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Bonus: LIVE in Atlanta


This week we hosted our first ever live episode of UAV. We invited about 50 listeners (via out Twitter page) to join us in Atlanta to discuss the case. No topic was out of bounds. Stay tuned for our next live episode. 

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Today's episode we're doing something a little different our first ever live episode of up and vanished over this past week in Alfred about forty to fifty listeners met up in Atlanta group discussion about the case. If you're wondering why you didn't know about this. Because we only announced on our Twitter and Instagram We have limited seating you're. Only able to like the first fifty people who signed up the Good NEWS is this group gushing really well, we had a lot of fun. Definitely not doing it again later. The season next time will be in a formal announcement on the park asked for anyone to join repercussion began with the topic of Heath dikes and his twenty plus phone calls the terrorist foam on the weekend we're disappearance. Anyone seem too,
that was pretty suspicious behaviour? Let's pick up from there group, discussion, Z, one think differently. Those phone calls he made that their innocent, that they could just MRS car, in a drawer why he was a brilliant family even knew just let the cardinal don't worry that doesn't make sense. You itself, then a so. How do you explain the phone calls if he was killed something. Why would you call them many times I think we have to set up an alibi for any corner, so you earlier you cholera, trotted, look innocent I would recall that meets eyes. If I did it sort of thing, I just think he just didn't covers. I got to just for the cell phone. He was already there in the trees cell phone why now?
first of all, I want to build in five I mean I mean was the first So now I don't think it was yet no flute you have just started all internal sure, yeah method, annual with law enforcement. Knowledge would know how to cover their tracks with May argue about, namely that work. Maybe she'll tell us why there So are you just call me? Where do you have they got me? Most is like during a call, many times in your clearly concerns in you over there to check on her for her family. But when you get there, nothing really happens. If I was going to check on somebody, or that was my job to go. Do that I would totally
her car was there. I suppose there is knocking on the door taking in the windows about your friend and you can start in your calling on tiny bring a window, and I think that maybe she slipped or hit, something was going on. I think you, the phone, calls the phone calls prior to Is there, anyway, to trace of your five hiding and after the start, because this suspicion Ok, I got another room I'm gonna start from anybody. It's was at the time of the cause All that I know is what Maurice told me what the GB highest, at about it is that they happened all day Sunday, but because the Records law little have access to the actual cellphone erect As you know, I get you, I like what you check the cellphone beings on my word. I would be nice would have already done that. But you know that's what stakes about this whole cases at the door. I have with information, and maybe they d,
that either maybe doesn't met, maybe have all the information and it also doesn't add up anything. It's always a possibility. Your life ass. You would call that many times. Ass. We somebody when you're in win. You're, my car, I was pregnant title. That was only time ever anybody's and call them. You have to do it was, he was setting them and she was going to ask. Why were you, Maybe she said unless someone else if you killed somebody, what would you call their phone twenty nine time thinking just when insane, I think he went into her house. I think you're driving talker insane with them are not on what I think killed her in the house. Our group, I think that she was pregnant and I think she told- and I think they had an argument. You threaten to tell the wife causing it woven, driving, impassioned kills.
I will say earlier on tat, I remember thinking how, when I someone shut up to my house and when I would feel ok about it- and I am a member- only if someone had called me so later in the past, when you reveal that he was the last one to call her where she left me. That means life. Hey I'm on my way. Your house may be their account, leaving the barbecue through and it's not weird when he's there, you know anybody. Also, what have shut up without calling to me would be suspicious. I don't doubt that he was having an affair. Should affairs happen? Unfortunately, alot people don't kill people because affairs easily Thus, together, if he's investigators- and he gets a call from the mom and send us go to the sea- and you are actually the killer You got it ended biggest gift of your life show up at the same call the police. Call by her parents to come in.
