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Hey guys, I radio recently announced the launch of the first. Ever I hurt radio podcast awards. Up and vanishes nominated for best crime podcast. This The first major award show to recognise pie casting you guys, the listeners. Help, decide who wins. So if you, join up and vanish both for us just good. I hope HI cast, awards, dot com and you can vote of divine times per day or If it's easier, you can also do Your vote, by using the hashtag Iheart part. Ass. The words then hashtag Crime, podcast and hashtag up and vanished, as always. Thanks for your support, if you can
Wait up and vanished. Give us a vote that I heard podcast towards dot com thanks guys. this week, we like to take the opportunity to reflect You may remember Daniele from Episode three and our second inside episode, Daniel as crystals.
And, and former remote from Denver as I say, there's something in those eyes looking seriously at school and reminds me of that snow queen from frozen like those different shades of booze, really is like working Inter Christoph Water Crystal. I guess you could say She was ass. She could make a friend anywhere. She could make it that girl was always exploring the city. I walk in Sweden have a car, so we ve person, Foy everywhere, should use everywhere She was. If we inspired by by music- and I think that's also also her- our friendship- connect yeah music as a huge connection for us,
If I remember it, she could belt out a couple melodic tunes and she could scream pretty well to thy good nice little white metal belt. She was there when she was questioned She was missing yeah, you can find some cloud to call what she's she's doing those she was. She I didn't know that since she was, she was violent, Scorpio Trade, bipolar tendencies not seeing she's clinically bipolar, but yes, she would be extremely happy and ensured experience extreme wows and those extreme rose. I understand by really get you stark: it's hard, I mean that's. I think it's a real struggle. First score abuse. They they get stuck being stuck in mill of an ocean mass of water. Just out there
Greg to do. I feel like that's what it's like for them inside their head. Sometimes Oddly enough and sadly, one of Daniel and crystals mutual friend was found dead, not too long before Bristol witnessing. This did not take place in question and is unrelated to crystals. Disappearance still The event was shocking, Daniel descried talking to crystal about it. This was the last correspondence the messages the last messages mean Crystal had she was lying. What really is chilling issues like one minute, their hair and the next, their God Zactly what happened Crystal did you read think somebody with her nature were just every encounter anything like that and never never crossed my mind. That crystal would ever be in some sort of trouble cause she would be able to get out of it I'm not a product good. I getting yourself out of trouble,
she strong. She really is she's she's fighter. That's for sure. She wanted to change people's darkness. We all battle with her own personal darkness, but I mean she definitely had a way to make. You feel good about yourself, she there is definitely a nurturing character about her. She was a murderer and I think she is attractive people she person, one in the hope of freely. Do you become with who Eu Association- and this is what comes of being human- not that she's back pursing. She made a bad decision which I feel like their leading to. And I'm glad you came in this picture because it seems like their picture painted is just slow life trash just good riddance
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or tax up to five hundred five hundred Crystals life has often been described to us as pneumatic. Constantly in motion crystals chow. Who was very much a blueprint for her future inclination to stay. Moving. Jennifer crystals on was no crystals, many destinations as Jennifer her home was always a safe place to which crystal could return. At the time you now became deliberately so many different times. While she was young California, Washington Way out, everywhere about our battle,
just as tiring when I moved to textiles, I wondered whether she society, just as our election eighties here sure Colorado, and I understood that how What's wrong. Insurance, gather around her. He had such a beautiful voice rubber until the sun can I make a carnival shit onstage and she sang further disconnects karaoke Rita, there have interpreted kids come on and when she came on the guy waiter thing, like four songs, either kept saying because you just got a cloud. It was me one kind will go down charming.
