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The UAV team goes to Love County, Oklahoma for the disappearance of Molly Miller and Colt Haynes. This case is the fourth case covered in the UAV TV Series on Oxygen. Catch up on the Oxygen app now. http://bit.ly/OXYGENappstore


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The guy's today going to explore the Molly Miller and contains case from love count Oklahoma, this guy, was covered in the fourth episode of the up and vanished tv series, extremely serious. The series now any time on the auction of here's an overview
We didn't start this, but we will finish it. We're not gonna. Let go into my encounter home one night in love, county Oklahoma in two thousand and thirteen. Our town has really small Wilson. Nobody knows one degree of separation, a core spun out in front of a cop vehicle instigating a high speed chase. It all started with a late night police chase and Wilson. The car held three young people, people. She thought what her friend driver James Con Nip and to passengers called hangs in Mali Miller Molly was a very ramp, anxious girl who enjoy life, wild, I'm going fine down towers and just an amazing purse during the pursued they piled into the woods to take cover, but only one of them emerged. Police eight James, Con Nip was driving a car that spun out in front of an officer let authorities on a chaste whether pursue was called off by the sheriff higher targets. I think that it seems very fishy how it was dealt with. Some of these witnesses are scare being threatened with her life it until those people come forward. This case is likely to go unsolved for three. When did
and one came out what really happened that night. This case is really frustrating moment of reckless adrenaline, leading a core of young people into the woods. Then there's a string of foam calls all night, maybe both molly and cold. Collectively it seems they called over thirty people. That night then, Today and the next morning, all the calls abruptly stopped. Here's p, I feel inclined to discuss both the calls and the timeline. So as this and missing persons case or on the second is to me, it's a homicide, Cage Philip climbed again as investigation by collecting the cell phone records of Molly caught. His team then interviewed over thirty people who spoke to both Molly in cold, the knight of the high speed chase from that information. They built a timeline what they believe happened after the chase for all three in the vehicle, their running from the cops.
Point we believe that Molly COLT led the vehicle but can't have going like, and so this point volume, cold or technically still running from the cops right like they ran into a ravine, and we believe Molly began to hide Conrad through another fence and eventually the car guide. We believe Con got out of the car and took off and ran home according to fills investigation, cold, cold, multiple friends thing he was stuck in a ravine. He was hurt and needed help, according to witness statements to us, call climbed up in a tree to see where he was at. Some point fell out of the tree and brokers lay. We believe. Molly was right there with him, but at some point, Molly starts calling the cops on July. Eight, two thousand thirteen twelve fifty seven, a m Molly Miller, makes her first call to name one one. The towers puts Molly Miller right there on that he'll never went dispatch, ping, Molly cellphone on the property adjacent to the new family, compound less than a hundred yards work on nips hundred corpus them. In addition to name one Molly called over a dozen people between midnight July, eight, two thousand thirteen antennae and the next morning she was looking for help in a right who does what a strange
phone calls in this case here's a clip of an the dental phone call there was made to name one one after mullioned court disappeared. The sound is pre muffled like it was down from someone's pocket, but in the call It sounds like someone's mentioning Molly Moors name talk not someone getting shot in the mouth and more suspicious activity.
