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Case Evidence 10.31.16


Take a deeper look at the evidence as experts discuss new developments in the case. 

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in today's are sort of case evidence will be answering questions from listeners on our voice middle line, view of question about the case with a podcast in general. You can leave your question on the voicemail line we have. The number is seven hundred and seventy five four thousand five hundred and sixty four When one hears the first question of one of our listeners.
Ok, anyone with a brain in their head to determine that the GDR amply Department are obviously covering up for markets without being said. If that is indeed the case who can investigate this outside of the GDR and the police department to determine that, because, obviously, the GDR Police Department keep investigating the saint, thus gonna keep coming up that no one could figure out what happened to terror, but outside of them outside agency came in. That's the guy then there would that be. That's a good question and the answer is us. People like you and me, this kind of goes back to what I was saying: an episode six about the Georgia, Open records law, as a citizen were allowed to check on the government were allowed to request? wreckers or documents to show that their accurate and have a mishandled. But in this case Fortunately we don't have that luxury. The georgian
Open records ACT has a specific exemption in place for open investigations. So for now We get a hold the case file from the GB. I gonna have our hands tied. I've been listening every two weeks to the podcast in the fourth. One bless me with a couple of questions that there remains under that house were truly animal bone. Why did they have underwear buried with them? What animal where's pennies? Not only that, but if there was one on the bones, why would someone tat the times covering animal with it before bearing it. I have no earthly idea. Does what I was thinking too, I don't. Anyone who a barrier dog or really any other animal for that matter under the cross base of their own house, but in this case apparently happened the GB. I never told me other press what kind of bones they were either they were animal and not human. By definite would like to know The only other scenario I can think of is that maybe someone period and animal there before the house was actually built. I guess it's possible that maybe
ten or twenty years ago before the house was built, somebody buried a dog on the property and the now fifteen twenty years later, we're just now finding it either way. Do three with you. It's extremely strange Irish up with me and I will kill you if anyone ever interviewed markets with mother about that you now she said, but I find it very odd that she would you now have long with all this personal relationship that, if a club interested in what kind of relationship she had with his mother and maybe at the mother maybe tell back when terror went missing. Marcus harbours, mother, Nancy was definitely interview. The GB. I know I dont know dismissal of the interview questions, but I'm almost certain the GB. I also had access to those emails, so you would think that those questions surely came up an interview in my opinion terrorists at the emails to Marcus's mom out of desperation, sort of when Marcus Back Morgeson Tierra both agreed not,
Look at that time. So, in a way, he's still communicate with them through email, his mom and also have any of her best girlfriends been interviewed. The gives more inside out her relationship, but she had within different guy, There were in her lie. Actually, yes, I have recently at all several tears, closest friends naval, been helpful and I have a lot more insight now and everything opponents sharing several interviews with you guys very soon in future episodes, omby amby, sudden baby. I was wondering why ever came like why that man tell me not to tell him down alone, ok, so beckoned them is one of my first thought colleague Marie Gawain. He told me the end of the cold be careful when I go to Scylla whenever he first went down there to investigate and two thousand six, he was really presto. Answers he interviewed tons of people. Adopted a very thorough investigation. During
a process, though I'm sure yet a ruffles and feathers, he was very persistent. I'm sure you probably ass, uncomfortable questions for people who are close to Tara whenever Outsider- comes into a small town and start stirring things up about a very sensitive subject. Some people are going to take that very well But the bottom line is, he was just doing his job in a way. Experience, some more things myself. This probably, why told me to be careful, but overall Priscilla to me has been pretty receptive, which I'm definitely thankful for. My first was Michael lanterns. Dna checked against the clock, sounded yard yeah it's that time of year, again time to set new goals and resolutions that are easy to make, but their harder to stick to an audible. We,
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Audible, dot, com, slash up or text. You p, two five hundred five hundred again, that's audible, dot com, slash you p, or tax up to five hundred five hundred some have gathered Michael thing for did, submitted dna sample and was all- in our view, by the GB. I I don't know cinnabar. They asked him for his deed, was tested some assuming that it did master glove next one is, he dies, didn't mention seeing that gloves, could the person or persons and came back and dropped it after he had been there? That's very poor, Well, yes, maybe he's dykes didn't see the globe in the ground because it simply wasn't very at its possible yes, but
