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Q&A - UAV Live : 11.20.17


On this Q&A episode, we take the best questions from the audience at our UAV Live Tour stops around the country.

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Hey guys, rob you, you beef away sky the talks to you joking now. I Do that to you as you, up and vanished. Live has been on tour for the last few months. It has been an amazing experience, meeting, fan, sharing new content and answering all your questions If you have been able to make a show? Yet we still have nine more left in December, so please don't miss out. We'll be hitting Nashville taxes, the EAST coast and, of course, tenderfoot tvs, hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, you'll, get it as to see pain along with your favorites, Maurice God when and Philip Holloway I'm also along for the ride, is the master of ceremony so bog to meet you guys to today. Set will give you a taste of the tour experience that is always culinary straight from the live shell feature in questions from none other than you guys.
And before we get into it. To tell you a little bit about the ins and outs of the shell from my perspective as the M C, I'm the liaison between the audience any up and vanish team in it and so called to see such a range of cities, energy expiring. Your culture, understand that every one of us have different questions about this case. It's an Sperience, like none other you're gonna, see things you ve never seen before and whelp here things you ve never heard before, but just take my word for come see for yourself time for the queue. Nay, let's get right into it all right, so we want to bring out the doktor and the house. If that's ok for acumen ay, sure of style, the Doktor Murray's God, when alone Esquire Filipino away and our Dp Paint Lizzie
Yes, sir, both dukes Girlfriend Brook here, the ass. If he's a work, sat you. You had a discussion with her and she was can challenge to find the body thing you can't went off honor, order. You can't you. Your morality came through without her thing happened. That was a game changer. I think for people how they viewed. You. I agree with the here. I didn't really know that at the time I generally thought like now ok still those. I guess, that's ip honestly. My question that is throughout this whole process. Is there any kind of legal way that we can live with this white paper because she was involved. Let me she knew what was going on some issues.
I know it's Georgia, I mean yes, I mean. What do you mean pay for she may actually get the reward, the exactly that's, maybe I think that a lot of things right now. She's, probably already paying for it. To be honest, with you are they she's living with Bosnia. Thank you, sir. We appreciate the yes MA. Am what was the relevance of the police uniform that was found like. Why did you choose to include that in the podcast? That's a question because I didn't know at any rate, as you know, I just thought that it was ironic that there would be a a form there, there would match the same department that oh and allegedly covered up this crime ten years prior I couldn't ever link exactly
how that would make any sense, but all I knew was that This was a complete, improper way. To dispose of a uniform and that's people felt that this was important and day. For a long time never gave me any proof that it actually happened is found it did happen. I was like I made it clear like this is. I know this has to do with anything but I thought it was weird and made. It links to something. But I moral, I am also wanted to just. Show you guys, and also that department and the sheriff's format, that every he's coming out, we now have others? Is this uniform you dispose of improperly or a murderer? You forgot to report on twelve years ago, either it's all coming out. Basically Josephine question. Yes, men
When you interviewed Brook it seem like She knew more than she was telling you and one of the things that she said was She mentioned her car instead of his car, when she sort of slipped up seem like she might have almost mentioning terrorist car as a car that was used during this crime. Did you ever press her on that. She would always just dance around that after a tartar in that was gonna towards that call. Importation was towards the end of our work. Friendly? I guess We are always friendly, but the can hit a point where she is still wants to me as much anymore, that was around, period of time. I pressed it honor, but she was more. Turn about other things. It was very clear to me that
hours and hours of me we just hearing her talk to me that she is more or less trying to get her objective across and She had her own agenda of swords, just maybe in the sense of his influencing me and how I felt about things, but I think that it all came. From a genuinely good place. Is she really was in love with this person, who is a bad person, and that makes it kind of sad really. But you know came across me is insulting, and that's why I reacted aware that I did I can follow up on that just for a second No what's interesting about this in time, conversation that pain had with with Brook earlier this year that was in the podcast. Never will
Did she mentioned that he had been interviewed by the GPA in June of last year and the EU, accused of lying to them. Never wants Did she mentioned that so is it knew about it ended in chose not to mention it or she just. Maybe she was not informed or maybe she was like to buy her boyfriend. I don't know, but it's very interesting that she didn't mention that at all events, tyranny stories, like others to me, stories that should be one story, that's that's it if one they happen. It is true. That is the story. Why are they all different stories in here right, some, his line, and you thank you I feel like I've, thirty five questions about try and light condense, it's one, but so I guess I want to know your theories of what exactly happened after she left the barbecue, because I