We'll be Barrack disconnects uncle in two thousand and thirteen forty was arrested on unrelated gun charges in asserting forty eight months and federal prison. Eight months after molecule witnessing will be buried. Accidentally called my one from the sounds of it. He was describing how mullioned coal were allegedly murdered. My twenty nine two thousand boy, key twelve, twenty, eight thirty, four one. When hello, my mother, was shown among my mother, the noble one operator immediately called Sheriff Russell power. Your phone number one was into another one phone call me they were talking about Molly and call, and I mean the girl that was killed and gold and my man, I gotta, know that they were not one and it comes from a northern long hollow out on your phone gave him oh yeah. The mister
phone call was made from Moxley Lake occasion. Them always family believes is the main site that needs to be searched. Paula believes that Moxley is a possible location for their bodies
the man one one operator. You never said anything about me months. One bad sheriff he knew was that Moxley, like poet builder, believes that Molly thought would be located in Moxley point. I asked her to come with me to see and in addition to the evidence of the moment, one call Coolby gave law enforcement to two and two thousand eighteen, while in prison for weapons charge that Molly colds bodies are located in monthly pon. The pond has never been search by authorities, so in your line, it is this part of the most significant place to the right now. Yes, entire science, last at the main tat right now that we have achieved something that really this water coming from the north lay at pretty continuously has water. At the other side of this wall a fan base, we had no idea. The success can see anything now. This area has tat. The leg has just to at least eliminated from any possibility of her being this is the place were told me makes this strange number one call for he mentions Molly Miller by name correct in my first thought is: maybe it's just you guys you ve been around
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fleet number dot com slush up. Online, there's a lot that is being done in this case, the family isn't allowing anyone to search their property. There are no resources or manpower being allocated to searching anywhere else. Here's an extended into from the case where talk to Paula, probably the biggest advocate for getting this case, solved My scimitar, it's nice to meet you for coming here. Well, thank you for having me. What does your relationship to boy? I'm always cousin Molly just was a good hearted little girl. Who would stand that prayer, the underdog here now she was she's very outspoken and she's. Just a kid. Sugar. Wrapped up in an in drugs. You know and start a hanging around some bad people which led to where we are today. You know and.
Her missing, presumed to be deceased, and so sky, into a really bad situation, Cole Haines. Who is this person, and how does my no account now match about count? from my understanding. She had just recently met him he was staying at the house where Khan Nap had picked them up from and Molly, went with them was friends with cold? She had become friends with called yes m from my understanding shoe. He was older than her. I believe he was twenty two when they went missing and she was seventeen and, I think to us batch waited probably and more than likely with him according to one our friends you now she just she just come like them, and
I don't know the feeling was mutual a you know with cold or not I don't think she knew him well, like I said I only think they knew each other about a week from what I've been told. Can you? What me, through the moment you found out she was missing, and it was on Facebook. My sister call me and told me that, had. I seen the post about Molly missing and I said no I called Molly's Mather and I asked her what was going on the sheet. She told me about the chase and am they couldn't get a hold of Molly. So. They reported her initially as a run away with the local These department, that was on the eight after the place, They reported her as a runaway. She didn't mean that criteria for an amber alert once they decided that she was not run away.
Melissa, Molly's, mother called me on, I believe, the eighteenth of July and said I need you here. She was France. The coroner found and she was like- I need you here- I am- kill my baby. I asked her what she she man, you know she says they killed. Her that's what she was saying on the found she was very frantic, and I said how do you know the smallest such she said I just now how soon after it was as this was on the eighteenth of July the following day, my sister and I loaded add from everything that we have been told up to this point. Molly had been out at all twat road, we're not familiar with the area. So I want long how I was where we were told my sister and I drive down here from Shawnee. We went straight to Oswald Road without telling any of the family. We went along hollow, drove up and down long haul road and there We part on Oswald
