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Jennifer Kesse


The UAV team travels to Orlando, Florida for the Jennifer Kesse case. This case is covered in the finale episode of the UAV TV Series on Oxygen.

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Dude, I'm tired and die a guy's today we're going to get into the Jennifer Cassie CASE from Orlando Florida. This case was the subject of the finale episode and up in Venice tv series. If you missed it, you can stream at any time on the oxygen up. You may have heard of inefficacy case before is a pretty high profile missing persons case and Jennifer went missing almost exactly three months: Aperture Grinstead. In the past years, some people wanted, at the two cases, were connected to jog your memory. Here's a quick overview of some of the key point
in this case. In two thousand six, a young professional woman went missing from Orlando Florida. Jangle S, very outgoing fine girl, I'll have lie. Just a beautiful song shows was very excited conscious. She was just on her way to work and in disappears off the face of the earth on January. Twenty. Third, twenty four year old Jennifer Cassie, went home to her condo after work. She taught who her boyfriend on the phone around ten p m and she hasn't been heard from since my huh. Dropped in an instant May I say: oh my god, we have to find you don't ever expect to get a call that we're best friend, just one missing a place like Central Florida. There are so many places you can dispose of a body the next day, video for each captured a great shout of someone parking her card a neighbouring complex.
Walking away held my breath. When the trap popped open, because I thought she isn't trunk of that car. However, the facial features couldn't be determined the person was never apprehended machine saw Jennifer the night over disappearance being forced into the back of a car that she says, looks just like Jennifer's shuddery Malibu. I write a track dad you again: parents Joyce Andrew Cassie, we're tirelessly to find their daughter from changing laws to initiating searches. I ve done it on. What this tells me is that they are indicating to human remains sent in this area where
Jennifer Cassie and I believe she stepped up their needing to be rescued The following is an extended interview from Jennifer Cassius case. I am sure about wherever I am a reporter in London Somebody sent a fax ended station one morning saying that there was a woman who was missing and that's not usually how we get that information. Usually the police send something out to say that there is a missing one of us will so odd. Has it came through a fax machine, a flyer
this girl we have ever had and who sent at facts her sorority sisters, kind of mobilized when people haven't heard from Jan ten, they took it upon themselves to let the on television since now that there was a woman that was missing and they need our help. I said we have to go and I remember there was some conversation witches- how it's done, that the police hadn't that there was a missing girl in Orlando so until say someone's miss thing. We don't always go out there because lots of people haven't heard from. When in a few hours ago. I think my sister's missing Anwar, but there was something about that facts come into the station that I said we have to go I laughed I'm not even sure that they had sent me. I just got in the truck. We went. I don't. I don't know why it wasn't that off
that we had cases where someone in their twenties had vanished. Little kids go miss. And on it was unusual at the time for us in Orlando that that she did- and I remember we pulled- to end this apartment complex one had never been before, and I ve been a report on this tunnel long time. There's not too many like apartment complexes I had then by, but it was new, was just turned ended, as condo and I remember, pulling and and drove. Ah there were we know vehicles and stuff, and we were the first to the second truck, I see- and I remember looking
It was a stairwell and I remember looking and I could see her mother standing in the stairwell and I they were backing the truck Indo a spot. So I could see her and I thought that is not the face of a mother who thinks that this will turn out well. She knew something had happened to her daughter. We didn't know till later why they were so sure that this she didn't just leave, and I remember there was a guard, our a gate at the front and they just let the trucks and employee pooled and there were. People and her friends and her brother and repair and said. I thought a small area because it was an apartment complex, but there was an a whole lot of a lot of activity How could you not be out there every day, this mother and father? there were just regular people that did even live here than their daughters. How could you not be with them every every day? We're
