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Previously, on up in vanish, you'll, never Grinstead, as the former beauty queen turn teacher, who disappeared from her home in a similar way. Back in two thousand. Is cases come as Alaska in the past hour Ryan do made his first court appears just minutes after authorities and asked his arrest, ermine canny public defender John Mobilise whose representing murder, suspect Ryan Duke Ass for the gag order right after his client was arrested. There has been a second arrest today.
Today we learnt authorities have arrested on charges of hindering the apprehension of a criminal tampering with evidence we like in four years. The community wants to know this was a big thing for such a small community and we why answers we want to know what happened Fr Court of Georgia has thrown out a gag order and the terror Grinstead case Don't die from tenor, Fatiguing Atlanta. This is up and vanished. I'm here
Spain Lindsey ever since judge issued a gag order Inter grinned sets case things are no silica, pre silent, the local me, fought hard to remove it. Eventually, there were successful. The gag order, Inter Grinstead case, has been lifted. To announce the up in Venice team has gone back to a similar to follow up on this parents of terror Grinstead. But this time we filmed everything up and vanishes coming the tv in a one, special on the accident network on Sunday. November 18th pm eastern time to get you guys. For the tv show two years on behind the scenes moments and if you interviews that didn't make the show for those of you who listen to seize and one from the beginning. I think first off by a year come on fire. I'm ok was with me my law down. Are you doing don't worry I left
doing good doing good Ghana upon Did you smell smells good? So, what's going on here filming the tv show, crap, invest S or back in O Scylla again investigating terrorist case and trying to figure out what happened Have you heard anything everything I know people been quiet since the arrests seems like nothing. I haven't heard anything really. Having heard what my generation, they don't know much about apart. Kay ass? You know they have it. You know my age dynamic vision toward so so will you do I knew you got an ivory ideal, your hip, that's why you wanna come on who actually do you mind now more amazing how you doing any above the maximum like I did. I know sorry, one thing I hate him.
Sideways Joe. There so many bugs here for so many bugs here, but takes out back with you. Ok I'll, try had the next day. No, no like this. This is this is way different, like that, he didn't hear me Nicky before going to facilitate shoots. Some interviews I sat down with my brother and my grandma and asked for help things have been in towns of the arrests, if you remember. My grandma lives in South Georgia, less than twenty minutes from Mozilla, and like everyone else there she didn't follow. This case for years has private. This is a surprise lies there really is greater. So are going to feel so much sooner. I came here. First see you when you go to the restaurant
Do they know you there? I People react when you sell a year ago. They did so I'm assuming that they might know me even more now. I don't know if they, if they like me or hate me or what but we're here, but you think, terrorists cases still very sensitive subjects. I think so So what I wish gosh, take me to go to trial and get it over with you know. I really do it was in fact still remains What would it be for what has happened to him? Not raimbault. What's happened to him? Is he working there move? Do you know anything about working at his girlfriend small reform issues. Now all industries wait entails
Tsar level, sacks Islam Why is it that is taking so long for him to go to court I think the smiths Saws excessively has a public defender sure is complicated case as it is a super most How asked get, possibly defense? I don't really know I'm going to take the time I hope. All these things come to an end. You know really have closed it to it. You know before leaving my grandma S house. I had asked how much Ass, a lot of them out of yours,
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slash cadence While we were down a no Scylla, my business partner, Donald sat down with met seal the mayor I live in a cellar and would like to think that their very unique national, but I'm sure we're like a lot of other small towns. Everybody knows everybody. And as just a real sense of community, and sometimes he has lost in a big said, sir. I actually have lived in both the big city and spoke out for the small town myself. I sell us straight place, working people most of the people that live here now group here have family here and
five, seven generations ahead farmland in Irwin County other than there are increasingly people like myself, who stumbled upon it and decided to call it home and just made it made himself, are like was atmosphere like you, following weeks undertaken to disappear any time. Something like that it is just as a real effect on the whole town. It's not something. That's just every day, imagined in a beggar city in here about our every day every other day seems shake a small town little more and so that there was no different here. Two thousand five, just the idea that hey that kind of thing just doesn't happen here, and yet here it had what have was, it was mystery that says a community of our describe really came out because. Every weekend, and even in between weakens there were there were people getting together, go out. The search for clues look for are you know any signs that would that would lead to the answers to those questions
just as something like that car rocks a small town, maybe a little harder than a place with, the population way. People dont know everybody she's, a school teacher, and so she was very well known very well like that same small time sphere is what caused the community really coming together and search for answers and in just a comfort each other. When did you first year, police, Chief Billy Hancock? He let me live there was may oppressed, efforts. There wasn't arrest me, I was given but I didn't. I didn't ask for any other information. I just knew that that things were removing, and I knew that was going to bring a lot of attention to a Scylla and you were there. You saw it I mean this court rumours absently, packed in a way that I have never seen before the tv crew sort. When I use the tv crews and also it was a big deal.
