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Payne and the UAV team answer your questions.

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From sinner for tv to limit the scope and vanished queuing. I came listener from Houston here, so we learned the caricature how powerful but cadaver dogs can be. It seems to me that they could be a huge asset and potentially finding a body in the castle gate. Oh, my question, for you is whether or not cadaver dog have been involved already any investigation and if not, what keeping them from being involved thanks. So much here's a clip from Chris Hosni. You can help answer that question I mean shares department. They had dogs, searchers helicopters. When they went searching for her initially and didn't, find anything.
I think they were looking for somebody out there who was alive, though right there not hunting for a body. At that point there searching for her encase shoes, walked off or can't be nor injured, or you know, fallen off a cliff and some obvious. That's what they're looking for they're not looking for something hidden. I'm running far beyond the book. By hearing today, like we were thin, now and in the other, to guard the need that back like knit. Why did they come into the picture like nothing? at about how they were. I mean understand, moderate that day they ve been taught. You need that thing that you know made him down why? How? How did anybody noted pushing them? How did they come in the picture? The simple answer to this is that this is just a group of friends here in question.
Even though Cresson is very small, believe they're, not not everyone knows each other. Nor Everyone out together now crystal may not have been personal friends with all these individuals. But at one time or another all these people who, in the same general crowd. This is essentially a group of friends that at some point crystal, was hanging out with and they're all currently talking about. What may have happened to her. Some of these people have been persons of interests in the eyes of law enforcement, and for whatever reason they all seem to have something to say about what may have happened to her, and on top of that, there is what a finger pointing going on between everybody in the group. A thing is christian from Boston. I just had a question towards the leaders the end of this task, that the sole when you guys we're doing the summary you mentioned that crystals disappearance and you categorized as now murdered those wondering if that was a purpose, and if you have new information that leading to leading you to state now that it's no longer
here. It is actually a murder. I love the shell procedural propitiate. All you gotta do is that so much I mean I think, the general consensus with the family friends, law enforcement, both local law enforcement? and the c b. I is that this is like need, not just of missing persons case anymore, that there is some foul play involved here bottom line is its very unlikely that crystal walked away on our own and she would never do that to her family or to her daughter. So the question is well: where is she and if we can't find her after people have been looking for several years? It means that somebody hid whatever happened. Somebody purposely try to cover their tracks. Whatever happens, I feel like that. This is going to be a murder case. Daniele from you Geraghty. Thank you
much for all the work that you're doing on this package. Really great Preston seems to be an area that really off the grid on a lot of kind of hippy spiritual. Have the people on versus the last progress where I feel like people would be more like inclined to listen. The pot has to be more like connected. So do you find that to be difficult? The people in question are they can off the grid listening to the party? Has there they are they in turn to us, going on so Thank you so much and look forward to the rest of the pocket. Even though Kristen is very off the grid in his poor cell service, they do have internet and they do have phones. We found that it seems like a majority of the people who live in question are aware of the past and in some way shape,
warm do listen, nor have heard enough about it to be up to speed on what's being talked about and crystals case, and overall we think most people in question generally do care about finding out what happened to crystal and putting this dangerous. I that, MR from Kansas, reasons why it took so long for the report for missing person be filed out, because it was found until the end of the month when she might have been missing around anywhere from twelve to twenty years and sundry weathers That's that long gap. I understand her landlord was the father of Poor, but nobody I thought it was weird. The shoe was missing in the sense that they felt the need to put it on. Their curious of my question will be answered. Also show hope you go figure it out. I think that they, her friends and family, were certainly concerned after just a few days of not hearing from her. But to be honest, the police, justice,
What that concerned early on as if this could be a homicide case, they just thought that you know crystal would turn back up in a few days and I can entirely by, for that, because, statistically that does happen, alot someone goes missing in the sure, right back up member. This is an area where love people pass in and out people go hiking being walking? It's gonna be the grid, not rosy. So for those reasons I don't think I'm missing person would immediately alarm law enforcement as much as am I, somewhere else, a more urban area where she said hard to go off grid and at the time There was no signs of foul play and there are tons of dick, stories that we're coming annually fast that were contradict each other, and only over the past couple of years as everyone bedevil sort through it all and determine the real timeline here, but I think initially, the police justice she had left somewhere and was coming back, but after a couple weeks they realised that that was likely no longer the case
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any done a maiden job with teeth into a loving it before. But her couple question: do you think it might be anyway possible that the attack that crystals boyfriend? Well, I guess ex boyfriend other tribes, TAT attack that happen him could be anyway relational Chris disappearance, because I believe it was land and double upon him. They did that caplicious hire people before now to stop among them up and things that nature do you think it could have been where they went after him first, in order to show her lesson or something and then you know, then something at work. They might have done something important into her head. Also, do you have paid you ever like, nervous that when you interview or go to reach out to these kind of people, these people that could potentially be a murder. Does it not like scare you at all or that are putting, or do you take precautions of anyway? I again thank you guys.
