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Case Evidence 10.03.16


Take a deeper look at the evidence as experts discuss new developments in the case. In our first episode of Case Evidence, we recap some important information regarding the house fire on Snapdragon Road.

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I've learned a bunch of information since I first started this thing. This is very easy to get things confused. I would tend to get caught up in the nitty gritty details about a certain aspect in the case that I would lose sight of the bigger question. What does this have to do with Tara's disappearance? Today we're going to break down some stuff, we already know and decide why it may or may not be important to the bigger picture. This is cold case evidence. The main topic for today is the fire or snapdragons road, groundless fire brief and episode for, but I wanted to reiterate why this fire has any significance at all the case. We know that Or what missing? On October, twenty second of two thousand five on November eighth a small house on snapdragons road, roughly thirty miles away from a residence
seriously burned to the ground around this time? The search for terror was probably at its highest level. The gb I, along with local police were intensely combing, the tourist square, miles of urban County sort authorities. Not one of whenever mysterious house fire it immediately pick their interest. The bird entirely to the ground. The only left standing was a brick chimney Please brought in their search teams and cadaver dogs and to investigate Besides the timing of the fire and was The thing about this? Is the dogs made a hit the cadaver dog on several occasions alerted for the scent of human remains during the entire. Twitter Square Mile search of Berwin County? This is the only time the dogs ever alerted to anything back an episode, three, interview interviewed lady named Tracy Sergeant, who is ensured The keen on unit asserts the area it was her dogs and alerted the investigators me too. After a thorough investigation of the area, the gb I ruled the dogs were hitting on aseptic line and not the scent of the human body. They found
bones? Are evidence of human remains? pretty much in the fire Marshal Vernon singly, where the first people on the scene was his job. To that and because the fire, when I got my copy, the fight partial board said the King a fire was undetermined on the top reporters eight different causes of fire that you can check off. Orson criminal attempt to commit Orson, arming incendiary natural, accidental undetermined and determined pending investigation, but this is wrong undetermined closed, Further investigation needed this, actually what it says it seemed like a pretty all determination to me. How could they confidently say: the doors were not alerting human sent then turn around. Instead, they have no idea what caused the fire. Those things makes sense if the fires determined shouldn't one the dogs were learning be undetermined too. That's why old nest and myself, and ever so, for he bit we told me the house's burn so badly. That is pretty much impossible, so accosted him, not a fire
for myself, I can understand that, but when I asked the dogs learning at the house and it being rolled subject, line had no idea what I was talking about, The fire marshal himself was never once told about the septic line. He claims that when the dogs alerted, they told me, I might be someone who cut their finger or blood somewhere and that's what they were hitting on. Those are two very different things. He seems pretty confused by this. He did say. However, with one hundred percent confidence, there were no. When remains there, and that's probably true, but it doesn't mean that a body had never been there. You can stay, late that maybe someone temporarily hit a body inside the house before they dispose of it too. We're living at the time health is sitting there empty for weeks and weeks, and maybe they said the house on fire just to destroy the evidence. The other major reflagging flag in is a tutor.
Afford expedition they found behind the house, that's because it didn't belong to the homeowner launch a man named Michael link for why earth was his car. There City park it their walk home. Did somebody pick him up and where was he during this fire? Making things even more Just when I asked the fire Marshal Mother car he had no idea long as somebody else you got, it belonged to the homeowner. How did that We, I failed to mention this crucial detail during their investigation. For doing some research. It turns out there's. Actually another keen on unit asserts that house too,
These dogs also alerted in several different places. The man in charge was James Hanley, and I tracked him down for an interview today. I went down there with my search dogs brought another one end. They spent many hours shifting the debris I mean like Korean, but ten hours. First of all, if they didn't feel there was something there are they gonna do that spend that much time and work? Yes, my dog had interests at the building was a terror. I cannot prove that said that sets dna and that my dogs, winter was, should I just put it down. After fourteen years, like sheep contested and tested and tested her nose was parts per quadrillion cast the two that's his eyes, you can get a dog is not like a person, a dog does what it train the due to my knowledge, which is best as I can do. She never false indicated now you can. There is some chemical compositions that will trigger as the same as dabbling, which is what the dog is searching for, what she did at their house. I am ninety five percent sure that it was cadaver. Was it Kara can't prove it can't disprove? If terror was at that place and she lay there and then they moved her ever Burner house knew that this was going to destroy evidence, one of the things that they say is methane. Ok, nothing comes from septic tanks. If a dog he had found a sewer pipe, it can be nothing, but methane is produced from active soon. If it sets for eight months, the chemical reactions dies.
Doesnt produce much of aids? And this house have been lived in, so some of the people were sent almost nothing in this and I'm going to be asked why I really really through it on. I tell you, I'm gonna, get give you one thing. I do not think you're in the wrong direction. I believe that place in my heart has everything involved with any. Has everything to do with this case everything the fireman snapdragons rose had a brand new little towards me. I saw the point of an answer questions. What is gonna steal? My reader.
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