There was a faceless person responsible and now we have to face, and now we have name we get to see. And the men on the pot gas, wherever the audio here and here in the chamber as it came about that was it was dramatic It certainly brought some answers, but then, of course it Bromwich so while it brought some sense of closure, which was certainly certainly needed and welcome, it brought other questions. To so It wasn't a complete end. The theory he's in the talk- and you know you- you export someone that stuff on the on the podcast before they arrest, close the door on who wasn't responsible, and I think that was. The best answer, because backing to an end, so there are two names that we found out about right before the press conference Ryan. Do, though, do we actually talked at length about? Do we put both its name out there to the public before authorities have the option
You met with you of your superstar, actually astronomy failure discussing occasionally there you help us make. That decision will remember that I went down Warming really, like I said the m, the arrest was able to close out some theories, and my fear I still stand by what I have heard day. There were a go around And his name came up and until those rumors were grounded, something I was, I was not trusted in haven't just more rumours and pretty much start the process all over again of what happened in ourselves and our uncanny details about that. I'm always going to be when it comes to my city- and I guess this is my responsibility as a mayor, I'm supposed to be a good steward of the finances, but also as much as I can. The community and the social and cultural aspect There's a waiter to keep that kind of thing from inflaming rumour mill I'll always
that side, you think Ryan. Do Cambodia Fair trial, so many people knowing I think it would be difficult and we were talking before we got here here, Europe episodes of Philip Holloway exists where love is information come from This argument, discussion about where trial would have to be because in our one county it would be too of a challenge- and there have been too much doubt that it could be fair play. They look for somewhere demographics and solely a similar enough community, but far the way that, whenever commute a in, and also Georgia's, like we heard about this case and heard the name it's just too big for for you to find a place that nobody has, but the place it hasn't been quite saturated. With the news and the worse and the conjecture, and you know the theories that obviously a cylinder, we're gonna be an where this happening:
the suspense to involve them. Somebody's comes from a very prominent local family. Do you think that directly or indirectly benefit is try it I'm sure that would be a question if it was in Irwin County. I know that that any time someone is loosely connected to you know anyone would consider a prominent political, family or person theirs. It's gonna the suspicion or something like that. I don't know how much that actually would have would have right into, but but just idea that questions can be raised and we're gonna work and asked the question then I'm sure some some level of care should be taken to make sure that at least minimized small town, every bodies- active somebody. That's an elected official at the local state level. It's gotta third cause That's on the board of Somethin in in Georgia, just because it's just a small! You can't not
be related to somebody I think but like to make a little more of that, then, maybe is actually true. It does me good media. But I dont know how much that would actually play into it. Whenever you're dealing with with someone of political problems or or someone connected to any body of any any level of power, we have just as many people that would. Actually. Against that person? Then there would actually help him out anyway, so that you can occur Both ways on sound like that bowers First Amendment lawyer, presented NBC affiliates in Atlanta embattled, the gag order. Within days of raindrops arrest. There was a gang order in this case,
That's strange shape. The timing unusual in criminal cases even high profile criminal cases, gag waters are generally the exception and not the rule. Why so quickly? It's a cold case, the largest case gb. I history. It's an unsolved murders of of someone who is apprised citizen in the community, immediately guard a lot of attention. What happens when a gag waters enters thereby understands? That means. If you talk to jail, was s gag owner of violation of first it was an that's with George Supreme Court ruled. What's he gonna take a really find out what happened to her a fair trial? That's exactly what should happen and we don't dispense justice and secret in this country, the community, the Sylla needs to know and feel confident that law enforcement has the right people that they don't need to be afraid. There's still a killer honour loose in the community, and the public has an equal interest in making sure that those are the right people.
