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The UAV team discusses the disappearance of Korrina Malinoski and her daughter, Annette Sagers. This case is the second case covered in the UAV TV Series on Oxygen. Catch up on the Oxygen app now. http://bit.ly/OXYGENappstore

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Dude I'm tired and die. In today's episode. We're going to discuss the monarchy Savior case, which was in the second episode of the up and vanished tv series, if you haven't seen the show ya, don't worry you can stream Aside from the oxygen app whenever you want as refresher, and those of you that haven't seen the show. Yet here's a quick summary and time four Corina Molin ascii and net saviours case.
In nineteen, eighty, seven in Rural South Carolina twenty six year old mother, Corina Molinari ASCII, disappeared without trace. Then, almost one year later, her eleven year old daughter, a net saviours, went missing from the same place. You just don't see. Two members of the same family disappear a year apart and no trace of either. One is found. A very suspicious set of circumstances. both mother and daughter, were last seen around the plantation grounds. They called home with their family. Stephen Marlon ASCII Farinas, husband and Annette step father was the caretaker for the plantation grounds.
The council also had to young sons. Not only did we not know are mothers name, we didn't know anything that it happened. Cleaner was my sister. She love life, love her kid him did not get along very well, and then he had done familiar Eleven year old, a net saviours disappeared. Her stepfather found a note in nearby bus, shelter, allegedly ridden by young a net. Explaining that her mom had come back for bus, I ve come to pick up my niece. She wasn't there, there's a no, no mom came back and got me did MA am actually come back. Did someone else forced her to write that no it's been over thirty years? and no one has heard from either of them, since nothing ever turned up with,
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yeah. The following is an extended interview from MILAN Ascii Savior case limbs, HANS. Eggers and cleaner was my sister. Sandy safeguards in Korea. My sister in law, but she worked by Kory Kory. She was, Fun, loving and exciting person She love life, love kid. She liked to do things to work, in hers, brothers and sisters, we got along great may. We were there for each other, Oh, she was a good person I met her when I, of course, when I married him. I mean she was always. Therefore you she all called on holidays and birthdays and suggest a good person very good person.
When and how did Corina Meet Stephen Non asking while she met Stephen through, were we're tired of all who worked in the carnival What do you do? Come Carney Guy, Carnegie Corner Carney people, He worked for the carnival he done rides whatever. I don't know how gas fuelled by him Steve He could never hold down a job and he was into drugs. I'd say that where he was in the pews into drugs, marijuana pills acid? He could never keep a job. My sister who was working overtime.
And Steve was very music to my sister. I've got after him several times, do what I hitter made honour and I went out several times and he intimidate my niece. She was always Timmy I mean, as creators brought Were you concerned about her being in this relationship? I was, he always talked to my sister. I told him to get rid of him. He's no good he's no good for her or for Annette after they got to North Carolina. She had called us who told us they moved into that plantation like I said she has come, always called on birthdays holidays,
every time they got into a fight. She was always call him and then it stopped that win stakeholders and told us that core disappear. They found her car at the end of the is the plantation at the gate. And he said she must have with somebody else. Well, we knew right off the bat that not what happened she would. Go and lead them, kids, he wouldn't come back almost a year later and Grab one and that the other two. But we almost had an ad the summer after Corey disappeared, we almost heads deep talked in the Latinus have met. Summer? He was all for men at the last minute. You cancel why I don't know, but if she had gotten to our house she would never went back
because their words about that he could have done. He wasn't the father, but he wouldn't let us So when Stephen Cause and says Cory's missing, what are you thinking? Well, he called the house and asked if Cory was at our house, and I said no and I asked him- I said what's going on, he said: well, your Stratton left, and I said what do you mean he said? Well, we got into it and see you haven't left so I says. Well, would you do to her piece that we just argue? It was always about money him not having a job or one. So the conversation. After a long heed, or is he heard we de you let him now and then later on, some out the detector is there somebody got a hold of us and asked us, and I said well, he called and asked if she was here- and I said no
and then later on steel called again, so the detector said to try to get more information as much as you can I talked to Steve again. He said Corey left, you ve, gotten a car go the ended, gate got car and jumped into another vehicle somebody else and took off. Did he see that happen? Yes, sir? What he told me so We, thus she drove to the end of the property and then jumping another vehicle she got out. She had opened the gate closed. The gate got into vehicle took off. I said well, will cover the band ass. Who was it do you know? He says now in this way I called the detective tone those goin on he said. Tigers. He says. There, ain't no way Steve gotta seen that
cars from the house to the the gate was three MI and it's not the timbers. So he lied. He's already told two lights, two detectives plus he lied to me. So we listen to what he had to say to him. What else he told me and then I'll send phone contact. Stop. We didn't hear from him and then talked to detective and he said well. They had to stop because Steve pulled a deal and he was being harassed by the police department. We try to get in
at this time and he was gonna go with it, but he changed his mind because, like said, if we were to go to net, he would not have got back my half sister her and her husband and my dad went to South Carolina. She told us that when they were up there, a net try to get my sister to go upstairs and show, or some when I sister did when you mean she trot a net, try to get my sister to go upstairs and, like I told my sister Cheryl, I said well, had been possible. Their quarry was upstairs wrapped up in a bag her up there somewhere out of the waste in a way new. If anything happened, when she saw something, maybe a net, she was a smart little girl, Steventon Letter, take care odds. Unless net was gonna to maybe some new addresser, you know new toys or toy
Or whatever, I don't know I don't know of course was upstairs, I dont know that she could have been tied up. She could have been dead, she could have been like, I don't know, nobody knows, but a net steed. What you're gonna tell you about what a net was trying to say that my got to tell me that my sister was up. There did wrapped up in plastic bag. He was trying to figure out how to get rid of the body along evinces. Korea been missing out, wasn't long because his dad and sister went up they're, not long after Corey disappeared, so they can find out what was going on when they try to get chilled go upstairs.
