Is it everybody is one week away you know somebody that knows there. You know and that's how it is, but that's not true in what say Atlanta out. I mean it's, not That's why I feel lonely in this place. It there's no connection.
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Where do you see things going? What happens from here until Brian and bows cases of both been adjudicated one way or another? I don't think it is. I think, if either or both of those cases have been adjudicated without it going to trial, then I think there's a very good chance that they'll still be people kind of waiting around information to become public case file. I worried that they're going to use the excuse of there may be more convictions, we're going to keep this case open to keep it open and keep it closed from us until all that taken care of it's not going to be over and people are going to be talking about it and people got me wondering about it. It's going to be front page news stories on those little star and you going to do updates on the case when there's news to report and am probably going to put about it, I'm a bargain. There's probably May specials in
I said earlier. I dwell the trial. I think it s only way. There'll be closure in a lot of ways as true I dont know show thing it will ever fully and it always seems like the case really open up when there s abbot, we all these things, and we looked at all these avenue use over the years of what could have happened to her and who might have been involved. And almost all of that was thrown out the window when the Ryan Dukes arrest was announced because none of it fit and not only hit reset, it also hit the gas pedal cuz everything became like bigger
said because it was like there were similar new information is bordering case. It is in a no part of the reason. Why has gotten so complexes, because this minute Levin ears and because there's been eleven years, speculation and people saying things, but everyone thing. If- and this is why I wanted reason- I thought the gag order, because if it is probably a large monitoring to the GPS story after my doubts about different parts, but I think there's there's a colonel of truth to it, but we got this little bit of a story and all of a sudden, the speculation boot is our basic to figure out how that story could be true. And of course, when that happens is other people say. Why couldn't be true include, may include new and said speculation about those reasons he couldn't be true or money might be liners rumour inspector
Why shouldn't flooding in to fill the vacuum created by secrecy is crazy. If the Jimmy I have gotten up there and told us for story, believable that make sense now part of the problem, that is, I don't think they have that to tell us, I think they have bits and pieces, then the kernel of a story that is enough. They think to prove a murder conviction and any maybe by There is no guarantee that will ever know the truth. My next stop. Inner Scylla was the mayor's office last time you spoke on the park has was coincidentally exactly a week Ryan Dukes arrest. I ask him to walk.
Through the day found out. I got a call just the night before the press conference from our police chief. Just let me know, then an arrest had been made and that there would be a press conference led by the GPA and that I should be there at the courthouse so I knew that much before everybody else, but I really have to try to make sure, even though people sail with the police chief worked for you Yes, in some capacity, but the same time, I don't want, interfere cuz, I'm not law enforcement, so I've been very careful just to give them it's much easier because she Philly Hancock is an amazing guy and very trustworthy. And so it makes a very easier to let him do his job cuz. It doesn't so well, but the court house actually walk ever with members here so police department and I actually was in a side room gonna behind you, so salary came out from behind the judges, Banshee, actually terrorist, father and step mother. There
there, the press that they were not side room and I got a chance to speak with them and actually pray with them. If they were able to gain some closure, which I think to some extent they did nothing could change that that a tragedy happen that was someone's daughter. It give something to have some answers about it and have some kind of knowledge and end again conclusions. Obviously the press conference that day, is, I guess, time stood still little bit or everything else get push the back burner because I became the highlight there is obviously some shock Ryan. Do having not been on the radar theories in and possibilities that, obviously True were truly Ryan. Do that really shocked everybody because it was like ok, everyone had their theory or whatever, and then you know Aquila feel GB. I comes in and and makes us arrest and adjust. Color took everyone complete
by surprise and, of course, in there's other talk about that. The. Media attention is not something where you stew and in the low Scylla Georgia, if cannot keep up with on their own or in you know in the news they can always when something regarding the terror Grinstead case is occurring at the courthouse, because, though, be a couple in a news or other media vans rate set up and in cameras outside everything? It's amazing May I mean I knew this was a big storing beyond early county beyond. No. But when I go into different places to hear people there, me about this, when I say the words of Scylla, Georgia and people, ask me: you because you got, they heard my interview of crazy on the potty last, so you got quite a fan base and people in faraway places. You are way up in North Georgia. Will I say: do you know diversity. Yes, I do a friend of mine as far as that our reaction, probably for a lot of people, the shock of it still