and we started walking. We want for my miles and miles and miles looking and ditches looking under the bridges MA, step, dad showed up out there. He called and asked what we were if was coming down, I, if I'm already here and he came and showed up in an Helped a search that night of the courtroom did Lloyd call anyway during the carcase. However, yes was multiple calls on her found thirty three incoming and outgoing phone calls for two one number, a boy by the name of DJ happily, and from my understanding that was not molly. Talking to DJ, was cold Hain, choosing Molly's found to talk to DJ asking him to help try to find them
and DJ had gone to a location looking for them, but he was in the wrong location. I think he must have told him that were near long haul, road They actually went to bear hollow road, which was a ways I would say public ten miles or more from where Molly what actually were missing there was also a phone call at six thirty a and she had actually spoke to somebody and asked him for a ride and he was unable to come and get her. And then at nine thirty, three, a m on the looking at the eight she made a car to brand? Smith, who was at work and unable to leave, work and come and get her, thirty, nine six minutes later Molly's fell when dad and was never used again called, hence phone He may multiple calls from his phone
That night to the morning hours. His fan went dead. Approximately twenty minutes after Molly's did well about fifteen minutes. After Molly's from went dead containers, What then, for people that coat was on the phone with well, there was for people out looking for culture Molly, but he on found what one of them in particular they work, Semi in the right facility, but I think there are a little too far down on Pike, road from more Molly and culture, still there searching for them. For a couple of hours and they went to Cons House shortly after Ass con, where they were. And they had called on the phone with them. And he he tell him he didn't know where they were there. Just messing with you, Molly dear Common One, one fifty seven, I am, the morning of the eight and she she the phone up. It was only five seconds,
not one one operator call the number back with no response. And nobody has ever check that industry Oklahoma, there's domestic abuse law. If that number one called comes in and it's a hang up com, they call back and there's no answer you have to respond, to make sure nobody's being heart, but nobody ever responded. So the carcase happens, cold and Molly leave the car or they. Together during this time period. Do they break off What do you think happens on that point? I believe mauling called were together. I dont think Molly ever left colt side. He he hurt himself from my understanding. He had climbed a tree we don't know, hey climb that trade to get a bearing of where they may be, or f he climbed the trading itself on signal or exactly what, but he fell from the tree and broke his ankle. He had told somebody on the found his ankle was broke,
I dont believe Molly ever left him and the people that what the four people that we're out searching for them said that one of them, I believe, said that could hear Molly in the background talking on the phone as well. So is anyone else with coal mining, whereas James COM, the place, tastes and after he took them on on this route that he took them, he abandoned them out there in the woods, but this was content. Now I mean this is something that he did frequent lucky. You know he was notorious for stealing cars taken place on hospital faces and going in this direction that he damn that night, the landowners out there were constantly fixin to offences where con Nip had run through their fans so Oh. They were in a Honda cord. Rain was incredible out their eyes I still wonder what has been like in that car out. There
bouncing around cause. I've been through it in my truck, and you know very difficult for me to maneuver getting through there in a trap, much less a hundred cord. I think they went there are great bad in that car. When they came up on the other side. I believe that the disabled. At that point there was a lie. Parts to the car out there and in cocoa out the card that point Con took off back to the net property So we now he was back at the net properties following morning, but mauling cold war. Nowhere after Molly went missing. Did you go to the police My mom and step that did work I mean they followed up on some way genome checked on some things, but I dont believe dad was thorough MA. His mother called the love can ensure department. On the night request. That I take a missing person report.