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Audible, dot, com, slash up or tax, you p two five hundred five hundred again, that's audible, dot com, slash you p or tax up to five hundred five hundred. Why. Well, I'm sure someone had worked tears case a few times, you might Rick as our voice from season to as well Missus Tracy Sergeant the surgeon You dog expert, he met Tracy while working on season one. So I asked come talk to us again, but somewhat speculation about where and how terrorism remains were found. I thought her that would be helpful
Tell us two things: they tell us where something is and where something isn't again. These dogs are trained to find people dead or alive. We start our search efforts at essentially grounds era, where, the person last saying are believed to have been in this way terror was believed to have been in her house where she was last known to be not where she was last seen, but where she was last known to be so we expect outwardly and we always star what we call the high problem areas. First, based upon a lot of variables as well. Any case places change areas, change, memories, you no change, so gets much more difficult, and my experience is that specially you're looking in awarding area dog dogs are really a great and vital resource to Hell
cover those areas. You looking in the woods things and grown up. Now things have changed you you don't see what you're looking for, where we are very limited and arm visual capabilities for searching through the woods or even an environment like this. It's very easy to overlook something. Even a full size body certainly appear now looking it may be bones or fragments it's very difficult to see that with our own eyes, so dogs, you can't hide sent from now, it doesn't matter. How would it is or how long it's been these dogs have found remains over two hundred and fifty years old terror and disappeared. We will call Dan because I have searched dogs, and I was called in by the local law enforcement officials, the sheriff's office and the police department of course, from there the gb I got involved and also assisted them, as well over the years we ve been requested to come down in search different areas.
All of them have been wooded areas when we first initially start in the search. While we were searching and unwanted area, there was a burned out structure that they asked us to come in search. Yes, yes So we search that area and that's the only structure building, so to speak, that we searched indeed indicate in that area. We term we determine it was human sent, but it was not. Human remains specifically related to terror in this case in this situation. The dogs did alert at that burn structure we looked at it and in every case will again when these dogs indicate to us that they are located human remains sand. We the human part of this equation in this team is this related to the case is in evidence
what's Goin on why the dogs alert here. Was there a body here and then move later on? With crime saying here or is there, totally unrelated. We determine this was an older home with very old piping systems. The dogs actually lured into the pie. Was going to the bathroom entered the separate system that white they told us their team and remain sent here, but related to terrorist case, and it's not evidence for this. Case. A bison and burned. Plus years later than a dog still pick up that sense, yes, they can. Yes, they can. I want to say, is a proof, is example that machine. Plant disaster that happen a number of years ago here in South Georgia, in the Savanna area we actually I searched that area and they, The problem with the investigators told us they had to
pictures ranging farm anywhere a thousand degrees about forty five hundred degrees, extremely high hot temperatures there till two persons missing in this huge enormous area, very dangerous, very calm. Located varying differ got to search for four people and dogs, The dogs were able to locate There remains of the last two victims. And that disaster so that showed us even in these streamlining Nano way, hot and conditions. For the remains, but us all the smells you ve got vast amount of odor that we can smell. We can only imagine what the dogs are picking up, so they were not only able to locate these burned, remains even fragments, but also through
All of those smells and and be able to distinguish we ve got human remains sent here versus all of the chemicals that their hammond process through and say. No, that's not what I'm looking for and I've learned over the years honestly, paying dogs noses are a lot better than my brain. I trust these songs. They had this amazing incredible ability to pick up, the tag things this You're amazing, you can't hide things from dogs became, so even if terrorist remains are burned and even after all, these years, absolute Dogs can locate them. Doktor, Maurice Gawain, join us in our Scylla, any brought all the original crime scene photographs and together we
down to go over whom now that Rhine Abou have been charged. If there was indeed a struggle inside terrorists home on that fateful night, then the evidence would be in here. This is on the pitcher off the lamp there had to be lie. She can see in the dark so either she had the lamp own or she had her overhead blot on. So but she had this lamp on the lips. Definite broken, always definite brother was this lamp in European broke in Lahore, has been confirmed. A lamp was not broken before they are denied. This lamp was broken during some top of allocation between terror in the perpetrator or perpetrators in Bulgaria. In a struggle I mean makes more sense that it could have fought off the Nice- and you say: that's not likely not now have that stress marks into plastic are that we require two hands to break it. Why would somebody use their heads to break a lamp in that type of confrontation? Mother is hard to find a switch.
