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Q&A: 11.19.18


Payne and the UAV team answer listener questions.

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From dinner for tv in a manner. This is up and vanished. You and I. I have been managed through. This is like see from Kentucky numbers. I didn't want to say thank you for bringing some attention to this case. Answer crystal. I had never heard of this case before I start listening to the pod gas, then I really do think that she deserves that coverage in intention and my question Actually, if you think that this case can be solved by devastating, crystals case can be solved. I think it's going. Some time, though it will
choir the c b I interviewing and re interviewing people that they may have spoken to a few years ago when she first went missing it. Maybe comparing people statements from the podcast to what they said previously: We ve learned a lot at this point, but there's still a lot of missing pieces back again. Time will get them time is short and from CAN, as all Georgia and my question is, are you guys prepared not to have the same closure, as you did with the hearing that case By that I mean having an arrest the case, Canada going on also when this podcast is over. Are you guys, still gonna, go out to cholera and see what's going on with crystal and as was keeping up with crystals case. Thank you so much. I just wanted to more information on this. Hey, Jordan, that's a great question, no
include myself could have predicted how season one unfolded. Voltaire grinned sets case. The two arrests came out of nowhere twelve years later, a complete shock to me and the whole community of Mozilla. Obviously I the same result for crystals case, but there are so many factors that we can control one. I can't arrest anybody all. I can do exposed. The truth. Fine information and hope we just people talking again in a television sets case proved to be extremely helpful. I think now and crystals case most are the main players are talking, but there's still a few people hiding out there after in two of the past and will always continue to cover crystal story, whether there he's going to Colorado interviewing suspects talking to her family will never subjects. Point her disappearance, I think now we may have a new opportunity with the tv show to cover in a whole different way which have a whirl hoping for after we're out of Georgia
brilliant, join that I've been adequately met in London. He clearly get much worse than he had, but one one of many of them have either you or even accusing her anything. Really you can't tell me that I made him look more of those governments but wondered what it evolved from the crime, though it's kind of a bar with our situation so like no
not that I really didn't get I've gotta go in even more complicated beyond he often disagree cushion. I dont really went away in on whether can't fishes innocent or guilty, because I simply just don't know. I am thankful that catfish talked to me on record, because I think either way. People in the community of Kristen got to hear his side of the story. However, jumbled it may be and in a way draw their own conclusions, I did find it interesting that he can bring up that he hasn't listen to the pie cast in my opinion. If I was whom I would to know what people are saying about me, but this is me,
I pay we mean both in and from the sandwiches Gobi area, and I have a question about the most recent episode. The search it see. I was confused by the end of the epidemic of it seemed like you and your team show that may be towards the tail end of the mine surge and cure is if the kid other dog was there the whole time or if the kid Albert shut up towards the end with you guys, It seems clear that the two or three miles that the podcast you know was able to reach or the dog didn't find anything, but I'm just curious. What was over I'll ever go about. Did the carbon dioxide anything also. I really hope that you posted picture the Phoenix picture I'm dying this year, I'm totally into that kind of a thing. So I hope you share this so great, really trailblazing the reopening of conclusive keep keep it up. Hey Alison. Earlier that day, Chris and his team had searched, maybe
doesn't minds or more with their cameras, and they extensively did this with their equipment and essentially ruled out many locations we arrive Tracy and the dog chance and explored several mines after that with Chris and his team, but many of them were really hard to get to and almost impossible to bring a body to. So many of those we wrote off The picture goes, you guys can check that out on up, invest, Instagram, which is just up and vanished hey. This is Casey, listen! and I was wondering if you took the dogs to Christmas apartment and also towards the last term, so power that thanks keep up the good work so just to cover all the bases we did take the dogs to the area where the drum circle happens, but we couldn't bring the cadaver dog to crystals apartment because there's current residents there, yeah
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hello. This is David from California. I've watched listening both first season. Second up up and vanish It's been great. I've enjoyed both of them thoroughly. I do have a question. I was actually wondering about checking my chat a man was interesting, because I? Why don't they use cadaver god? Next thing I that's what's going on, but I so had the question that there was one episode. I don't know if I remember all the details that date, somebody chase the I think boys ban down whatever roads and ended up seem like they are going towards it. Chat- and I was then wondering is set at one of the chef today
that was never mention in episode, but to me like that would be a logical place to check with the could ever dogs in all that sold. This was curious about that wonder It gets the matters it again. I appreciate you show, keep up the good work and thank you very much by. Before we got the crest. On that day, we sat down with Tracy and made a hit list of all the significant locations that we ve learned about throughout the pike asked many places. We did not mention in the park assets. Because we didn't wanna reveal that we even knew about them as far as the places involved and the gold van story. We brought chance there, but he didn't hit on anything. But I do want to mention this area is extremely hard to search the tray itself is almost impossible to navigate and even though fine crystal this time Chris
Tracy and myself were able to rule out a bunch of places. Its aim is right. From Florida decide a couple. Questions are mostly to deal with crystals background. I know she went to cry and I'm trying to figure out why you left a kasza at least partially with her ex husband, and I guess either to get away from the jobs or whatever, but it just seems strange that she would leave her daughter and then be hanging out with these sketchy people again anyway. I think that was the main question. Some more background information be awesome. That's a good question Think it important distinction is that crystal brought Kasza back today, for. Croatia was with Crystal in Gunnison before Crystal into question and crystal was struggling and at that time in her life, and so she actively brought kasza back to Denver Recapture was born,
two stay Eli because she knew she was struggling when she went to Crestone it. I don't think it was her intention. To be hanging out with, as you put it Gee crowd. I think that's just how things played out from there I teach MRS Wenzel from Kansas City Missouri was your podcast. Am I've listens and see them one and I'm in trouble of season two as well. My question is this: it seems wake. There are two Brian's involved in this case. No one you guys have talked about being Christoph Ex boyfriend christian boyfriend, but then it seems leg. A lot of the interviews. You have been doing that people have been talking about or brian- and I know you don't like to release names until you have more information, so you're, not accusing other people, but it seems like these two brains might be connected, and I just wondered if you could share more about that again think so.
