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Uh huh from dinner for tv in Havana. This is up and vanished. You and I want to know what the voters want any ensure investigating. Case, why do they know what the coronation inquire if anything sparks many economies? shriek about of key thanks and keep up the good work Ashley wouldn't treat me the most about crystals case was that she was a person that mainstream media likely would not cover very heavily for a couple of reasons. One because question is a very tiny place and it's not close to any big cities. Few news outlets out there at all and then also
Also. She was different as a person she looked different. She had tattoo should earrings. She was part of a crowd that was not mainstream, so I found that the media usually covers stories about victims that are on quote extremely reliable, and so because of those two reasons, I thought that we could make a difference here, and spotlight a case that would otherwise not get this much attention up and vanish crew. This is Sharon from California and I just got done listenin to season. Two episode four and I was shocked that they're already seem to be evidence, and I was just wondering how many episodes is season might be compared to the last. I just feel like last season. We were not that far along if you eat not yet- and I hope you have a birthday by his sharing- that's a good question. Things soon be picking a pretty quickly and crystals gaze,
took a long time for people to start talking to mean opening up Inter group sets case. I also I have learned a lot since then, as far as how to approach people and how to kind of unite people. As far as the episode count, we have planned twelve episodes for the Story- but we have also included some extra episodes that will cover different people in the town. A couple difference I've stories that we find very interesting and some others they go deeper into crystals life and her family. I this is gay porter I am from wheat, which Colorado and I M fascinated by your story- having been to crush stone several times and familiar with that area. Had never heard of this case, though. I'm just curious as you are out of town reporters and at the very small town so im wondering what The general reaction was to you. Came in and started investigating this case and its history from
within the community, particularly the more official people like police, the business owners, because we know the story. What you're gonna think of great thank you. The reaction from the locals initially before the package was announced was way different than it is now. I think at first people in question were like what is podcast Most people didn t even know and see. If you people walk around with his microphone and no seems really think too much about it. To be honest, like to say that the local law horsemen, especially the sheriffs deportment. Pretty much welcomed us from the very beginning, and they ve been, I think, is open as they can be, and you know the sheriff told me on and off record that he wants to solved, and he isn't here how it happens in, I believe, when he says that I think that he does not have some sort of power at issue where he doesn't want some outsider come
in and stirring things up. That leads to a new piece of information that could solve this. I think that the You were very welcoming of us and their down the try new things, so they for the most part, the christian community has been pre. Accepting yeah think that people in Crestone are really nice, but it's important to remember that it's also a place that people move to because they value privacy so occasionally, of course, there's people that don't really want to talk, or they don't really want to talk about something like stores case that kind of reflects negatively on their town. So much you ve gotten both reactions They are just going to ask with a case like this. There is going to a lot of people. With information that they're getting from the spirit of world or to say this case is very heavily in full. By religion or spirituality, so with so much influence from a spear world and so on. If you
I have information they're getting from the Spirit world. How do you think that will affect the solubility of this case? Do you think it's going to be more difficult to solve, then say the Tara Grinstead case, even though it was more and because so many people have information coming from this unreliable source that is their spirituality. I, like that the definitely are a lot of spiritual people in the story crystal included. I think that spiritual people tap into their feelings more and pick up on things that certain people, don't we're not going around talking to psychics, to try to find out what happened crystal just because there are spiritual, p. In the story, I think that, just like any case anywhere, you just have to follow. The facts is forest the soul. The ability of this case is it harder Easier than terror and sets that's really hot
say, unlike turban sets case, were it when a decade cold and over ten years to find Any information that would lead to an arrest, crystals case happened just two years ago she were missing to yours July twenty sixteen. So any player who may know something or was involved in this is still around and have you seen through this right now? I think that's very interesting. So if you can, here, the two cases in that way. I think that there could potentially be a greater chance for crystals case to be solved regardless of the spirituality. In this case, I think that, even though I hear some crazy stories every now and then the passion of the people in crystals life to find her is extremely intense, and I think that counts for something I think, at the end of the day, that's gonna matter when it comes to finding the truth about what happened to her
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audible, dot, com up or text. You p, two five hundred five hundred again, that's audible, dot com, slash you p, or tax up to five hundred five hundred yeah, Hi, my name is the one I'm calling from New York love the podcast. Thank you offer what you do so there. A couple of things that I was curious about. One was that a few people are saying that crystal was known for having these like really loud wild parties, but then heard like next door neighbour. That I think was interviewed him, maybe episode two or three for the he never heard any of that. So just really curious about what that was about.