And she's, always man guitar. Like a dollar and there she stood access to her. When she started singing wagon I gather that they all their bloody and has little basket there ass. She, which has just like anybody, that sadder Jill Judge people yes, you broke up by somebody, you would still remain. Friends should hold grudge like that tat a lot of work together unless you're like crazy she never knew while national. Before when I got so away and I get to title Acosta Shoes, a bunch, strikes alarm
I shall ensure that you do not like. Ashamed picture of crystal There have been no that he took this picture burden caused by them. Golden Gate Bridge. If the same picture she's going Jerry hi, no she's, a smart Chad. Why was this fire gosh talk by God, how little the dollar as a child challenging, heard english teacher prevailing english teacher, her ball as the treaty
our cultures our own first, then but she is like her mother. This was a strong personal. While she was just ferry aware of people as everybody counselor, came to her what their problems They were not there when people like no other people, s life. It has therefore, is not a chicken talk to you for a while. The memory is from people that have like financial backing, and you're. Not. I guess deal our six per
Rick headlines. Just ass, the problem with society, over was keeping her better. they're not at all judge, was born customs earlier and I wish you could have letter. Mrs, Brooks a friend of crystals. They both belong to the same Denver women's terror card group.
As always ask her for advice, but should be that it should do. Its is really really surprising that this what happened to her because it he'll Blake I don't know I just feel like she would have had some kind of income about what she might have been getting mixed up in two. At a time when we are spending time together. I was in sight of a bad relationship and wasn't really able they like get the momentum to get out of here and she looking from the outside it and you probably her from his hands what it says is Bobby over the head and tell me like: dump him dummy move on with your wife. But she never did that. You know she always had really and fight for things to say that made me think. Can we be I consider myself were
old soul energy, nor was late advice from like a grandmother, something wiring use aim. The king had been too late a higher dimension. The US led people are not able to. Since a lot of people have mentioned crystals musical talents throughout this podcast. Here's a short from a song she recorded with local Kristen artists are a codec and stimulus you confront. Music on sand cod.
Life, is not just that when they arise.
We assembled some final thoughts and take away from some of crystal close. His family and friends- Eli Chrysalis best friend Mikey, and the urban family, Debbie Rodney and Amy applause. To them too, because I don't wanna, hear her fast one. What's goin on it, I found out a lot of you guys. And I came across all that you found out they then there's a lot of bad guy, came upon them even now the picture There was a lot of progress. But the problem is it just takes time? Am I the maid came open. We didn't have
maybe I could not help nobody of these people, but I think what they really think it through to this point: the dead man like any of the facts like when was she killed? How long did they have her body? I dont know on the one hand- I don't hate you guys putting that much thought or effort into it. On the other hand, if she wasn't close by, where would she be? We have so few actual facts. It's really hard to do anything. You lay a hundred different abilities, I don't know what you're like we're way out. No man's land and all the other stuff go again that we never hear about or are pretty do we can't get back, so we just sit here and water did they talked about? What did they call about that many and we don't really have any answers other than what you find out any of them down there me
oh yeah I want to know where she is. I don't think that they realize that they thought they buried. You know the story, but really was a seed, and I think it's going to come to light. I don't know how long it'll take it could take twenty years. It could take six months, but I think that there is so many stories that link together there's going to be something that's going to bring it to an outcome, I don't want to be too impatient, but I don't want to be dragged on for twelve years, I'm hoping that we get the fine crystal and bring her home wherever homo. There was talk and Amy, and she said I think crystal would want to be buried in treadstone. That's gonna hinge on somebody with credible evidence was somebody that really knows
We find a body good, bring us closer, but my goal is justice and that's my plea- and this part- and this is why I am here- be smart about this. Gotta be not emotional and we got to get down to the bottom. With this, we have enough resources to for people behind bars you wanna play with fire. They can play with fire. the team, a tenderfoot, if would like to thank you for listening to the season of up and vanished and putting forth so much interest and faith crystals case for everyone with matter, the course of the season it has been intense and humbling experience, and though the circle chances are bleak. I am personally grateful to have met all view.