the case. It means, if somebody put it there between Sunday night around one, a M thirty, eight Monday morning, I'm out of town. I grew up in that. Currently, we have here an air force and I'm going to school to be at the detective. However, my question, but a happy he was kind of more so personal. I don't love, you believe and superstition, however, of wondering, if you ever considered reaching out to a medium that specialised and missing people. I know it's crazy and it was a big weak, but this was one of my family members being missing for eleven years, I would have definitely contacted one just to see what the possibilities my bees to keep my fate up. Suitors boom. We never personally reached out to any mediums psychics, but they did. Regime to them There was a show several years ago called hunting evidence and to psychics by the name of Carlos. And in John Oliver, both or to our Scylla did their own instigation on terror, but no Evidence or leads ever came of it. I pay,
They don't think, is reliable tool, but, like I said it was my family member. I probably try anything if it. Except in the future, I may consider bring on a medium, just as he would have to say we'll be relying on anything like that. During my investigation, I pay well for ourselves and I've got my whole ass Barton about paragraph instead, I just want an airline. If you everything that the case are resolved Personally think this case cases solvable now I mean it's gonna be easy or that's gonna happen anytime soon, either. But here all the time in the news, twenty or even thirty year old cases being solved. So it certainly possible you just never know we could break the case next week or, twenty more years, all I know is: I want to give it everything I got
The very least we have more interesting questions, but the time I'm done, I had a question of deaths or after egg would you talked about the case at the time when you guys had found the ball or found me? The casual remained learning that house said that there were bound and underwear did. Anyone do they tell us about were just to get off, but unfortunately I dont know the answer that online what they release to the press that the bonds were not human and they were animal. As far as the underwear goes, I dont know for sure. If they tested it but I certainly hope so. They pay is Berger from Austin Texas, just finished listening to you D at the third titled seal representation I was thinking about how her mother was
worried so soon after the bar with you. You can get in touch with her, and maybe it's maybe she Heather. I really close relationship with it. Order. Maybe maybe just talk that much change me like she leaves the barbecue around eleven and her mother is freaking out, so, near the middle of the night that she's column neighbour and chief economist police officer in genetic and I'm just wondering if I don't know, maybe Ricky a closer eye on her because of their till her she'd been acting or she had had a conversation with officer dykes. Why, when it just seems like yeah, maybe she had been a sleek either that or maybe her mother had been trying to contact her. A lot of joy, then win when we knew where terror, wise and for some reason she had wanna torture, mother, I dont know about it. You see
why not a lot of time between when she had left the barbecue, an and when, her. Mom is freaking out enough to be calling the neighbours and officer die having him drive over there so soon after ask and just wanted to hear the thoughts were on that the question is about officer dies I'm wondering if it's possible were displayed, devil bad, the king on this one year diabetics system, scene seen there, I'm wondering if he pulled up any seizure car there. And he looks around oil there and in doors lots cause they're at midnight. It's pretty. Plausible, that she'd be asleep in her bed and and maybe he's vague in
yeah yeah, they couldn't get ahold of eleven, but it's a school night she's a teacher and he thinks she's, probably sweeten, and maybe that's why they're just a casual or leaving the business card. Okay, so very points here. Just up a bit. Tear left the barbecue on Saturday at about eleven o clock, but terrorism was a concern until the next day, on Sunday, sometime in the afternoon, I recently learned that terror was supposed to meet up with their mom on Sunday and she was an answering all day when she didn't show up tourism almost concerned. That's what she was prompted to call Heath, dicey Gunnar sometime in the late evening so when he died was it the tears house. It was on Sunday night. Twenty four, after she was last seen, leaving the barbecue, like you said, you could definite speculate that maybe he'd thanks just ass. She was inside asleep, but one we should note that terrorists house was really tiny. Only eight hundred square feet to be exact, just one floor. In a room is very close to the door
So even if she was inside passed out, asleep she would most certainly wake up to allow knock on Knocker front door or at least to know for her to roll over and check or phone see. All these miss calls you can speculate. Things about he likes visit that night, but to me just seem strange I call someone all day you haven't heard from them, then drove in our fifteen minutes to their house. When I get there see their corn, the driveway I would probably think there were home asleep, like you said, but then I knock on the door several times and no one comes. I would deftly sort of your little worried and if I was a police officer I probably look around a little bit justice. If I saw anything and that's when the glove comes into play, The glove wasn't there. Yet I didn't see it we around for a minute or two driven, Our fifteen minutes just leave his business corner door thanks guys for listing the case evidence
a castle resume with episode. Seven on Monday November, twenty first in the meantime, you can follow us an up and vanished on twitter and his ran for updates or handle, is at up and vanished during in his and you want to support, you can go up and vanished dot com, slash donate it's in the donation of any size, nor go straight to the production of this package. These guys and I'll see you again November. Twenty first.
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