So you just have to do to the fastest eyeing wrought suggests almost scrambling to turn the lights off the layer, Asia. Oh yes, action of scrambling to turn the lights off. They grab the land, Fortunately, this run this blight peace here popped offer there. This was lay an under debate. Corneas is suggests passmore struggle, and the point is that the GB idea and taken a lamp and they ve found this piece of plastic here, she'd be ass, it came out. In October. They said that it was it wasn't any sign of struggle. Well, regardless of how I got broken, the lamp is broken s clears is a plastic on the ground. You found this. Clearly shows that the top of the lamp is snapped open. We don't I got broken, but if you're saying that there was no evidence of this is broken before that night, then it happened.
Likely in some sort of struggle aside terrorism. One are confirmed. The lamp was not broken, my family in France. Was this right here here since our clasped from main necklace? You can see there is actually pull apart. This class by itself is meaningless, basically without the neck Caspian debate on Reform s correct, but the gb I've found deeds on the floor from a broken necklace, restaurant. They were found on before scattered on the wooden for at the thought of her bad. I didn't find those Before I got there, but so also knew that so went and got on my knees before she had the autonomy for wars would crevices cracks between member state. So I start to look at what magnifying glass going each down each one of us, crevices jeez. Well, did you gotta, Missin teacher?
they don't know what happened. This is possible major case Rob Fischer, and even if it was a major case, you still should take these concepts. So found the clasp here less from the necklace she had on that night. I don't know see he hears the dying. This is not direct. Nevertheless, like dna or frankenberry, this circumstantial evidence, so in order for this class can make sense. There has to be known that the next was like these. Where lay it on the floor and broken, and so we, u pit those two pieces of the puzzle together. They that makes more sense so with those things put together You're saying that force
Disbarred, look out a force for man as in having a shrine ass, well ass, a Sakharov who are trying to get away in the perpetrated front controller. I did a cursory search of the house in this. Is that the bedroom window were she would turn the lamp, that war Joe when we get to see if she was home or not This was a yard, but if you actually look in a sinner here, you can see this actually is banned. The lumber room in the frame, the screen this be it in this was off question Joe about an extra where he say that met wondered escorting been there for a long time, so just started broken window for a long time. When I ask him indeed, he did not. He asked me to leave so, but most interesting. That goes with the US. Is this This is inside the house her that window.
Tor Jos House, This is the latch the how the house, the two windows together. An all lived out, that was already lava, so this ledge have been loose So we she walked in her her bedroom. She walked over toward a vanguard that living table beside the buy. It now this woman terror lived the long ride. I do Finally, she over long periods of time. Look they screws in this latch, without doing something about it. She would change the logs. She won't leave this lobbyists. From Maria she told me to tear was really cautious about walking her doors and had this fear, intruder. So Material differed window Lastly, you are wrong appeared to her
what we do know is that she was at the that night. Theatre, she left the theatre by seven twenty five to seven thirty years confirmed to me by one of their Padgett participants who, while terror to her car, and she said, terror was in good spirits and she said that terror told her that she had to go to her bosses. Barbecue So the next location we notion that was at the barbecue. She was at Troy, Davis, this house here, but before we see stop, she gosh you robbed in Mozilla about quarter to see
we lay on the words Sons house, which is directly behind Troy. Davis is house, that's right. They spoke about fifteen minutes. They spoke about fifteen minutes a day. She just poor appear Troy's turned into the driveway andean. She stayed there. I should make, should receive a lot of cars and made us several calls in she laughed Troy Sour out about eleven o clock. They she drove about a half a mile to her house here, turning and indeed Blinkem she vanished, since it means that the choice is the last place. She was known to be like the last place. Issue is known to be here and there was the last person other than the killer Sayer.