brought some level of. I can't think of another word besides resolution. And I got asked I interviewed a couple times, but some people after that press conference. I got asked the same question and I said this doesn't change the fact that A tragedy still occurred here. It just brings about some closure and if that can help the healing process, for the family and for the city of then today was a. I guess I can say good day, but at least it allowed something that happened. It was I'm really glad, because I believe this the whole time I've got no or local law enforcement and interactivity with Tb Aids said come through our. Amber saying very specifically that they never consider this a coal case. I think that was a testament to their persistence and professionalism and while something bad did happen, they reached a conclusion and figured out what happened in and now responsible parties will be held accountable and while they didn't change the fact that bad things happen, it gives us, I guess, a better sense of comfort about our seas
they certainly and about the the guy's, a keeper safe. I'm sure there were some people that were starting to lose faith there. There bayonets, just natural ass human. So while they were persistent and kept going so to have that faith restore a little bit that ok, if we keep at this something's gonna shake loose It did it's that time of year again, time to set new goals and resolutions that easy to make, but their harder to stick to an audible. We
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audible, dot, com, slash up or text. You p, two five hundred five hundred again, that's audible, dot com, slash you p, or tax up to five hundred five hundred immediately following the press conference I got a flood of information from people who all sudden had all this information on Ryan Duke and this other guy BO dukes at that time dukes had not been announced a member being in so a store with Dusty Donald, and you are therefore brief. Second- and I was asking out loud? Should I Engine BO dukes name, or should I sensor it in you- can talked to me a little bit and gave
some good advice and basically said that. Why would I do four dies, the integrity of what I've done so far, or the whole body of work off of one hunch. Is it worth it to do that do you remember that conversation yeah yeah accepted what you think about that now that the kind of came full circle in pay? We we were the right. I would give you the maximum advice, even knowing that the outcome is different because at the time at work, I remember my thought process in talking about that. Yes, my fear for my city, just after the press conference was the one of the very positive thing happen with having some kind of resolution. Some answers. Here's now I who had been faceless perpetrator now had a name and a face and so theories about people. I mean some, which you, Uganda, it got into in your podcast nerves. There's names of people that are in a cellar yet were either. Maybe they were suspect
with law enforcement, or maybe they were just suspects and public opinion. Those people very clearly at that point at the press conference were innocent and so the positive thing, at the press conference was that was resolved and people who you know again mostly in the core. Public opinion, not an actual law enforcement circles. They had been suspected where they can no longer be suspected. My fear was ok now this story and and even in your podcast, it took a sharp turn in a direction that nobody expected. And I was worried that was just going to stir up a whole new set of rumours and suspicions and if, if all we did was changed the names people suspected with scant evidence that we just doing the same thing and when we wouldn't have learned our lesson to be careful about, because in any town you know people love the characterizes in small towns, but you go to any community and their people who really enjoy gossip and just
take a little bit of fact and extrapolated out something that may not be true at all. Just plain tell exactly so my fear was here's a bunch of rumours about this person that may or may not be connected. But until you have a connection. You start mission that stuff, you know if you put it on your podcast of dusty, puts on size bog than we do be doing the same thing just to a separate group of people, and so that was my fear. So I'm really glad that you held off on that and then of course, later Those things did have a little more substantial evidence improve and there were some kind action taken. Then, at that point, you're just reporting fast, You didn't have anything to gain by taking the long shot and throw in someone's name out that if they ended up having nothing to do with it, you would have able to move on raw with the pod. Just change the names you just put, that person's name out there, two million people and then go back and cleared up. But that's why I'm I'm glad you were more careful with that. You know you certainly could have put some stuff out there before
because I bet you ve, heard other names besides his and that Michael got a lot of power there in your hand, so I asked people to be careful with that affair as I I watch out my city if this is the only people know about a sell out than I hope we can show on the other side- and I appreciate you ve done that on a couple podcast just try to point out some of the years at a just and more community where this bad thing happen, what resolution. Are we looking for this point in a? What is the next step in a resolution for this community, obviously to hold guilty parties a camel? And that's Just our city, that's what people want in general is to be held accountable for what they have done, and I am sure this is as is the information in the story. I think what people with like is the play by play of exactly what and because the information we have is from the warrants and about you and
diversity of study, those and predict the wording and- and things like that is not much to study. Far far more than I have. What we want as human beings is to get, the details that go. Oh, so that's what happened and then once you know, there's this a bit move on, or I guess some cases it really would be to satisfy a curiosity. While this is a terrible thing that happened, how could it happen? What was the play by play no, if and when will get. That is that the next step? I think that's what lotta people want. I think that maybe a long time before that level of detail comes out. If ever you know this there's one person on trial and he just plead not guilty, and I dont know the background behind the scenes reasons and what's going on back there so, like I said, I think that's what people desire. I dont know to what degree that will happen, but for now
