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Starting Monday, February 11th, UAV will be releasing new update episodes regarding Tara Grinstead’s case. To refresh your memory of the  Grinstead case, here’s episode 13. At this point in 2017, the case broke and everything started to change...

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Hey guys, as you might have noticed. There have been a lot of new developments in terror Grinstead CASE recently because of you, update we'll be releasing a few brand new episodes on our feet starting February eleven. Until then yours episode. Thirteen, which picks up right when the case broken two thousand. Seventeen also will be Taking questions for an upcoming, culinary episode, so if you have questions about the podcast, terror. Grinstead case plea call us and leave a message at seven: seven: zero, five, four five: six! for one, one that seven seven zero five four five six. For one one as always from our team at tenderfoot tv thanks for listening
I have been a rational, One of I know one of the major yeah I was sent here longer.
Let those Scylla arrest, I paid a valuable abc framework when my line from one hundred sixty one miles genuine. I seventy five south dramatic from elsewhere. In there masturbation bad, that he was arrested and he's a former. You know, I don't know compassion or dna that man I've been told that it was a rare requested. We run needed. Food water was reopened low level beyond Bernie Burner about here only reveal brought. There were thirty. Four years old now overstated
wired version. The only ten years ago, today working the land and I'm getting bogged reply inefficiently. Please this missing persons, you guys aren't vessel now ass, a diver where it is terribly from sooner for tv any later, this is open, vanished. The investigation of Terror Grinstead, I'm your host payments II, yeah yeah,
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Well, We should always- I was freaking out the next place. I work with you store newspaper to see dusty. Does the already found a picture of the guy who were to have been arrested. Obviously, is beginning to be around you.
Courtroom in Ocilla was completely packed to the walls. Every news station in the state of Georgia is in that building. The anticipation was growing as I place my microphone up on the stand. We all waited anxiously at the press conference will begin a good afternoon. Thank you all for coming. I know you must have you gotten short notice no today, but though we work. The drive to come here today to hear what we ve got to say
I really want to begin with, though, with a word of prayer former my password or do we Whitley again, Mr Chairman, he would sell stay in the EU were to prove this name before we give our you want to say our thoughts.
Some prayers go out to tear grinned states, family Conny, Billy, grins Theatre right over here. To my right, am I do recognise the local community here, as you can see, this courtroom is packed also want to take a moment to thank the media. You guys have been just phenomenal in this whole endeavour: the disappearance of terror as cause not only state and local news coverage, but this is also hit our national news. Please, now that you have had an impact, a significant role in this investigation, and I am confident that today we have reached the point where we are in this investigation, because that involvement on Saturday October, twenty second two thousand five tear Grinstead, went missing from her residence. The wholesale a police department responded to her residence
immediately, they suspected foul play additional law enforcement resources were requested. The Erwin Candy Sheriff's office in the GDR came in and began to search tears house tears home with Sars extensively for several days, which produce little physical evidence. As with all missing person cases, the investigation started focusing on terrorist close friend. And associates. Terror was very well known in this community and well light in her community She had many contacts in France in various parts of the community as the hours in today's days and weeks weeks in the minds and eventually months into years, the search efforts never ceased through these eleven plus years. The GDR and other law enforcement officers have received hundreds and hundreds of tips agent
Every day I became in was vetted and checked against what we had already done in this investigation. Each leg was thoroughly exhausted. Unfortunately, all of these leads ended with daddy and until the last couple of days a few days ago in individual came forward and reported that they had information into tears disappearance. This information made it to my office. In our case agent, Jason should they'll was sent out to conduct an interview. This interview generated several more interviews, which was followed by the most of our office here through these interviews enough probable cause, was discovered so gets wear out an arrest warrant. Charging Ryan Alexander do with the murder of tear Grinstead, do was taken into custody yesterday afternoon in warrant was issued this morning. I'm sure there can be many questions may be able to answer some of those questions, but in the interests of the entire