He's been great Alec order breaks up his Europe. Both are really good questions, personally, I do not think that what happened to Eli in Denver is in any way shape or form related to crystals disappearance. Now the timing is play strange and it's an awful thing that happened to him. I've seen the pictures of his face. He was definitely beaten. Pretty Thirdly, by some strangers and just an awful thing that happened, but I think it wishes a freak occurrence and The timing is strange, but I believe it has nothing to do with crystals disappearance. And to answer your question about, do I get nervous? Sometimes I do, but I think that I have to put black yours on for a lot of stuff, if I think too much about the elm, The danger is too hard to stay focused, so a long time that is going to tunnel vision with this and really try to get to the answers that way there has been Well, I've been nervous, but you can't dwell on that too much, so I think that I use a block it out by
Just continuing to focus on the bigger goal, ends sweaty myself, a good people and just being cautious and general hey. This is Christie from one stop. Georgia saw them meaning and those from a lot of talk about the messengers and a phone call from two from Christians old phone. But what about how to fund a bonus habits listing missing. Do we know anything about where about phone is? Do we know, and he is the last budget? she called it. The last person she kept message with just the question that you, like a big gap in the story lovers, show banks since the beginning, crystals phone has been a huge mister, to us, as we ve Doug into this case. Actually, in the next episode, we have a big portion of it spent tracing back. What exactly may have happened to crystals phone her most recent phone that was in her apartment, informational,
phone like who she was texting last or who she was calling. Last is all very vital information If you're trying to figure out what happened to her the last person she spoke to, so we need to know, there's been a lot of. Mystery surrounding this. Particular phone is too much to go into right now, but we spent the past several months trying to trace exactly what's going on here and we think they were pretty close to figure it out and in episode aid we're going to spend a lot of time talking about this particular phone. We now believe that it is in the possession of the c b I and is being treated as evidence. I pain and there s a that european crew, and this can only function surrounding my questions in regard to the question. By saying it mentions that he knew that cross Cristel s heart again. Your well ah but didn't say anything to the police. I was wondering if you had an explanation for that. If I know if my significant other told me that they were essentially kidnapped and raped, I would go straight to the police
I'm not China victim blame at all, but that's just but really concerning for me. I'm thanks for everything. You do. I think a lot of people Greystone or used to dealing with things themselves ass. We ve heard before people here photon Please themselves is a mentality, unlike we see in a bigger city, if you couple that with the fact that the sheriffs apartment is at least forty five minutes away, so I think because of that reason in general, alot of people for the hail things themselves here, and maybe us what happened with the christian boyfriend and this story, I dive my family. I'm calling for a ban on. I have a very big lingering from the past. You episode and I was hoping what the follow up work on catches you have a dark, then back to a car with a body bag on the ground and a shovel I worked for. The question
That's my meaning one time hoping you guys can cover that, and I look forward to the newest episode and thank you again for bringing attention to her case. I personally I'd be very interested in this goal. Story. Since the first summit, I heard it the message that was read in one. The previous episodes was actually a direct message that was sent from the person who saw this to one of the officers at the local sheriffs department. Since then I have finally got in touch with that person, and we spoke more about it, and I have some more details about what you remember, seeing which I will be sharing in the next episode as well as some a strange stories they have to do with gold vans around the crest on area, a cane Missus Allen, Dan from us in text. I'm really impressed with how far you ve come in this case so quickly. My question is about catfish physical capability and showed me certain conflicting. It's about that. On one hand, we got that you know damning report from that couple thing
I saw him turn round a large body size bag. Now the other here and you ve, got him thing. He show physically and keep watch anything gleamed on housing needs crystal help. Him on the early seem like both could be true. If he's even unable to clean Yvonne House, you know, I don't think you do. The whole around a body size, bad canopy. In doing that then you know, did you really need crystal arm with that kind of story for why she was there and thanks for taking my question and things were being my favorite pocket, so my knowledge cabbages never claimed that he's physically incapable of cleaning his own house of ages doesn't want to clean as a house. That is important to note that this particular point. Then does have money in comparison to other residents of Crest stone or to the people that have been hanging out with him the past. He has a lot more money.