She didn't, he lay and letter take her in the town, the buyer. Anything stay would let her do. You know everybody had to be downstairs. Steve made contact with me, Caribbean Mason, I had that gut feeling I had that feeling that she was already dead. It was on the plantation no respond, pond are whatever and they had alligators and stuff that went through my head a lot of times. What's flash forward to were that year, a net goes missing, walked me through what you learn about that, and there was at the bus, stop
One bus driver went by and seen her there driver come to pick her up. She wasn't there and there was a note left and they said it wasn't, and that's handwriting said that mommy come and pick me up. I mean I don't know what all the notes had cuz. The detective was supposed to send us a copy of it done, never got any then did Stephen ever call. You guys know he near colleagues after we talk to him and the last time you can't give up, worry you wait. He didn't kill you guys who say that a net is missing out. No, no, he was trying to cover his bases in case a net did actually see what happened to my sister after Steve. Live, Tucker, learn and moved to Florida. We didn't know nothing about. It detectors, never called us and told us.
We found out later on. He had lived two boys dumped him off somewhere found out that he sign is waiver over dotted the boys out, though we called us, we could occur the boys Then we heard he got married again had more kid. Well, how can he get married have asked cavern people? How can a man get married when they're still Mary wins lesson? He talked to Steve, I intend to Stephen inquiry disappeared. We talk to him. A couple times is: pin three years. We sent papers down to every state that we knew she would go and never had. No luck. We know like
Corey called us all the time. It's you was to go on her own and even if they come back, get him then You would call long enough to say: hey, I'm ok, I got a net good bye. She would have called and see what come back, got one kid and not take the other two edged. She just would doesn't make sense now, try to get it on unsolved mystery at the time when they were. There was another one hand, both of them, and I said well we're not err in it, because we already talked the husband. We lay the husband. We don't believe you and. The husband as in Stephen. Yes, what did Stephen tell them? we don't know what they believe they believe, but they wouldn't believe that they would give us a second chance
I find them live alone will so where the wool is Nobody told us nothing, we never heard no more. What was it about maybe ten years ago some lady called she was a detective. We gave her all the information again. She said she wanted some pictures and stuff. I sent her pictures of stuff of me and Corey when we was kids, they wanted stuff for DNA. I told them that they can have these pictures, but
Need them back, they can take copies the only young ones. I have left the man her being kid, I dont have them now. All that stuff I sent him a pictures early copies. I had. I lost my mom when sixteen months old. Corinne I never had nothing we raised ourselves by ourselves. Our dad was never around, so we depended on each other. We took care of each other, she was there for me and I was there for her. Only thing we had was each other and have some of your ripped away from you.
And you never see again coming out how any by us here, but I love my chest and she's gone. I dont get a whole cause her. I don't see here. She's gone, I feel that day. Let me down, I'm sorry. But I heard from nobody in years and years so she been put on the back burner, probably years. My kids are grown up gone now,. Had won in the Navy one in the army and want the graduation college into this day day. I my boys to say my boys to I, where they're that my sister she's gone.
And I can't call terror lover. Happy birthday. Merry Christmas every Valentine's day work the same thing to me. I can't do that but is not hear you. I want. You gotta keep lying to the day, die, don't you, over that same my overall, because if you don't somebody's gonna remember the first word, you said about a lie. Yeah.
