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I've been vanished, presents a bonus, episode series. This insight. We're lucky. We got one out of a thousand visitors and it's the kind of visitor, that's a little out there. Anyway. I mean we're kind of at the end of the line you got to want to come here.
What from the Colorado. They always go to Saint places. They gotta level they go asked, but I gotta tell ya gotta get up, but they don't go in between those places. There aren't any towns dinner laughed like this. They have turned. To that this kind of peace, stay up, redeveloped mining towns, ash ski area. These. Are your resort thing.
I made a comparison between this place in Jackson holders. Many many similarities except everyone knows about Jackson, hole and nobody knows about Crespo. From about nineteen ten intel, probably the nineteenth sixties question was very quiet. Little place. We have no direct flight and no Mcdonald's here crust stone remain after the mines. Bustin because we add the reaction in the ranch employed, a lot of people, the gold deposits down here and what they call lugs, which are huge deposit. You could my now the work for ten years, but when it's God it's gone, this town almost became a ghost town a second time. I was just plodding this trend saying
in twenty years and not intervening by left this town. But after twenty twenty one and one was marijuana legalise after twenty thirteen young people started. Moving to this town So now we're in the Green revolution. People just appeared here before her here, I'll tell you there.
Something unique depressed out. If you walk around in the woods up here, this pinioned Juniper Forest walk, rounded off, you will find a bad campsites. Ah, the ten will be their sleeping bag will be in the ten. Ah it'll look like it's been there for several years, because the animals have been into it. The sun has faded, eddies been torn and by the wind, the cooking stuff is there. It looks like a person was camp out in the woods by themselves in form away, not a camp. I just walk away from it and never came back. I've never seen that warehouse in Colorado and I've been in the mountains lot. I spent my whole twenties in the mountains, climbing they come here, I've been something calls them away and they just walk away. They walk away from everything my own and I dont want. We don't know where they go, but some of them have been reported missing later by their parents. They were
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This is parent she's from Colorado. People like to think of park rangers as the park ranger from the Nineteenth fiftieth flake, come on foot Let's go. Look at some bears now she works in Yosemite. I am a part ranger for the National Park Service and I'm law enforcement, part ranger and sometimes that'll be referred to as protection richer anytime. Something happens in the basque country, which I think is officially consider a mile away from the trail had you're dealing with exponential logistics millions. At that point, we need to get some asian critical care. You have to get em to basically Reagan access than by a vehicle, and if you can't do that, you need to get him some awaken access and in some other way why shop with non lumpy ripe. Worse helicopter,
like I walked here. You can't walk out with me. You know if you can't walk out, we gotta we're gonna, carry we'll have helicopters, everything you have like a whole host of types of land that people could go out to run reader, do whatever on that. Basically isn't in urban landscape. We don't get a ton of three more, where we're like fairly certain there there, but we can't find them, but it does happen, I know, as the parties are really, we have lots of cold cases. Basically, darting back since we are keeping. Hundreds of people that work is green in the woods and didn't come back. I mean.
Heart in the idea wilderness, it's an area where, basically people do not remain people we pass through. We don't stay there permanently, but we want these places to me places where you can go and be a little further out there. You know you you're forced to basically make
decisions that you don't necessarily have to in the modern world than most people live in, and we want that. We want people to have those experiences where things are a little more wild, and I think people make the mistake to think that something, while this dangerous wildernesses, dangerous or hiking is dangerous and that's not inherently true- I find driving in cities to be much more stressful than spending like two days in the basque country, national parks, the place like Yosemite, where their entrance moves- and there is no tells you can like Red Bike, single ice skating and all that those are areas that are very dear friend them. You know, like a swathe of forests in the middle of Colorado. Lots of different people use those types of land for different things, but you wanted to basically walk somewhere in disappear. There's better types of
to do that on than others- and I say better, I mean, like it's nice easy to disappear. You're somewhere, where you're driving through an entrance. If you were looking two like escape the crowds because you want to meditate or because you're doing something that various Gilad, obviously probably behoove you to go somewhere, words harder to access and there's less people. Looking fur somebody who's died, while recorded in the basque country is a lot different. Looking for somebody who was murdered and hidden in the basque country, if somebody is hiding a person back there you're coming back I'll, look upon like hey here's the purse back there, you have also to people that are using