its! They found the guilty party and its about holding that person accountable. It is an ongoing thing, but it does not define us and that's that's the thing you and I have talked about as far as you a million listeners right now, and the only thing they know about Ocilla is this: where terror Grinstead disappeared, and now we have a few more answer. Since you start your PA, ass, a that's all. They know that their whole impression Mozilla. Then there miss and a huge use, part of it, and I would love for you too down the last Saturday October to this, the Georgia Sweet potato festival I'll be here if we ve held here since the early sixties, we just liberated the second annual Prater music, fast Dave, Prater, from hitting hit. Do a salmon Dave whose in Iraq, R B Hall of Fame and Georgia Music Hall of Fame. He grew up here two years ago. We A day Prater day honouring him as a you come into town, say and welcome to Ocilla Home of Dave. Prater had such a good time with
it was such a community building event. We try to carried answer now, there's Prater music fast, which you can find out more information at W, W W up, Prater Me fast tat com there we thought and the proceeds from the event for the last two years, are able to put together a scholarship fund of the Scholarship Committee and we awarded three graduating seniors Marin, county high school, who are looking to go into a career music, a scholarship, MRS some. We hope to do for decades to come. So we had a ban when we had a worship service and then exactly just last Friday night. We had Highschool course the high school jazz band and alive ban play. We blocked off part of the street, and everybody had a good time. That's of Sillam. This ends up being what were known for are there so much more to us. I guess that's just like I talk about in the last time we said it is. We are community of good people
small city may be a little different culture than some big cities and that's ok, we're not for everybody, but big cities are for everybody either. So I guess that's what I do want to make sure people take away. Is there's a lot more to us than this, but again I'll just go back to I'm sure their people and other places that may have actually give it up on some like this after twelve years and we didn't I called a Maurice Godwin to get an update on his reaction. One thing about Maurice throughout this Parkhurst is that this case has deeply affected him? he lives in brief this case I asked to felt when he heard the news in its current state of mind, even though we knew the answer was that terror had possibly suffered horrendously the martyred their worst feared that I had sad because the truth was horrified is we had imagined
in that. I suspect that our long because the clues left in her home and emptiness that we could not the clock to happen Your days in a cellar before terror went missing from beginning over a ago, I knew tat have been murdered because of the signs of struggle in her bedroom. I said by them that there was at least two people involved, and I was correct. So when I was examined in her house in her personal belongings- began to develop an emotional connection with her through my crime scene, experience and training. Tommy clues, such as a necklace clasp found in before boards, gave me a pitcher of this woman. This young woman and a nightmare
visit to her the October night and are desperately wanted to find closure for her family, in peace and justice for terror. As His case became more personal difficulties trying to solve. It affected me personally every day. For all these years I have lived. This case with emotional roller coaster that I experienced while Chase hundreds of leads many often daddy ends. I endured death threats being stopped by someone obsessed with the case and fattened answer while trying to fund justice for terror back in April of two thousand six upon returning North Carolina off from asylum. Sitting on my desk one early morning. In the case, see the cow about When forty a m are the person
other em said you better back off or your dad, to this as a threat and next day I contacted them Phoebe agent. Gary Roth well told me to file a report. We, my local shares department here, which I d and then I gave him written permission to Puma Home phone records and he did They judge it showed the phone call, but it was unknown. There was no number, so they can the neighbour courting sir, if you want to improve the quality of Europe like hast weeks that I was in a state of the Sylla, our stay in that ever been bluegrass part just outside of a Scylla. I was staying in a daughter, garrison and leaders are v day Day made to use and it was about three a dot one morning when I was a welcome This roar and sound an alarm lights shot through of the back of the curtains, and so I pull
the cartons little bed- and I saw this big truck- set no top of a hill. With the headline, Shannon right through the window onto debate where I was lying at stay there about three or four minutes roaring the engine. I don't think that this really had anything to do with or connection to bow our dukes or wine. I think it was paid or some one off from the area. Often Mozilla, who just yet more, not a stranger poking his nose around in this case, is also now appears to be that there was a number of people that new who'd murdered terror, for all these years and never came forward with this information. It has become evident to me. There Our people in asylum knew by the martyr for years
Ah any sort of like the town played a huge part in covered up the crime. If this is true, this is, Durban, and it is sad, the guys they felt, trees, observers mixing mastered by resonate recordings. If you want to the quality of Europe, like hast, we're sort of way of your own check them out a resonate recordings dot com don't forget that episode? Nineteen is coming on Monday may twenty second real here from Brook Sheridan Motives, girlfriend thanks, guys see soon.
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