There is no doubt in my mind that crystals truly loved ass request on it the most raw and beautiful places I've ever visited. Surely one of its find- and I understand where crystal of the two pain stated in the finale, though, are weekly episodes are fish for now. Our pursuit of answers is far from done. Please show this with your friends and family and don't let the sparkle out. We want either. This season of up and vanished, has featured the work of our composer map. Hosty, also known as makeup and vanity sat not worked more closely than ever on the season even travelling. With our team outer to Colorado. We asked Matt years experience gathering the sounds of custom crushed
We are just trying to gather much sound from the actual claims and was very careful to make it really important that I go to question. There is something really critical to going to a patient being there in trying to get back. I don't think it would have been possible to write music without going near the place had felt. This increase not like other places, tried very unique, strange particulars, equal parts things and crushed under our very beautiful and the others. A lot of things and crushed under very courteous holistic spoke the same time. There's like this kind of other tribes of dogmas that just have come about.
I love you, I love you can pull the crest and every person that mean that there was character was extremely interesting. How extremely interesting strike whether they were vague about it. A lot of people ever just incredibly forthcoming, but I thought everybody there was something very unique about one month got a loved meeting allows people to stand. I gotta fight with the location you're being at the base of the mountain and seeing this tiny town on the people in it. By that you got from being there weren't you almost got like when you stepped out of the car. The first time you got it,
did you like. I will like watching. I want you there's a certain creeping us about that. Did it also lent itself then had was still? There is a lot of church. You have a lot of deference to the place itself to the people involved. You know those characters on a story that being told that the real people she was really important to she got in a really precious way right. The experience of being were first hand looking up seeing the apartment, the crucible worker, knowing that won't walking around talking to people that in this case that she occupied the Cancun, I really gravitated twice her.
Her identity, as a mother, I thought, would incredibly endearing touching me personally. Father. I really gravitated you her relationship of her daughter, also developing links with crystal then, but I grant you because he or she herself was musician alike, singer ammunition in her own right, How did she was just be sure, not spirituality, that was there and I didn't I didn't know. I knew there was a special place, but not agree, but I experience there what I mean by that is seen first hand all these temples spiritual centres. I should have ceiling for all the common shared enables that thereby have whether people, since it was really inspiring and powerful to be in that place. First,
with this people here people stories about going findings and had stood looking at his help them no life carefully. Here. Once again, I struck me as when we draw up the word and went all these special centres and the very convenient digitally hawks one road and driving out get in the car blacker out. The split microphone will definitely must have looked, will give people, but at the same time, like all of those patients yielded just an immense amount of sound curio and specifically were at the archway. There was a storm blowing and from the different, because you can see for bilateral mother and teacher this, like did you sure this and whirling thunder off in the distance and irish repose really powerful to just be up there and experience that it no longer and then going back and looking into lots of later, you can feel it
About a texture to crush down in some cases there are other worldly because they ve got down to you here, but it was amazing how much a lot of that really stuck with me after I left the tracks picture close up day behind tried movie song called population. The mountain, the notion of banishing point both of those shots were written in crosstown shaggy. Those was to speak to the fanatics for me and he was having bad. It's pretty fair. The workplace will hardly for a while. I'm really hunting. Is it maybe a negative connotation, but I fear that the problem will not work
or you, can find a selection of the songs MAC composed for this season on any streaming platform. Spotify, I do Et Cetera its label, up and vanished original season. Two soundtrack. Here's vanishing point one The two songs that mats has really remind him of his time on season two and in question
I've been vanished. Is an investigative outcast told weekly produced for tender for tv by pain, Lindsey Micronesia? In me, fair to step in executive producers, payments, even Donald Aubrey, additional production. I resonate recordings as well as Mason Robert Christina Data are in turn is highly original score. I make up and vanity set regime song is a failure to perform vipers arose or cover art is by Trevor Isler special thanks to the team at Kate. Inserting is it s on social media, the add up and vanished thanks for listening stock, we can join in under discussion if you enjoying up and vanished, tell a friend, family, member or coworker about it and don't forget to subscribe great review. An apple pie casts.
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