As the time jurisdiction. Could you come and look into it to me it's if he was, the killer, it's more than he didn't call and have the police come and find them Have you been handed the gift of the parents calling and asking how to building this there's a cover up here file so what kind of cover weed you're, like I'm, making a murderer to cover up or like is one or two sir, is or is not really the mall, really what we might wonder. Why so you do you're on the market site So I go for it with more I am sure we would all this with any suspended one day. Yes It is not so sure. For me, there are just a couple: bangs, that's the guy one that you did not submit to achieve.
Polygraph. Private and it's like if you're innocent, Why would you gb Ike? It is available whenever they can be Basically, you have something to hide these breeze, he very still answer: Areas is a as we have always special tactics and strategies, because he knew people. Love was later. If you get a barrier to the help of a cover up now how he did it we Y know, and that's why let me tell you, I think, However, I think she left and I think she went to that terror and I think he drove and I think I think it was an accident. I think they got into an argument. He pushed her something and he killer If someone she was really into the sky, all told her where he was
and you may be used or not when she gathered solemnly together, whatever our fellow when she went missing, I live in different and Morgan. I sell out, and I mean it was discovered. I mean you hear this. You hear that I always heard like they found a blue blood, never even knew about this are: entails you those little so yeah? I heard that it is that's a good point actually detour. Listen to the gallery. So, what's up with you, raise your hand if you think the glove is a plant at about who thinks it belongs to the killer if it doesn't bother the killer whose belong to you would have me full blown theories on the glove and wants to explore. Loan theories on the glove and wants to explain why would match nobody and why it would be in tears, yard
so. It starts with Marcus, and I think that the boxes during his three weeks late- and I never understood where he was on- leave from city all happened during this three weekly. I think the entire thing plan. I don't think anybody flew off the handle. This circumstance, I think, It was a little bit of an OJ paying vat in here. My possessed her her and when she went off they started sleeping with other men infuriated him, but he can calm demeanour. Some other OJ, but they had planned and he saw tat. He was going to kill, and when he was on late already, wherever he was before, you could go to Grady and go anywhere. You want get a blue, somebody else's. How do you keep it? lock, you drop at their leave it and every
They do what they want to do. A dna match never matches. You never matches anybody, because you have effectively left red herring for for the for the police and, if you're detected, which want for three or four or five Marcus. You already know. The worst thing to do is find body topside. Where is ever kind of debris around and you have no idea what's evidence and what has just happened to be lying around right. So you could create that that suspicion and say this is this- is a part of the crime scene. This was left by the criminal. You have already said couldn't be makes mind, doesn't match the dna inside. She knows all plan just for the eyes. I think every bit of it was plan. Not I think, it's up to the job, nothin. I rode into Europe democracy.
The theory and how does it killed or I think he took her there? I think he's already previously, wherever he buried her. I think you are at a time when the whole, thing ready. He held her that are dead, That's not dragon! In finnish unrest. Later I see that he burned the house may be because they were getting close. Searching it and he wanted to get rid of any dna, and I think it's only Do you want to say accomplice and for cover up and beat up his alibi that night? He would think that someone could have dropped the glove guys have a hard time wrapping my mind around that, you're. Gonna go kill somebody with laws on, but if your mark either he Flowd, you have to wear your finger print. Thirty, nine, my seat at the moment, you don't have one. Darwin
or go to sea with work on an I'm taken him off like it in the water. They come off walking out. Why do you think there's a bonehead mistake like black clearly didn't mean that person, not caught because of that if it wasn't accidents, so it's like you know it's perfect, as everything else seems why such a big screw up there, but a strike you have twenty airs voice. Experts sent you know everything about that person with that David. Able to decipher millions jeez All you can do is cited white person with this color hair with this blood type, and so I grafter suddenly anybody else here, crass thirty thing, but I have to
