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Case Evidence 12.12.16


Take a deeper look at the evidence as experts discuss new developments in the case. 

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In today's episode, I'm gonna review those dispatch logs again now, but I don't know they were dying ass. She called out this patchwork. I'm gonna get around that I haven't worked or any other nine dispatch logs I have am I have them ready, but the thing is: you're gonna have to have a further five April to be able to persuade those disperse walks. The most important point about these eggs is anything pertaining to Shun Fletcher because, according to Marcus Harper, they both road around the cop car on the night of terraces appearance. Today. I'm gonna break down these dispatch logs in detail and go over every call that night this case evidence
Each entry in these dispatch logs has a time in a radio signal tin code. These encourage or what the officers used to communicate. You're, probably familiar with ten, for which means understood, allow these codes are universal, but sometimes they can vary with different precincts. Each code is a different meaning there can be a lot of them so just to be safe. To an actual or Scylla police officer who deciphered each code in the log. For me, he was not to be named or to also a police officers on duty that night Sean Fletcher insane kissing, on the logs. They refer to other badge. Numbers Sean you're a zero one. Six enchant kissing is zero. Six, both officers working over night shift, they started at eight p m and got off his six a m. The first call on Fletcher. That night is alive
Eighteen pm radio signal one thousand and fifty five, which method there was a broken down vehicle. Both officers responded to this call by one thousand one hundred and thirty p dot m. They were done. The next call for Sean Fletcher without one thousand one hundred and forty six p dot m radio signal, one thousand and fifty nine Which means standby for business closing this is a grocery store called Harvey's in Ocilla, again with Officer Fletcher and kissing were here. They left by one thousand one hundred and fifty four p dot m. The next call for Fletcher was at twelve Tina M radio signals ten, thirty eight, which meant a traffic stop, ass, it just a few minutes and he left by twelve point three. A m from this point forward. Sean Fletchers whereabouts become extremely important because a court Marcus. He let the white horse saloon shortly after one a m to go meet up with on Fletcher pleasures next On the dispatch logs was almost an hour and a half later at one, forty six, a m saying that he's downtown radio signal
maybe for, according to the awesome officer I spoke to this means, sir. He'll detail like checking buildings or taking a break eat dinner. For this call there is no departure time listed. The common research. I mean about Morpheus or Brazil by one vote, and I am French was check indoors, downtown Zella. When he received the cow, dispatcher tellin him, the offer would look and boil and they join the really. There should be a dispatch called a Fletcher around one, forty nine to come, station. They offer sergeant boring, Marcus or Brazil by he never called Sean Fletcher directly. He called the police station, then the dispatcher called Sean Fletcher until the market was looking form, but the whole thing didn't exist, and these logs at least not like that, there's only one call round that time and as from Fletcher to the dispatcher at one forty six, a m stating that he's downtown the problem is not from the dispatcher
is from Fletcher either way giving you the benefit of the doubt. Let's assume that this call is the one where he learns Marcus Harper's looking for him. If the call was
forty six, a m, the means of the first and they would have met up, will be around five to ten minutes. Later around two, a m immediately left bar one o clock. He would be enough to let the impasse one. I would say to harbour was probably back in a mean suppose or even back in a cellar, so I won't be obtained at the most said between one fifteen inside two o clock, you dont, worry, is or was Harper every day, almost wait a minute. I'm additional early in the morning say was a worthy there's. No record of opera are hardly even dna in any of these cars amount Cuvier s former caught their whatever. It should have been a record that you had a civilian we'd, be for liability, even if you believe the timeline looking with aviators effectiveness to our two does not accounted for the EU and the EU to align our Fletcher supported at no worry
because the entire Jed, and if he laughed at club earlier than one say, left a club say twenty minutes, the one you gonna, our our fifteen, aren't want two minutes there either way. You slice it does a pretty big time get there. Let's take a look at the Binny merit incidents. These are the cause of Sean Fletcher. Supposedly responded to or Marcus Harbour was with him. There's two calls for many mirror on these dispatch logs. The first is a two way to him and the second was it to forty nine, a m, but now the one at one, eleven South Africa story that did not involve Fletcher Fletcher was not involved in that call. On the first CALL Fort Benning married at two hundred and eight a dot m Sean Fletcher. Wasn't there the only officer that responded with Shane Kissling at two hundred and forty nine, a dot m the next B miracle Sean Fletcher was there, and so is she.
Isn't this means the first time anyone could have seen? Sharon Fletcher, Marcus Harper together, was to forty nine, almost two hours, every left the white horse saloon. I'm ok, you! If it wasn't for the flight, your staff that I'm tomboy beam of light, your wallet, ivy eight, would be in serious trouble. Of course, these dispatching Austria check out yourself. It's gonna open wish dot com discussion thanks listening to case evidence, here's a sneak preview of episode, nine coming out next Monday. This is in the email to written by her she found out about the
a year ago in Dubai. She feared the heat. Look me in the three times: it's over it's over it's over the earth. He won't you down snobs at eleven o clock at night. They were watching the Georgian. He remembered his house. He wanted themselves will allow we're really nearing nearing men.
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