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A Brush with Death - Introducing 'Monster: DC Sniper'


From iHeartRadio and Tenderfoot TV, Monster: DC Sniper reinvestigates the beltway sniper attacks. This true crime podcast places the listener in Montgomery County, Maryland on October 2nd, 2002 when an unidentified sniper began randomly killing people going about their daily lives. Host Tony Harris traces what investigators, journalists and the public learned from the first shot until the last and ultimately asks the question: Does the person convicted of these crimes ever deserve a second chance? For more information, visit www.monster-podcast.com

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I hurt radio and tenderfoot tv are returning with the late. Instalment in the monster series with monster DC sniper in October of two thousand to a random killings. Free flooded, our nations capital with fear, Posten journalist Tony Harris takes us back through the three week. Man hunt for the Deasey sniper revisiting the tragic case that still unfolding today, search for monster DC sniper in your pocket staff and sobs I was quite a one morning. I drove my son to school with. Some other children, a drop them off around eight o clock. Am I to your old, was still in the car, so he was car see. We witnessed children's music in the car on the radio. I went the gas station and I stopped pump gas mind stuck Caroline Amro,
nutrition. I live in silver. Springer Maryland, it was a lovely day was very warm, so I opened the windows size. I voted the windows down a bit. I turned and I look to the right and there was it taxi and those gentlemen, who is filling his car with gas, but I thought it was unusual because he was filling the tank from underneath the license plate, which I had never seen before. I looked at him for a few seconds and he looked up with me and we may die contacts. Iders smile I reached to get my purse to take up my credit card, and I heard and immediately my head. I thought there was a gunshot, but at the same time I thought Why would you be a gunshot? It must be some sort of electrical problem may be that the car and he was doing something weird and he should have been filling out from under the license plate? How strange I look
dump on. He was walking toward my car. It was just few paces and he looked in the passenger side and he said, call an ambulance and he collapsed, and I was shaking so immediately grab my phone got out of the car and call my mom one of its totally and shot out. As I was speaking to the normal hmong people. I saw this police car a nice of waved over to him and I went over to the taxi driver. Mister Walcot, he taking a few rats. He was not verbal at that point. The last thing he said was one you look through the window and he said, call an ambulance and then he collapsed. I felt such panic.
There's a physician because I felt helpless. No commitment, no monitored put the person, I know oxygen, no suction amused to having everything to hand was Kiss me was, as you spoke to myself in my head. You know you can do this. You know see people you're a doctor. I dropped to the floor. And tried to check for a pause, and then the policeman appeared ass it I'll I'll. Do the math I thought you did a chest compressions I started Sepia and the policeman did assist me: I remember my hands are shaking as I was doing this. There was a lot of blood. And I realized tat he was stopping breathing. I couldn't feel a good pulse. I think I felt for a second or two very, very thrifty, thin uneven pulse, and then I went away unfortunately, he vomited by that point
two ambulances appeared in a pot on Connecticut Avenue, and I remember saying to the police on: why are they not coming? I need suction the airway, you can't do meth mouth, it be always blocked though I didn't understand, why would they, getting out, then the ambulance people did come out of the trucks and they did come towards us. It was matter of minutes, of course, at the time it felt extremely prolonged nobody to arrive, but I don't think it was the ambulance. People tried to integrate the scene and for Mr Falconer. Gurney and then I just remember out of police presence and There have been very fast, I am, I
husband had arrived and he being allowed to take my son, my tutor all the way, so I was very disturbed the whole day. It's horrific this somebody could murder somebody and it was just awful what a waste- and I was there. You know you start to question were why was it him? Not me normally apply car and I immediately get out of the car. But that day I paused for a few seconds because he was filling his gaston. From where the license plate was a nice me down and that's why I didn't get out of the car so that few seconds of delay made a difference to my life, I was slightly Bulgaria object behind to my windshield declares shot was to the guide it was out of the car. But if I envy Nosey over him. What was he doing? Filling the car? That's really weird wisest guess tank there I would have got.
Maybe it would have been a better shot to me so that, but you know for the grace of God go I that's a very shocking thought to be faced with your immortality Caesar on Monster DC sniper. I dont think America has ever gone back to the way that it was before the Deasey sniper. It was scheme ready to go to the grocery store of Philip, your car with gas, it was actually brilliant. Save my mother would be to leave the house. This was the most in Man hunt in american law enforcement history. Found out about this terror court in this message to police. What they say is the start of everything really wasn't to start it at least started when they shot me. Cyprus, genes and even happened. Yet we don't know anything The Atlanta shoot annoying about the next night shooting in that prove any decision,
the vehicle and he said I was leaning out like on the driver side, mere universe, Firstly, where someone it actually seen, somebody FBI, Washington DC, did a more thorough search and that's when we got a hit on the fingerprints. We just heard it on the local, am radio station this browser in the rest area in scenario, you got if you and the case. It was basically just to outcomes, death or life. That was it. His sentencing is not constitutionally acceptable. He was a psychopathic. Full blooded killer can never walk the street again. I do believe, if he was brainwash full The better term I get the feeling he agrees, he has to pay a price, but I dont know if he he's already paid it or not. I don't know the answer to that, but I'd like to ask him.
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