at my house, flew away, no big deal anything that is sticky. I clarified so that I don't have it all over the place like a proxy or like rhymes Those were anything, but you may do to get ready for a patent. Sends me, having a love around your house's moving geologists, because issues have been she's getting undress. Readier sash readier crown Humaner aren't you did it could be a terrorist group I've been here are or one both these anti racist we're so that she had no gloves in her house MEG us somewhat good, thrown them on that site. That's kind of out there, but I actually believe it but
interesting theory was rooted personal, my facebook that I was coming to this like any Wilson, the pike hasn't have any thoughts, are never end. This girl message mean she said in October, two thousand and five. She was at a page it where I'm from, which is about three hours, Rosella The pageant organization was getting the Nautilus S letter. In the mail that rely calling out specific girls, and jewish is basically saying how patents are. Targets were alike Craigs. Basically, you soon maybe there is some other third person saw, yeah, and so did so a guy agreed could have been a depopulating, saw hurry. Then it's not the greatest through effort. We don't know who did it mean the gb I'd know either and if, if they do, they don't know for sure enough to arrest anybody yeah,
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Quite honestly, I first almost like not worried about it, but times gone on in like unknown calls to my phone weird times, and I know always answer all of them I really am put myself out their debts. Your question. No, I'm not I'm not worried about it. I mean if it can be unnerving at times, but it's exactly what I signed up for and always keep saying it. I'm not enemies. Until like in somebody's basement. I don't know I haven't been me any weird situations like that. I'm not a word about it, but it's always all my mind. So it's not like. I just ignore it. It's there it's weird, but I think that after heard Guys brother tell me that he was looking at his phone. Showing him something that wasn't there that was kind of proof
me that he had a psychological issue. Now you I wonder: where did they all come from? Why the terror obsession sure they just make up crazy story sometimes- and it's not like you didn't know about this story- could have came from bits of truth. Are things that happen? none of the terror elements and everything, kidnappers or anything is, is really part of it. But we actually do you think that's a tough or about it is that You ve always those things that happened in your account of all these things fit together to make this one theory. This is why This case is the biggest, case files that they're just so happens to be a bunch of people. Guilty? You aren't there. Are weird things that happened that can't be explained they dont all fit together If, so, we don't know for sure of that region is associate. That could have been somewhat somebody else or somethin else or a complicated a little bit the glove.
In that, so I dont think it off its together. I think there's no way for it to fit altogether and if it, did then it would be easier to solve, but think that that's white horse- Jobs are so many nuances. The saying you know get a fine, the one, what are the truest and what you know to be true and what is still yet to be proven. That's what we're gonna do In the next part of the group discussion. We brought up a bit in tv we had I call with Maurice Gawain. I was just wondering about just accounting for some Fletchers whereabouts and with or without Marcus Harper, not thinking that I did it, but possibly being an accomplice. If Marcus Harper did it and you know whether any type of security cameras around in the city that would confirm his whereabouts because I think he had called in a certain call where he was checking doors and windows and just making sure places were secure, and I just that kinda stood out.
Me a little bit me now. If he was it had the patent Will the be a you know, an accomplice where he was actually tarnished you know just a routine, not a store bait. Ah, he was on the store, beat though awoken bait when he he got that cow when the dispatcher COD Fletcher, to tell him that Marcus wanted him to pick him up at the station. One in arresting thing about that phone call. We as being a former police officer myself in an Harper, was had been a former police officer to it the dispatcher Haiti cow. Fletcher, strife stripe only cell phone, so he knew for he did that on purpose. Or or for whatever reason that he knew there would be a count. In of
a log of debt that phone counted a dispatcher on its wars. What Fletcher was the one before markers column? I don't know, I think it's it's pretty well detail on the dispatch logs, but Fletcher was interviewed any past. A paragraph, in my opinion is really not win. Marcus was Weird Fletcher because he, the people who are listen. This bank has nothing and then you know about this case. I see that as an alibi right. Well, if that's, if he'd, if he did, if you use Fletcher as an alibi, then why? What you want that time, we Fletcher to be accounted for dry. So so do so the point he is so it's not when he was with Fletcher is when he was a reflector. Also, it was strange that it would not be in the police force is best.