Maybe he's lying or other people or line, and the other thing was that there are few people. It said the crystals wasn't the drugs the law and that they are really worried and that she was worried about herself and I want to stop, but then a lot of other people in her life for lake no way that that link and possible so just a lot of conflicting stories and just really curious. If anything was kind of another and more about whether she actually was there wasn't and what was happening with those supposedly loud parties. I think so much So the landlord told me that she had noise can Wade's when she was out of town for a few weeks that some of the name we're complaining that crystal was having loud parties. I talked to Jeremy, Sharp, you're talking about or next door neighbor he's, that he heard no. Parties and no loud sounds, and he was basically the closest person to crystals apartment. I think what was was some of the older neighbours heard some noises at late hours. Whether they were, extreme or not. I don't know, but some of the neighbors said that there was party.
I talk to some of those people and others said they heard nothing. So, just like any important complex in the world. I think that this happens lot were. People are a blade and they'll say hey. I heard a party, but someone says hey: there. Wasn't a party wishes to three people there either way. I think the idea of Chris in parties to me is a relevant to this case and is going to help us solve this eighteen, I'm just trying to come understand what the real relationship between Eli and Crystal was at the time of her disappearance. What was their status? What were kind of some of the thing, that were going on personally in their relationship at the time and where was crystal at the time of all of this kind of fall out with you. I personally thanks as far as we ve been told stall wanted to make some life changes. She decided to move out. The southern Colorado and
you. I was supportive of it as far as we can tell even from crystals old cell phone, like they were in pretty constant communication, they talked caution, psycho or semi regularly, especially when crystal was in Gunnison hope that answers your question hi. This is Kate oh hi or as a mother, I'm having a hard time relating to crystal because she left her daughter, Akashi and I'm just wondering if there was ever any explanation given why she decided to move to crack down without her daughter why she left her daughter with her ex boyfriend and as someone who grew up without parents and had to be adopted. I don't understand why she would have done that and I'm wondering if it
any type of explanation for her doing man. I want to know why she would have done such it. I think I see your question is really popular question and something that we ve noticed is being asked a lot on Twitter in Itunes comments. I think it's important to note that Kasza wasn't with Chris. Ex boyfriend Kasza was with her father when Eliza, wonderful Father and they have a great relationship. Reason for crystals move as as we know, is not because of some terrible falling out between crystal and Eli Crystal needed to make some important life changes and far, as your family's told us, she's had a really difficult life. She herself grew up without really any parental president's, and I think she really did wanted a great mother and she tapering kasza with her when she moved Gunnison and she was teaching and she was taking classes and at that,
She was having some sort of difficulties, and wanted to make another move to some place where she felt she really connected, and that was crest and that, as far as we know, she brought Kasza telepathy life for a while and she went to question and you have a supportive of that and they still talk all the time. I just think it was. You know something personal, was dealing with, but it was not of neglect to kasza. As I understand it, crystal was trying to make the right parental decision by bringing car should live with you I for a while. I think she was struggling to figure things out. One of her close friends said that crystal was searching for quote on quote alignment. It seems she hadn't found a place where she completely felt she fit and yet, and while she worked to figure out, a balanced lifestyle, Kasza lived with Eli and they both felt. That was best, I think,
putting the rest of the family. I I'd like to know a follow up on Crystal friend, who reported that on Facebook Crystal had sent her friend request and then her friend reported, as she message turbine ever heard, I'd like to know a follow up on and why the police didn't look in That is why you didn't look into that further and what the date was of all that correspondence, because it seems to be like a lot of missing information with that social media interaction thinks lavish out by the whole facebook friend request or is definitely strange, and I think, is extremely important in funny. In a crystal if anyone had access to her facebook and was messaging or accepting friend, request or reading messages, that's weird