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Audible, originals, absolutely free visit, audible, dot com, slash up or text. You p two five hundred five hundred again, this audible, dot com, slash you p, or tax up to five hundred five hi I was like. I just wanna tell em, hear more about the issue about the shares, the power plant and some other baby prestige People that live in that area and there was some inferences from direct arm statements, made some some people in the pot cast about you.
Like there is met by arms in the area and they were reported in the short term, but ignore it and nothing would done about it and then I know that catfish. Hence some actions to some prestigious people in crosstown who have to do with the spiritual centres. So I'm just wondering what's the connection here and maybe it Why this missing case has not been solved over the past two years or things haven't been pretty you'd like they shed. Thank you. I thought for a lot of people, the first in the world two in their head is conspiracy. Conspiracy, I'm the kind of person who likes to take a beat ends. I usually don't believe in all spirits he carries out there. I don't think, there's any thing crate going on here. I think for one, the sheriff Department as a whole is, without a doubt, extremely undermanned and understaffed and there's not much
money going around there, and so I think, with how large the area is its extremely difficult to stay on everything all the time and if you're investigating a crime which may take we, months or years, you're always been reported the sky with, what's going on that day, there could be a car crash on the road that day and that takes precedence over everything else and when is We just a handful of officers out there, it's very hard to manage all this stuff. Now I don't think you purposely ignoring the citizens of crests down in their concerns or if their reporting met labourer crime. If anything should be chalked up to just incompetence, I don't there's some big conspiracy going on here where people are covering things up. I think that sometimes, when mistakes are made if the faults or not omitted, and you do so covering that up then at source. A look. Something else, and maybe there's been a lot of that going on. I think until we know all the facts as hard to determine that, but I think they don't have the means and the manpower to always handled bigger out of control issues like the prevalence of methods.
And drug dealers. I think there may be some kind of downplaying or Missis Hamley going on, but I definite think it's conspiring geyser my name. I listen to you guys from listening to Moscow, and just one say hello: the poor, gasped I've been season one and I'm finally caught up a season two. But my question is guys are desert thought. Do you think I get that maybe This Brian guys look looking more like escaped going away Jimmy I feel like he hasn't done anything and that maybe the calf s islands and yellow under maybe China put the blame on him, making up stuff about him just for the fact that he has history with crystal as far as reckon the car and stuff so anyway, that was my thought. I, like you, I think
there. We ve heard Cathy say that he has proved that Brian killed Crystal and that in some way shape or form he confessed to whom, through a facebook message is Brian scapegoat I'll know we ve heard that. Zation from catfish. Now we should hear Brian has to say about it, but to me, One thing is for sure the fact that catfish has his message to begin with to me- completely narrows the suspect list either it's true. It's real and Brian confessed or if it's something else in this message is not from Brian. Then we have a completely different story here in this admire? You tie my question in regard to that phone call where the woman seemed to interrupt the conversation and other than a big explanation and but you don't know about wild, but do you have any detail forever or any thoughts on do you think it's because I know how
I found it known for being very spiritual, psych taken on Canada, strange things happening thanks So the lady that you here come into the phone call with land towards the end and says some weird stuff, like pain, Your creator, I think I do know who this person is. I believe that he is part of this religious group. There are very small one idleness. About it, but they believe in some interesting things, and I think that I was receiving invitation to join them, and apparently I am one of them is Leslie. I'm a listener in Reno my question right now: It is about Brian. I wondering why his last him continues to be censored. It seems like, if there's a public record of crystal filing a small claims that his last name would be
public knowledge than wondering what the reasoning behind that I love the pot cast an utterly enjoying a season to thank for much of rights. To be honest, we really do have to censor anyone's in the story, all the peoples names that you hear censored. I've just been out of personal choice by myself and the team here, because some these details in the case are extremely sensitive and we don't know all the facts and we're trying to sort through it says occurs who these people we are censoring their names. Even though there are public words on some, these individuals that may be for crimes committed or whatever else we
truth in that it was stance of since ring it least through ass names. I mean this is urgent for my father and I bet, a fan of your part can be persuaded them. I question is: what are the odds given the landscape of pressed on an issue was dumped mine. She is able to be talking about the body ever be located on this point, I will be his daughter body, but we hear your thoughts on this thing I think give the difficult terrain here. Finding crystals body is going to be a huge task. On the other hand, I think that if we can find crystals body getting a conviction, a murder, conviction or any sort of serious progress in the case. In that sense, it will be a lot easier.