Am I trying to say this in their breasts regard TED to let someone had been at a bar. Potentially drinking go out with them run, They all knew him and Inertia Scylla. I mean it just now: several a lot of us small towns do that so I don't see any problem with with dad unless there was a car wreck with the liability insurance systems that are better, In all honesty, I don't see a problem with the UN led, let them because they are new in known for years in his former cop. So but but the point is, if not really when, when Harper was with Nature is really when he wasn't with him, whence indicator. The amount of law enforcement involved. In this I guess case what likewise to be the level of probable cars in order to compel them to have dna submitted into be tested, because we
like you mentioned before, is a small town gb, I guess hasn't. Office. That's in that area in Perry I mean like does it have to be beyond reasonable doubt where they pretty much now we ve got a body and we just kind of tying it up because, like you said he what kind of every kind of help, eliminate a lot of people from the case. I would imagine. Marcus has dna, since he used to be a form officer. The gentleman from Perry as well. You can just gonna get rid of them. So what's the what's gonna like all these people, swabs swathed in there were no match, but now where they swab, and until you mentioned one of the cases there are different databases. They are their durst dares to stay. Georgia database. Ah, ah the thing about the state of Georgia: I'm not I'm not, must state or not. Mama who which changes in our lab and our taxes a chain. No eleven- and this is something that you could trotted are trotted petition- have made this
slate in Georgia is trying to change the US, but it was felt bag instead of Georgia and lot of states to be swathed. You have to be convicted of crimes. Follow me. Ah, you must stay here. North Carolina and Texas in LA aid that is another states? Are you only have to be arrested for crime to be swathed in taxes when they passed? I add that you only have been arrested. Ah, they identified a hundred ripest one guy, who was a family man with children. Men the job he he was dim ain't. You got separated, got panel, child support. These robbed him because he was arrested for back chow support. He was dim. Fathers put prolific serial killer, so so the point is being is that
If you believe that there are then I own, the glove is the is the White Male DNA own glove is links are mounted a killer, then that person has never been ah convey did in the state of Georgia and also has been entered into the federal or DNA databases code. Us the dna from the gloves just sit and out there. You know in code us and a state in its just waitin for somebody somewhere and they do not us The energy it together here so no office have been swathed or had they been or have all the opt out and out on us, Fletcher, dykes harp all those people in swab. Now, if you talk about some other officers, I don't know of any. I would say that linked for it was warm Michael anchored by anyone
I am not quite sure whether they would be swab June have to give me what one but put em I'll bring em delight to make up. Why didn't you just can't randomly swab up officers? You see what I mean. The only time that has not been done, it's not a standard and law enforcement and would have to be down, but somebody on outside, if you could get hold of the dna profile, is the ancestry, the genealogy d c?
if there are some type of genealogy somebody in the database that might have a family member linked to the glove. Somehow I dare not been done, but familiar dna has been done. The thing about ideas are familiar, dna or the person would have to have a relative. Did you get a partial, because a familiar dna is only a partial hit. That person would have, however, been convicted of a crime in Georgia, and then you would have to walk back from that person. The kid walking back button by to see if we can link somebody to terror, that's how that works. Jonesy River Manassa Georgia, so my question in us- an email about is I normally don't listen a crime by Casbah after I get hooked on up a man is, I went back and I listened to cereal seas and wine and Alice Super disappoint.
Here that they never actually solve the case about the end of the first season, and I mean yeah, I learned a lot, but They would ever really resolve and I'm wondering are- and this is for you ever pain. Are you worried that the case will not be solved by the end of seas and wine and if it does not solve eating that damages the Our the credibility of the Pike ass well, first of all, be known. Cases are the end of February of O six. So I'm not worried about India LAD The good thing about the is: is these bought cask can be replaced by anyone. And so you never know who's gonna, do something.
