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Case Evidence 11.28.16


In this episode of Case Evidence, Payne answers calls from our listeners. 

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in today's episode of case evidence or be answering questions from our listeners. Voicemail line view have questions about the case or the I guess in general you can leave your quest on the voicemail line, we have the number Seven, seven, no five, four five six four one one The first question is one of our listeners arrogant border about that she was making, and I was wondering only by Hurricane Head Katrina, Rideau, whereby hurricanes ahead, guys computer, the traffic that we may be going through your jacket. We lost power guys in two months, avant garde, considered in traffic, but it possibly been coming true during that time.
Your point now thought about it. Before, in August, two thousand five Hurricane Katrina hit. There was a huge influx of people coming to Georgia for safety. Terror disappeared in October just two months later, so in theory people, other states could have been passing through a scylla that time I've looked into it, but I just don't bother, complete, stranger thing: I've leave that whatever happened to terror somebody she knew was responsible for it. So I get my question to you. The law enforcement enter a sample to the quotas system is their dna or fire like that. Like? What's that glove checked again, I believe, it is completely ignored. The dna gather from the latest glove and yard was entered into quotas quotas. Were combined dna index system in the national database for unsolved cases, but, as we know, there's never been a match. The quota system only pulls dna from criminals, not Others in law enforcement, the gps also
claimed to have swab over to other people in this case, but still no match its. My son, that they swapped everybody, including police officers, but because of the clothes records laundry We will have access to the actual list they're paying. My name is re carbon down here and tap of order. Really joint podcast just wasn't upset a case evidence or yes, gave up voicemail number after listening. My current fear is. There may have been as one of the people interviewed said, maybe free with. Maybe was getting involved more than one over the police station, if not just the detect everyone, jack honor, you know my guess is that maybe, when he told her, he wasn't to leave his wife. She got a freak out and threatened to expire, Their relationship- and maybe there was more than one officer Everything was going on with
maybe one or more than one got together and take care of the problem. Got behind each other and to are covered up. It's always a touchy subject. Personally, believe the terror disappeared, as a direct result one of the men in her life the complicated. About that, is there was a lot of financiers life. My intent it's always been to find out what these relationships were not to cast any judgment. In the main interior life would just be completely irresponsible. That being said I think it's possible that somewhere in these relationships there was jealousy or fear in a murder case. These are often motives for the duration of this park asked. I will continue to explore these relationships either until It makes sense for until we get an answer is not normal to leave her car on locked water, door's locked. Wouldn't you assume that the crime took place somewhere else and somebody drove her car back to her house and when they got out
The car they took it. Member terrorists, keys and purse were missing the front or to our house was locked intercourse, found, unlocked and the driveway It is fact in this case that I haven't touched on yet the driver's seat- always felt pushed back pushed back to four four Tierra, almost as if a taller person driven her car, I thought about multiple times there might be some to it. We don't know where the crime occurred. But if it occurs somewhere else, it's p double that somebody return terrorists, car wearing the gloves entered, house to return or cell phone locked or the rules on the way out and then accidentally dropped the glove hi. This is drunk listening in Seattle. My question is: if you know what color the burned truck was that without said, the burned house at that was a black track, ironically, the burned for expedition the blunder. Michael Linford founded the fire subject. Road was black as far as the truck seen passing terrorists house that night. Besides the color, it doesn't really matter description so to be clear,
These are most likely to different drugs. I came I just one of them was very recently them all cut up, but one thing that I didn't trees, but the whole time from so one you'd making that per neighbour carries neighbor had a system with her set up that when she got home she turned white or her neighbor go it's your home, ok, and that you seem of odd to me. It seems like you would only do that if you are maybe worried that something could have especially in a small town, I thought the whole turning on the lamp system was coming on to the neighbours Every night tarragon home she turned her lamp on tourism. As you go home, safe The strange thing to me is: according to the neighbour that night tears lamp didn't come on in that same night, terror disappear. Third, the solar system they had just completely failed lamps system was so serious that why did they say something when I left it come on? yeah
