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Take a deeper look at the evidence as experts discuss new developments in the case. We go through old news transcripts to learn more about the weekend of October 22nd 2005. Maurice takes calls from the voicemail line.

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There is very little physical evidence in this case it's really hard on other people's testimony over the People stories tend to change now begin three things a little different. Eleven years later, this can become really troublesome. Firstly, we need to run a piece together. All the facts today will be explored. Old news transcripts back in two thousand five and two thousand six with interviews people in this case today Looking at forty four interviews, terrors mother, terrorist sister. Troy Davis, the men who had the barbecue in two, his best friend we're gonna export these people set eleven years ago deceiving help panic. Picture of what happened that weekend this case evidence
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Audible, dot, com, slash up or text. You p, two five hundred five hundred again, that's audible, dot com, slash you p or tax up to five hundred five hundred Our first interviews from two thousand six with Troy Davis in Greta Van As a reminder, Troy David held the barbecue that night this. What was said. Vince Austrian, asked Troy Troy. How long have you known terror, replied unknown or for eight years. Hence, turn stated on the night of October? Twenty second: did she go dinner at your home, David
like? Yes, she did they insulted. Question. That unusual, Dave replied, no its not! She came by. Often in she ate with us on a regular basis on the weekend, then Austrian then asked was any special occasion for that Saturday night replied. No, no. There was not there, Justin said how many people were over that night. Replied. There was about eight eight folks, when she arrived search underway for missing woman Fox NEWS now November seventh, two thousand five Monday then someone asked Davis do what time terror arrived David said around, while between eight and eight thirty Someone said: do you remember how she was dressed it is replied? Yes, she was dressing. Pair of genes, obey shirt very distant pair of shoes
a comment about those shoes that night and she- this came back from a beauty pageant from question. How long did you say your house that evening replied. She left around eleven o clock in Sub Saharan said do you know, since you drove over here tonight from your home. How long did it Take you to get over here tonight, David said about two minutes. Vince Austrian then said: okay, so weak back that if she left your house about eleven o clock. She I ve, been home by eleven O to David said: that's right, austrian in question? Do you know she drove her own car? Maybe so, She did driver own car, Vince, astern, say and then the night at the party any whose there, besides your family, David said we had to cross the street neighbours We also had some neighbours who live about three blocks from here. My children were there such transcend all right.
With these more your friends than her friends, David said yes Vince astern ass. Did she say anything unusual that night David said: no, she did not Terror was, she was very a beat that night actually just one question to everything seem normal Davis reply. Everything was norm and then questioned did she happened to mention how she intended to spend the next day Sunday, for instance, David said no. She did not She did not say what she was going to do the next day and southern asked, Did she mentioned any boy, friends or ex boyfriend? running when giving her a hard time. David said: no, actually, she did not mention or ex boyfriend that night other. Not she had visited him. A couple weeks ago, and then she was moving on and sustained then said? have you ever heard of anyone at all giving her any trouble.
Davis then said I've heard of in person I don't know any details about it. Gretta Vince us, and then stated, and that's the former student we ve talked about is she likely? I know this is a guess she liked. Open the door to a stranger at her house. I mean, in your opinion, I know this is a little wild Davis replied, no I think she would. This next interview is with Nancy Grace in Faye, Grinstead Tara's mother back in two thousand five grace, said, thing missing. Is terror Instead, terrors mother, Yes, it is very strange. Researchers this is what she collected brings It said. Yes, she collected Barbie dolls. She did
a lot of them historical, as you can this one? These are old grace asked: did she play guitar Prince did said. Yes, she did. She sang to re said is this? The lamp Grinstead, replied, yes, race, blood. I thought it was cracked. No, I thought it was cracked Grinstead reply. I beg your pardon. Grace had said. I thought the lamp was broken. That said it was brought stated. Oh, I see it is broken. Ass up under here in this, down on the floor in the bed was made instead replied no, the bed was, they told me. The bed was not made like she just and bed, maybe recent really Grinstead said terrorists like pillows on the side of her. You know brace, replied right. Grinstead said she slept with several pillows and that's what was told like she had possibly laid down and gone to bed
That's. Why wondered if somebody called her? said: where's the phone Grinstead replied. It always was right here. I guess GB, I took is normally on her bed. Its normally right up here replied? It feels like she's going to walk end at any minute printed said. I know grace stated, I'm just totally totally overwhelmed and so very very grateful that so many people are working so hard to find her you know when we looked at her house today. Everything was imperfect order. It was as if it some moment she was going to come right back through the door. What the next day? That Saturday said replied. I have no idea what said in your life. Did you hear from her? What was she doing? printed said. No. She told me she would be tied up working with the girls getting ready