many of our investigation. Be able to answer or respond this time before I take any questions. Conny Ringstead would like to make a brief statement. Please respect privacy and refrain from asking her any questions thing, he forget today, on behalf of Billy Emma sail. The first thing that I want to do is to thank God for answer prayers. We would also like to thank the GDR for all of their years of hard work and dedication to terrorism. Mastication. We always believed in the GDR and their dedication to her case. We always I believe that it would be far we just did not know when we also like to thank all of the local law enforcement for cooperating in work with the GB on through the years
well as many others in this community and beyond. We lived in a cellar. For eight years. Terran lived with us here for four of them here. When we move tear. You welcomed us with open arms and traded as If we want one of your own the same thing for terror when she moved in with Us- and we are so great- Thank you for that. She was able to fulfil. Many of her dreams right here and silver, She loved me in a teacher and she was very good at it. So many people have been hard Bobby we hope and pray that with Tom, this community can finally have closure and start to heal from us from vs. For us, this just start
another chapter in a very long and painful journey. We ask that you keep us in your prayers our wounds or date in our hearts are broken We realise that everybody is going to want answers. You'll have a lot of questions and that will come in time. But for now we ask of the media to place, respect our privacy and give us the chance to agree and process. All that has taken place. Thank ye. As I stated earlier, I can try to field a couple of questions, but again the the integrity of our investigation to express it in
where everything else is not allowed to enter. Then this is what I can say from our investigation. Was he did it in high school and graduated about three years prior to the incident I'm not allowed to internet question again up. I can't speak to certain aspects of this investigation to this fund will not allow national, that's a very good question and again we have several more enemies to do an investigative actions, and so it will be hard for me
Mr previously, I can say that this gentleman never came up on our radar through the investigation right now like to thank you for common. I'm sorry this is that all the questions I can answer at this time again, we have several more investigate investigative actions that we're gonna be taken more people the interview, but we just wanted to share with you guys that we did find the person who was responsible for tears. It was a completely surreal moment, a moment or so have been waiting for for nearly twelve years. I felt so many different emotions all at once. I thought a lot about how to describe that moment. The only thing I can think of is the final scene in the movie big fish, directed by TIM Burton at the very end of the movie. A son takes his dying father to the water
report we set him free. For years he had told his son whimsical and seemingly unbelievable stories about his life full of these mythical and larger than life characters, but as he takes his dying father to the river, all these characterise he had talked about over the years begin emerging and eventually surround, as it turns out all the characters. In his father's life or real people, that's exactly what this was like. Every voice of locals that you ve heard in this place asked we're all in one room together. She
my hand congratulating each other. I always knew these are real people, but they couldn't have been more real on this day and it says his day was was also a day of celebration and relief. The community came together as a whole for the first time in a very long time- and in this moment together we accepted the truth. Even my grandma was there with her friend Melba. Have you given the keys to this whole case. I love hearing Miss America in the first ever so heavily repayment Our societies line want a match,
secondly, grandmother taken video, like I'm proud of you. The old man.
This is the beginning of a resolution beginning of long awaited answers in this. My grandma was so excited. She left my mom this voicemail down. I got back I'll call. You ve got to be mighty track your stuff, I'm so proud of my brain. I mean he would ever got back that keep going again taking part. Can one lady came out that I'm gonna take your hand. You have listed all the care to read. You really got to go when the FBI made all the public debate on the new figures. Thank the media, stop paying was in the media in general, but faded in seeking out I'm just a proud of something. I really want it.