A year from now to go there, and you know in the confines of their own home, they know somethin and listen to this part CAS Andy. It starts making him. Thank, say it's ok to myself. I want to go, he hadn't come forward, and maybe a year or two after this thing is the package is over with on the terror case. So as long as the parts s cast days available, for the general public to here. There's always a possibility that somebody listen to and astonished him worryin will for you, I know when they started. You said I want to solve this case. I want to find out and a telegram said. So I want to direct the same question to you. Apprentice nowadays, like you're, the Sierra canuck problem like how you gonna in this in another Joking way, I want to solve it, I'm still to be investigating this and
There is a lot of information that I have not put in the park ass, yet not just to hold it back from you guys, but because it would jeopardize what I'm doing right now. I can't promise that I'm gonna go find the killer, but I promise that I will do my best to tell you what I think happened. I think awareness, I think, awareness of the case of third apart cast our votes. It has more to do in then trying to solve it with the park asked like you said. I know it's kind of like a big question. Can I just get a quick so not says from you about the neighbour Joe Portiere? How do you feel I mean? How do you feel about the situation with him? I feel like people to big important part of that of what happened, that night package, he's up deftly are.
His shown some very suspicious behaviour. Ah, there's no doubt about it. He refused to speak to me. The only thing only thing to hate did I may washing the car we used it was. It was a big mistake after terrorists they had told him not to also you have to understand, really he's the one that our intention to the fact that there was something wrong, get a house that Monday morning now that there may have been prompted by Miss Face Cow Sunday, light Sunday that probably a prob after midnight, she go but you know here, but he didn't do anything that night in our Havre he's never being considered at the level of dogs and Harper and vicars. He has never been in level. Ah it maybe you should be, yeah,
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audible, dot, com, slash up or text. You p, two five hundred five hundred again, that's audible, dot com, slash you p, or tax up to five hundred five hundred hey Maurice many myths, Stephanie Augustine, I'm from Sunbury Georgia. I have just a few questions. The first one is this: always bothered me and I'm sure the answers out there. But since you ve been on the case and so six when her mother called Heath and asked him to go to the safety check in he went into the sacred. What was the follow up to mom from I mean it. Did he tell her? You know the car under this
still in the driveway, the dog still in the backyard shortly body, and what was what was the follow up for that with the mom? Or did you just go back to bed and say: oh she's, not there remain where we don't have the phone records, because so we don't know actually, if he made the phone call back hated, do a safety check painted a well wellness check at all for, like a ten Levin year veteran at that time. As a detective, it was the worst wellness chicken that I've ever seen in history policeman, especially if somebody You won't you suppose eleven were having an affair with a long term, family Fran. You know very makes all these phone calls who supposedly express some type of.
Song Worryin about her us, where she was at all day Sunday, that's based on Roswell statement, but then, but then, when he gets to the house, he does nothing but leave a business card interview. Miss Bay at a terror centre down the thing that you and in November mistakes in this gave us no doubt about it. Ah, but you have to understand that in two thousand seventeen I've got the hand side of eleven years and on what I knew no six, because it was really I mean it was really fluid back then,
going on? I didn't. I ask other data a lot of the proper questions that I should have to miss fight about that I would now. I am not quite sure if I had asked the proper questions, if I would have been allowed to continue talking to her arms undersigned, that data Miss Peyton go herself. It are our our twenty mandrive light. It not elderly, but all these phone calls always phone calls that were made supposedly over the position of her eyes, you know all day Sunday. Now they have seen no evidence that the Genesis Recount behave of this.
No evidence that her frame a ray, I was called the Heath, and these are people that you would think that the Miss fight they call Joe and the reason why she could give him only or in the basin d is. He was out at the his letter to perform our side of the seller and they got back. I think, a benign thirty different like then. She got hold of them after then, but all these people making I'm cows. It seems to me that they were. They were not call on the correct people I mean, maybe in a manner even elderly can't drive where, if icon somebody, Harry and they're. Coming through my town, you're gonna pay and we're gonna go far. My child, I mean that's, Just- may be in a mother. I agree, but if you're gonna use he thought because he's in law enforcement then as the norm,
least arm or pick pick me up and care me or at least touch base with me. And let me know what went on in the house, because, even even if he did, I get back in touch with her down with the Hague tellers, her carvers home, no lads several little hallowing things out and that and I'm after business caress all he could say rod. I totally agree very suspicious. Yes, I've always wondered if you think that terror hidden driven to the bar where we're Marcus
Where was this is my first things down, look and tried to look into when I got there because I've and I'm the one that pushed GB have had not been interviewed, Megan Evans and she was at the white horse and she she's she's, actually Marcus's cousin. Ah, she cow terror. I talked to Megan one time but her it was around about five minutes. This was no six about April those eggs. Her Mamma found out about him, and now you went out to me anymore: Megan fighting terror, they Megan. When I want to draw up a Padgett discussion group in o six and she posted there. She was one of the last three people too.