for the beauty pageant, and so I did not talk to that day. Break plied was she to visit you on Sunday Grinstead said she did a lot of times, yes race. And asked what she was to visit, that Sunday, Grinstead replied You talked about Europe. Let me know, because she didn't know, then she was on Saturday working with the girls she didn't know if she would have time to come, because she had studied do grace ass. When you say she had studying to do what was she study? Grinstead said on her graduate school brace replied what was that greasy was seeking Princeton replied. She was getting a specialist degree braced than us that Sunday, when you thought you were coming over to visit you you're in Hawkins, Ville Right, Grinstead said. Yes, Grace asked. How far is that from a Grinstead room I'd, it's about an hour's. Dr grace then asked. When do you see
becoming suspicious Brinton Replied well started calling her that afternoon and she did not answer the phone think too much about it at first. She never me back. I left remit said she didn't call me back, because I'd call both phones but I really didn't start to get word until later on in the late afternoon and when she had not called me back, I began to get concerned brace asked called the neighbors Princeton, like. I did not call the neighbors until very late Sunday Ray said. So you did call Sunday night, Grinstead said yes Sunday night dead then stated. I did not collars Saturday night, it was very late, say too thirty or one? I did call the neighbors deceive car was homer. If anything looked unusual raced and ask What did they say? Grinstead then said they didn't seem to think anything. Looked unusual at the car. Was there gone all day and didn't get back until late. This, the car was there. Nothing looked unusual. Grace then asked
in a light was on in her computer room. Grinstead said yes, some type of dim light was on in their race. Replied from the computer only Grinstead replied but have been. This next interviews with terrorist sister, Anita Goddess again on the Nancy Graecia Anita Gaddafi's terror. Sister said, the car being there, the carving unlocked she never left her car online a hundred dollars cash Le Grinstead, said in the car get us said. Yes in the car broken land by her bedside table that we know was not broken the day before girls said there was no incident, she always turned a lighter neighbours? No a lamp was Friday night, never came icon race and asked? What can you tell about the night. She went missing Anita she'd help some girls that afternoon work on their hair and make up for the beauty pageant. He went to the beauty pageant
he went to a local superintendents house for dinner, watched a football game. Assume she went back home and after that, we do not know. Re said what Anything was unusual about her home. This replied. Well, her car was left unlocked. Terror never leaves are core unlocked when she's at home, herself, was in the charger door was locked, but are keys in earth were missing, re, said, keys and personally I understood that there was a radio clock by your bed on the floor. Goddess responded. That's correct! gb. I found it under the bed when they were looking for evidence, and there was also a broken lamp on her bedside table braced than stated now Anita the clock which you have left it. That way, I mean if I came home tonight and I saw my clock by the bed lying on the floor.
Turn around and walk out of that apartment, because that would be wrong when she had left it. That way, Goddess replied. I don't think so, because the clock is about six hours off in time. Race, replied! I'm sorry! I couldn't hear you repeat: yes said the clock, but time is about six hours off, which is another confusing fact. GotTA stated, Oliver clothes were back at home Though she did not go back home in change, clothes race then asked There was something about a jack o lantern on the front, porch gotta said right: terrorists House was decorated, really cute for Halloween. The Jacqueline was still plugged in. And it was lit up. Nancy said you should have seen this place was perfectly in order when the cops came. They found. One of her beautiful necklaces on the floor. Bedroom. They found her lamb knocked over and broken. They found these shoes laying out on the floor. The clothes
one that evening still lying out. That is just not like this girl. This lesson of I'm going play: you is a terrorist, as friend Maria again on the Nancy ratio daisy asked? How long have you known terror, Maria Hewlett friend of Terror, Grinstead, replied, probably fifteen years. Grace then said in that morning. I knew she went to a cook out at school superintendence House evening before Had been helping younger girls get ready for a local passion, she goes. He cook out leaves I think around eleven p M or so to drive back home. You went to her home the next morning. Sunday correct you, let replied no Monday, grace said. Excuse me Monday morning: what did you say she replied
I immediately went into the house. Grace said well, did you go there Juliet said I had been, we had been looking for her mother or not and then so I went down there that morning, knowing The police were on their way and I went in the police were outside. Well, excuse me, Ray said: how did you get in here? replied. The detective was outside by her car or door was unlocked, grace at her door, was unlocked. Hewlett replied. I said: ok go ahead, Juliet Why? Yes, I walked in the door, where her shoes would usually be in order, if she had hurried out, the door may be looking around to see if anything had fallen off the tables. If their looked like having a struggle. You know I immediately knew that something had to have been wrong for her did not shown up at work, not to call home there had to have been something. Grace said what did you see the bedroom? He lit