Dispatcher, who entered that com. I have spoke to her and Joe Russell. Who was the sheriff at the Tom Cons cousin Joe Russell? He was waving the building when the He was leaving the building when the car came in and she took the found out to him and said Molly Miller's mothers on the phone and what to follow missing person report and he This is not my problem. She to talk to Wilson, pity or Carter County. Why would not take the car he is sure it didn't have to be his problem. He had got away with it for sixteen years. You know run in this counting. The way he wanted to his family was, loud to do whatever they wanted to, with never repercussions ever and in its very evident by the fact that these people will rarely arrested, never went to prison, to Molly came at missing, and we pushed it to the fact that new now his
current uncle Toby Barrack, who we believe deeply involved in con both have been in prison. He protected as family they were able to run a MAC and do as I pleased for so long. That it was just. It was the second nature to them, Until I got involved in this, you know I didn't know I didn't realize. I guess I was naive to the fact that this kind of stuff really happened stature who took the car. She go ahead, take down the information from always mother and she made up flowers and posted on the sheriffs Department, which her outspokenness regarding mauling coats, disappearance. Is probably what ended up getting her fired. She fire gap when gosh probably within a man to monitor tamales despair and shoe she was like go. In your mind,
Who is the number one aspect here: cognac. So, who is this James Car he's a thank you. And now he s just to someone who was raised in the words are blood county who was allowed to just random makin do ass. He pleased. He didn't care who hurry hurt in the process, not even as family. You know. I don't have any nice words for him, although I do have a bit of sympathy for him. You know when you're raised in this is all you know. You have a choice to make it and then change, but sometimes, well just down realise out and I spoke to con on September. Twenty thirteen I went to his house and him there and I did see remorse and his eyes and I think
That's what has given me that compassion, because it just made me wonder what what he knows, what he really wants to tell, but he's not allowed to
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the case he was the closest to each other that's a good question, so it sound like Molly and kind were friends at some point in time, probably because a proxy many of where they grew up, it was enough to meet here from Molly's adds that she thought that cod Molly. You know how to genuine care for each other, because this, whole situation sounds pretty nefarious anyway. Sound like Molly Konrad friends, it sounds like Molly in court had only really known each other for a week, or maybe a little bit over that when I talk to one of Molly's best friends, she said she didn't even know they knew each other. I think that seems like Molly knew con better than she knew cold, but all so it sounds like call also you can better than he knew Molly. Later on, we learned that Coltan Concolor had beef and sort of didn't really like each other. Do you think
Molly could have been the reason for that before was that and our brother yeah, I definitely was brought up you actually talk to the ex girlfriend of both con an colt duenna speak more on that I spoke to her and she told me that J Khan, Nip was abusive and I think the biggest question for me is we can all sitting here to figure out who knows who the most? Why were these people together that night I know that some acquaintances hang out. Sometimes it's all good. But how did you get in a police chase with just an acquaintance. What were they doing that night before James COM net brand from the cops? What was the plan that night? Because of all these chase started when he just decided to spin out in front of a cop car and kind of provoke them road, but I dont think that plan, probably what
hey, let's all get in the car spin out in front of a cop car and go on. Chase. Some rope was also going. I seemed like if there was some beef between cold con unit was in stem from. Maybe you know that from that they both had in the past and if, if caught actually did care for maybe using a friend in a friendly way. Molly. Maybe you didn't like cold because of that so use some new relationships, you can never know exactly what went down weaken you can tell there could have been some tension. You know For various reasons between those three years doubling does seem like a strange pairing to be in the car that night, it doesn't seem like any of them are particularly really close. It seems like to me whoever the driver is, has a little bit more of the power Has a little bit more of the decision of how that nice gonna go, we can all agree also. It is not
is one some there was pre planned, paying out talking to the p I Philip Klein. I feel like we sort of God the impact. That may be, this was an accident that was covered up. What do you think. It's definitely possible that one or, if not, both of them got hurt, and maybe the car its nighttime, it's extremely work out their middle of nowhere in the woods its past that one of them even got hurt out there in the woods? I think that that's the tough part the very clear incidents that occurred before or their disappearance. The last thing that we know they did was. Ride in this car in this please chase with con nip and then they the end up out there in the middle, the woods and from there Khan makes it out the quest where did Molly go and where did COLT go and