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What time does his people act? A certain way did you, you would think, is abnormal, but turns out the duchess how how they act in their Arcy innocent, but this is very very strange, because there are certain things that Europe is going to do a motion to sigh like you said earlier paying you know when you find out that not only is there a child missing but that child is with the poorest someone else who was presumed missing. It has now reappeared. If you believe that you have to store that you need EL the authorities and the family members of a net in Lena so there were, emotion aside, you have the obligation you're, also no longer a suspect If you were a suspect in Korea, disappearance, even I'm not here officially, but unofficially, with the family. You would at least be say, hey Would you wasn't me she's back? She took our daughter and now list
let's go find them or, let's alert authorities but Lucky said no call I do think it's like you, said: Meredith Learning that wasn't biological daughter, also her age stood out Maybe you should much older than her younger brothers. So, if he had any sort of knowledge or had a memory Back to her from what happened the year before he's old enough to be credible. Witness to talking that people know what she heard or song that night so you never know what was going on. An over that past year in between the mother disappearing in the dog disappearing. That may have led up to this. Yet to your previous point about the way people act, when a tragedy happens, you can never predict exactly how one particular person is going to act and sometime. The act in a way that it may be confusing to you or may not look the right way or may look suspicious, even though it's really not
I think for me: it's not about dissecting part of it. I think it's about behaviour that contradicts itself. For example. We that when someone he loves, goes missing here, Is it necessary to call Leon? That's a very normal thing to do when that same thing happens again, he doesn't so to me. That's a contradiction in the way he's previously behalf saved, it's not exactly what I would do or what someone else would do or what I think someone should do its more about You ve done this in the past. Why not this time it makes you look at that particular incident a little bit differently and beg the question. Well, why what? Why is a different this time? Did it slipped your mind this time? What exactly is for about this scenario. Would you guys think about the note in the bus shed a mean pretty odd? It does seem
very neatly and obviously placed I mean I can't I didn't to see the original bus shed, but but first incomes. My mind is. Why didn't blow away or something you know to find this neat note sitting there. How long has it been there? It seems so perfect. I mean things happen, but just seemed like it was just too to be laying there like that. Yeah I mean just the timing of it is, is off just the timing to write the note. Is it pre planned what she you know what she contacted she contacted her daughter prior to that, like what do you actually believe? If you believed that note is real, you know. How exactly does it work and just doesn't add up to me lies, an old crumbled up and then flattened out again makes absolutely no sense.
In this scenario that she's coming to pick up her daughter and take her away, but she's, leaving a note really not for the father, but for the boys right. Introducing an odd dear member, who told us that the sea Ramallah ASCII picked up the note and troubled at an Arabian, Forza Stevens had ok. That seems like an odd thing to me when he can. He said at the outset and near we talk but earlier, like you know, the inconsistencies, not emotive when talking to the police yet season. From his essentially stepdaughter and crumpled up whistling region upset and then later it doesn't even call Leon It's kind of odd to me: it does fuel sort of weird and convenience I think than at go back? the wording of the note to it just seems strange, I'm actually so mystified that it
Really in her handwriting, though, that's what the experts say, but you know it's a kid like we said earlier. They can be course to do things that could be persuaded to do things, You know here's an assignment right this, not knowing that will be used against them. They talked a lot like was this done under duress? Is that why it's crumpled is that why there's words crossed out? I don't know it's interesting because they said it didn't look like it was done under duress. It looked like it was written freely of her accord in her own handwriting. Wish. We had that notes and could bring it to you some more experts. I would be really interested to see what people set about it today. Later, what kind of indifferent technology indifferent hydrogen? get on that and really give us another opinion. Or maybe you know up the original opinion Evna, yet I would be if we could do one thing ourselves.
Now. I would really like to take a look at the original note and more people, but up to now they have these a copy of it they have it. I think and useless version. I think also the bus shed thing is weird: when we were told by the police, the bus driver said they saw her. There then looked around came back and she wasn't there I just really wonder if they actually saw her either some new variables here that if, if one thing changes that were considering as facts, you know the omens are completely new doors right like if it was another. Was she never at the bus? Stop was another child, then then left the bus. Stop was there for another reason: Emmy excuse never know when going by what the police believe our facts. It doesn't really point us in any direction outside of this. All things
a suspicious and the one person's at the centre of both the disappearances they Stephen, I think one thing that's kind of weird tail- is that the only child that would be there would be an that if the bus driver indeed did see a child. It would have to be her because no other children were picked up at that bus stop through the odd does, a unique experience we draw. But we do know what to expect rightwing were were taking couple cars or in there with steel monarchies sounds damaging their father in years. And we don't know if he's gonna be home, we don't know if you're gonna, let us say if you talk to you pain, I think the it worked out of emu, you're able to get in the house and I think they spoke to him. First, he didn't realize they were coming over and they say hey. You were forced to look for a mother and are our system, and we have someone who wants to talk to you about it. He left when the house, but what were you thinking.