I think this thing would bring about a really, though all roads em go now had the black line. I need to celebrate I'd like to drink by myself. I gotta go what he or she would stay alive. I'm going over there. We saw know exactly what the tip for came forward now five years later, but I hope the renewed interest in the type has at least help create an environment that occurs. The sharing of true throughout the whole community, Atlanta. Filmmaker who produces an internet. Podcast is credited with keeping interest in the story alive. Filmmaker pain, Lindsey is credited with keeping the case in the public eye through his podcast just in Atlanta, filmmaker turn podcast or is on a mission to solve the two thousand five disappearance of terror Grinstead and his new
object is getting a lot of talking, documentary, film, maker and amateur investigator pain, Lindsey Vacation, grew cold, but years later, every story in the interest of Atlantis Filmmaker Pain, Lindsey, he decides to create a podcast called up and vanished to help generate new disappearance, the disappearance question that has haunted this small South Georgia town again in a question podcast or in Atlanta, filmmaker paying Lindsey set out to answer what happened to tear grin Then investigators will not comment on whether paints podcast or news coverage directly led to this latest TIM, but analysing keeping the story in the news in here investigators by regularly cabling a case in the public's I, whether it be on television, radio, podcast, social media, etc. You never, who's going to see it. His podcast up in vanished has gained the attention of millions that numbers
I'd buy more than seven hundred thousand on Thursday, as people learned about the arrest of Alexander: do what role do you believe your podcast had in making that's right. The lot of people are creating it with solving this murder mystery. I think that the park ass opens this atmosphere, Scylla that created this trust factor a line of communication open channel? It's been so long, because of a captain is dispensed with tight lipped uncomfortable thing to talk about here, but in the park ass may be helped create an environment for the truth. The come out- and I would hope that would be a case. You got to early tips from the families private investigator and you don't think that in this case is only a small ones. Hairdressers disappearances, this crisis over designate Duncan caught up with the Atlanta filmmaker in a cellar to get his reaction to Ryan Dukes arrest.
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The Rhine shackles, echoed throughout the world as a bearded man and towards the stand with his head down. Irwin County. Georgia, health What is your date of birth? charging Lawrence worn by special education Chanel with me out with the opinions of burglary, aggravated assault and murder, the concealing a death, and I will change georgia-
Brown Alexander, a burglary to rent in Pitt County October 23rd, two thousand and five when he did knowingly and intentionally and we'll put into the residences hairdresser said that be Hey Georgia, Georgia yeah serious bodily harm to the person that are drinking
when the hearing was over. I rushed outside Ass Brian. Do the question what they put him in the police car like you got there. Why did Ryan do kilter? He looked at me for a second but then just dropped. His head was just an arms linked from Ryan Dukes charges were murder. Attempt to conceal a body aggravated assault and burglary was this? Is a burglary gone wrong? I didn't. We understand the burglary charge cycles, somebody who would.
This color Miller from undisclosed. Yes, so it could be two things so, as you noted her person, he is were missing. Their theory might be that he entered the house with the goal of stealing property by In Georgia and many jurisdictions its burglary as long as you enter with the intend to either commit after a felony and the theory, Can we be? He either entered our house with the goal of killing her or entered the house with a glove assaulting her and even Virgil. It could be that he entered with her consent. She asked him to leave. You overstayed is welcome with the goal of harming her in any other. This would allow Ferber agreed charged with, doesn't have to be him committing death for that broke, recharge to stand in Georgia You can be in uninvited guess, you can overseer welcome in either case it could just be. The goal of harming killing and that's burglary. You know, you don't know a hundred percent, but I'm sure your podcast has played a role because you don't often see this
information coming out of nowhere a decade and a couple years after the fact. So the ancient and see what d jobs and the news, but I have to imagine that this as some connection with either directly or podcast or second hand third hand. People have heard about it and that by this break in the case, so we have one person in jail, the gps being very tight lipped. What should we expect in the coming days x in really the next year right. Well, I saw that he is scheduled to have a grand jury proceeding on April twelfth and that's where the grand jury will decide if there's probably cause, and if so they did. She would soon as a true oh and there being indictment in case you gotta trial, as you said from some of your reporting other reports seems like there might be other individuals involved, and you could imagine with that. Additional arrests and probably people trying to strike a video and