goes to our knowledge law enforcement had zero access to her facebook whatsoever. We haven't form some people about this. As far as in stating this any further. There's not lay much I can do. I don't have crystals login information will have anything else. I have found others. These are very similar in I think, or possibly connected in some way, so I take in the future later in the season will find some more connections and hope that will lead us to what happened crystal so to clarify, I think it's possible that someone who is not in law enforcement has been in crystals Facebook, I miss Marcus. We order, I am from curio higher than the I was curious. Did you guys have to prepare for the elevation change? My heart hiking around up there, for yes, like breathed stuff will enjoy, goes by cast an thanks, a lot more names. Matt. I write
the music for the podcast, and they asked me to talk a little bit about the elevation adjustment when I first went to a stone work is basically wake up every day with a headache. I realise that you have to drink a lot of water constantly, because the elevation does get to you and does affect you, may she tired makes you groggy and so while we're in Crestone, I I thought well just go to the local grocery store and get some advice or something in the contract. Headache and turns out. They really didn't, have anything like that, because everything in question is very earthy and it's all about of an abundance of healthiness So they gave me something called sell food, which is something that oxidized blood than they gave me something that was in a little dropper. All that was homemade. He taught me to drop under my tongue
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slash, cadence my name's Colleen from monopolise and thank you for producing such an amazing pod cast. I have more question about the terror card. First of all, from her deck I'd virtually zero taro card knowledge could she have just put it somewhere picked out specific, and I also want to know if anybody from your crew had their care cards red. Thank you, hi Colleen, yeah, in regards to throw card, depending on what you believe in shore, it likely got lost in this box of pictures and letters a long time ago. As far as anyone getting their cards red eyed
get. My cards read. So it's just kind of exactly what Phoebe said. It's an intuitive tool should pull different cards and then ask me questions and I would kindly you know what I needed to say. I know it's sort of get me to think about things. Maybe I did want to think about or were difficult challenge in my life and so in that way it's kind of like alternative therapy. It's not like what people think of words like dirt. Magic or told me when I was going to die or something like that. I didn't tell me anything. I did No, it wishlist. She asked me questions about my life and it helps you think of solution.
I actually have two questions. The first question is regarding the police report. That was where, in the last part of a pursuit for, were it says that the police officers- I can't fish- allowed them to search the premises or gave permission. Did they actually search the promises or you know, did he just say that they could thinking that they wouldn't, if he had nothing to hide? My fucking pushing is regarding the discussion gourd in these even one case people started talking towards the end of the sea, then on the discussion, but even though I think watch what to finding a lot out in this season now, after the very first episode. People were already saying that they were crystal move, and they know what happened in making all these claims.
You going about that. Are you going to try and get in contact with those people? Who are you trying to weed out? You know the people who say that there are many people who actually are thanks so much you doing great well. I certainly hope that the officer who wrote the police report about catfish when given opportunity to searches house I really do hope he did. I have not spoken about, this in person. So I do not for sure, but I would think that when given that opportunity, you have sort of a person of interest that people have singled out for you, I would hope that you will take advantage of that opportunity to search the house immigrants discussion born. I think that the popularity of she's in one created increased aware So when episode one season two came out, there was a lot of people on it immediately so the work it out much faster to the crystal locals that there is a pike S out here about crystals disappearance we do monitor the discussion boards. We don't use it as
some sort of main source of information for ourselves, but if there's something strange suspicious or something that ring- True, we always do look into it and we encourage people who do know something to talk about it and to come forward. They eyes. May then now shrill, Tennessee, Grey or a pike ass. I am very grateful to see them. He has done a fantastic job very interesting case. I have a theory. I do no obvious all the facts, and last week there was a kind of referring to take when necessary, but I dont understand why she couldn't have just got out the strong circle, probably high. Maybe drunk Ali Bobo even goes and the word baedeker that baby teach talk about four percent baby. She spoke.