there are bits and pieces sprinkled in and the GB says arouse charging Ryan with robbery, but she had not on the car and she had think told your grandma's best friend. She was going to a party and Fitzgerald later that night after the pageant so, do you have any idea? What did she do? You think she went out? There are parted with them and something happened there. Or do you really think that they just broken to her house I go back and forth on it. I don't either they just broke into rehab, one time, and this will happen there is a circumstance that we do not No, yet we could possibly think of it. They're right now and do not know if it's the true one or not, but there's. The Serbs, as the happens that we don't know about and just for example, she could have left the. The barbecue and went to her house and in memory, just funds our recently there there's a house down the street. I should call across the street from her mailbox right in these
eyes at this house, he said parties in Bowen Ryan would attend. Them is right, and so, like, MRS, In theory that there is some sort of crossing pass. That happens, that has no record of it is no text or oh call anything, that's what do have happened even there have or what they're saying actually happened in someone? all the sudden left, wherever they were and decided. Go Terrorists, house, in murder, her in go. Take her back in hiding in just given everything all that happened or what Ross Pass. Yet what we agree on. Even it's not what may have happened. We all agree that they didn t it was not a robbery or burglary actually went bad. This kind of burglary just, doesn't happen in o Scylla. Georgia is not like.
Just come home and some burglars in your house and they decided in a kill you, because this just doesn't happen in our when counting Ursela Georgia, it maybe it happens in Atlanta, Georgia, where we live or San Francisco, but it doesn't happen. It doesn't happen in early county, no Scylla, Georgia. So I think we you're, all three united in the sense that we do not believe that this narrative that we ve been given through the arrest warrant and the indictments that this was just some kind of a burglary gone wrong. Yet by and then not at all, I want this. I think that not theirs more than one in Berlin Ryan that no, what happened? The terror? I believe that for sure and I'm not I'm not just the boys and almost somebody else that either there is another person whose friends with them. You also knows what happened, and so we
skype you out what that scenario was then I'll solve everything. So thank thank you. I just have a really quick question, so you said the bow has recently been accused of four things, but that document that was a only had three what was fourth thing they use accused of you asked me that now that I've left that back in again, but basically he was charged with four counts of basically concealing the death of another person and lying to the police officers. Specifically agent should allow the Georgia GPS and he was He was alleged to have done so in alternative ways, and it four count indictment, but but on page one, which really does it legally count it just shows the three and its not really operative. That first page
if he were to stand trial and that a diver he would stand trial on all four charges, but the way than the way those charges are worded. It uses a lot of double negatives and is really difficult to understand, and it doesn't exactly, in my opinion, put him all notice of eggs. Equally ways accused of doing so there. Problems, in my opinion, with the set an indictment, but I believe that the second indictment is based on a problem with the first indictment, which is based on a statute of limitations issue, because I know for a fact, the Irwin County Sheriff's office went out in two thousand and five or two thousand and six, and they they were after that search that they needed a search of that orchard. And they did it based on two and a half this information, and so I think that the Second indictment is probably design
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A book in two audible, originals, absolutely free visit, audible, dot, com, slash up or text. You p, two five hundred five hundred again, this audible dot com, slash you p or two up to five hundred five hundred hey how's it going good. I do and I understand the show my co workers actually got me hugged and again ten people who sell awesome like their butterfly effect, so I have can as too quick questions The first question did you slip up and say that they found terrorism remains
So I've set a couple times. I actually slaughter the pike ass, I'm basically just going off of inside sources. Tell me way they have found them officially, they have said if they found them or not, I'm telling you I'm I'm sure they found them so something there cooperates. The story. Ok, doesn't that I just hit me housing as five years in the next question for my coworker Jessica. She would like to know if you think the house on snapdragons has anything to do with anything. I was just another white rabbit. Why, rather, It's crazy story. I now. I trust me. I didn't use decide that one day, I'll it's, like you sure it's it's just not anxious. Just super weird, I think, there's something I think that this circle the burning as we are. I think someone was you know it was a weird fire that should not happen.