But if you look at the history, there's been plenty of cases, even murder, convictions where they didn't have a body having either way we're looking for evidence here, but I think fighting chrysalis bodies very important, but in the end I think there can still be just without finding her, I pay money is met them going from one Algeria, Canada, a blessing. The Bowles report, cats, season. One both. I think it's great work. Did you doing the question I have in a time of relates above bosses, like others can understand, bow you get to the bottom of things and how you can hire you can do to investigate that you're doing with the crew that you have, but the people who are in charge in the state people who should be doing this and representing the people of that state accounting they they can come up with the same permission that you are. Did you speak that little before us? I really appreciate Hey Nick, I appreciate your. Action. I think most, the time law enforcement officials aren't given the luxury of being able to work
on a single case every single day, and I think, with a case like Chris. Rules being so remote so far out there with very little police presence. To begin with its extremely high for any agency to solve this case. That's what small bureaus in the whole country. They don't have. Luxury of doing this every single day ends chasing down every lead they get, bits and pieces every now and then they work on it when they can, but there's always another case, been going on even the c b. I, for instance, I believe, is only around thirty officers or so for the whole state ends. Colorado's is huge. The terrain itself. It takes hours to get between different cities, and so so much time is spent even just traveling around in this Corrado I'll. Do the work than anybody else. It's it's nothing like that. I think that today the most law enforcement officers would probably probably wish they could spend as much time as were spending on a case differences Europe vanish. We have it
I'm in the means to focus on just one case and I'm sure if other investigative agencies out there in the world had that same luxury, then maybe Sultan Lackeys pain and I have a plan. And about the tv. I was wondering if you guys have, then I'm keeping the Hornets nest so to speak as they have got in touch with you, Or if you have heard any more from any law enforcement regarding the kid I'm really enjoying theory, thank you so much and will keep order them to your question. I have been in touch with the saviour and both the sheriffs deportment and c b I or actively investigating this case as well happen vanished in the blue from Chicago absolutely love music, that even at one particular music you that sound like the beginning of slippery, the meagre
We gotta get super cool. Would you rather from a land? I thought seemed like a nod, but not sure about was on purpose. He do what you're doing, and I cannot wait for the case to give thought. Thank you thanks for colony and I'm glad you're a fan of the music, because I also have a fan of the music makeup and vanity set is the artist who produces all the music for up and vanished season. Two is Do you think that one of his cue sounds like slippery by the media's I'll know that was intentional, but let's see how closely The end of the note when you're talking about here is answering some few nay questions. They thought that one of the key
was a nod to the media's song slippery. Maybe I don't know, I did not bring you with that in mind, but I love that there is a person in the world the belief that they go for bathing Decent wrote, music does inflooence, you sometimes I think so. I think we were dealing with questions like an environment which is already.
Had a crutch off the grid and abide anyway, but that was sort of a weird underlining thing at the beginning of a lot of them have been away for a broken and kind of very subtle about world only make a baby. Oh nor team also really enjoyed this common. Then another question also Dick has Maurice as he ever been offered like there to be a voice double for George W Bush. Is he gonna tell you, I think tat
hey guys thanks for his return next Monday October. Twenty second per episode, eight thanks.
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