like the bedroom. There were closed. The floor. Jewelry on the floor the or on the floor, and they were really nice shoes and she's very peculiar about her clothes. Clothing and shoes they were on the floor. There were things pact stacked up on her. Next to the bed. Her bed had been slept in like to me. You know her pillows were arranged like she sleeps. I immediately thought then in the bed. At some point you know she had been there at night, I knew that the last time that anybody had talked to her was Saturday night, grace said now. What about radio and land. She let reply I didn't see it that was later on when I went back the second time braces so the phone the cellphone was there, which she ever left without her cell phone. You replied, I feel like she would If she didn't wanna be bothered if she
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Slash cadence for the next half of the show. I'm gonna have Maurice after some your voicemail questions. If you haven't called voicemail line yet and you'd like to the number is seven hundred and seventy five hundred and forty five six thousand four hundred and eleven. Let Maurice take it from here weren't. You calling from Love one Colorado, and this question is more for doktor got women were between other service and breaks from between. I thought it might be a good time to ask this Question is related to how you got involved with tears case. What was that initial experience like
what were you apprehensive about and what ends up entreat you to take it on. Also, sometimes you hear about some pushed back from law enforcement and private investigators. Can you show them Experience has regarding less than that relationship that investigators often have with law enforcement, but anyway keep up the good work, and I look forward to hearing more like a coordinator for qualified copper, rather a good question, Originally, it was contacted a terrorist sister. In the first part of February of two thousand six? our some real busy that time so actually originally turned down the case. I was there and I was contacted about the. The February again and ask if I would reconsider an idea that decided go hidden and look at the case and in trot work and do the best I can
and then I went down to a seller several times the first time. I was down there. I didn't at that. Both times are met resistance from lump sum to people and also allow enforced, and maybe lot local law enforcement and some two gb are. I have received a threatened phone call at my home hereafter have got back from one of those of trips down there and then, when I was staying in our report Mozilla. Ah, I have scary incident there with a truck about three clock in the morning, so there. There's been some pressure off one of the main themes is. I was not able to get my hands on some documents that were promised me which no sort are hindered hinder. What I was able to do,
I'm not sure that I love that all the information that could have been told me was told me, so I had to fast struggle. Crawl off last ten and a half years to try to work this. Get through the saw that one act Those things and terrors house some when the potential evidence I know that it took a couple days for the GB to ever come down there and collect there the items you also you have to remember that in our no six, oh six or seven. I eight this was a very very high case and tapered off with the years of day and is totally different now and in of seventeen then it is even with the park. Ass is totally differ. Then it was back and of six.
Am, I was very hot, but an issue down there. So people have to use and everything would a lot different them than they are now, but has been a major major struggle problem received in the ten and a half years of a four hundred plus tips. From all other extreme surprise tat, you do you really great bear down a Willie, Tampax frustrating. And so my thoughts were about after I get location under a lot of white rabbit with boy said so in this case, but the ones deal out to me that the gap arrived in its owner to me, you have four ten verification of somebody who was there and that something was discovered, an FAO and that the police and the F b I have that evidence. So my question,
really how much effort is being put into that, while heavy fact start broken. In a piece of information, an event in also sort of a mystery, because Sap Dragon occurred about eight days have Terror went missing, so the question one would have ass is: why would somebody draw what engine to the area when there was no attention focused on snapdragons rode after terawatt went until the far so that's a question has to be As is my understanding that arm potential evidence was made it to the Gbi that was found by the dog hammer and cadaver bout that evidence of potential Evidence was analyze, I think by the FBI. Crime lab it's my understanding that it never late.
Terror to the far there was no there's no evidence to Lincoln Terror. There were no off to the father. That does not mean that is not tat. Today, S or late to this, I do not think that the gps has any bona fide forensic evidence: Lincoln Terror to snapdragons bar They have such suspicions, but I don't think they bear their able to prove it. There were some searches that were supposed to start there. And they're, not here mellow and echo, search taxes that research in the church. We got anonymous cow they will. They were drawn to be Ben Hill County and in really never really finished? That area? Do that, upon behalf snapdragons research, because I was there when it researched, searched a snap dragon I guess we won't ever know until the cases ever sobbed somebody are reveals that it is late or not.