they live. They live a few hours south. She went to college here and got a job here and so she knew Orlando and made it her home. I've never seen someone one move that fast for an older child immediately, Dana and one that I have never seen anything like that. What do you think they knew, the crises are a very, very close family, and I know that sounds like every family. They now close, we get it, but their family remember we kind of thought. It was a little bit odd how close she was to repair it's really she's and our twenties. They talked every single day. And he knew even the father knew. There was plenty of things my father doesn't know right, but he knew everything when they didn't hear from her. They got the car and said
I have to go in the timeline. You know it's still unclear if Jen disappeared, that night, like ten p dot m or like seven, a dot m when Shitshow from work, there's just that little of time that we don't really now I mean you can kind of go either way to try to get a car in the morning. Someone approached her. She was in her house at night, but we know she made a phone call. She ended at ten o clock tour my friend, so you know that and then shit shop for work so that the area that we're working and then the next day harvest where her car was found. Is I don't know a mile or two away from where she lived
somewhere she would not go and won her car was found. I wear and waited and watched the investigators walk around and I held my breath when the trunk popped open, because I thought I dont see her. She did all the doors were open. Gent come out of the back, see she's in trunk of that car, Chirrup trunk open. You could see their faces no big deal, and that was it. In this context, the here obviously some affected here, where she she didn't tell her. You knew from the neighbour, but it wasn't that there's no way that she parked practical so now we are working with right, a couple of miles: you're thinking, ok, maybe she is somewhere here is the car was found so quickly. There wasn't the evidence we hoped would be inside the car. Maybe if it wasn't thirteen years ago by a different story,
today what you're talking about more than a decade, a lot changes and that car did not give us what we had hoped that kind of after the car was found. Its really take nothing has happened since then there were lots of searches and those bones upper bones up your bones, because we're talking about further right. There swamp area everywhere, and it was a total, an alligator ball, whatever it was like after the cars must like that, Timeline had stopped because we ve had now no clue sense than of what could have nothing there. We had been there all day and night and then the next day someone calls and says I think, the cars in the parking lot. It was back in a spot
so they could see the license. Plate was back to the spot, they could see the license plate and it had been running now right for at least twenty four hours. This car her face the Malibu Black Malibu, the license plate over and over and over and over again, you couldn't turn on the tv, and not see. Jennifer and the surveillance at EU comes out, and this is an old system- are still talking about thirteen years ago and we're talking about a old apartment complex in the cameras weren't grade, but they caught an image and show
police had that image for a bit before they release that not remember how long and they release that we think. Oh, my gosh, they have a picture of this aspect. We cannot wait to see this person of interest is, and then you look at the photo sharing, nothing could be, it could be walking up and down that did nothing either you're thinking. How is it possible that, in that short span, they find the car and they get a picture? As you know, the faces perfectly blocked by that fence. I always say the luckiest man in the plan. Do you think that picture is of the involved. I dont now I've never been a hundred percent, convinced that that person was involved, but the police said that so they have no other things. Obviously, that has
I believe that that is the person of I dont think I think, there's more than one person involved here. Maybe it's one of the I've never been a hundred percent, convinced that that's the person could be. They say this will go ahead, but I don't know I mean only people walk by those cameras and why did they can point that time? Because that's when They saw that the car had been parked there, so you know they narrowed it down to a time, and that was the person who you know kind of walked around that fence. So it makes sense. Maybe they had somebody parked the car. I have we don't know what gives you the inclination that maybe it's more than one person,
Gene from what I know from from her family she's, I think she to put up a fight, and I think that it would be difficult, and I dont know that you could get way. With this situation, with just one person, people at the police Department told me that they thought there was more than one
And I dont know: maybe they don't know, maybe they were at that point. We're takin a joy ride in the car. I dont know if they know where Jana somebody knows where trainers and it's I don't think it's just one person and that car it was clear. Someone else drove that car gents tall, but that seat was pushed so far back. I don't think the generator reach the pedals. It's interesting on that flyers says person of interest five three to five five. While they could tell that from the gate right. If you Looked to try to figure out where he had was, they could take a town and listen Jens, not five, three mountains taller than that not say that didn't do it. I mean I don't know what happened to her, but I'll never be convinced. It was just one person. It was disturbing for this community. All of these people came out. You know, people, you wait, search, professional search, proof