Why didn't they all go together? Did they or did they and wherever they win, then something happened. There might be to accept in the woods the all Mickey to combat poverty, and then something happened there seems like Molly was definitely lost out. There she's call your friends frantically four hours, probably trying to get a ride or have someone help figure out where she is I just wonder how they all became so separated. I mean maybe the car comes to stop and con gets out in just take off running the cops still or something I'm not really sure, and you know although their separate ways, I'm not really sure What makes you wonder how they became separated because it seems clear that Is it seems like Molly's by herself at that point, Amelia Susan? approving that
One of the things that Philip Klein mentioned to me was that may be. Cold and con got into some sort of fight and court was badly hurt and her turn away where he was dying are going to die, if Molly saw that and maybe she became a part of that as well. Yeah, that was an interesting theory that he brought up. Think what's Intriguing to me is how much time passed the call she said making were around midnight and the last while she made was some time after nine p m That's a long time for them to get in the woods and to be lost in the woods them to not. Have anybody come pick them up? There are to be like further complication, and
her to still be making phone calls and, finally, the language dead, nine hours you ever in those woods, I mean what how deep Are you in those wood from the road or from his property? I mean to me, it comes onto its pitch black out there a night. I think it's interesting that in the morning it's she was dining cries according to Katy, you know, court hated com for the thing was mutual, so you never know what what happens if now, you're everything's heightened you're in a police chase adrenalin, you never know mixed drugs into the equation. Anything can happen out. There's kind of hard to even put it into perspective, because literally anything could have happened. For with all that anger, drugs, no previous relationships with the day with this one woman who clearly doesn't like con
and you would think that there's some explanation, but in this one is really hard even come up with the theory that makes sense yeah. So may I think drugs makes a lot of sense. I mean we couldn't. We haven't been able to think of a good reason that three people that don't really know each other would be in a car especially when two of those people don't even really like each other by drugs, does kind of give an explanation of vote for that. Maybe some was maybe they weren't in their right mind may be they were being promised something maybe they work. Worst into something, maybe every one Didn't really know what was going on or didn't really understand. What would happen I mean- maybe they were all totally out of their minds. It makes more sense that there was a little bit less self control in situation than you think also
I did an interview with courts, brother that wasn't east in the show- and he kind of spoke to that he said that in this town There really isn't anything for young people to do. And that is really not uncommon for young people to turn to drugs. Now, I'm sure that is, Why could statement and that its not the truth for everybody, but I'm he really to that end said it was a big issue and their town, Jerusalem, were driving trying to find this guy. We know what we know is houses server, the block several times, and then you see am I didn't. He recognizes that same look, look different than his picture well. What are you thinking when you jumped out their car, and I realized it was him I mean the guy. Was supposed to be inside hate he's on house arrest. So we assume that we be going to his house and knocking his door and maybe a conversation either. The door or right there at the door, but the guy and supposed to leave his house. So we get there can a newer. His house was, we took one
loop around the little cul de sac there and sure enough can I go to my left in the area? like you, look just like the getting it looks just like the guy's picture you know less than a low anyway, but like his face man, it looked just like em, so just told anyone. Not the cars. I think that, Joe Russell as well the car and approached him sure enough. It was actually, fortunately, he wasn't in his house right. Could it just close the door on you at least the area of a catch him out in public health exchange with them? Nothing. What he says is telling for four years. Actually really is. Definitely, we definitely thought he would be in his house. If he was on house arrest, but he was out wandering around and that, while others to speak to him, but as you heard, he didn't have much to say and doesn't work
seem to care much about Molly or cold or their families, and that's because he he said that he said that he doesn't care. So method of all the places that we went. This was doubling the most, middle of nowhere, except for maybe Kristen, but still this is kind of a different man nowhere asked earlier We were out in the woods how far is that from the road in, the thing is. I don't. I honestly don't even know, but even you got to the road you're still nowhere and it barely even looks like a road. Sometimes it's not like some huge highway. It's it's. Small road, that's often barely fits to cars and it just go as for ever and it looks the same it never Is any difference so mean lesser super familiar with the area. I mean if you dropped out there. I would have no idea how to get back.
This Saturday, at seven six centre the oxygen network between the final episode in the up and vanished tv series recovering the Jennifer Cassie case from Orlando Florida in next week will follow up plaque s episode in the same case. Turning them from all these guys. The next week. get a policed by pain, Lindsey and Donald Aubrey, additional production by MIKE Rooney Meredith Stedman and Cooper Skinner Voice narration by Robert Cotta original music by make up and vanity set a big thank you to the crew and ever and we spoke to during coming, at the show this weekend only on oxygen, yeah
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