But not for that reason. So, love you all of you hey I'll. Do not HI affluent from Missouri to come to the show really does take you do dedication, so I know your aren't allowed to know what the GB our news. However, I would like to know if you think they may be both the psycho, how that rums, if he has any thing a terrorist that he has kept like those similar errands that were am I a nobody knew where they were. Do you think that they have found something? Do they have a search warrant to go to them and see if he kept something, because if you would do something like that, you would keep it I know what I mean. Yes, culture is called out trophy see right, have you
or anything like heard that before, but I mean that makes sense, I dont know there. If there's anything, I would probably down that there is anything I think that, The story is so weird and the gb I've finally realise that this may not make sense we're going off one guys testimony who also, a criminal also a liar. And we haven't her well that other guy said yet so much. There may be they're. Probably there could be lots of things that we all know the probably is but damning enough to wear, you know it's Ryan do or produce it. If it was, then it would be, happy the weight right now there would be a gag order either. I will say that both is as a family life, sexual, I say life so are the keeping of a trophy
as for psychological reflection, so he could reflect back on that vat with terror. So I want put it out, I'm a pass. I must say that there is probably something he has that we just don't know what it was now you could be, but yes and you are listening to the body ass again in preparation for its and I have been so. My question is listening to us as their, which already played an episode, seven and listening to the part where the neighbors said that they saw Car was gone. That night and also the man who committed suicide said that he was on a dirt road. He encountered more than one individual, and then there is a black woman with them and then initials in the dna and stuff? And I'm wondering if ya think that terror might have led a house willingly like with Boeing, do and
our notified, their self antennae recorded them communicating. We're hand- and you know it- you think- that a martyr desertion requested it took me I'll him for a second. You told me recently about someone you talk to. A brand new stuff the idea about the house. Across the street from terrorist right, correct and that there was a place. There were parties thrown correct in there? Bowling Ryan could have wifely been there on that night visiting yesterday the people in that House new Bow and run So my thing is that the most- confusing parts of me. This whole time was how why? How does it happen? Where right? all the way over and wherever he is this, that's clearly further away than it should be, and
in a drug state derives to terrorists house on a whim. Kills her in somehow, even though he is so messed up. Just hides all the evidence. It makes very little says now possible. Yes, it is possible, but what's left Lee was likely. Is that you bump that person something inspires that in there. Being a party in she's pulling in from the barbecue about the same time, and no one sees anything so in and small streets and there's no street lights, then maybe that's how it happened. My mind is the story that dear telling that both telling cannot be true, gps. Finally, realising that that's pretty much all have on that, and I'm going to the youth you're with me on that. Thank you. Yeah
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number store or sleep number dot com, slash, cadence, again go check sleep number store her visit, sleep number dot, com, slash, cadence, Yeah Hey guys, I have no doubt that this case wouldn't be where it was if y'all hadn't shaken some trees and talk to the people and I'm from South georgia- and I know how stories get thrown around and I don't know about these accidents and what not I can. However, here's the question is this: is the mother may, since to begin, I feel a little bit of a guilty. Feelin for watches is and listen to this. How do tears parents feel about this whole thing? you know what I don't
feel bad about what you said and what you done and what everybody's done, but feel a little bit bad about sure. Granted as its entertainment cause? It's really not. It is a bad thing, and you know I've known him. Some so pay from a sailor in from Fit Cheryl, and you know it it's a, terrible things our time it is a is. Taken the innocents from a small country, town where people have lived dollar lives. They know everybody and then set not that happens in it. Just it. It changes everybody's life and I would therefore say when I, when I met you know, I was here like eighty percent latin names of the town it is a sad story. I mean how matters how I feel about it I don't really know all I can go off of, is whether or not this motion operas. They don't want to talk to anybody and media at all. My