one came from Texas: they organise searches, so it didn't look like it slowed down. I mean police were working and taking the tipps that were coming in. I mean they couldn't keep. Ah was us in our lots and lots of tabs. There were lots of searches. She was on tv every single night, every single newscasts on every single station. You can go anywhere, you couldn't drive. On the street without huge posters, and then you over the years go by and bushes grow water rises. I don't know I mean it would be. I mean there's hunters, there's gator trappers people in the woods all the time that stumble upon these things. Thirteen years later, nobody has stumbled upon
anything, not a shoe, nothing they did have. I remember there was a canine out there that did follow. You know the trail outside the apartment complex, but I think they knew that someone parked it and walked away the two detectives that showed up there. They really thought. Okay, you know she, probably in a fight with her boyfriend, school and off somewhere she'll, be back her parents do that wasn't chair? First of all, there was no her boyfriend and even live there. Her boyfriend where's away. So where is she going to cool off genes that our apartment and cooler where she need a guy he's got a year, and you know he was suspects number one and always is right and it It was never a moment drew and rice will tell you that they ever thought that are boyfriend had anything to do with it ever, but in.
Placed the fence, that's where they go in, that's where they had to talk to when they did. And I mean he was there when they found the car and they watched him the same reaction. Car, that's what they were supposed to do, but he had you know at this point. They have nothing to do with it. He's been cleared, everything was fine and he was- Each out I mean the minute she went nothing. He and his mother on the road up here. And it was difficult for all of them because he had just seeing her. They had just gone on a cruise. She just leave. This house goes to work comes home talks to him at ten o clock and then no one sees or again. So when you look at that, I understood where everybody is you now mine. When I mean look, the families always suspect the brother. She had her there's friends staying in our apartment, while she was gone. In fact she was shipping, a cell phone back to them they laughed at and she was supposed to be no ship, a cell phone and none
it was never seen it can do. You know why she was having of her brothers friend stay in her apartment. Was she worried about the apartment? No, I can't exactly remember, and I think they were in town and wash she wasn't there and she and her brother, a very close eye on the Phillies. Really really close the we wouldn't be unusual that his buddies would stay with her in she lives in our Landau. One she had a lot acute for happened, Zita, I dont that would not be out of the ordinary. What did they find in Jennifer's apartment? Any sign of struggle? No, and that is not the door to door, wasn't kicked in the law. Wasn't messed with inside. It looks just like your place probably looks right now you got to cushion Our you took one the night before perform in the town was to wet, so she taking a shower clothes were laid out. She did you now to go to where I live and where there are vast
were laid out. That's why you can't tell that had happened then, before or the morning after you dont know, because the apartment look like we just got up and went to work, the coroner away. Nothing, there's not with nothing in there that they found suspicious. And her brother was already in that apartment before the parents got. Therefore, police got there, so he would have now and he would have seen- Send opening that door was probably not very fun for any of them because you do know what was inside and they had already had the apartment. Complex, go and check to see if she answered the door whenever, but there was nothing was straight, apartment. Do you know what was going on in the apartment compound at the time that was in the old age when all the apartment complexes we're turning into condos, so that entire complex was being flipped.
And there were a lot of workers, a lot of undocumented workers in that complex. In her specific complex and when we drove in I'll, never forget it one. We drove you know there are workers everywhere and they were huge roles of carpet. You know that you would replace as they do when people move out these huge roles of carpet. In vain, as that would have the carpet sticking out the back into how the back doors are open and the carpet comes out- and I remember. We drove down, you can see the carpet you immediately, you don't think I like roller up and those carpets as you have seen, and everybody seen the movies re both aim. It. And there were a lot of workers and I ways wondered why that place, hadn't been locked up right. Nobody in nobody out we're talking to everyone.