change for implicating other people now purpose of a grand jury. It's it's just like trial jurors are. Receiving a summons in the mail- and it is secretive, though, as opposed to a trial and those grandeurs. Basically her the prosecutions case, the prosecution, it's a one sided hearing. They call their witnesses, they don't have to present exculpatory evidence and the jury after that decides what
to indict or not, and again I would be secretive that wouldn't be the press reporting on saying this is data. The grand jury in this witness has divided secretive. I hear, is at the end of the process when they indicted or not to me like he was just like wearing the way of the world and its like twelve years of something had just changed him yeah. I saw some other footage doing. He looks completely dishevelled and disoriented deadens. He was shackled, but he was so sort of limping around, and yet you imagine if he committed this horrible crime twelve years ago and is gone on captured over these years. Had I could wear on you and what you might do to sort of ease some of that payments will see, but certainly that that video footage was compelling. What I would expect next would be, are they're gonna, be additional arrests ends that can lead to
more details about what exactly happened twelve years ago, coming out out around see much coming out from finding himself but there's other individuals involved. It might be a game of getting one to implicate another by either having an immunity or decrease charges back to the point of the burglary, a murder being committed during the course. For burglary in Georgia is an aggravating circumstance, which means there is the option of putting the death penalty on the table and the extent there might be some bargaining with Ryan Duke himself. That might be you implicates many other people involved. We want to see the death penalty or this pursue wife
once the day was over, I mealy search for any one know: Scylla who knew Ryan Duke I had to know more about his person. After hours of digging, I found a former high school friend of riots may agree to meet with me, Andrew Cancer is the second grade right now we go if I'm on, raising himself so the woman grade, we can't remember, I have not been again, gives a good friend he was a really nice guy. You know when your high school colleagues, but it's not like you're, a mafia of any time. So the same, were loyal, is on, but he would be loyal. Friends be the guy he needed here, just as it was a good guy. Surprise. You very much very much surprised. I would.
I have never thought this and I know that is a cliche I've seen enough tv, and listen to enough my favorite murders to go. You never expected never in a million Well, you know well, are still as a small town. Eighty two people were not graduate. Class irradiate small class. So One thing: I learn about a silver go into city accuracy, Abyssinia throughout Georgia, that I found it was different with other friends that met and had you in a similar or exposed very young age to everybody it doesnt matter why black reach for you or this amalgam of a class
and everybody doubts and everybody gives in every tags on personality on lifestyle. So to say that something was I'd is, is almost this almost it's almost normal to say ya, mean he cannot. His own thing every now and then are you. He lives in that Forum town, but I mean we hang out It is all of us, it's all back your football, I mean I bet he played. We were in middle school, instabilities, trophies added like old, stuff and you play back your football championships stuff. I mean that every sweeping day for years at me and he would be there but a lot folks from my class laughing me with a couple folks over me. Just it was ass, though you just a community mere small
meaning everybody has own brother, but has a younger brother. So when you're just those few years apart, you can't know, as far as I am sure rumours is full of rumours and if I can have you talk, Ok, so is it obviously mean yeah so envisages, but when I hear he's about me, but somebody You know wrongdoing, military and then he he didn't I've heard that nothing really crazy
and then they said yes to personally. He just got out of bed drinking beans and energies moment in the other stuff. That kind of lifestyles had a few folks that around my age and about a year younger, there was just a circle they got on. Once you get to the road map and has the same in the same way as yet, and so I have heard this there's this group, which is just went down here, not just can't figure, he paused was poor, that don't notice in hasn't truth to it, but I just can't escape.
Maybe that was it like with those complaint of my head is saying what he performs he's at and then say: maybe I can escape through military, I mean there's pictures of me and him hanging out in my room there just like. Regulation were ormond along we also need room. I saw one of his thought and I just see a shell. A person who saw the whole ran down his eyes closed. It would tell me- and he looks like you she's been way Norman. He just wants to release
like. I was scared to me. I thought tat. This guy he's scared, Just he looked scared. You look really, and if anything I really felt just wanted? You say his name that mean I'd, say you ok, There's nothing. I can do to make it. Ok dont want be the judge. Jury in parliament. And I'll have rightly you know Now- is complicated if it was If it was all the rumours all the rooms were simple, although let you happens here, it's crazy. It's all this in an energy mix since the mouse complicated now God is not connected.