electronic communication with tears? Parents is through the police chief blank. Can a sailor very early on, I said, keep do you know, terrorist Paris? Is it yes, I can you please? Can us and he said yeah out I'll, tell them what you're doing and in our Otto, what they say and you reach out of them said. Look. They said we. For anybody who wants to find out what happened to our daughter, but we We are so over time. Cancer media this in that we just don't do it anymore. For support Anybody who wants to keep her story alive so tell him that we support A dialogue when they went out to you either Persia her parents, wherever yeah. I interviewed her mother, her mother, they got in a late, but in our in six and for her stepmother and her father, never had really that much interaction Anita Wanna brought me into the case. I would say probably,
Two thousand nine two thousand in that went backwards a lot, but then in a shifting when we did Gretel, such from showed in D C, was a nice very master me. She did request to paper. Dear my interview and they they, My permission, I say yes, you can be here, but here here's the thing in. Thousand fifteen Harley body outside. So I knew about this case. Now you got, people Arcas Alan California, arguing over the table restaurant about the details of it a big difference right. Totally agree with that. If you hadn't shakers trays, nothing whatever happened. I do agree with that. Yes, it is pretty. There's no pretty way to do it. We're on covers. That's that's ugly, ass. You know we didn't make an early-
possible did, but I really appreciate your question as a government like so much, hey man in his hand, Rucker and my mom actually taught with terror, and she actually talk bow and remembers him well, yeah, She said it was a jerk that granting by sea actually is unable to be here. So she sent me a question to ask fervour. She said everyone involved in this is trying to tell their own narrative pain, Maurice Bilbo, etc. I say Rhine has his own version as well, but is going to tell terrors narrative who is her voice. That's a good question ends, all I can say is that the only voice that she has right now in my opinion, because, like I made a point and the very beginning, is that it strange that no close to terror. We talk about who era. Willie was it wasn't that Pain or you or you wouldn't talk about two terribly was we don't know
we didn't know who terror really was. It was that those who were actually closest to her wouldn TA biofuel, Was to me who's me about era is her best friend Maria for export. Marcus Harper in Mercosur where's mom and they told me Countless stories- and we had just very The Mets just moments he to each other and has been just the police are real and day to me, have painted the pit Voltaire was now that made it in the park ass, because not all they didn't want all the pike ass. It was people crying and uncomfortable things, but It's a shame that not enough people forward. You say to tear Weis, let me tell you, I think also a reason why this took.
In plus years saw well. Let me say that over eleven years, new terror pretty well. I viewed her almost ass. My daughter, I mean I leave this case drain this case. Not married, case, and when I was in her house, I was in her house for two weeks, often own the first time I was in there the first thirty minutes, the biggest storm king. I mean that the rein in the way and on top of that roof, so I just sit down in her couch, just sit there. And I felt were presses going through all her dress drawers all her personal stuff and everything I felt terror and she is still with me today and bet there's some resolution, a common forwards in Alabama. Glad that I agree Thank you so much. I, my question actually kind of connects with what Uncle Maurice was saying. Uncle worries? Not really
our goal and we love have by alike, but where do you think the crime actually occur? Do you think it occurred at here is home. You were there. I just feel like they're gonna, DOM for the crime scene to be so clean now events payment Canaanites, discreet gray on this somewhat. Madam, I think a in her bedroom. It in Life is about, I think, the initial approach and in gaining control over took place in her bedroom. About the door being in the back yard and this evening back we're on a dollar the opt out which you were home so being outside, you don't think she would have let her her and if she was in her bed at the time, were that's a good question
and and ask and that right unless, unless she was going, control over early. And she didn't have time to do that, but it said that she was in her bed and she had her clothes. I don't I don't. I don't blame. You were sleeping because had the ear rings, own who's gonna go to bed with chandelier long ear rings. I guess there's probably learn d earlier during the hearings on, but I do wonder if she was at the maybe the oars Maybe she was lying and said that she was going to see a video she wanted to be a little. I mean I'm not saying anything bad against terra, but if I was trying to post things are possible before and its all that is all at all possible, anybody something more says and what is, in my opinion,. It just drive me crazy, honestly, you're welcome I also think that I
