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Q&A with Payne Lindsey 03.02.17


Payne Lindsey answers your questions from our Voicemail line. Have a question? Call us at 770-545-6411. 

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hi pain and Doktor God, man. This is Margaret calling from Saint Louis Missouri. I love your podcast in Heaven, following along with the recent Development and I had after was named. Mirth reason I preferred on who has written to you is whether or not you think he could have been hired by someone? I know what to say the headman and by possibly it was an alibi job and was the one you now have friends that it wasn't me first, I thought maybe you'd them crash about it. You can do things be somebody hire him or threatened him with some other information, if you didn't complete this time anyway, keep up the good work and I will report to hearing the arm from it. I, by Personally, I don't think Ryan Duke was hired by someone to kill terror,
right now we don't really know what Ryan Dukes motive was, but the gps also charged with burglary. So one plausible theory here, is that it could have been a robbery gone wrong. That is always sit very well. With me is not a very satisfying. Answer or motive, but it's definitely still a possibility. The sun there still investigating right now. But what are you guys If we get anything new on that in terms of Ryan Dukes Motive, the lesson from Nashville traumas now that somebody has been charged half way for this murder, or at least have been arrested. I can't help but wonder if possibly this fella and the person that was George Harrison could be connected. Is there any possibility? That might be the case the, or is this just coincidence? I can't shake the thing on that. Maybe this
person that was George Herriston, knew something and was so adamant about pain, fallen. This case that maybe you know something about Brian Day, just a thought I do not think that George Harrison has any connection to Ryan Duke whatsoever Forest George Harrison's messages to me on Facebook, saying payments you saw this case I, We think that that was just a coincidence. I don't think that he had in his work Insight into that or any sort of effective cast me have had Maurice night, in an extensive investigation into George Harrison's real identity. We found a man named Jose ends. This guy was, in fact not a former Suda of terrorist acts has no real connection to the case or to terror or right and Duke who is just with her murder. Her. My name is not on
from South Carolina. I'm having been to a thing to this part cash, last week in a half now- and I love it- my question my comment is this alliance to related to the guy who killed himself, because he says that a group of People- who killed here on a dirt road? They seem too how about the same age and over time I wasn't my kind of all because of his mental one. Do you think could be related and met, use actually time a treat. The whole time. Are you gonna vodka, thanks by back in episode, six, we learn about a kid who committed suicide years ago and left a note saying that he couldn't live with himself any longer, knowing what happened. Datura Then he proceeded to list twelve different names in association with this since the arrest Ryan. Duke last week we have interviewed countless people
who knew Ryan and we ve also talked about the possible can she to the suicide now now what I can tell you right now we haven't found anything one hundred percent definitive on this yet, but I can also say that there is still a possibility these things are related we'll be sharing a few interviews with you in a few different testimonies from different people about the suicide note and its possible connection with Ryan do very soon. I ain't Jim I'm in the last five catch. You were talking to one o, Brien High school friend, and he dropped a name, and you immediately sounded like you are very familiar with that guy Few rate Airbus, or at all, or had he since become on your radar after Ryan can fast and currently being investigated? Or do you know anything about that? Make you someone and keep up the good work, whether back ass. That's all your question, so the name that we be bow
when we were talking to one of Ryan, Dukes High school friends was familiar to because we ve been looking this person ever since the news broke of Ryan Dukes arrest on Thursday. The moment, I heard Ryan Dukes name. I also heard this other person's name, so they ve been who created together in this thing, since beginning since the news broke from my sources, this particular friends Merkel has come up on our radar in the past, but both of you individuals names, including Ryan, do we're never brought up specifically as forest the GB eyes doing in regard to the other person. I can't really comment on that right now, and I don't know for sure, but I do know will come to light pretty soon on. Both the pocket and the media in general, yeah,
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audible, dot com, slash up or text. You p, two five hundred five hundred again, that's audible, dot com, slash you p or tax up to five hundred five hundred. this is what peace Let us listen to the Lion Duke Episode and you mentioned, ran Duke Believe me, I never on the radar than a guy. Your time to the enemy Upset said that he had heard that story here, story idea. He can orchard he'd heard about this. Guy killed terror and dumped her by I need heard that from someone else like that was basically a rumour around the town but GPS. They never heard about it.
My question is since the tv I was investigating, basically, every lead that got had this lead never get to them. I need this ever get to Maurice we have launched. I must first I'm collar. Thank you pay. This is an awesome show. The gb I said in their press conference last Thursday, and also a few more time since then that Ryan was never on their radar. I have since heard some conflicting stories about that one. This being the conversation you heard at the end of the last episode, were a man claimed to have heard about the same story ten years ago. One comment on this too soon, without completely vetting all the different stories and sources. We have won a cancer is that from what's been told to me by more than a person is that this peak on ordered story. They involve Ryan, Duke was in fact mentioned ten years ago whether or not the GB. I was aware of that. Entirely sure Sharia
but what I will say is that if they were, it would be a real the big shame I'll be talking a lot more about this in the coming episodes I came. I am a question about the location of where the Gb Eyes currently searching through tears body in our remains rumour. Has it that right there is not speaking about anything that is not being very cooperative again. Rumor has it so what led the gb? I shoot. The specifics Five in these two hundred acre kicking orchard. Did he action? We leave him to that place to know more about how that specific location that large energy can orchard ways identify How did you be right now? the gps currently searching for children said, remains at Hudson Pekin Orchard in Fitzgerald. I don't know for sure how the gb I'll was led to this specific location, but for
everything I ve gathered in my own investigation so for I believe it were led here to this specific spot by the tipster or from some. We're interviews they conducted after the timber came forward? I paying this has just confirmed in Georgia are actually have two questions. First, We need the episodes that you had already made prior to the recent breakin. The case still be relieved from point answer: question? Why question too, is if multiple people heard Ryan boot talking about killing Tara Bernie, her body in a con orchard in ten years ago. Why didn't anyone ever investigate that again why did no one ever go to the police? Are one and the police ever investigate him back then? you different questions really loved. The share really want here more in your thought. I'd think so much by these recalling that's a good question, Obviously, I had a completely different episode prepared for episode. Thirteen prior
the GPS announcement of Trotting Ryan do with terror. Grinned sets murder, but this, mean that any of the information I had already doesn't linked to write. Duke somehow, so a lot of it I will still be discussing in future episodes as well as any other connections, is, may have to our previous findings. In the past or is why no one told the police about this peak on our true story? Ten years ago I really don't know. I also I know for sure that the gb I was or was not told about this again this There were actually investigating right now and will be sharing with you anything new we find in the next few weeks Mary rangy outlay of cop accounting migrants coming to a still more terror. That's like brown request. And we now hear ran, do have visitation privileges while he is there.