Loyal wrong the wrong. It was, I mean the loyalty part of it was for sure of pride of being, not belonging to a little clique in high school? Not judging night not having to be honest in a certain group of friends, like takers obligatory one some of you in your class? It also placed before one like this mountainous fill in here in your spoke in a classroom barrier graduate class. They may do something if you ever sides thing one like there's some other sites, people in a cellar give one if you're lucky of uniqueness and embody unique as an appeal, bad
it can have to battle. I think is changed a lot since I was in school, but you you, you really have to learn other people You have to learn how to absorb somebody else. The people there. Truly accept someone for whom they are the same with friends and a similar decision really a town, distance and location can separate ices and races. The years. This is one where everybody has to find replace. You have to put effort into the community, and if you want this to give back in get back to me for something as what a lot of America is gonna go through some of that there's a lot of smoke.
Please go and yes, we exist, we have the voice. We are part of this whole thing. I would say I still can't be, can be strong. I would say I mean you can just gotta football games. You do let us rather stay and you can see there are seen as places private schools at this stage, since two thousand stuff and we come up both laws and they show up sit down, I mean what were they ventures of rocks and again should be allowed. You need help with anything any by well. There is no divide
I think the town is feeling relieved. I think they are, I think, they're feeling like they can. I can put it down. I think the vacant views. I think it would be anxious something everyone's asking why I dont think in myself come in this direction at all I've seen this couple times. I said. I hope that the town offers apologies for a lot. I think that some people dead, evidently some real apologies, because in a small town like this, I want to go. You carry a rumour like a kid, but then he had been torn
no way he did so he wasn't Don guy, but it was a sophisticated so for the things that I've heard it happen does suggested, he's not a resourceful guy. I never thought of him is resourceful side. I can imagine him, he had some supposes the media and they can crack run. That doesn't mean on its own, to me personally, waiting on innovation. Actually, I heard both names first. So as being a classmate, you here, real quick, hey. Did you hear that.
To gather involve flowered uttered both names originally, but then they said, but I'm pretty sure run confessed really So I knew I was crazy. I knew he was he was he was out of high school, he was, he was an after. He was nice pretty this way as a minimum classmates counterfeiters in colony, South Africa of her practice can explain it. Did you know I'm cool guy I'll, say. Ah you second see they're really, but if you said that you know it you a guy, he did well.
I don't know. What do you know did? Did you know he killed this girl and hear about it twelve usual amused there's, no way, no aid that, but if you said, these I'll go crazy So where are you robust us life own backyard. No one ever that's probably true,
I'm this person's name, because this is still an active investigation. Fashion is divine, Duke ACT alone. What did he have an accomplice Inter Grinstead murder?
as the night came to an end, a cronan better. My hotel room completely exhausted the right before it was my eyes. I got a phone call in this person proceeded to tell me a very interesting story. There were some kid, a party and they d. You know the guy was hardly twenty twenty one years old when this happened to kill their waited three years before they are put before this happened. So he was asking for five years. He was a former stood it. She had told him. They know each other and display a couple weeks have disappeared as a party, and this kid was talking and he was talking about having killed there. I talk about if we cannot reach an official Ryan, Duke was saying that
That said that and stop one there's another one. This is kind of weird caters account where there's another kid, but they're. Looking for same age, whence I made you name it. Somebody called me today is to begin
thanks for listening guys this coming Thursday we're having a QA episode. I'm sure you all have a bunch of questions. So, if you like them answered just leaving a voicemail, the number is seven hundred and seventy five hundred and forty five six thousand four hundred and eleven again that seven hundred and seventy five four thousand five hundred and sixty four one one and is always next Monday is a case evidence in the Monday after that is episode. Fourteen. I just want to give a special thanks to resonate recordings we're editing and mixing. Today's episode is personalizing pike, s, editing and production,
if you're looking to improve the quality of Europe like asked or third like us of your own check them out a resonate recordings dot com, they felicity guys it's easier.
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