areas that some people will think or in the middle of nowhere in just because somebody's been out their fur start. A period of time doesn't actually mean that they just disappear. You know it doesn't mean that they're not recognisable as this is a human, But animals they will clean up along the weather in the mountains is pretty extreme end the wintry of Winchell, you have snow in the summary, you have funder, swarms of lightning lightnings, a huge danger when you're on mountain tops, also, as you get higher I year more prone to like Elevation sickness bears Elk. There's dear there's, Bob cats
yeah. It's it's beautiful state and there's a reason why people are captivated by it there's a variety of reasons why people would walk into the woods and not want to be found. They go into nature to heal. We have people with terminal illnesses that go into nature, and that is where they want to stay and that's a mindset that I've never had to place myself into, but I've dealt with several people whose plans were basically to come to whatever area to end their lives. They want to do it because they resonate with that space in a way that makes them happy ends for repression, person that we see that's cottages of out their mind, there's like an equal number of people,
in that area who's having an extremely emotional experience for a lot of people, it's probably exactly what they need just a chance to cuddle. Let go and see the world through a different set of eyes. That's one reason why I like being a park. Ranger yeah It's that time of year again. Time to set new goals and resolutions Their easy to make, but their harder to stick to it, audible. We believe that listening can motivate inspire in form and healthy, be successful and twenty twenty and the years to come. No matter what your resolution are goal as this year, you'll find the perfect audio books
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Thirty day, audible trial choose one audio book. In you, audible, Reginald, absolutely free visit, audible, dot, com, slash up or text. You p two five hundred five hundred again, this audible, dot com, slash you p or tax up to five hundred five. Yeah if you're used to life in a bigger city, it can be difficult to imagine how you could end up in a place like question. We talk to Michael buyer, he's originally from Chicago, but his family lives So now he's been a lot of his twenties there and in the near a town of saliva, a big change from the city where he grew up its Hard to live here, not have a connection with nature
The reason I love living here is because it's just in your face, wherever you're my wife connecting with it was their biting just take it. On trails going north and south of town, you know just trying to, last and the words. Basically, it's like this color the road community of really interesting people set in this beautiful mountain town, it's kind of
a mixture, because it's only been in the last thirty forty years that these religious retreat centers are moved in and most of it you know less time than that. So before that you had kind of these old Colorado, ranchers much more of liberal conservative crowd. These kind of more liberal minded people started moving into town, and you still have this interesting juxtaposition between the two of like the original people that were here and then the people that have moved here. I think a lot of people are solitary here, there's a lot of like hermits and noticed that when I was working at the market you know people come in and grocery shopping and you get the impression
you were the one interaction that they have with another human like that day or that week you see people that are just kind of like in their own world, there's way more job opportunities in the cities that you have to be, and I have to be creative around here, because it's so isolated can easily spend more time alone here, like it'll kind of either put you in your own head or if you want to get involved in the community, can but it's an intense community to either way it can be really intense for people, and so I've known a lot of people that just don't fit in here, but the people that live here in the made it home, there's no other place that they want to be, One of those people is Christopher Long, his palm reader, among other things he came here when he was in his mid twenties because of that secret connection to nature. That's you Stress so many to custom lit up in the oven
for about a year. I wanted to live up in the woods. There was my wish to like be up there. I came here when I was with two thousand four hundred and twenty five got involved in the native american church and started doing the sun, dance and sweat and then I became a roadman and it came at you with you man, probably about forty. You would be man in the worlds on one of forty people that is able to do this ceremony here in person. Is called the singing stone the charter, I went to a bilingual charter in English in Oklahoma, so I was exposed to native culture that way through my family. I'm really are for religious freedom as some people.