The time. Has anyone tried to reach out to speak to him for a statement on this inner? I set it to see if he has given a statement himself or is he willing to take to the press or anybody for one on one interview, this forest reaching out to Ryan, Duke for an interview were statement in regards to this case. I've spoke to us. Different people about how to get a hold of him. And what are you technically allowed were not allowed to do right now I was told the east. His way for me to reach him would be to send him a letter, but my phone number on it and ask him to call me, I guess Annie Vine and I was in precise, Georgia and really enjoyed your podcast, I got interested in it when I foul think about about it through the terrible instead case. And I was just wonder ass though a press release earlier I'm dead maybe our searching- the con orchard, and he said that
and they were interviewing people, other people that were involved, and I was wonder, if you had any leads on the other people that might be involved in that investigation and I wish you luck with all your other staff at your gear and right now- and I you're probably really eighty, but if you have time to answer that question out, appreciate it think by yes, now. The gps conducting a search for Tearin says remains at Hudson Peak on Orchard in Fitzgerald, Georgia is the other interviews their conducting. I don't for sure who they are, but from my horses, I found that they have been talking to the tipster his or her, friends and acquaintances as well as Simply another party who is involved in here and to conceal, tear grand sets death yeah-
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one. Ninety nine during the January sale only at asleep sale, sleep or sleep number, dot, com, slash, cadence, again go check out asleep them restore her visit, sleep number dot com. Slash, cadence, Hey wait a minute more women, I'm calling you currently from Roger to New York, I'm loving, I'd cast in the story and my heart is breaks for terror and her family, but I'm so glad it seems to wrapping itself up here's my question: a few times. You keep playing the same or your clubs. Someone has mentioning the details of the pecan orchard and in what it sounds like they said they would at work. He burned
her body, one says that's where he dumped her body. Can you just without maybe you'll bring wait, do much if you can clarify the discrepancy is because obviously one is quite different than the other thanks so much and keep up the wonderful work cannot wait to listen to the next part cast just to clarify we're all no investigating this, so I don't want to be too soon, but to answer there I will just say that a body can be dumped somewhere and then and later came. This is the right answer. Orlando Florida congratulation on helping crack the that case, quick question for you. What's the deal with Jose. Is he the Red then that the GDR. Able to crack the case if it gives them may I say that I have held any updates on him would be. Greatly appreciated thanks, so much keep ongoing by who or by his alias on Facebook. George Harrison.
Do anything except troll, Maurice Nigh on Facebook. It is in no way related to Ryan, Duke or any of the recent developments. In this case This is really very hurried. Yeah. I'm lonesome, though Georgia I just feel like this whole line arrest, is very cool things. A little bed spacious. To me, I thought I there is more to this story. Just something seems offer I was just wondering what your thoughts were thanks by I can tell you that the gb I would most likely not charge Ryan, do with Tear Grinstead murder unless they had sufficient but since against him, this family, and the Taliban. Scylla has waited too long for answers in the GB. I knows that I am certain that they felt whatever as they had against him, was strong for they charge him with her murder. As far as other p being evolved. My purse,
what opinion is yes, there is at least one more person involved slightly in the act of covering it up and just say, no based on my speculation, is based on credible accounts multiple sources. They have told me that at the same story, I feel confident the GB. I will convict Ryan Duke Ass, to assure about anybody else and bought a guess, we'll see soon. Karen I from national. Can I see I just wanna call in favour. You fell to have had me captivated from the very very first episode while listening to the GDR New Conference. I kept waiting for them to say, and we want it national things out the pain it wouldn't have happened without you. I hope you are so proud of yourself. I think all of us want to China, have a purpose in life and make a difference and for sure you absolutely have made a difference. You reignited aspire. You got people talking, you
interest he can't coming out of twelve years. All this happened didn't have anything to do with your podcast very, very, very cited for you and I, you have a bunch of questions, but I'm sure they're not unique to anyone help it I'm eager to watch this thing unfold. I can't imagine this. Twenty twenty one year old kid pulled off the murder that Vietnam, for probably would have involved so pretty way I'll, be eagerly waiting for your next episode. Congratulations guys who did a great job thanks. I really appreciate that. Maybe I did specifically thank the media and their press conference for not only keeping case alive, but we also want to say it plays a huge role in the prosecution of Ryan. Duke I don't feel comfortable claiming any sort of credit for solving this b. I suppose Maurice Gawain have worked tirelessly for the past twelve years, trying to solve this case, but I do like the pie has put a huge role? Creating renewed interest in this case, and hopefully the spotlight-
Modern vanished, contributed towards the typical, four of new information.
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