The terror, but then it was deleted about a week later. Ah, so Megan spoke to tear that that do I think that, in terms of their possible that she told her remarks was was unaware horse of an absolutely do, I think, would be what limited emails that you, how that you ve seen which they came for me Ah did you say you know the emotional state? Do I think the terror would were drafted? Warehouse absolutely? Ah, but you know- and you know but meccans trumped touch me, but she blocking face, but she will haven't. I do, we're, not what kids, but so does not the knocked and doing a moron on that, but there is a very good possibility that phone call may have done. Her to the white horse? Among yes, hey Maurice John, just a quick question? If, if you were to determine that the glove is just
a plant and it was to deliberately led investigators on a dna. Haunted, isn't when the yield anything. Would you agree that that was well planned- or at least they plan D, and that, if that's the case, who would you say that would leave review to disarm? I could be termed a wrong about this, but I believe, since I was seven, that the person who did this has law enforcement, knowledge Ah, I mean there's, and there is no doubt about it. I mean down the thing about the glove be implanted. You would happen,
that the DNA of luggage put there. They had never been swab before last on. The key thing you would have to know now could come from my elderly person or someone out there did. But you know you would have to know that the person has never been arrested for and also small, understand and Roth whales argument against me and the planet. Glove theory is that the glove his leads back the terror somehow, so the only thing that you could say about that is is forensically and there's a partial print on it, the prince a partial prancing be entered into the federal US database. Avis in I think I think- and this happens in a lot of other cases that are dna Waitin for DNA met match, makes investigators lazy. They stop. Don't shoot. Leather word stop
ask them to stop asked questions and they just sit around waiting for dna Match and that's unfortunate. In a lotta and also this case? Do we know outside of the counties where have inserts areas while lackman areas or by any other searched- all in all areas and a question while I may is because I was going to bring about this person was listening and he used to work with market. And so they were travel back and forth like together, and he said that mark is made passing reference and they were coming back home? through factually in the automobile river and all that run near passed, while I've made mirror I can only the bears my over there and they never funnel. Just one those option. It is random things all alike. Have anybody ever so you think anybody you like. No other, now give myself that's of arrest,
but never take another take a massive undertaking to three years. You might find me out there who went to conclude as part of it but think- sir, if you have any of you, want to add to the audience here today. And it s been very and arrested on a travel- and this has been very frustrating for me I have not been ridiculed in the past and still getting another discussion boards. Ah, but in all five and six I mean we might, then there was the oh. It was the court tv discussion, but where and they mean the national got so bad back, then that the court had to shut down for two or three days until people come.
Paved herself, but I appreciate being able to talk to you about this case. Gamma question no good, now tell em to tell him the truth. Now, just be honest, we underscored number but who do cowed you model time. You were always jam and- and you were you workers or guy there like a bother me like you, re and other maidens, and am I got you got close to me one time actually, For once I did pushy dinner, you did What is a wild rose like I was busy doing stuff you had to go. You quitting the case and I'm like no, I haven't even made a podcast. Yet thank you for pushing me to do it though, but yeah I did what I said right. I'm lucky said: there's a lot more information that there has not been put out there Another thing I want to say is that the genealogy, almost ever body, thus associated with this case.
I've explored over ten and a half years on. We are no cousins of cousins of cousins. I know everybody lot. There is some shouldn't even be cousins, but but I'm late, I've looked at ever body. Heritage in in and there are there in issues, issues Mombasa really really. There's, probably probably seventy five two hundred people surrounding this case: ok with you gear and I'll see you later
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