Will be like well you're, not forward. He should be there in. I did. The work for similes ceremonies are severe very severe without food and water for four days and even being stick to the ground through my arms and legs were hanging from appeared from my chest from my back in There- and I say this to with humility. You know I'm not bragging or anything. I'm just saying that I received all of that by doing some severe stuff, we go to a Sunday. On the reservation in South Dakota, there's like two or three native leaders out there and everyone else, white or black Chinese, or something
Another country using you know that thirty five percent of them from Germany and ITALY staying at friends, it's all about being at the ceremony. The spiritual leaders on the reservation are not prejudiced; they see somebody's like has a knack for spirituality out good, and you know that there was a guy yesterday. I would come to your ceremony, but I only deal with full bloods night thinking to myself, while ninety percent of them or catholic and that's kind of like saying. Well, you know, I would never confess my sins to a catholic priest unless he was italian. You know it's makes no sense,
he's a jewish in is our got mixed up right away, but I do feel bad that there isn't like this established thing for native peoples here for native culture. Is it true that culture is christian Culture, Hindi, culture, all these other cultures and their off from other countries, and the one that's here is like not really represent shameful has very ceremony, so we practise here are the ones that we're done here for so long, but one of them three hundred people that has a prescription license for pot, so I'm registered with the DEA and the Department of Narcotics and all that so I'mma have a prescription license like a doctor.
And so we do, your research and then the division classed out here. Hearing about Christopher experience with the native american church was inspiring and so his views on religious freedom, but truth be told we'd initially sought out Christopher for his palm worrying abilities, probably one of both partners. It's real competitive in India, Pakistan and stuff, but I'm real popular over there hey. So I can see, react very equally with here. With your mind, Christopher read my family when it was the first time I'd ever done. Anything like that. Can truly say his assessing
of my eyes, a spy was strangely accurate plans, your own ideas very headstrong, and so you are also very intuitive. With your mind, everything has significance like looking at this table and I can see. There's patterns designs were all around the same table and I might see this tree and one sided you might see the star you might say something else. This tie car you're. Still my phone number. Ok, do you ever remember people's palms? You read
I read a lot of palms. I found this. Do you know there's a girl that went missing here two years ago here the family gave us a box of her pictures for her house doesnt her box, where wondering if he had ever at her car, I scarcely had the chance seemed like foundation planned on the earth and she had like dread locks rain. I don't recall ever meeting her. You know, I think you guys would have more of a chance to get to the bottom of some other cops around here. You know: what's happened in the past with the small town police, drug dealers, drugs,
Look as I had up, let us for about three years. They Wendy a thing about it. There is clearly a matter as these guys are just like wander around walkin in my house blow the night, but that was the previous sheriff, but some of those guys are the same. People saw their distracted anyway, There are things I think just talking around the people. I think you get more of an idea of what really happened.
Before leaving Christopher, gave us a little bit more back on Christians. Land is big burial, ground nursling, very where people were buried here from tee one hour Dave and found a grave lion grave here I talk to elderly dynamic, Arouse said that they collect herbs here and half in collecting herbs here, thousands of years for certain ceremony us all away in Mexico out with those Indians out there. They had records of coming up here and the evidence is here too because on Thursday,
caches of shells. People offered here, he looked like in the hills. You'll find the chips of arrow heads and also grinding stones was mainly the use that lived here you around at the hot springs they had like Shap patched houses over the hearts of the thousands of different people would come through depict opinion not sent to meditate and also practically because it's cool everybody
from Mexico in Arizona said Nora Desert and even into California, come all the way up here. You spend a hot topic here: that's like their HOPI Pueblo, wrap up the other you'd bans and who knows who else? There is the migration rounds, and this was the eastern, so people would come here for burial, never come here for meditation, rare, fluid division. Quest like you see on the movie. You know the tribe is moving Grandma's like too old and such scant stay behind. So they would do a vision class ceremony
make this next sequestered Ariel. She would sit and then just not eat or drink until she died and them, and that's what one of the things they would do here, and so people would come here from all over the United States to. I need to do that to die here. Poverty is involved with the crest on end of life project. It really is lying dead now here, but in a good way. I mean the same spike: Focus cafes crystal lie, but is very positive
I asked her to explain what they offer the only legal open air. Play, I fell into a very naturally Sometimes things just fall into play so easily than you feel like This is your destiny. So effortless, like I just showed up at a death cafe meeting they said we were having a meeting for Christ on end of life. You'd like to come next week. I said: ok,. Every place was to accept One day when, store whether there, but we have everything we talk about, but they're. So to deal with Fica spiritual playground,