I love the pike asked for clear figures. The question boyfriend is not named Brian, so I think you might be think of one Brian. There are People in this case, with similar names or the same name, but for clarification. The crest on boyfriend is not named Brian, so I think you are thinking of just one Brian there they happen vanished, should primarily from Austin Texas. I remember listening to another impression passed an dimensions for one of the key about a man that had got investing in crushed you're on your own how many other missing people are I'm crush stolen if that relevant vacation now, but I'll be curious to their own It seemed like it happen, more than once, she's she's, not the first time arms. Thanks a good thanksgiving.
As far as other missing persons and the crest own area for more research seems like most of them were hikers in these parts of the country, that does and sometimes the only other mysterious disappearance that I found was a guy James row, which I think is when you're talking about Hague. I sat up and vanish. This is Molly Boys, Vienna, question is about the mind what brought you to mine. Shall I know that it's been discussed and early on that sees it in but why? At this time, did you go to the mind? Shopped were actually brought you to do that area My other question is the Javert all that you had as their searching do. They indicate on Little remains because I'm assuming at this point that
that's the condition that crystals, body would be an if she were to be found those. Are my two questions: keep up the good work guys the very beginning, one of the most prevalent theories for where crystal is his mind shafts. So Chris Hosni Fox NEWS in Denver, compile a list of mine shafts in the area that seem feasible for someone to get to reasonable amount of time and those are the ones that he search and we joined him for that. As far as cadaver dogs go, they do indicate on skeletal remains. Yeah, the new year is upon us, which resolution Do you plan to conquer and twenty twenty sticking to improve sleep routine,
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yeah. Did. This is cabbie. I'm an avid was nerve yours from Massachusetts, and my and my question is, I thought that kind of quickly, which was the fact of cap this house theme. Completely redone and I was curious as to what was happening with that You know where they completely renovating the entire house. Star and where was he living at that time? Just curious? Thank you great shout. Hey, Cathy great question from what we can from the road captious house was being guided in the sense of taking out the windows. All the furniture was completely gone, the first time we saw it had no windows on it. Then, a few weeks later they added Windows seems like catfish, got, kicked out, were moved out and whoever actually owns the property
appearing to sell it oriented up somebody else, but it The timing goes having been there fifteen or so years as he says. It's strange that he left now. The question that I know that the should mention mention that given him he wouldn't be able to pick her up. Do we actually know what our its weight and was possible, heard him to carry her according to her entry in the missing persons database crystal was five six and a hundred fifty five pounds, so she was not to enter pounds. I caught fish was saying: I blew refusal again, I point North Carolina. I have a question regarding the eyewitness accounts, a few episodes back when the guy who said he was going home one night and thirty Catfish shine in the pouring rain beside a ban with a shovel and what appeared to be a body wrapped in sheets the witnesses,
when he got home. Had a friend took separate cars and follow the driver of the Van to a road leading into the valley, but couldn't keep up? I wanted to know if investing. It is doing this testimony credible and if so, how concentrated their search efforts in the area along this road and in in any of the Mai shafts. It may be in close proximity to this road. I just wanted I think that you and your team has done an amazing job on this case. I, we can get some answers and get some closure for crystals family. Thank you pay Eric far as the gold Van story goes. I initially learned about this from a screen. Shot of a message sent to weighing clerk, the local deputy in question, so law enforcement is definitely aware of this. Eyewitness accounts account as far as their own investigation into it. Very little about that I've talked this person several times and tried to get as many details about this account as possible.