My name is very then I'm calling from California I'm really enjoying the part cat- I'm wondering at the F b I was ever involved in the investigation of terror on seems police and even the GB. I seem to have a lotta connections to the people involved. In the case I'm wondering if anyone outside Georgia investigated this missing persons case. To my knowledge, The FBI has never been involved. In this case. No one, no law enforcement to state outside sad state of Georgia has ever been involved. In this case, FBI has to be asked,
Why she's bothered make the entire thing that the seat was scooted back? No one ever I go at all the old changed organ it worked on when I get in its noticeably skidded back and when I get it up, setting an individual generally with it in the same position. All means we can determine where her normal see position is, but I wish someone could look into that have always she TAT was about five three and I'm not sure when the seat was noticed to be pushed back eyes. It was that Monday or if it was Tuesday, because on Wednesday Java neighbor had to car detailed and washed. So I'm not. I do not know if this seat was noticeable
about that because she said she made people remember the name on it simply set it to her. Think you know. I do not believe that the person that reducing the fate of Facebook Accounts- George Harrison was ever a student of terror Grinstead. So the answer question is no. I don't think that he was ever a student. Harrison was ever a student of terrors aid, Patrick Nolan Arkansas and my wife can you not infringing on this the last couple of days and one thing. My mind is the fact that her horse she'd had been scooted back, and I don't know how tall she is here. Is that most people, the driver, cart, leave work the car seat in the same position all the time why she bought it, make the entire thing that
seat was scooted back. No. Whenever I go in my call, the old changed or good work on when I get in its noticeably scooted back and when asked it up something an individual generally. What is it in the same position? All means we can determine where her normal seem position is, but I wish someone could look into that. Have always she tat- was about five three and I'm not sure when the seat was noticed, debate push bag eyes. It was that Monday or if it was Tuesday because on Wednesday Joe neighbor had to car detailed and washed So I'm not. I do not know if this this was noticeable after he did. That offers that Monday. This that will make a difference. This is called for,
I can Virginia absolutely wasn't so something out my thought about. He takes in tears. Mom asked me to go. Clara? That Saturday night was wondering whether information came from and ask me how credible could be stories? Can only change. You know. Maybe, and then together are you holding the psychologist about about the actual people who committed the crime, a kind of putting themselves in the story in the picture you? How could it be? will the heat. I actually called Tell mom and said he was worried about her and offered to go in that way. It looks like they are going to create not destroying our by better but put him out of the picture, but also in the picture. You know me in an interview that arm,
this failure dead with Nancy Grace in January, two thousand and six Nancy Astro. Was she to visit you on that Sunday face said she has. She had talked about it. She was going to. Let me know because she didn't know since she was tied up, I'm scared you with the girls. She didn't know if she would have time to come because she had study and to do, and then She goes on to ask her about her, become and worried about her, and she started saying she counter on during the daytime. Sunday in and they get Answer- and she said I didn't think much about it at first, but she never come by, but I really didn't start to get word until later in the act and when she had not called me back, I began to get concerned. Then Nancy Astern did you call a neighbour,
Miss off. I said I did not call her Saturday night. It was late, very late, maybe two one thousand two hundred and thirty or one hundred and thirty. That would be Sunday actually Monday morning when I called the neighbors to see if a car was home or phenotype lit, looked unusual as he asked her They say Miss face said that they didn't seem to think in thing. Looked unusual that the car was there that they have been all day and didn't get back into light, but they said the carving nothing, but an unusual wouldn't have access to the phone records, We were really dont know who called our first but has always been said that you know Miss Baker. Hey thanks to government check owner aviators. Winds. Are you with me from Naples Florida? This is my favorite podcast to listen to now, keep up the good work, and my question is regarding dykes, why
and is we haven't really heard much about her? Was there ever any kind of an interview done with her, or was she ever investigated or have you tried to make contact? with regard to my mother, she's never made a public statement about this case eleven years. It's my understand and she was start alibi their Saturday night. You have to remember and allow people and to forget this. The terror as they cases the largest case file in Georgia history. So all these people were interviewed probably a couple times or more so on their she's. She's, no doubt been interviewed but Anything else is hard to say, because she's never gone on record in the media made a statement or anything. My name is just a lot can add up your pie. Tat had been left. Thank you break up one thing
wanted to know if you had asked anybody about or if you have access to attend that on all of those messages, like twenty something messages on terrorism voicemail, I was just wondering if you had heard what the nature of those voice nails were, because you brought up in one of the episodes like if he had anything to do with her disappearance. Why would he leave all these words now, like you know, she's, not there and then in my hand and like well, maybe maybe that was like tractable like he did, that the kind of throw everyone off with his tracks, if you didn't, have something to do with it, and maybe the nature of the voice mail themselves would kind a hint at that, like you could, I don't know, maybe see if there was a very unequal in his voice like was he genuine? They looking for
and I am, I can't remember- keep addressed that if their deleted by our ah, my just once and all I ask your question refers to the top of messages Deb. He thought slim phone, terrorists or phone. The small understand him that there was hang ups and that general, the general nature of some of the masses were so like a bit been worried are concerned. A lot of people would consider The number of messages, you know even more than four five, which was would be sort of unusual that you know it was me. Or unusual is to come. Many times to express the worrying concern. Then you get an opportunity to be at the House Sunday night and you do nothing other than leave a business card.
This listening guys reminder episode. Thirteen come out on February. Twenty seventh donation, stay tuned, we have tons of bonus. On taking out in between them for ten days left on the Kickstarter campaign foresees into to pledge it done precision to just you You ve season to dot com. You you ve season to dot com. These guys I'll see you next week.
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