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Payne learns about this mysterious case and starts his investigation. Things don't go as planned but he might just have his first lucky break.

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dude and died and died in ten years ago. Today, wanting a landslide anybody efficiently. We support this missing persons. You guys say on vat is ass, a diver where terrorist from tender for tv, the latter. This is up in finishing the investigation of terror, Grinstead I'm your host payments, I'm actually a filmmaker. urge to solve. The Poznan reveal the truth in this universal satisfaction. When we catch the baggage,
I made one of those the top ten list of unsolved crimes in Georgia. The first one I saw was a missing persons case. A girl named Tara Grinstead have been missing for over ten years now, and they had no suspects and they had no leads. Needless to say, I was instantly fascinated, so I read tons of articles about the case and threw my amateur internet investigation. I stumbled upon a new site called web sluice where apparently other people like me pretend to be detectives and cortisol famous cases in front of their computer screens
the former interior case had been updated in quite a while, and I honestly didn't expect to get a response, but, to my surprise, less than an hour later, I had a voice. Will my phone from a number? I didn't recognize. That's when this whole thing really started. from a marginal man for family and by probably other than the GDR No one knows no more about the characteristic gaze that myself I saw you know if you wanna get mad cow. I can give you run down the straw that truth about what's happening. And everything about the case and the north
one of them all age groups. Ok, you got your Burma. We brainstorming, but me everything that he knows. its times people's names. I had to know it all called the investigator agent Maurice Gawain. Yesterday s hated with payment. You called me up absolute I've been working, the terror groups that case since March, about it
four things that I could even remember. This case went deep. I mean really deep as much as I wanted to feel like I was making progress on the case. I was really just you gave me. A lot of advice were to start who to talk to advice. If you got somebody, Wales? We do now, Did you go to Ocilla town where I lived and was last seen, make sure you bring somebody with you? Maybe I was reading into that too much either way I planned on taking his advice. It was time for me to start talking to people. I want it inside from people who knew her people who talk to her that we can before she disappeared. I picked up a long list of names,
we'll die. You have reached a number a pike, mentoring, Zuri, lamentations, gourd, about an interview here. I talk to you about terror, Grinstead Nuthin!
the phone and I introduce myself before. about ten minutes later I got a call from a block number answered it Unfortunately, I was not able to record the call which I immediately regretted You ask me about Tier Grinstead, high costs in the documentary and his tone changed a bit. Then he said Didn't we have an answer for him. Then he said do not I wish I had the audio to play back for you, but there is something really odd about they call the person sound call me just say, don't call her again.
was calling that particular person here she is living gentleman, not gallery Royal Highness, because I think it is a very terror. Grinstead hurried mischief to get ready to go over to Columbus, representing over there already excited. I asked if I were you well, and here too I am an eleventh guy history teacher I went canny, hath go and often have surely give our secure lighters night and can't writers. I just completed my first year teaching and allocating at any that's a local news interview for ninety ninety nine. When tear when the treaty pageant for Miss Tipton, the biggest city, Nero Scylla and she was moving on to compete for Miss Georgia, she seemed to have everything going for she was popular among students, all the teachers loved her, but in October two thousand five. She would disappear without a trace and never be seen again. Who would want to hurt? Terror was recap the night of October twenty second, when tear it is completely vanished on my friend Rob described the scene Saturday October. Twenty second, two thousand five Tara went to a beauty pageant during the day, and then she attended a friend's barbecue later that night. Just a couple blocks away from her home. She arrived around eight p m and stayed for a few hours. Friends at the party said she was acting normal, nothing out of the ordinary. Around eleven p M terror told a friend at the party. She was going home to watch the video tape from the pageant that day she said her goodbyes drove off. She was never seen again. Monday came in terror, didn't show up for work. When the Bell rang for class to start in terror, wasn't there, students inform the faculty and they called the local police department. The chief of Syllables Bill Hancock was the first to arrive on the scene. Her car was parked in her driveway and the front door was locked ass. He approached her front door. Hancock discovered a blue latex glove just feet from her doorstep. Even more puzzling. He found a business card wedged in the front door. The neighbours and elderly couple had a spare key to terrorists house. They were really close to terror and they kept watch on her house at night. They had a little system going every night when terror came home. She turned on the land by the window in a room facing their house. That night terrorist lamp was never turned on. Hancock use the neighbors key to gain entry to terrorists home. The house was a mere perfect condition, but there were a few subtle things: they seemed a little off. The lampshade on her bed was knocked askew tilted in an odd position as if maybe it had been knocked over the clock. Normally on her nightstand was found on the floor by her bed. Her cell phone was found sitting at its charges on the night. Stand. Hancock quickly realized the severity of this case. He made a call to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for backup and official investigation is under way.
I decided to visit the private investigator in person. happy to help
GPS up some others that were there appear to be a struggle. in between them. So I got on my knees. Stuffing crowd around I found At least that was found by police inside her home, evidence, but it was still on so based on what you know about it, opinion that Nicholas come off in a struggle. That class was pulled apart by force
pieces of broken plastic of the head board in the master bedroom. The bedpost was we into in broken and was found, align hundreds middle debate, give up yet give em up and it then I also found a box wood dust on it. Underneath the so that was never retreat by the GDR. Then beside the bad mood and the rubber came off. The back of it is reckoned there been lifted, he'll of one to ten, would you rate the Gb Eyes performance, proper, three, three, anything Five months later, he finds a whole slew of evidence inside terrorists house, but the gb completely missed you could, since his frustration. Still today, What did any of it mean
I asked him to recap that Saturday Tear went missing. I wanted to know his account so through the today stand a news that, during the daytime she had girls, warehouse and stuff happen. Girls the pages in the make up, the hare apparent sweet, potato patchy, and this year all the afternoon had start about. Three o clock is what I was told so Then she went to the pageant stay pageant and then she lay off the pageant around seven. Twenty five, seven thirty one of her patch girls and then our well with to terrorists car and she said that she had to go to her superintendence Barbicane, so he left the pageant, external and drove back those zella, I was told it her landlord others, the son of our landlord rhetoric, where's. Our standards how to read Carbon road about profit, Corday them again.
Another lesser known fact about this case that you can't find anywhere news articles between them. A brief. Stop at a friend sells a man named Rhett Roberts who is actually her landlord Sun and they talked brief yet the curve of the road and the issue, a clash. She left barbecue what videos that there be no video, because so far, there's never been one that existed. There were no love remembered
It was a bunch of information, but I felt a lot. by two Billina. I played her interview on repeat analyzing every detail.
and vanished. Dude, I'm tired and season on open, vanished report, screams and shouts, impartial, will enter of rigid run that light certain man and he was to the land. Thank you guys to listening to the first episode of up and vanished subscribing rate the park, s on Itunes, gonna hold in right a review on Itunes. I will pick one lucky winner in the next two weeks to get a fresh batch of my grandma cowboy cookies. I put our releasing a new episode. Every two weeks on Monday is in the process of creating a duck,