For how long force mistreating situation. I don't know much about that merit. And pain and finds a great job on the show. It is also my local is that each week and look forward to getting you emphasise, I would love to hear a timeline again about what everybody think about crystals actual disappearance, though anyway great job. Thank you so much for addressing this guy's and doing this investigative reporting. It's also will be a timeline on our website soon, so everything you ve heard in the podcast will be laid out for you visually guys, from Chicago. This year. I think I'm more addicted to season tools either. One that's possible We have to wait and see them to their more about crystal. I just want to give a shoutout. I love this section. I've today, shard yesterday show with the cadaver Gaza Is there going to be the key to solving and I locked bearing all back story.
What the hell I'm on dark. So I got there more that kind of stuff and I really do think the dogs are gonna be the key to break in this case, thanks keep up the good work of it thanks, Brad, we think Tracy's really awesome too, and we hope that dissipation from people like her or really to some answers. Hey pain and up and vanished crew. This is our Janusz Austin. Ah, my question about the case is: has anybody tracked the IP address for the Facebook Wall gains of crystal fate? what are the messages that I've been received since you ve been missing or has it but he tried to track her cell phone and since you ve been missing. Ok, thank you. Keep up the good by crystals family has tried several times to get into her face book, but they have had no luck. They had a series of password combinations that they were guessing at, but they weren't able to get into her face book whatsoever. Unless someone already has access to her face book, I purse
We can't get into it but we think it something that law enforcement should look into if they haven't already increased cell phone is currently with the c b. I Are you have done an amazing job, the season question is doing investigative podcast. Are you Frequently ass for monies are big For interviews and the episode gone fishing catfish, repeatedly asked for money or bitcoin and recently on the facebook. You I'd be discussion, group CAT Fisher, one claiming to be catfish again requested Bitcoin, I'm wondering how common this is and how you respond to these requests are job other season by. Rarely will people ask for money, but occasionally it does happen. We dont pay for interviews, though, but as far as Bitcoin goes. This is a first job
I really enjoy I'll show. You may have addressed this in the first few, enabled us curious way back in the early episode, the baby in the person one. There was this story about a warning, her ex boyfriend. He would then he was gonna, be injured some hours. Something happened to him. She had empathic ability that she knew something was coming. I was gonna, be approving point for them and I was dismissed as non connected I'd love to know more about that. I dont know personally anyone in my life, thirty five years old, who was attacked for no reason. I also don't believe the whole empathetic impact thing. It makes me think that she had something to do with a minute had the line of thought there. They could be if she hired someone to attack that they didn't actually finish the job and kill him or something, and then she went to confront them.
Nay took on her because she didn't pay. I know it got a crazy, but if she had wanted to have sole custody of her daughter, it just seems because she knew something happen, and then he got a pact that being that the Bishop part. For me, though, I not gonna, take it to a conclusion to become the villain, and I have no idea what about it. You're not, but it just seemed like Ben hunting that you guys should maybe think a little bit more on something something like this. You about that and I dont member here in an explanation. Why that was excuse thanks hired from Eli story. It really does sound like he was mugged. The area that he was assaulted in endeavour has really high crime rate, so it kind of falls in line. We ve been told that crystal had premonition, sometimes or deep got feel
who's that ended up coming true, but from the timeline it doesn't seem like that this was related. He was jumped much earlier in June. You I said that, because he had such a ban, concussion from the incident. His memories are fuzzy. From that time periods we actually thought tat. His assault was closer to the time that crystal went missing, but really it was about a month and a half may be more before crystal what missing definitely about a month before the alleged sexual assault. I am calling from a cholera, Springs Colorado. Brilliant enjoying both you. Thank you guys for sharing stories. When you they spoke to catch fish He was mentioned that crystallise the Rainbow sister and I just wanted to check confirm if she ever was a part of the Rainbow Group for sure or not just the way that he would bringing to her made it shall make. It was. Thank you keep up the great work
From all of our research talking, the crystals friends and family and locals encrust own to our knowledge Crystal never attended any rainbow gatherings whatsoever. When is called her a rainbow sister, I didn't know he was talking about. Could it be the way talks about his friends or his female friends? I'm not sure I. This is mainly a colony I'm tax there. Thank you very much for all the work. You are doing this case and I just want to make a comment more than a question I loved hearing about trade and heard dogs at all work that she is doing in the community, and I would love to hear more from her thanks by human we love Tracy Sergeant and there's actually another interview we do with Tracy for season. One tear grinned sets case available now in the park as feed. It's a bonus episode for the oxygen tv special and she goes in great depth about what she does and her personal involvement. Integra sets case yeah
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