Never wanted. You think you can let you win and what were you thinking when you first got in there? Can I set that up for us? I didn't think that he was going to be super excited about letting me in or or talking to me at all, but I thought it was possible. I thought I mean if his two sons were there and they hadn't seen each other that long and he saw in their eyes how much they wanted to know and ask questions about their mother. I think that it was the perfect recipe for Stephen Non ASCII to talk, and that's kind of that was my mentality going into it and I'll be honest, I think the rest of the crew was probably pre doubtful that we would get any sort of Are you out of this just because it was so challenging the kind of create the scenario for it to happen, but I think really was Thomas and James who just came to them.
On door and broke the ice and in a way, can a shocked Stephen with their presence and then from their kind of broke. The ice and. From the outside. I was actually texting them and just gonna seeing how it was going and they mention that I was air in that we were doing this documentary peace for the tv show. On cleaner and Annette and then they all came outside and we talk for a minute and he let me in some a Stevens answers or just ridiculous, and there I asked: Stephen just point blank if he ever laid his hand on Corina, and he kept saying I don't remember- or to add to the best of my memory. I don't think so. I mean who says that about out your how long it's been. That means that me, like
what do you mean either you ve never laid a hand on a woman like that or you have and you're just answering it in this weird way. That doesn't make any sense to me. You should definitively no, if you ever be. Used your Ex wife MIA, I don't know how long is the absolutely that that answer tells me that he probably has multiple occasions, but he he knows that by saying that it makes him look bad so doesn't want a lie For some reason. The he's lie about a half I think about other stuff, but. He's trying to get away with in the safest answer. Possum well without telling the lie, but it pretty obvious You would know that answer definitively. If you have never done that before AEGIS, I mean he caught a shrewd himself because I asked them there and he Emilia went to a default liars answer of in. I don't recall that when really
you should really know that are not yet not to the best of my memory? What do you mean. To the best. Your memory, you remember everything else very clearly, your number the rising up in know. You never to the attic. You know all these things. Various these are facts to you, but you can't recall is quite a bit. Fuzzy on whether or not you were abusive towards Corina that ports physically abused for say for sure, but nevertheless you say for sure, or as it is. You answered that question in this particular instance, because your lie, that's what I think. How do you think Thomas and James reacted to seeing their dad for the first time so long and really it being kind of about what happened to her mother. I think Thomson James were going through a whole bunch of emotions at once, but day I mean they put a lot of that to the side. I think
and had their game faces on in new that when we were sitting in their like that, this was their chance to ask their dad straight up to his face point blank about their mother and they may not get another chance like this, and so they really they were so, cold and there I was sitting on a couch by the door there sitting on another couch across the room in front of me and to my left into their right was Stephen sitting in this chair, and so I could see both of their face is cast scanning the room as we are all talking, and I mean there stone cold and they were trying to get answers.
Any moments, whereas really tens? I think the whole thing in there was pretence and I think it s first we'd just sort of. Let him talk, I mean really in the show we play about five minutes of what was really close to forty five minutes of us sitting in their talking all Do you really important stuff we put in there, but there was a lot of letting them talk and me sort of building up to the point where I was asking him some of the harder questions which isn't really easy to do, because it's uncomfortable and no one wants to to face the music like that cuz, it just makes me feel weird, but it was the only chance. We had to ask these questions now. You know for sure. If he's ever been asked them and if he has been thirty years so didn't he get up at some point during a question, yet he did what questions
I was, I was essentially telling him that the that the police precinct now has this call case unit that is working this case full time and I told her there was for officers on it full time their working it every day. Isn't that great news like absolutely, and you could tell he was super nervous and in hindsight here's what I think happened. I mentioned police, and I mentioned coal case and dislike law enforcement. I statement and immediately his tune changed and he just he sat up and he walked into his kitchen to warm up his coffee, and he looked very nervous and like he was looking around for a brief moment, I thought it was Is this guy going? What is he going to grab? I think that when I mean in police. He thought this was to catch up
it or something and that the cops were outside in about two just ambush him, and this was it. I really think that when I said yes, The police are working on this now. You know he's dead, their outside. It has already been two big surprises. Hey here, your sons, hey here's, this investigative journalist, hey here cameras. What's next will obviously the police right note not today, maybe next time. This Saturday, at seven six central oxygen network, could play the next episode in the up and vanished tv series where we cut crystal rising case next week will have a follow up. Pod Episode on the same case many questions about the cases covered by the up in Venice tv series. Please call us at seven, seven o five, four five, six, four one one again that seven, seven, no five, four five, six four
on one executive, pretty by pain, Lindsey and Donald Albright. Edition production by MIKE Rooney, Meredith's Devon and Cooper Skinner. Voice narration by Robert Tata, original Zack by make up and vanity set a big thank you to crew and ever- and we spoke to you during check out the show this weekend only on oxygen.
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