once or twice a year date will do a death. Cafe me, those are well attended. People sit sub, Talking about death all aspects Monday near about how their raised some, Now people are embracing there are our society is Yet more age. Inquiry for the rest of the world in the rest of the country, the first I think it's funny. very simple. That makes it even more
The smoke is purifying sacred cuz. The native Americans used to do open air cremation, and so what I do is I do keep the flame cold built up when they're about to bring in the body and the procession. But I hear the dog, then I start putting juniper on it so that as they walk in beautiful now and then I famine to make a fire again, because I need to have flame so that they can live torches, but everything ran so smoothly, it's slow a symphony. Just Each one is special and bring back. I said he had something had to experience. the first time I did this woman walked up to me and she said
grandmother, fire and ice? It always have what you call it. You know the I thought she was calling the fire in the hole sensor things I thought that was a term grandmother fire. She said, no, not that That's how I say: u: S, grandmother fire! sometimes when I cry it's just can can't help such a new crimes, so major crime more than anyone you know, but Very silent, you know, but I can help the tears from falling, because I since then, energy and it is very sad energy. Just follow. We cried for those who cannot. You know it's various Zachary, but turn it into something created to get through it and He offered me because don't you keep experiencing Negri
You know people the service that we provide people say. I love you, do anything special or do you know when you light the fire this, and that is but it's more. I think I try to keep my energy up here, the day before our film I baskets and get him ready, and I still keep that pure intention I thought this is: we got this basket from Africa. Ask and I got from our annual yard sale. The Buddhist brought it. I happened to be voluntary to put out, stop that she put it down and I grab it. I like it has nice energy, these are juniper boughs and that's handed out to everyone comes in.
I like to get that with its I see how this is so. Natural tat looks pretty when he had wire come in all of its visually, and I tried to do things with intention and I think it people notice This is frank and since their sacred since a purify here and now and let us law or play with my fire and basically what I do the whole three hours or so always chest. Spoke and then, when the smoke kind of starts to ice real hard and then it blows up again then at once I let it burn just to make the coals hot.
Then I layer it put two Pollo Santo ships there, and then I saw I come home smelling, really strong com almost like invisibility. I think we all love what we do. I think that's what makes special is we. We see them are you in the service that we provide and we feel fortune had to be in a position to provide that service almost as if we were chosen. We just have a really awesome being going on here. It's very is a very special. Tat, my husband can't wait is like yes, you can
as its hard not to picture. This is gonna. Be me somebody it's not just passing through a great chance. I know we do a great job of advantaged. Is an investigative practiced told weekly produced for tender fatiguing by pain, Lindsey make Rooney in meat, Bearded Stedman this new episodes every Monday executive producers payments, even Donald Aubrey, additional production. I resonate recordings as well as me. Seventy robber, China, Christina Dana, are in turn
Sally Beetle, original score by makeup and vanity set. Our theme song is of failure. Performed by a rose, are cover. Art is by Trevor Isler special thanks to the team Aquino. Thirteen visit us on social media, the add up and vanished, or you can visit our website of advantage dot com We can join in under discussion for if you enjoy. Up and vanished tell a friend family member per coworker about it and don't forget to subscribe rate and review an apple podcast thanks for listening. Also, Michael buyer, from this episode where's that western mountain real estate in the saliva ingress on area. If you too, Looking for a deeper connection with nature, you can reach him at Michael, be at western, empty and dot com.
Started dating a girl who was connected with a native american church here and that's how you introduce to sweat, lodges and things down singing son. Yes, we met Chris. Yeah he's. The motion then did a couple parody ceremonies. It's not like erect. Relational drug by any means it's medicine and it's used to like help. You feel through things that you working with, so you get sick and they called getting well and he threw up. I ended up getting a tattoo that was inspired by a peyote ceremony as the ridiculous. Back in two thousand and nine the summer two thousand and nine I was invited to this Hailee ceremony, all night you're in a teepee lots of like drums and singing and like I remember it. Well,
point. During that ceremony I had my eyes closetings laying down my eyes closed, just seen some intense stuff going on, and I saw my back with a tattoo on. It lay great this one spot on my back in my head out. That's what I'm getting the tattoo and then the next morning after the ceremony we left the tv and I went and took a p m in the woods and leg was looking at another time. I guess it's something in a pagan. I take a picture of it and I read through it and decided TAT was what I was going to get tattooed on my back and hence I did and I'll show you a picture. I can't tell you what it is. Khazars love I have
That's what I drew from it and I'm happy. I got it where I did, because you know I don't have to look at it every day and I'll forget that it's there for like a month or the time, yeah.
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