Lot of those workers, scattered police, throw up, I mean, there's no way they could of energy it everyone, As I don't think you didn't know, you were there just workers that we're here the time we had no reason to believe that anything can happen with them and tell the story goes on all there being in a concrete, overhear or digging up plants. Here then you are, you know your mind starts going. I think they were staying in the end apartments, but I dont really remember so, is anything found in the car they when they opened it, there was a dvd player that was strapped in the back seat and it was still there and. We knew that somebody probably wasn't trying to Robert, because they would have taken that
dvd player. I dont know why always remember this dvd player, but I thought it was so odd that your inner par she's gone and you know, take the dvd player. You might as well right, and it was too strapped in the back like nothing had happened, And in two thousand six that would have still Hudson all evaluate yeah. Now you do like what is this, but yes, the dvd player would have been something or value back then still there. It always felt like someone was just wanted to dump that car and get the hell out of their. How do you think that one, meant handled the case. You know it so easy to Monday morning quarterback those things as we ve gone through you no thirteen years and
what we know about the first few hours or that the crucial times those forty eight hours. I think that I didn't take it as seriously as the family, which they would have. Drew, will tell you that the first detective didn't even take notes there was so much activity at the time. We fully believed that o p d was doing everything they could, and maybe that was the best they can do. The family had gone into the apartment. Which it was already compromise at that point. There is no reason not to go right. Of course you can open the door Bianca she here, but after that I mean they were sleeping
whenever I always thought that oh PD should have lost that place down too there were tips that people will tell you that whenever followed up on they'll say I called in they never call me back, and that was hard to hear. I don't have any to believe that these people are lying about that. Why would they lie? Seem so weird to me that people didn't see or hear anything has a possible in Syria struggling it and see the car back out. You didn't hear Horn ha See for guys walk up the stairs. It was odd to me that nobody saw anything.
There was to workers that she had been in a fight with in her apartment. They were in the apartment I think the week before and they were doing some painting us remember. This is a condom version. They were doing some painting and those guys, if I remember correctly, admitted the out we weren't or are obviously there's a work order. They were in the apartment, so the this guy's or always. You know like could something of happen because of what happened before, but they were in their the week before. Did you ever hear the theory that the human traffickers and go that's always ban a fairy. I gasped for anyone in Orlando has a problem, maybe not a problem, but it's here. It's Florida it's here she was very pretty. She was young
she didn't tell me fit the profile. I don't know what my god that I really believe. That's what happened, but if it's Tom all, they said by the way she was human traffic and we found her wouldn't surprise me, but that has never been my gut feeling on this. She just didn't fit the profile of the girls that we have interviewed before who have been in that world, but to roll it out a scandal, anything get real anyone or anything out of this case in thirteen years. What do you think happens to have any anything's after thirteen years that you feel most strongly about, while it will depend on the day that you asked me write something or come up and well we'll think about that But if I had to say what I think happened, I think it had to do with the workers have always thought that that's just my opinion, I don't
note that everybody shares my opinion, but those workers were there they could get in and out of the apartment. There was a lot of people working there and it was so close. The car was so close or complex. It's like somebody new that area, and so that's just always spent my belief and if you look at the surveillance photo what you can see that it could could be one of those workers, because to me that picture looks like somebody's and work path
a white shirt. I mean people of saddened and sometimes it gets in your head, because so many people commented on that Odo. What looks like they ve got. Workers looks like painters pants. It must be. I dont know that I could tell you what kind of pants those are, but to me that looked like a worker, I dont know how the faces covered in every move. I mean the perfect them when those powers only this bay, rather than this big wherever reason covers the entire face, retains the luckiest aspect on the planet. They will,