Right back to that would also hit her head on Iraq and men who gets round, but no one ever Pfizer. Is that not a possible scenario? I dont? Obviously there could be foul play bob I'm is leaning on. It seems like it could be. A very natural occurrence of she was not her eye mine. She went out the words something bad happened to her and that's the end of it: one Thank you so much for the spy gases that very thing that's death. They think you're getting a lot of years, and if it is the martyr aspect of things here, we find justice for personal thanks guys I mean to answer your question. Is then a possibility? Absolutely do. I think that happened. I don't if crystal did just walk away from the drum circle and fall hit her head and an animal got to her? Then? Why did no one find her remains orb some of her remains just weeks after issue missing when they did an initial search up there, the fact that law enforcement,
at an initial search just weeks after she went missing and found nothing in that area to me is kind of strange, even if some sort of animal got to her or something like that, will something left. So the idea that she just walked away from the drum circle nearby and fell and hit her head and died naturally to me, is not possible. I think, even if you say okay, so she did go out into the mountains and hit her head, and maybe there time some sort of like her. Interference with her body. I still think that part. That's most indicative too that not here meaning is all the other stuff going on in her life at the time, all the other council that tension with people- and you know that fact that p. Say she was upset and having like a difficult time,
relationships during two thousand sixteen, so I think that it seems unlikely, given all the other accounts we ve heard I this is Jaclyn calling from Houston Texas. My question of crystal stayed in touch with her daughter and her daughters other as they spoke very frequently. My question is: does she not found their friends the last time that they heard from her? Does she found distant and also- and I guess I just want to know what were her last words or the last time that they spoke to her. What did she say? Thank you from pretty much everyone I talk to who knew crystal and spoke to Crystal shortly before she went missing pretty much. Once said that she was acting strange, there's also accounts of an alleged sexual assault that occurred a few weeks before she went missing ends to my knowledge. She was extremely upset. About the crystal was not acting her normal self. Just
everyone who knew crystal who was in communication with her will tell you the same thing in my pain It certainly related to her disappearance by the way charge your phone. I just had a quick about the time line of crystal disappearance. I know that that's been an issue, but I was wondering if you guys have the date of when did she miss a call to Kasza, because it seems it. She called every day when she wasn't with her, and I know that other dates have been mentioned, the thirteen in order to eighteen to the date of the, Tom Circle, but I don't remember anything being said about when was the first day that she missed a call to Kasza, because I think that that would also be a significant date and where did that fall in the time line of her possible disappearance? Thank you.
The last time you lying Kasza spoke Crystal was July, thirteenth, two thousand sixteen, and from that point forward, no on that we know, has seen or talk to her so whatever happens, so happened on July, thirteenth or fourteenth because she made a facebook post on July, Fourteenth, so even beyond the fourteenth. If someone seen her there, that would be extremely important to know The cell phone that we have given to us by Rodney is not. Phone as she was using at the time of her disappearance, it's the phone she had before that the messages stop a few months before July, but to my knowledge, last time Eli and cautious spoke to Crystal was July thirteenth. I mean he was telling me and I'm from member offers from a failure euro show.
Of seasons are amazing, yet while houses have tells everytime, I listen to it at the bed. I saw a lot of questions I guess about. We take keep calling him the Ex boyfriend, but the father of her baby I don't think I so much more to know about hers. A person I my mom and I know not all amounts are the same, but I think about her and they think about people thing like. Oh, she called intact and her daughter all the time. After all the time, but then I don't hear anybody who knows her like. I want to know if her boyfriend in the town, the keener about her Did he know about anything like? Did she ever talk about her? I know and make serious people that have used pretty hard drugs in the past they get really like reminiscent of their kids, then how come they may make sure you're. Ok that their high or whatever even recovering through the emotional ups and downs anyways. I just, I guess,
May this one and no more about what people think of her when she talks about her daughter if she talked about her daughter, so that's about it, I'm so excited really like that without thinking so much by high Jamie. So to answer your question, I think everybody knew about kasza. It sounds like crystal totter. Hush are constantly. Was I really proud to be a mother, so wooden crystal left Denver? She did leave with Kasza cocheco and crystal of together, honest and for a while and Kasza lived with her father after that, when Crystal went to Crest own, as far as everything we ve been told, Crystal was trying to get to a point where she could have Kasza move in with her question too, I am my name is Julie and I'm calling from Indianapolis my question after this week's episode, I'm a little bit confused about Crystal love life, so I know she was worth a cautious father.