we thought that it was too weird forth to go meet somewhere, weird or somewhere else out of the norm, thought it had to be up and shared saying what they just someone saw her coming home in no one else saw them see each other. No one knows they saw each other in DES. Why is an unsolved murder? Is there no, where this post let this first, this person left here they left here. No one knows that there are there right. Now as then solve murder. How it happened. You was thank suicidal man in the list of twelve or in the photo in the back of a truck. Do we have as identity? and do we know when the suicide occurred and what was the age of this child that saw terrors body burning ok, see you, you ask
if the suicide stories reels visa dramatic, it's real, I the identity of the man. We know it is, as we know it, and now I was a child whose who can so it ass a kid yeah, which is weird yeah, kid it was like, a kid on drugs say something like I saw them. Girl, burned up down there, who says that that's like either a guy drugs or a who's the aims, and so I think that clarify those like that would mean It so bleed the same age as the guy who commit suicide same ages, Ryan and thank you first inform us ever upon this Adrian. Ah, thank you so much for an amazing podcast. Thank you so much for that Yemen with that used for, I guess the question for pain. But all of you could answer but
We know we know that terror. I went to the beauty pageant on Saturday. We know that she went to the barbecue. What is your point not theory, Sir, about what happened after she left that barbecue between that and her untimely death, it's not sound super vague. I think that she we're back home. It is simple, She crossed paths with some people, I think it was not just one person. I think it was just Ryan I think Riah was there was there is some boys, but they crossed paths and heard changed and no one could have where she went or what happened, because it was out of the ordinary for her, and there was a weird moment in time where she happened to be here. You get out of the car and someone, I went to see her there and
no self on record over there's no text, I've seen hailing mean appear. This is ever happens, but there's a moment where no saw anything, but they crop pass and the net? just went sour, something bad happens with them. Intentional or not, I don't know but me no somebody killer that name what what did not happen to answer your question sordid and reverse what did not happen in my opinion. Is the narrative tat we ve been given, but well, because a gag wonder they can't really say you know what they think happened, but you ve got these arrest warrants. You got these numerous indictments now and the narrative take shape. This was a burglary gone bad and I think all of us up here on stage. Agree that that's not what happened and tell you that those kinds of burglaries in asylum, Georgia just don't happen,
So this was not some garden variety burglary, gone ban with homeowner comes home, found someone burglarize in their house and then there's a struggle and somebody dies believe for one minute: that's what happened like you're much. They spend oppression, mixer. Review. Sir. Oh, my goodness, I know this guy. I've worked this guy law, actually makes really good films, J, J Schuster. Look I'm up! I have actually got a production person, few pain. You keep track of all this information that you're getting you now to take to heart Do we are now, but how did you process all this information without losing your mind really good question. I'd I'd lost my mind, keeping people crazy for me. I mean really that was the that was the thing that you get it. That was it it was
balance of Hawaii stay say nor you know have. And when I'm done with this, that was it and you had to be- on an all time yet really this be talking about the only time you couldn't ever, let it go for too long, because you had to take this. Information ever member stuff. I'm I'm sorry per barrel with people's names, and I really am, but came really good and people's needs. Where I had to it no longer not remember somebody's name, and I remember exactly what the name was NGO in a person was so it just consumed it my life, it just had to there's. There's no other way to do it. You, don't you don't do this on the side. You just either do all the way or you don't, and that was where did, and it was I can sue me, but it was no I a lot of it. It was very stressful enzymes and it was me no justice,
and never knew what to expect in going into the unknown and towards the end people get mad at me. Broke. I stop it. It's it's hard. Deal what this sensitive issue and then also be the guy spearheading this? You know the truth in this story, and In these relationships- but Gotta live and learn menaced literally idea in those others. Do it again and try to do better next time consuming part. You did me too, and it manifests itself differently with him again for people, for me, is depression, sea and so on in a definite had arrived, I did think a bunch of notes, so I'd like a match up, thousands of tax at it's on my MAC work that are just sir. What ever so like I'm always running of down, and I try keep it organised, but it was its confusing, but I did