In driving from the barbecue to your house. That's when she couldn't possibly seen this party or put into a driveway go and Ryan or whoever else or outside owing to their car media's. Maybe they saw each other said: hey that's how they matter. How far is that forty house, frontier access across the street from across the mailbox too, should pass it coming from our sheep? We see turn into laughed into her broadway. Her call we right from the house, so it's like somebody was in the driveway Brussels three were on board trans border. No doubt it was all they were falling now I thank my one one thirty. I am. I think she was there what are just that within within two hours she got back home to.
She was there. She likely we're home because our clothes, or else it from that night, was inside her how she wore their shortcomings. It looks like she went on how she went home and family that she will be honest. I am personally convinced that she definitely will there's amateur sport that, with regard being their profound being, there were outbid being here. But if you say the glove is a plant, why couldn't anything else be a plan to you? Dont know for a fact she went home is no its sovereign when there's a possibility stretch that and where somebody. Took it from her Unless someone stole her person keys from our house. That means then she went somewhere with their pursing fees, is true. Her person he stable, where she was and that their nests her leave him eat away somehow per person. He travelled from our house to somewhere else, either
you took on their herself for you must use somewhere else at night or someone stole from her this possible strands tat. They whenever remove your clothes rather than burning nor closed, that removed are closed and ended following a care, much house and you just remove roar, the to go through all the trouble of taking a phone back to terrorists house and putting it on the charter, bring yourself two persons how's. This worry. Why would you not with the person he's back in there to God or thing I was. I was weird front door to a house was locked NASH right, meaning that someone had to lock it with her keys. Keys, that are in fact missing from the other. Way? Somebody else was, terrorists house that night was she there the same time I don't know, but somebody else was there, because her door was locked in her keys are gone.
Less Tierra left on our own without her phone and went somewhere else in just never made it back either way? We respect. Lay this boy what's everything that we're. Looking all these details now, twelve years later, this could mean all this could mean nothing. Really it's a window was unlocked. Maybe she just unlocked it that NATO, which is always like that it was no big deal, or maybe she never even knew. The class from the ground or Maybe all these things are pieces to a puzzle that say that there was a struggle inside the nothing's definitive here, but we haven't we have much else to look to be honest. The night air one missing. She was in this same theatre. Yes, he's been nearly thirteen years ago. The night here was here, maybe even some I could have been stuck in Paraguay, you don't understand at individual could have been in this theatre. So when the arrests happen was
shock to absolutely and I literally just broke down and tears It was surreal. I was a student here. I did not teach him, but I didn't know him and I've been friends with his family. My whole life.
How do you know right round and I went to school together we still keeping to the over two years, a good bit by phone calls. How would you describe a very calm individual, not confrontation, require very polite. He's Arcy Canada belies poetry. He is kind of like a hopeless romantic time. Zero dark sides, IRAN, not really, not that I know of the right- and you know it is that I can hold murder the round. Again, though, is not capable of modern. Do think wrong had a hand. Annual words can go along with both story they ran body who want to sleep drowsily Higgins, don't forget up and vanished is coming to tv. Sunday. November. Eighteenth on oxygen trust me, you don't want to Missis, No is roll up on the Hudson peak on orchard, and
if someone to talk to us there but will be there, but I'm sure someone there knows where BO is. During the cod can, I dont know how to say it, and I will never say it right, so I don't care real but no one knows. I think I saw her, I must have.
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