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why didn't tell mom just two eyes down to check on her daughter sounds like from the evidently he gave at the pretty close, and there were plenty to you I I know I was concerned mother for my car. I would drive down there in and see if she was okay and if they wish to hang out breaking the gray, and it would be reasonable to go down in an trick in the daytime and wondered why she waited so long ago, and he were her daughter was, and why did she have officer Dyke go down there when she? could have gone herself. I wonder what their relationship with like an how close they actually work for her and asked him to go check on her daughter, muddle issue. What your mom chose heap dogs to good stickler but from everything have gathered, Family knew very well if we're pre long time, so I guess she just trust him
was the first me with your mom during the day, but she never showed I'm sure the times you don't think too much of it. But as time passes you didn't answer or phone. She became we are concerned by this time. Late in the evening, run eleven o clock and that's what you're a small called Heath thinking more about it, maybe ass her mother and because there was also an adult shipment randomly
sure, but our house at midnight. So instead she s family friends. Do it looking at it that way, it makes more sense. Do you think you might be attaching to legislation to the fact that the detective you didn't notice the glove think about how many things you move path on a daily basis that, if your focus as it now, you don't ever even notice? I mean our brave fill in the gaps with what they expect to be there all the time, and so, if you don't expect to see something, you might not see it. Couldn't that be the case with that, guy that showed up to check on tariff the glove could very well have been there, and because that wasn't what he was expecting the fine looking out looking for, you didn't see it, and I think yes, he said you know
the detective dude, but that doesn't mean he's on at all points in time with Super Human, Sherlock Holmes, you know noticing every detail. That's a good point is one of the things you look at two different ways. Maybe didn't see the glove there, this totally possible, it was dark, does lead me probably was expecting to see it, but the angles a lot more believable coming from what no law enforcement background or somebody who was just stopping by for a visit, but in this case we're talking about actual police officer a driven out fifteen minutes to her house in the middle of the night entirely because
Her mother was worried about her her crossing the driveway, but you didn't come at the door. That alone would be a red flag to me. Hey pay, and this is Jessica also in Atlanta. I just wanna then put out there. I thought that I have about his dykes. I know that the investigator said that he thought that the call coming in from he's too Kara if they were before he'd, have from the mom that that would be suspicious. Actually, I think, the opposite. If he'd been calling her during the day that day on Sunday, it's more likely that he didn't know where she was how did you do with her disappearance if he was calling her all that we can find a finer? It's a good point. If you were guilty, what would you call her so many times no she's not going to answer, but why the phone calls at all. If you just a family friend, this behaviour seems kind of odd and obsessive to call somebody more than twenty times makes it. Your relationship with her is more than just a friend
I pay, my name is a name are key. I am a Phd student at Georgia, State University and my boyfriend turn beyond your podcasting without listening to it and keeping up with the update, as I was listening to some of the episodes, the one about the email, in particular, from terror to market. His mother Qana struck a chord with me in terms of the verbiage that she used in us talking about this with my boy from the other night, the language doesn't seem like someone who is may be trying to get a boyfriend back in her life or whatever the circumstances were there. The way she made certain phrases, particularly
then the cold I think was if this was just about me. I wouldn't want Marcus and then going on to speak about the family's feelings and what not to me, it sounds like a woman who is carrying a child and is thinking about the life of her unborn child and props that child's relationship to the Father in the father's parents inside of the family. So I was just curious to know that was a theory that may came about emails. Terror was sending. It was very apparent. It was still upset about the break up of markets. As of now I don't have any evidence to tear was pregnant, but if she was These emails, like you said, could have whole new meaning more than one email to Marcus, Harpers mom. This is one of them six weeks, episode I'll be you guys the rest of them. thanks guys, listing the case. Evidence if you're in.
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