serious attempt to try to make sense of the nurses. Sir. Thank you. I see him you're in a very liberal neighbourhood. I've won t for fifteen years, and you know you be hard, pressed to go to church nearby and not find like a black lives matter sign out front or you know what muslim brothers and sisters, things like that. So, when a represent my neighborhood- and I want to ask you guys about in your process, how can a phrase that I've been trying to figure out how to phrases good with the missing white woman syndrome? How do you see you're? Obviously, every missing persons case is
equally as important, no matter what ripe vice, how do you see your role as people who are now in a position of momentum and, as you know, how do you feel you see yourself as having a certain responsibility towards addressing this issue? I what's your relationship to that and how does it affect the choices that you will make in the future with this path taken ex everything I plan on becoming this person, but this matter I am now some avarice boss, to a certain degree ends. We Well, I thought into season to and how we want to treat it and not just with the actual case that we're looking into but other case two in highlighting a minute in the beginning. First, like minute, episode is weak. Highlighting a case said has never got spotlight before, because we had the spotlight his things that we can do to contribute because does because
You do cover uncertain unsolved disappearances. What else can we do to help other people out? Obviously we can solve every mystery in the world that the awesome, but This is not possible, but working Do with this out that we have to make the world her place, and you know you this as a tool for the greater good. So we have a laugh, focus on how to make that better and just be able to expand. What we're doing in help more people. And you know this that's kind of where we're focused You're always get right, tell a good story, but we also want to affect the real world you said: there's a lot of cases out there that not all missing white women is a lot of different people who are missing and They all deserve the same sort of you know, reporting and spotlight.
Two months ago and we'd love to contribute to the weekend, where of course, Marie Servility guys have anything to add that sure. I think that the circumstances with terror Grinstead you know, it was sort of the perfect storm of things that created this giant mystery around her particular disappearance, and it had nothing to do with her gender arrays. We know that it was no in all things that I think all the circumstances surrounding it is what made it so captivating to everybody and for someone like her to literally in I mean to be a pilot just off and vanish was just something that was mandate because she was such a popular, her in the local community and and in a community
everybody knows everybody. It made it so much more compelling so Abbott and choose the case. Obviously, was somebody else's decision, but that is what makes that this particular case the terror case. So damn amazing and compelling that it was worthy of the pond cash? I completely agree. I love tat. I just want to say it My question was so much about how this case be kit got chosen, but how you see your role in the future of cases that you choose all. These ply the way so glad that you're, covering at LA murders, so excited about that. Like really good choice. Actually, unlike there is on the stage who will be named. I remember when all this happened I was a juvenile. Remember but yes, I'm glad that's getting some attention to Thank you so much. Gentlemen, I'm Janni! Thank you so much for what
your heart and soul, into this pod has he could really calculate it. I want to know I'm so curious. So obviously we know BO is very active on the discussion boards and especially on Twitter, that link the conversation you had with that woman. So just a gag order not apply to bowl, or did he just blatantly disregarded it. Just doesn't care well it. It does applauded him now. Interesting lay his attorney acquiesced in the eyes and everybody unevenly back. I'm not gonna explicitly say was he just wants to have a bad out? Oh yes, he does it even though we must recognise the state of Georgia, verses, Ryan, Alexander. Do it doesn't say I ask defended with both dukes but nevertheless, his lawyer acquiesced in having the gag order apply in
and so yeah does apply to him and Interestingly enough, though, the gag water technically does not apply to the indictment against bow in, but been he'll County Georgia, which is fits share or Wilcox County, which is the most ray, indictment that in August of this year, so judge Melanie cross you I went to high school where the interests of full disclosure was in the ban with you is, I think a black girls are now so you know she this gang order- is it's only in the in the state, Georgia, verses, Ryan and She has no authority because she's not a judge in Wilcox Canny or been he'll Canada, Georgia to energy. Gag water in either of those two cases and there's not a gag order in either of those two cases he just like the attention. That's pretty much Thank you for your question. Thinking we pursue thanks. Some Madame's calling for stuff thanks,