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Any style any quantity limited time offer on the now at this to predict com, promo code vanished. Our team sat down for a final round table discussion of forecasts. His case. On January, twenty third, two thousand six Jennifer Cassie twenty four years old disappear from Orlando Florida and mean, or advantage sisters may know about this case. It only happened a few months after terror when missing and there are some other similarities. There was actually a theory that there was a serial killer on the loose at the time that may be connected to both of their cases. And more he's gotta one actually worked. The Kazi case for several months as well as working tears case, obviously So there are some some connections. They are between these two cases and we all knew about it prior to achieve this. The series of investigating it. I think one thing that-
It out to me about this case was not only the very bizarre circumstances of Jennifer disappearance, but even after her disappears, the fight that the Kazi family went through in order to get justice in N t even get these support and documentation in evidence, so they had lost their own investigation in the or nothing has been easy, and the thought of trying to launch own investigation have to fight the state of Florida while grieving. The loss of your daughter was heartbreaking and I need something you can imagine, the last time the Jennifer was seen was on January twenty. Third, she had gotten home from work. She talked to her father and her boyfriend that day and never showed up to work. The next day and there was some somebody take away from the apartment itself. That was wreathed. We know she made it home her car was outside her pardon me
debated at the time. So there was a lot of people in and out glad painters, a lot of construction workers and the key becomes more and more difficult to get answers, because a lot of the people that you needed to talk to at that time? If you didn't talk to him that very same day, he probably would never get to talk to him because they might be trans because of their work on the property, even if the police are showing up, people aren't showing up the next day for work because they data one just be in an environment, so it was a difficult one. I think that it was about a foot for the police, but down, don't just so much that they didn't do that day, and I couldn't do that. I couldn't do that. Actually yeah yeah. I agree with you. I think the family is really incredible. Part of this case, Mr Cassius such a force to be reckoned with They have really run a lot of the investigation on their own, which is incredible, and it's been such a battle in the
change, the laws in doing that like they raised the age, hey MIKE, what fat law that they changed serves the Jennifer Kazi into me sessions missing persons at the direct losses, start looking for a missing persons, twenty five or younger within two hours of his or her reported disappearance. I can't find with the age used to be, but I think it was younger than that, like eighteen or something yeah yeah, I think it is eighteen under while it only applies to those suspected of being endanger or the victims of crime. Anyone who goes missing well yeah. I think it used to be minors, and now it's older so they really ban like these total pioneers for missing persons. Cases and Mr Cassie really helps out a lot of other families that are going through the same thing and they use views of their funds, their own personal funds. Just look for their daughter and there really incredible people to talk to. So it's been absolute honesty and honoured,
to know them and their drivers so intense. It's interesting that you say: Jennifer Cassius case was only a couple months after territory sets and in some ways they look very similar and that both women kind of young, independent women. Were last seen. You know going home getting into their getting into their respective huh arms and then they were gone. You know both places. Jennifer's apartment antagonist sets house locked, No real sign of a struggle and then all of a sudden, no one knew where they were, but they weren't inside their homes. And its similar, with Jennifer Cassius case and now I know Terence his case there's some kind of. Grey area where some people believe there there was no visible sign, that a struggle in there, but they weren't overt. It's not what you would you'd think
not you know, ransacked and stuff everywhere and Jennifer Cassius place was the same. They said it looked like she had kind of just taking a shower something or you know, just kind of look like shit asked had been there and talk with Jennifer's parents drew enjoys. Cassie is wiser. Brother Logan. I really felt like I got to know Jennifer, because the way they talked about her like she was she was prepared. She was a fight, hurt like she would have conversations with her brother with her father about protecting herself about being prepared in you know, She was she wasn't like she wasn't of the bureau, the typical victim it you're thinking over ample and distress in I mean so either they believe and it sounds lino raised, She would have now Can someone would easily grabbed off the street or take our apartment? She would have put up a