I guess I was under the impression they were so together when you went down there and I'm when you spoke with her to row teacher she mentioned that she had met someone and then move down the crackdown, though the boyfriend from question that you spoke to introduce a throat. I will just wondering some background when they started dating where they dating before she came down there. How did you meet him, Gee did anyone off between July and the further boyfriend. Thank you buy with Crystal in Denver, to go to southern Colorado. She spent a period of time in a nearby town called Gunnison, which is close to crush stone in in Gunnison. She met a few different guys and one of those I believe, became her boyfriend incur. Don't when she eventually move there when she left Denver Crystal and Eli were no longer really romantic, involved, and she
met someone new in Gunnison, and this is the question boyfriend that's being referred to an episode for Hey my name is Jennifer Newman. I live in Colorado, listening to the show, even too I am curious. You guys had looked into the disappearance of like rats, he said here maybe a decade ago in the watch county, and it was definitely play, and we know that there was talk of met. Heads involved in his disappearance later murder they found, but it just it's that thing
really similar sounding situation. So I'm curious if you looked in few, if there's any connection between Crystal case and MIKE rests case thanks so much, I love the show, preceded by. I have heard of the Microsoft case even the sheriff of Saguache County right up to me. It's a question that locals and other people from Cairo of asked me cause it, sir, pretty pop well known story. I know very well about the Microsoft case. I do know that there was I'll play involved with any similarities to crystals case. I think the main one is that there was foul play. I think that there is certainly foul play crystals disappearance, just like MIKE Rust and the people in view jobs in the murder had some serious drug involvement but or the cases connected I don't think so
ah meaning its destiny, and I have a few questions about Crystal Timeline. Eli says that, after its violent incidents, she came home and took care of them, and then, two days later after she returned request on that's when she got missing the port on foot boy. Friends that we heard about in episode, three leads us to think that she had been home first several weeks. He talks about picking Europe from catfish his house on June. Twenty Yes, and I'm just really curious as to what is the actual timeline here from when she returned to crest on into when she went missing. Can anybody place when this so called rate happened? Thank you. This is a good question and great attention to detail there. The timeline is definitely off from when you
I said that crystal was in Denver with him after he had gotten beaten up by a stranger and crystal left, and then two days later, she vanished that time line is definitely not accurate. I've sent spoke to Eli about this and he's clear things up. It was just a miss understanding on his hard or just a miss remembering, but the time line as far as the June twenty Eightth story were crystal was allegedly at this guy catfish his house, in calls for crest on boyfriend, come pick her up because she was being held against her. Will
this time line from that point? Four is extremely important and we will go into it in detail and observe five hi. My question for students who is crystals being made out to be a good person very likeable, but issue am struggling with this because you know not assigns don't point that way. She left her husband and her daughter. She claims to love across the state to find herself in that way we can describe it. Is she just didn't? She leave to immerse yourself in the image rate to be around so by every count. I would say yes as far as her improving away from you lying, she did take kasza with her at first, and I think that's important to note Crystal did have a history with mental health issues and I think that's also important nope the struggling with powers as a good person, because I just don't think that she is,
in this case, as I understand the missing person and that great, but she made a lot of wrong decisions and I really could lead or downfall Eminem struggling with it wants some thoughts thanks. That's a really interesting austrian. Firstly, I like to remind you that you lie crystal were never married. Eli wasn't her husband, they were both loving parents to caution you like continues to be that they were never married. Everyone we ve talked too has said Crystal was a good person said crystal was a loving person, the boisterous person lifting great to be around so by every count. I would say yes as far as moving away from a lion she did take kasza with her at first, and I think, that's important to note Crystal did have a history with mental health issues and I think that's all some important note, but not something that in any way like affected her disappearance edges. I think that
can be easy to see someone who moved away from loved one and think that maybe they were colder callous ur self absorbed, but I think that she was moving way in order to improve herself in order to find some place that she connected to end far as we know she didn't really connect to urban city lifestyle and that's how she found herself in question. I think, with these kinds of cases its tempting for people to put somebody's life on trial and pass judgement on their past. But I think, if you look at this
hard into almost anybody's life. You'll find something there that's questionable. At the end of the day, a human life is a human life. A guy's is Jack in Minneapolis, I noticed the Skype catfish is talked about a lot of discussion. Boards now has been mentioned. The episode spoke like she's. The key suspect this point where you gonna give in on him. There's gonna be less of a mystery than thirty one right now, with production over the matter going out from what he did, what he knows, the stir cures. Bitter words gonna go next right, thanks guys what the shell take. You request, is catfish suspicious. Yes, is the story close to being over no way calling on the garden? That's all. I was just wondering when Doktor movies, God one who's, gonna make an appearance thanks. Thank you for the question about what,
I may appear on season to of podcast. Well, it may be sooner than you think yeah, you guys think Stroessner stage in this process for a special bonus episode, be back Monday, the twenty fourth purpose. Five.
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