As for your work, you wouldn't be what it is without your voice. Yells work in your expertise on thanks man, first or second thing, terms tomorrow, but definitely better option being here. This is why, for example, is also as though this is kind of for everybody, but mostly firm reason, pain How do you really filter out? consider nonsense, verses what you take seriously like, for example, the kind its lab verses, see how some snapdragons there's no dear, I mean For me, there is no just science to worry breaks down the same every single time. It doesn't have these particular factors and also goes in this pile there's some of those things but at the end of the day when you Mickey executives agenda to put this in the pie cast or not or to talk about it It's more of a moral thing and
just being in many computers, if you're in it. In your really doing this, I'm not sitting back just press. Buttons injures trying to make some crazy story, I'm trying to manipulate the real world and squeezing the truth so what is gonna be the thing that gives the truth what one is the combination of all this mess, that's gonna be the most likely to succeed, so is there anything else in life? Is sealed Judas way all the pros and cons and at any rate you gotta make your own decision. Then you got stand behind it and that's what I had to deal with, but hey I'll, I'm ready to do it again in his see it's all about. You know, just keep your head on straight and just well, if you're in it in your feel on it, you know she s argument, make the right decision just way all the options, and just there were times when I called you, should I do this and you will
no outlet, Bobo Listen permits. Are you? Are you a lot of information that I gave him I'm shortly pragmatism with his own ever made is that he evaded it immediately, two sources. That's basically at the same time before he used it. For an unexplained circumstances in questions that were left unanswered, but I'm curious, who you guys thought did it before Bowen Ryan were arrested because I thought it was he, but I think a lot of you about US markets or did you think turning now to get well, we had way only from Harper. In here. Dont, dykes. Dogs were still on. My right are because he did I mean, but We were actually work a number of former stated that nobody knows about not not vicars, but other form
students, we're trying to get a wreck report. Will guard was killed in another about six. He was before answering So we we were trying to look at We just can't get enough Does it couple resources back some of this stuff up to put it out on the pot cast you mean no one had been all the way ruled out. Also look and everybody. Me crazy though, and it was not about it, it is, it is, didn't, makes sense. It was trying to force to make it work and it made sense that there was somebody. Now on. Our radar that may have done so because had tried every combination of things and no you just can't force but there were some other small information that are meaningless now, but in made me think that this person me that it is possible. You know,
I never really did feel strongly about one particular person. I thought they were oddities about a lot of people? unexplained. Consensus in questions, left unanswered, but I was never opposed to the idea that someone I've never heard of was responsible for this and you miss her own no I never the equation eager was that there I've never sort of Other runs girlfriend email me into thousands of it his girlfriend. That was in fact she a me into. Thousand seven is a small world and all these machines with asian these cheating, surname and fashion really do. You think I should sensuous steer for herself in a newborn child. An arm our responded once and then it faded. I still have the males in around for five months ago, brought it up northern she's, so what you will become. She claimed nuthin
job knows where they could requesting you waited so patiently. We'll get you on the side too, thanks so much. My question dates way back to iron out one of the first come vessels, as somebody claim that terror or some female had made a phone call at night screaming for help. And I think that was never- and those never resolution- do that Roma ethnic figures. From a student who said he guy we're call days later so here on the phone, so my grown and help here He said that. He gave her the GPA and they looked into and it is. Some sort of When blind to this drug house or something some really weird companies, story, but Apparently it never checked out
but he swore up and down that sounded so much light terror, but getting a tear was missing and the it was a woman who was screaming for help. It's it's odd, no matter what but I don't think that it was terror that day, but though in no way ever like, but new guy was that there was some sort of drug house. There was stash house and there is some girl there and it is the sort of even makes sense, but what the GB. I told him as an explanation for that call. Thanks for listening guys to read eight the cities were visiting December as follows: asked in Dallas Sk Nashville, New York, Boston DC and at last,
we seriously can't wait to meet you guys. She soon think felicity guys. Today's episode was mixed mastered by resonate recordings. If you want to improve the quality of your PA, cast or sort of pockets of your own go to resonate recordings dot com get your first episode produce for free thanks, guys I'll see you soon.
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