which makes you believe that you know there was some struggle to some screens at least some some evidence that the police will be able to follow up on quickly. I think that was one of the issues was how quick they got on the scene. With they talk to people and they won't be able to follow up to relieve. The any information would lead anywhere quickly. Just came a very real an investigation in ways, and they Keaton on the one, A piece of evidence which was surveillance in her vehicle was driven off property and ups couple miles away from the apartment and the person in that vehicle was seen surveillance camera, unfortunately could make out who that person was. Yes, she's last seen leaving work on a Monday around six p M talks, her dad around that time, then talks are avoided. That night, some time after ten p m and she's, never seen her from again then
stay around noon down the street. Balanced Theo takes up her car being moved by an unknown individual and just dropped off at this different apartment, complex and this man stepped out of the vehicle and walks behind this fence. Ngos who knows where? Because the camera cuts off me thought there was only one good angle of her car being parked there, but obviously, whoever has her vehicle at that time and has never come forward, is associated with her disappearance and the problem is its classic black and white grainy footage. It kind of looks like he's wearing a painters outfit it could just be. The way that it looks it looks, he's wearing all white, but again its black and white, seeking definitively say that, but he just cat
they rose up in Jennifer's, car parks, it and then walked away, and whoever did that wherever that person is has never come forward in that tells law enforcement and tells me that he's probably involved in her disappearance and likely murder yet interest. That you say you know the black and white footage it's hard to tell what he's wearing, and I say he has an assumption it also if he can barely even tell if it's a key, it could really be anyone, but That person in the video footage I've never worn and outfit like that. You know it real. He does look like painters cover all or cover owls of some some type. It's just totally one color kind of a formless outfit very baggy, and you can't really determined much about the person, but that, in its in and of itself, is kind of strange, analyse, heard it's either like a gulf.
Hat or the person's hair and a bun or something it's their sort of this law, gated part of their head wireless at the ring, either a classic looking gulf cap or they have their hair back or something, and he again there's like three frames of the entire video that you can see this thing It's not like there was this bad black and white footage of it wasn't just bad black and white footing it was also on this time. Where it wasn't. Filming continuously use every couple seconds: yeah, you literally get like three frames of this person and on almost All of them he's being portrayed you have adopted here, he's either fully blocked
partially blocked by this fence. Yeah. It's just a just unfortunate timing. You know it's like said it's not a full running. Video is capturing. You know all motion is like every two seconds, so you never get the suspect right in the middle lined up with the camera. So I mean it's just bad timing in an extra frustrating part about this case. It's almost unbelievable luck that he's covered by a bar of the fence every step of the way it's got to be maddening for the me that that is all I had to go on for all these years. Like a terrible video footage from all accounts, so undeniably linked yet says almost nothing in one theories and the cases oversee the contours. Construction going out the apartment painters at the apartment de suspect looked be wearing. Something that could be could resemble cover all painters, outfit that when the vehicle was found, flap leave two days.
After Jennifer disappeared. They sent dogs oversee to wear that vehicle vehicles found and the dogs traced back to the apartment. As if someone drop that car off in walked back to the apartment, so again all leads to. She was abducted there. Car was used in some way, then, who knows where the car went, but another car ended up at another partner, complex workable to her complex you're, putting all those things together. That theory does seem plausible That's it could have been. Someone who was working at the apartment saw her come out of our parliamentary work, because a person keys in cell phone were not in the apartment and abductor there and in these Donna what happened after the with home security. There's two Asian go about it.
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complex so is within the range of where they were suspects, who want to dump a body so that that we do now. In the way it looks right now looks like it's very swampy, these huge moss. Trees can't see the road definitely very secluded, to mean just First appearances replacing you would do some like this. What happened? so far as that there was a particular spot that crazy was reserved based on the Tipp. The Tipp was that Ten years ago, this late saw an individual with rolled up carpet dumping it in the water set out to her. Obviously, it's weird thing to do so, lady. In this neighborhood, ass, a lady in this neighbourhood on the other side of the lake here she would this early morning hours and it stood out to her a strange, and I believe she did called
police and tell them. This was somehow lost in translation, orphanages, What somewhere, but what made it come back to light, was that a few ago. Truth ass. He was holding a press conference and they For anyone, who's made tips at all pleased and tell us again and so from that press conference this lady cod, true, Cassius team directly in said hey. This is unless all thirteen years ago is always bother me swimming. She saw their Prescott some thought this might be related, I'm not sure, then she thought that, but you, wave and thirteen years later, she thinks that it's strange, so today, when chance, the first I went out there, He hit almost instantaneously in the exact same spot as marked almost like the exact same place. That was in question. So then Tracy brought chance back and then brought out Draco. The second dog
happened, and both times both dogs hit, they sat down and they reacted the way that they do and then they their first urge was too kind of run to the water, as if I don't know, maybe something's in the water or that's the path, but both dogs did that same thing, so mean right now we're looking at this. Is it maybe, and in that exact same spot to condemn dogs are hitting on cadaver. Could someone have cut their finger their years ago shore? Is it maybe just blood on the carpet a body, maybe no guarantees. That is even Jennifer Cassie, but I think that with this story and that we know just how specific that spot is and then two dogs hitting there. You would think that something happened and we're going to find it thing, but what is that this would have been one of those lost tips and had drew not requested for people. Call in in retail what they heard or saw then be winning
we heard today there's a lot of people arriving. Who is here right now? so basically the state It says here so theyve found in to them. What's going on, they sent, Two officers they just that withdrew his attorney and the pie and guy in charge, is walking down to the pond again with Tracy now to see exactly where This location is, I think I know, a minor standing. What happens next, as once they see it with their own eyes, and have testimony from Tracy and they feel it is valid, which I know that they will? Then they can initiate some sort of search. Come back in a minute and say: let's go search, this
and execute on there and that that happens today before five pm yeah. So both dance had both dogs heard and the same is export You said this is the first search he's been on looking for Jennifer where they ve had a hit on anything in thirteen years. So for what it's worth as a big deal. Just showed them where the witness was at the home across the lake down area, where the dogs indicated in just explain what the witness all the logistics of good somebody actually do, this explaining them. This was completely undeveloped. Certainly someone could easily come here and dispose of something pretty quickly and easily
and explain to them how the witness was was very concerned, so concern that she hid did not want somebody knowing that she was there seeing what they were doing so it's worth for further investigation. What what makes this a little bit more challenging is water. Others are specialised resources for that. I would imagine my best gas being Florida. They have a lot of water, so they would have I'm assuming water resources more readily available than the safe storage of Alabama. Something then is not a lot of water up in bed, had never been a port of asserts that it actually become viable enough for the police to be called the police check the area, and I mean a lot of police, but it doesn't official, showed up and looked at the spot and they called it. Diving Tina
divers turning up without changing things, secular, getting ready at the water, maybe they're having receipts there. They wouldn t like their chests, waded through the shallow area. Now I'm gonna go sweeping O d like a line, lot more later, a lot of water. They basically run a rope between two guys and then the diver follows the road back and forth. That way, he make sure he's doing a bread out of the water too, of course saw the show or the news. This surgeon, not pick out the way drawers family hoped he didn't. Yield, any remains being just another spot crossed off the list. It was an extremely
straining day with high hopes in the beginning, drew express multiple times how much he wished his whole think. It is be over again we're all left, hoping that the next Tipp will finally be the one. That's a rap on the up in Venice tv series on oxygen, big you tuning in if you have any tips or questions is the call seven hundred and seventy five hundred and forty five six thousand four hundred and eleven again that seven hundred and seventy five hundred and forty five six thousand four hundred and eleven If we have any updates on these five cases, our team will make we're episodes right here in the future states described as always thanks for executive produced by pain, Lindsey and Donald Albright, additional product, and by MIKE Rooney, Meredith, Stedman and Cooper Skinner
voice narration by Robert Cotta original Dick by make up and vanity set a big thank you to crew and ever and we spoke to you during felling. My name is Sir Pearl wealth for the poor for years, I've been trying to figure out how my twenty two year old Son Courtney, wound up with the bullet in his back. The Chicago police Station, there's what you hear on the news that Courtney got shot then drove himself to the station were office's, did everything they could to help him, and then there is the true Somebody is a pack ass. Coming soon March. Thirty, first
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